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When Your Man Is Cutting…

I’m backkkkk and I have more time than ever so you all are going to help keep me distracted mmmkkayyy?


So when you’re a nutrition consultant and your boyfriend asks you to help him cut, you be a good girlfriend and not only help slow his roll with his cutting style, but you track his macros and make sure this cut is more successful than previous cuts.

Most people like to cut crazy fast and so that is actually a challenge all on its own because he wants to drop faster than this ‘Pro’ wants to because #Impatience. But leave it to me and science and he will see I will come out on top in the end. He will be keeping as much of that muscle as possible due to slower cutting.

The numbers are only one part of the equation though, you see, when in the bodybuilding lifestyle there are many a things a girl should do for her man to show her support during the hard times of “Summer Shredding”

You must tell them they are not getting small. 


There is a fine line between telling them they are getting shredded vs them perceiving you think they are getting small and scrawny. They are getting leaner BUT they are also growing massive shoulders at the same time….Really emphasize that! LOL! Keeps their ego happy while they feel they are starving, despite only a 200 calorie deficit.

Guys can shush it when the are loosing weight at 3000 calories

You have to constantly remind them that if they’re hungry that just means they need more veggies in their life…Or water.

If I ever didn’t have time to help him prep his food for the day, it was missing a certain filling and micronutrient dense addition. He has quickly learned how much veggies help keep his stomach from growling longer.

If they are also doing a caffeine/Pre/Stimulant detox…watch out. 

Oh boy, a cut PLUS no pre-workout. That is fun times. You’re job is to be the motivator and not cave when they say you can look at the protein powder while they “talk to the sales person,” which means they are getting a pre-workout sample.


You should help them with their food…


Or else they will be lazy a bro and just pack chicken and rice…than complain how much they hate chicken and rice and how life sucks.

Work on those wifey skills and help them out. I have taken it upon myself to be on top of his meal prep but MAN I did not realize how much food was needed for 3K calories…


Maybe bit off more than I could chew but the creativity is a’ flowing friends.

Here’s some ideas for you based on some of his favourites. 


Turns out he loves spaghetti squash. Hello volume! Plus he likes how filling it is while saving some extra carbs for later when he gets his fun meal..aka cereal

Cauli “rice” was also a great fine. that whole pot was 4 servings…FOUR and it’s massive.

We experimented and made cannelloni stuffed with Lactaid cottage cheese (higher protein, less fat) + canned crab meat. He liked them but with the amount of protein he needed, he felt like the crab was lost.

Shepherds pie was also a success. Really simple recipe too!

For 4 servings…

~2 large sweet potatoes, roasted and than mashed with rosemary, garlic powder and chili flakes

~around 800g of extra lean ground beef that was sautéed with mushrooms, zucchini and onion + liquid smoke, rosemary, 2 tbsp tomato paste and some fennel seeds.

Plop the beef mixture in the bottom of a sprayed tin and top with the mash and bake at 350 for about 20 minutes or until the top browns a bit (you can add some butter on top, I just sprayed it a bit with some coconut spray)


He loved his little dairy free mac n’cheese cup. I used a lactose free, skim mozzarella cheese that we recently found at Zehrs and mixed it with some quinoa pasta (again, higher protein) and baked it in a ramekin until the top got nice and toasty. Served with a baked (my tin foil method) turkey breast fillet with steak spice and sautéed snap peas.


He was very very happy with his waffle sandwich. I tried to do the whole sweet potato chicken n’waffles thing but it had to be more macro friendly so I made a kabocha squash waffle (lower carbs) with chicken breast meat, his lactose free mozzarella cheese and a runny egg and he quite enjoyed it…


When the photographer/chef says you have to show the sammich contents while pretending to eat it…

Kabocha Waffle (makes 2 waffles)

Blend together –> 90g cooked and mashed squash + 1/2 cup or 40g oats + 1 tsp baking powder + 1 egg white (32g) + Italian spices + water to make a thick batter. 

Spray your waffle maker (mine is sad and makes flat waffles…) and cook your waffles as directed. 

Annddd these little beauties were a quick and fun lil recipe from The Lean Green Bean that he actually loved.


I used a lactose free white cheddar in the centre of each meatball (which was made with extra lean ground turkey + some chorizo sausage) and then rolled them in panko + Italian spices. The cheese burst while they were baking and turned out great over zoodles and sauce with spinach (cuz micros…).

And finally…breakfast. He has come to love avocado english muffins with runny eggs and turkey bacon but sometimes breakfasts sammiches sneak in there too…


His camera makes this food look all glowy and such

Turkey bacon + spinach + Chicken breast + runny egg + sriracha and mustard on a whole wheat bagel. Good to go.

Ladies, if you and your man are into the bodybuilding lifestyle the time between March and summa generally means cutting season. Put your apron on and get your ‘swole’ comments ready because he would do the same for you so make him feel special during this hardship.

Have some fun and surprise him with some fancy feasts that fit his macros and you will win his heart and keep him shredding 😉

And if you don’t do that lifestyle, hope I gave some interesting food prep ideas!

Much love friends! 

Best food prep staples?


What [Rita] Ate Wednesday

Hey Friends!

Happy Humpday!


Besides the fact that it’s midweek and half-way to the weekend, what do you enjoy about Wednesdays?

For me, today I’m having a lil dinner shindig with my two housemates and our friend, Cass so that’s going to be a good time! I will be makin’ up a noodle-LESS zucchini lasagna after Emily requesting…

I want ricotta

Cheese and more cheese you will receive.

Throw in some veggies and some happy cow meat (ie. grass-fed beef) as Emily calls it and we have a pretty quick, healthy and fun meal to bring to the table.

Although, remember to take the time to appreciate where you are and what you have in your life as today is also..


Remembrance Day. Have them in your hearts today and everyday.

Anywho, what else does Wednesday mean in the blogworld? What I Ate Wednesday with all the foodies of the blogosphere of course!

Oh there Jen and thanks to Laura for hosting the partay this week.


I had a request to highlight the eats from a normal person person other then myself and if you ask, you shall receive my friends.

Today we are highlighting the Tuesday eats of someone who, like me, loves all things food but she has one very big, and amazing, leg up on me…

She never denies herself or her body anything. She never bats an eye to just eat.

She is a true representation of eating intuitively in my mind.

If she’s hungry she eats.

If she wants ice cream at 5pm on a weekday, she nabs a bowl of ice cream.

If she goes for a nap before dinner and sleeps all the way to 10pm, well then dinner is at 10:30pm

If she’s feeling snacky despite not really being hungry, she fulfills that craving.

No second thoughts if every meal of a given day is eaten out.

You see, in a way I admire her. Fear isn’t in her vocabulary. She cannot understand why I would hold back from eating something or why many foods give me severe anxiety because if she wants something, she allows herself to have it. No guilt. No shame. No compensation.

She lives as everyone should. Free.

So with that, I give you a day in the life of my housemate, Rita.


Tuesday started a bit on a rough note as I heard her rush around the kitchen after sleeping an hour past her alarm.

Bed: 1, Rita: 0

She nabbed her lunch (I have slowly gotten her into food prepping! Housemate win!) and the lil snack baggy I made her real quick before she woke. She also had her usual hot water with a gob spoonful of raw honey.

I have asked her before the significance of this honey water and I believe she told me that her Mom said that it was good for the body so that is why she does it. Plus she loves loves sugar…erg honey. 

Time of class….8:30am

Time left the house… 8:28am.

Bike those legs Rita!


Bam in class. She is in landscape architecture and man has she been busy with school stuff this year. I always feel bad for her on those weeks (which seem like it’s been the whole year) that this poor girl is in the studio ALL DAY.

In the thermos is her morning tea I believe…


Have a I mentioned that tea is what this house is known for? Rita has about 2 teas a day, I’m the same and Em, umm.. too many to count. This is why our house had no glasses for like the first 2 months because we be muggin.

Anyways, 9:50am arrived and so did the food.


Apparently our school provides McD lookin food. Seriously, does that not look like an egg McMuffin and hash brown?

I’m going to assume class continued to happen until she went to the school gym for some swimming at 11am. She has been slowly learning how to swim (self teaching) and has really been enjoying it.

As a matter of fact, it makes me smile so much when she comes home all smiles saying that she’s getting stronger. She was telling me how she used to bike to school on level 1 and now she’s doing level 4. Good job to my housie. 😀

After that, around 12:50pm, lunch happened.


Foodprep for the win! She had stir-fried some book choy (her favourite veggie) with some chili flakes and lots of garlic to have with some white jasmine rice, the dark meat from the whole chicken I nabbed and the two last pieces of buttercup squash I roasted up for her on the weekend.

Fun fact. Stir frying raw chili, whether fresh or dried, creates fumes that will leave you choking for the rest of the night. It’s delicious but you have been warned.

I had roasted up an entire buttercup squash for her and Em the other week because it was one that was too soft and sweet for me (ie. perfectly ripe and the way most people like them the best. I’m weird and love them dry to the bone so they get super crispy when roasted) and Rita absolutely loved it. So this week when an in-class course took over her weekend and made her miss our farmers market trip she asked me to make her another batch and she went through that in 3 meals. 😀

Snackage happened throughout the afternoon starting around 1:45pm apparently…


That lil baggy I mentioned earlier in the post. I grabbed some of her dried figs and a few handfuls of her deluxe nut medley (both organic from the market), some candied ginger cubes and pumpkin flax granola from Nature’s Path to make a lil homemade trail mix.


Looks like an arrowroot cookie. Could be a cracker…I dunno.

From 2:30 to 3:30 she went on a plant walk with her class. See those drops on her baggy? Yeah it was pouring all day. Guess the profs don’t care about that…


These happen a few times a week where they go to a part of the campus and collect leaf samples to ID later. She says they are fun because she is in love with plants and enjoys seeing new species. Guess she found the major for her!

Post-plant pickin lolly at 3:35.


