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Suga’ Built Quads

Hey Friends!

So I’m just typing up this post waiting for my ‘Every Leg Day Friday Ice Cream’ cheat meal to crash my lil body into a suga coma. I had to travel alllll the way to Guelph to pick up my digestive enzymes (annoying lil things are disappearing from stores for some reason and so I have to drive 30 minutes to now pick them up now that I’m with my parents at home -_-) from GoodnessMe!.

It definitely wasn’t all bad though as I got to snag a date with a McMaster friend of mine who now lives in Guelph, Gabriella, and she indulged my typical Thai+ Baskin Robbins cheat meal with me.

Perils of Praline + Gold Medal Ribbon

Perils of Praline + Gold Medal Ribbon

This shop didn’t have Salted Caramel (sob) but they had a new to me flavour…

Perils of Praline (bottom).Β Vanilla Frozen Yogurt with Pralined Pecans, Chocolate Cookie Pieces, and Caramel Ribbon throughout.

It was super nomz (so much caramel!) BUT it melted so fast because it was frozen yogurt I guess and you know how I feel about soft serve. MUST BE FROZEN! But it had so much caramel in it. I got a lil bit nervous because it had cookie bits in it (gluten + dairy..?) hopefully I don’t regret that decision tomorrow morning but I’m trying to put that out of my mind.

On the top was..

Gold Medal Ribbon. Vanilla and Chocolate Ice Cream with a Caramel Ribbon

I have to say that this flavour is meh for me. It’s too chocolate-y for my liking (ie. plain). I get it more for the caramel and it never has enough. I also like my bits and bites of stuff in my ice cream, ya feelz?

I shoulda stuck with my plan to get added caramel sauce (did you know they have peanut butter and caramel sauces you can add to your ice cream?!?) but I chickened out to be honest.

Challenge failed.

Wait…Reframe. Will try again next week.

I always pray that a different Baskin Robbins will have the flavour I have been lusting for …

Made With Snickers. Why am I not eating it yet you ask?



Anyways, this post wasn’t supposed to be a review of ice cream, I came to actually share with you the Death By Legs legs workout that makes up the morning of my cheat day.

It is my quad focused leg day (my hams/glutes is Monday) and while both leg days really take it out of me due to the size of the muscle groups being worked, hello zombie all day + need a nap + cannot stop hanger, quad day seems to be worse.

So what better day for ice cream eh? Especially when ice cream is still such a guilt-triggered thing for me so I need a ‘reason’ to focus on at the moment still.

#StraightToTheQuads. #EatToGrow.

Anywho, brace yourselves but don’t be afraid. Take it at your own pace if you wanna try it out (which I would love to hear how you like it!) and don’t give up πŸ™‚

Have I mentioned I like volume and crawling out of the gym when I’m done?

Leg Day, July 31st.

Core Warm-up Superset (do back to back).

  1. Oblique Mountain Climbers with feet elevated and hands on Bosu Ball. Added 35lb plate on my back and would ‘climb’ for a minutes. 4 total sets + held plank for extra 30 seonds for the last set.
  2. Weighted (35lbs) Situps. I sit on the lat pull down machine for this one. You get a greater range of motion on the down. 3 total sets + double drop set (25lbs)(no weight) for last set.

This is the idea of the OBLIQUE Mountain Climber, mountain climbers with knees out to the side BUT I have the ball the other way around (round part on the ground for greater instability) and hold onto it with my hands. I have a plate on my back (35lbs) and my feet are elevated on a bench behind me rather then being on the floor. Go with with a level you’re ready for.

Working Super Set 1

  1. Squat Dropset. 5 working sets of 115lbs with an immediate drop to 105lbs.

I warmed up with the bar first, then did one set of 105lbs. I also finished with a final set of just 105lbs again. Total number of weighted sets = 7.

2. Dumbbell Stiff Leg Deadlifts. I used 30lb dumbbells and did 5 total sets. Go to failure and go as low as you can with proper form to feel the stretch in your hamstrings.

Check out the workout video and description on this one on Take care to keep the chest up, shoulders rolled back (don’t slouch them forward!) and reach reach down. Pull back up using the hamstrings and glutes. Lastly, don’t swing up and hyperextend your back backwards. You don’t need to have your back bending backwards to feel this exercise.

Core Super Set 2

  1. Leg Raises with 5lbs with drop set to Knee Ups with that 5lbs on the Captains Chair. 4 Total Sets
  2. TRX Oblique Tucks

Working Super Set 2

  1. Front Squats. 95lbs to failure. 5 Total Sets, final set was a drop set to 75lbs.
  2. Laying Hamstring Curl. 4 Total sets with final double drop set.

Working Super Set 3

  1. Leg Press (feet together). 5 total sets with final drop set.
  2. Walking Dumbbell Lunges with a 35lb dumbbell on each shoulder

For the lunges I have been focusing on trying to not pause between lunges. Instead, just keep pushing up and walking constantly. It’s harder, but worth it.

Working Super Set 4

  1. Isolateral Quad Extension. 4 Total Sets with triple final drop set.
  2. Goblet Squats with a 55lb dumbbell and a drop set with a 25lbs plate with raise onto the toes. 3 total sets with a final drop set of 10 jumping or ‘pop’ squats. <- trust me just those 10 are hard after all of that.

