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Early Birthday Celebrations

Hey my Blog family!

Happy Sunday to all. Many apologies to those who read the Fitness Friday posts as I did not manage to gett’er done this week to post on time. I tried, I really did but I went home to visit the family this weekend and with the travels on Friday and chilling with my parents, the time got away from me. Stay tuned for this weeks topic to be posted next Friday on the wonderful Canada Day!

So, how was you weekend?

Mine has been quite nice. As I mentioned, I went home to celebrate my birthday (1 week in advance) with my family as my actual birthday (July 3) will be celebrated with my housemates. Lets share my day in pictures shall we?

Yesterday involved a lot of …



Sorry if you hate feet..

Post gym Pedi’s with my Mama…


And I even got my hair blown out just cuz I felt like an extra dose of pampering. And I really didn’t want to put forth an hour of my life on that day to wash my hair…

At 4pm, the grandparents began to arrive…


Grandma and Grandpa enjoyed playing with the monster who went between jumping to get everyones attention to squirrel and chipmunk stalking.

I didn’t know until yesterday that chipmunks screamed…

We have to always keep an eye on our furry monster as she likes to try to attack anything that moves…and apparently there is a raccoon that has taken a liking to our backyard lately so that warrants a lil bit more eyes on da pooch.


One of the best pictures I have with my Nana and Papa recently I think. That lighting with the beautiful weather just made for the best paparazzi moments.

FYI, my Nana and Papa have been married for more then 55 years and I still managed to catch them in a moment of just staring each other in the eyes with a look of lust. OMG I melted.


I also was super active on zee snapchat (lilmisscross91) and managed to capture a cute moment between them two. 😉 Yeah I’m a creeper now…


As you can see, selfie game was on point. I’m starting to not be as camera shy anymore. TBH I was afraid of the camera for a bit because I was self conscious of people seeing me so thin, but you know what, I’m working at it, them dimples are starting to remerge and take over my face again and I don’t care what others think anymore.

I’m gunna be snap happy if I wanna.

And it’s my birthday, so I do what I want 😉

I’m not a brat I promise….just a revelation moment.

Lots of Puppy Lovin…


Maggie was pooped after all of her running around in the 30 degree heat but that didn’t stop me from kidnapping her for more pictures. Look at the face, can you blame me?

Today also included a lot of BBQ foods….


We had quite the meat spread going (burgers, dogs, and sausage) and a potluck of sorts for the side dishes. We did a simple bowtie pasta salad, Grandma and Grandpa brought a garden salad and Nana and Papa brought their famous potato salad that makes my Dad all kinds of happy. Mama cooks things best and if he had to eat that for the rest of his life, he would never complain.

IMG_9148I made two awesome skewers of shrimp and veggies covered in basil to throw onto that garden salad with some extra prepped sweet tater chunks. Went down easy and reminded me how good simply grilled shrimp is.

Happy Birthday To Me…


For candle blowing out purposes, my parents snagged a DQ ice cream cake for the fam to enjoy. They quite liked it. That thing would kill me so I opted out and just enjoyed the company and the rest of the evening with them.

It was a day full of love and relaxation and a lil bit of beauty-ing and I ain’t mad about that!

Hope you have a great rest of your weekend my friends!



You’re Doing It Wrong…Thinking Out Loud

My Friends!

How has your week been?


When you’re housemate needs new sunglasses, if gives you an excuse to try on ALL THE GLASSES. I ❤ sunnies.

I went home randomly on Sunday night up until last night (Wednesday) as my Mom was forced to go on yet another business trip to Houston. This is her second trip this month which is very strange for the person who hasn’t gone away in years. Hopefully that doesn’t continue…

So yeah, I headed home to be the “Mom” of the house and take care of my Dad (he gets very sad when she leaves…#RelationshipGoals) and my Maggie PLUS our new member…EllieEllie

So unfortunately, my Mom’s lil Gabby (parrotlet) passed away about 2 weeks ago and although I thought we were not getting any more birds (I’m not meaning to sound mean here, I’m not the biggest bird fan (as a pet) and neither is my Dad), Ellie has now arrived and my Mom is quite enjoying the more interactive nature of this one (Gabby didn’t let you touch her).