As I write this it’s killing me that I don’t know what flavour it is. I’m nosey can’t you tell?

Oh update I nabbed her on her way out…Chocolate something she’s says and a mini one that you hand out to the kiddos at Halloween lol

Dinner happened around 5:30pm and she texted me being like

Chelsea I forgot to take a picture of my dinner!!

….but I took a picture of the menu..


She’s so cute.

She had that soup, which she said was really yummy (as the sign says!) and a Philly cheesesteak sammich.

Workin Workin Workin

She arrived home around 9ish I think to dig into her pint of Baskin Robbins Mango Tango ice cream at 9:47pm (hahah so specific)..


And some more of that pumpkin flax granola…at 9:55pm. <- She takes this tracking seriously. LOL


Then she crashed probably around 11:30pm. Another long day in the books for her.

So there was a look into the eats of my housemate. A girl who loves food and gives her body what it wants, when it wants it and just enjoys herself.

Something everyone should be able to do!

Oh and I wanted to show you how funny she is…

IMG_8258Yes she actually wrote everything down for me! She was totally excited to do this lil day in the life of eating post and took her job very seriously.

Thanks Rita!

Anyways, I’m looking forward to tonights lil dinner party we are having and hopefully I can make a zucchini lasagna that is not too watery this time. They tend to do that because of the high water content in zucchini so I have a few tricks I’m pulling out of the bag (roasting the zucchini + very thick sauce) for this attempt and hopefully my guests enjoy the end result

I will not be having it as 1. it contains cheese which I can’t eat and 2. my coach would hit me over the head because it doesn’t have carbs. But I have mentioned before that I love throwing dinner parties because it lets me be creative in the kitchen.

Happy Wednesday Friends, I’m off to train chest after eating my second pre-workout massive plate of food…


Favourite Ice Cream Flavour?

Do you like Trail Mix?


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Workless Holidays Are Marvellous

My Friends!

To all the Canadians who read up on lil space, Happy Thanksgiving weekend! I hope your belly’s are filled with all kinds of turkey, pie and goodies.


Okay maybe Halloween comes first…but fyi in my world Christmas >>>>> Halloween. Just saying.

I’m linking up with Healthy Diva Life with to share my Marvellous Weekend (hello five days!) with you all. Thanks for the party Katie!


1. Getting to actually enjoy the holiday and the famjam is so Marvelous

It is rare that I get a Thanksgiving weekend that isn’t right in the middle of midterms so I totally took advantage of the fact that this year my two first midterms were right before the long weekend by doing what any tired student would do



The best.

So yes, I actually got to spend time with my family when they came up for dinner on Sunday for Thanksgiving and didn’t have to have my mind elsewhere or have to run away to study. Also, I got to do what I love doing which is cooking a big part of the dinner!

2. Remembering that gelato is amazing too is quite Marvelous.

Due to being home I knew my Friday Ice Cream Challenge Day would take place at my favourite ice cream shop. Unfortunately for me, my favourites (salted caramel and caribous caboose) are apparently seasonal and got the boot September first. After crying on the inside a lil bit I decided to wander over to their homemade gelatos to find Snickers gelato..


Yes Snickers gelato! It had so many mixin’s too which is why I was not going for my beloved gelato because I really have come to love those mixin’s and gelato is generally smooth.

On the top was pralines and creme which is really good (caramel and more caramel) but I’m kinda kickin myself for not getting the Reeses (peanut butter gelato with Reeses and peanut butter…I know I would smack me too) gelato along with my other candy inspired flavour (which was amazing btw!).

Peanut butter and caramel = love in my eyes.

Next time it’s going down!

3. Dem shoes are Marvelous 


Got my shoes ladies and gents! Aren’t they purdy. Yes, I’m that girl who wants the loudest colours possible! Went with the Nike Frees and they are super comfy so I’m happy. The flynet 5.0’s were great but unfortunately the smallest size they manufacture was still too big for my child-size feet.

Sometimes being #DollSized is not cute.

Speaking of shopping…

4. Binge-Buying Lululemon after a craving is also Marvelous

Three items…


Wunder Under Crop Hi-Rise

332 bucks..


Swiftly Tech 1/2 Zip

Oppps. But hey, I’m content.

2013 1125 Lululemon Wunder Under Pant Herringbone

Wunder Under Pant iii In the herringbone

Plus my Dad bought me a cute lil hat from Honey, a cute lil boutique that makes me wish I knew about this place when prom hit…


Looks like this but its a rose colour all around…and not a baby hat 😉 

5. Food is Marvelous

Turkey on the grill via Dad..


Sides by my Mama and I…

Mom’s new addition was her craving for a sweet mashed potato. It was simply mashed sweet taters with booth, brown sugar, cinnamon and a hint of nutmeg.

Plain mashed potatoes with buttah and milk for the gravy dumpers..and my Dad.

Roasted root vegetables by moi….purple sweet taters (thank you Whole Foods for bringing back my favs!), regular sweet pots, brussels and green beans with rosemary, olive oil and thyme

Roasted Asparagus

My Mom’s infamous roasted mustard glazed ham with roasted pineapple. Always a crowd pleaser.

Maple roasted carrots that I made for my Mama

Stuffing..not homemade, we will tackle that one at Christmas

My Dinnah plate..


Hit the spot.

Oh and the unpictured peach pie and MY ICE CREAM (the Kawartha Salted Caramel Truffle my Dad bought for me a while ago)…which I haven’t touched yet…Fear Food:1, Chelsea:0, was the dessert for the fam. Yes, peach is not very Thanksgiving like but when it’s made with the last of the in season peaches from the farmers market, you bring that **it out in all it’s glory. The fam really enjoyed it. We did good Mom!

6. Finally making what you meant to make eons ago is Marvelous

Remembering that I had some beautiful ground lean elk in the freezer that I wanted to make up using the grill ended off becoming a foil pan full of freezer ready sliders (X2 servings), meatballs (X1 serving) and burger patties (X2 servings).


Sorry for the horrible pictorial…it was getting dark by the time I snappsied the goods.

I really love the flavour of elk. It’s my new favourite game meat.

For these I simply seasoned with Worcestershire sauce, diced onion, garlic powder, chill flakes, fennel seed, and lots of cracked black pepper and then formed them up and tossed them on the grill.

Easy Peasy and now I got #RedMeatGains for days that I can just pull out of the freezer as I please.

7. Stocking up on your ‘at home goodies’ is always Marvelous

Those things that you can only really get when at home.


So you make sure to get allllll them goods. For me, it’s taking a trip to my Freezer Place (a hidden gem here in Acton with all bulk frozen stuff but that includes organics, my game meats and lotsa local fish for great prices). So I hustled my lil tussle over to there and picked up a few hundred things essentials

~1 Arctic Char Fillet

~2 4ounce Venison Medallion Steaks

~2 4 Ounce Elk Medallion Steaks

~1 Package of Jumbo Sea Scallops

Thanks Mom and Dad 😉

8. Seeing my new Coach who will lead me to better health the way I want it to be done.

I expressing great gratitude to a family friend, Michael Grayer, for taking my challenging self on as I have finally accepted that I need help in this weight restoration process. The difference between him and a dietician…


Bodybuilder, Torque Barbell Club Owner and very successful Prep Coach.

He will push me to gain weight I need to in the way that is more focused around my goals. Weight that is not just weight but that is strength and beauty. #MoeMusclesPlease

Yes we are working towards the same picture, but I know this process will still be tough. I need to give my control to him and know that he will not steer me wrong and that will be very hard for me. He will bring my physique to new heights which will not only make changes aesthetically, but it will bring me back up to an acceptable health status as well.

I can’t thank him enough. See more about him here.

Well thats it my friends! I have one more day off tomorrow (that is our winter ‘reading break’…one day HA! but hey I will take it) and that is when I trek over to the Barbell Club to chit chat with Michael and plan out how things are gunna be from now on. I’m nervous for the change but more excited then anything to see what he can bring for me.

Have a great week!

Favourite Thanksgiving side dish? I make a mean savoury and spice sweet tater mash that I really enjoy, but roasted veggies are always good.



All In The Family…W[We]AW

Hey Friends!

I thought this week that I would not only share my own eats but also my parents just because I’m that kind of daughter who asks her parents to stop before they dig into their food to take a picture of it first…

Or instagram…

Or blog…

The wise words of my father


He thoughtfully followed my request and even went one step further and tried to make them look pretty and put togetherexcept the breakfast and well…the blurriness, but please excuse his photography skills as he works shift work and no one should be up at 4am in the morning. You understand.

Also, much to my amazement, my Mom even remembered to take a picture of all but one of her food items of the day. The one she missed I was prepared for because I happened to make it for her and so I snapped it. 😉


So lets get to it. This was done last Thursday as I not only wanted to give you a rest day for myself, but also a day where all three of us were working! I hope you enjoy.


I was going to say thanks to Jen for hosting but again this week I’m not really sure where the link-up is :-O.

Oh wait, found it…

Thanks Laura!

Phew that was a close call! I actually snapped this week!

Dad Breaky

Again sorry for the blur. Dad crawls out of bed at just before 4am and noms on some plain toast, egg whites, fruit (probably with greek yogurt) and his orange pekoe tea with some 2% milk

I have a lot people asking if my parents eat like I do and the answer is no. My Dad says that no one eats like me because I’m an extremist LOL! Overexaggeration much.

Mom's breaky eaten around 9:30am. Loads of Raisins (Loblaws brand of Raisin Bran. My Mom insists it has more raisins then the brand name) + All Bran + tbsp of flax meal + frozen strawberries and 2% milk

Mom’s breaky eaten around 9:30am. Loads of Raisins (Loblaws brand of Raisin Bran. My Mom insists it has more raisins then the brand name) + All Bran + tbsp of flax meal + frozen strawberries and 2% milk

But for serious, no. I’m very particular when it comes to my food and I like to eat pretty much everything (very few exceptions) completely from scratch. It’s just what I like (yes I do actually love and crave whole foods, crazy eh?). They opt to eat out more and keep things mostly simple (where I would find that boring) when they are cooking for themselves. For this summer though, I have been home so I have literally cooked 90% of their dinners for them and some of their lunches when I’m around during the day. Therefore, veggies have appeared on their plates much more then their bellies are used to.

