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You Are You, You Are Not A Label.

My friends,

This will be short. It will be something to think about and I would love for you to share your thoughts. I was thinking about something the other day and I wanted to bring it up in this space.

I was almost afraid to say it out loud because I felt like I would get some hate, but hear me out…

It’s only my opinion and I’m in no way bashing, I’m simply stating my thoughts about one component of the movement.

Now that I have completely led you on to think that this is going to be about some huge controversial topic, I bring you…



A beautiful company. A beautiful cause. Hopefully it is something that will bring big change to the face of mental illness awareness in the sense that more people will understand and accept that mental illness is not a person, but rather, a challenge.

So why am I bringing this up other then to guide you to their site to check it out?

I have one issue with their message.

Their catch phrase…

Wear your label.

Once again, I know this is not supposed to be a negative thing at all and the whole idea of this cause is to spread awareness and knowledge of mental illness and move towards greater overall acceptance but I really don’t like this saying.


We are supposed to be pushing away from thinking of a person as their mental illness. I’m not an anorexic. Instead, I’m someone who suffered WITH anorexia. My experience with an eating disorder does not define me, so why would I label myself as such?

I don’t want people to see me as a walking eating disorder.

Disclaimer! Please note that I’m not trying to say that they wanted that to be their message at all. In fact, I know they are spreading the opposite on how we should be attached to a label, but their choice of slogan unfortunately appears misleading. 

It’s not that I’m embarrassed and don’t want people to know. Thats far from it. Instead, I just don’t want to be defined by it. It was and still is a challenge I face every day.

I am a better and stronger person because of it but that is because I worked against it for myself. I am who I am today because of how I responded to the illness.

So instead of labelling myself as an ‘anorexic’, lets instead label myself as something empowering….

I am strong.

I am driven.

I am confident.

Those are things I wouldn’t mind labelling myself as if I had to have a label.

Otherwise, you are just you. There is no label that is needed for people to see you for you.

As for this cause, I support it 100% because too many people still don’t understand mental illness and then instead of sympathizing or offering support, they judge or display fear. This needs to be changed and with increased knowledge and some patience, it can (and has been!) change for the better.

I’m not sure at the moment what I could suggest as another marketing technique that is catchy, but maybe you guys would have some thoughts. As I mentioned, I also know they don’t want it to come off as you’re wearing your label of a mental illness because they clearly state that they don’t want those affected to feel defined by their illness. It’s just the physical sentence that comes off that way.

What do you all think? Am I completely wrong in saying what I did?

If you had to ‘label’ yourself with one word, what would it be?



Nothing connects us quite like shared experience, which is why creating conversations to inform, educate, and unite individuals is a main goal at Wear Your Label. Ending the stigma is our motivation; fashion is just a means of execution.

-Wear Your Label



Mishmash Thursdays…Thinking Out Loud

Friends, Friends, Friends!

It’s been over a week I know I know, but remember I mentioned that the restaurant course was taking over my life…yeah. Meant I had no life.

For one, I wanted to chuck my phone out the window. No joke.

Yeah… don’t think it’s possible for any teen or early adult to hate their phone with a passion? Think again.


How would you feel if your messenger was legit buzzing 4 times before you could even answer the first message….

Cue in my restaurant course’s first assignment and my life basically all last week until we finally handed that fat stack of papers this Tuesday in lab

I now have a slight twitch going on whenever I hear my phone vibrate. A week of 24 hour buzzing really messes with you mind.

2. Tummy Troubles. 

On top of that stress, I also had a major shift in my meal plan, which subconsciously always leads to a lot of anxiety for me. This has left my stomach less then happy. I will say it’s getting a bit better now that I’m going through the days but to be honest I feel like **it right now. The days leading up to the start date alway freak me out and that starts the tummy, while actually starting to do it, I have to physically adjust and right now food is not that appealing. I know things are bad when my beloved oatmeal is not making me sing.

Plus tummy stress, which leads to digestive issues is not a good thing for when you’re needing to eat more…

Good thing for me, I think my stress levels are coming down so hopefully over the next few days it will be back to normal…until the next change. -_-

3. Withdrawals

Speaking of my meal plan change, my favourite snack was removed (midnight snack of questbar and pudding was switched for whole foods). I’m only a few days in and I’m already going through withdrawals. Thankfully my rest day was not touched by my coach so I get it once a week, but for real peeps, I didn’t realize just how much I loved that snack. My nightly night cap come back to me!

Do you know how hard it is to see my various boxes of Questies and cannot eat them?! Dyyyyyiiinng.

4. Amazing shows.

I dunno what you all watch, but a few of my shows have been legit amazing as this week.

