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Balance Kills Them Cravings

My friends, I had forgotten to mention in my post last night, hello ice cream brain, that I had gotten the chance to work with another client! She was a great person to work with, open to new ideas, had the drive to change and work hard and really was a sponge when it came to nutrition and fitness information.

Clients who give you the look of intrigue and amazement when you are providing any form of knowledge is so rewarding. They are listening to you. They trust you and your opinions. I always feel so blessed to meet and and work with others and help them reach their goals.

Makes me feel as if I really have found my calling in life.


Anywho, her story reminded me of a lil something. Something that I knew but it was truly amazing to see it played out in a real situation and help her out. Since it seemed to work so well for her, I wanted to share with you all this lil tip on craving control that is super straightforward and simple but something that is often overlooked by many.



I always say that you body is very smart. It knows what it wants and if you choose not to pay attention to it’s wants, it gets louder. It yells for a more efficient way of getting said need and, well, that is not often the most beneficial vessel of a given nutrient.

Imbalance Leads To Cravings.

Most of the time we think of cravings as the strong need to have something we label as ‘dirty’ or ‘unhealthy.’ Think chocolate, sweets, salty things, etc. Of course, some cravings are for wholesome foods, like steak for example, and yes I strongly believe that these too are signs and your body is telling you that you are lacking a certain nutrient (iron perhaps in the steaks case), but we are trying to control the sugary cravings so lets stick with that topic…

So yes, your body is smart. You restrict or ignore it and it yells back. So don’t try to tell yourself that you can out smart it because no matter how strong one persons will power is, your body will win in the end and you may just end up miserable.

Here’s a quick example:

Breakfast. You grab two hardboiled eggs on the fly to work

Snack. You nibble on some of those office candies. What? Not your fault, they are staring you down…

Lunch. Eat your packed salad topped with chicken for lunch.

Snack. Veggies and dip. I’m being super healthy eh? Yay go me…Somehow I don’t feel satisfied. Hmm, drink some water. 

Before Dinner Snack. Munch on some cheese….

Dinner. Baked chicken breast and good ol’ roasted veggies. Well that was yummy but I’m kinda still feeling like something…


Something sweet…

Oh hey there chocolate, how you doinnnnnnn?


We shall leave the story at that.

Now this isn’t the most extreme of examples but I can use it to highlight a lack of balance in this persons dietary choices and how that can sabotage you in the end.

It’s actually very similar to my client actually. I took one look at their typical day of eating and noticed the lack of carbohydrates in their diet. No oats, no bread, no starchy vegetables even. In the case of my client, her gastrointestinal issues with wheat left her leaving them carbs out because she wasn’t sure what to eat otherwise, but for most cases these days, carbs appear to be cut to maintain their weight.

Carbs are not the enemy, but that’s another story…

My client found that she craved sweets like chocolate and cookies A LOT. Like these cravings were undeniable and they really took over her thoughts until she had one.

There’s your body chiming in. Hey you, I need energy. Since you’re not giving me any I need more energy now and I need it to be more efficient because you took too long, i.e. faster digesting forms of energy. Me want SUGAAAAARR. Rawr.


Lets really break down that diet example and see what I’m talking about.

So you can see the eggs in the morning. Protein + fats

Energy crashing leads to temptations winning at work before lunch with the candies. Fast energy.

Lunch is unsatisfying. Once again, lacking carbohydrates.

Munching happens often because you just feel the need for something but don’t know what that something is.

Dinner has very lil carbs once again and now you have chocolate staring you down.

What are you going to do?

Most eat it.

Does this logic make sense?

You restrict, you crave that nutrient but often in a easier to digest form. Carbs tend to get the boot the most and that is often what contributes to cravings for sugar. Of course, I’m not claiming this to be scientific fact, it is just something I have noticed far too often.

I’m also aware that other mechanisms are most definitely involved in something like a craving, but I’m just trying to give you a big picture tip that can really benefit those that find their snacking is getting out of hand. 

So let me ask you, when you look at your meals, are they balanced? When you look at your plate, is there a fat, protein and carbohydrate source there? If not, this is something to try out if you find yourself dealing with cravings. Even if you’re not struggling with cravings and over-snacking, balance should be a goal.


With my client, we changed the two eggs at breakfast (her pre-workout as well) to oatmeal with egg whites and some nut butter. The result: She went from feeling slightly dizzy to feeling full of energy.

Carbs to fuel her workout with some protein and fats to hold that energy to the end of her training. 

We changed her post workout snack to something with some wholesome protein and more carbohydrates (she was drinking a vegetarian shake)

Utilizing carbohydrates and protein here to re-fuel her muscles after weight lifting and prevent an energy dip due to not feeding herself. 

We made sure that she would have at least 2 of the macronutrients (protein/fat/carbs) in her snacks, with one being protein, and all three in her meals

And to be on the proactive side, I gave her some naturally sweetened alternatives to treat herself with if a craving just wouldn’t stop.

But, guess what happened?

When she started incorporating more carbohydrates and having more balanced meals, she stopped having cravings for sweets. She told me that she hasn’t had those strong chocolate and cookie cravings since because she has felt satisfied with her meals. It just doesn’t occur to her to want more of that ‘something extra or sweet.’

So, give your body adequate nutrition and it won’t yell at you for other things.

