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Is Snackin A Bad Thing?

My friends,

Happy Thursday, hope you are all having a great week so far and that all my American friends are enjoying the start of their WEEK OFF (practically) for Thanksgiving. 


Forgive me for being slightly jealous of the fact that we Canadians get a whole THREE days for Thanksgiving while you guys get like a year off…

There was a thought I was having over the past few days and it involves snacking.


I hear all the time that people feel they need to stop snacking in order to gain control of their weight.


Is snacking really a bad thing?

Does snacking lead to excessive eating and gaining weight?

Short answer is maybe.

Snacking in general is not bad. If you’re feeling hungry, EAT! That is your body saying that it’s out of fuel and needs more. In these cases, if you’re in that mid afternoon slump and your tummy starts rumbling at you, never second guess nibblin away on something to satiate you until your next meal.

Good ideas?

Something with a lil protein, lil carbs and lil fat. Try to get at least 2 of the 3 macronutrients in a snack (3 for meals). Balance folks!

~Greek yogurt + berries (or granola)

~Healthy, homemade goodies like muffins, bars or cookies

~Veggies and dips like hummus

~Homemade trail mix (nuts for some fats, some oat clusters for some carbs, etc) over some cottage cheese or greek yogurt

So I can snack my life away then?

Short answer, probably not.

These are my own thoughts, keep that in mind.

As I just talked about, I have no qualms with snacking when you’re hungry and the next meal is quite a bit of time in the future. No point in starving yourself for the simple reason of ‘I shouldn’t be snacking.’

On the other hand, I really don’t believe in snacking all day. Here’s my thoughts:

For one, if you snack all the time, you are never really satisfied. You grab a few spoonfuls of this, handfuls of that and walk away only to find yourself back with your head in the cupboards or fridge 20 minutes later.


I think I legit laughed at this picture for a good 5 minutes. That face!

This not only makes it so that you can’t get anything done because you’re still hungry but it also means that food is on your mind 24/7 and that’s not healthy either. You should be able to eat to the point where you feel satisfied and nourished and then you can move on with your life and get something else done.

The second thing is that I find that the types of ‘snacks’ when someone is just mindlessly snacking are different then when they may have packed a pick-me-up for that “just in case I’m hungry”scenario. Snacking all day tends to be on whatever you may be craving at that moment and what is just right in front of you.

Hello peanut butter jar…5 tbsp later..

3-4 spoons of ice cream becomes 8…9…15…

A handful of chips becomes the whole bag…

What I’m getting at here is that when you are simply snacking, you don’t really give much thought to it and things start to add up because you are not feeling satisfied (probably due to the lil amount, the fact that generally it’s only 1 macro group, etc) and just keep going back for more bits n’bites.


The last thing I want to mention is once again a byproduct of not being satisfied…

Eating when you’re not actually hungry.

This can be a big problem if it’s done all the time. Yes, sometimes we eat when we aren’t hungry and that’s okay. Thats part of being human and often part of the social scene. On the other hand, if you do this as a daily thing, your calories may go over what you need and therefore lead to weight gain.

That is when snacking becomes detrimental and some changes should be made. **In my opinion…

So why do we snack when we’re not hungry?

This was really the thing that I was thinking about over the past few days because I was reading and hearing about individuals expressing concerns about their snacking habits.

So what do I think?

People are lacking balance.

Balance is having a variety of the macronutrients on your plate. Balance is having a full, satisfying meal…on a plate…not from a spoon and feeling satisfied.

Having a handful of dry cereal or granola is not balance, it’s just carbs.

Eating peanut butter straight from the jar multiple times a day is not balance, it’s mostly just fat.

Grabbing from your lil candy stash leftover from Halloween as an afternoon snack is not balance, instead, it’s just a recipe for binge eating on sugar. 

I honestly believe that people, especially my fellow students just don’t have the patience to make and sit down to a MEAL and turn to snacking to get them through the day. Then they complain that they are gaining weight and don’t know why.

This mindless snacking could be more harmless if the foods chosen were whole foods like vegetables and proteins, but lets be real, most people are not going to raiding their fridge for carrots. The former would often stop you from going overboard because of the fiber (in the veggie’s case) and the filling nature of proteins. What is often the issue is that snacks are more processed and just lead to wanting to eat more.


Wow I have talked for a long time (hello 1000 word post already…). To sum it all up, I tend to swing more towards meals, with snacking being left in between if they are needed. Meals are more likely to strike that balance of having carbs/protein/fats in one spot and that leaves you feeling much more satisfied as your body is getting a bit of everything rather then feeling like it’s missing something. That “I need something else” feeling is what drives that need to shovel something else in your mouth to compensate.