So when she was called to Houston she was very concerned about leaving her during the early bonding period, but I think she was okay.

So yeah, anyways, my Mom gets back tomorrow night, so hopefully my Dad will be okay for one more day alone (sad face) as I have a weekly meeting with my supervisor on Thursdays so I couldn’t stay. I did prep everything for him (breakfast and lunch), as I usually do to take the stress off plus I left him a lil something small and sweet last night (mini cheesecake) to remind him that someone else lil and cute (aka moi ;-)) was thinking about him. Maggie is heading over to play with her doggy friend, Piper, for the day as she cannot be alone for a long period of time.

Okay anyways, onto today’s post.

Lets do some Outloud Thinkin’ 😀

Thanks Amanda for the chatter space.

I know you hate this topic but…

OMG OMG OMG 20’s and full sun over here is coming. Next Tuesday is supposed to be 26.


Rita and I are officially going shopping on Saturday because 1. I now have some money (hello job-gainz) and 2. Need something girly, summery and just because warmth makes me excited to buy new cute clothes.

Plus I need some new sandals/flats because skirts and dresses don’t really mesh well with Nikes…

Speaking of further exposing myself…

With my first paycheque came an order from Lulu. #SorryImNotSorry


I lerrrrrve open backs ya’ll.

You make me feel like a bad Mama…

So I mentioned that I went home to watch Maggie. There are a few reasons for this.

~She still has to be taken out every few hours to go to the bathroom despite almost being 2. My parents are coddling her a bit more then then did with Lacey…

~She has major separation anxiety. One MAJOR drawback of the aforementioned coddling is that now whenever my parents leave the house, she screams like she’s being murdered and ends up leaving some kind of present in the house sometimes. I know that she is like their baby and having her come with them where ever dogs are allowed is perfectly fine, but its at a point where they hesitate to go out for the day because they are concerned about her in the house for too long.

I felt horrible yesterday morning as her wailing crying (from her pen in my parents room) was so loud at 4:30 am when my Dad left for work that it woke me up and kept me up (because how can you sleep when someone’s crying?!) for a good half an hour until she settled back to sleep.

Now you may be thinking, why didn’t you bring her into your bed you mean mean person! As much as I hate to let her cry, she would simply pace around my bed searching for my Dad anyways. She didn’t do that the first two days to my knowledge so I don’t know why yesterday was so hard for her. 

She was however calm enough to take a nap with me later that morning (pre-lift for me).


You may be high maintenance for a 2 year old, but you’re definitely a cutie-pie.


I’m obsessed with …

This song.

 and also…


This post:


Due to my more recent confidence increase (I wrote a post about it), this post speaks to me. Many people try to make people feel bad about being confident, when really, I believe they are just jealous that they are not feeling the same way about themselves.

It’s very true that confidence is often built from struggles. Why? Because breaking free of those demons, you are showing yourself your own strength and, damn, that is a powerful thing.

I have gone through some crap in my life. I have faced and currently face hurdles that I can never stop fighting, but the strength I see in myself now is what fuels a form of self love that I have never experienced ever before and you best be sure that I’m not afraid to show it.

So, with that being said, I will be very blunt when I say that anyone who tries to bring another person down for embracing who they are and loving themselves (which then shows as confidence) should take a hard look in the mirror because that is what is often lacking for them.

Are you a pre- or post- brusher?


Well if we’re being open and honest…

The title of this post comes from this recent phenomenon I have noticed.

I have heard from 3 people in the past week that they brush their teeth straight after waking before eating…

I asked my housemate why she does that and she said it’s to get rid of the mung or dry mouth in the morning.

The thing is, my friends, is that’s not the purpose of brushing your teeth.

You see, brushing your teeth is supposed to get rid of food particles so they don’t stay and rot in between your teeth (hello stank breath). So if you brush before you eat, you’re then leaving those food particles ALL DAY.

So really, you are effectively…


Mung will not kill you. Swish your mouth out with some water if it bugs you that much and move on. Plus who wants toothpaste mixed with their food?

Not me. 

I will go to bed sad tonight…

Because tonight Grey’s Anatomy is leaving us.


Is the marriage on?

