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Its Crazy How Much Love Can Lift Your Spirit

My Friends…

My amazing and supportive family. Words cannot express my gratitude for all of the kind words of support, love and encouragement that I have received from all outlets following my accident on Saturday.

I will not retell the thing in detail as it is not only traumatizing to me, but also to those who were here at the time, but I will briefly state that in prepping for my GI procedure my little body just didn’t appreciate the prepping and I managed to find myself passed out on my bathroom floor at 4am.

#FacePlant Legit.

1 broken jaw, 5 stitches, a few broken teeth and many hours in Guelph General Emerg later, I was home and ready to stop feeling sorry for myself and try to put this terrifying incident behind me and move forward.


It is now a fresh week and man have I had my moments of frustration and sadness, while also feeling bad that this has hurt those around me who love me, but honestly all of the support you have all shown me has given me so much life and lifted me up when I truly have needed it.

We all break sometimes and it is in those moments where the village you have created around you on your better days come to your rescue and keep you positive and smiling.

To my bf, I’m sorry. I’m sorry this nightmare happened and you had to come rescue me and keep it together. You have been my knight, my rock and my sunshine.

To my parents, I’m sorry I had to call you in the early hours of the morning and wake you suddenly to tell you I needed you. That I had let this happen. I’m sorry. Thank you for everything that you always do for me and for always being by my side and telling me it will be all okay. No matter how old I get, I need my parents to tell me that sometimes. 

To my friends, my family and even those who may only know me in passing, thank you for your words of encouragement and your love. Every wave, “well wishes” and “you’re gunna get back at it in no time” really does just bring a bit more pep back into my step. 

Choose your family wisely friends. They are your sanctuary and I appreciate mine more than I ever have before after this scary thing.

What things have I learned from this event…

1. Water. Water is great, even feeling like you have to drown yourself in the amount you need to drink in these situations. Next time I will do better.

2.Chewing is honestly something we all take for granted. God I want my rice cakes so bad.


Would you believe thats tuna mashed in there?

3. Feeling bad for yourself gets you no where. It happened so move on.

4.I will be okay not going to the gym…I keep telling myself this day after day.

5.Sometimes it’s okay to ask for help and not feel you have to be 100% independent ALL of the time.

6.The events that happen to you don’t just happen to you. That trauma finds itself lurking in those around you too. Although it takes effort, take the time to update them and tell them you are doing okay. They need that comfort.

7.Patience. Every day I wake up and the swelling is still here and there is a new travelling bruise on my body I have to just remind myself, healing takes time. Be thankful that your body didn’t fully put up the white flag and show it some consideration and care in how to speak to it.

8.It’s okay to be frustrated. Acknowledge it and than let it go.

I cannot thank you enough my family. I send so much love back to you all!



Emotions Out Loud

My Friends My Friends

Today I knew was going to be a good day


Because today I got a free tea.


Thank you UofG

Why can’t other main chains have cool cards like this? Timmie’s take note!


This Thinking Out Loud is full of emotions because I’m quite thankful for all of the love and support that I have been graciously given over the past few days. Amanda, here’s a big thanks heading your way for the link-up!


First off, thank you all for your kind words from my last post on my new journey. I have felt so much love over the past few days and that kicked off with your amazing and sweet comments. You are all so positive and I cannot say enough how much you all help to push me towards better places. You are part of my journey, never forget it! 

Full steam forward!

I said earlier that I have to be my own cheerleader, which is true, but it’s nice to have a team of cheerleaders too.

Also on my side are my amazing housies who both were asking how I was doing all day yesterday when my meal plan really kicked in. I was so anxious about that first pre workout meal that I ended up distracting myself making breakfast for Rita.


It doesn’t look that scary, but for me, all I was thinking going into it that this is an additional plate of food in the same time I’m usually digesting my pre-workout oats and therefore I was going to be going into the gym too full.

But I did it. I ate it. And you know what?

I had a lot of great energy in the gym despite being kinda super tired as I woke up an hour earlier to try to squeeze 2 meals into a 3 hour window before my lift.

Plus I remembered how much I really loved the simple taste of bite of roasted chicken with a bit of mashed avocado and sweet tater. Like Thanksgiving!

Both my parents also contacted me yesterday to ask how I was doing…

I also have the support of my coaches FB group. They are all telling me that great things will happen.

So much love, so much love.

Also, getting positive affirmation from my coach always is a bonus!


I always say to never reward with food because that can make you have weird relationships with it, but sometimes food just tastes like a reward…


Craving for lobster….

So much orange…

Also something I learned yesterday,

Rice cakes aren’t actually that bad. Kinda nutty actually. Of course I buy good quality ones (brown rice is the only ingredient and they are organic), not the preservative and sugary white ones.  And hey, topped with my salted caramel Diesel whey (made into an icing) and some nanner for hitting those protein and carbs post-workout on the go, they were actually not too shabby..