So do yourself a favour. Take a break and eat a meal. A sit-down, filling meal that you can enjoy and then move on to non-food related matters. Ie. live your life.

Jumping into Thinking Out Loud hosted by the lovely Amanda, whose post actually was one of the things that inspired this lil chattering.


Whatcha think?

Do you snack?

Do you prefer snacking or mealin’?



Support Makes You Strong



We see those huge, beautiful trees as something so strong. Something so proud. Something so rooted in its place in this earth.

Trees not only provide us with the breathes of life, but they also provide support for the many ecosystems that surround them.

You know what though?

A tree wouldn’t be able to serve those purposes if it wasn’t for the aid of the system around it.

It wouldn’t be around without the pollinators that spread those very seeds that brought it to life.

It wouldn’t be alive still without the microorganisms that break down organic materials to give it nourishment.

So if something that is the picture of strength and wisdom needs support to be able to keep thriving, why is it that when we ask for help we perceive ourselves as being weak?

Everyone needs support, whatever magnitude that may be. Asking for help NEVER signifies that you are incapable. Never says to others that you are a failure.

Sometimes, asking for help can make you one of the strongest people out there.


So you may be asking yourself why the hell I’m rambling on about this. It’s pretty random.

Well I am random….

I’m also randomly bringing this up because it’s something that I have had to come to accept throughout my recovery process.

I never used to like asking for help. I’m an internalizer and so I tend to keep my thoughts, worries, conflicts, etc to myself because I feel like they were my own issues to deal with

Why burden someone else with my problems if ….

…they only affect me…

The problem with that statement is two fold.

For one, I have associated negativity with the love, comfort and support that another person can give to me. Basically,  I felt as if providing me with support was some sort of favour they were doing for me or that they felt pity on me so they would do it not because they wanted to, but because they felt compelled to.

I have come to realize that this is not true. People don’t want to see you struggle. I have this urge in my self to speak up and help others if I feel I can in any way. I think sometimes I should refrain as I may be overstepping my boundaries, but the point is that we don’t like to see others hurt or stuck in a state of confusion if they don’t have to be.

The second issue is that second part. “It only affects me.” This is far from the truth because if you are struggling, the chances are that it will negatively impact anything further you try to do because you are occupied. You’re stuck either dwelling on something, hurting or just not knowing what move to make next. This inevitably affects not only you but anything else you try to do and anyone else you try to interact with.

So what does all of of this have to do with recovery?

I think that this is an important lesson for everyone to learn, regardless of their struggles in life…

You must learn and accept that one has be vulnerable in order to grow as a person.

But this vulnerability becomes even more important during recovery as you have to come to the realization that sometimes you’re just too tired to keep fighting and it’s in those moments where ED feels that he can creep back in a take you back.

It is in those instances where you need to ask yourself…

Does strength mean risking my recovery because I should be able to continue to fight when I’m completely mentally exhausted?


Does strength mean admitting to someone else that you are having a rough time and just need a lil bit of support so that you can re-charge and blast forward once again?


I know what my answer would be, what is yours?

 Linking up once again to Julia’s…

recovery-round-up-lord-still-loves-me-link-up…on this cold ‘gah it’s officially winter’ Monday.

Thank you so much to Julia for hosting such a positive and helpful resource partaay.

Have a great start to your week friends!

When was the last time you asked for support? this weekend when I ranted on discussed my struggles this week with body image with my Mom.

Who is your go-to? My Mom <3



Be A Rule Breaker

Are you a rebel?


It’s okay me neither…


Goodey-two-shoes 4 lyfe.

Despite the fact that breaking rules in general makes me all kinds sweaty, there are some rules that I think need to be broken.

The rules that have been propagated by society that are completely and utterly stupid yet followed because they have just never been questioned Or we are too scared to stray from OR people tell us they are to be followed (but fail to give you evidence why…)

So go ahead, be a rebel.

Your punishment for committing such a crime?

You will be happier. and feel less held back by the false lies society tries to feed you.

1. Eating at night is bad and will make you fat.

One of the biggest misconceptions I hear.

“I really need to stop snacking at night…it’s making me fat.”

Does your body have a watch?

Apparently it does and apparently once 6 pm rolls around, anything you put in your mouth is turned to fat.


2. Fat makes you fat.

No and no. I think we are starting to get past this…slowly..too slowly, but it’s a start. Anyways, eating fat is required for your heath. Plain and simple. Fat is needed for your hormones, your brain, your organs, the list goes on. Yes fat has more energy (ie. calories) per gram then protein and carbohydrates, but that doesn’t automatically mean that each gram of fat you eat sticks to your body as fat deposits.