I hope that was helpful because it was something simple that I just really felt would be beneficial to tell you all. As a final set of tips to help keep yourself balanced and prevent unnecessary cravings, take a peak at this list:

~Try not to snack too much. Don’t become one of those snack plate meal kind of people. Have meals. I find that snackers often complain of weight gain and mindless munching. Again, snacking is generally when ONE macronutrient is picked at. A spoon of peanut butter here, a bowl of cereal there. None of these are anywhere near balanced and so you will find yourself feeling unsatisfied and wanting something else and taking trip number 10 to the kitchen…

~Have variety. Cravings can also happen if you’re eating the same damn thing all the time. That works for some, but most like a lil change of life.

~Keep a number of different things that are easy to grab on hand. Prepping things for if you’re on the go is so beneficial and saves you from buying out but if you just throw a handful of lettuce and chicken in a bowl and call it a meal, you’re not being balanced. Have some nuts/seeds, Pre-cooked meats if possible, batches of roasted vegetables (including starchier ones) and grains, etc on hand so that tossing together a meal is easy and will have the three big guys you need.

So there you go, my tip of this weekend. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Do you feel unsatisfied with snacks?

Do you make sure your meals are balanced?

Do you have cravings? Why do you think you have those cravings?

Happy Saturday Friends!



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To Rest Is To Bake

My Friends

So I randomly had today (Thursday) off work today and so my restday left me without a full day of working to keep my brain off the gym…

Gymrats you understand the feelz.

So naturally that led me to cramming my day with appointments, errands and….


Also, since you are probably feeling like I don’t cook anymore due to not posting any recipes in an eternity, I wanted to share these pronuts with you. These pretty lil things will be making their journey to the gym tomorrow morning for the trainers to munch on. Not to brag, but they get all happy and giddy when I come in with the bag of protein filled goodies. 😀

The idea for this flavour (salted caramel), other then the fact that caramel is amazing and I’m obsessed with it right now, came mostly from the fact that on Monday morning I had made more bundt muffins which contained two things that needed using up:

  • A whole bag of pretty dead lookin nanners
  • A decent amount of homemade vegan caramel
Banana Caramel Protein Bundt Flower. I was told they were my best combination yet!

Banana Caramel Protein Bundt Flower. I was told they were my best combination yet!

That caramel by the way is like the easiest thing every to make and everyone was raving on how good it was. I will never know if it actually tastes like caramel, but it smells like it and it’s a hit so I’m not complaining.

Vegan Caramel Sauce

  • Pitted dates, soaked for at least an hour then drained
  • Caramel extract
  • Enough water to get the mixture smooth but not liquidy (or until the consistency you want, I wanted stickier so I used as lil as possible)

Directions: Place the dates, caramel extract and some water in a good blender and give it a whirl. Add enough water as you need to reach the texture you want.


The amount of caramel extract will depend on how many dates you want and how strong you want it. I used about 1/2 a package of dates and maybe 1/2 to 1 tsp of the extract.

Also, I have seen (and made once) vegan caramels that use vanilla extract and almond butter along with the dates and they have been successful as well and give a creaminess to the product because of the fats from the nuts.

Anywho back to the pronuts…

IMG_7978Well, as usual, I tend to throw things together randomly and after seeing a tip from the protein chef or Protein Pow on saying that you should add nuts to your mix for more moist protein donuts (whey dries out your baking), I decided to test out that theory with this batch.

So here ya go.

Salted Caramel Pronuts

Approximate Macros per 1/6 pronuts: Cals: 182 Carbohydrates: 22g Fat: 6g Protein: 11g Fiber: 5g Sugar: 7g the sugars are from the banana and dates. No sugar added.

Dry Ingredients:

  • 1 cup rolled oats
  • 2 tbsp coconut flour
  • 1 ounce raw cashews (or other nut would work too)
  • 1 scoop Diesel Salted Caramel Whey (can probably use vanilla and just increase the caramel extract)
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • crack or two of sea salt (I use pink Himalayan)

Wet Ingredients:

  • 2 small-medium very ripe bananas (about 150g worth)
  • 1 large egg
  • 1.5 egg whites
  • 1/2 tbsp melted coconut oil (don’t know if you really need it or not)
  • about 1/2 a cup of unsweetened cashew milk (or other milk choice)
  • 1 tsp caramel extract
  • Homemade Caramel (see above)


Preheat your oven to 325 degrees. In a blender, grind up the cashews and the oats into a flour. Combine with the rest of the dry ingredients ensuring to get out any coconut flour lumps. Microwave your bananas in a separate bowl (makes for easier mashing), whisk in your egg and other liquid ingredients. With the milk, start with 1/4-1/3 cup and add more as needed when you add wet to the dry ingredients to get a cake-like batter. Combine your liquid ingredients with your dry with as little folding as possible. Using a sprayed donut pan, fill half of the well with the batter. Place a ring of caramel in the middle of each donut ring and then cover with remaining batter. Bake in the oven for about 15-20 minutes or until the edges are starting to brown and they are firm to the touch but still have a bounce to them.


Naked Pronuts fresh from the oven

Carefully remove them from the pan and place on a rack to cool. While they are cooling, take a small amount of your caramel and water it down to a syrupy consistency. Take a toothpick and stab a decent number of pin holes in your donuts (don’t destroy them, you shouldn’t see these holes) and spoon your caramel syrup over the donuts. The holes allow for the syrup to seep into the donuts and when they are fully cooled, it will have a glazed effect as well.

Carefully drizzle-whizzle your caramel syrup over the pronuts while they are warm.