For the goblet squats, I stand on the assisted pull up machine stand so that I can hold the dumbbell by my hips rather then up on my chest as my arms get too tired with the weight I want to use before my legs tire. Go all the way down ladies for that booty boost! Immediately after you do the goblet, grab you plate and do more squats until failure once again.

Final Burn Out Set

1 final set of dumbbell Stiff Leg Deadlifts ‘run the rack’ style. This means that you start with one weight and go to failure then pick up the next weight down and do the same. The idea is to go for the rest of the rack or just a massive drop set, but I managed 3 rounds.

35lbs -> 30lbs -> 25lbs

Done and I’m dead to the foam roller.

I hope you enjoy guys and post any questions you have!

Yes I know there is a lot of hamstring work here too for a quad focused day. I like supersets and I don’t want to kill my main (or first lift) by supersetting with a second quad exercise so I try to keep the 1st exercise to more quad focus and heavier while the second is the quad+ham or ham/glute exercise for in between.


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Ohhh Canada! Workout Wednesday

Hey Friends!

Happy Canada Day to all my Canadian friends and soon to be July 4th for all zee American’s. Sorry you don’t get a day off during the week like us lucky ducks up in the great white North do. Sorry for your luck. πŸ˜‰

Happy Canada Day Beaver

I have to ask my American friends, why is Canada associated with the moose? It actually confuses the hell out of us up here for realz.

We don’t eat moose.

The moose is not our spirit animal or anything.

Where did this moose thing come from?


Anywho, I wanted to share a workout with you because it’s been a year hot minute since I even shared my fitness shtuff with you all so why not follow Josie’s lead (check out her latest edition to her Workout Wednesday series here) and share my own workout this morning.

Because, what else would you do when you have the whole day off?

Guys I meant the gym. Geesh. πŸ˜‰

So this morning I headed into Goodlife for 9:30ish to find more people then normal but hey, still had to crush my back so let me take you into how I got my sweat on!

Today’s plan was back and obliques.

NOTE. I train my abs every day. Do you need to do this? No, I don’t believe or preach training them every day for you to see results. I do a lot of full body lifts (squats, bench, pullups, etc) that work the whole core indirectly, but I have always incorporated targetted exercises as part of my supersets as I never just do one exercise at a time because I’m a volume lover and I can’t sit still and just rest. So with that in mind, I alternate ‘abs’ and obliques and on leg days (I have two) my core exercises get dropped to half the number as my back tends to get really fatigued on these days due to heavy squat volume.

After warming up, I like to “warm-up” my core. I do this with planks and one other exercise, which is normally a weighted sit-up variation, for 3 sets.

Superset the following:

  1. Side Plank (weight- 25lb dumbbell) for 1 minute, switch and repeat on the other side. I also add tucks into this to make it more dynamic and challenging.
  2. Knee raises (7.5lbs) on the Captain Chair.

Remember that a superset is where you do exercises back to back without rest.

Now I begin the actual workout

Superset #1

  1. Pull-ups –> 6 sets
  2. Weighted Oblique Situps (25lbs) –>as many reps as possible with unweighted Russian Twists to finish. 5 sets.

For the Pull-ups I alternated wide overhand grip with the v-bar. So I did 3 sets of each grip for as many reps as possible. Obviously wide grip is harder, so those were less reps. Total reps were about 6 reps for wide and 8-10 for the other grip. For the Sit-ups I do these on the lat pull down machine for a greater range of motion and hold a 25 pound plate.

Superset #2

  1. Lat Pull Down –> 5 sets + drop set
  2. Isolateral dumbbell row –> 4 sets
  3. Weighted Oblique Dips on back extension bench (17.5lbs)–> 4 sets per side + drop set (10lbs)

I hold a dumbbell rather then a plate

With the Lat Pull Down, you want to ensure that you really let the bar stretch your lats at the top of the movement before bringing it back down. The stretch is important as well as the pull down portion for full range and benefits. For the Rows, I stuck with only a 25lb dumbbell because 1. it was a superset and 2. because I really wanted to feel my back pulling the weight up. By doing this exercise isolaterally (one arm at a time) you can really focus on proper form. Lastly, with the Oblique Dips, make sure you’re moving slowly (not swinging up and down) so that you’re using your obliques to pull your body up (adjust weight accordingly) and also breathe out as your come back up to get the full contraction.

PS. a drop set is where you complete your set and then drop the weight and do another set on that same exercise without rest.

Superset #3

  1. Triangle Pull Downs –> 5 sets + drop set
  2. Straight Arm Rope Pull Down –> 4 sets + drop set
  3. Oblique V-Up’s on a bench superset with tucks –> 4 sets

Triangle Pull Downs

Rope Straight Arm Pull Down. I used the rope attachment instead of the handles.

The Oblique V-Ups are similar to this but on a bench and I keep my full butt on the bench (ie body not on the side) and just position my legs to the side. The tucks are then done in a similar fashion but knees are bent and they are done at a more rapid pace.