I had it all over my face (#StickyMess) but who am I trying to impress when I’m hangry and eating at the gym?

What is really bad…

Shooting back a serving of Greens first thing in the morning.


OMG. So bad. Pluggin the old nose is an understatement.

Finally, to end on a funny note

Random blurb from my biophysio class…


Sorry I had to. He’s comin for ya….

The antechinus is am marsupial that has so much sex, it begins to disintegrate…

Hmmm I kinda feel bad for these lil guys as they only last through one mating season (i.e. 2-3 weeks) but they are literally having sex 24/7 no joke, even when, as it was put, “they are dishevelling.” Some may see that as not being such a bad life.

Hope that made you LOL.

Happy Thursday my friends!

Oh and comment about what serious or more educational topics you want me to post about, I want to know what you want to hear about 🙂

Are you a fan of rice cakes?



Birthday Love With Caramel On Top

Hey Friends!

For all the love I got on Facebook, via texts and in person I got today..

For real, you make this day so special!

Other than a nice dinner and dessert (scroll for sugar-laden #BootyGainz) and a quick visit from my Nana and Papa, my day was pretty much a typical Friday. Not complaining at all though! It was nice and I’m not a crazy birthday planning type anywho.

So my morning started off with a lovely death by #LegDay workout (cuz ice cream later.. ;-)) and my normal grocery run for my parents and, well me of course.

Did I mention I actually like grocery shopping?

I totally love it. Plus I get treats (ie new fish or seafood) for my self as interest hehe…

I bring my postworkout lunch with me to the gym so that I can eat it in the grocery store (they have a microwave for the public to use) before doing my shopping. During my noms I got the pleasure of hearing a lovely and chuckle-worthy message from Em, my housie. She knows how to make me smile

I miss this girl…


LOL Em, your bow headband looks like devil horns XD


So after rushin back home, I was greeted by my Nana and Papa with a nice card and dollar dollars for me. Although it was brief, its always nice that they NEVER FAIL to have a birthday pass without driving all the way over to see me in person.

After that, Maggie wanted snuggs, so snuggs she got…

IMG_7874Always up for puppy lovin!

Did you know that this lil girl just turned 2 on Canada Day!

She’s the cutest as when you pick her up she almost immediately puts her head on your shoulder.

After some snuggs from the lil sucky girl, I had some time before our dinner reservation and some half dead nanners on the counter so…

IMG_7881That happened.

More protein bundt flower thingy’s to send off to the gym tomorrow morning.

Here they are naked…

IMG_7888…but they got filled this time with a pineapple chia ‘jam.’ Hopefully the trainers at Goodlife like the tropical and sunny twist on this version.

Oh btw, the reason they look green is because I used a sampler of the Vega Vanilla Chia protein blend for the protein powder and it has greens in it.

Shortly after, my Dad arrived home from work to jump in the shower and then head on out with my Mom and I for none other then Thai foodz…

IMG_7890Mmmm seafood and veggie gainz right der..

IMG_7891I honestly love Thai PLUS it does the trick of not filling my stomach up too much (as long as I remove some of that broccoli…sadface) so that I had room for my “cake”…


IMG_7893Yeah. Big girl cup 😀

Who wants cake when there’s ice cream?

i just don’t get some peoples logic. 😛

Two glorious scoops. The top one peeking over there is creme brulee and the bottom one…

IMG_7894Droollll. Look at that caramel! It was Salty Caramel Truffle (Caramel ice cream + chocolate covered caramel truffles + caramel ripple). No words just mmmmmmmsss.

Both my parents got the later flavour too with an extra scoop of PLAIN chocolate for my Dad <- yeah he’s boring 😛

Normally for ice cream we head to Baskin Robbins (remember I’m having this weekly as a “challenge the fear food” thing) but I have wanted to try our local Kawartha ice cream for a long time due to it having one called Moose Tracks (vanilla ice cream + peanut butter cups + Moose Track Fudge ripple). It was the peanut butter cups that peeked my interest but as you can see, it was not all it was cracked up to be as it did not make it past a sample spoon. I found there to be no peanut butter flavour at all and just tasted chocolate which I’m not a huge choco-fan.

No bueno.

When you say something has peanut butter, it damn well taste like peanut butter because that’s just rude! 😛

So creme brulee it was (which was really good! Very similar to the Baskin Robbins version they had featured about a month or two back) as I already knew that caramel one was going to be my bottom flava flav (ie the best one 😉

Anyone else save the best for last?

Overall, the Kawartha was really good! I found it was creamier then Baskin Robbins and next week I may have to sway the parentals to go back there again! Score one for local and hand crafted ice cream. Please bring back chocolate peanut butter for comparison.

