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When You’re A Human Flame Starter…GERD

My friends!

How are you all on this fine day?

I have had a request for a post on my experience with GERD and how I manage it day to day from the lovely Kristine (Thanks lady! :-)) and I’m happy to share that with ya and hopefully anyone else dealing with any form of acid reflux can gain something from this post as well.

I also was asked by a reader or two whether I was taking questions now that I started that “Work With Me” section and the answer is a big fat YES! Please remember that that section is not going to take away from my blog whatsoever. You guys inspire my posts so never be thinking that I will ignore questions now that I started that. Think of that section as something separate from my bloggy and ask and comment away. I want to make sure my posts are still relevant to you all so I love when you all ask questions and make requests.

So now onto something a lil fire-yyy.

Dat GERD or Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease.

Because I want to share my own experiences and ways I deal with it, I won’t get into the nitty gritty details of what it is, but go to this site for a better understanding if you would like.

To be brief though, GERD or acid reflux is where the liquids from your gastrointestinal tract (which contain digestive enzymes and acid among other things) comes back up into the esophagus and often causes a burning feeling due to it literally inflaming and damaging the esophageal lining. That heartburn sensation is the most common complaint associated with GERD but there are a host of other possible symptoms depending on your specific body and case.

Not a nice feeling when your throat and chest feel like they are on fire…

Click on this picture for another individuals story with GERD.

So what do you do about it?

Unfortunately there isn’t much you can do to get rid of it as it’s not curable. Sometimes it can show up temporarily, such as in some pregnancies or can be caused by medications, but in most cases where GERD is diagnosed in an individual, they are stuck with it for life. There are prescription medications and even surgeries that can help sometimes, but it is often a turn to your diet and lifestyle that will better allow you to manage your symptoms on a daily basis. You just need to learn your triggers and then try your best to avoid them.

Oh and don’t load up on antacids. Too much is not good for you. Read the bottle, it says so.

Yes I know…another trial and error process. Oh body, why must you be so complicated?

So what’s my story?

I will be brief (pinky promise!) and then share what has seemed to work for me.

my storySo that’s my shhhhpeal and what I have gone through personally. Now to help you out based on what has helped me.

There are lots of things out there that you are told to avoid in order to manage your symptoms, but always remember that everybody is different and some things may be okay for some and not for others. Here are some of the things I have experienced.

Don’t eat spicy foods. Have you seen my food? I rebel against this rule and haven’t noticed that spicy food ever leads to more acid reflux symptoms.

Eat smaller meals. This one was tricky. Yes being overly full can lead to more reflux, but for me specifically, eating too often led to my digestion getting thrown off. So I traded off and do 4 meals a day.

Eat slowly. This stops you from overeating, which leads to greater acid production and greater regurgitation of that acid due to stomach distension.

Take a walk after your meal. This can help ease the digestion process and get things moving and empty the stomach quicker. This does help. However, don’t get all crazy and go for a run because that causes the opposite as your stomach as not emptied enough yet and if you don’t end up puking, you will definitely get heartburn at least.

Don’t eat too much sugar, processed food, etc. I can’t say much for this because I don’t eat those on the regular, but I always vouch for limiting those in your diet (moderation not rejection!) anyhow because they don’t provide much nutritional benefits.

Don’t lie down when you are having heartburn. This is very true. When you lie down, it better allows the acid to creep up as gravity helps to pull it down. If you’re going to sit down or if it’s when you’re going to bed, make sure your head is elevated to try to alleviate it a bit.

Lose weight. This may be the case for some as obesity tends to be associated with acid reflux symptoms. Apparently when you are overweight, the sphincter gets lazy or more relaxed. For myself, this is not the case, so once again, take at look at your own situation. If you are overweight, it can help to loose weight.

Other foods that are suggested to be avoided..



Onions and Garlic. Ooooh my favourites. I love raw onion in a salad but I do find I have issues if I over do it. These two are also high FODMAP and thus may also cause digestive issues as well.

Peppermint. I drink peppermint a ton and love it but I do find that I can get heartburn from it occasionally. It’s not that bad so I drink it anyways EXCEPT if the acid is already there or I’m feeling very distended from my last meal.

Alcohol and Smoking. Both are relaxants and thus can relax that sphincter which you don’t want.

Caffeine. I learned this after realizing my daily afternoon green tea was causing me to get heartburn EVERY DAY. It was a hard thing to give up let me tell you. I can’t imagine how coffee would make someone feel…

Bubbly or carbonated drinks. YES YES and YES. Not only do they cause me to bloat like crazy, but they also give me heartburn. Avoid.

Fatty Foods. Apparently these relax the sphincter and increase acid that comes back up. Additionally, fat is a slower digesting macronutrient and thus delays stomach emptying. Personally, I haven’t found that eating fattier foods, like high fat fish, etc to cause that, but perhaps there is a connection between the type of fat in these high fat foods? Maybe things like high trans fats and possible some saturated may cause more reflux over those healthier ones like mono and poly-unsaturated varieties.