Chelsea breaky

My breaky of zoats eaten around 7:45am. Because it was a rest day, my fats go up and my carbs go down a bit. It’s just how I do things. So some of the typical add-ins such as peanut flour, zucchini, chia seeds and egg whites are still there, but my fruit (banana normally gets swapped for berries but I was really feeling nanner so I beat ED down and had a small piece of that) and fat choices (coconut oil rather then nut butter) change and I add a protein icing (Diesel whey in salted caramel + US cashew milk) like I do with my post-workout zoat bowls. Finally, my new addiction is cracking pink Himalayan sea salt all over the top. OMG so good and I’m normally not a salt person at all!

Sometimes I feel like their parents when a conversation like this happens…

Chelsea has to work…

Me: What are you planning on having for dinner?


Me: Sigh. What veggies are you having -> remember it was my goal to have them have a veggie on their plate for every dinner this summer!

We are having a veggie pizza…

Me: A mushroom and tomato doesn’t count as a serving of vegetables!

You’re not supposed to have vegetables with your pizza. Pizza is meant to be eaten so that you don’t have to cook!

Me: I prepped you a salad. Eat the damn salad.

Dad obeys bitterly, Mom doesn’t so she gets the long green finger (Grinch anyone?) and the evil eye from her orange green thumb child.

Story of my life.

Dad's 'lunch' happens on his first break around 9:30. He normally has a packed lunch that is often leftovers or something I put together but I happened to be in whole foods the day before and made him a special box of goodies. Potato wedges, Moroccan chicken (which I snuck a bite or 5 of and was delish) and some veggies. + Red delicious apple. Do you notice how he made the photo all pretty even at work? No shame. Dawww.

Dad’s ‘lunch’ happens on his first break around 9:30am. He normally has a packed lunch that is often leftovers or something I put together but I happened to be in whole foods the day before and made him a special box of goodies. Potato wedges, Moroccan chicken (which I snuck a bite or 5 of and was delish) and some veggies. + Red delicious apple. Do you notice how he made the photo all pretty even at work? No shame. Dawww.

Other readers ask how I eat the way I do at home. They often tell me that their parents cook things that they don’t really want to eat and don’t really know what to do about it.

In my mind it’s quite simple. Cook your own food.

My lunch eaten around 12:30 before I had to head into work. Salad + pizza omlete that contained all the grilled veggies, grilled squash, lobster (spoiled yes ;-)) and dat runny yolk! Seasoned with Mrs. Dash chipotle seasoning and chili flakes.

My lunch eaten around 12:30 before I had to head into work. Salad + ‘pizza’ omelet that contained all the grilled veggies, grilled squash, lobster (spoiled yes ;-)), sprouts, spinach, avocado and dat runny yolk! Seasoned with Mrs. Dash chipotle seasoning and chili flakes.

I then get one of two replies back.

1. My parents get mad if I cook something else.

2. My parents get offended if I don’t eat their food.

For one, you are an adult and I feel as if your parents should be perfectly content with you making your own food. The only reason why they should get angry is if you refuse their food and want them to go out of their way to cook you something else.

If you offer to cook your own meals, there shouldn’t be a problem in my opinion.

My Mom's lunch that I made for her as I ran out the door for work. Eaten around 1:30pm. I made her a toasted lil wrap with chicken, lettuce, spinach, yum yum pickles, sprouts and mustard. Side of a donut peach that she had never tried before.

My Mom’s lunch that I made for her as I ran out the door for work. Eaten around 1:30pm. I made her a toasted lil wrap with chicken, lettuce, spinach, yum yum pickles, sprouts and mustard. Side of a donut peach that she had never tried before.

The second one is a bit trickier, however, should still be completely manageable. You need to sit down with them and have a discussion as to why you want to have your own food rather then what the family is eating. Explain to them that it’s not that you don’t like their cooking, but instead, frame it in a way that you have goals you want to obtain so you have different needs OR you could frame it in a way that you want to learn to cook for yourself, as once again, you’re an adult and being able to cook is a life skill that needs to be learned.

Don’t over think it. Who knows, they might not even bat an eye if you choose to start cooking. Even better, offer to cook the family dinner one time instead and share your new skills and foods with them.

Dad's second break snackie which I believe is early afternoon (he works 10 hour shifts). Another piece of fruit (nectarine in this case) and a bought muffin. Normally he has melba toast with cheese but we didn't have any of his toasties. Damnit who did groceries this week...oh wait that's me... Also take note how he is showing you how much water he drinks!

Dad’s second break snackie which I believe is early afternoon (he works 10 hour shifts). Another piece of fruit (apple in this case, but nectarines/peaches are common) and a cranberry muffin he bought. Normally he has melba toast with cheese but we didn’t have any of his toasties. Damnit who did groceries this week?…oh wait that’s me…
Also take note how he is showing you how much water he drinks!

I never get why some feel the need to eat food they don’t want just because that is what everyone else is eating. Maybe I’m just annoying that way, but I have no qualms about making and/or bringing my own food because I need to ensure I meet my nutritional needs.

Your parents, housemates, boyfriends, whoever wants pizza…


Dad and his blurry pictures again. You guessed it, pizza night with their ‘veggie’ pizza. Mom had 3 pieces with no veggies (shame on you Mom!) and Dad had his salad that I forced him to eat with shaker cheese along with his zzzaaa.

…doesn’t automatically mean that you have to then eat pizza if you don’t want to. Take that opportunity to make whatever your are craving.

My Dinner at work. Grilled acorn squash and arctic char with my homemade pesto. Side of salad in an insert made at work (because who preps a salad when they work in a kitchen?) and a lil throw together dressing.

My dinner at work. Grilled acorn squash and arctic char with my homemade pesto. Side of salad in an insert made at work (because who preps a salad when they work in a kitchen?) and a lil throw together dressing.

So yeah. My parents and I don’t eat alike at all. In fact, these pictures may look like we are polar opposites, but despite our differences, there are no fights and such over food and what people are having because we eat what we all like and that should be all that really matters right?

To conclude, here’s the photos that didn’t make the commentary. Ie snackage.

Not snackage. I have gotten my Mom into the ACV shot habit firs thing in the morning (despite her still gaggin on it). She says that it has really helped her sinuses clear up more which then leads to less pressure on her migraine-prone head! Win for vinegar :-D

Not snackage. I have gotten my Mom into the ACV shot habit firs thing in the morning (despite her still gaggin on it). She says that it has really helped her sinuses clear up more which then leads to less pressure on her migraine-prone head! Win for vinegar 😀

The daily Tim's run. Yes I still have to have it even on work days.

The daily Tim’s run. Yes I still have to have it even on work days.

My nightly pudding + Questie. You have seen enough of those eh? If you must know, Questbar flavour of the evening was peanut butter supreme…toasted. Mental image of hot, nutty goodness with a slight toasty exterior is implanted into your minds…


The before dinner drinks. My Dad’s beer and my Mom has her cooler drink things.

With their drinks, when I’m at home I usually start my dinner (aka eat my salad) during their drink time. No, I don’t drink, but I can still enjoy their company. See you can be around alcohol and not feel the need to have it (once again, this is if you don’t want it but feel bad about being the one not drinking). No feelings are hurt in the process and no judgements are made.

My Mom's before dinner drink of choice

My Mom’s before dinner drink of choice

My unpictured fish oils and random chicken I chomped on at work between rushes


Mom showing you that she drinks her water too!

So that’s that. Eat what you want and don’t be so concerned about how others will feel about you eating differently. Most often they are simply curious as to what’s in your bowl/container/plate.

So that was a full day of eating for the whole workin famjam. I hope you enjoyed this style of post and commentary and have a great humpday my friends!

Do you eat similar things to those who live with you?



Freezer Prep Sunday

Hey my friends!

How was your first full week back at life?

I kinda caught you up a lil bit on my week in my Thursday rantage, but I wanted to give you a lil update on my first weekend back in Guelph.

  • Back at zee farmers market with the girls. We had a big group this week. Em, Rita and I all loaded ourselves in my friend, Gabriella’s, car and were off to the market. Ohhh how I missed it and to celebrate my return, I bought meeself some lobster from my favourite fish guys.
  • I have a house! Em and Rita are stuck with me for the rest of our school eternity now. 😉 So happy because house hunting is stressful especially when you want the closest (yet still nice and cheap) house possible. When I get some better pictures, I will show you all, but basically we are positioned 8 minutes from the campus and right beside Metro (grocery store). So this foodie is all set. Oh and our kitchen…it’s huge! Here’s one snappie from the website. We actually have so much space it’s crazy.

  • Went out to get some good ol’ Thai food for an early birthday dinner for me Dad. I’m so glad my Dad shares my love for Thai food.
Seafood Gainz

Seafood Gainz

The last thing I wanted to share with you (despite my pictures being hideous) was my freezer preppage this afternoon. I don’t tend to do a big food prep each week, aside from a protein source like chicken and maybe a few servings of rice, because I’m picky and refuse to make things like fish and veggies in advance unless I have to. I like’em fresh mmmkay.

What I do like to do once and a while is make some cooked proteins for my freezer that are pre-portioned and easy to just pull out the night before I want them. These are things like meatballs and burgers that I make from the various ground meats (including often my exotic meats) I pick up here and there and throw into the freezer.

These lil pre-made protein packs are super handy for helping to keep my lunches (and once a week night class) variable with respect to the protein component.

