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One More To Go…

My friends!

Happy Thursday, today is quite the busy day for me but wanted to stop in to chat real quick as I have just finished up my first week in my new placement over at Lang’s Medical Centre in Cambridge.

This will be my last official placement for my degree, but I added a final placement at Dietetic Directions because I will be joining Andrea’s wonderful team at her practice once I am finally done (job spoiler alert! Squeeeaaal). The placement with her will not only act as a training and overall welcoming to her biz but it also helps to me to cover some of the hours that I lost due to my many medical appointments following my GI issues and jaw accident.


Go say hi to Andrea over on her website 

I’m so excited and thankful to join Andrea and her partner, as they are doing just what I have envisioned myself doing. So, really this job is a dream come true. I’m still on the look out for a second PT job, but I’m over the moon happy about this one and ansy to begin.



As I begin this new placement I was sad to leave Amy and my previous placement because I really felt like she gave me the most opportunity (plus more) than I could have ever imagined. She really believed in my abilities as a counsellor and threw me into just about anything and everything from day one.

~I counselled my first client on day 2 and continued to counsel most clients that she saw afterwards

~I did my own Lunch-And-Learn on sports nutrition data for 8 FHT staff (dieticians, kinesiology and nurses)…which they said I did awesome so that was nice to hear

~I taught a cooking class

~I helped teach various groups for educating on diabetes and healthy eating

~I did a home visit with a family with a child with special needs (physically and mentally)

~I helped Amy pull together evidence to form a case against a fellow medical professional who was selling harmful advise and procedures to the public

Overall, Amy just made me feel as if I was competent. More than anyone has so far. We had a great working relationship and flow and I can’t thank her enough for everything she offered to me. It truly means a lot that she let me take charge with her patients, as it shows she trusted me and didn’t think I would royally screw things up!

I can say that even just being at Langs for a few days, I have come to understand my style of counselling even more. The charting system at Langs is much more structured and rigid, leading to a much more robotic counselling style. This may appeal to some, but for me, I feel as if it is less ‘client-based’ than just going with the flow of the client’s conversation and concerns and then free-style charting afterwards based on what you ended up discussing. I don’t like the ‘check off the boxes’ style sessions, it doesn’t seem as natural.

I also have not been able to counsel yet, which is hard because I was doing it every day and gaining more confidence than I already had before by doing it so often. I suppose they have to be comfortable too OR I just haven’t spoken up enough, but I want to be respectful and not overly pushy about taking over their patients while I’m there. After all, these placements are only 5 weeks due to my final placement being cut in half.


Regardless, I do think I will have a good time at Langs, as we still see a large variety of clients and I still get to take part in a class or two each week. One thing I have noticed is that I’m entering a new population demographic in the sense that many of the individuals seen here are low income, elderly and Indian. Many of these groups can be challenging because they have their own tastes and unique foods to understand (I have come to learn roti is eaten at practically every meal, paneer is a dairy product and eggs are not to be eaten in the summer…), elderly have appetite and many more other chronic illnesses (on top of their diabetes) and lower income often means much worse eating habits and more barriers to affect their stage of change.

With that said though, I’m always up for the challenge and going to take everything from this placement that I can just as I have always done.


Its supposed to be a beautiful weekend friends, so I hope you get outside to enjoy every ray of that sunshine!

…and to end your week on a funnier note, I saw this on IG the other day and, well, we students can relate.


Much love friends! 


Also jumping into Thursday Thinking Out Loud with Amanda and the crew! Thanks for the link up!



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Two Down, Three 2 Go


Hat so big they had to staple it together for me.

My Friends!

Thursday marked the end of my second semester and my second placement of my Master’s of Applied Nutrition (MAN) Program. I handed in my paper and I’m done with it all..

…for 3 weeks


Lesssss be honest, I would never throw my Mac out the window tho..