REBEL! Ignore the ‘fat-free’ everything trend and eat yo fats because they not only make you healthy but they taste delicious too.


It seems like the pendulum has swung the other way these days and now carbs seem to be taking a hit. Similar to above, a given nutrient doesn’t make you fat. Instead, going over on your overall nutrient intake leads to weight gain. Calories in, calories out folks! Easy as that. Carbs can make you feel more heavy and perhaps bloated because they carry a lot of water along with them, so for every gram of carbohydrate you eat, you are also inviting in an equal amount (approximately) of water. Let me be clear though, water weight does not equal fat weight. Keep those separate. 

Take a look at WHAT and HOW MUCH you are eating before you start judging it’s building blocks.

3. Drink 8 glasses of water per day.

No if’s, ands or buts.


I’m not saying you don’t have to drink water…


….you do… because water is kinda sorta important for life.

Instead, I’m saying that there is no set value of water needed for everyone. Some need more, some need less.

Males need more then women.

The larger a person is, the more water they need.

The more food you eat, the more water you need.

The more muscle you have, the more water you need.

Etc, Etc, Etc.

Other things that fall under this category



4. The more the merrier

This can be related to a number of things…

When you were in high school, we all were self conscious of the number of friends we had…

The thing that costs the most is obviously better…

Working out for 3 hours vs. 2 means your workout was better…


We always think more is better but I think as we get older and come to find ourselves more, we learn to appreciate the saying:

Quality over quantity

It kind of hits the nail on the head.

 5. Lifting weights makes you look bulky.

Sorry this one is like that radio song that gets way overplayed and you just don’t want to hear about it anymore



My friends. My female friends. You do not possess the hormones (i.e. the amount of testosterone or release enough growth hormones, etc), possess the appetite or possess the body frame to get bulky.

Do you know how hard it actually is for a MAN, yes a man, to put on size?…naturally that is.

A crap ton of food.

A great workout program.

And a whole lot of consistency.


Disclaimer: I understand that newbie gains happen. When you first start lifting, you can see increases in mass and strength pretty much regardless of what you do in the gym and what you eat but this is simply due to the basic idea that it’s new stimulation. You are starting from nothing, so the gains you will see will be much greater then those seen in a more experienced individual. 

I have had females shoot back at me with:

No for real, I actually do get bulky and I don’t like it.

You do realize that muscle is more compact then fat mass? That should be a first clue that building lean muscle mass leads to a leaner looking frame.

Aside from lifting, there is also the major component which is diet.

80/20 my friends. 80% of what you look like is your diet.

So tell me again how a mere 20% is enough to turn you into a raging hulk?

You want to look more womanly? Build some curves with weights. Lean, sexy and STRONG curves.

6. Fat free is best

Piggy-Backin on a previous one, but I had a specific example in mind

Dairy this is me lookin at you!


Most of us have gotten over a number of these but I find that dairy is the exception mostly. As a specific example, everyone still seem to stick to those 0% yogurts.


Because a lil single serving of tub of yogurt is going to save you umpteen thousand calories?

Because 0% is just what everyone buys?

Think about it this way…

How does fat free cheese look to you? How does it taste?

…shiny, plastic and tastes like the latter too. 

Have you actually ever had full fat yogurt?

Keeping the fat in yogurt has so many benefits other than the fact that it’s much more satisfying (that creaminess!)

~Better digested. Did you know that full fat yogurt has less lactose in it?

~Those probiotics are naturally still there rather then having to add them back in

~Ditto for the fat soluble vitamins like Vitamin D

~They don’t have to add gums and buttloads of sugar to it to make up for the loss of the fat.

Do rebel against the norm and go get yourself the fattier stuff and you will be amazed the different in how you feel eating it.


More delicious, keeps you fuller longer and won’t make your tummy hurt.

7. Fresh is always better.

Not always the case.

Frozen food tend to get the evil, disapproving eyes of many as people just automatically assume they are processed or they are crappy quality or they are for people who cannot afford fresh.

Truth is that many frozen vegetables and fruits actually contain more vitamins and minerals then their fresh counterparts.

…That is, by the time said fresh relatives grace your plates.

You see, aging means that nutrients are being lost. If a piece of fruit is picked and then has to be shipped to the stores and then bought and then sits in the fridge and THEN FINALLY is eaten, how much of it’s original nutrient profile do you think is still in tact?