I say lunches only because my dinner is almost always fish and squash, which would be cooked at home and eaten all relaxed and such. That is my favourite meal and therefore will not make it to throw into a container.

For example, like I did for last weeks night class meal..

IMG_7058I will thaw out a pack of meatballs to toss in with my container with a carbohydrate source and veggies and be good to go. For lunches, I often have rice because lunch is often eaten more quickly and/or in class and so I will choose to have the blase carbohydrate source there and have my love (squash) at dinner when I’m relaxed and sitting down to enjoy it fresh.

So what did I make today for my freezer?

Well I had ground turkey breast meat and my pack of ground ostrich in the freezer so I used those to make..


Burgers AND

IMG_7069Dem deformed meat-a-ballz.

These are all weighed out so they have the same amount per baggy. That way, like I mentioned, I can just pull a baggy out and be good to go.

IMG_7070For the turkey mixture I used:

  • Whole fennel seeds
  • Diced onion
  • Minced garlic
  • Crack black pepper
  • Chili flakes

I don’t over complicate here because I really love fennel so I want to taste that. I have made these using my pesto before as well, you just may have to compensate for the extra liquids with a tablespoon or two of oats, or, if you’re low carb or paleo, some coconut flour or even flax meal would work.

For the ostrich, I decided NOT to go with my traditional beef seasoning (fennel, liquid smoke or Worcestershire, garlic, onion, chili, pepper) because I really wanted the ostrich flavour to come through. BUUUUUT then I saw my Mrs. Dash Tomato and Basil seasoning sitting there all pretty and smelling oh so good so I chucked that in there along with the basic pepper, garlic and onion base. To bring this mix together a wee bit more, I added in an egg white as well.

See ain’t that easy peasy?

Now I have some proteins to put into lunches and such. Oh and have I mentioned that meatballs make great #Saladbeast additions? Try it out!

For this week in general, I also prepped three servings of my fluffaay rice.


Uncle Ben’s quick cook brown rice (10 min one)

It’s all creamy like that because I soak it the night before AND its quick cook (so parboiled already) soooo it’s makes it like risotto without the broken arm when you cook it up. Tip for the day, you’re welcome. 😉

I also baked two chicken breasts that got thrown into containers and into the fridge before picturing. My tip for the best baked chicken is to put your pieces on a large piece of foil with a tbsp of water. Season as you like and then fold up all of the sides and seal them up like you are creating a packet and bake at 350 until the chicken is cooked through. Because you added some water and sealed it all up, the chicken is essentially steaming to cook which leaves the chicken super moist. Yes, bad language for appeal I know, but I don’t know how else to describe it. This method is also great for fish and cooks it in like 5-10 minutes depending on the thickness of your fish.

So yeah, that was my quick lil drop in, food prep tips and hi for this weekend. I hope it was of interest. 🙂

Happy Sunday all and enjoy the beginning of this new week.

Do you ever freezer prep?

What are your favourite burger seasonings?

Do you hate the word moist when describing food?



Food Preppin It Out!

Hey Friends,

After posting this image on my facebook page

BowlOfStuff Collage!

BowlOfStuff Collage!

….and slightly ranting about not making excuses about eating healthy…cough…I promised that I would do a Food Prep post with some simple throw-together recipes to help out those who are runnin a lil short on time but still want to nourish their bodies with healthy, yet yummy, foods.

But before I start this post, I just want to say a few things to add to my lil rant.

This is not to judge!


I feel like too many people make too many excuses on why they ‘can’t’ eat a healthy, fueling and nourishing meal EVERYDAY.

Lets take a look at some of the common ones shall we….

  • It takes too long.
  • It costs too much
  • Healthy food is bland and boring
  • I can’t cook
  • Too much effort
  • Fast food tastes better
  • I hate cooking

So I hear all of these all too often and, to be honest, I think they all stem back to “I don’t want to make the effort” because if it really mattered to you, you would find a lil time to fit in some prep time so that you could eat well. I’m sorry if that sounded harsh, but it’s my own opinion. I currently work 2 jobs and I eat 6 homemade meals EVERY DAY and somehow my lil self manages to still eat real, whole foods that provide my body with fuel to get me through my workouts and my long days. I also love everything I eat, so it’s totally possible to make it work even when you are running around like a crazed person!

So with all that in mind I will stop with the negativity and bring on some tips and recipes that I hope will help to change your outlook on food preppin. A big goal of mine is to show people that healthy eating is not hard, it doesn’t have to cost a million dollars and it can actually taste good!

So without further ado, here’s my attempt to portray all that to you in one post. L-E-G-O

The Easy Steps to any good Food Prep

  1. Ensure you have basic staples in your pantry. These will give you the foundation to work with and are mostly ready to go when you need them. Of course, when I say staples, I’m still talking about whole foods. These would be your vegetables (fresh and/or canned), canned proteins (like tuna perhaps), pre-bought carbohydrate sources, spices, oils, vinegars, etc.
  2. Determine what you need to prep. Figure out what extra foods are in your budget and make sure to have those on hand for your prepping. Then think about what you like to eat during the week and/or make a meal plan. This will provide you with some guidance as to what things you might want to prep early. You will need protein and carbohydrate sources (veggies are included in this list) to prep for sure, the fats are not that hard to add later in the cook process for the most part. Make sure you include the foods that you really like as much as possible so that you will enjoy your meals!
  3. Determine what you like. Spice up your life! This includes style of food preparation, flavourings (spices, herbs, sauces, etc), cuisine types, etc
  4. Pick a day and time to do some basic food prep. This prep will build the foundation of your meals so that you have the majority of your meal components already good to go.
  5. Have some Go-To recipes. These should be ones that are easy to make, quick and pack in as many nutrients and things you love as possible. I will post some of my top go-to’s and some sites that may help you out with some recipe inspiration a lil later in the post!

Okay that’s it! Doesn’t sound too hard right? Well, now I’m going to break these down a lil bit and show you how I follow these steps while also giving some tips on how to make it as easy and smooth operating as possible! As I mentioned, I will provide some of the ‘recipes‘, if you want to call them that, for some of my favourite go-to’s.

1. Ensure You Have Basic Staples In Your Pantry

My cupboards and fridge ALWAYS have these staples:


  • Low sodium canned skipjack tuna (lower mercury than albacore)
  • Probiotic New Zealand whey protein powder (not necessary for everyone!)
  • Liquid egg whites (free-run as much as possible)
  • Free run, organic eggs


  • Bulgar wheat (I have Bob’s Red Mill, organic)
  • Organic brown jasmine rice
  • Oats (I use Quaker)
  • Beans and lentils (dried and canned, if canned, no salt added)
  • Green veggies (brussel sprouts, broccoli, asparagus when it’s cheap, leafy greens)
  • Bagged salad mixes (Dole)
  • Tons of spinach
  • Salad veggies (peppers, cucumbers)
  • Squashes (I mix them up but will always have a kabocha on hand and one other variety like buttercup)
  • Sweet potatoes (I swap between Japanese purple sweet taters, with regular to now purple fleshed and skin sweet potatoes)
  • Onions and garlic
  • Fruits like bananas, apples, berries (frozen or fresh), unsweetened apple sauce (mostly for baking)
  • 1 or 2 Ezekiel products including their breads, wraps and english muffins (eaten 1-2 times per week)


  • Nut butters (most are homemade, my go to peanut butter is my homemade crunchy)
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Coconut oil
  • Avocado

Dairy (NOTE that I’m lactose intolerant):

  • Unsweetened almond milk
  • Goat yogurt (I use 2.7%, plain)- mostly for baking
  • Goat cheese (I have blue menu light)- I eat on occasion, mostly for my boyfriend
  • Plain 0% Greek yogurt- for my boyfriend


  • Balsamic and apple cider vinegar
  • Mustard (Frenches)
  • Chia seeds
  • Tons of spices and herbs
  • Questbars (I’m an addict okay ;-))
  • Sriracha (best hot sauce, but use in small amounts due to sodium)

Remember that these are MY OWN STAPLES. Make sure to include your own favourites in your list to always have on hand.

2. Determine What You Need To Prep

For my basics, I know that I will need PROTEIN! Protein is the most important thing for me to have cooked on hand to make my life easier. These are my protein sources of choice:

  • Chicken breast. I go through TONS of these, no joke…it’s kinda bad lol
  • Fish. I absolutely LOVE fish. I try to buy wild as much as possible but sometimes I cave and buy farmed because that is all I have access to at my grocery store (ie. trout varieties). Current favourites include trout (fattier fish), tilapia, haddock, and tuna (canned, low sodium options). If I can squeeze a pricier one into my budget that week I may splurge on scallops (rare treat as they are $$) or a moderately priced (generally on sale) white fish such as marlin or swordfish.
  • Ground turkey/chicken. I used to buy it more frequently but then I learned that extra lean ground chicken/turkey contain both white AND dark meat. Sadface. So, I have switched over to buying higher quality organic, ground chicken or turkey BREAST MEAT when it is on sale, which is every couple of weeks.
  • Beef. I don’t eat that much beef, but it’s not because it’s not yummy or great for you because it is both of these things! I just like to buy good quality beef when I want it so this means I wait for the sales on organic, free range extra lean ground beef OR if I have some room in my budget, I will go for my favourite game meats such as bison instead.