I hope that helps you Kristine and anyone else who has to deal with these symptoms. If you have any other questions, throw them in the comment box below. :-)

Let us all be fire free…Or maybe not because then maybe one of these guys will come put it out…

Anyone watch this show?

Sorry for my few male readers out there, my girls needed their dose of guy-candy. It’s been a while.




Surprise!…I’m Thinking Out Loud.

Hey Friends!

So I have quite a bit of things to tell ya + of course where would you be without a side of my randomness to go along with that?

Yeah, you love me and my rambles right?

So without further ado

Thinking-Out-LoudThanks to Amanda for hosting! XO

1. Big News!

Did ya see my new lil page off to the side of my blog heading? That Work With Me! tab is now up and running and is a link to my page describing the next installment of this blog which is my meal and fitness plans that are now available. I want to reiterate that these will not take away from the blog at all, they are simply a way for me to work closer with those of you wonderful people who want some guidance.

If any of you are interested further, just email lil ol’ me at

Please note that I have heard some of your concerns and dig yet more digging on what is around pricing wise and have adjusted my pricing. I hope I didn’t scare ya’ll off but I did some research before hand and with further researching have come to the conclusion that those brackets were too high. My apologies!

2. Colonoscopy

So I like to be real with you guys on this blog, but if this is TMI for ya, skip on down to numero three-ooo. So yeah, had that done yesterday. Felt like death.

One could dream…

So my Dad had a slight panic attack on Tuesday morning when he realized that my procedure was actually on Wednesday (yesterday) rather then today and so he came and ripped me out of the gym so that I could start the prep (which you have to start 1 day in advance) only a bit late.

Close call.

Without going into the nitty gritty details, basically you are unable to eat for 24 hours while simultaneously taking prescription “clear every possible morsel from your body” meds. Not fun.

Oh did I mention that you have to drink fluids like you’re trying to drown yourself?

So that left me quite nauseous and dizzy to say the least, as you are loosing electrolytes like no tomorrow, not to mention I was beyond exhausted from just not being able to eat.

That problem when you are dying to take a nap but can’t because that would mean you can’t drink more water…#TheStruggleWasReal folks.

Wednesday morning started off okay, but the nerves and “I’m so hungry I’m gunna puke” feelings started to kick in as I made my way to Guelph General for my noon, yes NOON appointment. Of course, we had to be there at 10am because sitting around waiting while experiencing those aforementioned feelings just adds to the excitement.

Afterwards was super fun too. They actually had to keep me longer then usual because I was too “out of it” to discharge. My body just really doesn’t do well with anesthetics so they ended up throwing me back in the bed with wet clothes all over me before wheeling me out about 20 minutes later to the car to slide me in. I was pretty off all day but the light headedness stopped by the evening once I had a bit of food in me despite it making my tummy gurgle.

Thankfully, other then a lil bit of a hyper sensitive tummy, I’m doing better this morning. Pumped to get back in the gym come tomorrow!

3. Dad Bod.

Where did this even come from?

When did the Dad Bod suddenly become the body that women drool over?

Screen shot 2015-05-14 at 11.48.02 AMI honestly don’t know when this became a thing but I think it’s stupid.

When I sa that, I’m not saying that everyone should strive to have the bodybuilder physique because, one, that is not attainable for all bodies and two, many people have no interest in tailoring their life around their physique. What I am saying is stupid is the fact that apparently women PREFER this ‘Dad Bod’ over a more muscular one.

Muscle is gross and makes me feel inadequate. I like a bit of chub…

I like the teddy bear look better…

These are the statements that have been made recently in articles and generalized to all women and I have to say that for myself, this is not the case. No, I’m not a shallow person, I just have my own taste if I was to be asked what what I’m attracted to, it’s muscle. I like the fit look because that’s what I strive for myself.

The other argument floating around relates back to that first statement. The idea that some women feel that a more muscular man is just too hard to attain and may outshine them, so instead, they ‘downgrade’ to a more soft look. These are the words of those articles not mine, but the bigger picture here is that this is coming from a place of low self confidence rather then pure preference.

Screen shot 2015-05-14 at 12.00.00 PMWhat do you think about this Dad Bod?

What do you prefer?

4. SkinnyTea Detox.

These things drive me nuts.

They are all over Facebook so even if I’m only jumpin online for a second, I see one of their ads.

They really are annoying.


Because they are totally ridiculous and I feel as if some people may still fall for their ads.

These will not make you look like the models that they present. Don’t fall for it. Not that you should be wanting to look like another person anyways. Detox teas (detoxes in general actually) are most often about starvation so the only detox your doing to your body is flushing it of all your electrolytes and fuel.

5. This YouTube channel.

I have been finding lots of fun new exercises to try out all thanks to the Online Coach.

The one guy who wouldn’t mind his name being in pink. Check out his channel here. He not only uploads a new video every day that includes workout footage, life and his flexible dieting lifestyle, but he offers a lot of surprise appearances and tons of tips too. Fun videos!

Specifically here are two things that I have found to test out and spice up some of my routines.

The first is for your lats (upper back)…

Straight-Arm Pulldown

Take your traditional straight-arm pull down with the cable and straight bar

Straight-Arm Pulldown

And add a twist to work the lats in a slightly different way while also hitting your serratus anterior (those beautiful cuts along the upper ribs) from the rotation.