YES I said I don’t like chocolate, but it is the only vessel for my peanut butter…to ice cream scoop shops, MAKE A PEANUT BUTTER ICE CREAM geesh.

Well after rolling my ice cream baby self out of Roxy’s Coffee and heading home, my parents surprised me with some presents I was not supposed to get.

Some money was gained along with…

IMG_7899Best parents ever..oh and Magg’s. Thanks for fueling my addiction! 😉

And a very bright and pretty new comforter for my house in Guelph that makes me look like an ant when I hold it up…

IMG_7900They know I love all the bright colours!

Maggie wanted more lovin too…

IMG_7897Daddy’s lil girl.

Now as I finish up this post, I’m sipping on my tea and probably going to crash within the next hour. Hello #SugarComa

On to the farmers market tomorrow morning after my lift sesh and a start to a beautiful weekend!

Screen shot 2015-07-03 at 10.06.50 PMThose temps and that sun! Weooo!!

IMG_7887Love me some sunshine. 🙂

IMG_7885Thanks again for all the love and I hope you all have a great weekend and July 4th long weekend to all my US of A readers!

Do you like it when your ice cream melts or do you wish it could stay solid forever? Solid all the way! I never hold my cup because I wish it wouldn’t melt. This is why soft serve doesn’t appeal to me ever. DQ? NOPE.

Did you get to watch any fireworks this week? I wish! 😦



Tuesday Also Starts With “T”

In the blog world, that mean I can have thoughts on Tuesday’s too. 😛

What’s crack-a-lackin friends??

I’m so sorry I have been absent ever since droppin ‘the bomb‘ so to speak on ya about a week ago. I wasn’t avoiding you after that I swear, I just got busy with other life stuff and I kinda went through a brief period of not having much inspiration to write. Who knows, maybe that vlog took it all out of me and I needed a week to re-coop. Hehe, just kidding. I like being an open book and that post was super empowering for me to do!

That post leads me to my first thought of the day..

1. I love you guys

Thank you so much for all of your support on that vlog and post. It meant so much to me as I wasn’t sure how it was going to go, but it was something I felt I needed to do for myself. There is no reason to hide behind your past. Embrace it and use it to help others. I also want to thank you all for sharing your stories. I so appreciate how open and honest you were with me and the fact that you are willing to share a piece of yourselves with me. I’m glad I am perceived as being trustworthy enough for you to feel comfortable with me and this space.

2. It doesn’t take a lot to make someone smile

I really doesn’t. Happiness and being in a good mood is easily transferable to others. Take my bus driver today. Yes, my bus driver. He was actually the happiest bus driver I have ever seen. Despite sounding like he was a boat or cruise operator

…..aaaaaaannnnnddd ladies and gents we have made it to our destination. Thank you for boarding the 2A bus….

No joke that is what he said in that voice as we arrived onto campus. Amazing right?

His energy really made me smile and I’m sure it was touching to the rest of the boarders as well.

3. My need for the tropics has manifested in a new food obsession craving..

IMG_7356Eat alllllll the pineapple!

Guys, it’s a problem. Do you know how much pineapple costs here in Canada? I have managed to contain myself and keep it to either my pre or post workout protein oats only, but guys, if you haven’t had warmed pineapple in your oatmeal, do it. So good. Oh and while you’re at it, drizzle wizzle the top with a nice chocolate protein icing (good chocolate whey+ almond milk= icing).


4. Never forget those who did you a favour.

I went to get my usual Timmies (tea for all you non-Canadians) before my 4pm class today and I got a big ol’ smile from the wonderful lady working there on the daily. She now knows me. Why?

She did me a favour. A big favor. One afternoon I went in to get my tea and thought a nickel was a toonie (epic fail) and I guess she saw my disappointment and totally bought my tea for me! I’m going to say it again..Amazing no? She totally made my day. I knew I couldn’t let that go, so the next time I went to get my tea, I “bought 2” but took only one. The other one, in the form of change, went right into her pocket and I hope she bought herself a hot cup of joe for all the hard work that she does.

5. I’m on a baking kick again…

I don’t really know why these happen to me, but I just feel the need to bake all the things despite not really having the time to accomplish this. Over the weekend, my housemates have received quite a few random goodies

IMG_7370Baked french toast…or bread pudding…whatever you want to call it for Emily this morning.

IMG_7368Really super easy to make.

