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Don’t Take This The Wrong Way…

I have nothing against vegetarians and vegans

Please do not take this rant that way.

What I have a major issue with is this…

Screen shot 2015-06-28 at 9.56.23 PMI have blanked out the name simply because I’m being respectful not because I’m afraid of what said commenter would say to me if they saw this and my thoughts regarding their comment.

I was reading a lovely post from Carrie about why she chose to leave veganism due to it not being a healthy choice for her body at this time. To Carrie, I hope this doesn’t upset you that I posted about this, but it really angered me how someone could say something so horrible about you when you were simply trying to be real and open with your readers about your choice to bring animal products back into your diet.

Seriously though, I was so infuriated reading this.

Not only did you specifically state that you were making this decision (and what a hard decision it was for you!) was for your health, but who the hell does this person think they are basically calling you a murderer and heartless?

If someone is a vegan, that is their choice.

There is nothing wrong with being vegan or vegetarian…I have nothing against you at all.

In fact, I’m sometimes amazed with your abilities (provided you take your lifestyle seriously and don’t let your health slide as a result of restriction).

As much as I love animals and do not wish harm upon them, I cannot give up animal products and that’s me just being 100% honest with you all.

I also will refrain from going into the circle of life and/or the fact that we have lived off these products since we began to walk on this earth…

Sorry I had to…

Personally, I don’t tolerate plant based proteins well (and too much plants in general..) due to my IBS and I choose not to eat soy. This then leaves me (who weight trains intensely and is looking to build muscle) with little options for protein. Furthermore, being honest again, I thoroughly enjoy it and would feel deprived if I had to forgo my fish and such.

I’m sorry if that’s upsetting to some, but that’s my reality.

I try my best to be as humane and sustainable as possible but I have my monetary limits.

Back to veganism/vegetarianism….

As I said, I have nothing against you and won’t even comment on your lifestyle until you begin to speak the way that commenter did with Carrie.

She doesn’t deserve those hurtful words. She does her very best to be as sustainable and humane as possible with her choices (this girl does her research let me tell you!) and then she gets hit with negativity like that.

Stop trying to make people feel bad for their choices if they are different from your own. This is why they bring up the idea of ‘cults’ and such because people are actually afraid to change their minds and reintroduce animal products because of **it like this. Some are so scared of rejection from their community and overall hatred and backlash that they will just continue on with the lifestyle until some health issue results because of it.

As another reality check, veganism and/or vegetarianism may just not work for a many people for reasons other then personal taste. Some people really cannot thrive on plant based foods alone. As I mentioned, I fall into that category. Not only would I feel deprived, but I would literally start wasting away because I would fail to get my calories in from plant based foods and fats alone as my body just does not handle excessive amounts well and apparently I need to eat a house to maintain my lil self and normal energy levels.

So yeah, I just felt the need to bring this issue to the forefront and, well, I was just mad about it so I thought I would share my thoughts….

Please chime in and discuss what you think in the comments!

To close, I will say that I do agree (and I’m not happy with..) that we tend to be overly greedy and fail to reel in our excessive consumption of animal products. As a result, animals are treated awfully and we are ingesting GMO organisms, antibiotics, growth hormones and other nasties just so there is enough ‘stock’ to sustain us.

This is wrong on so many levels and needs to be dealt with. As to how, I really can’t say but hopefully we get our act together and think about the long term before it’s too late.

Well, apparently I needed a good rant session on this fine Sunday and I really hope I didn’t offend anyone with this post but they were just my thoughts.

Carrie, I truly hope your health improves and please do not ever feel guilty about your choice to put your body first.

To check out Carrie’s blog (Carrie on Living), click here.




Birthday Love With Caramel On Top

Hey Friends!

For all the love I got on Facebook, via texts and in person I got today..

For real, you make this day so special!

Other than a nice dinner and dessert (scroll for sugar-laden #BootyGainz) and a quick visit from my Nana and Papa, my day was pretty much a typical Friday. Not complaining at all though! It was nice and I’m not a crazy birthday planning type anywho.