With the Triangle Pull Downs, really focus on bringing that triangle to your chest and you should really feel the movement pulling down through your upper to mid back. With the Straight Arm Pull Downs you don’t want to go heavy with this one because you want to use your lats to pull the weight down. If you go too heavy you will be swinging the weight down and not gaining anything for your lats. Also, normally this is done with the straight bar attachment, but I saw someone using the rope and thought it would be fun to try and a good way to get a lil greater range of motion.

Superset #4

  1. MTS row –> Done isolaterally for 4 sets + drop set.
  2. Neutral Grip Pullups –> 3 sets to failure
  3. TRX Oblique Crunch –> 3 sets each set finishes with Oblique Mountain Climbers.

MTS Row with underhand grip. I did this isolaterally.

TRX Oblique Crunch.

For the MTS Row, once again I did them isolaterally to be able to focus on each side alone. Really focus on driving that elbow back and down to really feel a mid to low back contraction. For the Pullups, I love burning out with them at the end of my back workout. That being said, I would only get about 5 to 6 despite this being the easiest grip to do because I have just worked my back completely and it’s pretty burnt out at this point. The TRX is something I recently started using and it’s a fun thing to throw in for core to switch it up. You could use a ball for the Oblique Crunches but if you have access to the TRX, try it out!

So there ya go, about 2 hours later, my whole workout is done. I try to hit all areas of the muscle that I work so for this back workout, you want to hit all of the regions of the back. That includes upper, mid and lower back. I want to really work on the ‘wings’ so I tend to focus on the upper and mid the most. Additionally, I feel that my lower back does get hit pretty hard on my leg days so I don’t tend to do many exercises like back extensions.

Hope you enjoyed and have a great humpday evening friends!

Go watch some fireworks for me!

Do you enjoy my workout posts?

Gimme you’re thoughts and suggestions! πŸ™‚



By The Hour…WIAW

Hey Friends!

Guess What?

I’m actually going to follow the rules this week when linking up with the other What I Ate Wednesday partiers.

Yes, I do that sometimes.

I’m going to show you a full day of eats, from yesterday (Tuesday) as part of a day in the life post.

Hope you enjoy.

WIAW - New

Thanks to Laura (one of my fav blogs!) for being zee host this week for WIAW musical chairs.

5:27am. Ring-a-ling. Alarm goes off.

Lie in bed annoyed that I slept like crap that night and now I have to get up at this time.

5:30am. Suck it up and get up to go quickly reheat breakfast for preworkout.

5:50am. Pancakes in face. Bam. Food Prep for the win.

IMG_7445Vanilla protein pancakes with a few bloobs baked in (all 12g I had left) and topped with melted strawberries (100g) and 1/2 a tablespoon of crunchy peanut butter. Cinnamon sprinkled on and I only needed like a tsp of Walden Farms…prolly didn’t even need any…because the strawberries give you so much volume and sauce. Weooo happier tummy. πŸ˜€

6:10am. Done ‘cakes, wash up and reheat the last 1/2 of my tea from last night to enjoy while scrolling facebook and reading emails. Letting the food settle a bit before having to head out.

6:45am. Face + Hair + Teeth to take care of

IMG_7447Yes I need a hair cut. Dem bangs are no longer looking like the fringy “sassy” bangs I like.

7am. Change into gym clothes + Stuff backpack with my lunch (postworkout), laptop, towel, vibrims and water (which has my BCAAs in it).

Backpack now weighs like 20lbs…

7:15am. Bike to the gym in the dark SUNRISE! WEeooo. This makes these early mornings more manageable. Sun also makes it seem less cold, no?

It’s spring now and yet still -7 when I left. Mother Nature you fail.

7:30am: Hit the gym

Chest Workout Mar 249:35am. Chest is dunzo and I fly out of the gym to bike to my 10am class back on campus (my gym is not on campus)

9:54am. Postworkout food heating. Hey gotta fuel up right? I ain’t about that cold food life. Nope.

IMG_745110:01pm. After excessive heating, I power walk from UC to my class.

Weeeee bit late but this is typical. Only by like 3 minutes so it’s okee dokee πŸ˜‰

10:30pm. Feeling sleepy so broke down and ate my lunch. Yes it’s 10:30 am. I ate at 6am remember.

IMG_74521.5 servings of Uncle Ben Quick Brown Rice (I call it my risotto rice) + leftover halibut (plus a random shrimp because the halibut was a tad bit shy of my protein wants) + roasted veggies (asparagus, red pepper, mushies and onion) + Mrs. Dash Traditional Salt Free Seasoning.

11:15pm. Class done. Biked home real quick to drop my stuff off just to run back out the door to catch the bus to the grocery store for a mini haul.

11:40pm. At the bus stop. Normally the buses all show up for this time but apparently the one that arrives right in front of our townhouses runs on it’s own schedule. Hmft. Power walk over to UC with the rest of the buses and jump on the express bus to Metro.

12:30pm. Necessities picked up + Timmies in hand and I’m headed back home.

IMG_74541pm. Back at home. Unloaded zee goodies

IMG_7455Sea bass (what? They haven’t had any in two week…necessity? I think so πŸ˜‰ Laura would understand my needs.), frozen cooked shrimp, nanners, pineapple chunks (yes the obsession is still going strong), radicchio, zucchini (cuz I eat like a dozen of these per week), cinnamon spice tea, roasted chicken breast, floss, toothpaste and coconut oil spray

1:15pm. Shower…finally.