I was looking so forward to relaxing over the next 3 weeks. Doing life the way I wanted, whenever I wanted. The only plans I really had (which I was super excited for…) was to be shadowing Andrea (RD at Dietetic Directions) and meeting with my 3rd placement preceptor, but it seems like life doesn’t like simplicity.

Lets see…

~Stats meeting for my thesis Friday + interim report due that night

~Oil change this Tuesday morning, so I have to go home and stay there overnight because it’s at the crack of dawn

~Graduate pictures with my favourite fellow MAN grad, Frannnnaa Bannnannnaa Thursday

~Colonoscopy prep all Friday and Surgery Saturday morning… Maaaammmmeee

~Gastric emptying test at McMaster at 8:30am the following Thursday

~Training my client Karl 3 times plus my other clients (I have two brand new clients adjusting to plans)

~Moving into my summer sublet..with babes ❤

…So, well I like to be busy?


Aside from my forever busy schedule (okay okay thats half my own doing, I’m in my 20’s reach for the stars right?), I wanted to conclude this placement with a little list of things I learned and gained.

These placements are supposed to be about growth and guide you towards your RD career and I think with each placement thus far I have really strived to push myself to take on opportunities that will benefit me and my future. This semester has been the best so far so I cannot imagine what next semester will bring me.


I was placed in Hospitality Services for this placement, as it was my time to do food service. I was supposed to be working at adding nutritional information to all recipes on campus using their new software system…

Unfortunately the software was being a bit more finicky and had more ‘bugs’ to work out and my project was than essentially put on hold for the summer interns to take over. As a result, I was able to jump into various positions from cooking in the kitchen, working with the team at SNAP (student nutrition awareness program) and helping upper management with their allergy awareness food line and training modules to help complete my competencies.

I was able to learn a lot and I’m glad that I had the variety because one thing that I really have learned about myself is that I get bored easily and so having more than one task or thing to think about keeps me mentally stimulated the best.

What else did I take away from this placement?

1. A new Food Prep company in the making…


I met Aaron Crawford (Tourne Cuisine) during my kitchen time and he stated that he was interested in starting up a meal prep service alongside his catering company and asked for me to help with recipe planning and macronutrient counting.

We than moved forward with this idea and we are on our 3rd week of supplying to a customer, who happens to be a trainer at my gym. I hope it can grow from here but I suppose I must be patient as we still haven’t been ‘alive’ for more than a month.

2.  Even those things you aren’t looking forward to may have their purpose.

I will be honest and say that I was NOT looking forward to this placement. Out of the three types of placements we have to do, Food Service was my least favourite. I figured I would be in the back gagging over the hospital food…


But Ed was great and he allowed me to work fully independently and have lots of tasks to do during my time there. It was a good learning experience and not as bad as I thought.

Still being honest…Could I see myself going into a Food Service job…? No, not really. Clinical and Community are my niches.

3. I loved the ability see my friends every day.

The placement itself did NOT include seeing my friends but I was so centralized on campus that it was rare that I didn’t meet up with one of my friends for lunch. It was so nice to catch up with everyone, including friends I made in the Wellness Centre during my last placement.


Lesson learned: I need my friends in my life, even when it’s super busy.

4. I hate change but it’s also not so bad and will work it’s way out. 

I get super anxious at the beginning of any new start because my body HATES change to my schedule. Thanks IBS… but it will all be okay once you get into that routine. The gym has always been the biggest and more anxiety provoking change, where I have to switch from my beloved late AM workouts to PM (prime time) but if you love something you will always get it in, no matter where it has to fall.

I also learned how much I needed that stress relief. I was dancing around in the last hour of my day just wanting to go and lift. Brought new insight into my love of lifting.

5. I can fall into work-a-holic tendencies…

I always preach having your down time but I fail at being able to do that myself. With the number of clients I have, my volunteer work, my placement, school and now this prep company, I feel like any second I have I tend to spend working (if I’m not working out). When you are single you don’t tend to notice this, but it becomes more apparent when you find yourself feeling bad about working so much because you want to spend time with your person.

