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Friday Favourites

My Friends!

Happy Friday My Peeps.

Whats new?

This Friday I am loving a few things and that all starts off with the fact that…


What are friends?

Just kidding. This exam period didn’t try to run me over with a truck this year and I’m so thankful that it was super relaxing. I had a total of two (unheard of for me!) and they were a week apart so I had the time to enjoy the beautiful weather that last weekend brought us with my housies.


So much love for them you have no idea. ❤

After all of it is said and done, I can say that my easy-peasy approach never led me to one of these moments…


Speaking of friends

I had a lil buddy for my ice cream tonight…

Audrina 4 (3)

Adrian’s choice was spiderman –> mix of bubble gum and fruity flavours. The kids like the colourful ones I suppose.

My friend Rebecca’s lil cutie, Audrina. She literally would not let her Mom take her bowl away until she drank it all. Like ALL of it. So funny…

Audrina 2 (3)

She’s got good taste in ice cream 😉

As for me, they brought my caramel Skor gelato back and so got that on top of my usual salty caramel because we all know that dat flavour ain’t going anywhere until they take it away from me…


More Ice Cream?

This…I need this! Holy moly I have wanted to try the cashew milk ones (apparently even better then the coconut milk varieties which are pretty good, almond milk ones…not so much and soy…no thanks), but omg the caramel make me officially get on it…


…and I don’t need to say much about this…



New BBQ (err. Dad’s…). First grill of the season. First halibut steaks of the season. Nuff said.

My job is intriguing me.

Despite the fact that I don’t get much time off, as I start my ‘job’ on Monday, I’m thinking my summa will still be pretty easy going.  I previously mentioned, I believe (?) that I got a job in Guelph doing research that had a component of nutrition. SO, I snagged that baby as fast as I could because a position in dietetics that isn’t volunteer is hard to come by! Anywho, basically after breaking down her research focus, I will be looking into couple concordance in health behaviours and interest in health interventions and early prevention/screening tools. In other words, does your significant other affect whether or not you would do a new screening for a given disease or whether or not you follow certain health behaviours? Cool eh?

On top of all of that, I get to do my work when and wherever I want just as long as I get it done and it’s full time paid work. I’m getting paid to do literature reviews on what makes people do things for their health!

Can I say winning yet?

I’m content. 😀

Finally, speaking of research, I came across an interesting article today on Facebook and decided to share…

Metabolic Damage…Again. 

I know I have touched on this topic time and time again, but heres to giving you another resource to take a peak at if you are still on the fence and not ready to drop the cardio and eat all the foods your body is crying out for.

A damaged metabolism does more then just make loosing weight nearly impossible (and fat gain possibly…well, possible). Classic symptoms of your body being overly stressed including digestive upset (bloating, indigestion, etc), water retention, fatigue, etc are all very common and just plain annoying if you ask me. Furthermore, more serious things such as the loss in the ability to absorb some of your nutrients (because your gut is A-N-G-R-Y) and chronically high levels of cortisol (hello fat gain and overtaxed organs) also happen and are not things to mess around with.

So without going back into it, I will conclude with saying…

Eat more then 1200 calories because that doesn’t mean you loose weight, it often means you gain it.

The longer you starve yourself, the longer it’s going to take to heal

This same goes for cardio. More cardio is not better. More cardio just means more fixing later. Do as little as you can to simply keep your ticker tickin.

No hour to two hour treadmill or stair steppin session mmmkay?

So yeah, I hope you had a great Friday. Good luck with any left over exams for my fellow students and have a great weekend my friends!



Banjo’s and 2 Headed Monsters…Thinking Out Loud.


Guys I’m obsessed with this song. Like no joke. When I ‘turn onto songs’ I really do and have them on repeat for a good week.

There must be something in the water

There must be something ’bout your daughter.

She said

Our love ain’t nothing but a monster

Our love ain’t nothing but a monster with two heads. 

So good.

Another song stuck on repeat is this one

Oh and for the gym…


Foot Steps

This was actually one of the songs my Dad requested for his USB stick and it stuck around in my playlist and I’m happy it did. Had me jammin for the last stretch of my leg workout…the one on Monday that I’m STILL sore from. Switch up your exercises folks!

My Friends, how is your Thursday going?

Mine is starting off on a rambling note apparently before I run off to meet my housemate at Whole Foods and Square One.

You know you’re an addict when any potential reason (My housemate is alone and must therefore be lonely…) to go to Whole Foods makes you squeal and drive the hour drive to get there…

Oh and if you’re wondering why I’m not in school, I have a perfectly simple explanation for you.

I’m still on holidaaaaaaattiooonnn Weeoooo

No I’m totally not rubbing it in that Guelph University graciously gave us an extra week compared to all other Universities.. It’s a Christmas New Years miracle! 


Okay maybe I’m rubbin’ it in just a tad…


How is it that you make promises with friends to get together more often all happy and giddy and then a year goes by and you haven’t even spoken?

Well I changed that and met up with my friend Rebecca yesterday while getting our nails done.


My friends, that is 2, yes TWO manicures in less then 3 weeks. My nails have never been treated so well.

Actually scratch that, I got shellac, which I suppose really isn’t good for your nails…

I know you don’t want to hear about it, but for real I went for a full terrorist look on Monday when we fell into an Ice Age for one day.

Not cool Mother Nature. That was the peak of the day… Two days before we were above 0.

When will Mother Nature hit menopause and stop PMSing? That is the real question.

Speaking of emotions..

Being all giddy and smiley when a certain someone texts you is fun…

People are fun.

Dating is fun.

I’m having fun. 😀

Oh and on said dates you should always be yourself right?



Get you’re minds out of the gutter!

Thankfully my over sampling self didn’t seem to scare anyone away yet…

Just doing me. 😉

#ImEmbarassing #NoShame 

If we’re talking about ice cream…

I was quite unhappy that this months flavour at Baskins is yet ANOTHER chocolate one. -_-


P-E-A-N-U-T  B-U-T-T-E-R !!!!

How many times must I yell it out loud. That or caramel.

Now that I think about it, I think toffee would also be cool.

With Valentines in the next month, guess I should just give up because no doubt it’s gunna be chocolate AGAIN.

Despite my irritation, I’m still throwing my money at the Baskin establishment tomorrow cuz ice cream love trumps all and, well, leg day.