1:30pm. Prep pudding for my night snack while watching the first episode of the season of Teen Mom. Judge away, it’s a guilty pleasure mmmkay.

2:30pm. Feelin munchy. Enter fish oils and Vitamin D…


…And some random chicken cuz I’m weird and eat chicken as a snack.

IMG_74593pm. Answer emails (oh hey Ellie ;-)) + start writing this post.

3:30pm. Tiredness from poor sleep and workout this morning setting in…Thinking a nice nap is in store for me.

Threw 1/2 of a butternut squash into the toaster oven to roast. Prep for dinner.

4pm. Naptime. πŸ˜€

Cuz I’m totally that cute when I sleep.

5:30pm. Wow weird dreams. That generally happens when I actually get a GOOD nap (rare).

5:35pm. Come downstairs to check on squash. Not quite done (toaster oven shuts off after 30minutes). Turn it back on, head back upstairs and work on this post more.

6:15pm. Dinner preppage.

IMG_7462In the pot–> Garlic, onion, diced zucchini, mushrooms and sundried tomatoes (nitrite + salt free and organic). Added last was my homemade chicken meat balls + some of the squash (inside that is scooped out to make the hole) + tender greens + pepper + Mrs. Dash Tomato Basil + chili flakes

6:25pm. Sauteed up my stuffing mixture. Stuffed that into my squash half (didn’t all fit) and shoved that back into the toaster oven at about 300 to warm through and let the juices soak into the squash while I have my appetizer…yeah I’m fancy.

IMG_74646:50pm. Sit down with my salad (I generally always have a salad before every meal) with a side of The Real Housewives of Atlanta…I’m on a role for these shameful shows ain’t I?

7:10pm. Entree time.

IMG_7469She’s a beauty + Tasty too boot. πŸ˜€ I garnished with some avocado and sprouts.

7:40pm. Wash up, prep zoats for pre-workout breakfast and postworkout lunch (yup that zoats twice in one day Weeeoo love my oats).

8:00pm. Stare at Emily’s dying pear on the counter and decide to put it out of its misery..

IMG_7479…in the best way possible.

This was the puddin’ before it was tossed in the oven to bake. Honey roasted pear bread pudding OR baked french toast that I infused with a vanilla rooibos tea and topped with pecans.

8:30pm. Get my tushy upstairs to do some work. It’s about time eh? I have been quite school lazy today.

IMG_74809pm. Continue to work away. Submitted my Food’s lab, did the pre-lab quiz for the lab tomorrow (technically today) and did this study for extra credit in my Couple and Family Relationships course.

9:15pm. Realize my bread puddin is still in the oven. OH EM GEE. Run downstairs to take it out to realize that it’s still a little bit underdone due to the excess liquid from the tea. Phew. Back in the oven and I go back upstairs.

9:45pm. Come back downstairs to take out the bread pudding. Ain’t she beautiful..

IMG_7484I swear that is a different picture from the first! Raw vs. baked looks exactly the same apparently. #BrownFoodClub

9:50pm. Emily arrives home, we chatter a lil bit about her boxing class while I reheat my tea I made earlier but left to steep.

10pm. Quickly finish up some prep notes for tomorrows lab while I sip on my tea (It’s my favourite Truffle Mint tea by Four O’Clock). So good.

IMG_748510:25pm. Catch up on facebook a bit, add a lil bit more to this post.

10:50pm. Gather together my nightly snackage which includes my normal peanut butter casein pudding (frozen) + 1/2 a questbar. Tonight PB and J was on the menu, baked of course.

Sorry that went unpictured but I’m sure you remember what it looks like

Went to sleep waaayyyy too late so I was thankful for that nap earlier in the day.

Bam. Full day for you all!

I hope you enjoyed.

Before I leave though, feast your eyes on this…

IMG_7433I did it guys! I went to get my ice cream last Saturday night and I really enjoyed it.

IMG_7432Make that, Rita and I really enjoyed our Baskin Robbins. 2 adult scoops for lil ol’ me thanks. The top one (omg so good) was a Caramel Turtle Truffle flavour (caramel swirl + truffles + vanilla ice cream) and the bottom was the one I knew I was gunna get which was the Chocolate Peanut Butter. I’m not a fan of chocolate (its tolerable) but it’s that frozen peanut butter ripple that makes my heart melt. I will say though, that I think the turtle one trumped it, and I was kinda sad I had it on the top because I then dug to the bottom to eat all the chocolate ice cream first (leaving peanut butter chunks) and then was left with the amazing ice cream with frozen peanut butter. So good.

Do you save the best for last too? Also,

You know what?

IMG_7438I didn’t blow up like a house the next day either. This shot was also taken after my big bowl of preworkout zoats and a whole mug of tea. Lil flat, but those lil guys are still there. Sorry for the messed up hair and…well self…tis the morning. Don’t judge.

Being Real With Ya: I will say that I felt fuller then I normally feel after dinner following the ice cream. This lead to some triggering points for me so I just went to bed because I didn’t want to deal with the negativity that my brain was trying to force upon me. One thing that probably didn’t help was the fact that the turtle truffle one was actually a low fat, sugar free variety (that’s not why I chose it!) so it had a ton of artificial sweeteners in it that my tummy hates. That probably accounted for a good amount of gas that made me feel more full then I really had to.