Code Black had an epic ending, Chicago fire my Mom told me was amazing so I watched that yesterday night and yes I have to agree. Masterchef Junior was the finale this week (I totally called it!)

Also a new #GuiltyPleasure added to my list of Slice shows (i.e. things like the housewives and such that are stupid yet entertaining) is the Newlyweds: The First Year. Will they make it or break it?

5. Speaking of shows…

The end of My Diet is Better Then Yours was last week as well and once again I totally called it. The Superfoods diet took the cake and I can’t say I was surprised. Of any diet (not that you should be on a diet!) was much more realistic in the long run.

Main Idea: taking your everyday foods and simply swapping ingredients out for more nutrient dense foods. For example, adding some vegetables (hiding them) in a sauce. Swapping whole grain for white. Stuff like that.

Shockers with the end of this show was that some of the behind the scene issues reared their ugly head

  • The fact that Kurt was taking in like 1000 calories on the Wild Diet. They talked about how they would slowly introduce more carbohydrates in addition to the fact that foods he ate just really filled him up so he didn’t need as much food. Ummm I’m sorry a 5o something year old man who isomer 6 feet tall should not be taking in that lil number of calories. How sustainable is that despite him saying he has never felt better….
  • Personal issues erupted with one of the ladies and led to her leaving the show. If weight loss is your goal, other major obstacles (in her case separation from her wife and lack of support during this transition) can lead to your goals being left unmet. If you’re vulnerable you need support and this perfectly highlighted just how important that is.
  • One positive was the fact that factors other then food and exercise were highlighted on the “No Diet” as sleep and stress were tackled and showed positive benefits on his weight loss journey.

6. Speaking of dieting…

Interesting study done at my previous university, McMaster, on the age old question…

Can you loose weight and gain muscle at the same time?

You have always heard, and I have preached, that you cannot do the both at the same time but this study done at McMaster says the opposite. They felt that you could loose weight while sustaining your muscle mass or even increasing it at the same time provided you had both a high protein intake and intense physical activity

A group of males followed a restricted calorie diet + intense physical activity for a total of 4 weeks and here were the results:

~Weight loss of 11-12 pounds on average

~Muscle gain of 2-3lbs, which they interpreted as yes they gained muscle but then the majority of weight loss was then fat

~They concluded that protein is then key during weight loss to sustain muscle BUT so is exercise as even those in the lower protein diet group showed very lil muscle loss

So how would you take that? Can you then gain muscle and loose fat at the same time? They showed evidence of this, but I’m still skeptical as this study only had young male subjects and so we can’t really generalize anything at this point.

ALSO keep in mind this line

Of course, by the end of the month, none of the men wished to continue. This type of extreme calorie cutting combined with intense exercise “is not a sustainable program in the long term,” Dr. Phillips said. “It’s more a kind of boot camp,” he said, manageable in the short term by people who are very committed and generally very healthy.

It mentioned that all they could think about was food. High intensity exercise + restricted diets is a recipe for disaster. It is not long term at all.

So I’m still sticking to the notion that you cannot do both. Muscle needs food to grow which means a calorie surplus, not a deficit which is needed for weight loss. Eat to grow ain’t a huge hashtag for nothin.

7. Roll Up the Rim is Back at Timmies


Failed thus far, but lets see if that daily tea brings me some winnings ;-)

DAMMIT that just reminded me that I threw my cup out today without rollin it up….fail. 

8. This list of quotations.

Click here.

This page is actually the deepest life quotations I have read…

13.  Do not carry broken people who are not in the process of rebuilding themselves.

That one really hit me for some reason. And I just had to share this one:

19.  You are inherently valuable.  You have worth.  Ask no one for permission.

9. We are going out for burgers tomorrow…

As much as those things (the Works elk burger) were delicious I have been actively trying to find an excuse to get out of it if I’m being completely honest with you all. Every time I eat I just remember how full I was after that burger and due to fullness and constant heartburn I’m feeling over the past 2 days due to my meal plan boost, I’m just feeling not so excited despite remembering how yummy it was. Legit I feel like every night is going to suck. No Questbars. No Pudding. Heartburn. Fish. Ugh.

I hope that changes, fast! I don’t want to hate food.

In light of that…

10. It’s Eating Disorder Awareness Week Feb 1-7th!

Check out this video that debunks a lot of the myths and lies surrounding eating disorders as many are still ignorant to what really surrounds this horrible disease. 

Eating disorders are NOT CHOICE

It’s harder then just eating more food.

Anorexia is one of the top killers due to mental illness.

Check out the National Eating Disorder Information Centre (or NEDIC) for more resources and information

And that’s me just Thinking Out Loud with the best of them over on Amanda’s page.