Carefully drizzle-whizzle your caramel syrup over the pronuts while they are warm.


Spread your glaze around a lil bit to cover the tops (and the holes) fully.

Optional but totally worth it for the salted caramel effect, crack some pure sea salt over the top while the caramel is still wet.

Anyone else see that beautiful salt shinin back at ya?

Anyone else see that beautiful salt sparklin back at ya? You lil flirt you… 😉


I really hope you like these and I’m hoping the trainers will gobble them all up as well tomorrow.

Have a great Thursday my friends!

Anyone else as obsessed with caramel right now as I am?

Do you like salty things? I’m not a salt lover and never used to put salt on anything (parents never did as I was growing up) but with my chronic low blood pressure and the fact that now I don’t eat any packaged food really, I was probably deficit (strange eh) due to my strenuous workouts. Now to try to add more in, as I still don’t like it on many things, I have acquired quite the love for it cracked onto my pre and post workout zoats. Salty peanut buttah…Mmmmhmmm.



A Week Of Locality

Hey Friends!

I have seen a few roundups of recipes lately featuring this months local produce. I don’t know about you, but I love being able to take advantage of local and in season produce for a few reasons:

  1. I like to support the community farmers
  2. It tastes better. It honestly does.
  3. You lower your ecological footprint. My veggies don’t need to a plane to get to my plate. I’m perfectly content with someone picking it for me. I ain’t afraid of germs. 😉
  4. We are drawn to things in season. Do you find that foods that happen to be in season look really appealing to you? There are some thoughts that we tend to crave things that are in season because they are what our bodies are intended to eat at that time + our body may recognize that they would have more nutrients still left in them as they are fresher (rather then being transported across the globe to reach you)

What are your thoughts?

Do you like eating local?

Do you like going to and/or attend your cities local markets?

As I mentioned, I have seen a ton of these recipe roundups (like this one for all my vegetarian readers out there) and so I decided I would jump on that bandwagon and do my own that showcased recipe inspiration for whatever dietary lifestyle you like to follow.

Before I get to those, what’s in season here in the Greater Toronto Area in May?

In SeasonPicMonkey CollageWow looks like Christmas. All dem reds and greens.

So yeah, slim pickings right now, but hey, Spring is slow to start so our produce is slow to really get crazy too.

Now onto the recipes. I hope you enjoy! 🙂

Here’s to a week of dinner ideas.

Startin your week with something fresh and vegetarian. Meatless Mondays if you will.

Risotto tight- Blog 1338

Spring Risotto with Poached Egg. This recipe can be made vegan by removing the egg. If you don’t do dairy or just butter in general, use some coconut oil for sauteing the vegetables. Light but bursting with flavour, this risotto is glowing with spring colours.

Springy Features: Asparagus, herbs and greens.

After some vegetable lovin, them Paleo folks need a lil more meat on their Tuesday.

Vermont pork tenderloin with fiddleheads made by Chef Shawn Calley

Vermont Pork Tenderloin with Fiddleheads. These funky shaped lil fiddleheads are highlighted alongside some good ol’ meat for them carnivore folks.

*Remove beans from the recipe and swap butter for grassfed ghee or coconut oil to make paleo*

Springy Features: Fiddleheads. You can also add some greens and fresh herbs to the succotash as well.

Warming Wednesday up with something light and gluten Free.

Poached Cod in Spring Vegetable BrothPoached Cod In Spring Vegetable Broth. This would make a great light dinner or lunch that highlights the freshness of the vegetables in season.

Springy Features: Asparagus. You could easily throw in things like greens.

Think Red on your Thursday.

Roasted Beet Noodles with Pesto and Baby Kale

 Roasted Beet Noodles with Pesto and Baby Kale. This would make a fun, colourful and light appetizer. Ever had bright red noodles before?

Springy Features: Beets, herbs and greens.

This one is a double feature. Didn’t think I would leave you with just a lil salad for your dinner would ya?

Screen shot 2015-05-07 at 9.46.12 PMSauteed Scallops with Peas and Rhubarb-Radish Relish. You all know my love for scallops so here is a fresh version of these gems of the sea that filled with many spring ingredients. Look at them colours!

Springy Features: Rhubarb, herbs, greens and radishes.

Fridays are for pizza no?

What about a low FODMAP pizza?

Spring Veggie Polenta Pizza. Pizza! If you are cautious as to which cheeses you use (use FODMAP approved or forgo the cheese and use nutritional yeast for a cheesy note) then this dish is totally gut friendly. Gluten free and can use a variety of local ingredients for your toppings.

Springy Features: Asparagus, optional herbs and greens.

Saturday Dinner with the Kiddos.

For all of the parents out there with picky eaters, this fun dish may help sneak some seasonal veggies into your lil ones.

Blueberry Beet Pancakes. Everyone loves a good “brinner” or breakfast for dinner and what kid would be able to say no to pancakes? Let alone pancakes that are fushia! So they are happy because they are eating pancakes (which they wouldn’t taste the beety flavour, they simply add a natural sweetness) but you are happy because they are getting full of antioxidants. All in a days work.

Springy Features: Beets. You could make a strawberry rhubarb compote for the top for a more seasonal topper. Simply bring chopped strawberries and rhubarb and a lil bit of water to a boil and let simmer until the fruit breaks down. Sweeten if you choose and if you like it a bit thicker, add a tsp or two of chia seeds as a natural jell-ification method.