All in all, I may have been a bit puffy the next day, but it’s a step in the right direction psychologically for me and I even told my Dad that maybe if I’m brave enough to do it soon again, Easter will be another ice cream weekend.

Favourite brand of ice cream? Shop?

If you were to design your own ice cream flavour, what would it be? Something mostly made of peanut butter for me. With peanut butter cookie dough chunks…I’m drooling.



Day In The Life & What I Ate [Tuesday]

Hey Friends!

I had a request from a reader to do one of these style of posts and figured I would bring my A-game and take all zee pictures so that I could do just that for you. Lets take a peek into my typical Tuesday. This happens to also be my super early day because I need to get my lil tushie to the gym at 7:30Am Weeoo. Here we go.

What I Ate Wednesday Button

Thanks Jen for the link up πŸ™‚

IMG_71255:30 AM: And it begins.

Jump out of bed and throw my pre-made, naked zoats into the microwave for 6 minutes while I run back upstairs.


Appetizing eh?

5:38AM: Add chopped nanner, nuke again for 2 minutes

5:40AM: Add pink salt, vitamin C powder and flavaaa


Who got my bottle all messy? πŸ˜€

Nuke again…Yeah Yeah I’m gunna die.

5:42ish AM: Add all zee toppings. Sprinkle of peanut flour, 3g of chopped up walnuts, 1/2 a tablespoon of this lovely nut butta

IMG_7129…and a watered down tsp of Walden Farms Chemical Sauce. Yes, I went there. I can only have a touch (ie a tsp that has been watered down so it’s like I get more syyyrrrup) though or else my tummy gets mad that I’m eating crap. And yes, Walden Farms is crap. But the syrup is tasty crap I will admit.

Lil Miss Fitness Freak Confessions. See I’m not perfect. Sometimes I want maple syrup but I ain’t about that sugar soooo I sink to using chemicals.

6AM: Finally ready to eat my pre-workout zoats with a side of Chopped Canada

IMG_71356:20AM: Done foodz, pop my probiotic and reheat the other half of my tea from last night. If anyone hasn’t tried this tea yet you really should. It’s my fav!

IMG_71317:10-7:15AM: all bundled and ready to walk in the Arctic

Damn you Mother Nature!

Damn you Mother Nature!

Hey at least I’m not in New York

Sorry for your luck down there!

7:30AM: Enter the gym. Game time I have a class a 10AM.

This is what I tell myself every Tuesday.

Today’s workout was Chesticles. Lets take a looky at what I did

Chest Day Jan 27

SS= Super set (meaning no rest in between those 2-3 exercises). Drop set means you do your set as normal then immediately (no rest) drop to a lower weight and do another set. CC= Captains Chair

Forgot to put on there that sets 2 and 3 were all 4 total sets and set 4 was 3 sets (my burnout for the workout).

Oh hey PR! 85lb bench yo! I always find that because I’m feeling rushed on Tuesday’s that I’m super focused so despite it being my super early day, I always end up having an amazing workout.

Moment of Distraction: News shows that ferret eats half a little girls face….Well ain’t that nice.

9:25AM: Still going strong…must finish last burnout set

9:38AM: Must finish last set. Damn it someone took my rack for HLR.

9:40AM. Flail my arms around Stretch for a minute so I could say that I did it. Run to the change room to get my sh** together so I can bolt it back to campus.

The postworkout selfie I didn't really have time to take...

The post workout selfie I didn’t really have time to take…

Hashtag #CrazyFace

9:50AM: Leave gym…Yeah I have 10 mins to get to my class (about a mile)

10:01AM: Ass in chair. Challenge won.


IMG_714010:05AM: Can’t get that post workout muffin down my throat fast enough.

10:15AM: Realizing how much my butt hurts from yesterdays leg day (1st of the week, glute/ham focus) as I attempt to cross my legs…

10:30AM: Sitting-in-a-chair fatigue starts to kick in. So I decide to multitask. Listen, take notes and begin to type this post up to keep my eyes open.

10:45AM: What no mid-class break? Apparently they don’t realize that I drank an entire bottle of water during my workout and I need to pee every 20 minutes.

11:20AM: Still have to pee..but more..

11:22AM: The bathroom here has two stalls and it’s lined up out the door…Ugh.

Question of the morning: Can I make it home?


11:25AM: Stop into another building to pee then continue walking home.

11:30AM: Get home and prep my lunch because I’m hungry already…


Red Onion + Asparagus + Portabello Mushrooms + Orange Bell Pepper

Veggies are all prepped to be roasted in the toaster oven. Rice is on and Emily comes in so I chatter with her for a few while I get these things going.

12PM:shake my head that my veggies have been done for like 10 mins now, I’m ravishing and I’m sill not eating…Oh distractions. Wash face, shower, and get changed. <-aka put on PJ’s because who puts on clothes when they are in their house for a few hours? Not this girl, but you knew that already from my vlogs I’m sure. πŸ˜‰

12:30PM: I’m finally eating. Ugh I have issues.


