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We Almost There Friends…Life Update

Life is busy busy busy my friends!

I’m two weeks away from being done my final placement for my degree (aside from starting with my future boss Andrea at Dietetic Directions) but there have been so many other things going on that I would love to update you on. Lets do that in pictures shall we because it means I can control my excessive talking.


1. First off, Happy Canada Day to all my Great White North friends! 

Penguins are my favvvv animal. What is yours?

Mukky and I went to the zoo yesterday…yes in the 40 degree heat wave…but it was amazing. He wanted to take me there as my birthday present and honestly it was the best thing. It was his first time and I just love going there!

We were exhausted by the time we left, that heat I love but man does it suck the life out of you (UV of 9 geesh!).

2. Speaking of Mukky..


We celebrated our 6 month this weekend too! I honestly don’t even know how I was so lucky to have had him drop into my life (thanks Tinder :-P). He has been my rock and we got really close very fast. I cannot be happier. I love him like no one else and honestly I could have never made it through this tough year, medically, without him.


He’s my world

3. We finally got to go canoeing…


It was another first for him and aside from being unable to steer properly…I should have been in the front for better weight distribution…it was a lot of fun!

4. I had my Dragons Den Presentation and presented my thesis

This was our last class day and a summary of our hard work on a year long project (business project). Also, for those who were done, a showcase of our thesis research.

Don’t we look all spiffy?

My thesis was with my partner, Abby, and we were working at seeing if a foods lab course would improve upon food safety and skills and, as a result, lower convenience food consumption in 2nd year undergraduates. Although our results were not significant (we had a few biases in our subject pool and one issue with our data collection method), Abby felt that from a subjective standpoint, students appeared to improve, so maybe if the survey was fixed it would be better?


I’m going to miss them. My class of 21 really became a family… #MANFam…. but I know that the friends I made here will last a long long time and they will all graduate to do amazing things!

Countdown to graduation is officially less than 2 months!

5. I had another job interview!

…..and I believe it went really well. It’s at a Chiro and Physio clinic and honestly it looks amazing so I’m crossing my fingers. It would nicely cap off as two part time positions and would be both seeing clients in the way I have dreamed.

6. I started an IGChannel.


Video #2

I figured that this would be a fun platform for sharing information that wouldn’t be as energetically and time consuming as Youtube as I come into starting my career.

7. I have taught 2 classes…

At Langs, I have done the Intro To Diabetes and also another diabetes education talk at another the Cambridge Cardiac Centre and both went very well. I really love being able to do these types of presentations to the public and hope to incorporate things like that into my future career endeavours.

8. Medical update…

I think my hunt is finally over…I hope and pray. I survived through my second attempt at my procedure, barely, but it did come out with some results. Right than and there my doctor told me I had a tape worm..well actually a few. That was slightly shocking (have no idea where I would have gotten those…) but it made sense for many of my symptoms and for my lack of weight gain. Funny enough, many people have joked about that in the past.

I was given a hard single dose drug and hoped that would fix my issues.

I then received a phone call late the next week and he informed me that after taking a look at the biopsies done, I had colitis. Lymphocytic colitis to be exact and while they don’t know what the cause is, they had a guess that it was medications that I had been prescribed a long time ago after my diagnosis with GERD.

That one I didn’t handle well and I felt like I had a dark cloud over me for a day or two. The possibly that I can get rid of this completely is higher if it is the medication, as now I’m being medicated….again….and off those meds so it can heal BUT if that isn’t the case, it may be chronic and just management-based.

I really don’t want to live my life like this anymore. I don’t want to be looked at as frail by other people (who say some pretty nasty things sometimes when they don’t understand my situation) and just want to NOT feel sick anymore, but I’m trying to stay optimistic that this is my answer and it will be taken care of. My family and friends are very supportive and there to put me back in my positive headspace if I’m feeling overwhelmed but we going to get past this fam 🙂


To end on a positive note…


…this lil one had her birthday yesterday, mine is tomorrow and next weekend, as part two of celebrations for my birthday and Mukky and my anniversary, we have a nice Niagara hotel and falls trip booked. I’m so excited!

I hope you all have had a great long weekend and for those to the south of me, happy July 4th! 



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One Week Down And I’m Hooked

My friends,

I have officially finished my first week in placement and I knew I would look forward to my clinical placement for a reason…


But before I get into all that…

Before my placement began this past Tuesday, I dragged my bf to the KW Pet Expo in Kitchener and got to pet all the doggies and even see a kangaroo!