Join the thinkers and check out what they are sayin

As part of ED awareness week, lets spread the self love. State 3 things you love about your body. I love my tiny nose, my big brown eyes and I truly have learned to love being petite as it makes me feel more feminine like a doll.



That Mercury…

Yesterday was just not my day friends. My housemate blamed the planets but I dunno, I think the world just had it out for me.


This week has been a bit on the stressful side…

Remember how I was complaining how this restaurant management course was taking over my life. This has been shown over the last few days as we came up to our “Second Conference” this morning/afternoon which was testing out the entrees for our restaurant, today. We basically had to come up with our theme for our restaurant day (when we basically act as managers and run the place….no pressure), 2 main entrees, drink, dessert and soup. We also had to cost and standardize our recipes which requires strict weighing of absolutely everything and figuring out serving sizes, costs and presentations.

The writing up of all of that and having to run around campus like a crazy person for like 12 hours a day (I’m not kidding either) is leaving me kind of exhausted to say the least.

The conference itself went well this morning as he liked our recipes. He made a few tweaks and, as usual, it was a lot more laid back then what we had been prepped for but the point is that it’s done.

Tomorrow I have gym early then a clinical lab where I have to needle myself to see what it’s like to be a diabetic (ie. glucose testing) then meet up with my partner for my counselling class to work on a proposal due Friday. Thursday is normally like my beginning of the weekend BUT NOOOOO I have to meet up with my restaurant group AGAIN (love these girls I really do, but I would like to be able to cross other things off my to-do list if possible…) to work on Assignment 1 (costing) that is due in our lab on Tuesday. That lab also happens to be our restaurants ‘soft opening’ and we all have roles to play. I’m a waitress, so this should be interesting…

Anyways, so back to my “mercury was taunting me” night.

If you were filming me last night it would have been quite the mind clusterfu** followed by some random adventures that my housemates and I endured because…well life hated me last night. 

So here was my day…

Hit glutes and hams in the morning.

…then I proceeded to grab my tea and go to my counselling lecture….then run over to my counselling lab…then run half was across campus to the restaurant to do the meeting for the Front Of House managers ONLY -_-

Everyone else got the day off our normal lecture…see taunting me…

Please also note that fact that he posted this meeting during the day….Thanks.

Leave campus at 6:10pm ready to eat my own face.

Stop into Metro to pick up the food I had to prep for the next days food presentation (the 2nd conference we did today)….yes you read that right…I had to buy the ingredients for my prof to eat… How is that fair for us poor students?

Stomach has officially eaten itself because I don’t feel it anymore.


Home. Shower. EAT EAT EAT. Mmmm elk steak…

Start to make recipes…of all the spices I have in my spice rack the ONE dried herb I need is empty. I really don’t have time for this….

NOTE that I needed to make these + weigh it and send it to my group by 9:30ish

Rita, oh lovely Rita said she would run over to get me paprika. Life saver.

She leaves and about 2 minutes later our microwave dies as I’m steaming the potatoes I need.


I unplugged it and plugged it back into another plug that was working for our toaster oven and nope…it’s dead. Perfect.

Emily who had just gotten out of the shower decides we should run to Canadian Tire to buy another one and they are open for another 30 minutesI really don’t have time for this…

We go over, buy the microwave, steal a cart and fly our way home. Rita and Emily return the cart while I was going to put the new microwave in place and what do I see staring me in the face…



It’s alive! This stupid demon microwave is alive!!?!?! Insert words I’m not proud of…

Take a deep breath, call Em and we laugh about it so I might not explode myself. Okay I’m calm.

Make my food. Standardize my recipes. Send them off a lil later but omg I’m done.

What a day…

So ready to relax…

Flick on my bedroom light…




I think it took me a minute to process because I literally just wanted to bang my head on my wall at this point.

Sure why not, just add to my misery.

This is when adventure numba 2 happened as we have super high ceilings.

How many short girls does it take to change a light bulb…

Picture Rita standing on a footstool which is on a barstool, balanced by Em and as she changes my lightbulb.

Game faces I swear.

We have light!!!

And thankfully, I guess the planets decided they had enough fun with me for the night and let my exhausted self pass out for the night without any further irritations.

Tuesday Rants

Thanks for listening and hopefully you could get a lil entertainment from my suffering.

Do you have those days where you just feel like that meme where the guy is flipping over his desk and leaving?



Well Hello There…

So after my steak of blogging like every day, a week has gone by and I feel like I haven’t given you your dose of rambles in like FOREVER! Being back in school and adjusting to a new routine has kept this lilmissfitnessfreak quite busy over the last week. Still making slight adjustments here and there and still feeling that ‘back at it’ fatigue from having to be walking around in 400lbs of layers+ laptop+backpack+food for literally 12 hours a day for Monday-Wednesday but hopefully my body gets back into the swing of things soon.