Does April’s baby survive?

I have to wait until tomorrow morning when the video is uploaded online to see! Ahhh.

But I can be happy that Mistresses will be returning in the next two weeks. Seriously that show is way to good to go on as many hiatuses as it does.


I never remember what happened in the previous season because it leaves for so long. Ugh #FirstWorldProblems for real.

Another amazing show that never shows back up –> Stalker. Anyone else see that one?

Well I think that is all the randomness I will bring you tonight. Happy Friday-Eve Friends!

Grey’s fan?

Do you “do it right?” 



Birthday Love With Caramel On Top

Hey Friends!

For all the love I got on Facebook, via texts and in person I got today..

For real, you make this day so special!

Other than a nice dinner and dessert (scroll for sugar-laden #BootyGainz) and a quick visit from my Nana and Papa, my day was pretty much a typical Friday. Not complaining at all though! It was nice and I’m not a crazy birthday planning type anywho.

So my morning started off with a lovely death by #LegDay workout (cuz ice cream later.. ;-)) and my normal grocery run for my parents and, well me of course.

Did I mention I actually like grocery shopping?

I totally love it. Plus I get treats (ie new fish or seafood) for my self as interest hehe…

I bring my postworkout lunch with me to the gym so that I can eat it in the grocery store (they have a microwave for the public to use) before doing my shopping. During my noms I got the pleasure of hearing a lovely and chuckle-worthy message from Em, my housie. She knows how to make me smile

I miss this girl…


LOL Em, your bow headband looks like devil horns XD


So after rushin back home, I was greeted by my Nana and Papa with a nice card and dollar dollars for me. Although it was brief, its always nice that they NEVER FAIL to have a birthday pass without driving all the way over to see me in person.

After that, Maggie wanted snuggs, so snuggs she got…

IMG_7874Always up for puppy lovin!

Did you know that this lil girl just turned 2 on Canada Day!

She’s the cutest as when you pick her up she almost immediately puts her head on your shoulder.

After some snuggs from the lil sucky girl, I had some time before our dinner reservation and some half dead nanners on the counter so…

IMG_7881That happened.

More protein bundt flower thingy’s to send off to the gym tomorrow morning.

Here they are naked…

IMG_7888…but they got filled this time with a pineapple chia ‘jam.’ Hopefully the trainers at Goodlife like the tropical and sunny twist on this version.

Oh btw, the reason they look green is because I used a sampler of the Vega Vanilla Chia protein blend for the protein powder and it has greens in it.

Shortly after, my Dad arrived home from work to jump in the shower and then head on out with my Mom and I for none other then Thai foodz…

IMG_7890Mmmm seafood and veggie gainz right der..

IMG_7891I honestly love Thai PLUS it does the trick of not filling my stomach up too much (as long as I remove some of that broccoli…sadface) so that I had room for my “cake”…


IMG_7893Yeah. Big girl cup 😀

Who wants cake when there’s ice cream?

i just don’t get some peoples logic. 😛

Two glorious scoops. The top one peeking over there is creme brulee and the bottom one…

IMG_7894Droollll. Look at that caramel! It was Salty Caramel Truffle (Caramel ice cream + chocolate covered caramel truffles + caramel ripple). No words just mmmmmmmsss.

Both my parents got the later flavour too with an extra scoop of PLAIN chocolate for my Dad <- yeah he’s boring 😛

Normally for ice cream we head to Baskin Robbins (remember I’m having this weekly as a “challenge the fear food” thing) but I have wanted to try our local Kawartha ice cream for a long time due to it having one called Moose Tracks (vanilla ice cream + peanut butter cups + Moose Track Fudge ripple). It was the peanut butter cups that peeked my interest but as you can see, it was not all it was cracked up to be as it did not make it past a sample spoon. I found there to be no peanut butter flavour at all and just tasted chocolate which I’m not a huge choco-fan.

No bueno.

When you say something has peanut butter, it damn well taste like peanut butter because that’s just rude! 😛

So creme brulee it was (which was really good! Very similar to the Baskin Robbins version they had featured about a month or two back) as I already knew that caramel one was going to be my bottom flava flav (ie the best one 😉

Anyone else save the best for last?