Haven’t done that one yet as my back workout got interrupted by the aforementioned colonoscopy preppage…

One that I have tried though is simply doing pullups and chins using different cable attachments.

Try the rope

Or maybe even the triangle

Now if only I could do those clappin pull ups he was doing in his last video…

Speaking of cool exercises…

6. Booty-work Inspiration.

Screen shot 2015-05-14 at 9.45.36 PMI have tried this out, with my heel planted on the rounded part of a bosu ball because I have short-fart legs, and it’s a great thing to superset a larger exercise with to burn out those glutes and hams. Thanks to Lacey and her instagram page for constant workout inspiration.

Anywho guys, it’s a wee bit late and my rambles have come to an end. I hope you enjoyed and lets all say wassssup to Friday and the beginning of the May-24 weekend.

Doing anything special?




A Week Of Locality

Hey Friends!

I have seen a few roundups of recipes lately featuring this months local produce. I don’t know about you, but I love being able to take advantage of local and in season produce for a few reasons:

  1. I like to support the community farmers
  2. It tastes better. It honestly does.
  3. You lower your ecological footprint. My veggies don’t need to a plane to get to my plate. I’m perfectly content with someone picking it for me. I ain’t afraid of germs. ;-)
  4. We are drawn to things in season. Do you find that foods that happen to be in season look really appealing to you? There are some thoughts that we tend to crave things that are in season because they are what our bodies are intended to eat at that time + our body may recognize that they would have more nutrients still left in them as they are fresher (rather then being transported across the globe to reach you)

What are your thoughts?

Do you like eating local?

Do you like going to and/or attend your cities local markets?

As I mentioned, I have seen a ton of these recipe roundups (like this one for all my vegetarian readers out there) and so I decided I would jump on that bandwagon and do my own that showcased recipe inspiration for whatever dietary lifestyle you like to follow.

Before I get to those, what’s in season here in the Greater Toronto Area in May?

In SeasonPicMonkey CollageWow looks like Christmas. All dem reds and greens.

So yeah, slim pickings right now, but hey, Spring is slow to start so our produce is slow to really get crazy too.

Now onto the recipes. I hope you enjoy! :-)

Here’s to a week of dinner ideas.

Startin your week with something fresh and vegetarian. Meatless Mondays if you will.

Risotto tight- Blog 1338

Spring Risotto with Poached Egg. This recipe can be made vegan by removing the egg. If you don’t do dairy or just butter in general, use some coconut oil for sauteing the vegetables. Light but bursting with flavour, this risotto is glowing with spring colours.

Springy Features: Asparagus, herbs and greens.

After some vegetable lovin, them Paleo folks need a lil more meat on their Tuesday.

Vermont pork tenderloin with fiddleheads made by Chef Shawn Calley

Vermont Pork Tenderloin with Fiddleheads. These funky shaped lil fiddleheads are highlighted alongside some good ol’ meat for them carnivore folks.

*Remove beans from the recipe and swap butter for grassfed ghee or coconut oil to make paleo*

Springy Features: Fiddleheads. You can also add some greens and fresh herbs to the succotash as well.

Warming Wednesday up with something light and gluten Free.

Poached Cod in Spring Vegetable BrothPoached Cod In Spring Vegetable Broth. This would make a great light dinner or lunch that highlights the freshness of the vegetables in season.

Springy Features: Asparagus. You could easily throw in things like greens.

Think Red on your Thursday.

Roasted Beet Noodles with Pesto and Baby Kale

 Roasted Beet Noodles with Pesto and Baby Kale. This would make a fun, colourful and light appetizer. Ever had bright red noodles before?

Springy Features: Beets, herbs and greens.

This one is a double feature. Didn’t think I would leave you with just a lil salad for your dinner would ya?

Screen shot 2015-05-07 at 9.46.12 PMSauteed Scallops with Peas and Rhubarb-Radish Relish. You all know my love for scallops so here is a fresh version of these gems of the sea that filled with many spring ingredients. Look at them colours!

Springy Features: Rhubarb, herbs, greens and radishes.

Fridays are for pizza no?

What about a low FODMAP pizza?

Spring Veggie Polenta Pizza. Pizza! If you are cautious as to which cheeses you use (use FODMAP approved or forgo the cheese and use nutritional yeast for a cheesy note) then this dish is totally gut friendly. Gluten free and can use a variety of local ingredients for your toppings.

Springy Features: Asparagus, optional herbs and greens.

Saturday Dinner with the Kiddos.

For all of the parents out there with picky eaters, this fun dish may help sneak some seasonal veggies into your lil ones.

Blueberry Beet Pancakes. Everyone loves a good “brinner” or breakfast for dinner and what kid would be able to say no to pancakes? Let alone pancakes that are fushia! So they are happy because they are eating pancakes (which they wouldn’t taste the beety flavour, they simply add a natural sweetness) but you are happy because they are getting full of antioxidants. All in a days work.