So my morning started off with a lovely death by #LegDay workout (cuz ice cream later.. ;-)) and my normal grocery run for my parents and, well me of course.

Did I mention I actually like grocery shopping?

I totally love it. Plus I get treats (ie new fish or seafood) for my self as interest hehe…

I bring my postworkout lunch with me to the gym so that I can eat it in the grocery store (they have a microwave for the public to use) before doing my shopping. During my noms I got the pleasure of hearing a lovely and chuckle-worthy message from Em, my housie. She knows how to make me smile

I miss this girl…


LOL Em, your bow headband looks like devil horns XD


So after rushin back home, I was greeted by my Nana and Papa with a nice card and dollar dollars for me. Although it was brief, its always nice that they NEVER FAIL to have a birthday pass without driving all the way over to see me in person.

After that, Maggie wanted snuggs, so snuggs she got…

IMG_7874Always up for puppy lovin!

Did you know that this lil girl just turned 2 on Canada Day!

She’s the cutest as when you pick her up she almost immediately puts her head on your shoulder.

After some snuggs from the lil sucky girl, I had some time before our dinner reservation and some half dead nanners on the counter so…

IMG_7881That happened.

More protein bundt flower thingy’s to send off to the gym tomorrow morning.

Here they are naked…

IMG_7888…but they got filled this time with a pineapple chia ‘jam.’ Hopefully the trainers at Goodlife like the tropical and sunny twist on this version.

Oh btw, the reason they look green is because I used a sampler of the Vega Vanilla Chia protein blend for the protein powder and it has greens in it.

Shortly after, my Dad arrived home from work to jump in the shower and then head on out with my Mom and I for none other then Thai foodz…

IMG_7890Mmmm seafood and veggie gainz right der..

IMG_7891I honestly love Thai PLUS it does the trick of not filling my stomach up too much (as long as I remove some of that broccoli…sadface) so that I had room for my “cake”…


IMG_7893Yeah. Big girl cup :-D

Who wants cake when there’s ice cream?

i just don’t get some peoples logic. :-P

Two glorious scoops. The top one peeking over there is creme brulee and the bottom one…

IMG_7894Droollll. Look at that caramel! It was Salty Caramel Truffle (Caramel ice cream + chocolate covered caramel truffles + caramel ripple). No words just mmmmmmmsss.

Both my parents got the later flavour too with an extra scoop of PLAIN chocolate for my Dad <- yeah he’s boring :-P

Normally for ice cream we head to Baskin Robbins (remember I’m having this weekly as a “challenge the fear food” thing) but I have wanted to try our local Kawartha ice cream for a long time due to it having one called Moose Tracks (vanilla ice cream + peanut butter cups + Moose Track Fudge ripple). It was the peanut butter cups that peeked my interest but as you can see, it was not all it was cracked up to be as it did not make it past a sample spoon. I found there to be no peanut butter flavour at all and just tasted chocolate which I’m not a huge choco-fan.

No bueno.

When you say something has peanut butter, it damn well taste like peanut butter because that’s just rude! :-P

So creme brulee it was (which was really good! Very similar to the Baskin Robbins version they had featured about a month or two back) as I already knew that caramel one was going to be my bottom flava flav (ie the best one ;-)

Anyone else save the best for last?

Overall, the Kawartha was really good! I found it was creamier then Baskin Robbins and next week I may have to sway the parentals to go back there again! Score one for local and hand crafted ice cream. Please bring back chocolate peanut butter for comparison.

YES I said I don’t like chocolate, but it is the only vessel for my peanut butter…to ice cream scoop shops, MAKE A PEANUT BUTTER ICE CREAM geesh.

Well after rolling my ice cream baby self out of Roxy’s Coffee and heading home, my parents surprised me with some presents I was not supposed to get.

Some money was gained along with…

IMG_7899Best parents ever..oh and Magg’s. Thanks for fueling my addiction! ;-)

And a very bright and pretty new comforter for my house in Guelph that makes me look like an ant when I hold it up…

IMG_7900They know I love all the bright colours!