Confession 1. I had a really hard time accepting the fact that the first 3 days of the week I would not be able to nap in the afternoon. There’s an adult for ya. 

So what’s been going on with you all?

Hows school/work/life?

For me, here are some updates:

1. I’m excited about my clinical nutrition course. You know it’s your thing when you’re kinda excited to see what journal article readings are posted for a given week of lectures. This class is even one of those 8:30’s that everyone hates too!

2. There always has to be something to not look forward to though…Tomorrow in our lab associated with said class, we are doing blood sugar testing. This is totally cool except for the the fact that I have to prick myself and I hate, repeat…HATE needles. Oh boy.

3. I really don’t like coming home from class so late. Like it bugs me to have to come home and rush around to make dinner as fast as possible because I’m ready to eat someones arm. But maybe I’m just a complainer.

4. I haven’t been really updating you all on my experiences with my coach lately but I will say that I’m getting yet another increase this week. Ugh I don’t know where those calories are gunna go. Can it be over yet?

5. On a similar note, things are looking up as people are continuing to say that my face is looking a wee bit better. Any lil thing helps right? Full steam ahead.

6. It’s the time for summer job hunting. I applied for a paid summer research position at my school, specifically it’s a URA, and guess what? I sent in my application Sunday night when the system for submitting opened Monday morning. Received an email back that morning asking to meet up to discuss the position NEXT WEEK! Weeeooo. Things are looking potentially promising as the actually interviewing is actually supposed to start a month from now. Don’t I feel special? ;-)

7. As cool as my Restaurant Management Course (ie. running a restaurant) is, my irritation started to form when these words came out of his mouth the first day..

“I’m a 70’s guy. I start you off with a 70 and you can either go up or down from there. I don’t give that many 80’s and I can count the number of 90’s I’ve given. If you get a 90, you’re basically doing better then me (the prof)..”

That bugs me beyond words not just because my marks mean a lot to me and I’m trying to get into a masters program, but it’s the the fact that despite working your ass off in the restaurant you should really only expect ‘average.’


8. Speaking of the Restaurant Course, today marks the first day in the kitchen cookin it up. Should be fun if I can wake myself up…ugh 5:30’s -_-

9. Random but I took a cue from my housemate and wore a pretty bra this morning since it’s my rest day…and just because. Girls you know that makes you feel cuter.

Happy Tuesday Friends! Hope your week is going great :-D



Daddy’s Lil Girl

My Friends,

This post is a direct shoutout to the most important man in my life.

My Daddy.


I haven’t really spoken much about my Dad in this space and due to today being his birthday, I thought I would take the opportunity to introduce him to you all, survey style.

A cute memory of my Dad.

My Mom always used to tell me that my Dad was so afraid to hold me when I was first born because he loved me so much and was afraid that his big hands would break me.

A funny memory of my Dad.

My Dad would not agree with me that this is a funny memory (traumatized for life), but when I look back I can laugh. When I needed stitches after running into the back of his car on the way to dance (don’t ask, long story–> basically got the fender basically like 2 cm from my eye), the nurse gave him the other half of my popsicle for just not passing out through all my screaming.

Things my Dad does for me.

Too many to count. He’s really a selfless man when it comes to me (and my Mom). You have to be careful what you say around him or he might just go out and get/do it.

One of my favourite little things he does is that he comes down to my school on a day off to have lunch with me just because. The perks of being 30 minutes away I suppose.

Over the Christmas break when I was back at home and going to Goodlife gym he drove all the way from home just to put a snow brush in my car while I was in the gym because it was snowing outside and he was worried I would be without when I was done.

He is a very caring and thoughtful person and will most often put us before himself and go out of his way if he thinks that something will make us happy. It’s even more likely if he thinks there is a safety issue.

I wish my Dad would know…

How much I appreciate him. I think you can gain a general sense but can you really ever show just how much you care for those people you love? He has been through a lot with me and has done so much. I could never express how much I love him for that.

I also wish my Dad would know that he did a good job. I wish he could worry less about me because he has taught me the things that will keep me safe. I’m still learning and with that he will loose more of his hair, but he should feel confident in the teachings he has instilled in me.

One personality feature of my Dad that I have:

Although my Mom shares this quality as well, my Dad is someone who will always try to make the important people in his life happy. Even if it requires him to go way out of his way, he will do it if it means it would put a smile on my or my Mom’s face. I feel as if I also have a need to do things for others and seeing that smile is my reward and driving force. For myself though I often feel that maybe I might do too many things sometimes where the receiver may be wondering why I’m trying to run their life HA.