Hi Buddy!

Now I’m always stuck between not liking the fact that this guy is in a cage and enjoying the ability to see them up close and personal but I kind of always feel selfish for not being 100% opposed to the whole thing. I have this same moral dilemma with the zoo. They don’t deserve to be in that little cage, but I have to be honest when I say I was super happy to see this guy.


What I can say is that I do not agree with this..


No. I don’t care if the dye is not harmful to the dog, you don’t do that. They are not a play toy. They are a living creature and I’m sure that is not something a dog would really want.

Do you believe in changing the colour of a dogs hair? 

Anyways, so onto placement..

What a busy week BUT I literally enjoyed every second of it, well maybe except for the need to fill up Dori more than I would have liked because the gas companies are trying to kill us all.


Like actually though…My thumb will be sticking out the next time I have to fill up.


Let break down my days into nice easy bullets of fun


  • Did my first chart note. Apparently I’m a fast charter, which is good because all you hear is dietitians talking about how they are always getting behind on their charting
  • Got to sit in with my first client and my supervisor called me the “expert.” She was an IBS client and I swear she turned to me half of the times. Makes me feel all good about myself.
  • Amy (my supervisor) challenged me on a number of questions related to Diabetes so I got to do lots of research and learn a few things
    • Did you know that smoking with diabetes increases your risk of having to have a limb amputated? Due to already having vascular and circulatory issues, the ‘diabetic foot’ is already prominent. Add smoking to that equation and you create a hypoxic (little to no oxygen) environment that doesn’t allow for healing.
  • Got my calendar for all of the things we will be doing. So many things to attend and learn from
  • Was able to listen to a client phone call
  • Got my research project
    • The various recent diets and how they impact type 1 diabetes


  • Keto presentation at another FHT!! Blog post to come but OMG this was such a good lecture. Was mostly about it’s applicability in the paediatric epilepsy population but she (the presenter, expert on the topic) discussed all of the risks and cautioned about it’s use in various other clinical applications and advised against the use of a traditional keto diet for weight loss purposes. Gets my mind going.


  • More charting…
  • Helped run the Craving Change class that ran from 5:30-7:30. This is a class for people who struggle with their eating and trying to use a form of CBT-like therapy to understand their thought and emotion patterns and how that relates to their eating. This week we discussed WHY we eat, whether these are stomach, mouth or mind reasons and discovered that most of the time, we are eating for something emotional.
    • I also had to be prepared to brief a client on the previous class (which I didn’t attend either as I wasn’t there yet) because she missed it before that class began.

Thursday (Busiest day!)

  • 9am Diabetes Network committee meeting at a hospital. I was a bit lost as I have no idea what the committee was talking about and what they were currently working on, but hey, I got to listen to their challenges and brainstorming
  • 11:30 Lunch-and-learn about new insulin pump technology. This was basically half me stuffing a pin cushion with various pumps…


…and half telling them the event of my jaw injury because I wasn’t eating their lunch… #StillOnBabyFood

  • 3-5 was the Intro To Diabetes group, which was educating individuals who were newly diagnosed (although some didn’t know of their diagnosis…yikes!) on the basics of diabetes and nutrition related to the condition.
    • I learned that many people don’t know that eggs DONT belong in the dairy family
  • 6:30-7:30 I helped run the Healthy You class, which focused on teaching about healthier eating patterns, whether that relates to understanding portion sizes, making substations and helping with healthy and sustainable weight loss if that was a goal.
    • I’m supposed to teach the class by myself next week…0_0
  • Before that I got pulled into another client education session with the FHT Diabetes Educator. This was cool because I got to hear another professional’s counselling style and how she dealt with a client who was originally against making changes.
  • Finally I was asked to run MY OWN lunch-and-learn on sports nutrition for a table full of dietitians from surrounding FHT’s so they can be educated on what to do with their clients. I was so honoured (hello it’s my third day) but slightly terrified at the same time. I know I can do it but my mind is swirling with how to present this thing…and it’s my third day!


  • This is my research day. I can work from home but it’s doing my research project.

Overall, it was a great start to this placement. I enjoyed every moment of it and my supervisor, Amy, is amazing. I feel like she really believes and has a lot of confidence in me and my abilities and that’s really amazing to feel, especially so early on.

I have found my happy place guys. I’m a born counsellor and this is where I need to be.

Was there a time that something you were doing just ‘clicked,’ like you knew that this is really what you wanted to do? Yup, that was me this week.