He didn’t need to tell me that I worked too much or that I needed time to myself because I knew it and I wanted to spend more time with him so I knew that I needed to re-proritize and re-balance. It turned out to be something I have to continue to work on but I’m getting better with taking care of myself and having some non-work fun.

The other thing is that I truly love working with my clients. I really really do so it was hard for me to just let that go, even just for a single day. The thing everyone has to learn is that you need time to refuel your tank so that you can help them. It’s also NORMAL and NEEDED to take time for yourself and be ‘selfish’…despite it not being actually selfish. I’m still learning this lesson.

6. Sleep…sleep is important.

Yes I obviously know this, but with everything going on with my health I was literally told by my ND that I needed to actually legit make it a priority. I have been doing my bestest and I have to say that I have done better now probably more than I have in a long time so I’m proud of myself.


Fun fact, my fav animal is a penguin…and I have a stuffed one on my bed

More lessons to learn as I head on into my summer placements. But for the next few weeks its about taking that time to myself and recovering from those few procedures I have to get done.

Much love my friends! 

Whats one lesson you learned from your University days?


I Owe You An Update…

The title says it all. I had gone MIA on you all once again. Man this semester is really killing my bloggin game. Don’t they care that I have readers to amuse, huh?

Guess not.

My apologies but you know…#StudentLife.


So on this lovely Friday let me fill you in a lil bit.

1. Gainz

***Trigger Warning. I will be expressing thoughts that may make some feel uncomfortable. Please note that I am aware these are not healthy or rational thoughts but I’m just wanting to express to you how I felt at the time***

So yes, I have officially put on a pound or two with my coach. That may not seem like a lot based on how long I have been working away at it with him but you have to understand that when your metabolism is high and your workouts are tough, just getting the scale to tip over the edge is really really hard. You need a lot more food then you think just to make it budge.

I have made it past a number of fears.


~Eating rice cakes before bed.

~Eating more peanut butter then I ever imagined. I love peanut butter but I always had this rule that I was only allowed 2 tbsp a day (ie. a serving on the label). Still working with that fear….my last addition via my coach was “Let’s just add 3-4 tbsp of nut butter this week. You love the stuff right?” Uggghhh I love it but that much scares the crap out of me.

I’m still dealing with challenges associated with the weekly increases that has has me doing.

~Having my weekly ‘cheatmeal’ errrr.. treat meal despite always being bumped calories. My head tells me to feel bad for having my ice cream for example because I’m already in a surplus so you don’t need it. Bad Chelsea.

I still have issues with not feeling in control.

And yes, I did in fact have a pretty nasty melt down when I saw that scale shift.

Rationally I know that is the plan. Rationally I know I need it and I DO WANT IT. I really do want to look healthier! I want to fill out my lil fitness freak booty. I want my cheeks to fill out more. I want to look like I lift and gain back the strength I lost for gawds sake, which you cannot do when you are too lean. But the increase in the number shook me and sent my mind into a state of mixed thoughts along with some tears and unfortunate body checking and poking…

Where is it??? Look that part’s softer…Is that a lump?! OMG I’m gunna get fat!

I have always told you that I don’t like the scale and it’s useless. Truth is…that still stands true. The scale means nothing. It is not a measure of anything really because you can gain weight but looker leaner (hello muscle mass!) and then it just messes with your mind.

That in mind, I felt as if I needed to check once and a while to ensure I wasn’t loosing any more weight and also to know when I started to gain so I could say I was going up. It didn’t really phase me. Yes, the number I saw was much too low and I knew it, but I was not mentally prepared for how I would feel if it actually moved up.

That day came and I broke. I cried. I failed didn’t hit my increase that week because I automatically assumed that because I gained I was just going to stock pile fat on myself because apparently thats what happens when I’m talking about my own body.