Overall, the Kawartha was really good! I found it was creamier then Baskin Robbins and next week I may have to sway the parentals to go back there again! Score one for local and hand crafted ice cream. Please bring back chocolate peanut butter for comparison.

YES I said I don’t like chocolate, but it is the only vessel for my peanut butter…to ice cream scoop shops, MAKE A PEANUT BUTTER ICE CREAM geesh.

Well after rolling my ice cream baby self out of Roxy’s Coffee and heading home, my parents surprised me with some presents I was not supposed to get.

Some money was gained along with…

IMG_7899Best parents ever..oh and Magg’s. Thanks for fueling my addiction! 😉

And a very bright and pretty new comforter for my house in Guelph that makes me look like an ant when I hold it up…

IMG_7900They know I love all the bright colours!

Maggie wanted more lovin too…

IMG_7897Daddy’s lil girl.

Now as I finish up this post, I’m sipping on my tea and probably going to crash within the next hour. Hello #SugarComa

On to the farmers market tomorrow morning after my lift sesh and a start to a beautiful weekend!

Screen shot 2015-07-03 at 10.06.50 PMThose temps and that sun! Weooo!!

IMG_7887Love me some sunshine. 🙂

IMG_7885Thanks again for all the love and I hope you all have a great weekend and July 4th long weekend to all my US of A readers!

Do you like it when your ice cream melts or do you wish it could stay solid forever? Solid all the way! I never hold my cup because I wish it wouldn’t melt. This is why soft serve doesn’t appeal to me ever. DQ? NOPE.

Did you get to watch any fireworks this week? I wish! 😦



Update + Cardio Cycle Brooke Question

HIYA Friends!

Who’s done exams?

If you’re not, I hope you’re finished soon so you can join me in this vacay bliss.

Plans for the summer?

For me, I’m hoping to nab a job first off. #NeedMoney

I applied for a volunteer position in the clinic on my campus for being a dietetic shadow volunteer. Unfortunately the nutrition spots were all filled for the summer (crossing my fingers for the fall) but they offered a physio shadow position so I might be able to take that one! It may not be nutrition but it is still something that offers me clinical experience and it is technically related to exercise so it should be interesting.

I’m also hoping to get my application into Homewood in Guelph which is a health care clinic that specializes in mental health and addition. In fact, it has the largest eating disorder program in Canada and the most recognized addictions program as well.  I knew someone who volunteered in the eating disorder unit and helped out during meal times and I think that would be an amazing opportunity for me if I had the chance to do it.

Bulking. Yup. Bulking. This is for real this time though because my parents have put me on lockdown and have set up some dates where if I don’t start to increase my weight by July there will be some changes that will happen that will definitely conflict with my goals. I was just starting to see some gains and then I got that bout of food poisoning and it literally just dug my grave for me. So now I need to crack down on that voice and my fears and just get it done no matter what. This is my life and I want to be in control. I can do this.

Is it frustrating that one single sickness incident has spiraled into my parents being scared and now forcing pressure for weight gain…?

Absolutely yes. I’m angry with my body that it looses so quickly. More so though, I’m angry that my mind has let it get to the point where I really have no buffering weight for if I get sick. I need to fix that and it starts now. Just trying to stick to the positive thoughts…

Extra food will get me out of my plateau at the gym.

Extra food will mean I’m less tired and less cold.

Extra food will give me a glow.

Extra food will make me healthier.

Positivity will get me through this rough time. Be ready to see this journey unfold.

So enough about me, now onto you. In particular, onto you Brooke. You asked me this question quite a while back and I told you to hold tight because I wanted to do a video on it and here it finally is. I hope it answered what you needed and helps out anyone else as well.

As usual, click the thumbnail and that will take you to my vlog where I answer her question.

How do you get out of the cardio cycle?

Photo on 2015-04-19 at 14.18Please leave your thoughts, responses and feedback below in zee comments as usual as I love hearing from you guys. 🙂

Also, before I leave you all, I found a video about a week ago that really summed up my opinion on Juice Cleanses. I have mentioned her on the blog before, but Robyn really is just a great person and I like to bring her on here once and a while as she can be a great resource for anyone here looking for nutrition advice from a Real Life RD.