Have a great Mothers Day weekend my friends, I took my Mom to the Butterfly conservatory today and it was tons of fun. Hope you have something fun planned with your loved ones!

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When Your Man Is Cutting…

I’m backkkkk and I have more time than ever so you all are going to help keep me distracted mmmkkayyy?


So when you’re a nutrition consultant and your boyfriend asks you to help him cut, you be a good girlfriend and not only help slow his roll with his cutting style, but you track his macros and make sure this cut is more successful than previous cuts.

Most people like to cut crazy fast and so that is actually a challenge all on its own because he wants to drop faster than this ‘Pro’ wants to because #Impatience. But leave it to me and science and he will see I will come out on top in the end. He will be keeping as much of that muscle as possible due to slower cutting.

The numbers are only one part of the equation though, you see, when in the bodybuilding lifestyle there are many a things a girl should do for her man to show her support during the hard times of “Summer Shredding”

You must tell them they are not getting small. 


There is a fine line between telling them they are getting shredded vs them perceiving you think they are getting small and scrawny. They are getting leaner BUT they are also growing massive shoulders at the same time….Really emphasize that! LOL! Keeps their ego happy while they feel they are starving, despite only a 200 calorie deficit.

Guys can shush it when the are loosing weight at 3000 calories

You have to constantly remind them that if they’re hungry that just means they need more veggies in their life…Or water.

If I ever didn’t have time to help him prep his food for the day, it was missing a certain filling and micronutrient dense addition. He has quickly learned how much veggies help keep his stomach from growling longer.

If they are also doing a caffeine/Pre/Stimulant detox…watch out. 

Oh boy, a cut PLUS no pre-workout. That is fun times. You’re job is to be the motivator and not cave when they say you can look at the protein powder while they “talk to the sales person,” which means they are getting a pre-workout sample.


You should help them with their food…


Or else they will be lazy a bro and just pack chicken and rice…than complain how much they hate chicken and rice and how life sucks.

Work on those wifey skills and help them out. I have taken it upon myself to be on top of his meal prep but MAN I did not realize how much food was needed for 3K calories…


Maybe bit off more than I could chew but the creativity is a’ flowing friends.

Here’s some ideas for you based on some of his favourites. 


Turns out he loves spaghetti squash. Hello volume! Plus he likes how filling it is while saving some extra carbs for later when he gets his fun meal..aka cereal

Cauli “rice” was also a great fine. that whole pot was 4 servings…FOUR and it’s massive.

We experimented and made cannelloni stuffed with Lactaid cottage cheese (higher protein, less fat) + canned crab meat. He liked them but with the amount of protein he needed, he felt like the crab was lost.

Shepherds pie was also a success. Really simple recipe too!

For 4 servings…

~2 large sweet potatoes, roasted and than mashed with rosemary, garlic powder and chili flakes

~around 800g of extra lean ground beef that was sautéed with mushrooms, zucchini and onion + liquid smoke, rosemary, 2 tbsp tomato paste and some fennel seeds.

Plop the beef mixture in the bottom of a sprayed tin and top with the mash and bake at 350 for about 20 minutes or until the top browns a bit (you can add some butter on top, I just sprayed it a bit with some coconut spray)


He loved his little dairy free mac n’cheese cup. I used a lactose free, skim mozzarella cheese that we recently found at Zehrs and mixed it with some quinoa pasta (again, higher protein) and baked it in a ramekin until the top got nice and toasty. Served with a baked (my tin foil method) turkey breast fillet with steak spice and sautéed snap peas.


He was very very happy with his waffle sandwich. I tried to do the whole sweet potato chicken n’waffles thing but it had to be more macro friendly so I made a kabocha squash waffle (lower carbs) with chicken breast meat, his lactose free mozzarella cheese and a runny egg and he quite enjoyed it…


When the photographer/chef says you have to show the sammich contents while pretending to eat it…

Kabocha Waffle (makes 2 waffles)

Blend together –> 90g cooked and mashed squash + 1/2 cup or 40g oats + 1 tsp baking powder + 1 egg white (32g) + Italian spices + water to make a thick batter. 

Spray your waffle maker (mine is sad and makes flat waffles…) and cook your waffles as directed. 

Annddd these little beauties were a quick and fun lil recipe from The Lean Green Bean that he actually loved.


I used a lactose free white cheddar in the centre of each meatball (which was made with extra lean ground turkey + some chorizo sausage) and then rolled them in panko + Italian spices. The cheese burst while they were baking and turned out great over zoodles and sauce with spinach (cuz micros…).