One not so positive one that my Dad and I share is that we are worriers. He worries overtly, while I tend to keep those inside and then eventually just explode cry when it builds too much.

What do I love the most about my Dad

His love. No one can ever really describe the love a father has for his daughter. He would do anything for me without question. Does he get frustrated with me? Of course. That’s part of growing up and becoming my own person. Nevertheless, he lets me make my own mistakes to learn from them and will always support me no matter what.

Do I look Like my Dad?


There is always the debate as to who I look more like, my Mom or my Dad. Many say my Dad because of the dark hair and eyes. Although those are only two things, my overall appearance is very defined by those two features.

Although not from him directly, I have a lot of my Nana (his mother) in me. I have her tiny nose and small stature in addition to some lovely golden streaks in my hair from her fiery red locks.

What has my Dad taught me:

So many things:

He showed me unconditional love and so it’s something that I simply believe every child should have.

He has been a strong male figure in my life and has presented to me what I should expect in a future partner.

He taught me the basics in the gym that allowed for me to spread my wings and thrive.

He taught me how to set all the alarms in the house HAHA

He consistently reminds me of being ‘street smart.’ He is overprotective and me being a tiny female, he always stresses looking out for myself when I’m alone.

My Dad drives me crazy when…

He over worries. HA. He is a total worry wart and although it’s a sign of love and it’s totally cute, it can lead to an argument once and a while because he’s over protective and may not like me doing something that I feel is just fine. As an example, driving in the snow, busing alone to Toronto, etc.

I turn to my Dad when…

I need help with basic life things like house stuff, bills and such because I’m a total newb when it comes to those things.

I’m walking home at night. I almost always call my Dad just to chat with him as I’m walking. He prefers it that way anyways because he likes to know that I’m in my house with the doors locked.

My Dad Turns to me when…

He wants to get new music HA! I convert and download music for him and in general, anything technology related he tends to come to me (sometimes my Mom, but I’m faster ;-))

If he hears things about nutrition at work from colleagues that he’s interested in knowing more about.


My Dad is someone who loves hard, wears his heart on his sleeve and gives a lot. He may look a bit intimidating (big shoulders yo!) and get frustrated from time to time (patience of 0) but he is really just a big teddy bear.

So there he is. The main man in my life who sets the standards for the next man who takes that spot.

Happy Birthday Dad, I wish I could be there with you today and at least give you a bit hug on your special day.

Love you

From Bun.


Who do you look more like?

Characteristics that you share with your Dad?




The New Biggest Loser

Let The Diets Begin…

A new show this season, My Diet Is Better Than Yours, came to CTV and randomly caught to my attention when I was waiting for my post-ice cream sugar crash to send me into a slumber Friday night.

I was curious.

I clicked play.

My thoughts starting going…as usual.


Oh hey looky it’s Shawn T!

This show, like The Biggest Loser, is all about weight loss but it takes a slightly different spin as each individual is placed with an expert that is passionate about a certain diet. They believe that their diet is not just a short term thing, but a longer term solution or lifestyle change to weight management.

Now while it’s interesting to see the different fad diets put head to head in a real life experiment, you know how I feel about diets…

Diet= Short term (if it even does anything in the first place) and possibly puts your health at risk!

I don’t agree with diets whatsoever. I think that everyone needs to take the time to learn their bodies, play around with their nutrition and find out what works effectively for THEIR body and lifestyle. This allows it to be maintainable for the rest of their lives and not feel deprived.

For most, I feel as if this is a lifestyle of eating mostly whole foods with some processed and/or treats in moderation. I believe that is sustainable and something that is sustainable is your secret to success.

Plans that TAKE AWAY are not sustainable because whenever something is lost we want it more.

Anyways, I wanted to take the time and go through the fad diets that are being highlighted and give thoughts on them. Now these are strictly my opinion and I’m no expert, I just wanted to go through and discuss them. I would love for you all to give your thoughts too so feel free to jump into the commentary in the comments section! :-)

The Wild Diet


Basic Idea: My automatic thought here was that it was a paleo or even maybe a ketogenic style of diet. The first thing he introduced to his client was bullet proof coffee, or when you butter grass fed butter in your coffee. This may seem gross to you at first, but many ketogenic followers love this high fat, caffeine boosting start to their day.  Personally I don’t agree with the ketogenic diet, but my thoughts aside, the basic principles here are eating higher fats to compensate for the lower carbohydrate consumption. This is supposed to make you a ‘fat burner’ rather then the standard ‘sugar burner.’ With regards to proteins, they will be high quality the fattier cuts and varieties are encouraged because these are natural fats that are nourishing for the body. Despite by initial perception, he does have a major focus on plant based foods (2/3 of the diet) which is different from the ketogenic diet which I believe is more like 75% fats.