I still struggle with thinking that somehow my body is different then others. Others will be fine, but I will become hideous or something. I dunno. Again, irrational. I need to take my own advice and know that I’m getting healthy because I’m NOT healthy right now.

Instead I need to focus on the positives. I’m getting stronger again in the gym and I’m loving it.

I PR’ed today finally hitting my 1.5 times my body weight back squat again. I lit up like a firecracker. 

That week was rough but I have accepted it and my dietician spoke to me about the body dysmorphia aspect. Not that I should be trying to rationalize the gain in any way but it will probably be a long time before weight will begin to really show on me because my low body fat percentage means that my organs and vital tissues need a lil bit of assistance first before some of those superficial things.

…When you get an error message stepping on a bioimpediance scale (measures your body fat %) you know that you’re too low…

I know that scale is not the most accurate but still…an error message!?! and that was three meals in…

Anyways, onto bigger and better things and on to more muscle! I’m gaining my friends and that just means I’m getting healthier and working towards my fitness goals.

2. I got a job!

A research job…that isn’t volunteering…in my field!! I found that at my school they offer URA research projects for students in various departments over the summer months. They pay just like any full time job, actually more in my case because rather then minimum wage I’m getting $11.50/hour, and you are doing research for a prof or Ph.D student on campus. How much of an awesome opportunity it that!

Anyways, although that means that I will have to stay in Guelph and not live at home all through the summer, I am excited that I get this chance to do some research as it will help me work towards my career goals.

3. Hell week is upon us…

Yes, my restaurant (the one I keep complaining about) is this Tuesday. Its starts at the crack of dawn (7:45am) Monday morning on campus with receiving our ingredients (and hopefully not being yelled at all morning…that has happened to multiple groups) and continues all day with prepping the food for the actual service Tuesday morning/afternoon. Tuesday we are back in at the crack of dawn for set up, more prep and getting our **it together before service begins at 11:30am. After 2:30 when class is done, we get our review and grade then while many would crack a bottle of wine, I’m going to hit the gym and then go home and do absolutely nothing for the rest of the night because I will deserve it after little to no sleep and yelling for 48 hours.

Crossing our fingers it goes well.

Anyways my lovely friends, I’m sorry again that I really have been absent this semester.

It’s not you its me.

I hope to chatter with you more and bring back more information posts as things die down a bit.

I’m off to take my ice cream filled belly to beddies

Nite Nite all!



That Mercury…

Yesterday was just not my day friends. My housemate blamed the planets but I dunno, I think the world just had it out for me.


This week has been a bit on the stressful side…

Remember how I was complaining how this restaurant management course was taking over my life. This has been shown over the last few days as we came up to our “Second Conference” this morning/afternoon which was testing out the entrees for our restaurant, today. We basically had to come up with our theme for our restaurant day (when we basically act as managers and run the place….no pressure), 2 main entrees, drink, dessert and soup. We also had to cost and standardize our recipes which requires strict weighing of absolutely everything and figuring out serving sizes, costs and presentations.

The writing up of all of that and having to run around campus like a crazy person for like 12 hours a day (I’m not kidding either) is leaving me kind of exhausted to say the least.

The conference itself went well this morning as he liked our recipes. He made a few tweaks and, as usual, it was a lot more laid back then what we had been prepped for but the point is that it’s done.

Tomorrow I have gym early then a clinical lab where I have to needle myself to see what it’s like to be a diabetic (ie. glucose testing) then meet up with my partner for my counselling class to work on a proposal due Friday. Thursday is normally like my beginning of the weekend BUT NOOOOO I have to meet up with my restaurant group AGAIN (love these girls I really do, but I would like to be able to cross other things off my to-do list if possible…) to work on Assignment 1 (costing) that is due in our lab on Tuesday. That lab also happens to be our restaurants ‘soft opening’ and we all have roles to play. I’m a waitress, so this should be interesting…

Anyways, so back to my “mercury was taunting me” night.