Anyways, I’m finally heading back to school tomorrow so that I can have a nice and easy going weekend going into the new semester. If anyone is actually interested, here is my class schedule for my third year winter semester.

Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 8.12.52 AM.png

Three total classes, but two of them are ‘doubles’ which then just adds up, work wise, to the normal 5 class load. That big lab is actually the restaurant course which is where you go into our on-campus restaurant PJ’s and actually work a certain part of the establishment each week. Although it sounds interesting, I have heard it’s very tiring so we will have to wait and see.

The one class I’m really excited for is Clinical Nutrition because that is what I’m really interested in!

Then the last class is a Communications and Counselling class (#BirdCourse…I have been told) which I suppose is important for clinicians to learn HA.

Oh and before you ask, this will not mess up my morning gym routine in the slightest except for switching my rest day to Tuesday because Thursday is essentially empty, while Tuesday is packed…so rational thought says:

Make the change!

Anyways, I hope you have a great Thursday friends. One more day and you are all back onto the weekend after your first week back.

Current song addiction?

Funny quirk that may or may not make others embarrassed?



Smitten For Snickers

Happy Saturday my Friends!

Big shout out to you all for all of you love and support on my first post back to zee bloggy world. I’m really so happy that you guys still checked back to my lil place in the inter web 😀


Just a lil quickie before I run off to the gym and then the farmers market on this lovely…eerr kinda dark…morning.

So this happened last night as usual on Fridays…


Leg Day Cheat Meal Time with my parents! Started off at Tom Yom Thai and Vietnamese and despite the atmosphere being more fast-food like and less restaurant like (my Mom said not so cozy), I really enjoyed my typical dish of ALL ZEE VEGGIES and SEAFOOD. Yum.

As for my normal Ice Cream Challenge, I was super stoked when I found out that Guelph sold Kawartha downtown at a Imported Candy shop call Sweets! Candy but was gravely disppointed when I got there and all they had was the bottom of the barrels left.


So we quickly made a change of plans to our always happening Baskin Robbins and I’m SO GLAD WE DID because this beauty then hit my face..


Yes my friends, I found it finally!

Made With Snickers.

Caramel Ice Cream + Snickers + Caramel Swirl

You better believe that I died a lil bit last night. That ice cream was super loaded with snickers and caramel flavour. The best of both worlds

Peanut butter and Caramel.


You’re telling me!

I loved it so much that my Dad even bought a pint of it to take home and stash in the freezer when they decide to send that one away again

RIP to my salted caramel..

Now I just have to get over my fear of eating ice cream at home….No I’m not kidding.

But anyways best flavour I have ever had as Baskins! On the top was a new top 5..Perils of Praline


Vanilla frozen yogurt packed with pralined pecans and chocolate cookie pieces, and a creamy caramel ribbon throughout

This one is real good too guys!

I was a lil bit concerned with the cookie pieces as I’m also gluten free…So lactose intolerance + glutenless + Chelsea eating dairy-vicious ice cream with gluten-ified cookie pieces = problems?

Not this morning apparently (knock on wood)

Thank you enzymes. 😀

Overall my sore and tired self (thanks leg day) was thoroughly stuffed but I’m still drooling over that ice cream. This week I had my parents there for support too which was nice as I had a rougher time last week without them. I still had my moments last night but I tried my best just to die of my foodgasm.

In other news..

This needs to be a thing


Did you know that naps are apparently good for you and everyone should take them daily?


I agree! And I mostly do hehe. If Thomas Edison did it…

Lastly before I run off…

This happened yesterday and although I was expecting it because apparently everyone in this world thinks it’s the greatest thing to man…


Pumpkin Pie Questbar…#WhiteGirlsScreamedWithJoy

I was disappointed it wasn’t caramel (#obsessed)

Well that will be one bar for the housemate and not me.

Hope you have a great Saturday Friends!

Anyone else out there not a pumpkin person? Love my kabocha (it’s a japanese pumpkin my loves and not a squash technically), but have never really been into pumpkin flavoured things. Don’t hate on me!

Top 5 Baskin Robbins (or ice cream in general) flavours? Made with Snickers, Salty Caramel, Creme Brûlée (got that baby once, damn seasonality flavours!), Reese’s, Perils of Praline



I’m Alive! Did Ya Miss Me?

My Friends, My Friends!

Oh how I have missed you all! I hope you are all still with me, but as I took a mini hiatus over the last month of the summer, I can understand if you gave up on me…


I feel the need to say sorry for taking my lil break from the blog world, but I was just spending the time with my friends and family, while also working and getting my house prepped (ugh moving sucks eh?) before I moved in during the second weekend of September.

I actually think I really needed the time to just be at home, not be working 24/7 (I worked a few full shifts a week at an old job as a chef. Thanks again to Mark for squeezing my lil tushie into your kitchen once again) and reflecting a bit on myself and my health.

For this first post back on this lovely Tuesday, I thought I would give a brief lil recap and some thoughts of this summa in general.

Overall, as I mentioned, I think I really needed this summer to be home. I really enjoyed being able to spend the time at home with my parents and Maggie..


I loved being able to watch her do her favourite things like dunking herself in a grocery bucket filled with water in the backyard when it got too hot and bobbin for her toys like they were apples.

I loved being able to take her for walks and see how distracted this young, ‘forever puppy’ can get. Chasing leaves if they moved. Trying to eat butterflies. She’s quite a child and very different from my previous poodle, Lacey.


She’s a great mix between diva and tomboy.

I got to spend more time seeing my friends and keeping updated with their lives the way I haven’t been able to do when I was working full time previous summers.

I still baked. Whether it was the end of the summer peach pie baking with my Mom (with the last of the farmer’s market in season peaches!)…

That pie in the back got a lovely lattice top that my Mom created and was stuffed in the freezer to be kept for Thanksgiving. the crisp in the front was for my Mom and Dad to nosh on those next few nights.

That pie in the back got a lovely lattice top that my Mom created and was stuffed in the freezer to be kept for Thanksgiving. the crisp in the front was for my Mom and Dad to nosh on those next few nights.

Or baking for the trainers at Goodlife..

Salted Caramel pronuts. No sugar, high protein and filled and glazed with a vegan homemade

Salted Caramel pronuts. No sugar, high protein and filled and glazed with a vegan homemade “caramel”

High protein goodies anyone?