Springy Features: Beets. You could make a strawberry rhubarb compote for the top for a more seasonal topper. Simply bring chopped strawberries and rhubarb and a lil bit of water to a boil and let simmer until the fruit breaks down. Sweeten if you choose and if you like it a bit thicker, add a tsp or two of chia seeds as a natural jell-ification method.

Sunday Fundays.

I had to leave you with at least one dessert. Of course, it’s a healthy-ish dessert. ;-)

Ginger Oat Cookie & Strawberry Swirl Ice Cream Sammies | happy hearted kitchen

Ginger Oat Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches. It’s getting warmer here and there and how cute would these ice cream sammiches be as a way of cooling off? Simply swap the strawberry ice cream with this rhubarb one to get some seasonal produce into this gluten free treat.

Springy Features: Rhubarb and optional beet juice for colour.

Well there you have it friends. One full week of eating locally at dinner. Soon enough we will have much more to work with and that’s when seasonal cooking really gets to shine.

I hope you enjoyed this post and recipe round up. Thanks to all the great bloggers for their recipes.


Favourite seasonal produce item?

Do you like rhubarb?

Ever tried a fiddlehead?



Love Me Like You Do… 60 Years And Counting

Don’t forget this goes both ways. It’s not all about the man making the woman happy.

My friends.

If any of my friends follow my blog, they will have already seen my post from this morning so I will post it below and let that speak for me regarding my thoughts. Just click on the image and it will come up on your screen bigger if you want to read the message I wrote.

Screen shot 2015-05-09 at 9.36.05 PMI did however want to share a few snapsies of the lil surprise famjam get together we had tonight for my Nana and Papa’s special day.
IMG_7716 You see, today was indeed a very special day. This day marked 60 years of marriage for these two spring chickens (young chicks as my Papa likes to say).

That’s right. You did read that correctly. Sixty whole years with one person and you know what?

They couldn’t be happier.
IMG_7725 You always hear some people saying they feel like it would be a punishment to spend the rest of their life with the same person and I find that sad.

Why shouldn’t you believe that its possible to find someone who you feel your best with?

Where the time spent without your ‘person’ is just never as fun as the time you spend with them.

That is my Nana and Papa.

And that is also the image of love in my mind. They have set the bar high for me, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. The way they look at each other after all of these years just makes me smile.

It’s quite a beautiful thing. When a bond is as strong as that. Makes you heart melt a lil bit.

Is there a couple that you really look to that is the picture of marriage or love to you?

As for the lil surprise, my parents and I had set up a date to take my Nana and Papa to the Mandarin for their special dinner. What they didn’t know was that we invited the whole famjam along for the ride.


Did you know that the Mandarin sponsors the panada’s at the Toronto Zoo? You can buy a lil stuffed panda to make a donation to zee lil bears when you are there.

They were happily surprised much to our glory.

After hugs and greetings, they sat down to open up the gift that my Mom had put together from the whole family to them. My Mom is quite the creator. She finds the best things.

IMG_7718This is a lil tree that you can hang a variety of pictures from. It’s a super cool way to display a collection of photos.

As my Nana and Papa love to enjoy pictures of their family in their house, they were so happy to get this and couldn’t stop looking at it. The picture above is all the children and grandchildren, while the back (below) is the grand-grand babies.

IMG_7717On top of the cute tree-collage, my Mom actually got a certificate for their anniversary that was signed by Mr. Harper himself.

Cool eh?

IMG_7726Did anyone else know you could do that?

I didn’t. You can also have one signed by the Queen but apparently you need to steal the couples marriage license for that one. We felt like that would kinda ruin the surprise…

Like I said, my Mom finds the coolest things for gifts.

Shortly after, everyone was set free to attack the buffet. Oh hello there crab leg summer. ;-)


I’m gunna see that salt tomorrow. Hello water retention for the next 3 days.

Look familiar?

Yeah. No one likes to take me to buffets because I really don’t get my money’s worth as I generally end up creating something similar to what I would get at a Thai restaurant.

I like my seafood stirfries mmmmkay?

I will say that the Mandarin failed me on the seafood front. Pretty much all of the hot stuff was fried and I ain’t about that life. So, we have a mound of sauteed chinese veggies (I will probably pay for that tomorrow), the inner-ds of 4 crab legs (Those things are sooooo not worth the effort. So lil meat. Gimme lobster for that effort), mussels simmered in black bean sauce, two random pieces of chicken breast from the chow mein and some cold shrimp that I proceeded to shove under everything to try to warm up.

Oh and I went back to get chili paste because I need my mouth to be burnin to enjoy a stirfry. Pew Pew.

IMG_7722After everyone was happily full, we realized that the surprise cake that we brought might have been unnecessary other than it was a pretty thing to sing to them with and have a candle to blow out

IMG_7720The servers brought out these hats for my Nana and Papa to wear for the rest of the night following our Happy Anniversary chanting and ranting…

IMG_7721I think they rocked them well.

Then after maybe 1/3 of the cake was eaten, I started going around and handing out cake to lil kiddos at neighbouring tables, so hopefully they enjoyed the lil extra sugar with their buffet dinner. :-D

After our two hour limit…yeah did you know they did that? They kick you out after 2 hours. How rude…We said our goodbyes and drove the happy couple home and said our final ados.