Maggie wanted more lovin too…

IMG_7897Daddy’s lil girl.

Now as I finish up this post, I’m sipping on my tea and probably going to crash within the next hour. Hello #SugarComa

On to the farmers market tomorrow morning after my lift sesh and a start to a beautiful weekend!

Screen shot 2015-07-03 at 10.06.50 PMThose temps and that sun! Weooo!!

IMG_7887Love me some sunshine. :-)

IMG_7885Thanks again for all the love and I hope you all have a great weekend and July 4th long weekend to all my US of A readers!

Do you like it when your ice cream melts or do you wish it could stay solid forever? Solid all the way! I never hold my cup because I wish it wouldn’t melt. This is why soft serve doesn’t appeal to me ever. DQ? NOPE.

Did you get to watch any fireworks this week? I wish! :-(


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Ohhh Canada! Workout Wednesday

Hey Friends!

Happy Canada Day to all my Canadian friends and soon to be July 4th for all zee American’s. Sorry you don’t get a day off during the week like us lucky ducks up in the great white North do. Sorry for your luck. ;-)

Happy Canada Day Beaver

I have to ask my American friends, why is Canada associated with the moose? It actually confuses the hell out of us up here for realz.

We don’t eat moose.

The moose is not our spirit animal or anything.

Where did this moose thing come from?


Anywho, I wanted to share a workout with you because it’s been a year hot minute since I even shared my fitness shtuff with you all so why not follow Josie’s lead (check out her latest edition to her Workout Wednesday series here) and share my own workout this morning.

Because, what else would you do when you have the whole day off?

Guys I meant the gym. Geesh. ;-)

So this morning I headed into Goodlife for 9:30ish to find more people then normal but hey, still had to crush my back so let me take you into how I got my sweat on!

Today’s plan was back and obliques.

NOTE. I train my abs every day. Do you need to do this? No, I don’t believe or preach training them every day for you to see results. I do a lot of full body lifts (squats, bench, pullups, etc) that work the whole core indirectly, but I have always incorporated targetted exercises as part of my supersets as I never just do one exercise at a time because I’m a volume lover and I can’t sit still and just rest. So with that in mind, I alternate ‘abs’ and obliques and on leg days (I have two) my core exercises get dropped to half the number as my back tends to get really fatigued on these days due to heavy squat volume.

After warming up, I like to “warm-up” my core. I do this with planks and one other exercise, which is normally a weighted sit-up variation, for 3 sets.

Superset the following:

  1. Side Plank (weight- 25lb dumbbell) for 1 minute, switch and repeat on the other side. I also add tucks into this to make it more dynamic and challenging.
  2. Knee raises (7.5lbs) on the Captain Chair.

Remember that a superset is where you do exercises back to back without rest.

Now I begin the actual workout

Superset #1

  1. Pull-ups –> 6 sets
  2. Weighted Oblique Situps (25lbs) –>as many reps as possible with unweighted Russian Twists to finish. 5 sets.

For the Pull-ups I alternated wide overhand grip with the v-bar. So I did 3 sets of each grip for as many reps as possible. Obviously wide grip is harder, so those were less reps. Total reps were about 6 reps for wide and 8-10 for the other grip. For the Sit-ups I do these on the lat pull down machine for a greater range of motion and hold a 25 pound plate.

Superset #2

  1. Lat Pull Down –> 5 sets + drop set
  2. Isolateral dumbbell row –> 4 sets
  3. Weighted Oblique Dips on back extension bench (17.5lbs)–> 4 sets per side + drop set (10lbs)

I hold a dumbbell rather then a plate

With the Lat Pull Down, you want to ensure that you really let the bar stretch your lats at the top of the movement before bringing it back down. The stretch is important as well as the pull down portion for full range and benefits. For the Rows, I stuck with only a 25lb dumbbell because 1. it was a superset and 2. because I really wanted to feel my back pulling the weight up. By doing this exercise isolaterally (one arm at a time) you can really focus on proper form. Lastly, with the Oblique Dips, make sure you’re moving slowly (not swinging up and down) so that you’re using your obliques to pull your body up (adjust weight accordingly) and also breathe out as your come back up to get the full contraction.