In addition also utilizes a 7-minute workout a day as your exercise and that’s it for the most part.

Despite my hesitations due to the whole keto feel of this diet, there are a lot of things I do like about it.

My Thoughts THE GOOD:

~Focus on REAL food. Don’t count calories but just avoid processed crap and diet foods, which he states are just cardboard tasting things disguised as food. I completely agree with this logic. Too many people just read calorie counts and ignore what is actually making up those calories. Something lower calorie may be completely made up of chemicals while a higher calorie food may be all natural foods. Now, considering both, which would rather eat?

~Meeting your farmers/butchers/etc. He talks a lot about eating quality meats and seafood and to know where you food comes from. If you have the opportunity to do this, I think this is so important. I always feel better knowing that my meats come from a local source rather then shipped across the ocean from a place where the conditions the animals were raised are unknown.

~You have to eat fat to loose fat. SOOOO TRUE! Low fat is not the answer. Fat is satiating and thus by cutting it out, you are basically setting yourself up for a binge. In addition, you body needs it for basic hormone production and guess what is included in hormones? What cues hunger and satiety.

~While I love my long workouts and despite being hesitant to say that a mere 7 minutes can really work especially once the initial weight comes off, the idea that short bursts (think HIIT) works as a very effective fat burner is completely correct.

My Thoughts THE BAD:

~I still don’t like the idea that carbohydrates are evil. This diet and many others place a negative light on all carbohydrate sources (vegetables are exempt here) and I still don’t believe this to be true. Saying you shouldn’t eat a sweet potato just doesn’t seem right to me but my learning continues on this topic.

~I don’t know how sustainable this is. I don’t think you should worry about what everyone else is eating, but true low carbohydrate eating is really not the norm and so many may have issues eating out. Also, alcohol is often banned with these types of diets and while some people like myself are perfectly content without the booze, most are not and would then feel deprived.

~I also still believe that there is never one true lifestyle for everyone. Right now for me personally, my coach would laugh in my face if I told him that I wanted to even reduce my carbohydrates let alone reduce them to sub 100g levels. Carbohydrates are the easiest fuel for your body to use and call me a sugar burner all you want, but most bodybuilders thrive on carbohydrates when building muscle because it’s an easily accessible source of energy that your body is set up to use.

The “No Diet” Plan


Basic Idea: This one is really interesting to me because he specifically states that it’s not about the food. Instead, he states that the food has become the habit that needs to be tackled. So yes he does tweak their diet and their exercise habits, but he focuses on behavioural changes that are supposed to lead to weight loss. Some of his ideas may sound crazy, like eating on a blue plate to reduce how much you eat (Reasoning: blue is not found in nature often and therefore you eat less because you don’t automatically think of a food), but when really think about some of them, they make sense. So he refocuses your thoughts on the way you shop, the way you sleep and how you perceive food in order to help you loose weight. One of the things that really stuck with me was…

If it goes bad, it’s good for you.

My Thoughts THE GOOD:

~I’m on board with the notion that often it’s not the food that is the problem, its the underlying behaviours and attitudes that lead to weight gain. Much like eating disorders, food becomes the way of dealing with something they don’t want to face. Notice how many individuals with depression or poor self esteem often turn to food for comfort?

~I love the fact that sleep is a major focus because many Americans are not getting enough and that really does have a potentially deviating effect on the body and that cortisol (i.e. product of stress) can lead to weight gain all by itself.

My Thoughts THE BAD:

~As I mentioned, many of his ideas may seem bizarre and therefore may not be followed in the long run.

~Due to not focusing a lot on food and exercise, I’m wondering how long the weight loss will continue before a plateau occurs. When their goal weight is 100+ pounds away, I’m wondering if these changes are enough to reach where they want to be.

The Superfoods Swap


Basic Idea: This plan says that can really have whatever you are craving because you can just swap out some of the less nutrient dense foods for more nutritious ones. As an example, in the first episode she made a cauliflower cheese sauce for her daughter’s beloved mac n’cheese and she said it was good and couldn’t even taste the cauliflower in it. This plan also says that you can have your treats, they just have to be a social thing (eat it out, don’t bring it home) rather then something done in secret.

Cut the CRAP


R- Refined Flours and Sugars

A- Artificial Stuff

P- Preservatives

My Thoughts THE GOOD:

~Teaches proper servings and how to eyeball proper proportions on a plate. Instead of the typical American plate that is probably 50/50 carbs/protein, dedicate 1/2 to veggies and a 1/4 to each other macronutrient (carbs and protein). A healthy dose of healthy fats is also called for as a topping.

~You are not depriving yourself. Taking out always leads to binge eating if there are underlying food relationship issues so I like how this talks about how you can eat your treats but do with others to take your focus off the food and make it more about the company.