Sunday Fundays.

I had to leave you with at least one dessert. Of course, it’s a healthy-ish dessert. 😉

Ginger Oat Cookie & Strawberry Swirl Ice Cream Sammies | happy hearted kitchen

Ginger Oat Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches. It’s getting warmer here and there and how cute would these ice cream sammiches be as a way of cooling off? Simply swap the strawberry ice cream with this rhubarb one to get some seasonal produce into this gluten free treat.

Springy Features: Rhubarb and optional beet juice for colour.

Well there you have it friends. One full week of eating locally at dinner. Soon enough we will have much more to work with and that’s when seasonal cooking really gets to shine.

I hope you enjoyed this post and recipe round up. Thanks to all the great bloggers for their recipes.

Favourite seasonal produce item?

Do you like rhubarb?

Ever tried a fiddlehead?



Slurpin On Some Minerals

Whats a better meal when you are sick than soup?

IMG_7279For my first day of food, I was wanting something that could give my body nourishment after not getting anything for more than 24 hours.

Enter a pot of soup. No recipe, just me pitchin in things that I know are good health boosters and some protein.

So, if you’re feelin under the weather, don’t reach for a can of Campbell’s soup that is full of sodium and preservatives that can leave you feeling icky. Instead, throw a few things in a pot to simmer for a bit until you are ready to eat it.

What made it into my cauldron?

IMG_72771. No sodium added organic chicken broth.

What is best is to have bone broth or a homemade broth, but in the case where a bug just hits you, a store bought stock will have to do. Just make sure the pick up the one without sodium and with the shortest ingredient list as possible. Organic is also a plus.

These broths have been shown to boost immunity, decrease inflammation, detox the body and provide the body with tons of nutrients, minerals specifically, that can help your body recover from a bug.

2. Protein

Your immune cells are made by proteins. If you’re keeping yourself stuck to the BRAT diet (the plain, carby, ‘sick’ diet) for too long, yes you are giving your body bland and easy to digest foods, but you are not giving it the building blocks it needs to recover. As soon as you can keep foods down, it’s important to start incorporating higher nutrient foods for the healing process.

Those amino acids are important, but keep in the mind types of proteins you choose. Avoid hard to digest ones like high in fat proteins or red meats and stick to lighter white fish and meats.

3. Easy to digest vegetables

As I mentioned, your body will be crying out for mineral and vitamin replenishment and so vegetables should be introduced back as soon as your tummy is feeling like it can keep food down. However, like proteins, you need to be careful on which ones you start with. Avoid high fiber and gassy ones like beans and coniferous veggies (broccoli, sprouts, cauliflower, etc) because those are very hard for your tummy to break down and while it’s in a hypersensitive state, can make it feel icky.

Instead, think baby food veggies. Squashes, peas, carrots, some greens (avoid harder ones like kale and collards for a bit), zucchini, mushrooms, potatoes. The brighter the colours, the more vitamins they have so get a variety. Also, removing the skin is something you have to do for the first lil bit as that is where all the fiber is and can make them harder on the tummy. Yes, even I have to lose the skin (the best part!) for a day or two. Sadface.

4. Healing Herbs and Spices.

Avoid spicy things and stick with herbs that have been shown to promote a happy tummy. Garlic is great for detox and as an anti-inflammatory. Ginger is a nausea cure and is also a great flavour booster in soup.

Other random ones are cinnamon and peppermint. Mint tea yo!

So after all that, what the heck did I put in my soup?

Nourishing Soup

Serves ~2

  • 4 cups of liquid (I did about 1/2 and 1/2 no salt added, organic chicken broth + water)
  • Frozen butternut squash cubes
  • Bok Choy
  • ~2-3 tbsp Onion
  • a few White Button Mushrooms
  • Celery
  • Skinless, Roasted Chicken
  • few Shrimps
  • tsp minced Garlic
  • Few pinches of ground Ginger
  • 3 large Bay Leaves

Directions: Bring your liquid to a boil on the stove, pitch in all the ingredients (except the cooked chicken, shrimp and greens) and let that simmer until the vegetables are soft. A few minutes before eating, throw in the proteins and greens and let simmer for a few minutes to heat through. Enjoy!

You can simmer this soup for longer for more flavour development, but your vegetables will break down a bit more. So if you’re going to simmer for a few hours and are using frozen vegetables, hold off adding them until the final 20 minutes or so.

IMG_7282Mmmm. Hydration and nourishment in a bowl. 🙂

Do you crave soup when you’re sick?

Foods you cannot eat when you sick?



It’s The Company That Matters

Happy Family Day to my Canadian friends. And a happy Monday to all of those who don’t have the luxury of having a day off of work dedicated to being with family.

How did you spend your day?

I had the pleasure of hosting my Nana and Papa for dinner. I don’t get to see them as much as I like due to being away at school so whenever I’m home I take every opportunity to see them at least once.

IMG_7212With an extra pair of hands, thank you Mom, this is what I made everyone for dinnaahh

  • Baked Basil Pesto Trout and Vegetables in a parchment pouch
  • Roasted Rosemary and Garlic Potatoes and Carrots

IMG_7211This was my Mom’s pouch. Her vegetables were asparagus, portabello mushrooms and green beans.

Here was my plate, which featured squash as potatoes aren’t my thing and I’m an addict.

IMG_7209Same veggies as my Mom’s pouch but with the addition of yellow bell pepper.