Peanut Butter and Banana bundt protein flowers with that vegan caramel spread into the petals.

Peanut Butter and Banana bundt protein flowers with that vegan caramel spread into the petals.

They were very much enjoyed…and fought over apparently…

My Ice Cream A Week challenge continued all through the summer and I have to say that I’m quite proud I continued to keep it up despite still having that guilt.

ice cream

Out of all of my times I went, I managed to find my favourite ice cream place…

Click the picture to take you to their site. Open at your own risk ;-)

Click the picture to take you to their site. Open at your own risk 😉

Best Salted Caramel ice cream I had all summer! All ice creams, sorbets, gelato’s and sorbets made in house! Yes they had everything your heart could desire.

I will say that I became quite the ice cream snob and despite my Baskin Robbins being good and serving it’s purpose, homemade really began to strike my fancy.

Also tried the local Ontario goodness as well and that was damn good too.

My fav but I haven't gotten the ability to try out more. the creme brûlée rocked my world as well but that one you cannot buy :-(

My fav but I haven’t gotten the ability to try out more. the creme brûlée rocked my world as well but that one you cannot buy 😦

My Mom and I finally got to go to Ripley’s Aquarium in Toronto!


It was so cool! Despite being run over by a bazillion strollers (who takes a baby to an aquarium…like they will remember anything..) it was a great time.

Oh and don’t be like me and buy Timmies right before you walk into the place as they make you throw it out 😦


I loved being able to soak up as much of that beautiful weather we got this summer as possible..


Sunshine is my favourite. It’s where I’m meant to be.

I got to meet Nicole Wilkins at the Toronto Pro Show sponsored by GNC in Toronto!


I wrote a whole post about this event but she is such a sweetheart in person and so inspirational to say the least.


I thoroughly enjoyed eating as much lobster as my lil heart desired as not only did we have LobsterFest at work (work perks..), but I also found frozen cooked lobster at my parents local grocery store…



Now all of this was fine and dandy but there have been some reflections as well. Specifically with my health, both physically and mentally. Let me explain:

  • I have still been unsuccessful at putting on the weight I lost due to food poisoning and my colonoscopy despite trying to increase my food.
  • I have become aware that I really need to push myself to eat more despite really fearing being full if I want to push forward.
  • I truly know I need to gain and I DO see myself as I truly am. When I was sick at 16 I didn’t see myself as the thin, emaciated person I was but at the weight I am now my mind is still rational enough that I do see the thinness and I don’t like what I see. Too thin and I want to grow.
  • I know I say and do two different things at the moment and I’m not proud of it. I want so badly to just eat more to grow but that fear sometimes makes it easier to just stay as I am. I need to pool my strength to overcome that and just dive in head first and let go.
  • OCD tendencies are showing up and they are an additional hurdle I have to face now. These are strange things that I haven’t faced before but it’s obvious that they are a result of not feeling in control of something in my life (ie. my weight and health). I have determined that it’s time to reach out for help and I’m currently waiting to see a psychiatrist to see if they can help me knock out some of these fears and OCD things that have shown up over the summer.
  • As for my GI issues, the colonoscopy came back clean but because I had a positive test result for another part I was tested on, he wants to take an MRI of my small bowel to make sure there aren’t any disorders causing inflammation. Oh the journey of zee stomach continues. At least it’s not as bad as when I started out due to me taking some steps to change my diet slightly.

Okay now that all that heavy stuff is out in the open (just keeping things real with you all, I still have my struggles)…


What am I doing now that I’m back in Guelph?

I’m doing what I do best…



Farmer’s marketing with my housies..


…and eating delicious creations from said rendezvous…

That crispy crispy sear. Best job I have ever done and take a look at those beauties straight from Nova Scotia.

That crispy crispy sear. Best job I have ever done and take a look at those beauties straight from Nova Scotia.

Classin it up with a pretty decent looking schedule if I do say so myself. Hello third year.

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 12.31.11 PM

Making Oats In A Jar for my housies…

Oats for Emily :-D

Oats for Emily 😀

And even doing some more writing of the article variety…

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 9.49.09 PM

I got the exciting and very fortunate opportunity to help out the dietician (and I will call her a friend as well!) I was working with, who happen to work at the Guelph University Clinic, as a volunteer writing next months nutrition article for the newsletter and I’m quite pumped to see it go live online. I am starting as a volunteer with the HPC just this fall with a few small jobs here and there (as I’m not full time) but I’m looking forward to it.

Big Shout Out to Gabrielle 😀

And a final “Doin Me” thing is that I’m actively trying to work on myself. Not only physically but mentally. To keep these challenges up. To keep trying to talk back negativity and OCD thoughts because if I don’t try to push through them, then they will overtake me and that is not a good time thats for sure. Sometimes it’s really tiring to fight, but I always have to keep in mind that if I let up just a bit it will be that much harder to come back and, to be completely honest, I’m annoyed that its been a bit of a struggle and that these thoughts are here but recovery is no picnic and this is a solid reminder that I need to always keep my guard up.

So heres to a happy, fulfilling and FUN new year and I hope you are all ready for it.




Suga’ Built Quads

Hey Friends!

So I’m just typing up this post waiting for my ‘Every Leg Day Friday Ice Cream’ cheat meal to crash my lil body into a suga coma. I had to travel alllll the way to Guelph to pick up my digestive enzymes (annoying lil things are disappearing from stores for some reason and so I have to drive 30 minutes to now pick them up now that I’m with my parents at home -_-) from GoodnessMe!.

It definitely wasn’t all bad though as I got to snag a date with a McMaster friend of mine who now lives in Guelph, Gabriella, and she indulged my typical Thai+ Baskin Robbins cheat meal with me.

Perils of Praline + Gold Medal Ribbon

Perils of Praline + Gold Medal Ribbon

This shop didn’t have Salted Caramel (sob) but they had a new to me flavour…

Perils of Praline (bottom). Vanilla Frozen Yogurt with Pralined Pecans, Chocolate Cookie Pieces, and Caramel Ribbon throughout.

It was super nomz (so much caramel!) BUT it melted so fast because it was frozen yogurt I guess and you know how I feel about soft serve. MUST BE FROZEN! But it had so much caramel in it. I got a lil bit nervous because it had cookie bits in it (gluten + dairy..?) hopefully I don’t regret that decision tomorrow morning but I’m trying to put that out of my mind.