And finally…breakfast. He has come to love avocado english muffins with runny eggs and turkey bacon but sometimes breakfasts sammiches sneak in there too…


His camera makes this food look all glowy and such

Turkey bacon + spinach + Chicken breast + runny egg + sriracha and mustard on a whole wheat bagel. Good to go.

Ladies, if you and your man are into the bodybuilding lifestyle the time between March and summa generally means cutting season. Put your apron on and get your ‘swole’ comments ready because he would do the same for you so make him feel special during this hardship.

Have some fun and surprise him with some fancy feasts that fit his macros and you will win his heart and keep him shredding 😉

And if you don’t do that lifestyle, hope I gave some interesting food prep ideas!

Much love friends! 

Best food prep staples?


Merry Christmas…Sending A Ho Ho Ho-Lotta Love

Hey Friends!

Quickly dropping in to wish you an amazing Christmas and I hope you have tons of fun, laughter and good times with your loved ones. I will certainly be enjoying my time today as my parents and I host Christmas for my Dad’s side of the famjam. For now, I’m off to wake up the parentals and the poochie so we can start our morning with pressies before getting a motor’in on our busy day ahead.

Before I go though, I wanted to post this lil numba I made up for those who perhaps have a second and want to work up a good sweat.

Slide1This is a reps for time type of circuit meaning that you are looking to do each round as quickly as you can while still maintaining proper form (no cheating guys!). There is a lot of traveling/movement in this one which is why I called it the reindeer circuit. Those guys have quite the distance to go on Christmas Eve so lets join them on their journey, even if it’s not around the world.

For those stairs I want full sets of stairs (if you are in a bungalow and only have 1/2 flights, double the numba I put there), where each round includes both up and down a flight. You can run, jog or walk it’s up to you, but push yourself and see how fast you can do them…just no tripping up the stairs and breaking something. Christmas is for celebration not hospital visits. Mmmkay?

For the pushups, do as many full as you can, then drop to the knees for the rest. Take breaks as you need to but do the full 20 before moving on. For the lunges, 1 rep would include a lunge with both legs and I want those back legs to get LOW. No half lunges here my friends. For the mountain climbers, ensure those knees are being brought right into the chest but ensure to keep that butt down. Lastly, for the wall sits, make sure your quads are parallel to the ground (meaning that your legs should make a perfect right angle with the wall and the floor). No resting your hands on your legs as that makes it easier and just remember to breathe.

Have some fun with it, play some Christmas music and let me know if anyone tries it out!

Have an amazing Christmas friends and remember, EAT! Do not starve yourselves all day for your dinner or you will binge. Eat normally and choose your indulgences at dinner. You don’t need to go ham on the food. Balance is key.



Springin Forward With A Lil Back And Chest Action

Hey Friends!

I got to go home again this weekend! 😀 Good times as my Mom and I got our nails done today AND we are heading to Whole Foods for dinna tonight. What else is new when I go home right? As always, seeing Maggie was also an added bonus. I love that lil furbaby!

Pedis. Sorry if you hate feet...

Pedis. Sorry if you hate feet…

Mani. Love those sparkles!

Mani. Love those sparkles! Sorry for the post-dryer lizard hands. Hate those dryers!

Thank you Pinterest for the nail art inspiration!

Crazy girl.

Crazy girl.

Maggie being Maggie. She’s in her biting stage now…Still less than a year old.

Did you remember to set your clocks back an hour?

Although I’m not a huge fan of loosing one hour of sleep, I love the fact that this day symbolizes that we are creepin more towards spring…and WARMTH! 😀

Yes, Spring makes me smile too. Sorry I had to add that picture. That lil guy is too cute!

I also know that because it’s Sunday it’s officially

Sundays mean rest days from the gym for me. Rest Days mean a post-breakfast nap. That hour of lost sleep will then be recovered. 😉

What are your favourite things about Spring other than the rising temperatures and sunshine?

  • Bright Colours. Not that I don’t wear colour all year round, but I love to see everyone move away from black, brown and gray into the bright pastels and neons. It makes the days even more brighter!
  • No 100lbs of Clothing Required. No description required. #Efficiency #NoLongerAMarshmallow
  • Birds A’Chirpin. For some reason I truly enjoy hearing birds sing in the mornings.
  • Sun Rises Earlier. I love biking to my early workouts in the sunshine rather than the dark. Understandable no? It makes energizes you more.
  • Getting Outside More. Warmer weather means you don’t have to stay cooped up inside to keep warm.
  • The Grillin Begins!
  • Dresses and Skirts. I love flowy and feminine clothes. I may live in my lulus, but in the spring and summer, 1/2 of my life is spent in easy-breezy clothes.
  • Spring Produce. The farmers market starts to reappear and is beaming with beautiful fruits and vegetables. Our list of seasonal and local items just got that much better!