My Nana and Papa really enjoyed it and I introduced them to a new fish + a new way of baking it!

Guys, if you’re crunched for time parchment pouches (or tin foil tents/pouches) are your friend! They infuse so much flavour and take literally 20-25 minutes if you’re doing fish. Plus it’s a meal in a bag (+ add a carb source). Here’s what you do:

  1. Pick your veggies. Anything really goes except for potatoes and other really starchy vegetables as they will take too long to cook and you will overdue your fish. Those things taste better roasted anyways. 😉
  2. Place those veggies in the bottom of the parchment pouch. Season if you want, but you will be seasoning the fish and it’s juices will infuse the veggies nicely as is.
  3. Pick you favourite fish + a seasoning/sauce. I went with trout + basil pesto but the options are endless here. White fish, fattier red fish, shrimp, whatever, they all work in these bags. You could probably even do mussels and oysters too. MMMMmmm mussels…
  4. Place your fish on top of your veggies in the pouch.
  5. Fold the opening of the pouch over a few times to seal it.
  6. Place it in a preheated oven at 350 for 20-25 minutes or until the fish is cooked through. Salmon, trout and other thicker fish will take longer then your thinner types like sole, tilapia and shell fish.
  7. Break that thing open (watch the steam!) and enjoy.

And there you go. Fast, easy and full of flavour. Win win in my book!

I will say that this method makes amazing chicken and turkey as well, it just takes longer. For example, I season my chicken breasts with Mrs. Dash salt-free seasoning (tomatoe and basil is the bestest ever!) and place it in a foil pouch and bake it at 350 for about 40 minutes and its the most juicy chicken you will ever have because it’s being steamed. Chicken and turkey will never be dry again!

If you choose to do meats, you can put things like potatoes and such in there too and they will cook all the way through no issue and not cause your meat to be over done.

NOTE that because my Dad turns his nose up at fish, his pouch had teryaki chicken and vegetables

Anyways, I hope you can find this useful and I hope you enjoyed your Family Day!

Oh, gotta end off with a snappsie of the Lil Miss being the Queen of her Castle (aka my Dad’s legs)


If you cook for your family, what do you make them?



Day In The Life & What I Ate [Tuesday]

Hey Friends!

I had a request from a reader to do one of these style of posts and figured I would bring my A-game and take all zee pictures so that I could do just that for you. Lets take a peek into my typical Tuesday. This happens to also be my super early day because I need to get my lil tushie to the gym at 7:30Am Weeoo. Here we go.

What I Ate Wednesday Button

Thanks Jen for the link up 🙂

IMG_71255:30 AM: And it begins.

Jump out of bed and throw my pre-made, naked zoats into the microwave for 6 minutes while I run back upstairs.


Appetizing eh?

5:38AM: Add chopped nanner, nuke again for 2 minutes

5:40AM: Add pink salt, vitamin C powder and flavaaa


Who got my bottle all messy? 😀

Nuke again…Yeah Yeah I’m gunna die.

5:42ish AM: Add all zee toppings. Sprinkle of peanut flour, 3g of chopped up walnuts, 1/2 a tablespoon of this lovely nut butta

IMG_7129…and a watered down tsp of Walden Farms Chemical Sauce. Yes, I went there. I can only have a touch (ie a tsp that has been watered down so it’s like I get more syyyrrrup) though or else my tummy gets mad that I’m eating crap. And yes, Walden Farms is crap. But the syrup is tasty crap I will admit.

Lil Miss Fitness Freak Confessions. See I’m not perfect. Sometimes I want maple syrup but I ain’t about that sugar soooo I sink to using chemicals.

6AM: Finally ready to eat my pre-workout zoats with a side of Chopped Canada

IMG_71356:20AM: Done foodz, pop my probiotic and reheat the other half of my tea from last night. If anyone hasn’t tried this tea yet you really should. It’s my fav!

IMG_71317:10-7:15AM: all bundled and ready to walk in the Arctic

Damn you Mother Nature!

Damn you Mother Nature!

Hey at least I’m not in New York

Sorry for your luck down there!

7:30AM: Enter the gym. Game time I have a class a 10AM.

This is what I tell myself every Tuesday.

Today’s workout was Chesticles. Lets take a looky at what I did

Chest Day Jan 27

SS= Super set (meaning no rest in between those 2-3 exercises). Drop set means you do your set as normal then immediately (no rest) drop to a lower weight and do another set. CC= Captains Chair

Forgot to put on there that sets 2 and 3 were all 4 total sets and set 4 was 3 sets (my burnout for the workout).

Oh hey PR! 85lb bench yo! I always find that because I’m feeling rushed on Tuesday’s that I’m super focused so despite it being my super early day, I always end up having an amazing workout.

Moment of Distraction: News shows that ferret eats half a little girls face….Well ain’t that nice.

9:25AM: Still going strong…must finish last burnout set

9:38AM: Must finish last set. Damn it someone took my rack for HLR.

9:40AM. Flail my arms around Stretch for a minute so I could say that I did it. Run to the change room to get my sh** together so I can bolt it back to campus.

The postworkout selfie I didn't really have time to take...

The post workout selfie I didn’t really have time to take…

Hashtag #CrazyFace

9:50AM: Leave gym…Yeah I have 10 mins to get to my class (about a mile)

10:01AM: Ass in chair. Challenge won.


IMG_714010:05AM: Can’t get that post workout muffin down my throat fast enough.