On the top was..

Gold Medal Ribbon. Vanilla and Chocolate Ice Cream with a Caramel Ribbon

I have to say that this flavour is meh for me. It’s too chocolate-y for my liking (ie. plain). I get it more for the caramel and it never has enough. I also like my bits and bites of stuff in my ice cream, ya feelz?

I shoulda stuck with my plan to get added caramel sauce (did you know they have peanut butter and caramel sauces you can add to your ice cream?!?) but I chickened out to be honest.

Challenge failed.

Wait…Reframe. Will try again next week.

I always pray that a different Baskin Robbins will have the flavour I have been lusting for …

Made With Snickers. Why am I not eating it yet you ask?



Anyways, this post wasn’t supposed to be a review of ice cream, I came to actually share with you the Death By Legs legs workout that makes up the morning of my cheat day.

It is my quad focused leg day (my hams/glutes is Monday) and while both leg days really take it out of me due to the size of the muscle groups being worked, hello zombie all day + need a nap + cannot stop hanger, quad day seems to be worse.

So what better day for ice cream eh? Especially when ice cream is still such a guilt-triggered thing for me so I need a ‘reason’ to focus on at the moment still.

#StraightToTheQuads. #EatToGrow.

Anywho, brace yourselves but don’t be afraid. Take it at your own pace if you wanna try it out (which I would love to hear how you like it!) and don’t give up 🙂

Have I mentioned I like volume and crawling out of the gym when I’m done?

Leg Day, July 31st.

Core Warm-up Superset (do back to back).

  1. Oblique Mountain Climbers with feet elevated and hands on Bosu Ball. Added 35lb plate on my back and would ‘climb’ for a minutes. 4 total sets + held plank for extra 30 seonds for the last set.
  2. Weighted (35lbs) Situps. I sit on the lat pull down machine for this one. You get a greater range of motion on the down. 3 total sets + double drop set (25lbs)(no weight) for last set.

This is the idea of the OBLIQUE Mountain Climber, mountain climbers with knees out to the side BUT I have the ball the other way around (round part on the ground for greater instability) and hold onto it with my hands. I have a plate on my back (35lbs) and my feet are elevated on a bench behind me rather then being on the floor. Go with with a level you’re ready for.

Working Super Set 1

  1. Squat Dropset. 5 working sets of 115lbs with an immediate drop to 105lbs.

I warmed up with the bar first, then did one set of 105lbs. I also finished with a final set of just 105lbs again. Total number of weighted sets = 7.

2. Dumbbell Stiff Leg Deadlifts. I used 30lb dumbbells and did 5 total sets. Go to failure and go as low as you can with proper form to feel the stretch in your hamstrings.

Check out the workout video and description on this one on Take care to keep the chest up, shoulders rolled back (don’t slouch them forward!) and reach reach down. Pull back up using the hamstrings and glutes. Lastly, don’t swing up and hyperextend your back backwards. You don’t need to have your back bending backwards to feel this exercise.

Core Super Set 2

  1. Leg Raises with 5lbs with drop set to Knee Ups with that 5lbs on the Captains Chair. 4 Total Sets
  2. TRX Oblique Tucks

Working Super Set 2

  1. Front Squats. 95lbs to failure. 5 Total Sets, final set was a drop set to 75lbs.
  2. Laying Hamstring Curl. 4 Total sets with final double drop set.

Working Super Set 3

  1. Leg Press (feet together). 5 total sets with final drop set.
  2. Walking Dumbbell Lunges with a 35lb dumbbell on each shoulder

For the lunges I have been focusing on trying to not pause between lunges. Instead, just keep pushing up and walking constantly. It’s harder, but worth it.

Working Super Set 4

  1. Isolateral Quad Extension. 4 Total Sets with triple final drop set.
  2. Goblet Squats with a 55lb dumbbell and a drop set with a 25lbs plate with raise onto the toes. 3 total sets with a final drop set of 10 jumping or ‘pop’ squats. <- trust me just those 10 are hard after all of that.

For the goblet squats, I stand on the assisted pull up machine stand so that I can hold the dumbbell by my hips rather then up on my chest as my arms get too tired with the weight I want to use before my legs tire. Go all the way down ladies for that booty boost! Immediately after you do the goblet, grab you plate and do more squats until failure once again.

Final Burn Out Set

1 final set of dumbbell Stiff Leg Deadlifts ‘run the rack’ style. This means that you start with one weight and go to failure then pick up the next weight down and do the same. The idea is to go for the rest of the rack or just a massive drop set, but I managed 3 rounds.

35lbs -> 30lbs -> 25lbs

Done and I’m dead to the foam roller.

I hope you enjoy guys and post any questions you have!

Yes I know there is a lot of hamstring work here too for a quad focused day. I like supersets and I don’t want to kill my main (or first lift) by supersetting with a second quad exercise so I try to keep the 1st exercise to more quad focus and heavier while the second is the quad+ham or ham/glute exercise for in between.



Birthday Love With Caramel On Top

Hey Friends!

For all the love I got on Facebook, via texts and in person I got today..

For real, you make this day so special!

Other than a nice dinner and dessert (scroll for sugar-laden #BootyGainz) and a quick visit from my Nana and Papa, my day was pretty much a typical Friday. Not complaining at all though! It was nice and I’m not a crazy birthday planning type anywho.

So my morning started off with a lovely death by #LegDay workout (cuz ice cream later.. ;-)) and my normal grocery run for my parents and, well me of course.

Did I mention I actually like grocery shopping?

I totally love it. Plus I get treats (ie new fish or seafood) for my self as interest hehe…

I bring my postworkout lunch with me to the gym so that I can eat it in the grocery store (they have a microwave for the public to use) before doing my shopping. During my noms I got the pleasure of hearing a lovely and chuckle-worthy message from Em, my housie. She knows how to make me smile

I miss this girl…


LOL Em, your bow headband looks like devil horns XD


So after rushin back home, I was greeted by my Nana and Papa with a nice card and dollar dollars for me. Although it was brief, its always nice that they NEVER FAIL to have a birthday pass without driving all the way over to see me in person.