Compare this to frozen which are picked then almost immediately flash frozen to halt the ripening process.

See, frozen may indeed hold more nutrition then fresh.

It’s just a perk that often times they are cheaper overall because it’s like buying in bulk.

So go ahead and eat your ‘poor person’ frozen veggies and smirk at the fact that you’re keeping more of your monnies while getting more of your nutrients.

8. Taking care of yourself means you’re selfish.

Our culture here in ‘Merica is individualistic. Basically we will fight, claw and climb our way to the top and conflict with others doesn’t seem to phase us. We are bred and socialized to do this.

On the other extreme though are the many people who are afraid to do things that make THEM, just them, happy. It is assumed that by doing something for yourself and having no other person’s interests in mind is selfish and those thoughts make you a bad person.

Why is that?

Well lets take a look shall we.

You go to the gym because it makes you feel happy and your partner tells you you go too much and they never see you. You’re selfish.

You choose to eat something other then the group and you’re told you’re being picky and should just eat what everyone else is eating.

When saying no to help someone else when you’re already swamped means you should be ashamed of yourself.

Remember you’re a human being. You’re not a robot with no wants and desires of your own. You work at your most optimal when you are happy so don’t ever feel bad for taking you time. Be the best version of you and then you can be the best version to help others.

This is not being selfish. You’re a person too and you deserve to be happy too.

Well that was kind of random, but I just had a spark of inspiration (ie. rant-age) to take care of and well this was the result. I hope you enjoyed.

Dropping into the Thinking Out Loud party with my rule breaking self. Thanks Amanda for the hook up!


What other common ‘myths’ are there that I missed.

What was the last thing you did just for you? I decided to go home just because I wanted to.



Recovery Means Breaking Rules

My Friends,

I wanted to join into a new link up party hosted by the lovely Julia over at Lord Still Loves Me because I love the message that she is trying to put forth.

The idea that Eating Disorders are nothing to be ashamed of.

They are nothing we should be afraid to talk about or embarrassed to admit that they have impacted our lives in any way, shape or form.

The truth is that they are an event. A horrible event mind you, but a point in our lives that challenged us.

This challenge though made us into who were are today, which is a person who is stronger and a person who hopefully sees and experiences life in a much more positive way because they have had some demons to face and squash.

So with that, here is my first entry into the link up party


Thanks to Julia for starting it up and letting it be a safe space for all to share about their experiences that can include anything from triumphs, to challenges, to fears to breakthroughs.

Much love to everyone who joined into the party and to everyone reading these posts <3

This morning I broke a rule….

I broke a rule that ED had told me to never break.

Under the requirements of my nutrition increase, my coach added a whole tbsp and a half of extra nut butter to my breakfast on my training days.


Take that as you will, but for me this was a very scary thing despite loving all things nut butter.

I preach that fats are good for you (because they are!). I preach that everyone needs fats (which you do!) and that you shouldn’t be afraid of the ol’ saying:

Fat makes you fat.

Because it’s not true.

But I myself still struggle with how much I take in as well to be completely honest.

Not only did I have to deal with the very large increase (in my mind) but I also had to get past that pesky rule that holds me back…

You are allowed 2 tbsp tops on any given day..

Of course, less is always better because I can’t have you enjoying yourself too much…ED says with pleasure.

Do I know where this rule originated from?


I know that one serving of nut butter is set as 2 tbsp but I don’t know how that got attached to a daily serving in my head.

Either way, it was (and will continue to be for now on) something I had to tackle this morning.

Info Tidbit: I have 1 tbsp + 1tsp in my ‘midnight snack’ every night and generally only 1/2 a tbsp in my oats in the morning. So jumping to 2tbsp in my oats alone is quite a leap for me.

I had to be strong enough to break that rule

Even if it meant mixing in the extra (which I NEVER DO because I like to eat it last) to hide it from myself, I had to try to get past it.

If I’m being completely honest once again, I only managed to add half more of what I was required to this morning but I have to cheer for myself for the fact that I still broke that rule and did make baby steps into conquering that fear.


Tomorrow is a new morning and I’m determined to take on the full amount.

Recovery isn’t about being perfect. Recovery is like a pond of stepping stones. The distance between the stones may be different (i.e. the challenges we face may be more or less tough mentally and physically) which means that getting from one stone to the next may take more or less time BUT with each leap of faith, we are one step further into a place of freedom and happiness.

….One tbsp of nut butter at a time….


Thanks for all of your continued support and love my family


Eating disorder related or not (as I hope many of your don’t go through one!), what is one rule you want to be able to break or one that you have broken (yay you!)?