10:15AM: Realizing how much my butt hurts from yesterdays leg day (1st of the week, glute/ham focus) as I attempt to cross my legs…

10:30AM: Sitting-in-a-chair fatigue starts to kick in. So I decide to multitask. Listen, take notes and begin to type this post up to keep my eyes open.

10:45AM: What no mid-class break? Apparently they don’t realize that I drank an entire bottle of water during my workout and I need to pee every 20 minutes.

11:20AM: Still have to pee..but more..

11:22AM: The bathroom here has two stalls and it’s lined up out the door…Ugh.

Question of the morning: Can I make it home?


11:25AM: Stop into another building to pee then continue walking home.

11:30AM: Get home and prep my lunch because I’m hungry already…


Red Onion + Asparagus + Portabello Mushrooms + Orange Bell Pepper

Veggies are all prepped to be roasted in the toaster oven. Rice is on and Emily comes in so I chatter with her for a few while I get these things going.

12PM:shake my head that my veggies have been done for like 10 mins now, I’m ravishing and I’m sill not eating…Oh distractions. Wash face, shower, and get changed. <-aka put on PJ’s because who puts on clothes when they are in their house for a few hours? Not this girl, but you knew that already from my vlogs I’m sure. 😉

12:30PM: I’m finally eating. Ugh I have issues.


Roasted Veggies + 3 ounces Roasted Chicken + Pre-soaked and cooked Uncle Ben quick brown rice

Staple meal when I don’t have a meal directly right after my workout (ie proats). Yes, I eat out of that container because it keeps my food as hot as possible for the longest. 😀

Have any of you seen Eye Candy on MTV? Yes it sounds stupid but it’s actually pretty good. Don’t let the name scare you away. A lot of dying though lol.

1:30ishPM: Make pudding (for nightly snack) while catching up on some fitness/health YouTube vids.

I want to say that I was productive before my 4pm class but I was so freakin tired guys so I took a power nap before said class

IMG_71452:40-3:20PM: Zzzzzzzzz

3:25PM: Take my vitamin D drops and fish oils, eat about an ounce of leftover roasted chicken because I’m randomly starving again. Yeah, I didn’t eat that much but I figured I would test whether I was dehydrated so I had a lil bite then I was gunna get a Tim’s.

3:35PM: Left for class earlier to pick up my tea from Timmies and took the green bin and recycle with me to get that out of our house.

3:40PM: Tims in hand (which my gloves clearly do not want to hold. Hotpaws don’t hold things apparently). It’s actually not too bad out right now despite being cold…

IMG_7151Maybe it’s the sunshine?

4:55PM: In lecture and read this article [link] that a friend of mine posted on facebook (she was actually the sports nutritionist I saw).

4-5:20PM: Managing Resources lecture + working on this post + working on an assignment for this class. For said assignment I did the Big Five personality test online. If you’re interested, here were my results.

A worrier...Who would have guessed that...

A worrier…Who would have guessed that…

5:15PM: Walking back home.

5:25PM: Walk into the house to find Emily sleeping on the couch. Daaaaawwww.

5:30PM: Finish making my workout summary on PicMonkey

Moment of Worry: So I found that cool background randomly online and I’m hoping I don’t get attacked for using it on my site…cuz I couldn’t find a reference for it… :-/

5:40PM: Hunger starting to ping in again (what is with this non-stop hanger today?! Delayed needs from leg day yesterday?) so I consider slowly making my way back downstairs to start making dinner. Swordfish on the menu tonight. 😀

….Gets distracted by another assignment…

6PM: Downstairs to start cooking. Emily has woken up so I’m chattering with her as I cook.

IMG_71556:45PM: Just as I sit down with my appie salad (I eat this while my other half is baking/roasting) my computer randomly turned off on it’s own. Awesome.

6:50PM: Macbook is now back on (I’m still using my old one, which does random things sometimes #OldieProblems, as I’m waiting on software for my new one), Pretty Little Liars is on and I’m nommin away. The growling had stopped by now, which is probably not a good thing.

7:10ishPM: Round 2. Baked swordfish and all it’s oily beauty + all the roasty squash. We have delicata, acorn and buttercup there roasted with some olive oil and dried rosemary. Yeah, I don’t do sweet roasted squash. Savory FTW!

IMG_71567:30PM: Done dinnah, prepping my morning preworkout (soaking my oats and chia seeds) while watching the last leg of PLL and making my Dad a little something something for making his way up real quick tomorrow to drop off my casein. Such a nice Dad I have. 🙂

8:10PM: In go my Dad’s muffin/cupcake thingys..

IMG_7158And I head upstairs to read the chapter for my food pre-lab quiz as my lab is tomorrow afternoon.

IMG_71658:30PM: Out comes the muffins…Dammit I think I over did them a wee bit…Sorry Dad, hope they are good!

IMG_7162The surprise centre is peekin out the top trying to escape.

8:45PM: Finish that chapter and start quiz

9:05PM: Done quiz and I got pwwweeerrfect. 😀 Preservation master apparently.

9:15PM: Add more to this post.

9:30PM: Read some journals for my Couples and Relationships course assignment.

9:40ishPM: Go put pudding in the freezer + heat up tea that I steeped while cooking muffins earlier and head back upstairs to get back to worky.

Emily catches me as I head back upstairs and makes me smile as she beams about how good her first boxing lesson made her feel. Strong and powerful.

 10:15PM: Starting to wind down before getting my snack and to beddies.