After that, Maggie wanted snuggs, so snuggs she got…

IMG_7874Always up for puppy lovin!

Did you know that this lil girl just turned 2 on Canada Day!

She’s the cutest as when you pick her up she almost immediately puts her head on your shoulder.

After some snuggs from the lil sucky girl, I had some time before our dinner reservation and some half dead nanners on the counter so…

IMG_7881That happened.

More protein bundt flower thingy’s to send off to the gym tomorrow morning.

Here they are naked…

IMG_7888…but they got filled this time with a pineapple chia ‘jam.’ Hopefully the trainers at Goodlife like the tropical and sunny twist on this version.

Oh btw, the reason they look green is because I used a sampler of the Vega Vanilla Chia protein blend for the protein powder and it has greens in it.

Shortly after, my Dad arrived home from work to jump in the shower and then head on out with my Mom and I for none other then Thai foodz…

IMG_7890Mmmm seafood and veggie gainz right der..

IMG_7891I honestly love Thai PLUS it does the trick of not filling my stomach up too much (as long as I remove some of that broccoli…sadface) so that I had room for my “cake”…


IMG_7893Yeah. Big girl cup 😀

Who wants cake when there’s ice cream?

i just don’t get some peoples logic. 😛

Two glorious scoops. The top one peeking over there is creme brulee and the bottom one…

IMG_7894Droollll. Look at that caramel! It was Salty Caramel Truffle (Caramel ice cream + chocolate covered caramel truffles + caramel ripple). No words just mmmmmmmsss.

Both my parents got the later flavour too with an extra scoop of PLAIN chocolate for my Dad <- yeah he’s boring 😛

Normally for ice cream we head to Baskin Robbins (remember I’m having this weekly as a “challenge the fear food” thing) but I have wanted to try our local Kawartha ice cream for a long time due to it having one called Moose Tracks (vanilla ice cream + peanut butter cups + Moose Track Fudge ripple). It was the peanut butter cups that peeked my interest but as you can see, it was not all it was cracked up to be as it did not make it past a sample spoon. I found there to be no peanut butter flavour at all and just tasted chocolate which I’m not a huge choco-fan.

No bueno.

When you say something has peanut butter, it damn well taste like peanut butter because that’s just rude! 😛

So creme brulee it was (which was really good! Very similar to the Baskin Robbins version they had featured about a month or two back) as I already knew that caramel one was going to be my bottom flava flav (ie the best one 😉

Anyone else save the best for last?

Overall, the Kawartha was really good! I found it was creamier then Baskin Robbins and next week I may have to sway the parentals to go back there again! Score one for local and hand crafted ice cream. Please bring back chocolate peanut butter for comparison.

YES I said I don’t like chocolate, but it is the only vessel for my peanut butter…to ice cream scoop shops, MAKE A PEANUT BUTTER ICE CREAM geesh.

Well after rolling my ice cream baby self out of Roxy’s Coffee and heading home, my parents surprised me with some presents I was not supposed to get.

Some money was gained along with…

IMG_7899Best parents ever..oh and Magg’s. Thanks for fueling my addiction! 😉

And a very bright and pretty new comforter for my house in Guelph that makes me look like an ant when I hold it up…

IMG_7900They know I love all the bright colours!

Maggie wanted more lovin too…

IMG_7897Daddy’s lil girl.

Now as I finish up this post, I’m sipping on my tea and probably going to crash within the next hour. Hello #SugarComa

On to the farmers market tomorrow morning after my lift sesh and a start to a beautiful weekend!

Screen shot 2015-07-03 at 10.06.50 PMThose temps and that sun! Weooo!!

IMG_7887Love me some sunshine. 🙂

IMG_7885Thanks again for all the love and I hope you all have a great weekend and July 4th long weekend to all my US of A readers!

Do you like it when your ice cream melts or do you wish it could stay solid forever? Solid all the way! I never hold my cup because I wish it wouldn’t melt. This is why soft serve doesn’t appeal to me ever. DQ? NOPE.

Did you get to watch any fireworks this week? I wish! 😦


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The Nattier The Better…Thinking Out Loud

My Friends

I was blown away from all of your amazing comments on my post on BED. So many of you shared your stores with me and I read every single comment and just wanted to give a big thank you for feeling comfortable enough with me and this space to share those hard memories. I can only hope that my post could benefit you in any way at all. I appreciate you all so much and it hurts me to know that so many of you have been going through hard times with food. I send you so much love and strength to continue to fight if you are still in that dark place and I’m so happy for everyone that has been able to overcome those challenges because it’s not easy.

You are worth the fight. You deserve to be happy and free.

So onto this post, I have…as usual…random thoughts to share with you all but I have a goal of keeping this post short as I’m trying to get my tushie into bed in the next hour. So here we go





Thanks to Amanda for the lovely sounding board every week!

1. Lies.

I was told that this would get easier the more I do it…

Salted Caramel + Pralines and Creme (ie. more caramel)

Salted Caramel + Pralines and Creme (ie. more caramel)

Don’t get me wrong it’s not that I don’t love it. Do you see that caramel (shout out to my Baskin Robbins scooper, you done good kid)?!? But the intense feelings of guilt afterwards + the very uncomfortable feeling of being overly full + the unnecessary anxiety and trying to talk myself out of it 4 days in advance is just too much and, well…


Le sigh. I hope it gets better but this doing it every weekend is starting to get to me.

Do it for the leggies Chelsea, they need to grow.

I digress…

2. Speaking Of Caramel…

IMG_7787The obsession is real. I have no idea why I’m all about zee caramel lately but it’s all the rage in my head…

As we speak I have my Sensie (flameless candle) burning…

IMG_7831…you guessed it. Caramel cookie.

Quest, would you come out with salted caramel already in bar form…

Did you know they came out with salted caramel protein??? Too bad I can’t eat it. 😦

3. One final note about Caramel…

Why have I never seen this flavour of ice cream??

Wait for it…

Salted toffee ice cream with caramel cups and a salted caramel ripple…

Bestill my aching heart.

Ah see, there’s Jekyll and Hyde for ya. You love ice cream, but you hate it all at the same time. My brain is forever a maze of confuzzlement.

4. Do you find natty peanut butter just not natty enough?

IMG_7829I do. So I just roast up my own peanuts and stir those into a fresh jar. Dat crunch. Sorry if you like smooth, we can’t be friends…okay maybe we can be friends, but we cannot discuss peanut butter because you’re doing it wrong.