For my carbs, I tend to cook those as I go as I like them to be fresh (when it comes to veggies) and easy to measure out (grains). They usually don’t take long anyways. Feel free to bulk cook your starches and vegetables if that helps you out and you aren’t picky like I am. Here are my preferred carb sources:

  • Sweet potatoes. (generally eaten as my post-post workout lunch)- various varieties (normal, purple, yams, etc)
  • Squash. I love squash and tend to rotate this with more starchier carbs. My favourite is kabocha, but I also love buttercup and plan on trying new varieties as they come into season.
  • Oats. My favourite meal by far is my protein oatmeal in the morning. Cooked in the microwave, I have a bunch of recipes for my bowls here.
  • Bulgar wheat. My newest carb addition for dinner. It’s easy and fast to cook, tastes good (nutty kinda) and gets some grains in me.
  • Brown organic jasmine rice: Generally only eaten on leg day when my carbs are at the highest point. Fast to cook, smells amazing and just easy.
  • Veggies: I love them all but tend to stick to the green varieties for their alkalizing properties and I have just come to love their taste! Favourites include leafy greens (swiss chard is my fav), broccoli, brussels, mushrooms (not green but good for ya!), asparagus and the occasional beet or two (love them, but because of the sugar I keep them saved for leg day generally).
  • Fruits: I’m a fruit lover at heart but I tend to keep these around my workouts as that is when their natural sugars are most usual for my body. Bananas are my go to as they fuel my muscles with the carbs they need for my tough workouts. Berries and apples also make their rounds (mostly on rest days) and the occasional other seasonal fruit (peaches, nectarines). My fruit is almost always eaten as a nice hot and ooey gooey mess in my morning proats.

3. Determine What You Like

Cooking preparation styles


  • Chicken/beef/turkey is mostly grilled via my George Foreman Grill
  • Fish is most often baked in my toaster oven/oven


  • Veggies- either roasted (sweet potatoes, squashes, brussel sprouts are always roasted, broccoli, asparagus sometimes) with a small amount of olive oil or lightly sauteed with onions and garlic in a lil bit of coconut oil (greens). Salads are an exception obviously, they are raw but I throw in some roasted veggies ALWAYS. It’s good, try it out!
  • Grains: Cooked on the stove as per package directions (oatmeal done in microwave) in water. I try to soak as many of my grains as possible as this helps with digestion and makes them fluffier when they cook up.


Don’t leave your food high and dry or your won’t like it! It’s really NOT hard to toss in some spices and herbs and they will make a huge difference in the satisfaction you will get from your food! My favourite herbs and spices include:

  • Cinnamon. Major staple in my house. Oats and snacks generally get a heavy handed shake from the cinna-jar
  • Chili flakes and Powder. Always a staple as I like my food spicy! I prefer chili flavouring over cayenne and tabasco
  • Curry. My newest obsession.
  • Rosemary. All of my roasting gets tossed with dried rosemary.
  • Basil. Used to be my favourite but isn’t used as often anymore unless I can nab some fresh and make basil pesto (used for a thick spread on fish generally)
  • Garlic. Staple for sure. All saute’s get some garlic in them. Great for cleansing the body and immunity!
  • Mrs. Dash salt-free spice blends. OMG these are amazing! I season almost all my proteins with them and even the occasional veggie dish. My top favourites are the chipotle and extra spicy blends.

4. Pick A day And Time To Do Some Basic Food Prep

If you want your meals to come together as easy as possible, you need to have some basics on hand. These basics are generally those things that may need a lil bit longer cooking time or things that you want to just want to have ready to throw into a container and go. Take 1 to 2 hours out of your week to help yourself out would ya? Here’s some things that you can easily prep in that allotted time and simply wrap up and keep in the fridge.

  • Starches like rice, grains, quinoa, oatmeal can easily be cooked in large volumes during your prep time and be kept in the fridge for days. All you have to do is scoop out your portions as you need them.
  • Vegetables can also be done in advance. Like your veggies roasted? Roast a huge batch and keep them in the fridge. Sautee some greens early to keep for 2-3 days. OR If you’re like me and want your vegetables freshly cooked, you can just ensure that you have what you need on hand and/or pre-chopped so that they are easy to access when it’s time to cook’em up.
  • Proteins can be cooked early and kept in the fridge for a few days. The time frame that you keep them in the fridge is up to you and your comfort level, but in general I will keep cooked chicken anywhere up to 5-6 days (is that bad? lol) and fish up to 3-4 days (rarely lasts that long as I eat it up :-D). Beans, lentils and other legumes can be cooked up and kept for a few days as well (if they are dressed, the time is less). In general though, meats/poultry can be kept for a lil bit longer (when cooked) than seafood.
  • Snacks can be prepped during this prep time as well. For snacks, your choices will depend on the amount of time you have to prep taste preferences. Here are some snack options that are in order of time it takes to prep.

-Yogurt/cottage cheese with a low glycemic fruit (berries, apples, etc). Choose plain dairy options (low sodium for cottage cheese) as they are not loaded with sugars. Also, watch for high levels of preservatives and chemicals. Sometimes 0% is not always best. If you are lactose intolerant like me, you can try out goat or coconut yogurt

Veggies and dip. Simply prep your vegetables (peppers, broccoli, cauliflower, etc) and make a quick dip like hummus (blend 1 can no salt added chickpeas, garlic, cracked black pepper, tbsp or two of lemon juice, tbsp or two of tahini (optional) and enough olive oil or water to get it moving and smooth).

Smoothies. If you are a smoothie lover, they can be perfect, nutrient dense option for a meal or snack and fairly quick to put together. Really short on time? Make some smoothie packs in your prep time (chop your fruits/veggies and portion them out into baggies with any other smoothie add ins) that you can just grab, blend and enjoy. Check out here and here for some inspiration and tips.

Homemade goodies. These will take a lil bit more of your time but the options are endless. Homemade protein bars (like ones from here), healthy bites (like here or here), muffins or quick breads (like my muffin experiments here and here), etc. Beware of high sugar items, even those with natural sugars as they can spike insulin and leave you feeling hungry quickly. Keep the higher sugar options (like the energy bites, goodies with dried fruits, etc) for pre-workout snacks and keep your other snacks lower in sugar and higher in protein, healthy fats and complex carbohydrates.

5. Have some Go-To recipes.

Okay here is where I will give some of my go-to’s when it comes to quick cooking. Your go-to’s should be recipes that you enjoy, are quick and easy to assemble and/or cook and are balanced nutritionally. When you are really short on time, these will be your savior to get a healthy meal on the table (or in a container to go) that you don’t have to put much thought into. Below I have put some of my favourite easy meals. Remember that you don’t have to use the same spice pairings or methods as I do, they are just what I’m diggin currently. 😀

IMG_2440Meal 1. Dinner On Leg Day

For me, this is my high carb (slightly lower fat) day, so it’s a given that there will be a higher carbohydrate starch (brown rice), a lean protein and a green of some kind. This picture in particular takes me about 15-20 minutes to assemble, but could be less if I wasn’t picky about my greens being freshly cooked.


1. Get your brown rice cookin. While that is cooking you can make your greens.

2. First, preheat a pan with a lil bit of coconut oil on medium heat. While you’re waiting for the pan to heat up, chop some beets into cubes, toss them in a steamer pot and nuke for about 5 minutes. Chop garlic and onions. Measure out greens (I used swiss chard), separate leaves from stems and chop the stems up.

3. Pan hot? Add the garlic, onions and chard stems to your pan and sautee (stir around periodically) until nicely browned (about 2-3 minutes). Now your beets should be done. Add those and the chard leaves to the pan with some water (few tbsps), stir and pop a close-fit lid on the pan. Turn the heat down a lil bit and just watch to make sure the liquid doesn’t all dry up and cause your greens to burn. Not to fret though, you have a few minutes to burn…

4. Your brown rice should be done (when the water is all gone) so toss that in your container. Throw in 1/2 a can of low sodium tuna (or the whole can if you don’t care about variety or don’t have another protein on hand) and some pre-prepped chicken breast.

5. Check on your greens, all the liquid gone yet? Yes? Add about 2 tbsp more water to the pan, stir and add whatever spices you like. Right now I am adding chili flakes and powder, curry powder and sometimes turmeric, but do what you like. Stir to distribute the spices and pop that lid back on. When the water is all gone again, dump that in your container too and you are DONE

Easy peasy?


  • Steam your beets before you add them to the pan or they will take forever to cook
  • I don’t flavour my rice with any spices because I love the smell of the brown jasmine rice but feel free to season as you please
  • REMEMBER you don’t have to use anything that I did (If you hate swiss chard, don’t use it, etc). This is simply a guide
  • Don’t fret if this seems intimidating, I know that not all people actually like or cook often. The speed of this will come with time
  • Prepping your rice early (and/or your veggie side dish) would cut the assembly time virtually to nothing so keep that in mind for your busy days
hunk o' avocado in this bowl of stuff

hunk o’ avocado in this bowl of stuff

2. Typical Training Day Dinner

I LOVE fish and choose it often. My method of cooking my fish is super quick and easy so it works in a time pinch and is something I always look forward to. As my carbs have been on the rise lately, I have also been adding a starcher carb to some of my normal training days as well. On the other days, I like to have my favourite carb, which is roasted squash of some kind. Here, the choice is bulgar wheat. I have also added a nice helping of healthy fats to this dish to balance it out as the fish is very low in fat.


1.Get your fish cookin. Here I have tilapia which I season with whatever spices I want (typically some form of Mrs. Dash, chili flakes and maybe some lemon juice) and throw in my toaster oven at 350 bake for about 15 minutes. They are thinner fish so they cook fast. NOTE you can use your regular oven too, same settings but the time may be a bit different as its a larger space to heat.

2. Get your bulgar cookin. It’s 1:2 bulgar to water/stock/liquid just like rice. Once again, you have some time (not as much as the rice) to prep some other things.

3. Get your greens prepped!. Preheat a pan with some coconut oil on medium heat. While that is heating, chop onions, garlic, broccoli and whatever other veggies you want. Here I think it was only broccoli because I ran out of other options. Plop those into the pan when it’s heated and sautee.

4. Your bulgar will probably be done while you are sauteeing your veggies, so take that off the heat. When the onions and garlic are fragrant, like the chard dish, add a few tbsp of water to the pan and pop a lid on it to let it steam. This will soften the hard stems of the broccoli.