Screen shot 2014-03-09 at 8.21.44 AMSo, I decided to share a few workouts with ya on this lovely Sunday as well. Here’s my Friday workout..

fitness background 5I was really feelin good for some reason. A good reason! As you know I always start off with a core warmup (weighted decline situps of sorts and another core exercise super set with those. I drop set almost errrythang and my first lift always includes a warmup set or two.

Then yesterday mornin was my typical back workout….but had a few extras

Fitness Background 10Do you ever feel the need to try out machines you don’t have in your gym when you are at a different gym? I do! Whenever I go home for the weekend I ALWAYS go ham crazy (literally!) at Goodlife because they have a hamstring curl that I can actually fit on (the one at my gym is too big for me to use #SmallPeopleProblems) AND I made use of their butt blaster machine through doing a nice pyramid set during my first lift.

Do you even volume?

Let me tell you, I did that hamstring set in about 5 minutes and it killed. Probably because it was the second day after my brutal leg workout I did on Thursday, but hey, when the opportunity is there, you take it! Even though your legs are still sore.

Anyways, my Dad is gettin ansy to leave soon so I better pack up my shtuff so we can grub it up at WF. If you haven’t eaten at the WF salad bar yet, you’re missing out. It’s zee bestest!

Enjoy your Sunday friends!



A Childhood Memory…MIMM

Hey Friends!

What are some of those activities that you used to love as a child that never do anymore?

Last weekend I got the opportunity to go apple picking and do some much needed pie baking like I did when I was younger. It was truly Marvelous as it was something I ALWAYS looked forward to. The time spent with family, the smells of the fresh goodies baking and the laughter are all things that remain near and dear to my heart.

Although not as eventful as the yearly apple pickin, pumpkin carving was another family affair that always used to be done before Halloween. The actual carving part began to fade when I was in high school. Freshly carved pumpkins were replaced with uncut, faceless lil pumpkins. Despite that tradition not holding it’s own for as long as some others, I always loved going to the patch to pick out my own pumpkin. There is just something about searching for that perfect one that every lil kid finds appealing. Apparently though, that appeal holds true even today as my excitement to pick up my pumpkin with Andre yesterday made me smile like a lil kid.

It was a great day, one could even say it was Marvelous….

MiMM MIMM #72 with Date Night In, Bridal Shower Festivities and More!

Sunday was truly Marvelous because of a number of things….

  1. I got to nap. Like hardcore nap. Like 4 hours worth of nap! I had been getting like 5 hours of sleep every day that week and was literally CRAVING sleep. Is that possible? Anyways, I had the whole day off (no work and no gym) so I got up, ate breaky, went back to bed and slept till 11! I can’t remember when I had slept that long but I suppose I needed it.

2. Andre and I making up for not having Thanksgiving together by having our own lil private dinner that I made with a nice, large, on sale roasting chicken. Dinner was delish! I roasted up said chicken…


Seasoned with fresh rosemary leaves, garlic, onion, chili flakes and italian seasoning. Baked in no salt chicken broth.

…along with some sprouts (my fav!), kabocha (my fav!), broccoli, onion, asparagus and red peppers. All with rosemary, garlic and onion for the seasoning.

IMG_2877Good noms. Good noms!

3. After our dinna, we got all set up for our lil pumpkin carvin partay! We had picked up our pumpkins earlier in the day and I picked up this lil beauty..

IMG_2881A PINK pumpkin! Sorry I’m not sorry, I had to. They had all kinds of cool types, fantasy, white and pink…and normal of course, but who wants the typical pumpkin when you can get this one?!?! Not me! 😉

The carving was a lot of fun….


Pumpkin guts and seeds for daaaayyyz. Those seeds got roasted up later for the boys to shnack on.

Slightly messy


Matt Squared

Slightly technical


My babe diggin deep…get your minds out of the gutter!

…but we had some good chatters goin on while we stabbed away at our lil gems. Okay that sounds violent, but technically that’s how carving is done when all you have are steak knives..

IMG_2880And I would say that our pumpkins were quite the success


Those luscious lashes were quite the challenge to carve let me tell you!

Ma girl always flirtin.