One day I hope to be where you are, well were as you switched gears to nursing, but her knowledge and experience is really beneficial!

Enjoy! Again, click on her blog image for the video link up. Sorry Robyn, I snagged your info picture for the thumbnail…I hope you don’t mind.

I hope you guys had a great weekend and I will chatter with you all soon!




Happy Easter Friends!

Hope your holiday and long weekend have been filled with fun and family!

I traveled home for the long weekend to spend a few days with my parents and lil Miss Maggie. It has been really nice to come home and chill before my exams start this coming Saturday.

For my Easter Sunday I got to have a nice dinner with my Nana and Papa and parents so our gathering was nice and intimate.

IMG_7553I learned that I’m the worst turkey carver ever. So unaesthetic

I tried. I really did.

The catching up was so nice as I don’t get to see my Nana and Papa as often as I would like. Dinner was fabulous as well. I was in charge of all the veggies so I roasted up sweet potatoes and squash in rosemary and olive oil in addition to a big batch of asparagus, green beans, brussel sprouts (I ate 4 and didn’t die! Those lil brains are my favourite, I miss them) and mushrooms.

IMG_7560Turkey needs avocado in my mind. No?

Unpictured was the batch of roasted tri-colour baby potatoes (my Dad needs his taters since he’s anti orange :-P), stuffing my Mom made, a big salad, and my Nana and Papa’s carrot and turnip mash.

Dessert was a peach pie courtesy of moi picking that up from GoodnessMe! for my parents and a yogurt parfait for my Nana and Papa as my Papa is on a diet due to high cholesterol.


As someone studying to be a dietician, it annoys the hell out of me how old fashioned some dieticians are. The rules and restrictions they place on their patients make me so angry, especially if it’s my Papa we are talking about. I worry that he is not getting enough nutrients in his day due to this ‘diet’ and nutrient density is critical for older individuals to maintain their longevity. His meals appear to lack in protein (um he’s not getting any with lunch due to having a salad only..), he’s not allowed to eat past a certain point in the day, lean meats only (ie, no fat for you!), etc, etc. I hate these cookie cutter diet plans and the fact that many dieticians are stuck in the past when science has proven a number of these rules to be completely false.

Ranting aside, not all dieticians do this, but I have experienced way to many that have. I understand that with the elderly it may be easier to just give them a plan to follow, but filling their head with lies I don’t think is right when they are depending on you for knowledge for their health.


I hit legs hard this morning and will be heading back to Guelph tonight after a lil bit of indulging

First my Mom and I are going to get our traditional Easter nails. This is what I’m thinkin

Adorable Easter Nail Art Examples

Although I think I would go with a lilac for the other nails and not that blue.

I also really like this one…

Anyone else reminded of candy dots with these? Love it. #nails #nailart #candy

But I’m worried it will be too much…Then again it is Easter so I should go crazy right?

Instagram photo by shaunatokidoki #nail #nails #nailart  | See more at

Or this. Minus the thumb and in that bright pink colour…

Gah I’m so indecisive.

I’m also indulging once again in …

IMG_7433Yes. It’s only been two weeks, but my parents are taking me to get ice cream once again on our way back to Guelph. I kinda feel like it’s too soon to be indulging in something like this again (big fear for me, but I do love it) but my parents want me to challenge myself more often so that I don’t get as scared anymore.

We will see if their theory works.

I did work legs really hard today, so I can haz ice cream right?

Hopefully I survive once again. And a reduction in guilt would be nice too. Sigh. Soon enough.

Anyways I’m off, but before I go, here’s a pick of Maggie after she got beautified this weekend. She had cute lil Easter bows but those fell out.

IMG_7564Kisses! 🙂




What [The FamJam] Ate Wednesday

Hey Friends!

So I totally flopped and forgot to show you the rest of my parents (and some of my) eats from the end of our Christmas holidays so what better place to give da noms then Jen’s wonderful linkup?