5. Depending on how done you like your fish, it may be done here, so take that out of the toaster oven (or oven). Is the water all dried up in your greens yet? Yes? Again add a few more tbsp of water to the pan, add your spices and pop that lid back on until the water is absorbed again. Unlike the chard, which wilts fast, continue to add water and put the lid on until the broccoli is softened to your liking.

6. When everything is done, plunk it all into a container and top with avocado (or healthy fat of choice) and you’re good to go.


  • If you don’t want to use your oven for one lil piece of fish, bulk cook your fish. Don’t like fish? Use another lean meat.
  • Once again, prepping your starch, veggies and protein would have cut this time to basically nothing.
  • Green veggie pairings that I like: broccoli&zucchini, broccoli&asparagus, chard&asparagus, chard&mushrooms

IMG_24633. Typical Training Day Dinner (with my favourites!)

This is my favourite fish, with my favourite side dishes! Baked steelhead trout with roasted kabocha squash and a side of sauteed chard, asparagus and cremini mushrooms. Ermagawd, I look forward to meals like this!


1. IF YOU HAVE NOT PREPPED YOUR FISH, get’er in the oven first. When I buy trout, I buy a slab of it and cook it all at once so it will be done and I can portion it out as I go. I don’t have to worry about it being in the fridge too long because, like I said, it’s my favourite and goes quickly. I seasoned it here really simply here with chili flakes, dried rosemary and lemon juice. If I have homemade pesto on hand I will choose that as pesto on fish is amazing! Bake the fish at 350 degrees until it flakes or until your desired doneness (generally about 15-20 minutes depending on the thickness of the fish).

2. While your fish is cookin, chop up your squash, throw it into your steamer pot and nuke for about 5 minutes (until soft). While that is microwaving, get your greens ready to be sauteed. Chop up garlic, onion and your choice of veggies (I used asparagus, the rest of my swiss chard and cremini mushrooms).

3. Preheat a pan on medium heat with some coconut oil. By this time you squash should be done, toss that on a pan with a lil olive oil and dried rosemary and toss either in a toaster oven like me, or the oven at about 400 degrees.

4. Your pan should now be heated by now so you will toss your garlic, onions and chard stems into the pan and sautee those until the onions are translucent. Add your asparagus and mushrooms and sautee a lil more. Finally, add your chard leaves, a few tablespoons of water and like the other greens, pop a lid on that pan to allow for the steam to soften the veggies.

5. Check your fish. Is it done? Take it out of the oven. Hows your water level in your pan? Dried up yet? Yes? Put another few tbsp of water in the pan and whatever spices you like. I use my regular favourites (curry, turmeric, chili powder), stir and pop that lid back on.

6. Once the liquid is all absorbed, take off the heat and dump into your container. Take your squash out of the toaster oven/oven and add that to the container and finally top with your portion of fish. Delicious!


  • Prepping your fish early will save you the time it takes to prep and bake the fish. Your fish should keep in the fridge for up to 3-4 days (or whatever you feel comfortable with).
  • Prepping your veggies during an earlier prep time will also cut down cooking time, I just prefer to cook these as I go because I’m picky and demand them freshly made 😛
  • More resilient fish like trout and salmon can also be steamed if that’s a style of cooking you like. Place an inch or two of liquid (stock, wine, whatever floats your boat) in a pan with some spices/herbs. Heat the pan so that your liquid is simmering (the liquid is bubbling gently, not boiling) and place your fish in the pan. Pop and lid on it and allow it to steam until the fish is cooked through (ie. flaking with a fork). Steaming makes it super tender and moist. Need simple flavour ideas? Try using fish stock for the liquid with a squeeze or two of lemon juice and adding rosemary and chili flakes. OR try the fish stock, lemon juice and dill if you are a dill-salmon person. Experiment!

OKAY wow that was a super long post but I hope that it is useful for those who are a lil more cooking shy. Cooking is not hard, it’s simply something to practice so that you can get more comfortable with it and learn what foods work well together based on your personal tastes. And hey, maybe you will actually start to enjoy the process of cooking like I do.

I will end this post with three final words of advice….

1. USE SPICES! Don’t leave your food bland or you will not enjoy your food. It takes two seconds to shake some spices on your food and you will like it that much more trust me!

2. Make sure you keep some variety or else you will get bored (plus variety is better for getting different nutrients!). Switch up your protein, carbohydrate and fat choices to keep yourself interested.

3. PREP IN ADVANCE! Take 1-2 hours and just do it! If you know you will be busy, help yourself out a lil bit and bulk cook the things that you can keep in the fridge for a few days. If you have the food already there and waiting, you will be more likely to use it over grabbing something packaged.

AAAANNND….I also want to give you a few sites to check out that have some really great food preppin tips and some easy-peasy meal and snack ideas/recipes.

  • Lindsay over at The Lean Green Bean has an awesome Sunday Food Prep post every week where she displayed what she made to prep herself and her hubby for the oncoming week. She also highlights a few of her readers who send in their own personal prep! Check her latest food prep post out here.
  • Britt over at Britt’s Blurbs does a weekly meal plan and prep post to show you how you can plan out your weekly meals and also how you can prep some food early to make those meals come together smoothly. Her latest Meal Plan blog post is here.
  • Kim over at Not Consumed put together a nice list of tips, links and recipes that make food prep a lil easier. Check it out here.

I hope you enjoyed this post! I really want it to be a tool/aid to my readers. Let me know what you think in the comments as you know I love hearin from ya! 😀



Call Me The Bag Lady…WIAW

Hey Friends,

So as per usual these days, I will make this short and sweet as it is now time to chillax with Andre after a VERY LONG DAY. That will teach me to demolish my legs in the gym this morning and immediately ride my bike (mistake…slow moving vehicle people!) down to work for an 11am-close shift. Yeah, cue the total zombie face for the first hour or two of my shift. Oh how that competitive side comes out of me in the gym especially on leg day and I end up completely draining myself of everything I have. Anyways, I’m tired so I’m mindlessly babbling. Shall we get onto my food…or should I say food prep?

Remember to check out all of the other party goer’s over at Jen’s blog Peas and Crayons…Oh and I noticed, some of the partiers have posted up the new theme… Fall!?!?!? We didn’t have a summer…sigh. I refuse to say fall is here, despite it being so cold recently, so I’m sticking with the general theme button. 😀

Peas and Crayons

I’m not saying there aren’t some things I like about fall….

  • Apple picking (If I ever get the chance to go again, which I would love!)
  • Fall theme scents (apple pie, cobbler, all those baked goodies except pumpkin stuff…yes blasphemy number..what am I at now?)
  • Pie making, used to be a tradition with my mom when I was at home
  • Scarves…although I don’t like being cold
  • Squashes! Although, that’s nothing too new, I eat those on a regular basis. What’s a season? BUT cool lookin varieties come out in the fall like the lil carnival one I picked up the other day. Looking forward to trying it and all the other new-to-me kinds

Okay babbling again! On with it!

Before trashing my legs, this bowl of delicious carbs on carbs was devoured…

IMG_2153Kinda pretty…

IMG_2155How I actually eat it. Yup peanut butta blob in the middle with a bunch of the goodies under it. I eat all around the bowl and leave the best combo of all that’s wonderful in life for the last bite. Am I alone here?

In the bowl: Proats made with chia seeds, egg whites, almond milk, water, cinnamon and Cellucor Peanut Butter Marshmellow Whey topped with 1 serving of my Candyfit Muffins, 75 whole beautiful grams of banana (gotta love leg day sometimes!), 1/2 tsp of lucuma powder (superfood) and 1/2 tbsp of my homemade chunky peanut butter. Yummers!

Now here’s what the rest of my day looked like (minus my nightly snacky):

IMG_2371Classy Eh? Hence the bag lady comment….I was at work from 11am until close (7:30 at my work) so I had to cart most of my days worth of meals and snacks with me. So lets break this down shall we?

Post workout:

IMG_2369New experiment. I haven’t been making my beautiful post workout muffins lately. Instead, I have been making these cookie-baked oatmeal thingies to avoid having to ingest the dairy in my muffins. This saves me from taking a lactaid, which is not really a big deal, but hey, they taste yummy and have the exact same macro split at my muffins.

3 tbsp of oats

2 tbsp liquid egg whites

1/2 scoop chocolate whey (I used Swiss Chocolate Probiotic New Zealand Whey by Schinoussa)

35g banana


Mix in a cup, spray a little bake-proof dish and throw the mixture in the dish. Bake at 350 for about 15-20 minutes or until the top is firm and it’s cooked through.

Next we move onto lunch.

IMG_2366More class right there…

IMG_2365It’s just my typical post-post workout lunch of Japanese sweet taters and brussels sprouts that have been roasted with rosemary and chopped up spicy grilled chicken breast. Still good cold and in a bag.

Snack was one of the various spin-offs of my afternoon fishoil mugcake.

IMG_2364Also eaten from a bag hidden in my apron, this one was made with coconut flour and oats for the extra carbs. No almond flour in this one.

Dinner was finally somewhat presentable as it was in a container and heated up. A bag may have made this very tricky to eat.

IMG_2363Eaten while pulling forward after store closing, in the bowl was some organic jasmine brown rice (this stuff smells divine!), a saute of broccoli, onion, green pepper (from our garden), chili flakes and powder, curry and turmeric, some of my spicy chicken and a piece of baked tilapia with Ms. Dash extra spicy blend. Good stuff.

To top my night off, I will be enjoying my typical protein pudding (frozen) of Optimum nutrition chocolate casein mixed with almond milk and my peanut butter (and topped with more peanut butta..yeah I save up my daily fats for this snack! ;-)) and some carbs in the form of a new muffin recipe by Nikia Dyason.

IMG_2373IMG_2374Cutest lil muffin!

Nikia has some amazing clean recipes that you should definitely try out! This lil one was a modified version of her banana quinoa oat muffins. I had lots of strawberries to use so I used those instead of the banana and threw in some other things as well. I won’t post my version until after I try it tonight to see if mine works or not.