PS. a drop set is where you complete your set and then drop the weight and do another set on that same exercise without rest.

Superset #3

  1. Triangle Pull Downs –> 5 sets + drop set
  2. Straight Arm Rope Pull Down –> 4 sets + drop set
  3. Oblique V-Up’s on a bench superset with tucks –> 4 sets

Triangle Pull Downs

Rope Straight Arm Pull Down. I used the rope attachment instead of the handles.

The Oblique V-Ups are similar to this but on a bench and I keep my full butt on the bench (ie body not on the side) and just position my legs to the side. The tucks are then done in a similar fashion but knees are bent and they are done at a more rapid pace.

With the Triangle Pull Downs, really focus on bringing that triangle to your chest and you should really feel the movement pulling down through your upper to mid back. With the Straight Arm Pull Downs you don’t want to go heavy with this one because you want to use your lats to pull the weight down. If you go too heavy you will be swinging the weight down and not gaining anything for your lats. Also, normally this is done with the straight bar attachment, but I saw someone using the rope and thought it would be fun to try and a good way to get a lil greater range of motion.

Superset #4

  1. MTS row –> Done isolaterally for 4 sets + drop set.
  2. Neutral Grip Pullups –> 3 sets to failure
  3. TRX Oblique Crunch –> 3 sets each set finishes with Oblique Mountain Climbers.

MTS Row with underhand grip. I did this isolaterally.

TRX Oblique Crunch.

For the MTS Row, once again I did them isolaterally to be able to focus on each side alone. Really focus on driving that elbow back and down to really feel a mid to low back contraction. For the Pullups, I love burning out with them at the end of my back workout. That being said, I would only get about 5 to 6 despite this being the easiest grip to do because I have just worked my back completely and it’s pretty burnt out at this point. The TRX is something I recently started using and it’s a fun thing to throw in for core to switch it up. You could use a ball for the Oblique Crunches but if you have access to the TRX, try it out!

So there ya go, about 2 hours later, my whole workout is done. I try to hit all areas of the muscle that I work so for this back workout, you want to hit all of the regions of the back. That includes upper, mid and lower back. I want to really work on the ‘wings’ so I tend to focus on the upper and mid the most. Additionally, I feel that my lower back does get hit pretty hard on my leg days so I don’t tend to do many exercises like back extensions.

Hope you enjoyed and have a great humpday evening friends!

Go watch some fireworks for me!

Do you enjoy my workout posts?

Gimme you’re thoughts and suggestions! :-)


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It Can Bring You Up Or Tear You Down…

The mind.

The mind is quite powerful as I have mentioned before.

With that in mind (no pun intended), you should want to use it’s power for good right?

Sounds easy and logical but in these days where negativity is the norm and it seems like thinking positive just takes too much effort, its actually quite difficult.

My friends, I was told today that I was a pure inspiration this morning as I was beginning my gym sesh.

Where did that stem from?

Let me share part of the conversation I had with a lovely women I tend to start my mornings with as she comes in to train with Jack (her trainer at Goodlife).

Her: Hey how are you?

Me: I’m good thanks, you?

Her: Ugh, it’s Monday. I hate Mondays. Smiles.

Me: Aww, Monday is a fresh start. Don’t think of it as negative…

Her: See this is why you are so inspirational. Geesh, I always say to myself if she can be here then SO CAN I!

I was super flattered by her comment, after all, I love spreading any form of motivation for people to better their health and themselves, but I was also moved by how such a lil statement (stay positive) could make such an impact.

It really made me stop and think whether I take my own advice. I don’t think anyone could say they are 100% peaches and rainbows every day of their life, but maybe if we worked at being just a lil bit more positive on a more daily basis, our moods might be better for it!

After I heard The Online Coach say this…

“Guys, no matter what you know you have to do in a day, start your day saying that today is going to be a good day.”


I have been actively trying to do this more often.