~This seems more reasonable and sustainable then some of the other plans. A little bit of learning on what nutrient dense foods are, how to shop for them and how to incorporate them into your favourite dishes are really all you need.

My Thoughts THE BAD:

~I always think the term ‘superfood’ is misleading. Personally I think a majority of vegetables and many fruits are superb in their nutrition stats. Yes, there are some such as your greens that pack a huge nutrition punch, but you should always remember that a rainbow is best. Just because green is getting the spotlight, the reds, oranges, yellows and purples need lovin’ too because they also give you a great range of those nutrients.

The Wellness Smackdown


Basic Idea: This plan is focused on detoxifying the body and is anti-inflammatory. It centres around lots of water, vegetables, vegan eats, and other lifestyle habits including oil massages, non traditional exercise (yoga, meditation, etc) and really listening to your body and dealing with stress in a more positive manner.

My Thoughts THE GOOD:

~I like the idea of focusing on inflammation and dealing with stress better because cortisol is really NOT your friend when maintaining not only a healthy weight but also overall wellness as well

~Drinking lots of water is great because it’s something that many forget but is vital in letting the body cleanse itself and for basic processes.

~Focus around vegetables and wholesome foods. With the amount of processed foods these days, it’s no wonder why many kids have no idea what vegetable makes up ketchup.

My Thoughts THE BAD:

~The initial liquid cleanse. I HATE CLEANSES. Can I say that any louder? What is your liver for? Your body is designed to detoxify and cleanse itself naturally. Yes, it has taken a bit more of a hit with all the crap food we eat these days but to put yourself on a liquid diet of juices for a week is not something I would ever recommend.

~This leads me into my second issue which is the reinforcement that juices and such make you loose weight. The initial week she lost about 6 pounds. Granted because she is overweight, she will loose more then an individual in the healthy range, but she lost mainly water weight because SHES NOT EATING! When you consume only liquids, typically you will show “weight loss” but it’s not long term. DONT FALL FOR THAT.

~The notion that veganism is best. She stated that research shows that those who practice a plant based diet get sick less and live longer. Although I would need to do more research, I doubt that the relationship here is direct. I feel like it may have something to do with the focus being shifted to more vegetables then the average person because of the loss many of the other food groups. Vitamins and minerals that protect you from illness mostly come from your vegetables and fruits, so if you eat lots of those, of course you should then have a stronger immune system. Concluding thought. Don’t blame meat for illness.

~She stated some interesting thoughts on these oil massages and how it apparently releases toxins that allows them to then leave the body. I don’t know how strongly I believe this. Toxins are invaders and often get stored in fat as your body doesn’t want them freely floating around. I have a  hard time vouching for massaging causing weight loss due to releasing said toxins. I do think that toxins can lead to weight gain, but I don’t believe that if you can actually rub those free to get rid of them that the loss will be a great one.

~Listen to your body BUT DONT SNACK!….Hmmm…

~A lot of raw is included here which is a bit rough on the system. I have stated before, we are not cows and we started fire for a reason. Cooked is easier to digest and therefore we absorb more of the nutrients. I’m not saying cook the **it out of your food and never touch anything raw, I’m just not suggesting eating the majority raw or you may run into some GI upset.

UPDATE: She got the boot after the premiere unfortunately. 

The cLean Mama Plan


Basic Idea: As a busy mom, Carolyn’s plan was made to try to advantage of the busy lives of her clients through ‘taskercise.’ This is where you take your every day chores and tasks and tweak them to be a form of exercise. She doesn’t believe you need a gym or equipment, instead squat while playing with your child, use your stairs for cardio or even pushups, etc. She also believes in making healthy food options quick and easily accessible so that you are less likely to grab the less nutritious foods due to being busy.

My Thoughts THE GOOD:

~I like that she is trying to make this more doable for the busy bees of our world. At least it’s something they can do every day if they just use a lil bit of imagination.

~Focuses on cLean eating. The notion of CLEAN aside, she means to fuel your body often to avoid crashes (which can then lead to poor food choices), and places an emphasis on whole foods and vegetables in particular.

~I love that she stresses variety to get a bunch of different nutrients. Many people forget that foods lack certain nutrients and therefore a healthy diet should include many different foods to ensure you are getting a broad spectrum of vitamins and minerals. Yes, eating kale is great, but if that is your only vegetable you may run into other deficiencies.

My Thoughts THE BAD:

~Eating every two hours would probably not be doable for someone who doesn’t even have the time to sit down.

~I don’t see this form of exercise being particular useful for large weight loss goals (diet aside). Perhaps in the beginning due to the increase in activity overall, but I do believe that you will plateau pretty quickly. The food will help to keep the losses going, but this is like any other ‘clean eating’ lifestyle.