What I Ate Wednesday Button

Before I begin, I want to give so much love back to you guys for all of your wonderful comments and feedback on my video and question yesterday. I really hope to get something like that started within this year but I do want to say that I do know my limits. Some of you guys were concerned that my blog would take a hit but rest assured that I would not take more than I can handle and I would never stop blogging. So don’t you all worry. 😉 One of the main reasons I was hesitant about the whole thing (aside from the lack of a RD status thing) was that I DID NOT want you to see me as “using” you guys for money or turning this blog into a marketing scam. NO. I hate blogs that do that and are constantly throwing products in your face because, well, what fun is that to read? No. Instead, this would be a completely separate thing (If I get it going) that would be for those who really want me to dive in and help them get some healthy habits into their lives plus provide them with answers (to the best of my abilities) to their specific questions when they need it. I would not stop blogging and I would not hold certain things aside for paying clientele only because, as I mentioned, this would be separated and it would be much more on a personalized level. So yeah, still trying to work it out if it’s possible but I will keep you updated. 🙂

Now onto the fun stuff.

Due to it’s being a wee bit late, I’m not sure what days these are from but I hope you can forgive me for that.

IMG_7015One thing I always say is don’t be afraid to ask for what you want no matter how weird you think you’re being. My parents and I did shopping round deux at Yorkdale Mall on December 30th I believe and I got this beauty from a sandwich place. Yes. Does that look anything like a sammy? Nope. I got all hot and bothered by their lobster offering and that sparked me an idea and hey, if you never ask, you will never receive.

So what did I get?

I asked if I could “make a sandwich” but instead of having it on bread, I would have it on salad (which would be rung up as the side salad.) So for my “sammy” I got lobster x2 and grilled veggies x2 (guys, these portions were tiny!) all over their house mixed vegetable salad with balsamic vinaigrette on the side. Despite getting multiple offerings of both my toppings, the salad was a tad bit small for my liking, but the lobster made me quite happy.

Another night, my Mom and I made her maple stew together.

IMG_7031This one is made with potatoes, carrots, celery, mushrooms, can of crushed tomatoes, mushrooms, onion, 1/4 cup white wine, 1/4 cup pure maple syrup, 1/2 cup chicken stock and 1/4 cup of water. There was chicken in there too.  My Mom likes to cut up some chicken breast, toss it in a bag with a bit of flour, garlic powder, Italian seasoning and pepper and then brown it up in a pan before adding it to the stew. The whole thing cooks together in a dutch oven (or large oven safe dish) or crockpot until the potatoes and carrots are fork tender.

Now, there are some swaps you can do here as there are some ingredients that I would not personally want to eat due to my own preferences and dietary restrictions.

  • If you are like me and try to watch your sugar intake, you can reduce or nix the maple syrup and use maple extract. I don’t know how successful that would be, but you can try it out.
  • You can use sweet taters or squash for the potatoes if they aren’t your thing.
  • For the chicken, you can use oat flour or even coconut flour for a paleo or gluten free version. You can omit the floury coating all together but it helps the seasoning stick to the chicken and probably does add a lil bit to the thickness of the stew.
Mom's plate

Mom’s plate

They had their stew with some seedy bread and buttah.

#Saladbeasts also made an appearance again, and this time, my Mom was home to have one. She is picky about what she deems appropriate for a salad though cuz she all kinds of crazy.

IMG_7037The base salad my Mom put together and was just a bag of chopped romaine with radicchio pieces, some mixed dark greens, some kale (I threw that in their ;-)), and some chopped raw veggies (carrots, peppers, cucumber and celery).

For her salad, I added roasted asparagus and portabello mushrooms, some sundried tomatoes, pickles (because they are her fav) and sauteed shrimpies in Mrs. Dash herb and garlic seasoning.

My Dad is a lil bit more fun flexible.

IMG_7038Roasted asparagus, onions, portabello mushrooms and potatoes in garlic and rosemary, sundried tomatoes and some jarred roasted red peppers. He also got a serving of my homemade bison meatballs which were simply ground bison, finely diced onion, garlic, pepper, and a good shake of Worcestershire sauce baked at 375 for about 30 minutes, flipping over once.

Now that is a salad that makes me drool.

On my final night at home (Jan 3rd), I made a super simple recipe that came from Lee over at FitFoodieFinds. My parents loved it and my Mom asked me for the recipe so that she can make it again.