I have a very strong bond with my Nana and Papa and love spending as much time with them as I can. To see them happy and surprised today really made my day. I love them to the moon and back and I know the next years together will be just as happy and I’m always grateful that they have each other.

I can only hope that one day I will be able to find someone to experience that love and that bond with. My own person.

One day. One day.

Well friends, I’m loggin off for the night. I hope you had a great Saturday and enjoy the beautiful weather we are currently experiencing while it’s here because after all, it ain’t summer yet, so Mother Nature can just as easily throw us back into colder temperatures if she so pleases.

One last note.

Happy Happy Happy Mothers Day to all of the beautiful and amazing women of the world tomorrow for Mothers Day. I cannot say it enough on how grateful I am to have my Mom. She is my rock. The person I can tell anything to and the first person I call when I need to talk. She is and always will be my best friend.

She deserves only the best. She is the best mother I could ever ask for. I’m privileged to have her.

She is my person like Christina is to Meredith.

Do you have a person?

How are you spending Mother’s Day?



A Day In The Life At Home Bummin…WIAW

Hey Friends!

It’s been a while since I linked up with a proper WIAW for Jen’s partay so here she goes, A Day In the Life style.

WIAW - New

This week we are moving our tushies to a chair over at Sprint To the Table so thanks to Laura for hostin!

I say that I was bummin because I’m still without a job…sigh…still searchin but despite being at home with the parentals for a bit, this week has been an overall tiring one with the big move into the new apartment with Rita (and Emily who will join us in the Fall). I have literally been driving back and forth to Guelph every day for the past 5 days straight and quite frankly, I’m exhausted of driving despite it not being that far really.

Today I DID NOT drive to Guelph but that doesn’t mean that this lil body stops movin because I just don’t stop.

Can’t stop. Won’t Stop.

Oh and guess what guyyzzzz…

I gained a pound apparently as of Sunday.

Big news. Really big news.

Now, I will finish that lil update by saying that I am only using the scale as a guide right now because I need to go up for my health. For general purposes however, I say give that piece of sh** metal the boot and never own one because your weight means nothing in my opinion. Weight is so misleading and leads to obsession. Go with how you feel and look in your clothes and in your own skin.


So lets begin on this lovely sunny (lovin this warmer and sunny weather btw! Holler Mother Nature!) Wednesday.

7:25am. Alarm goes off. My tushie is upstairs makin breaky for my pre-workout. Warning: UGLY bowl of zoats comin at ya.


Zoats cooked in unsweetened cashew milk (LOVE) with chia seeds, peanut flour and 80ish grams of liquid egg whites. 50g of nanner is melted in and it’s all topped with pink sea salt, more peanut flour, toasted peanuts, cinnamon and a 1/2 tbsp blob of crunchy peanut buttah that is hiding on ya in the top corner.

Sorry I’m not sorry. Their taste cannot be beat.

8AM. Nommin zoats and enjoying life. Watching Teen Mom OG.

Yes you cannot see that peanut buttah because that bite is eaten dead last. Yup I’m a “save the best to the end” typa person.

8:30AM. Sippin on the rest of my organic herbal chocolate orange tea (reheated) from last night while I let that digest before gymmin.

IMG_7661Aww Yeah that mornin look. Strategically covering half zee face. ;-)

9:30ishAM. Drivin my lil butt to my back and oblique gym sesh


10:45AMish. It’s fig time.

Sorry no picture but these are the figs I eat after I finish my big opening set. This is my 5×5 with multiple warmups and drop sets to finish. In the end, I end up reppin out about 6-8 sets total.

The point of these it just to take the opportunity to get more carbs in me in a very small volume while also providing me with a lil boost to get me through the rest of my workout.

I sip on a bottle of water with BCAAs and glutamine in it during my workout.

12:10PM. Leaving zee gym. Good sesh. Need to drive home so I can demolish yet another bowl of zoats. Mwahaha. I love my zoats.

I rotate between having a stirfry and zoats post workout so that I don’t overdo the veggie department. The perk? I love eating oatmeal, so those zoat days are tolerated quite well… ;-)

12:30PM. Home + Shower

12:50PM. Dunzo. Yes I shower fast. When the hair doesn’t need to be washed…

1:30PM. Behold another UGLY bowl of zoats but slightly different. More protein and carbbies, lil less fat so that it digests a wee bit quicker for post workout refuel.


Zoats made with gluten free quick oats, unsweetened cashew milk, peanut flour, shredded zuchini. Cooked up with 2 egg whites, or 64ish grams liquid egg whites and 60g of chopped fresh pineapple. Sprinkled more peanut flour on top, tsp coconut oil and a few cranks the pink sea salt. Topped finally with my protein icing which is cashew milk + 1/2 a scoop or so of Diesel chocolate peanut butter whey.

I know what you’re thinkin

What the hell is that?

It’s soo good guyzzz.