Roasted Veggies + 3 ounces Roasted Chicken + Pre-soaked and cooked Uncle Ben quick brown rice

Staple meal when I don’t have a meal directly right after my workout (ie proats). Yes, I eat out of that container because it keeps my food as hot as possible for the longest. πŸ˜€

Have any of you seen Eye Candy on MTV? Yes it sounds stupid but it’s actually pretty good. Don’t let the name scare you away. A lot of dying though lol.

1:30ishPM: Make pudding (for nightly snack) while catching up on some fitness/health YouTube vids.

I want to say that I was productive before my 4pm class but I was so freakin tired guys so I took a power nap before said class

IMG_71452:40-3:20PM: Zzzzzzzzz

3:25PM: Take my vitamin D drops and fish oils, eat about an ounce of leftover roasted chicken because I’m randomly starving again. Yeah, I didn’t eat that much but I figured I would test whether I was dehydrated so I had a lil bite then I was gunna get a Tim’s.

3:35PM: Left for class earlier to pick up my tea from Timmies and took the green bin and recycle with me to get that out of our house.

3:40PM: Tims in hand (which my gloves clearly do not want to hold. Hotpaws don’t hold things apparently). It’s actually not too bad out right now despite being cold…

IMG_7151Maybe it’s the sunshine?

4:55PM: In lecture and read this article [link] that a friend of mine posted on facebook (she was actually the sports nutritionist I saw).

4-5:20PM: Managing Resources lecture + working on this post + working on an assignment for this class. For said assignment I did the Big Five personality test online. If you’re interested, here were my results.

A worrier...Who would have guessed that...

A worrier…Who would have guessed that…

5:15PM: Walking back home.

5:25PM: Walk into the house to find Emily sleeping on the couch. Daaaaawwww.

5:30PM: Finish making my workout summary on PicMonkey

Moment of Worry: So I found that cool background randomly online and I’m hoping I don’t get attacked for using it on my site…cuz I couldn’t find a reference for it… :-/

5:40PM: Hunger starting to ping in again (what is with this non-stop hanger today?! Delayed needs from leg day yesterday?) so I consider slowly making my way back downstairs to start making dinner. Swordfish on the menu tonight. πŸ˜€

….Gets distracted by another assignment…

6PM: Downstairs to start cooking. Emily has woken up so I’m chattering with her as I cook.

IMG_71556:45PM: Just as I sit down with my appie salad (I eat this while my other half is baking/roasting) my computer randomly turned off on it’s own. Awesome.

6:50PM: Macbook is now back on (I’m still using my old one, which does random things sometimes #OldieProblems, as I’m waiting on software for my new one), Pretty Little Liars is on and I’m nommin away. The growling had stopped by now, which is probably not a good thing.

7:10ishPM: Round 2. Baked swordfish and all it’s oily beauty + all the roasty squash. We have delicata, acorn and buttercup there roasted with some olive oil and dried rosemary. Yeah, I don’t do sweet roasted squash. Savory FTW!

IMG_71567:30PM: Done dinnah, prepping my morning preworkout (soaking my oats and chia seeds) while watching the last leg of PLL and making my Dad a little something something for making his way up real quick tomorrow to drop off my casein. Such a nice Dad I have. πŸ™‚

8:10PM: In go my Dad’s muffin/cupcake thingys..

IMG_7158And I head upstairs to read the chapter for my food pre-lab quiz as my lab is tomorrow afternoon.

IMG_71658:30PM: Out comes the muffins…Dammit I think I over did them a wee bit…Sorry Dad, hope they are good!

IMG_7162The surprise centre is peekin out the top trying to escape.

8:45PM: Finish that chapter and start quiz

9:05PM: Done quiz and I got pwwweeerrfect. πŸ˜€ Preservation master apparently.

9:15PM: Add more to this post.

9:30PM: Read some journals for my Couples and Relationships course assignment.

9:40ishPM: Go put pudding in the freezer + heat up tea that I steeped while cooking muffins earlier and head back upstairs to get back to worky.

Emily catches me as I head back upstairs and makes me smile as she beams about how good her first boxing lesson made her feel. Strong and powerful.

Β 10:15PM: Starting to wind down before getting my snack and to beddies.

10:40PM: Snack time with blog reading time and I will attempt to make it into bed before midnight.


No s’mores questbar tonight. That’s a shocker. A friend and I were talking about baking the cookie dough one and that got me craving it.

Overall, I didn’t get as much work done as I had wanted to as I kept getting distracted with other things and plus I took that nap but I told myself that was okay and I would just power through it over the next few days. Midterms are slowly creeping up and assignment deadlines are starting to show themselves on the horizon so the beginning of the semester grace period is coming to a close rapidly.

Hope you had a great humpday friends!

What time to you wake up?

What time do you prefer to workout?

Are you easily distracted?



Merry Christmas…Sending A Ho Ho Ho-Lotta Love

Hey Friends!

Quickly dropping in to wish you an amazing Christmas and I hope you have tons of fun, laughter and good times with your loved ones. I will certainly be enjoying my time today as my parents and I host Christmas for my Dad’s side of the famjam. For now, I’m off to wake up the parentals and the poochie so we can start our morning with pressies before getting a motor’in on our busy day ahead.