If I wake up and I’m tired, I’m going to avoid saying the typical

Uggghhh I’m so tired, this day is going to suck

And replace that with something like…

I can’t wait to train.

OR just simply, as The Online Coach said exactly…

Today is going to be a good day.

As I said, use your powerful mind to your benefit, not to your days demise.

This picture is actually my display picture on my phone. A constant reminder to be happy and positive even if you feel the rest of the world is miserable.

Try it out and watch your mood shift. Set the mood for your day as a positive one. :-)

Here are some examples of ways you can turn things around if life throws you a curve ball that gives you the urge to be negative.

Work stressing you out…..Obviously I’m good at what I do because people feel they can depend on me. Take things one at a time and I will get them done.

You’re stuck in traffic….The sunrise is beautiful. The day is bright and therefore so will mine.

You failed a test….Okay so I didn’t do as well as I wanted, but now I can take this and figure out the pieces I didn’t understand as well as I thought I did and move forward stronger.

You’re workout sucked…I’m not a machine, I can’t be wonder women every day. So maybe my strength is not there today, but I can work on my endurance and take this opportunity to increase my repetitions to challenge myself in a new way.

You fell off your diet…By me feeling as if I need to eat those ‘restricted’ foods, it means this way of eating is not right for me. I need to educate myself on something that is enjoyable for me and fits my life.

Wow less then 1000 words, now that’s something.

Be you’re own motivation.

In fact motivating and inspiring yourself on this Monday (and every day!) is quite Marvelous.

Thanks to Katie for inspiring me to put a lil bit extra Marvelous in this Monday.

What negative thoughts make an appearance often for you? What would you say instead to put a positive spin on them?

What is one phrase you hear others say that really just irks you?


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The Nattier The Better…Thinking Out Loud

My Friends

I was blown away from all of your amazing comments on my post on BED. So many of you shared your stores with me and I read every single comment and just wanted to give a big thank you for feeling comfortable enough with me and this space to share those hard memories. I can only hope that my post could benefit you in any way at all. I appreciate you all so much and it hurts me to know that so many of you have been going through hard times with food. I send you so much love and strength to continue to fight if you are still in that dark place and I’m so happy for everyone that has been able to overcome those challenges because it’s not easy.

You are worth the fight. You deserve to be happy and free.

So onto this post, I have…as usual…random thoughts to share with you all but I have a goal of keeping this post short as I’m trying to get my tushie into bed in the next hour. So here we go





Thanks to Amanda for the lovely sounding board every week!

1. Lies.

I was told that this would get easier the more I do it…

Salted Caramel + Pralines and Creme (ie. more caramel)

Salted Caramel + Pralines and Creme (ie. more caramel)

Don’t get me wrong it’s not that I don’t love it. Do you see that caramel (shout out to my Baskin Robbins scooper, you done good kid)?!? But the intense feelings of guilt afterwards + the very uncomfortable feeling of being overly full + the unnecessary anxiety and trying to talk myself out of it 4 days in advance is just too much and, well…


Le sigh. I hope it gets better but this doing it every weekend is starting to get to me.

Do it for the leggies Chelsea, they need to grow.

I digress…

2. Speaking Of Caramel…

IMG_7787The obsession is real. I have no idea why I’m all about zee caramel lately but it’s all the rage in my head…

As we speak I have my Sensie (flameless candle) burning…

IMG_7831…you guessed it. Caramel cookie.

Quest, would you come out with salted caramel already in bar form…

Did you know they came out with salted caramel protein??? Too bad I can’t eat it. :-(

3. One final note about Caramel…

Why have I never seen this flavour of ice cream??

Wait for it…

Salted toffee ice cream with caramel cups and a salted caramel ripple…

Bestill my aching heart.

Ah see, there’s Jekyll and Hyde for ya. You love ice cream, but you hate it all at the same time. My brain is forever a maze of confuzzlement.

4. Do you find natty peanut butter just not natty enough?

IMG_7829I do. So I just roast up my own peanuts and stir those into a fresh jar. Dat crunch. Sorry if you like smooth, we can’t be friends…okay maybe we can be friends, but we cannot discuss peanut butter because you’re doing it wrong.