IMG_7040Sorry for the horrible lighting but I wanted to show you the dish before it was baked. Basically it’s a layered dish with uncooked quinoa on the bottom (which you pour stock over top), then a layer of chopped kale, then sundried tomatoes (+ mushrooms that I added because my parents love those shrooms), then a layer of cooked turkey sausage rounds and a sprinkling of part skim mozzarella cheese.

IMG_7041The cheese is optional and I forgot to add the red onion, but they really liked it nonetheless. Thanks Lee!

On my last morning, I made my Dad breakfast as I was home when woke up due to it being a restday from the gym. #SundayFunday.

IMG_7042Normally he has frozen bagged hashbrowns and eggs on the weekend so I essentially made him a whole food, updated version of that. Basically I quickly steamed a potato (microwave steamer pot) that I chunked up and tossed that into a pan with some coconut oil, onion, garlic, peppers, mushrooms and kale and sauteed that up until they all started to brown a bit. I then added some of our leftover sundried tomatoes, Mrs. Dash garlic and herb seasoning and pepper and gave that a good toss around and popped a lid on it. After a few minutes (the oil from the sundried tomatoes will brown those taters!), I cracked two eggs right on top, popped the lid on it again and waited for the eggs to be done.

They were supposed to be all runny and such but I left them go a tad bit long so they were more runny-hard, but my Dad was a happy camper.

Before we left with all my stuff, I enjoyed this lil numba..

IMG_7045Stuffed 5 egg (1 whole, 4 white) omelette with sauteed mushrooms, asparagus, zucchini and onions, alfalfa sprouts and kale. I seasoned it with Mrs Dash tomato basil (why don’t they have this one in Canada!? So good!), garlic powder, chili flakes and peppah. On the side was some garlicky green beans and a lil salad.

On our way back I had to snap a pic of the sleepy passenger. I’m glad that she always comes to take me back despite being sad that my time with her is over.

IMG_7049That face. I had to share, I’m sure you all don’t mind a non-food picture right? 😀

But just so I end on food, I give you my postworkout lunch today

IMG_7053I’m the master at making the most of 1/2 a cup of oats. Yes, that entire, almost overflowing soup bowl started as a 1/2 a cup of oats. I’m magic 😉

Okay maybe some shredded zucchini and 2 whole egg whites helps with the plump-age, but I can say I’m just magical cuz I’m the writer here :-D. These zoats had 40 grams of nanner (because this was the first thing I ate after my workout…need those quick digesting carbies), pink salt, cinnamon, vitamin C powder (Pranin), english toffee extract (yummers I  have missed my extracts) and a chocolate peanut butter protein icing thanks to Diesel Perfect Whey.

I’m still trying to adjust to having some mid morning (mid morning to me) classes so because I had a 9:30 class, I had to go to the gym afterwards (because if I wanted to go before, I would have to be there by like 6 to get my whole workout in). As a result, my postworkout and lunch had to morph into one thing and, well, I wasn’t mad at the outcome.

Could anyone else eat oatmeal all day everyday and still love their life? I could.

Well that’s it folkaroonies and now you should go make yourself some oats. 😛

Happy Hump Day!

How do you spice up your oats? Plain oats make me sad, add some life in there!

How are you adjusting to being back at school or work? Did you have to shift anything around?



Christmas Recap

Happy Friday Friends

So tell me, how was your special day??

No really, I want to know. I don’t like just talking about myself here 😉

Buut if you’re interested, I did want to share with you how I celebrated my favourite holiday.

Family in tow.

Food will come later in the next WIAW round up, so stay tuned for some not so healthy food as my Mom and I did some experimenting this year with some homemade classics as well as a completely random dessert. Both were a success though!

Do you have any traditions you do every year for Christmas?

I do.

IMG_6952My Mom and I always get our Christmas nails and this was my design this year, while my Mom went with this pretty numba…

IMG_6953I’m jealous that I didn’t inherit my Mom’s wood nails because she can have all the cool designs due to having longer nails.

Thanks to Pinterest for the designs!