The Doctor Always Hurts Me…

Anyone else feel as though whenever they go to the doctor they end up in pain somehow?


For real, no matter how many times I go I either get bad news, have to get poked, etc and people wonder why I really hate doctors visits.

Anywho, I had mentioned that I had an MRI of my small bowel coming up and that was quite the experience yesterday (Friday November 13) morning.

So my morning started off nice and earlier by leaving the house in the cold, tornado winds at 6:30AM.

Big shoutout to my Dad who came all the way from home to pick me up. He will say that is what Dad’s are for, but a 5:30am wake-up call just to come with me and sit in a hospital and ensure I wasn’t alone is more then just a Dad duty. I love you! <3

Sleepy, gross sticky mouth and hungry (I had to be fasted and no liquids), we arrive at the hospital for 7am for my 8:30am test. Within 15 minutes, the unpleasantry began with me having to down my first of a few servings of Metamucil in what seemed like a gallon of water.

You guys, have I mentioned that over drinking makes me incredibly nauseous?

So not only to I have to drink this crap (the orange flavour wasn’t disgusting at least), but it was like I was on a time limit because Metamucil gelatinizes within like 5 minutes no matter how much water you use. So basically I had to down this entire jug of liquid as fast as possible unless I wanted to be drinking sludge.

Oh and remember this was on an empty stomach.


The nurse told me typically they have patients do two..TWO!…the first round but because of my size she thought one was just fine.

I almost finished it but she said I could stop with about 2 inches left in the carton as I started to get my “don’t puke” breathing going.

I was released back into the waiting room with my Dad where I was told to walk a bit to help that grossness head to the bowel and move it around a bit. Apparently it helps make it not feel as heavy…

Is that even possible? I mean I’m drinking a fibre supplement on an empty stomach.

I take back the fact that I complained about being very thirsty…

At this point, I was feeling a bit better (ie. not nauseous) when low and behold, jug number 2 comes out.

Kill me now.

My stomach is already making some interesting noises and vibrations with the one serving! Got about 2/3 of the way through that one and at that point, the thought of food or water made my skin turn just a touch more green.

More walking.

8:30am came around and I was told to get changed into those lovely modest gowns (I got to keep my pants on so no peep show :-P) and was then shuffled in to get dem needles…err intravenous set up.

My favourite. -_-

Oh and another mini drink

How many servings of fiber am I at now?

Orange will never be the same.

Here’s where the trauma really started. It would happen to me, after all, it’s me. Le sigh…

So I’m getting the first needle in for my IV and I felt a bit of pressure..

Oh I’m sorry! You veins are so fragile. This one just blew..


The needle came out and she’s got gauze on it while calling to another nurse to bring her a towel..A TOWEL!?!?

Wow, okay you’re bleeding a lot…are you on blood thinners

…no (vision getting a bit blurred)..

yeah this is bleeding a lot,… Hey I need that towel with really really hot water… Has this happened to you before?

..yeah..ummm.. I’m not doing too well.

At this point I’m getting really breathy as I’m trying to stop myself from getting sick while I’m getting the impression I’m practically bleeding out and so I’m getting really woozy. Not to mention that my body decides to react to this stress by making my eyes start to well up..

Why the hell am I starting to cry. Body, what good is that going to do?!?

Okay, just breathe Chelsea and try to keep your eyes open. When you close them you’re more likely to pass out. Okay well you stopped bleeding but I’m going to use this hot cloth to really squeeze on the injection site here because you have quite a large goose egg that I want to go down.

At this point I could care less, I’m just trying to stay awake and not throw up.

After getting my goose egg squeezed, the chair pushed back to half lie me down and a cold cloth on my forehead, I guess the colour in my face came back to decency as she got the IV in the other arm

Apparently that one blew slightly but was okay.

Thank gawd because I really don’t want another poking…rephrase, I don’t think I could handle another poking.

Is the test over yet?

She slowly got me back to my normalcy-ish, sat my chair fully back up and eventually decided to wheel me into the MRI room. The MRI really wasn’t scary at all but that could be because I was on my belly rather then lying face up. It could have also been because I was just so tired at this point from the stress out that lying down with a warmed blanket just felt so nice.

Earplugs were inserted (to drown out the machines beeping) and I had to wear these massive headphones so that she could coach breathing throughout the test (nothing major but you had to hold your breath at some points throughout…so I wasn’t allowed to actually fall asleep). I also had something put on my back that felt like a rope ladder.