Confession. I may or may not have roasted like an entire bag of cashews so that I could have crunchy cashew buttah….Why don’t they make a crunchy version of that deliciousness?

4. I did some baking..

IMG_7821My friend got me the cutest bundt pan out of the blue and it was christened by me making blueberry-banana protein bundt flower cake thingys with a homemade bloob jelly.

…The random one off to the side was a tester for my Dad…

Who were they for you ask?

Funny story.

The manager at my gym randomly came up to me asking if I had forgotten about them. In other words, why have delicious healthy baked goodies not shown up on the desk this week.

I guess you know you’re doing okay when you have people asking for more of your all natural and sugar free protein treats.

I win.

Plus, how cute are they??

IMG_78185. I also got my hair did this week and I’m feeling all kinds of sassy

Anyone get their bangs cut shorter and all the sudden feel full of sass?

6. More lies…

Did anyone else hear that Masterchef (ie the best cooking show like ever) was premiering this week?

Well I was super excited to watch the first episode with my oats this morning only to find out they are 6 episodes in already?!?!

Excuse you’re french Ramsay…

But for real though! I suppose I shouldn’t complain because now I can just chain watch them all…

7. And on the topic of TV…

Mistresses premieres tonight!

OMG OMG I’m so excited I could just…

Fall asleep?

For real guys I have to wait to watch it tomorrow because my sugar coma self wouldn’t be able to make it through the 2 hour episode…

The. Struggle. Is. Real.

Anywho, that’s my cue to wrap it up.

Have a great Friday Eve friends and a Happy Fathers Day to the Daddio’s.

What’s your latest obsession?

Natty or smooth? I promise we will still be friends if you say the later… 😉



I’m Squeaking Out Loud.

Hey Friends!!

For all my US of A readers, I hope you had a glorious Memorial Day long weekend. Us Canadians enjoyed our three-day the weekend before it and let me just say….

Yes the heat and sunshine has come back into our lives and…

I’m Feeling ELATED about it.

Speaking of them feelz, I decided to jump into this weeks Thinking Out Loud link-up with the wonderful Amanda with some of my feelings this past week.


Lets go shall we.

This Week Has Me Feeling….

1. Excited.

Guyz!!! I worked with my first client this past week and she was incredibly amazing and such a joy to work with. We did our final fitness plan presentation and question call this evening and I was so happy to share it with her and to hear that we was just as excited as I was for her to get started. To my client, if you are reading this, thank you so much for having the confidence in me to reach out and trust my experience and knowledge. You lit my confidence fire.

2. Savvy.

IMG_7765You see that price there. For halibut steaks! Normally they are double that. I died…and then I bought three. 😉 Me love halibut steaks. Regular halibut is delish but halibut steaks..The best. Even better? When they are grilled.

Of course with even savvy moment comes…

3. Disgusted.

On Monday I had to head down to Guelph and because halibut steaks are few and far in between (apparently they are not good sellers due to the $ and perhaps the bones…missing out!) AND because I knew that Metro in Guelph typically has them, I ran in to stock up. This was what happened…

Me: How long have these been here for?

Lady: Oh these were the same ones I cut when you were here last (you see how moving is a chronic problem…)

Me: So last Friday?!?!?

Lady: yeah I guess so.

Me: trying so hard to tell myself they were okay because I just really wanted one… I’m sorry I can’t. They have been there way too long.

Lady: Uhh..well, sorry about that.

ARE THEY TRYING TO KILL THEIR CUSTOMERS?!? 4 days friends. 4 days for thawed fish.

Rant over.

***It’s important to note that when you look up how long raw fish should be kept in the fridge for, it’s not more then 3 days and that is for fresh fish, not even thawed.***

4. Accomplished.

This is going to seem very random and maybe stupid but I’m very happy to say that I made sure my parents ate a vegetable for every meal this and last week.

IMG_7769Even tonight when my parents ordered in pizza, they still got them greens in. I win. 😀

Wow I just made my parents sound like children…

5. Yolky

On my rest days I typically make a “pizza” omelet as part of my lunch because 1. I’m currently obsessed with the yolk 2. It is a vessel for said yolk to be runny and amazing and 3. It’s just good.

The past 3 weeks either I have had to take my lunch with me on my rest day (ie no runny yolk can happen) or I broke the yolk (like last week) OR I overcooked it (ie. no runny yolk!).

Guys, I did it today. I got my yolk back in all it’s runny glory.

IMG_7768It’s the small victories.

Those fatty goodness victories. Oh and last week, when I broke the yolk, the omelet was acceptable only because it had seared scallops INSIDE the base.

IMG_7754Yeah I went there. It was damn good.

6. Uneasy

I should be saying proud, but I’m still not past the guilt yet.

IMG_7747Thai food dinner + this has happened two weekends in a row. My nutritionist told me that ice cream needs to happen every weekend because:

1. I need the calories

2. I shouldn’t be afraid to have something I enjoy

3. I need to overcome food fears

4. I need to stop calling myself unhealthy if I allow myself to have a treat once a week. That is normal. Normal is having things you like in moderation. I like ice cream (even though I’m allergic to it…) and I shouldn’t feel as if I can no longer say I’m a healthy eater if I have it once a week.

I preach no restriction for all of you guys and it’s so true. Restriction doesn’t work. For most, it leads to bingeing. In my case, I’m just full out afraid of it and that needs to end.

I need to be able to say to myself:

I like ice-cream. I’m going to get ice cream. I’m going to enjoy my ice-cream

That is that.

Two weeks strong.

7. Heeby-Jeeby like

Literally just a mouse run at my feet as I type this post…

I’m not afraid of mice, but I will admit to squealing lil a school girl and making it run under the stove.

There’s a mouse in ma house…


Except this is in my neat-freak parents house.

So imagine my Dad running around with a flashlight as he tries to find it.

On the positive, after it charging at my feet again, we found it’s entry point. It was behind our gas range where the installer made a massive hole. Now we just need to find where they actually got in the house from.

For now, I can say that my feet are safe though…

And with that, I’m going to take my crawling skinned self downstairs to sit with my parents for a bit. I can’t be in this kitchen right now. I hope you understand.