IMG_7679It’s basically the same idea as my pre-workout BUT with less egg whites so I can have my protein icing (Diesel Whey with cashew milk), which is peanut butter chocolate in this case, on top and no nuts or nut butter. Also, pineapple is my fruit of obsession choice for post workout at the moment. Melted pineapple = amazing. Melted pineapple oats dripping with peanut butter chocolate icing…I die. Am I’m being too dramatic?

My nutritionist and I have recently added in some coconut oil which I surprisingly like the consistency of and touch of flavour it adds despite hatin on coconut. The oil is a good way to add calories without me noticing much because there’s really not volume increase.

Oh, and let me just show you my set up while we are at it so you can have a good laugh at me like everyone else does..

IMG_7677Okay you may think I’m nuts but you see I have a reason for my madness. I stand up right? SO I need the oats to be closer to my face so I stack up containers for my “table.” Secondly, due to the fact that I always have to pee before I eat (postworkout “I drank an entire bottle of water” problems) and that I need my oats to be burn my face off hot, I put that lid thing on top.

The water bottle is then on top of all of that because my hot oatmeal has warped the shape and it now isn’t flat…

Yes, I have issues but hey, I’m the master of making stable towers that have a good purpose, no?

2PM. Zoats done. Teen Mom OG still not finished, but I must now take zee lil babbeh out for her pees too.

IMG_76842PM. Slightly struggle to get on all her equipment to go on her walky. Those lil booties are tougher then they look cuz her lil piggly wigglies like to sneak out the top.

I wish I could have filmed it though because she’s a lil smartie pants. She is so used to her dressing routine that she lifts each individual foot at a time for you to put her lil booty on it. My baby is a genius.

2:10PM. Ready to go Sissy.

IMG_76862:20PM. Stop at every single possible thing to sniff

IMG_76892:45PM. We make it back home. Would you believe that was only around the block. Yes she is quite the dilly-dallier. Needed one more..

IMG_7685She’s beautiful.

2:50PM. I’m off again to pick up a few things from the grocery store and make my daily stop at none other then…

IMG_7690Timmies. Such a nice day to take a walk.

3PM. Reach my destination. Sobeys is the grocery store near my parents place.

IMG_76913:30PM. Paid for zee goodies and headed back home before my nutritionist called me at 3:45. I picked up some extra lobster to supplement the claws I had thawing for dinner (just wait until you see those babies!), a cucumber for the salad, buns for my parents burgers and unsalted pistachios for moi cuz I was feeling some of those lil guys in my zoats tomorrow.

3:50PM. Had my phone call appointment with Gabrielle (my nutritionist).

4PM. Supps and some chicky.


2 tsp fish oils + Vitamin D drops (D Drops)

IMG_7693I’m weird mmmmkay.

4:30PM. Made my snacky for tonight (pudding, you have seen it floatin around the blog) while finishing up Teen Mom OG and some YouTube.

5PM. Started typing up this post.

5:45PM. Start cracking on my parents and my dinners. It’s time to fire up the grill as I have been doing EVERYDAY since I have been home. It really is true that everything tastes better on the grill.

IMG_7694I was grillin up sage and green onion chicken burgers (store made from McMaster’s Meats downtown Georgetown for any locals) for my parents along with some fixins. Grilled baby potatoes with Mrs. Dash traditional blend and pepper for my Dad and onions and mushrooms for toppins and sides (mushrooms on the side for my Mom who is weird and doesn’t like them on her burger…Love you Mom). Grilled kabocha on deck for me and a later and unpictured lobster tail.

Speaking of lobster, do you see the lobster on steroids I got to devour all thanks to the Guelph farmers market.

IMG_7703HUGE! So good. Fresh Nova Scotia lobster. Omnomnomnom. All mine. Okay I ripped off a small piece for my Mom. I shared…kinda. ;-)

6:40PM. Dinner is served. Salad first for me while I join my parents for their before dinner drinks.

IMG_7699This was the big salad I made for the three of us. I topped mine with avocado and my own dressing. Lately I have been mixing equal parts lemon juice and apple cider vinegar, dried dill and oregano, black pepper, Mrs. Dash garlic and herb and mustard to thickin it up and blend it together.

7:10PM. Round two and the best part…

IMG_7700How many times to I have to say that grilled kabocha is literally the best thing to hit my tastebuds as of recently? Those massive lobster chunks just tops it all off. Full and happy tummy.

7:45PM. My parents sit down for their dinner

IMG_7702Dad’s plate. I made up his burger with a toasted thin bun (which he first complained about because it was a “thin thing” but said he liked them afterwards), with those grilled onions and mushrooms, sundried tomatoes and his typical condiments of mustard and relish.

8:30PM. My Mom and I went for a walk and ended up at the grocery yet again for her white cranberry juice.

9PM. Back from walk, prepped my zoats for tomorrow morning (soaking oats with chia seeds and shreddin the zucchini), and finished up this post.

10PM. Sippin more tea, ready to link up my post and going to relax a bit before joining my parents downstairs with my typical puddin and 1/2 Questie. I’m thinkin mint chocolate for tonight. We shall see.

Well my lovelies, I hope you enjoyed this post and your Wednesday.

What are you craving recently?