For gym rats, this was the first time I tried shellac and it’s actually staying on without chipping! I had found that, despite loving having my nails all pretty, I stopped getting them done because I would be constantly disappointed. Why? Because in within the first few hours they would chip. Buh-Bye 40 dollar manicure…

Christmas mornin started off with me having my breaky before stuffing my Dad’s stocking (there are only the three of us so we rotate who does whose stocking each year. I had my Dad this year) and then going to wake my parents and Maggie up for the present opening.

IMG_6971 Our pretty tree with that not so lil card I got for my parents at the top.

And before you ask…

IMG_6972Yes Maggie got a stocking too. It included a cute lil bell jester looking necklace that I just had to capture…

IMG_6974She was too hyper to look into the camera, but isn’t it cute! She had it on all day and was just so busy that she didn’t even care that it was on (she never pawed at her neck or anything).

After cards and stockings, we dug into the presents

IMG_6976My parents know me too well…

And the gifts of all gifts as my baby was startin to show her age and was giving me a few heart attacks during exams…


Nuff said.

She’s a lighter and thinner version of my macbook pro. She’s a beaut.

And one more because I love this picture…

IMG_6978OMG LOVE THIS PICTURE! I’m such a good paparazzi! It does help to having super cute subjects though.

I saw this hooded jacket and just had to get it for her as it will keep her all snuggly when she goes outside in the snow.

After pressies, my parents made their classic Christmas morning breakfast of bacon, eggs and toast. My Mom has a bacon sandwich (dipped in lots of ketchup) and my Dad has the whole shebang. See, I don’t control everything they eat, but hey, they have it once a year so I give them a pass plus it’s actually not anywhere near as unhealthy as some of the things they could eat.

After our family breakfast gathering and chattering, we got to work to get everything ready for everyone’s arrival later that afternoon. My Mom prepped up the table, my Dad set up the basement and I prepped zee shnacks. I really wish that I had taken a picture of the massive snack attack platter I put together and the homemade bruschetta-like toasties I made but you will have to use your imagination for those. Sorry guys.

Everyone began to arrive and we all congregated into the basement with the fire crackling (well…fake fire) and got to catch up and enjoy each others company. Maggie was being her hyper self and wanting everyone to toss her toys around so she could fetch them. She never stops. EVER.

 I was a bad blogger and didn’t get too many pictures other than foodz, but we caught up for a bit, then I went up to start finishing up the dinner where I was soon accompanied by my Mom then my Dad for final fixings. We all sat down for a really nice dinner full of cracker pulling, joke reading (from said crackers) and many second helpings of my Mom and my new stuffing recipe. Winner Winner!

Dessert was served and then we all went back downstairs to do our Secret Santa exchange. After a lil bit of relaxin, the gang had to pack up their goodies and frappe la rou (I know it doesn’t mean to leave…) as my Papa always says and we then cleaned up before sitting down for about an hour before I hit the sheets.

Personally, although it’s a huge job, I love hosting Christmas because I love being a big part of cooking the dinner. If I could cook the entire thing, I would but I’m only one person and I do want some visiting time with my fam too. 🙂

As for today (Boxing Day), we kept it pretty chill. I hit legs this morning..which apparently everyone else also wanted to use their turkey for gainz because I was fightin for the squat racks. I then went and met up with a friend at Whole Foods in Oakville and ended up chattering for hours and gettin a quick lil shopping trip in.

It’s refreshing to be able to have friends with very similar interests as you can just talk for hours. Don’t you agree?

My parents and I never do our shoppin on boxing day. We ain’t about that life. I would rather not be attacked by baby strollers in the mall, or fighting crazed people for the last pair lululemon shorts in my size. Nope. We wait until the 27th where it’s a lil bit better…or that’s what we tell ourselves.

So that is tomorrow. After a back workout, the parents and I will be heading down to the Eaton Centre to get our boxing day shoppin on PLUS I get to have my favourite gourmet #Saladbeast for dinner. Weeooo. Check out Fast and Fresh if you’re in the mall one day. Tis nomz.

Well, I’m going to head down to join my parents with my nightly protein puddin and questie (still stuck on smores) for about an hour before I hit the snooze button so I will bid you ado.

I hope you had an amazing Christmas and are enjoying your time off!

When you get your shop on?

What is one thing you treated yourself to? Doesn’t have to be a food item.