Goodnight all, don’t let the mice bite.




Happy Easter Friends!

Hope your holiday and long weekend have been filled with fun and family!

I traveled home for the long weekend to spend a few days with my parents and lil Miss Maggie. It has been really nice to come home and chill before my exams start this coming Saturday.

For my Easter Sunday I got to have a nice dinner with my Nana and Papa and parents so our gathering was nice and intimate.

IMG_7553I learned that I’m the worst turkey carver ever. So unaesthetic

I tried. I really did.

The catching up was so nice as I don’t get to see my Nana and Papa as often as I would like. Dinner was fabulous as well. I was in charge of all the veggies so I roasted up sweet potatoes and squash in rosemary and olive oil in addition to a big batch of asparagus, green beans, brussel sprouts (I ate 4 and didn’t die! Those lil brains are my favourite, I miss them) and mushrooms.

IMG_7560Turkey needs avocado in my mind. No?

Unpictured was the batch of roasted tri-colour baby potatoes (my Dad needs his taters since he’s anti orange :-P), stuffing my Mom made, a big salad, and my Nana and Papa’s carrot and turnip mash.

Dessert was a peach pie courtesy of moi picking that up from GoodnessMe! for my parents and a yogurt parfait for my Nana and Papa as my Papa is on a diet due to high cholesterol.


As someone studying to be a dietician, it annoys the hell out of me how old fashioned some dieticians are. The rules and restrictions they place on their patients make me so angry, especially if it’s my Papa we are talking about. I worry that he is not getting enough nutrients in his day due to this ‘diet’ and nutrient density is critical for older individuals to maintain their longevity. His meals appear to lack in protein (um he’s not getting any with lunch due to having a salad only..), he’s not allowed to eat past a certain point in the day, lean meats only (ie, no fat for you!), etc, etc. I hate these cookie cutter diet plans and the fact that many dieticians are stuck in the past when science has proven a number of these rules to be completely false.

Ranting aside, not all dieticians do this, but I have experienced way to many that have. I understand that with the elderly it may be easier to just give them a plan to follow, but filling their head with lies I don’t think is right when they are depending on you for knowledge for their health.


I hit legs hard this morning and will be heading back to Guelph tonight after a lil bit of indulging

First my Mom and I are going to get our traditional Easter nails. This is what I’m thinkin

Adorable Easter Nail Art Examples

Although I think I would go with a lilac for the other nails and not that blue.

I also really like this one…

Anyone else reminded of candy dots with these? Love it. #nails #nailart #candy

But I’m worried it will be too much…Then again it is Easter so I should go crazy right?

Instagram photo by shaunatokidoki #nail #nails #nailart  | See more at

Or this. Minus the thumb and in that bright pink colour…

Gah I’m so indecisive.

I’m also indulging once again in …

IMG_7433Yes. It’s only been two weeks, but my parents are taking me to get ice cream once again on our way back to Guelph. I kinda feel like it’s too soon to be indulging in something like this again (big fear for me, but I do love it) but my parents want me to challenge myself more often so that I don’t get as scared anymore.

We will see if their theory works.

I did work legs really hard today, so I can haz ice cream right?

Hopefully I survive once again. And a reduction in guilt would be nice too. Sigh. Soon enough.

Anyways I’m off, but before I go, here’s a pick of Maggie after she got beautified this weekend. She had cute lil Easter bows but those fell out.

IMG_7564Kisses! 🙂




By The Hour…WIAW

Hey Friends!

Guess What?

I’m actually going to follow the rules this week when linking up with the other What I Ate Wednesday partiers.

Yes, I do that sometimes.

I’m going to show you a full day of eats, from yesterday (Tuesday) as part of a day in the life post.

Hope you enjoy.

WIAW - New

Thanks to Laura (one of my fav blogs!) for being zee host this week for WIAW musical chairs.

5:27am. Ring-a-ling. Alarm goes off.

Lie in bed annoyed that I slept like crap that night and now I have to get up at this time.

5:30am. Suck it up and get up to go quickly reheat breakfast for preworkout.

5:50am. Pancakes in face. Bam. Food Prep for the win.

IMG_7445Vanilla protein pancakes with a few bloobs baked in (all 12g I had left) and topped with melted strawberries (100g) and 1/2 a tablespoon of crunchy peanut butter. Cinnamon sprinkled on and I only needed like a tsp of Walden Farms…prolly didn’t even need any…because the strawberries give you so much volume and sauce. Weooo happier tummy. 😀

6:10am. Done ‘cakes, wash up and reheat the last 1/2 of my tea from last night to enjoy while scrolling facebook and reading emails. Letting the food settle a bit before having to head out.

6:45am. Face + Hair + Teeth to take care of

IMG_7447Yes I need a hair cut. Dem bangs are no longer looking like the fringy “sassy” bangs I like.

7am. Change into gym clothes + Stuff backpack with my lunch (postworkout), laptop, towel, vibrims and water (which has my BCAAs in it).

Backpack now weighs like 20lbs…

7:15am. Bike to the gym in the dark SUNRISE! WEeooo. This makes these early mornings more manageable. Sun also makes it seem less cold, no?

It’s spring now and yet still -7 when I left. Mother Nature you fail.

7:30am: Hit the gym

Chest Workout Mar 249:35am. Chest is dunzo and I fly out of the gym to bike to my 10am class back on campus (my gym is not on campus)

9:54am. Postworkout food heating. Hey gotta fuel up right? I ain’t about that cold food life. Nope.

IMG_745110:01pm. After excessive heating, I power walk from UC to my class.

Weeeee bit late but this is typical. Only by like 3 minutes so it’s okee dokee 😉

10:30pm. Feeling sleepy so broke down and ate my lunch. Yes it’s 10:30 am. I ate at 6am remember.

IMG_74521.5 servings of Uncle Ben Quick Brown Rice (I call it my risotto rice) + leftover halibut (plus a random shrimp because the halibut was a tad bit shy of my protein wants) + roasted veggies (asparagus, red pepper, mushies and onion) + Mrs. Dash Traditional Salt Free Seasoning.

11:15pm. Class done. Biked home real quick to drop my stuff off just to run back out the door to catch the bus to the grocery store for a mini haul.