If you were filming me last night it would have been quite the mind clusterfu** followed by some random adventures that my housemates and I endured because…well life hated me last night. 

So here was my day…

Hit glutes and hams in the morning.

…then I proceeded to grab my tea and go to my counselling lecture….then run over to my counselling lab…then run half was across campus to the restaurant to do the meeting for the Front Of House managers ONLY -_-

Everyone else got the day off our normal lecture…see taunting me…

Please also note that fact that he posted this meeting during the day….Thanks.

Leave campus at 6:10pm ready to eat my own face.

Stop into Metro to pick up the food I had to prep for the next days food presentation (the 2nd conference we did today)….yes you read that right…I had to buy the ingredients for my prof to eat… How is that fair for us poor students?

Stomach has officially eaten itself because I don’t feel it anymore.


Home. Shower. EAT EAT EAT. Mmmm elk steak…

Start to make recipes…of all the spices I have in my spice rack the ONE dried herb I need is empty. I really don’t have time for this….

NOTE that I needed to make these + weigh it and send it to my group by 9:30ish

Rita, oh lovely Rita said she would run over to get me paprika. Life saver.

She leaves and about 2 minutes later our microwave dies as I’m steaming the potatoes I need.


I unplugged it and plugged it back into another plug that was working for our toaster oven and nope…it’s dead. Perfect.

Emily who had just gotten out of the shower decides we should run to Canadian Tire to buy another one and they are open for another 30 minutesI really don’t have time for this…

We go over, buy the microwave, steal a cart and fly our way home. Rita and Emily return the cart while I was going to put the new microwave in place and what do I see staring me in the face…



It’s alive! This stupid demon microwave is alive!!?!?! Insert words I’m not proud of…

Take a deep breath, call Em and we laugh about it so I might not explode myself. Okay I’m calm.

Make my food. Standardize my recipes. Send them off a lil later but omg I’m done.

What a day…

So ready to relax…

Flick on my bedroom light…




I think it took me a minute to process because I literally just wanted to bang my head on my wall at this point.

Sure why not, just add to my misery.

This is when adventure numba 2 happened as we have super high ceilings.

How many short girls does it take to change a light bulb…

Picture Rita standing on a footstool which is on a barstool, balanced by Em and as she changes my lightbulb.

Game faces I swear.

We have light!!!

And thankfully, I guess the planets decided they had enough fun with me for the night and let my exhausted self pass out for the night without any further irritations.

Tuesday Rants

Thanks for listening and hopefully you could get a lil entertainment from my suffering.

Do you have those days where you just feel like that meme where the guy is flipping over his desk and leaving?



Well Hello There…

So after my steak of blogging like every day, a week has gone by and I feel like I haven’t given you your dose of rambles in like FOREVER! Being back in school and adjusting to a new routine has kept this lilmissfitnessfreak quite busy over the last week. Still making slight adjustments here and there and still feeling that ‘back at it’ fatigue from having to be walking around in 400lbs of layers+ laptop+backpack+food for literally 12 hours a day for Monday-Wednesday but hopefully my body gets back into the swing of things soon.


Confession 1. I had a really hard time accepting the fact that the first 3 days of the week I would not be able to nap in the afternoon. There’s an adult for ya. 

So what’s been going on with you all?

Hows school/work/life?

For me, here are some updates:

1. I’m excited about my clinical nutrition course. You know it’s your thing when you’re kinda excited to see what journal article readings are posted for a given week of lectures. This class is even one of those 8:30’s that everyone hates too!

2. There always has to be something to not look forward to though…Tomorrow in our lab associated with said class, we are doing blood sugar testing. This is totally cool except for the the fact that I have to prick myself and I hate, repeat…HATE needles. Oh boy.

3. I really don’t like coming home from class so late. Like it bugs me to have to come home and rush around to make dinner as fast as possible because I’m ready to eat someones arm. But maybe I’m just a complainer.