What’s a good burger to you? My burgers are bunless (more tasting the toppins yo, plus I don’t do gf bread. Gross) with sauteed mushies and onions, lettuce, sundried tomatoes, mustard, basil pesto if I have it and hot sauce. Also, I tend to gravitate towards game burgers. Bison, elk, etc.



Kids These Days…Thinking Out Loud

Hey Friends.

Guess what day it is?

Guess who has random **it to say?

This guy…errr..girl…Who misses this show?

Loved House!

1. Speaking of shows….

Greys’ Finale TONIGHT. OMG Derek is dead! :-O


Wait you’re not Derek? How did that get there? You’re welcome for the #BeautifulMan. ;-) Those eyes though…

Distractions. Anyways, thoughts on the last episode. Were you shocked they killed off Derek?

To be honest, I thought he was gunna be in that plane, but either way I kinda thought he was going to die just be Amelia was all like

“You have never lost anyone”

…to Meredith.

Did you see that coming?

Sidenote. Has anyone else started to feel like Alex is actually a really nice guy?

Also, Amelia is annoying me because she’s running away from love and happiness. Ugh.

2. Kids Are Annoying.

Not even kids, teenagers.

I say that and I still feel as if I’m not an adult (I’m 23) but for real though, how rude, disrespectful and entitled is our current teen generation?

From being unable to carry out a conversation with another person outside their circle of friends, to hating on their parents while still feeling that they deserve a level of respect and all the materialistic things in the world, teens these days I don’t understand.

It’s not a good look.

Where did all this come from?

They just don’t seem to care about anything. Where are their drives?

I say all this and I know there are exceptions, a lot, but there is a disturbing trend that is increasing and it’s frightening quite frankly.

This entitlement thing is a big problem and I think that stems from main issue of…

Society causes parents to be overworked and have no time for children. This then leads to parents showering children with whatever they want to show love. Children then grow up feeling they can get whatever they want.

The ability to live comfortably is becoming quite challenging these days. Work hours are increasing dramatically and hours spent together with family are decreasing. With this, I see a major change in teens and kids in general.

I am in no way saying that parents are in the wrong because they are doing the best they can, but I just truly believe that this loss of family time is a major contributor to this disrespectful and ‘all about me’ nature we often see. Not to mention the addiction to all things technology.

Like that helps our communication abilities…

Does it irk anyone else when someones phone appears to be glued to their hand?

3. On the topic of kids…

Driving past my high school the other morning and it actually hit me hard at how depressing it makes me feel to see so many KIDS in the smokers pit. Yes, our high school had a smokers pit. Yeah, they are technically legal, but they are so young to start such a dirty habit that does absolutely nothing for you but kill you slowly.

You know what also kills

My wallet that is…

4. My Name is Chelsea and I’m addicted to Questbars.

IMG_7640I’m not even a mint chocolate fanatic but I ordered them the day they came out and received my bundle of beauties a mere 3 days later.

I will say they are really good despite not being a mint-a-holic. Apparently they are crazy close to Girl Guide Thin Mint Cookies. I wouldn’t know as I have never had one.

S’mores still takes my heart though.

5. I’m still grilling up a storm over here.

I’m a #GrillMaster!

IMG_7665Why yes that is grilled pizza.

Okay, maybe flat bread because do you know how hard it is to get dough that is sticking to you on a grill without flaming your hands off?

IMG_7666They were beautiful though. I was proud and they were demolished happily by my parents.

For me, I have determined that I have never loved kabocha more in my life

IMG_7643Seriously, if you think you’re addicted to kabocha now, throw it on the grill and you will think you have died a heavenly death I’m not kidding.

6. Squash Gainz?

IMG_7649I swear when I look at my legs in person they look better and more defined. I apparently cannot capture it on camera. Are they still scrawny? Yes, but check out the beginnings of a quad sweep. Weeoo I love muscular legs! Grow lil babies grow!

Question for you all.

Muscle on women, be honest, do you like the look?

Personally, I love muscle. I’m not crazy about the whole “women physique model look” as an every day look mind you (which I will say, ladies is pretty much impossible to reach without drugs), but well defined, muscular legs, and shoulders along with a nice ‘winged back’ and arms that don’t look like they will snap in half is where its at in my mind.

7. More on the gain train…


I conquered my fear food of the week.


Yes. I admit it. I’m petrified of potatoes. Once again, yes my fears are incredibly stupid but they are very real to me. Today was leg day so I made this challenge today because it was the only day I could justify it in my mind a bit. I won’t get into the details behind my fear because I have a hard enough time getting past it and I don’t want to influence someone else’s thoughts in the wrong direction

There is nothing wrong with potatoes. Please, don’t fear them like I do. It’s stupid. They are something Mother Nature grows for us to eat. They are fuel.

To end on a loving note. Lets take it back to when love was what life was all about..

8. The 60’s called and the Hippies are mad you stole their van.

IMG_7651Yes. This van is real. It is real and it lives a few streets away from me.

I stood there for a good solid minute just staring at it.

Also, yes, it says PEACE on the front.