IMG_2887The crew all lit up. Oh and if you’re wondering what that inappropriate looking monster is beside my lil ‘kin, it’s my boyfriends ‘dickolanturn‘. Yes, ladies and gentleman, I’m dating a 5 year old.

As if our Sunday Funday was not enough Marvelous-ness to cap off my weekend, I also received a lovely message from my client that made me smile

Screen shot 2013-10-21 at 8.49.02 PMHave a wonderful rest of your Monday and don’t forget to stop over and say hi to the truly Marvelous Healthy Diva herself, Mrs. Katie, here



MIMM: A new furbaby

Hey Friends!

Short and sweet post but I has to share the absolutely marvelous times I shared with a special new lil one in my life…

IMG_2274 Meet Maggie! Look at that face….

IMG_2266And again….

IMG_2286Okay one more….


In her sling in my mom’s arms

SOOOO CUTE! I really didn’t want to give her back to my parents as I wanted her to stay with me forever. Unfortunately because I no longer live at home I will have to accept the fact that my visits will be shorter than I would like. But really though, can any visit with that cutie be long enough?

Marvelous is instant love!

Maggie is a toy poodle (same breed as Lacey) who will only get up to about 6-8 pounds or so. Yup, she’s a lil one just like me! 😉 Look how small she was in my boyfriends arms…


I don’t know why he looks so shy here…totally outgoing guy I swear! Maybe it was the tiny lil bit of love in his arms turning him into a mushball. HA!

Ahhh so much I could say about how much I loved this puppy the second I saw her. I had just gotten off work to meet my parents (how nicely came all the way from Georgetown with Maggie to have dinner with me and do the official meet and greet) at a nearby restaurant and almost instantly my backpack dropped, a huge smile appeared on my face and all I said was GIMME GIMME GIMME! 😀 It was a good and truly marvelous night!

Although nothing could beat Maggie in terms of marvelousness I just had to share the dinner than my parents and I enjoyed.

Marvelous is getting to finally enjoy something you have been craving for like…ummm.FOREVER!

There is a place on Locke street, a few doors down from my work on the opposite side of the street, called Naroma’s Pizza that I have been dying to revisit ever since my boyfriend and I tried it for the first time quite some time ago. They make the best pizza I have tasted (which I have to admit is not that much, but still amazing I tell you!) as it is baked to order in an authentic stone oven and served nicely on the slab thingies like the ones they use to make the pizza.

Their single servings are HUGE!

Their single servings are HUGE!

This is the coppia, which is the single serving lol. Yeah, they like their pizza’s large and in charge! What is great though is that you can split the pizza into two types so my mom and I split this one but got to personalize our own side. My side is the one on the left and it was just as amazing as I remembered it being! Basil pesto on the bottom with roasted red peppers, sun-dried tomatoes (no pizza should ever be without those!), mushrooms, roasted chicken and mozzarella cheese). Mmmmmmm so good! I also love how they are in squares and that I can use a fork and knife

Anyone else enjoy pizza more with utensils?

My parents and I also shared this lovely Mediterranean salad:

Mixed greens, artichokes, onion, roasted red peppers, black olives (yuck) and a lovely balsamic vinaigrette)

Mixed greens, artichokes, onion, roasted red peppers, black olives (yuck) and a lovely balsamic vinaigrette)

annnnd I saved some room for a tastin of their dessert pizza (split in half with my Dad). Yeah it was my cheat night so I went to town!


Nutella and ricotta cheese sprinkled with a lil icing sugar

As it is normally served cold, we got it warmed as Lil Miss Fitness Freak doesn’t do cold for practically ANYTHING…desserts (like pie, etc) included! 😀 It was pretty good despite the dismal reviews from my fellow coworkers. Of course I haven’t eaten too many desserts in my life time so maybe this was just good because I nothing to compare it to…BUT it was tasty. I really liked the chocolate hazelnuttiness of the ‘sauce’ and although I was a lil scared of how the cheese would taste it was a nice slightly sweet addition. My dad gave it a thumbs up too, but like everyone else, said that it wasn’t anything mind blowing. Nothing beats good ol’ ice cream I suppose 😉

So there you have it, my marvelous night of good food, good company and an amazing meeting with the new puppy. What’s better than that? Especially when you just worked like 24 hours over the past three dayz…

Thanks Katie for setting up this shinding and make sure to check our her blog for her (and everyone elses!) Marvelous affairs 😀

MiMM MIMM #66 Tradition, New Candle Love, and More!

Happy Monday!