4. I haven’t been really updating you all on my experiences with my coach lately but I will say that I’m getting yet another increase this week. Ugh I don’t know where those calories are gunna go. Can it be over yet?

5. On a similar note, things are looking up as people are continuing to say that my face is looking a wee bit better. Any lil thing helps right? Full steam ahead.

6. It’s the time for summer job hunting. I applied for a paid summer research position at my school, specifically it’s a URA, and guess what? I sent in my application Sunday night when the system for submitting opened Monday morning. Received an email back that morning asking to meet up to discuss the position NEXT WEEK! Weeeooo. Things are looking potentially promising as the actually interviewing is actually supposed to start a month from now. Don’t I feel special? 😉

7. As cool as my Restaurant Management Course (ie. running a restaurant) is, my irritation started to form when these words came out of his mouth the first day..

“I’m a 70’s guy. I start you off with a 70 and you can either go up or down from there. I don’t give that many 80’s and I can count the number of 90’s I’ve given. If you get a 90, you’re basically doing better then me (the prof)..”

That bugs me beyond words not just because my marks mean a lot to me and I’m trying to get into a masters program, but it’s the the fact that despite working your ass off in the restaurant you should really only expect ‘average.’


8. Speaking of the Restaurant Course, today marks the first day in the kitchen cookin it up. Should be fun if I can wake myself up…ugh 5:30’s -_-

9. Random but I took a cue from my housemate and wore a pretty bra this morning since it’s my rest day…and just because. Girls you know that makes you feel cuter.

Happy Tuesday Friends! Hope your week is going great 😀



What Exams? Friday Favs

Happy Happy Friday Friends.

Well, Friday evening. I have been busy up until now doing something very important


No shame here, I had four hours of sleep last night due to my exam making 100% sure that I remembered it was the next morning -_-

Don’t you hate that?


Anyways, that is the first of my list of Friday Favs

1. IM DONE EXAMS! WEoooooooo.

Who’s there with me?

Oh and a happy, blissful 3 weeks off for me. Filled with family, shopping, friends, napping, Maggie,…

Oh and that lil thing called…

2. Christmas!


You have no idea how awesome it is to feel as if you can actually start to celebrate. Anyone else feel like they can’t be excited until they are officially done despite it now being like 5 days away…<- OMG thats crazy!

Things to do:

~Christmas nails with my Mom

~Baking with my Mom

~Watching the VS Fashion show with my Mom

~Main Tree with my Mom

~Rocking out only the best Christmas Album ever with My Destiny’s Child 8 Days of Christmas (which I’m actually currently singing along to as I write to you all). Love it.

Wow if we weren’t so close you would think my Mom would be sick of me within one day.

Also on the list, and actually is set in stone for tomorrow is another favourite…

3. Tradition.

Nana and Papa + Chelsea Christmas Date types of traditions

These are the things I love. The things I look forward to. Every year (without fail!) my parents go for their Christmas date and so ever since I can remember my Nana and Papa and I would also have our ‘date’ at Swiss Chalet.

Fancy place?


They have damn good chicken though! 

But I look forward to it every year and put it top on my priority list. It makes them happy. I makes me incredibly happy to have that tradition with them as we are so close and to see my Nana say  over and over again how much she loves our date makes me melt.

I think it’s such a big deal to see your grandparents as much as possible and that’s not just because they are getting older (85+) but also because family should be a priority and I’m truly blessed that I have the relationship with them that I do.

My Mom always tells me how the first time my parents left me alone was with them and as nervous they were (first time parents syndrome) to leave me, she will never forget the image of my Nana dancing with me in the living room window as they pulled away from our house.

Something I wish I could have witnessed. To be honest, it would probably make me cry. 

Screen Shot 2015-12-18 at 9.32.10 PM.png

This year, I’m treating them to some Baskins after too 😉

Ice cream gains all around!