Only in Acton

Anyways guys, sending peace, love and happiness your way and big thanks to Amanda for hosting the partay that my blabbering self can attend.

Thinking-Out-LoudWould you drive a flower child van?

Favourite food on the grill?



Getting Your Fitness On Home-Style

Hey Friends

This is something I have been meaning to post about for a while as many of you have asked about what to do if you have no access to a gym. Although having access to equipment in the gym is the ideal situation, there is nothing wrong with working out at home if that is what you have available to you.

In anycase, you’re doing better then the next person who just doesn’t do anything exercise related because they can’t get to a gym right?

Good on you for getting creative and getting your sweat on at home.

In a typical Lil Miss Fitness Freak fashion, I will show some blog love to give you some examples of great blogs that have shared some at home workouts that will get you glistening.

But first…

Here are some tips.

  • Find your own resistance. Find something with some weight for when bodyweight becomes too easy for you. Just because you’re at home doesn’t mean there is no such thing as pushing that lil bit further. Cans, bags of flour, purses, backpacks, etc, etc. You can adjust the resistance based on your progress but remember, just like at the gym, if you can do something 4 thousand times its time to rev it up.
  • Climb to new heights. This kind of goes along with the previous suggestion, but find things that give your a variety of heights to work with. Things like couches, tables, stable chairs and stools and such can either help you build up to an exercise your muscles aren’t ready for yet or make things harder. Push-ups serve as a great example for both. Place your hands on a table to make it easier as the lower incline takes some of the resistance off, while switch it up and put your feet on it to make those push-ups harder. Just make sure your form doesn’t break down.
  • Have some breathing room. Make sure you give yourself some room to work!
  • Plan it out ahead of time. Just like if you were to walk into a gym, know what workout you’re going to do, whether you’re making up your own or following a guide. This way you will be as efficient as possible and not have to stop constantly to think about what to do next or to readjust everything because you didn’t plan a good flow of exercises.
  • Take it outside. Think you’re stuck inside your house? Not a chance. When the weather cooperates, go to a park, yes a kiddy park and do some work there. Sprint up hills. Run the nearby trails if you’re lucky enough to have those close by (Hamilton peeps!), find some stairs or bleachers to climb. They are all fun and games. Think outside the home box.
  • Buddy system all the way! Have a housemate/roommate, sibling or parent? Get them to join in and you can help to push each other plus it makes it even more fun.

So with that, lets get sharing eh?

Here are some awesome gym-free workouts coming at you. Click on the pictures for the video and/or link ups.

For the outside adventurer…

I love Nikki Blackketter’s YouTube channel. She is always trying random things to keep her exercise fresh and fun. Check out her stadium workout.

Check her out here and see how she switches it up fitness wise.

Ever in a hotel?

This is a great workout in general for when you are low on equipment and wanna have fun with different surface heights. This is even great for when you are confined to a small space. Once again, Heidi has some great tips for workouts both in and out of the gym as she travels a lot for her fitness modeling.

A student for all my fellow students.

Josie is the girl…ie the man, but totally a girl…cheese show. She is actually such a great motivator for healthy lifestyles and balance. Being a busy student herself with a life, school and extra curriculars, she shows you have to live your life while also treating your body with the respect it deserves and keeping that mind healthy.

When you don’t even have a timer but you have 20 minutes.

Screen shot 2015-04-23 at 10.00.15 PM

This HIIT ladder is great for those who only have a short amount of time but want to sweat. Yes it’s cardio, but remember there is a difference between HIIT and straight cardio. HIIT has a host of benefits for cardiovascular endurance and strength building. It even has a timer going for you so you don’t need any equipment at all! Sweat, baby sweat.

Ignore the title. Are you ready to HIIT like a beast?

This title irritates me for obvious reasons, but it is a great HIIT workout that appears to be great for athletes as it offers a lot of movements that could be beneficial for functionality.

Screen shot 2015-04-23 at 10.07.56 PMPssh, “like a girl.” What does that even mean?

No Nonsense Circuit.

From one of my favourite bloggers, Julie has a ton of great at home workouts here including the one posted below.

no nonsense circuit

She is super sweet and positive and her blog is just a great read in general. She’s expecting a lil boy soon too.

Wanna Be a Mermaid?

The Tone It Up girls have got it going on. This Mermaid routine is one of their newest videos to post for the summer and they have created quite an amazing site for both fitness and nutrition. They have tons of videos for isolation fitness routines and full body. They even have holiday versions, vacation workouts and much, much more.

BIKINI_SERIES_TONEITUP_VIDEOMake sure to check out the rest of the Katrina and Karena’s site. They have blown up all over social media.

Last but not least

Another social media icon is Cassey from Blogilates.

I’m sure you have heard of her, but have you really checked out her page? She features tons of workouts, nutrition posts featuring fun recipes and health tips and lifestyle vlogs and posts that are geared towards self love and balance.

Here’s a single example, but make sure to parooze around her site to benefit from what she has to offer.

Screen shot 2015-04-24 at 9.56.46 PMAnyways that’s all I have for you all for now. This came just in time for Fitness Friday and I really hope this can be useful to you guys!

Happy weekend friends! <3



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