10:40PM: Snack time with blog reading time and I will attempt to make it into bed before midnight.


No s’mores questbar tonight. That’s a shocker. A friend and I were talking about baking the cookie dough one and that got me craving it.

Overall, I didn’t get as much work done as I had wanted to as I kept getting distracted with other things and plus I took that nap but I told myself that was okay and I would just power through it over the next few days. Midterms are slowly creeping up and assignment deadlines are starting to show themselves on the horizon so the beginning of the semester grace period is coming to a close rapidly.

Hope you had a great humpday friends!

What time to you wake up?

What time do you prefer to workout?

Are you easily distracted?



Status Can Be Dangerous…Thinking Out Loud

Hey friends,

So I saw this picture on my Insta feed and it made me a little angry.

IMG_7117Not that I followed Bob Harper that much to begin with, but I really lost some respect for the man due to this list alone.

Let me share with you my rantage as part of…

Thinking-Out-LoudThanks Amanda for the link-up.

So take a look at his list of “How to be skinny”

What do you think?

First off.

I don’t like his use of the word skinny.

I don’t think anyone should work towards being skinny.

To me, skinny suggests weak and ill. I hope that doesn’t offend anyone, but that’s just what my brain associates with that term. With that said, I don’t know why anyone would want to work towards that image. Yes, not everyone is out to look more muscular and defined like myself, but I don’t think you aim to look sick either.

Anyways, I’m getting off my main point, I want to dissect his rules a bit for you and let me know what you think.

Some of his rules are kinda standard, like what you may agree with as general knowledge.

  • Eat your vegetables
  • Get enough fiber. Not too much though (yes it’s possible, I can attest to that) or you may end up with some gut anger.
  • Get enough sleep. Although I have no idea what his definition of ‘sleeping right’ is. Anyone know how to sleep right?
  • Don’t drink your calories. Who wants to drink when you can eat?!?
  • Learn how to read food labels. Dont just look at the calorie count! The ingredients are more important.
  • Learn portion sizes. Our eyes have gotten larger these days…
  • Dump the fast foods and fried crap. Of course, once in a blue moon, if you like that kinda stuff then have it, just keep them to a minimum as there is really no food in those meals in my opinion.
  • Have a protein source with every meal. I firmly believe in this because protein takes longer to digest and there is what helps to keep you satisfied. Eat just carbohydrates for a snack and feel hungry in about 5 minutes.

The rest of his list though are either complete crap or controversial meaning it may work for some people but not others.

Shall we begin?

Please jump into the comment section and let me know your thoughts. We are Thinking Out Loud here. 😉

Rule 1: Drink a full glass of water before every meal.

I feel like this is very personal. For me, if I drank an entire glass of water before I wouldn’t be able to eat. Additionally I would probably throw up. Water doesn’t go down that smoothly in high volumes for me.

I see where he’s going with this one…Are you really hungry? Maybe you’re thirsty….OR…you will fill up on water and eat less….Either way, I still think that this is not a be all end all rule.

Instead: Learn to listen to your body and take note of when you are feeling hungry. If you’re bored and are feeling munchy, try to distract yourself for a little bit instead of drowning yourself in water. If the hunger persists, well you’re probably hungry and you should probably eat something.

Rule 4: Slash your intake of refined flours and grains.

This is a controversial one right now. Everyone is on the paleo, grain free train in attempt to slash their waist line. Rule number 1 should be to not follow certain lifestyles that everyone is saying makes you loose weight. Do your research.

I will say that I agree we eat too many flour and grain heavy foods. Sorry I’m not sorry but all forms of grains (even whole wheat peeps) turn to sugar and are stored as fat in your body unless they are used up. So, in a very under active population who tend to lerrrrve their carbs the most, we tend to go overboard on these guys.


Carbohydrates are not the enemy.

Just like the other macronutrient, if you have too much for your caloric needs, you will gain weight. That’s science. What I do know is that people have gotten lazier (or busier, take your pick) and simply buy their carbohydrate sources which tend to be over-processed, refined and devoid of nutrients. So essentially what you are left with is empty carbs so to speak.

So overall, I would say to watch your refined carb count from a nutrient perspective BUT you don’t need to get rid of all forms of grains 100% if you enjoy them and are not allergic. Try to go for the whole forms more often as they have minerals and other nutrients in them which do the body good.

Brief note. Simpler, refined grains are thought to spike your blood sugar more than whole forms but it is highly dependent on context. The glycemic index is somewhat flawed as they did their research on fasted (hadn’t eaten) individuals and gave them only that one food. For example, a piece of white bread. Who just eats a plain piece of white bread? So they showed a high spike in blood sugar and that is what they used as the glycemic index values. So yes, flawed. Other foods help to buffer the effects of ingested grain on your blood sugar. For example, fats and proteins really help to slow that release into the blood sugar because they are digested more slowly.

Rule 6: Eat apples and berries every day.

I have no idea where this one is stemming from. If you’re watching your sugar intake, you tend to stick with the berries, but apples? The fiber maybe? Again, if you have no issue with fruit, eat the ones you like. I believe that the only rule you need to kinda go by is get more vegetables than fruit in a given day.

Rule 7: No carbs after lunch.

Seriously? Is he only talking about starchy ones like breads, pasta and rice. OR is he saying carbs in general, which would include all vegetables too. Are you supposed to just eat protein and fat for half of your day?