So food prep at it’s finest today and now I’m off to shower and enjoy that snacky with my boyfriend and our nightly tradition of Entourage re-runs on the couch 😀

Favourite things about fall?

How do you get through a long day of work?

Favourite quick recipe? I have been lovin those Candyfit muffins lately!

Have a good night friends!




My Meat!!!….WIAW

Mother Nature…you scaaaary!

Hey Friends,

This week I wanted to share a lil bit of my creative bulk cooking with ya along with my Tuesday noms. This bulk cooking was not by choice but really made me think about how to add some variety and different spices into my food in a short burst of cooking maddness. This cook-off was all led by a lovely monster storm that raged through Hamilton…amongst other areas…and ended up massacring quite a large number of trees in the area and leaving thousands of people in the dark for days. Despite being utterly frustrated at the lack of a speedy power fix, my boyfriend and I were lucky enough to be without power for only a day. I say lucky because there are STILL some people here in Hamilton without it. I really hope that Hamilton Hydro gets their act together and gets those lines fixed ASAP! So, again, why this crazed cooking? Well you see it was super hot that night of the storm and while it brought some relief outside, inside was another story. Our apartment sat at around 90 degrees all night which meant that not only did I get ZERO sleep (….and sweated my lil booty off) but our freezer completely thawed leaving me in a slight panic to save as much of my fish and meat as I could…about 100-150 bucks worth! The best option? Cook everything and freeze most of it once again. So before I show you my noms, here was what took up some of my time on Sunday and Monday.

Before I show you the goods, here’s was my checklist of things I had to cook:

  • 1lb Ground Lean Kangaroo Meat (yeah that ain’t going back I tell you!)
  • 1/2lb Ground lean Turkey Breast Meat (an amazing find at Whole Foods)
  • 1/2lb Extra Lean Organic Ground Beef
  • Whole package of fresh Shrimp
  • Bag of Large Scallops (obviously not letting those get thrown out either!)

The things that bit the dust and had to be thrown out. Everything here was already cooked and in the fridge.

  • A whole package of tilipia that I had just bought and cooked up a day or two before the storm. I was craving tiliapia so bad so this one hurt a lil
  • 2-3 grilled pesto chicken breasts. We had like 6 in the fridge and so I tried to eat as much as possible before having to toss’em.
  • 1/2 of my huge cooked steelhead trout fillet with my basil pesto and chili flakes. You better know that I was mad about this one. Ain’t no one messin with my trout! I did eat one piece for my snack though to mourn the loss…and hoped that I didn’t get sick… Gotta love high fat restdays. #Weirdsnacks.

Oh and before I get started I have to rant get something off my chest…How does anyone actually enjoy COLD overnight oats?!?!? Yes, I was forced to eat my prepped proats COLD on Saturday morning as we were still without power….

IMG_1712Ick. It gives me shivers just thinking about it. You all know that I love my oatmeal. I mean, my life is just not complete without my bowl of oaty goodness every morning BUT I have major issues with cold oatmeal. I CANNOT stand it. Oatmeal should be…in my books at least….pippin hot. Like I’m talking burn my face off hot. At least I tried to make myself feel better by adding my freshly made Homemade Nuttzo (recipe to come) on top…which I ended up saving till the end to hush the gagging that went on through this bowl. Even banana couldn’t have saved this bowl (I added a few tbsp of apple sauce due to it being a restday)! I know, it was that bad. Okay, rant over and hey, at least my Nuttzo was tasty….

Okay, back on topic, so bright and early Sunday morning (all before my 8:15am leave for the gym) I decided to tackle the shrimp and most of the ground meat


Hello there lil shrimpies. I missed you guys in my life!

The shrimp got to take a quick bath in some boiling water to steam them before draining and then re-freezing. Next was the meat


One for turkey…

I decided to try something new by adding shredded zucchini to my turkey burgers to give them some extra moisture. Also tossed in the bowl was finely chopped onion and garlic, chili powder, chili flakes, fennel seeds (whole), fresh cracked black pepper and a handful of freshly chopped basil. I actually had one of these burgers last night…


Topped with my favourite go-to toppings: 1/4 ounce light goat cheese, basil pesto, spinach, sundried tomatoes, sauteed cremini mushrooms with onion, Tabasco and lots of mustard

…and it twas good!

For the beef I decided to stick with my classic favourite mix

IMG_1721  In the bowl went finely chopped onion and garlic, chopped sundried tomatoes, a few spoonfuls of basil pesto, chili powder, chili flakes and fresh cracked black pepper. The moisture for these burgers comes from the pesto addition.

Please excuse the horrible picture quality.

Please excuse the horrible picture quality.

My boyfriend really enjoyed this burger and I have one saved for my next rest day 🙂

After those were done I headed off to the gym for my workout. Before I left, I sat the scallops in a bowl with some napkins to dry them out a lil bit so that I could cook’em up for lunch.

My George Foreman does a terrible job at grilling scallops! Wheres the grill marks?

My George Foreman does a terrible job at grilling scallops! Wheres the grill marks?

The only good thing that came with the power outage/freezer thaw was that my boyfriend and I were forced to eat the scallops…I know, poor us 😉 My favourite seafood! Not shown was my roasted sweet tater bites on the side with Sriracha.

So that was Sunday. I left the Roo meat for Monday’s job as I had to run off to work after lunch. So here’s what went down with my prized kangaroo meat.

  1. Burgers were a must, so 1/2 a pound of the meat when into making 2 of those. I determined that I wanted to try something completely different and since I have been obsessed with curry powder lately, I decided to do Tandoori spiced Roo burgers.

IMG_1753In the bowl went the roo meat, chopped spinach, diced onion and garlic, chili powder, chili flakes, coriander seeds (whole), ground ginger, a good shake of curry powder, paprika and a whole lotta tandoori masala powder. I also threw in 2 tbsp of goat’s yogurt for some moisture and added Indian flavour.

IMG_1758Binded pretty well I would say…

IMG_1762The finished product. OMG they smelled amaze-ballz! I cannot wait to try them out. I’m thinking I will make a date night dinner out of them with Andre and try them out true Indian style. Sorta like this:

…but I will probably have it on a lettuce or swiss chard ‘bun’ and will make the mint yogurt sauce using goats yogurt rather than greek for my lactose intolerant tummy. Yum!

…So I still had 1/2 a lb of meat to use up and despite really wanting to make sweet potato tacos/nachos out of some of it, I would prefer to have that when I can cook the meat right then a there. So instead I decided to whip up a curry spice infused kale saute for my dinner at work today and another taco spiced saute for another day. So here was the process of the first saute

IMG_1755I heated up 1/2 a tsp of coconut oil and tossed in chopped garlic, onions and the kale stems. Let those cook until the onions are nice and caramelized. I then added the roo meat and let that cook up mostly before adding some diced cremini mushrooms.

IMG_1756Then I threw in about 2 cups of chopped black tuscan kale, chili flakes, chili powder and a good shake of curry powder with a few tbsp of water and let that simmer with a lid on it until the kale was wilted and the meat was for sure cooked through.

IMG_1767Tossed it in a container with some roasted rosemary kabocha and called it tomorrows today’s dinna for worky. It’s gunna be yummers!

The second saute process was fairly similar but the spices changed and the kale got swapped out for some diced zucchini….

IMG_1763Caramelize onions and garlic in 1/2 tsp of coconut oil. Throw in roo meat and let that cook for a minute or two before adding diced cremini mushrooms, diced zucchini, chili flakes, chili powder and a few large shakes of my homemade (salt-free) taco seasoning.

IMG_1764Let simmer with a lil bit of water and a lid and then you are dunzo! Not sure what I’m going to eat this with yet, but I will think of something. 🙂

Phew! So that was my protein foodprep/kitchen craziness in a couple snaps. I’m super excited to try out the kangaroo meat tonight! I get excited about the weirdest things…Foodie problems.

Now onto the real show with my Tuesday noms! Hosted by the one and only Mrs. Jen (and mini pea) over at Peas and Crayons

Peas and Crayons

So my morning started off as usual with a big bowl of beautiful, carbolicious, voluminous PROATS BUUUTT before I show ya the picture I need to show you these babies that showed up on my doorstep yesterday…

Hello my name is Chelsea and I'm addicted to Questbars...

Hello my name is Chelsea and I’m addicted to Questbars…

Questbars!! 😀 You really can never have enough of these wonderful bars I swear…or is that my addiction talking. Anywho, this is their brand spankin new flavour flav, white chocolate raspberry, that I ordered a lil while ago and let me tell you guys, it was super good in a tangy kinda way. I was super excited to try’em out so I ripped open a package that night to have a piece with my normal peanut butter chocolate ON casein pudding.

1/3 of a bar baked to perfection.

1/3 of a bar baked to perfection.

Cookies before bed anyone? I decided to bake this piece for my first official taste test and like I said it was super yummy. The raspberries really add a nice tang that I haven’t experienced with any of the other flavours yet. I have to try it raw though because I think the baking caused the white chocolate flavour to get a lil lost…or I just have no idea what white chocolate tastes like as I have actually never tasted it before. Childhood allergy problemz….

So back to those proats….because I was so happy to receive my shipment of lovelies that I threw them into my pre-workout proats:

IMG_1769Half baked is the way I have been rollin with my Questbars as of late. Yum. You may have also noticed that I paired my white chocolate raspberry with bananaWeird combo? Maybe, but I just like bananas and that’s all the fruit we have in this house other than unsweetened apple sauce. Besides, it was delish!

I hit up the gym for my shoulder sesh and immediately following that 2 hours stuffed my face with my normal (now chocolate) protein muffin...

IMG_1790….and two more (I take two pre-workout too) horsepills BCAAs

After coming home, showering and tinkerin around on the internet for a wee bit it was time for lunch….