Before I go though, I wanted to post this lil numba I made up for those who perhaps have a second and want to work up a good sweat.

Slide1This is a reps for time type of circuit meaning that you are looking to do each round as quickly as you can while still maintaining proper form (no cheating guys!). There is a lot of traveling/movement in this one which is why I called it the reindeer circuit. Those guys have quite the distance to go on Christmas Eve so lets join them on their journey, even if it’s not around the world.

For those stairs I want full sets of stairs (if you are in a bungalow and only have 1/2 flights, double the numba I put there), where each round includes both up and down a flight. You can run, jog or walk it’s up to you, but push yourself and see how fast you can do them…just no tripping up the stairs and breaking something. Christmas is for celebration not hospital visits. Mmmkay?

For the pushups, do as many full as you can, then drop to the knees for the rest. Take breaks as you need to but do the full 20 before moving on. For the lunges, 1 rep would include a lunge with both legs and I want those back legs to get LOW. No half lunges here my friends. For the mountain climbers, ensure those knees are being brought right into the chest but ensure to keep that butt down. Lastly, for the wall sits, make sure your quads are parallel to the ground (meaning that your legs should make a perfect right angle with the wall and the floor). No resting your hands on your legs as that makes it easier and just remember to breathe.

Have some fun with it, play some Christmas music and let me know if anyone tries it out!

Have an amazing Christmas friends and remember, EAT! Do not starve yourselves all day for your dinner or you will binge. Eat normally and choose your indulgences at dinner. You don’t need to go ham on the food. Balance is key.



Workout Split Vlog + Leg Workout Example

Happy Thursday friends!

Can you believe that this time next week we will be celebrating Christmas??

So exciting! What are you plans?

As I mentioned in the video, I had just come back home from my leg workout (2 hours of legs to be exact….#Exhausted) so I decided to tackle Andrea’s question regarding my split.

I had a few disruptions during the video so I hope it still explains everything okay, but if you need more clarification, don’t be shy to ask in the comments!

Click on the picture for the link up to my YouTube as usual

Photo on 2014-12-18 at 13.34 #4Also, I mentioned I would link up a picture or demo of those weighted “press up situps” I believe so here that is. Oh how I love Click on the picture for the full instructions and video demo by Jamie Eason.

Press Sit-Up

The only difference is that I use a plate and bring it back over my head before coming back to press it back up.

Happy “almost Friday” for all of you still working or grinding out those last exams.



My First Teaching Experience HIIT Style

Hey Friends!

So before I start apologizing for not being on zee blog this whole week and a half, I need to stop myself.


Because this blog is for my enjoyment and shouldn’t be a stressful thing. Life things (ie. workoholic with some social trips thrown in) gets in the way sometimes and I just don’t have the time to sit down and write no matter how much I’m missing it. I didn’t even have the time to nap once last week! #SleepDeprivationIsNotCool.

For realz.


I thought about how I could squeeze in writing when I got home. I pondered and worried a bit about the possibility that my readers would be slightly annoyed with my lack of postage.

***PLEASE NOTE no one said anything to make me feel that way! ***

The truth is though…

When I arrived home at 10pm after an 8 hour day at work (plus training myself and clients in the mornings before work), blogging was the last thing on my mind. I just wanted to eat and go to sleep.

That’s just the way it is sometimes and I always have to keep in mind that this blog is my hobby, not my job. I hope you amazing peeps are okay with that.

I will say that what I AM sorry about is that I haven’t been able to answer your lovely questions in a timely fashion, but I guess that’s just the way it is right now and soon enough posts will be posted. A relaxed blogger is a happy and more in depth and helpful blogger amirite?

Just as a lil conclusion though, I want you guys to know that I love you guys and I love blogging and getting these posts up. I also love hearing from you guys so please don’t take this lil stretch of commentary as me saying I don’t enjoy it because it’s quite the contrary. I just don’t want to get into the mindset that I HAVE TO post “#” many times per week or feel guilty if I’m too busy.

So now, for today’s post I did want to share with you a lil workout I threw together for my first teaching-like experience at the Pulse last Thursday!

You see, as of recently, some of my professional spotters (the community guys, the ‘mature men’ HA not students) do a lil TRX (suspension training) workout with a fellow trainer at the Pulse on Thursday mornings. Unfortunately last week, Cayley had to cover an open support staff shift and so I offered to step in a do a lil HIIT circuit workout with them instead to make up for no TRX.

Keep in mind that I have never taught a class before.

But I was super excited to try!

And because they are amazing, they welcomed the idea! So bright and early Thursday morning (my rest day), we got to it and I had them sweatin just a tad. πŸ˜‰

Before I continue I do want to address a few things (QUICKLY I promise) about HIIT as I have been asked a few questions about it.

1. What is HIIT?

High Intensity Interval Training. Fast bouts of back to back exercises (your working set) followed by a short rest period (or recovery period) and then you repeat the cycle. So where you’re used to resting between every single exercise or, if doing a cardiovascular based workout, doing it at all the same pace or steady state, in HIIT, you complete your entire working before breaking for a short time.