The test was 30 minutes she said but it felt like nothing due to me being half asleep I suppose. I then was allowed to go get changed and leave with my Dad. So thankful he was there to take me home because I looked like death at that point I’m sure. When I got home I felt the awkward sensation of being slightly hungry (plus knowing that I really should be eating as it was 10am by this point) but also still slightly disgusting and bloated from the fibre. So instead of trying to force down my oatmeal (which wasn’t even appealing to me…nothing really was) that I had prepped, I listened to my body went to bed for an hour to see if I would feel better.

Alarm went off and despite still feeling a bit heavy, I felt hungry enough to try to do my normal routine and get my oatmeal ready and in my belly. A lil bit more full then normal, but it sat well and after a usual post-oatmeal bathroom break (sorry TMI :-P) I was feeling kind of normal. My stomach wasn’t as bad as I thought it might be, but I did have a lot of gas and bubbling throughout the day which were not the best and I’m feeling it a bit still this morning. Hopefully it’s okay today because it’s leg day ice-cream day which I’m very excited for and, quite frankly, most definitely needed for the extra calories after not being able to eat as much yesterday.

The rest of the day I got some more sleep, Andre came down for the afternoon (which was so nice :-)) and Chad arrived from Montreal to spend the weekend here.

So a busy and stressful day but hey, one positive could be that I got more sleep then usual I suppose.

Oh and I got my Lululemon purchases the second I came home which made my morning just that lil bit brighter. Also ordered these babies (the original Nikes I wanted but they didn’t have them in the store…):

Screen Shot 2015-11-14 at 9.41.05 AM

So I’m excited for those to come in soon!

Anywho, I hope you have a great weekend my lovelies and I’m off to eat my pre-pre workout meal and then head off to demolish my legs.

Ever had an MRI?

Do you pass out when getting a needle? I normally don’t, but I have a few times and apparently now I have to warn them of that.



My thoughts and love go out to the those affected by the tragedy that occurred in Paris yesterday. Please keep them and their loved ones in your hearts. Likewise, which I’m not minimizing the events in Paris at all, remember to always keep in mind and send your love to the countries (mostly all developing nations) we don’t see going through this level of massacre every day. The media censors what we can see and they try to control who gets our prayers and support. Never forget about those we can’t see as they go through this hell a lot more frequently then our developed countries do yet fail to receive the aid they need and deserve.

Hopefully one day that will change.

Hopefully one day people will realize that killing is not what being human is about and solves nothing.

It simply propagates distrust, hatred and fear. 


What [Rita] Ate Wednesday

Hey Friends!

Happy Humpday!


Besides the fact that it’s midweek and half-way to the weekend, what do you enjoy about Wednesdays?

For me, today I’m having a lil dinner shindig with my two housemates and our friend, Cass so that’s going to be a good time! I will be makin’ up a noodle-LESS zucchini lasagna after Emily requesting…

I want ricotta

Cheese and more cheese you will receive.

Throw in some veggies and some happy cow meat (ie. grass-fed beef) as Emily calls it and we have a pretty quick, healthy and fun meal to bring to the table.

Although, remember to take the time to appreciate where you are and what you have in your life as today is also..


Remembrance Day. Have them in your hearts today and everyday.

Anywho, what else does Wednesday mean in the blogworld? What I Ate Wednesday with all the foodies of the blogosphere of course!

Oh there Jen and thanks to Laura for hosting the partay this week.


I had a request to highlight the eats from a normal person person other then myself and if you ask, you shall receive my friends.

Today we are highlighting the Tuesday eats of someone who, like me, loves all things food but she has one very big, and amazing, leg up on me…

She never denies herself or her body anything. She never bats an eye to just eat.

She is a true representation of eating intuitively in my mind.

If she’s hungry she eats.

If she wants ice cream at 5pm on a weekday, she nabs a bowl of ice cream.

If she goes for a nap before dinner and sleeps all the way to 10pm, well then dinner is at 10:30pm

If she’s feeling snacky despite not really being hungry, she fulfills that craving.

No second thoughts if every meal of a given day is eaten out.

You see, in a way I admire her. Fear isn’t in her vocabulary. She cannot understand why I would hold back from eating something or why many foods give me severe anxiety because if she wants something, she allows herself to have it. No guilt. No shame. No compensation.

She lives as everyone should. Free.

So with that, I give you a day in the life of my housemate, Rita.


Tuesday started a bit on a rough note as I heard her rush around the kitchen after sleeping an hour past her alarm.

Bed: 1, Rita: 0

She nabbed her lunch (I have slowly gotten her into food prepping! Housemate win!) and the lil snack baggy I made her real quick before she woke. She also had her usual hot water with a gob spoonful of raw honey.