Confession. I may or may not have roasted like an entire bag of cashews so that I could have crunchy cashew buttah….Why don’t they make a crunchy version of that deliciousness?

4. I did some baking..

IMG_7821My friend got me the cutest bundt pan out of the blue and it was christened by me making blueberry-banana protein bundt flower cake thingys with a homemade bloob jelly.

…The random one off to the side was a tester for my Dad…

Who were they for you ask?

Funny story.

The manager at my gym randomly came up to me asking if I had forgotten about them. In other words, why have delicious healthy baked goodies not shown up on the desk this week.

I guess you know you’re doing okay when you have people asking for more of your all natural and sugar free protein treats.

I win.

Plus, how cute are they??

IMG_78185. I also got my hair did this week and I’m feeling all kinds of sassy

Anyone get their bangs cut shorter and all the sudden feel full of sass?

6. More lies…

Did anyone else hear that Masterchef (ie the best cooking show like ever) was premiering this week?

Well I was super excited to watch the first episode with my oats this morning only to find out they are 6 episodes in already?!?!

Excuse you’re french Ramsay…

But for real though! I suppose I shouldn’t complain because now I can just chain watch them all…

7. And on the topic of TV…

Mistresses premieres tonight!

OMG OMG I’m so excited I could just…

Fall asleep?

For real guys I have to wait to watch it tomorrow because my sugar coma self wouldn’t be able to make it through the 2 hour episode…

The. Struggle. Is. Real.

Anywho, that’s my cue to wrap it up.

Have a great Friday Eve friends and a Happy Fathers Day to the Daddio’s.


What’s your latest obsession?

Natty or smooth? I promise we will still be friends if you say the later… ;-)



So…That Dating Pool…Ummm…About That..

My Friends!

So this is a “Chelsea spills her thoughts on paper” type of post. So hang on, things are going to get all personal and rambly.

Then again, this topic is something that everyone can relate to I’m sure, so start up some good discussions in the comments if you feel like chimmin in. :-)

So the dating pool…

What’s that again?

No I’m not an old divorcee who is jumping back into the dating realm after 20+ years of marriage but I did have quite the departure from the ‘game’ after being in a 5 year relationship and I have to say the idea of dating still sounds weird coming out of my mouth.

Never mind that, it took me a bit to refer to myself as single after my previous relationship came to a close.

It wasn’t that my relationship ended in a horrible manner that left me scarred or anything. No. Quite the opposite actually. Although it was a rough last few months as my ex and I both came to the conclusion that we were just too different to ‘romantically click’ in the long run, we parted ways knowing a solid friendship and a deep love for each other would always remain.

So I accepted the fact that it was not meant to be.

I was okay with that.

I accepted the fact that I wasn’t in a relationship anymore.

I was okay with that too.

In fact, I was intrigued at how my new self would be as I had grown so much as a person since I was last flyin’ solo.

To be clear, it wasn’t my relationship alone that all of a sudden brought me out of my highly self conscious shell. It was my time to really come to know myself (that early twenties phase) and see what I could do. I will say in full confidence that my ex did show me that I could be and deserved to be loved and that it was huge for me at that time.

My confidence sky rocketed over those 5 years. I am no longer afraid to speak to new people. I can confidently walk right into a group of random people and start a conversation without embarrassment or worry of judgement. I can state my opinion without fear and lead a group without much thought.

I’m quite proud of this new Chelsea and her abilities.

I’m proud that she is strong and she knows what she wants.

So, this leaves me wondering why it took me so long to come back and confidently say that I was back in that dating pool ready to mingle.

Why was I hesitant to say that I was single?

Got me.

Honestly, I really have no idea. I wonder if my self-conscious pre-university self peeked back out to whisper bad thoughts like:

Will anyone want to love me again?

Isn’t it weird how we can go from one extreme to the next in our minds?