2. What are the benefits of HIIT style training?

  • Doing this type of training keeps you in the sweet spot of building lean muscle (because you are working in an anaerobic state like you would weight training) while also placing you in the fat burning state as well (because of the cardiovascular and explosive components).
  • Builds cardiovascular endurance.
  • Keeps your heart rate up throughout your entire workout, forcing you to not take too lengthy of a rest period between sets.
  • Makes your workout quick and efficient. Most HIIT sessions can be done in less than 45 minutes. If it’s sprint intervals, less than 30 minutes even.
  • Like weight training (and UNLIKE regular steady state cardio) you have the benefit of burning calories hours after you complete your workout thanks to EPOC (excess post exercise oxygen consumption). Put simply, EPOC is just the process of your body trying to regain homeostasis after working in an anaerobic (lacking oxygen) state and helps with overall recovery.
  • It’s fun! It’s probably something you haven’t don’t much of and because you can keep the sessions fresh and full of new things it not only keeps you challenged, but it also keeps you mentally engaged.

One thing that I particularly like about HIIT style training is that you are able to build lean muscle while still getting some cardiovascular training in. With something like steady state cardio, you may actually be whittling away your hard earned muscle and thus, in the long run, you are working against yourself. Check out some of the video logs posted by Layne Norton which discuss his stance AGAINST excessive steady state cardio and the negative effects on your metabolism whenΒ overly used.

3. If you are doing a HIIT form of endurance training, how is it different from regular ol’ cardio?

As mentioned, one of the main differences is the oxygen state you are in. For steady state, due to adaptation to the same speed and effort, you are generally working in an aerobic (or with oxygen) state. On the contrary, HIIT pushes the body into an anaerobic state, just like weight training does, where you are working in a state of oxygen deprivation. In addition, as mentioned above, because of that difference in states, one of the big benefits is the “afterburn” effect that EPOC has with HIIT. Steady state cardio does not continue to burn calories following the completion of your workout, or at least, not that many.

4. How often can I do HIIT?

It is not recommended to do more than 2-3 sessions of HIIT per week because it can be quite rough on your central nervous system. When done right they are very challenging and can do great things for shaping the body BUT if done in excess, your body can become stressed and release too much cortisol (stress hormone that has been contributed to weight gain particularly in the abdominal area) as a result.

5. What is a good HIIT workout?

There are so many options! You can do exercise based and/or cardio focused types of HIIT workouts which give you great variety to work with. These are not technical terms, but what I mean is that a cardio focus could be one involving sprints or hill climbs in intervals. On the other hand, you may choose to do back to back exercises that are no focused on running or cardio per say, like the workout I will provide below.

There are many great examples of various types of HIIT workouts online to check out. Sites like, other fitness/nutrition sites and even pinterest can get you going to do some exploring.

So with that all said and done, here was the workout I threw together for the guys.

HIIT backgroundI tweaked our exact workout just a touch (broke the mountain climbers into two 30 second segments rather than one 1 minute one as suggested by one of my HIIT’ers) but the total time worked is the same. We did a total of 3 rounds of this and rested in between for about 90 seconds.

Our equipment:

  • TRX: For the rows and squats (for balance and support)
  • Dumbbells: For the dumbbell swings
  • Platform: For any modification that were required. For example, to make the side planks more challenging, put your feet up on the platform. OR to make the burpees less challenging, do the jump part then do the pushup on the platform.

That is what we used but you don’t need any of those things if you don’t have them or don’t want to use them. That is yet another great thing about these types of workouts is the customization that can be done! For example:

  1. We had the ability to use the TRX for the rows and squats but you don’t need it if you don’t have one available to you. Instead you can do jump squats (or start with body weight squats if pop or jump ones are too much for you right now) and instead of the inverted rows we did, you can simply do regular rows using a dumbbell (or if at home, use a heavier can or weight you have lying around. Just make it challenging enough).
  2. On that note, use what you have on hand if you’re doing this at home. Don’t have dumbbells? Use heavy cans or another heavy object that you can hold onto.
  3. Customize for your skill level at the time. Can’t do a full burpee? Do the part you can do and adjust the other part. Perhaps it’s the full push up you can’t do. So, do the first part then when you come down to the pushup, drop to your knees for half (or girlie as they are called) pushups. Can’t do pop squats for a minute yet? That’s okay! Do as many as possible then complete the minute without the pop or jump, just the squat.

Overall, the main thing here is to push yourself to give your maximal effort. Go as fast and hard as you can (with proper form maintained!) for each of the exercises until the timer tells you to switch or you won’t get the full benefit. You should be out of breathe at the end of each working set.

One last comment is the dumbbell swing.

Here’s an article and video of what that is. Click HERE

If you have a kettlebell available to you those are ideal, but dumbbells will work just fine. The point is that you should be NOT swinging your arms but instead driving that weight up using your glutes, hamstrings and hips. We are not working shoulders here, we are wanting to get some good hip action and glute poppin going mmmmkay? Also, ensure your shoulders are rolled back and your core is engaged (‘sucked in’) the entire time to protect your back.

Well I hope that ties up a few loose ends about HIIT training and I hope that someone will benefit from the workout I provided. Have a great Monday evening friends!

Oh and btw, I got my tat done today! Exciting! I will post up some pictures once the swelling is down a bit more as it’s a wee bit angry right now.