I have asked her before the significance of this honey water and I believe she told me that her Mom said that it was good for the body so that is why she does it. Plus she loves loves sugar…erg honey. 

Time of class….8:30am

Time left the house… 8:28am.

Bike those legs Rita!


Bam in class. She is in landscape architecture and man has she been busy with school stuff this year. I always feel bad for her on those weeks (which seem like it’s been the whole year) that this poor girl is in the studio ALL DAY.

In the thermos is her morning tea I believe…


Have a I mentioned that tea is what this house is known for? Rita has about 2 teas a day, I’m the same and Em, umm.. too many to count. This is why our house had no glasses for like the first 2 months because we be muggin.

Anyways, 9:50am arrived and so did the food.


Apparently our school provides McD lookin food. Seriously, does that not look like an egg McMuffin and hash brown?

I’m going to assume class continued to happen until she went to the school gym for some swimming at 11am. She has been slowly learning how to swim (self teaching) and has really been enjoying it.

As a matter of fact, it makes me smile so much when she comes home all smiles saying that she’s getting stronger. She was telling me how she used to bike to school on level 1 and now she’s doing level 4. Good job to my housie. :-D

After that, around 12:50pm, lunch happened.


Foodprep for the win! She had stir-fried some book choy (her favourite veggie) with some chili flakes and lots of garlic to have with some white jasmine rice, the dark meat from the whole chicken I nabbed and the two last pieces of buttercup squash I roasted up for her on the weekend.

Fun fact. Stir frying raw chili, whether fresh or dried, creates fumes that will leave you choking for the rest of the night. It’s delicious but you have been warned.

I had roasted up an entire buttercup squash for her and Em the other week because it was one that was too soft and sweet for me (ie. perfectly ripe and the way most people like them the best. I’m weird and love them dry to the bone so they get super crispy when roasted) and Rita absolutely loved it. So this week when an in-class course took over her weekend and made her miss our farmers market trip she asked me to make her another batch and she went through that in 3 meals. :-D

Snackage happened throughout the afternoon starting around 1:45pm apparently…


That lil baggy I mentioned earlier in the post. I grabbed some of her dried figs and a few handfuls of her deluxe nut medley (both organic from the market), some candied ginger cubes and pumpkin flax granola from Nature’s Path to make a lil homemade trail mix.


Looks like an arrowroot cookie. Could be a cracker…I dunno.

From 2:30 to 3:30 she went on a plant walk with her class. See those drops on her baggy? Yeah it was pouring all day. Guess the profs don’t care about that…


These happen a few times a week where they go to a part of the campus and collect leaf samples to ID later. She says they are fun because she is in love with plants and enjoys seeing new species. Guess she found the major for her!

Post-plant pickin lolly at 3:35.


As I write this it’s killing me that I don’t know what flavour it is. I’m nosey can’t you tell?

Oh update I nabbed her on her way out…Chocolate something she’s says and a mini one that you hand out to the kiddos at Halloween lol

Dinner happened around 5:30pm and she texted me being like

Chelsea I forgot to take a picture of my dinner!!

….but I took a picture of the menu..


She’s so cute.

She had that soup, which she said was really yummy (as the sign says!) and a Philly cheesesteak sammich.

Workin Workin Workin

She arrived home around 9ish I think to dig into her pint of Baskin Robbins Mango Tango ice cream at 9:47pm (hahah so specific)..


And some more of that pumpkin flax granola…at 9:55pm. <- She takes this tracking seriously. LOL


Then she crashed probably around 11:30pm. Another long day in the books for her.

So there was a look into the eats of my housemate. A girl who loves food and gives her body what it wants, when it wants it and just enjoys herself.

Something everyone should be able to do!

Oh and I wanted to show you how funny she is…

IMG_8258Yes she actually wrote everything down for me! She was totally excited to do this lil day in the life of eating post and took her job very seriously.

Thanks Rita!

Anyways, I’m looking forward to tonights lil dinner party we are having and hopefully I can make a zucchini lasagna that is not too watery this time. They tend to do that because of the high water content in zucchini so I have a few tricks I’m pulling out of the bag (roasting the zucchini + very thick sauce) for this attempt and hopefully my guests enjoy the end result

I will not be having it as 1. it contains cheese which I can’t eat and 2. my coach would hit me over the head because it doesn’t have carbs. But I have mentioned before that I love throwing dinner parties because it lets me be creative in the kitchen.

Happy Wednesday Friends, I’m off to train chest after eating my second pre-workout massive plate of food…



Favourite Ice Cream Flavour?