IMG_1130the usual (and a re-used pic). Yeah I’m not too exciting with my post-post workout noms. Sorry..if it fits your macros….I digress.

A few hours later I was off to work for a closing shift where I got the pleasure of helping out a friend of mine who frequents my gym. I have to say that I’m kinda impressed with the fact that he trusts my opinion on what things should be deemed healthy as I’m fully running off personal experience and tidbits of info I pick up from reading things here and there. But hey, to be honest, I think I know what I’m talking about…at least a lil bit 😉 Anyways, he had recently seen a naturopathic doctor regarding digestive/gut issues and came into the store with a list of food items she had advised him to check out. Due to being a lil hesitant he trusted in lil ol’ me to help him out. Apparently I sold him on some of these products as he will be returning to our store today with his shopping bag. 😀 Props to Lil Miss Fitness Freak for helping a friend on his journey to a healthier self!

Before all that happened I munched on my shnackie

IMG_1774My usual fish oil protein muffin BUT I used almond flour rather than coconut flour. I always find it interesting how these different gluten-free wholefood flours react when baking. Th different varieties tend to give a slightly different consistency to your goodies which is why baking gluten-free can be a challenge sometimes. For example, this is my muffin with coconut flour:


Excuse the fact that I clearly cannot mix batter properly. Hello clump of coconut flour…

Cakey, dense and overall, smooth. I really like the texture that coconut flour gives to my muffins and a lil bit (1 tbsp) goes a long way! On the other hand, here’s what the almond flour looked like in my muffin keeping all the other ingredients the same:

IMG_1775Still relatively dense, more moist (from the higher oil concentration perhaps?) and more chewy. I could definitely tell the difference between the two but I quite enjoy either flours.

Dinner was also eaten at work and that was the picture you saw earlier of the Roo-kale saute with roasted kabocha:

IMG_1765The kangaroo was really yummy! I’m so happy I bought some to try out as I would definitely eat it again. Addicted to game meats much. 😀 One of my co-workers asked me if it tasted ‘gamey‘ and I had no idea how to respond. From my experience, which only includes trying a few exotic meats (bison, moose, and now roo), all I taste is yummy. No sourness or tang or whatever gamey refers to. Perhaps ‘richer’ could be a word I might use (for bison especially) but to be honest, they taste a lot like really lean beef to me. One exception is bison….bison is da bomb (ie. better than beef IMO). My thoughts might change when I try venison though as I have heard that it is very ‘gamey.’ We shall see.

To cap off my night, I always end on a good note with a lil something to finish off my macros for the day. My beloved Peanut Butter Chocolate Optimum Nutrition Casein (turned into a pudding using unsweetened almond milk) with a 1.5 tbsp of my homemade crunchy peanut butta (only good thing about these recent calorie increases) and a 1/3 of a peanut butter chocolate Questbar, baked.

IMG_1583Alrighty, well that was a suuuuper long post but hey I had lots to share food wise. I hope you enjoyed a look into my very roo-tastic WIAW this week and have a great rest of your humpity-hump day. 😀

Do you like exotic meats? Favourite ways to cook them? As you already heard, bison is my go to right now

Favourite thing you ate today? That would have to be my Banana Chocolate ‘Chip’ Baked Oatmeal Cake I had this morning for my pre-workout breaky. Check it out!

Sneak peak

Sneak peak

Recipe to come I promise!

Keep on nommin’



My Food Preppin + Pinnin’ Fever

Meal prep memeHi Friends!

I wanted to do a quick blurb on how I prep my noms for the coming week as I have seen that a lot of people find it useful to see how others do their preppin. In fact, Lindsay over at The Lean Green Bean does a whole post on not only her own personal food prep but also a bunch of others too. If you would like inspiration or tips I would suggest you check it out! I do want to mention that I am not your typical prepper….let me explain. I see quite a few benefits to preparing food ahead of time, but I also have some qualms with it. You see, I like the majority of my food freshly cooked and have a tough time accepting a re-heated meal if I can just make it fresh. For example, freshly roasted veggies are WAY BETTER than those that were done a few days ago and then nuked. I just enjoy them more. Due to this particular-ness, I prep a few essentials, while leaving the rest to cook when I require it. Here is a list of things that I ALWAYS prep for the week.


Chocolate feva this week with my New Zealand Swiss Chocolate whey

  • About 10-12 baked chicken breasts. Generally 5-6 are done at one time, than another 1/2 dozen midway through the week) for my boyfriend and I to have on hand. Yeah we are total carnivores. This week I made a batch that was baked with a homemade basil pesto and chili flakes (amazing!), but normally we just bake them in some pimento paste, or ‘vinga’ as we call it. We like things spicy around here. 😀
  • My post-workout protein muffins. I used chocolate whey this week. Best decision EVER!
  • Homemade turkey burgers if we want them that week. These are simply extra lean ground turkey combined with onions and whatever other spices/herbs you like and then grilled up on our George Foreman grill. I generally add a good shake of whole fennel seeds, basil, garlic powder and chili flakes and/or cayenne pepper.

In addition to the essentials, if I am in the baking mood (who am I kidding, I’m always up for baking), I will generally bake up a lil something special each week for my boyfriend and I…okay mostly the boyfriend….to snack on. This week I made that same Double Chocolate Protein Bread that I made last week aaaaannnd I really want to make Lindsay’s Sweet Potato Brownies for Andre. These super simple brownies will be mentioned further into this post.

The other main components of the meals that I nom on are generally not really planned out as I tend to get ideas from what looks good or is on sale at the farmer’s market or the grocery store when I shop. This week some of the other items being added to my meal plan (Andre is out of town for most of this week so I’m cooking mostly for just lil ol’me 😦 ) include:

  • Fresh Swordfish and Vegetable Kabobs which I’m planning on grilling up with the rest of my basil pesto. Mmmmm I love swordfish!
  • One rainbow trout fillet which will probably also get some basil pesto added to it and be thrown into the oven.
  • Perhaps the rest of that bison steak I have stashed in the freezer from last week

So that was my quick lil post on what I do for food prepping and to conclude I wanted to leave you with a few lil tips

  • Give some thought as to what you eat on a regular basis and ask yourself whether those can be prepped ahead of time.
  • Before you go grocery shopping you may find it helpful to roughly plan out some meals for the week so you don’t enter the store without some type of a plan in mind.
  • Parooze Pinterest or your favourite food blogs for some yummy and easy recipes that you could prep for when time is slim. For those who struggle to find time for breakfast, look up some easy homemade baked oatmeal or granola bars that are healthy and easy to grab as your rush out the door. For those who work late, make use of your crockpot or prep some foods in advance so they are ready for you when you arrive home hangry 😉
  • Set a time in your schedule to do your prepping. You will be thankful you did!

As a final tip and one that is SO SO SO important is to not allow yourself to fall into ruts. Unless you really have no time to spare, make an effort to have some different foods in your plan so you avoid getting bored and loosing motivation. As mentioned, Pinterest is a great resource for new and exciting meals that take lil time to make and are healthy choices!

Aaaannd to show you how amazing Pinterest really is, I wanted to show you some of the recipes that I have found recently that I are on my to-make list

Cinnamon Banana Waffle Chocolate Chip Bread Pudding. This one is more inspiration rather than a mimic. Thanks to Lauren at sweatthesweetstuff for directing me to this pin! It’s from Paleomg and I thought it was a briliant idea that she made bread pudding from WAFFLES. How cool is that?!?! It’s quite genius actually. Although I have yet to attempt my first waffle, as I’m afraid Mr. George Foreman will ruin them, this would be awesome to try. I see lots of banana and peanut butta goodness in a future version of these 😀

Me thinks I'm on a cookie-dough craze now...

Me thinks I’m on a cookie-dough craze now…

Cookie Dough Stuffed Pancakes! This one is yet another  in the books for adapting into my own creation. The base recipe is from Cara over at Cara’s Cravings and I just thought it was an awesome idea to stuff pancakes with homemade cookie dough crumbles…or questbar pieces… Sounds delish!

Peanut Butter, Jam, & Banana Breakfast Pizza. Angela my dear (over at Oh She Glows), you are a genius! A sweet, fruity pizza would make an amazing pre-workout meal! I would probably end up making a protein icing rather than using the jam for the added protein, but the other toppings (banana, peanut butta and cocoa nibs) are for sure staying! 😉

Sweet Potato Brownies. These beauties are from Lindsay over at The Lean Green Bean and I have been dying to make these for the past few weeks, I just haven’t gotten around to it yet! Although they are too high in sugar for me, I think my boyfriend will LOVE these to death so I believe they will be made this week! ***UPDATE I made these just before posting this and the boyfriend loved them!***

My kind of cinnabon!

Cinnamon Rolls. I found these on pinterest which than proceeded to lead me over to Arielle at The Diva Dish. When I first saw these I immediately thought of my mom because she loooooves cinnabons. I have made homemade cinnabons before that turned out not too bad, but these just look amazing. I have already attempted these particular ones but I failed miserably due to making too many substitutions as I didn’t have some of the ingredients listed. Ooops. So I want to attempt them again with the actual ingredients listed and see how they turn out!

oh you wanted some savory ones too?….hmmm I suppose you noticed I tend to do most of my drooling over the breaky or sweeter things in life. Okay, okay, if you insist 😛

Quesadillas. I always see Lindsay’s (The Lean Green Bean) various versions of this delicious meal and I wonder why I haven’t made one yet. So many different options to choose from and I am still quesadilla-less!

Korean Bibimbap. This isn’t from anyone in particular, but rather is just something I would love to try, whether making my own or at a restaurant. There is something very pleasing to me about a bowl full of veggie and protein goodness. So fresh and healthy! Aaaannnd those runny eggs have been gettin me lately. 😀

Anyways that’s all for this post, I hope you enjoyed your tour of the sweeter side of Pinterest 😉

Do you prep your meals in advance?

What are your go-to foods?


Plan to prepare or plan to fail.