11:40pm. At the bus stop. Normally the buses all show up for this time but apparently the one that arrives right in front of our townhouses runs on it’s own schedule. Hmft. Power walk over to UC with the rest of the buses and jump on the express bus to Metro.

12:30pm. Necessities picked up + Timmies in hand and I’m headed back home.

IMG_74541pm. Back at home. Unloaded zee goodies

IMG_7455Sea bass (what? They haven’t had any in two week…necessity? I think so 😉 Laura would understand my needs.), frozen cooked shrimp, nanners, pineapple chunks (yes the obsession is still going strong), radicchio, zucchini (cuz I eat like a dozen of these per week), cinnamon spice tea, roasted chicken breast, floss, toothpaste and coconut oil spray

1:15pm. Shower…finally.

1:30pm. Prep pudding for my night snack while watching the first episode of the season of Teen Mom. Judge away, it’s a guilty pleasure mmmkay.

2:30pm. Feelin munchy. Enter fish oils and Vitamin D…


…And some random chicken cuz I’m weird and eat chicken as a snack.

IMG_74593pm. Answer emails (oh hey Ellie ;-)) + start writing this post.

3:30pm. Tiredness from poor sleep and workout this morning setting in…Thinking a nice nap is in store for me.

Threw 1/2 of a butternut squash into the toaster oven to roast. Prep for dinner.

4pm. Naptime. 😀

Cuz I’m totally that cute when I sleep.

5:30pm. Wow weird dreams. That generally happens when I actually get a GOOD nap (rare).

5:35pm. Come downstairs to check on squash. Not quite done (toaster oven shuts off after 30minutes). Turn it back on, head back upstairs and work on this post more.

6:15pm. Dinner preppage.

IMG_7462In the pot–> Garlic, onion, diced zucchini, mushrooms and sundried tomatoes (nitrite + salt free and organic). Added last was my homemade chicken meat balls + some of the squash (inside that is scooped out to make the hole) + tender greens + pepper + Mrs. Dash Tomato Basil + chili flakes

6:25pm. Sauteed up my stuffing mixture. Stuffed that into my squash half (didn’t all fit) and shoved that back into the toaster oven at about 300 to warm through and let the juices soak into the squash while I have my appetizer…yeah I’m fancy.

IMG_74646:50pm. Sit down with my salad (I generally always have a salad before every meal) with a side of The Real Housewives of Atlanta…I’m on a role for these shameful shows ain’t I?

7:10pm. Entree time.

IMG_7469She’s a beauty + Tasty too boot. 😀 I garnished with some avocado and sprouts.

7:40pm. Wash up, prep zoats for pre-workout breakfast and postworkout lunch (yup that zoats twice in one day Weeeoo love my oats).

8:00pm. Stare at Emily’s dying pear on the counter and decide to put it out of its misery..

IMG_7479…in the best way possible.

This was the puddin’ before it was tossed in the oven to bake. Honey roasted pear bread pudding OR baked french toast that I infused with a vanilla rooibos tea and topped with pecans.

8:30pm. Get my tushy upstairs to do some work. It’s about time eh? I have been quite school lazy today.

IMG_74809pm. Continue to work away. Submitted my Food’s lab, did the pre-lab quiz for the lab tomorrow (technically today) and did this study for extra credit in my Couple and Family Relationships course.

9:15pm. Realize my bread puddin is still in the oven. OH EM GEE. Run downstairs to take it out to realize that it’s still a little bit underdone due to the excess liquid from the tea. Phew. Back in the oven and I go back upstairs.

9:45pm. Come back downstairs to take out the bread pudding. Ain’t she beautiful..

IMG_7484I swear that is a different picture from the first! Raw vs. baked looks exactly the same apparently. #BrownFoodClub

9:50pm. Emily arrives home, we chatter a lil bit about her boxing class while I reheat my tea I made earlier but left to steep.

10pm. Quickly finish up some prep notes for tomorrows lab while I sip on my tea (It’s my favourite Truffle Mint tea by Four O’Clock). So good.

IMG_748510:25pm. Catch up on facebook a bit, add a lil bit more to this post.

10:50pm. Gather together my nightly snackage which includes my normal peanut butter casein pudding (frozen) + 1/2 a questbar. Tonight PB and J was on the menu, baked of course.

Sorry that went unpictured but I’m sure you remember what it looks like

Went to sleep waaayyyy too late so I was thankful for that nap earlier in the day.

Bam. Full day for you all!

I hope you enjoyed.

Before I leave though, feast your eyes on this…

IMG_7433I did it guys! I went to get my ice cream last Saturday night and I really enjoyed it.

IMG_7432Make that, Rita and I really enjoyed our Baskin Robbins. 2 adult scoops for lil ol’ me thanks. The top one (omg so good) was a Caramel Turtle Truffle flavour (caramel swirl + truffles + vanilla ice cream) and the bottom was the one I knew I was gunna get which was the Chocolate Peanut Butter. I’m not a fan of chocolate (its tolerable) but it’s that frozen peanut butter ripple that makes my heart melt. I will say though, that I think the turtle one trumped it, and I was kinda sad I had it on the top because I then dug to the bottom to eat all the chocolate ice cream first (leaving peanut butter chunks) and then was left with the amazing ice cream with frozen peanut butter. So good.

Do you save the best for last too? Also,

You know what?

IMG_7438I didn’t blow up like a house the next day either. This shot was also taken after my big bowl of preworkout zoats and a whole mug of tea. Lil flat, but those lil guys are still there. Sorry for the messed up hair and…well self…tis the morning. Don’t judge.

Being Real With Ya: I will say that I felt fuller then I normally feel after dinner following the ice cream. This lead to some triggering points for me so I just went to bed because I didn’t want to deal with the negativity that my brain was trying to force upon me. One thing that probably didn’t help was the fact that the turtle truffle one was actually a low fat, sugar free variety (that’s not why I chose it!) so it had a ton of artificial sweeteners in it that my tummy hates. That probably accounted for a good amount of gas that made me feel more full then I really had to.

All in all, I may have been a bit puffy the next day, but it’s a step in the right direction psychologically for me and I even told my Dad that maybe if I’m brave enough to do it soon again, Easter will be another ice cream weekend.

Favourite brand of ice cream? Shop?

If you were to design your own ice cream flavour, what would it be? Something mostly made of peanut butter for me. With peanut butter cookie dough chunks…I’m drooling.