Do you like Trail Mix?



Tuesday Thoughts

***Edit this failed to post yesterday. Sorry about that my friends! ***

Hello Hello My Friends.

Midterms are upon me once again.

Do they ever actually stop?

Nutrition was last Tuesday, which, a happy me received 90 on


I was delighted to also discover that I was the top 3% on that particular midterm for that class


…Yeah I’m a bit competitive.

I have my Mammalian Physiology Midterm coming up on Thursday morning and my research and stats course on the following Monday.

Oh school gots me then feeling this kinda way..



Also that following Friday (the 13th) is my MRI of my small bowel. Yay for more tests for this stupid stomach of mine.

Oh and you want to know what time I have to be at the hospital for?



My amazing Dad is coming all the way from home (okay it’s only 30 minutes but still at that time in the morning…) to drive me to the hospital for my test. He says that’s what Dad’s are for. I say he’s just super amazing and…

…he’s just doesn’t want me take a taxi on my own … #OverProtectiveDadSyndrome ;-)

Also to add to that day, Andre is coming down to see me. It’s been a while since I have seen him, so it will be nice to catch up. As I have mentioned before, I’m happy that although we aren’t together, we can still keep our friendship.

As far as updates…

I was asked about how I was doing with the reduction in my gym days. So I lost one day (I’m down to 5 times per week) and this past Saturday was my 2nd week of having that second rest day and I have to say that its really hard. Sometimes I think it’s harder then the food is for me. Sometimes..

It’s hard to say that I can’t do what I love.

It’s my morning routine and is really throwing me off.

I hope that I can work my way back to those 6 eventually once my body is back on track. I just love being there. This weekend was a lil bit better as my Mom came up for the farmers market with me so that was nice. I missed her. Dad was working the whole weekend which is why only my Mom came up. 

Other Updates…

~Still haven’t gone for ice cream. It’s now been 2 weeks and my “cheatmeal” has continued to be that Freshii salad bowl. Yeah Mike sent me through the ringer for that one basically saying that I was being ridiculous but I can’t help but feel bad for eating out on my SECOND restday of the week. My Mom said the same thing.

~I have really been trying to set myself up for going out for ice cream again because it was something I really looked forward to. Everyone has been saying that the only person in my way right now is myself and yes that’s true but when you are technically bulking, I always feel even more guilt for even thinking about eating ‘dirty foods.’ Ugh these mind games ED, you suck the life out of me sometimes. Hopefully I can pull myself together and do it once soon because Baskin Robins sent me an email saying it was Peanut Butter Lovers Month and well..peanut butter


Does that mean all their peanut butter flavours are in?!? Ermagawd.

~I had a really rough week last week with my stomach. Sorry Mike had to dump the greens in the morning (can’t say I will miss that gag fest) but my stomach rebelled and now that I have been off them for a few days, I’m feel better. This did not help my body image AT ALL as I was super bloated and that was making me cranky and feeling, well, fat and soft. This is hard specifically because with eating more, I’m already fighting my brain which is yelling that I’m going to gain all the fat. Rationally I know this is untrue but that is the lil devil (ED) on my shoulder that I have to ignore on a daily basis.

~I was also super tired last week. Like REALLY TIRED. I dunno if it was because of the stomach flare up or just a combination of dealing with the changes but after my midterm was done, you bet I had a nap every day to try to help myself out.

~With everything going on (stomach+ tired+ change, etc), I unfortunately suffered with some physical anxiety symptoms most days last week. For me, these are where I feel kind of like something is restricting my ability to take a full deep breath in and out. It was mostly at night and not so bad, but that is another reason why I needed more sleep as tiredness can make that worse.

Well that’s it for the updates, full steam forward for this week. As my review class (and thus my blog writing time) comes to an end, I will leave you with a few random comments:


  1. Hello 19 degrees for the next few days! If winter was like this for the entire thing, my need to move to Cali to live may not be as strong.

2. Did you know that although trans fat is required to be on ALL labels, there is a group of labels that escape this requirement. Which ones you ask? Baby food. Yes my friends, foods we feed are innocent and pure kiddos don’t require a warning that their food contains these man-made poisons.

3. That pumpkin I was talking about earlier become a lovely Zucchini Pumpkin Bread with Dark mini chocolate chips a la Ambitious Kitchen


Holler to my unprofessional foodie pictures….

4. I never cease to be amazed with my ability to sear a scallop. Random yes, but delicious! They are crisssppayy.


My fav. Especially when they are fresh from the farmers market! Massive and local for the win. 

Have a great Tuesday Friends!



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