You swing from….I love my new found confident self because I’m more sure of myself then I have ever been. It really allows for me to go for the things I want because I feel I CAN actually achieve them. This leaves me very interested in how I will fare in new relationships…


Why is no one interested in me? Maybe I don’t try hard enough or put enough effort into my appearance anymore so I’m not attractive enough to be asked out again.

It’s sad how it always comes back around to thinking there is something wrong with yourself which is not the case. Thinking is the key word there. You think but that’s not reality.

When you think about something too much or search for it, it won’t come. Let it come to you when the time is right.

I believe that I have come to understand that point now, but I will sadly admit to having moments of what’s written above.

If you ever find yourself asking yourself those things, stop those thoughts and replace it with how you’re taking this time to grow your own self and love YOU more then you ever have.

Only once you love yourself, can you love and be loved by someone else. Agree or disagree, I truly believe that to be true.

Okay, so I think I have gotten past that awkward “just gotten out of a long term relationship” phase and came to the conclusion that dating was an option. I also came to realize once again that if you don’t find someone right when you’re ready again that it’s okay. Instead, fuel that energy into doing the things you love and be a lil bit selfish while you are single.

So why is my mind still a mental clusterfu**?

Well you see I started having other doubts in myself as a result of a recent friendship turned exploration turned back to friends (I hope…). This experience lead me to worry about…

Am I too intimidating?

Sounds like a weird thing to say, and I have to say that I feel weird writing that here but it was actually a concern that crossed my mind.

Could this new found confidence that I have come to love so much about myself be scary for guys?

After having a chatter with my Mom, I have come to the conclusion that the answer here is no.

If there is something I love about myself, I should never feel as if it will stop me from finding a companion who will also love that thing about me. I have never been so confident and happy with myself then I am now so why should I ever, ever feel as if that is a bad thing or a turn off.

I cannot feel bad if a female who is assertive and says what she wants freaks some guys out. Apparently they are just not right for me.

I now know that a person for me is one who is mature and sure of themselves so that I don’t feel as if I’m walking all over them. What I mean by that is that I don’t like to be the only one with an opinion. Don’t be afraid to state what is true to you, don’t just agree with me 100% of the time because you’re afraid to think something different then me.

I also know, and have known for a while, that I need someone who has a good sense of what they want to do with their life. No you don’t need your 30 year plan written out in stone, but have some goals you’re working towards. I want someone whose driven and not still in that phase of hanging around without a care and watching life pass them by.

Is that too much to ask for?

Sorry if this post was scrambled. My head is forever scrambled HA! I tried my best to keep it flowin.

What are your thoughts?



The Other Side Of Disordered Eating…

That urge…it’s growing.

Your senses, your senses are peaking. Vision is narrowing.

Your heart starts pumping. I want food. I want food now.

Fridge opens. Cupboards open. Bag rips open…

That first bite just feels so good. Not only is the food tasting amazing, but there is a release that is like a high.

Bite one, bite two, bite 10…


You’ve been here before. You’re now sitting on the floor in a daze not really knowing what just happened.

What you do know is that you feel like **it and that you let it happen again.

Just another day. Just another day that you couldn’t stay in control.

Just another day and another binge.

Another day to feel like you failed.

My friends, this post has been something I have wanted to do for a while as I have been asked about binge eating and how to prevent it  it from a few of my readers. Despite never having experienced this side of the eating disorder spectrum myself, I do have some experience working with those who struggle with it every day and wanted to throw out some information about this invisible eating disorder and suggest some ways to work towards one less binge.

Disclaimer: I’m not a professional on this matter. The things presented in this post are strictly from my experience, what I have learned and what I have seen help others.

Binge Eating Disorder (BED) has only more recently been added to the list of eating disorders despite it having similar roots to the more traditional eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia. I won’t go into too much detail as to what classifies BED as you can check that out by clicking on the tidbit picture above. What I will say is that BED is very real and it is a legit eating disorder. Despite the vast majority (if not all) of those who suffer with BED not being the picture of what we think of when eating disorder is brought up (ie. emaciated), the psychological conflict, disordered eating and negative relationship with food is all the same.