~The idea of ‘Lean’ is concerning. I’m sure this lifestyle does include the use of healthy fats, but I never like the idea of only consuming lean proteins. It gives the false notion that the fattier cuts, like beef, lamb, etc are bad for you which is not the case. These are natural fats and how can you say that something that is natural is going to cause you harm when eaten in moderation?

Concluding Thoughts. 

Overall I think the superfood swap is most likely the one that can be maintained over the long term. It’s easy to understand and is about moderation and not deprivation.

Well there is a lot more that I could say, but at 2700 words already, I think I should be done.

Please give me your thoughts! I would love to hear them.

Which, if any, do you think are the most sustainable over the long term?




Banjo’s and 2 Headed Monsters…Thinking Out Loud.


Guys I’m obsessed with this song. Like no joke. When I ‘turn onto songs’ I really do and have them on repeat for a good week.

There must be something in the water

There must be something ’bout your daughter.

She said

Our love ain’t nothing but a monster

Our love ain’t nothing but a monster with two heads. 

So good.

Another song stuck on repeat is this one

Oh and for the gym…


Foot Steps

This was actually one of the songs my Dad requested for his USB stick and it stuck around in my playlist and I’m happy it did. Had me jammin for the last stretch of my leg workout…the one on Monday that I’m STILL sore from. Switch up your exercises folks!

My Friends, how is your Thursday going?

Mine is starting off on a rambling note apparently before I run off to meet my housemate at Whole Foods and Square One.

You know you’re an addict when any potential reason (My housemate is alone and must therefore be lonely…) to go to Whole Foods makes you squeal and drive the hour drive to get there…

Oh and if you’re wondering why I’m not in school, I have a perfectly simple explanation for you.

I’m still on holidaaaaaaattiooonnn Weeoooo

No I’m totally not rubbing it in that Guelph University graciously gave us an extra week compared to all other Universities.. It’s a Christmas New Years miracle! 


Okay maybe I’m rubbin’ it in just a tad…


How is it that you make promises with friends to get together more often all happy and giddy and then a year goes by and you haven’t even spoken?

Well I changed that and met up with my friend Rebecca yesterday while getting our nails done.


My friends, that is 2, yes TWO manicures in less then 3 weeks. My nails have never been treated so well.

Actually scratch that, I got shellac, which I suppose really isn’t good for your nails…

I know you don’t want to hear about it, but for real I went for a full terrorist look on Monday when we fell into an Ice Age for one day.

Not cool Mother Nature. That was the peak of the day… Two days before we were above 0.

When will Mother Nature hit menopause and stop PMSing? That is the real question.

Speaking of emotions..

Being all giddy and smiley when a certain someone texts you is fun…

People are fun.

Dating is fun.

I’m having fun. :-D

Oh and on said dates you should always be yourself right?



Get you’re minds out of the gutter!

Thankfully my over sampling self didn’t seem to scare anyone away yet…

Just doing me. ;-)

#ImEmbarassing #NoShame 

If we’re talking about ice cream…

I was quite unhappy that this months flavour at Baskins is yet ANOTHER chocolate one. -_-


P-E-A-N-U-T  B-U-T-T-E-R !!!!

How many times must I yell it out loud. That or caramel.

Now that I think about it, I think toffee would also be cool.

With Valentines in the next month, guess I should just give up because no doubt it’s gunna be chocolate AGAIN.

Despite my irritation, I’m still throwing my money at the Baskin establishment tomorrow cuz ice cream love trumps all and, well, leg day.


Anyways, I’m finally heading back to school tomorrow so that I can have a nice and easy going weekend going into the new semester. If anyone is actually interested, here is my class schedule for my third year winter semester.

Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 8.12.52 AM.png

Three total classes, but two of them are ‘doubles’ which then just adds up, work wise, to the normal 5 class load. That big lab is actually the restaurant course which is where you go into our on-campus restaurant PJ’s and actually work a certain part of the establishment each week. Although it sounds interesting, I have heard it’s very tiring so we will have to wait and see.

The one class I’m really excited for is Clinical Nutrition because that is what I’m really interested in!

Then the last class is a Communications and Counselling class (#BirdCourse…I have been told) which I suppose is important for clinicians to learn HA.

Oh and before you ask, this will not mess up my morning gym routine in the slightest except for switching my rest day to Tuesday because Thursday is essentially empty, while Tuesday is packed…so rational thought says:

Make the change!

Anyways, I hope you have a great Thursday friends. One more day and you are all back onto the weekend after your first week back.


Current song addiction?

Funny quirk that may or may not make others embarrassed?



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