4. Speaking of lovin..

I love my housemates.


Early Christmas pressies all around. For my tea addict self, Em got me this absolutely beautiful mug from Davids Tea. Notice how it matches my onesie I rocked out in a previous post. Apparently I’m a penguin lover 😀

Oh that lil box of golden goodness? Saffron my friends. Rita you outdid yourself. I have never had it before but have wanted to try it. I’m just too cheap to buy it for myself (it’s the most expensive herb in the world) and now I’m trying to figure out the perfect way to utilize this delicate beauty.

Any ideas that doesn’t include saffron rice?

I handpicked Em a box of truffles because Emily + chocolate = ❤ and for Rita and her honey, loving sweet tooth…


A random spotting at GoodnessMe! This is local wild honey that is flavoured with blueberries! It smelt amazing (yes we both smell things right off the bat HA!) and so I hope she loves it.

5. Feelin so Fresh and Clean

To give myself a lil self lovin (aside from the wonderful and much needed nap time..) I ‘treated’ myself to a haircut and my hair feels so much better now!

Stress ain’t a good look for anyone. Dat flat hair problem.

But it’s all good now…



I also say ‘treated’ because I didn’t pay for my hair cut per say..

6. Monnies back in my pocket

I used the 165 bucks (not all of it, some also went to quest bars 😉 I got back  from my textbooks for my hair.

So thats like it being free right? It’s like money I never had.

Logical Reasoning 101.


Ha more like this…


Money I never knew I had officially becomes money I never keep apparently..

Another Friday Favourite?

Relaxing evenings and an early bedtime because hey, I can!

So I bid you ado all. I hope your Friday was fantastic and that you’re enjoying some time off of the studying and can embrace all things Christmas.

Linking up with Heather so check out her favs as well over at Life In Leggings!

Christmas is about giving (monetary or non-monetary), but what is one thing you did for yourself this week?

What traditions do you live for?

Anyone else thing textbooks should be a rental fee (aka I get all the money back I paid for them) kinda thing. I mean for real who actually needs those things after you are done with the semester?




My Friends, my friends we have moved into official Christmas month


Welcome to December

Current Confession:

I’m feeling very unprepared for my first exam next Monday at 8:30Am. I dunno, those online are killers and just so hard to motivate yourself to do them. Worse yet, its all the wonderful things needed to run a restaurant business….snoooooore. On the grind I swear, I just don’t feel good as of right now.

It is open book but I don’t know if I should feel relieved or not because she said “you will be pressed for time.” Oh the compensatory ‘make the exam hard’ mechanisms for open book. 

Current Book:

Do textbooks count? Tis the season…for exams that is.

Current Music:


Anything Timeflies. I dunno they have been rocking my workout playlist lately. Yes even the Beibs song ‘sorry’ has made it onto my playlist BUT in a Timeflies fashion.

Remix > original

I also just have a thing against the JB. Sorry to all the Beliebers I just don’t like him. His music can be hit or miss with me, but him, immature and annoying.

#SorryNotSorry I’m just being honest.

Current Guilty Pleasure:


A very expensive guilty pleasure. My Dad is now regretting the fact that I’m very observant in the grocery store and did their groceries a few weekends ago because this made it into my cart. I have had lobster about 5 times in the past 2 weeks for dinner….

I’m really not a spoiled brat I promise.

Current Entertainment:


Chicago Med! Now that Grey’s is gone for the season, which they totally didn’t announce I swear, this will fill my void. I went to watch Grey’s last week and it just didn’t show up…How rude.

But anyways, I missed the first episode but the past one was so good! I really like the entire Chicago trio, but I think this one is gunna be my favourite of the 3

Hand up for doctor dramas anyone?

Current Wish/Need:

That I can enjoy my LegDay Cheat Meal tonight with my friends and housemates. We are going to the Works Gourmet Burger and as much as I’m excited to finally try their elk burger, it’s a change from my usual thai and ice cream cheat and, well, change gives me anxiety. Especially when it revolves around food and, even more so, “scary, out to eat, dirty” foods. 