It is the psychological issues that truly form the base of an eating disorder, not the methods or outward manifestation.

An individual suffering with anorexia may feel that her life is too chaotic and uses food restriction as a way to have some control.

In a similar manner, an individual with BED may feel that lack of control and and be overwhelmed but instead of restricting food, they seek food for comfort.

The point I’m trying to make here is that there are many different images of eating disorders because it’s much more of a psychological issue rather then a food issue. Food is simply the tool used to cope with that psychological issue.

Unfortunately for our generation, the world is becoming more and more stressful and for the many who do not have the appropriate coping skills necessary to take the daily hits,  they are simply easy targets for mental illness to take over and disordered behaviours such as binge eating to commence.

I realize that there are many things that lead to eating disorders (genetic predispositions, family, works, etc) but I do believe that general stress is a common theme for a number of mental illnesses.

One thing I want to put out there is that…

If you suffer from BED or have had experiences with binge eating, do not blame yourself and say that you’re a failure. I know that is hard because you feel as if you should be in control of your own body, but the truth is (and you know this if you stop and really think about it) that when in the middle of a binge, you are not really there. A true binge is a full loss of control. You are not present anymore and so how can you blame yourself for something you can’t even remember partaking in?

You can’t, so stop beating yourself up about it.

Negativity and self hate is not going to help you move forward and gain control. Gaining control requires self confidence and self awareness. You need to tell yourself and truly believe that you can fight this.

This takes a lot of time. A lot of patience and a lot of self reflection.

Reality is that you will relapse and that doesn’t mean that you failed. The mind is powerful and you have to be realistic and kind to yourself rather then beating yourself to the ground if you are not 100% cured after deciding to start your journey out of the dark place that is BED.

So how can you help yourself?

Remember I’m not an expert but I have seen that these can help some deal with binges and perhaps prevent them from occurring or at least lessen the extent the episode.

My thoughts:

  • Keep a diary. You need to self-analyze and you need to do this a lot. Write down your feelings every day (not just on the days of a binge) and be specific! Really reflect on those feelings and think about what triggers them. You can then correlate that with binge episodes. By doing this, over time, you may be able to at least know days that you may be vulnerable and then bring out those other coping mechanisms to try prevent an episode from occurring.
  • If you are feeling vulnerable, don’t let yourself be alone. Whether this is meeting up with a friend or just placing yourself in a public place, change your environment to a more social one as you are much less likely to binge in the presence of others.
  • I believe it is very rare to have food of preference for a binge as, once again, you are not in control so you don’t choose what you eat, but if there is a small percentage who do, get rid of it. Don’t have it in your house at all.
  • Work at being more present during the stages of the binge. This is extremely difficult I know, but really work at being more self aware of your body and behaviours when you start feeling a loss of control. By being more present you may be able to remove yourself from the situation and prevent or lessen the severity of an episode.

One last tip that I was told actually helped during an episode was drinking a full bottle of carbonated water (or just water can work too) when you are feeling that impending binge coming on. The bubbles in the water on top of the pure volume of liquid hitting your stomach at such a fast pace will make you not feel good. In fact, this may sound extreme to many as you will probably feel slightly nauseous, especially if you’re a female. So why am I telling you to do this? Well, it may be what you need to bring you back to reality and gain some control because you’re feeling uncomfortable already.

Isn’t that a bit extreme?

Yes. But so is binge eating. I in no way support the idea of making yourself feel bad in any way, but I have been told this method helps if you are able to know that binge feeling before it takes over.

Once again, take that as a simple option, I’m not telling you to do these things if you disagree.

I feel like I have so much more to say on this issue, but I’m going to cap it at that. Please, if you take anything away from this post let it be that it’s not you letting it happen. You are not allowing this behaviour to occur. Therefore, it’s not something you can say is your fault. Take the time to work at discovering your triggers and promise yourself that you will not verbally abuse yourself if you aren’t perfect while you are trying to help yourself.

Love yourself even in those dark times. They are hurdles. Hurdles that you can overcome. I believe in you and your strength.



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