Again he’s making carbohydrates seem like this evil thing which I don’t believe in. You can eat carbs and not gain weight I promise. I know I’m going to get yelled at by some of those folks on paleo or keto diets but carbs are your body’s (brains!) preferred source of fuel and I’m sorry, getting through the afternoon on just fat and protein would mean I would be napping for 18 hours a day.

The second thing

Since when does your body know what time it is?


Like I said, everyone has a total amount of energy they need to take in on a given day to maintain their weight. If you consistently go over on any of the macronutrients (leading to your overall caloric total being higher then what you need) you will gain weight. So enjoy your carbs whenever you want them.

Rule 10: No more added sweeteners, including artificial ones.

This one is another personal one I think. It depends how much you care about your sugar intake or your intake of fake foods (ie the artificial sweeteners). Personally, I don’t add sugar to my food. My sweet tooth is shrunken to the point where fruit is sweet enough for me, I don’t need anything extra. I also don’t like artificial sweeteners because they make my stomach hurt and, well they aren’t real and our bodies don’t understand them. We also aren’t 100% sure how they react in our bodies as research is relatively new on these. That being said, I do enjoy some maple flavouring a la Walden Farms every once and a while

If you like your honey or brown sugar or what have you, then it’s up to you on if you have it or not. Just take note on how dense of a source of carbohydrates it is and because it’s a liquid form, it gets into your blood stream a whole lot faster then a whole food source that needs to be broken down.

For example, 1 tbsp of pure maple syrup contains about 50 calories, 13 grams of carbohydrates and 14 grams of sugar.

So, I’m not tyring to say it’s this awful thing, but just be aware of how something so small contains so much.

NOTE: Don’t fall for the whole “natural sugars are better for you then cane sugar”. The vitamins and minerals in the natural sources are negligible in how much you would typically use and your body doesn’t see them any different.

Rule 11: Dump the white potatoes.

See above note on glycemic index.

I believe that he probably going along with the “white potatoes= sugar and will make you fat because they spike your blood sugar” argument but, once again, it depends on context. Do they have many other nutrients as things like sweet taters, well not really (they have lots of potassium which is something), but if you like the ol’ white spud then enjoy them.

Like everything else though, just make sure they are not your only starchy carbohydrate source.

Rule 12: Make one day a week meatless.

Personal once again. Yes its great on the environment and your wallet to forgo meat in a meal but I couldn’t do it. For one, I can’t eat beans and lentils without blowing up and I don’t do soy…so I’m at a loss there.

Do as you please here. If you can tolerate those non-meat sources, have some fun and make a creative meal that is meatless like this one below and enjoy (from Chocolate Covered Katie) some added fiber and B vitamins to your day.

Meatless Chili (high protein, quick, and easy to make)

Rule 14: Eat a real breakfast.

What’s a real breakfast? Apparently, to his standards, it includes a glass of water.

Rule 15: Make all your food and have at least 10 meals at home.

This may be unrealistic for some people who are working very long hours and/or have families that they have to take kids here and there constantly. YES I firmly believe in making as much of your food as possible as you know what’s in it and can better control portions, but not everyone can make everything they eat from scratch. What would help more would be tips on choosing healthy and quick foods to prep ahead to take with you OR how to chose healthier options when eating out.

Rule 16: Banish high salt foods.

Once again we are demonizing something. Salt, pure salt, is not bad in moderation. Things you should keep out of your diet most of the time are highly processed foods that contain heaping amounts of sodium. Sodium is not the same as pure salt. Pure salt is required by the body as an electrolyte that balances our water levels and, thus, affects our blood pressure and heart. Sodium is a cheap preservative that is used in pre-made foods. Watch your sodium, but use pure salt to taste.

NOTE. If you have a major health condition that requires you to watch all forms of salt, keep to your doctors recommendations.

Rule 18: Go to bed hungry.

Is this for real?

Is he actually serious?

This one really irked me. Basically he’s telling you to starve yourself. Way to go Bob!

Again, your body doesn’t know what time it is so eating before bed is a personal thing. If you’re hungry EAT! I do.


My snack every night right before bed. Like I go to sleep the minute I’m done this. My frozen protein pudding with all zee peanut butter and 1/2 a less burnt looking Questbar. It’s my favourite thing aside from breakfast.

I think the issue with bed time snackage is the choices that people make. Often it’s fried, high calorie snacky things like chips, which may then place you over your caloric expenditure. That will be where you gain weight.


Eating at night in general doesn’t make you fat.

Rule 20: Plan one splurge meal per week. 

This one is a toughie because there are many different opinions on this. If you’re living a lifestyle (not on a diet), I don’t think you should need to have something ‘special’ every week to keep your sanity. That seems like restriction to me.

I have mentioned before that I try to have a ‘cheat meal’ every week (that doesn’t always happen) for more psychological reasons, but overall, I think that if you’re living a balanced lifestyle you shouldn’t need to plan some special meal out. One big reason for that is that these planned meals are often associated with going nuts and eating something you don’t normally get on your day to day diet. This can then result in…

Basically its like you are telling yourself that you should go eat crap because you were good all week.

Food is not a reward AND you shouldn’t be looking forward to feeling like crap.

So those were my thoughts. All 2000 words of my thoughts, so I hope you enjoyed and it stimulated some thoughts of your own. If it did share them with me! 😀

What do you think of Bob Harper?

Do you take ‘skinny’ as a negative term?

Do you believe the advice celebrities preach?