I haven’t had a burger since Chucks back in the hammer…err like 3 years ago. Talk about re-challenging that fear. 0_O

Current Food:

Did I mention Lobster?

It even makes it into my post workout meals.

Speaking of post workout meals, them rice cakes with protein icing and nanner are strangely satisfying despite me making a mess of myself in public.


Oh and in huge news…


Them beauties are back. Whole Foods had Stokes purple sweet taters and you better believed I spent a small fortune stocking up.

Current Drink:

Not much of a exciting drinker. I only really drive tea and water but I found a cool new tea


Yay for reducing inflammation.

One hopes…

Current Triumph:

My latest squat PR. My weights drastically came down after they just took a nose dive due to my lost weight. My body managed to maintain my weights despite the drop for a lil bit, then I plateaued and then well…..crashing airplane noises.

Do you know how frustrating that is?

It was actually depressing, but it was bound to happen eventually. There is only so long that a deprived body can keep up super heavy weights, especially those compounds.

Anywho, my last squatter day I managed 110 at the bar for 5 solid reps for my 2 last sets. Small win, but I was still proud. I have also focused on getting my form down better then I was before, so at least something positive came out of the whole situation

Food, please give me my strength back!

Current Bane of Existence:


The fact that I finally found this tea (I have searching for years! Ohh Canada…) but to then discover it’s not gluten free

Why do you hate me?

Current Blogger Crush:

Jacklyn from Jack’s Balancing Act and Deanna from Dietician Deanna. I love the positive and happy space that Jacklyn has created with her blog. I really look forward to her posts and they give me some great ideas, like the myth buster that I think I might jump on board with. You should start a link-up for that one girl! 😀

I also wait for posts from Deanna as well because I feel like in a way I can relate to her (as she’s a fitness lover and foodie) but she’s also a step ahead in learning about and accepting ‘bad’ foods as something she can treat herself with. I will hopefully get there but for now, she gives me the motivation to try harder. She trusts the process and it hasn’t failed her but instead made she gain so why can’t I fully let go and trust that my body will do the right thing too?

Current Indulgence:


So does this mean I’m beginning to become a shoe groupie?

Current Blessing:

Still being able to squeeze in a 20 minute power nap before dinner…even if they are kinda weird. By weird I mean, I have weird thoughts…dreams?…during them so I really have no idea how much rest I’m getting. Stupid exams..

Current Outfit:



It’s starting and I don’t like it…

Current Excitement:

I know it’s a month away, but Christmas, or even better yet, just being off and done with exams.

What else I’m looking forward to….


The Victoria Secret fashion show. Weeooo.

Current Link:

Anyone else creep a restaurants menu hard before they go? I always know what I want BEFORE I make to the place.

As for burgers, what are your favourite OR required toppings?

For me, for a burger to be worth loosing my ice cream over (#FirstWorldProblems #FoodieProblems), they must first have exotic meats available. I ain’t going (and paying for…) for no cow burger. Check one for the Works and their elk patty (my favourite game meat as of currently).

The Goodies…

The only time I eat cheese…lots of goat cheese please (the best cheese, no?). #LactaidHarderThenMe!

Sundried tomatoes (no place ever has these so another point to the Works because they have them!)

Sauteed mushies and onion

Greens of some kind

Mustard. Plain, frenches mustard. None of that crazy crap. The classic please

Hot Sauce.

Basically what I would have on a pizza (sub basil or pesto for the greens + MEAT). HA! So it’s basically like a meatza because I don’t have a bun on my burger. Fork and knife style 😀

Current Mood:

Slightly stressed as my stomach and weird dream-state sleeping habits have been telling me….

Favourite food to eat out?

What is your current blessing?

Is it warm where you live? If so, can we trade…