Preheat your oven to 350 degrees. Whisk an egg in a bowl. Add a good 1/2 cup of milk of choice, and chia seeds (or flax meal) and whisk that together. Then add your flavourings. For this one, I added 1 tsp of vanilla extract, about a tablespoon of peanut flour and mashed 1/3 of a ripe banana into the liquid. Then rip up 2 pieces of bread (I used sprouted grain) and fold that into the mixture. You want it to be a bit soupy at this point, as the bread soak it all in, so it you’re low on liquid, add more milk or egg whites. Toss in your additional add-ins and fold gently into the mixture. I added diced banana and carob chips. Finally, spray a bowl (or be lazy like me and use tin foil that has been sprayed so you don’t have to wash a dish afterwards ;-)) and pour your mixture into the bowl. Place any last toppings on there (I added some of Emily’s chocolate peanut butter from whole foods) and toss in the oven for about 30 minutes or until the ‘pudding’ is puffed up, firm and slightly golden on the top.

I made coconut pineapple rice pudding for Rita a few days ago. I blame her for my pineapple obsession.

I also made these for the whole house when I had a big container of leftover pumpkin that needed using up…

Flourless Pumpkin Pie Muffins -- you won't miss the flour, oil, or sugar in these soft and tender muffins! || #glutenfree #pumpkin #muffins

Thank you Miss Spoons! Sadly for me, my housemates said these were the best thing I have ever made them and I can’t even say it was my creation. Oh well, they were devoured in 3 days. Oh and that was double batch.

So yeah. Go make them.

6. I have been practicing being more mindful of my surroudings.

This is uber random and isn’t necessarily a super new thing as I have been doing it for about a month now. I felt the need one morning to not walk to class with my headphones in just because. What I realized was how much having one single earbud in my ear makes me tune out the world around me and really make me mindless. I am in no way saying that you shouldn’t enjoy your music, but I think it’s important to really take in your environment sometimes and not be just another student zombie walking to class with headphones in. Even in the gym (gasp!) I have done this and have found sometimes that it helps to get into my zone, but this depends on my mood more.

Its weird what you can come to appreciate. For example, oh the smile it brought to my face when I heard robin’s singing the other morning. SPRING IS A COMIN!

7. I hope she is at peace.

My friend posted a picture today of a friend who passed away from her eating disorder. Although I didn’t know her personally, I want to say that I hope this poor girl is at peace now. I hope that those demons can now shut up and let her be. These demons are very real. They take lives. Never forget the immense impact mental illness has.

Let your beautiful and freed soul dance and embrace what it feels like to be released from the cage that cooped you up for too long. ❤

Have a great Tuesday friends.

Ponder for a moment

Current obsession?



Spill It, Sundays #4

Happy Sunday Friends!

I want to first start this post by thanking you all so much for all the love over my last post (my vlog). It really meant a lot as I was kind of nervous to post it as I’m, as I said, not the most camera happy person. I promise to be a bit more organized with my thoughts the next time around as I felt I was super scattered and “trail-offy.”  It’s all a learning process I suppose. I also appreciate the feedback and all of your fabulous questions!! So many to answer in the next video. 😀 Hugs!!

I do want to make mention that my non tech savy self fixed the whole cutting off at minute 11 thing. The full video is now posted and the link in the last post has been updated to the full 31 minute version 🙂 Thanks to all of you that let me know that it was incomplete!

Now onto this post’s topic…

I had the nicest lil cardinal singing to me when I began this post…I say began as these posts are always started first thing in the AM and then completed following my day at work. Some peeps just don’t get your typical lazy Sunday.

What do your Sundays look like?

Anywho lets jump right into the topic of today’s post which is…

Lettin it all hang out with Arman over at The Big Mans World.

Did that sound wrong…or gross? Get your mind out of the gutter, I meant our answers geesh.

The big man's world

This weeks edition is brought to us all by Jen over at Chase the Red Grape so send her some love by checkin out her blog too!

1) I am coming to visit! Where would you take me and what would we do?

To be honest…I would prolly take ya to the gym or the farmer’s market because those are my favourite places 😛 Oppps. But for real, if we could try something new and exciting together there is this circus school (Zacada Circus School) in Hamilton that I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to go and try out. You basically pay like 20 bucks or something cheap for and hour and a half of circus ring hoppin, silk rope sliddin and back bendin. Exercise made super fun is a great trip to me!

gallery1Weeeooo!! So much fun! Check out their website

Oh and then I would take you to Chucks because you can’t come visit me without tryin out a dirty burger 😉 Preferably, a dirty exotic meat burger.

Gotta end the trip on a “you gotta eat here” food note right?

2) What is the one thing you never leave the supermarket without buying?

Okay okay I’m going to be uber boring with this one but my top five “oh I will need this in a day or two so I mind as well pick more up” buys would be…

  1. Kabocha
  2. Mushrooms
  3. Swiss Chard
  4. Fish
  5. Acorn Squash

Calling squash addicts anonymous now.

I will say that I rarely leave without some form of seafood in my hand. Blasted fish counter and those lovely gems of the sea just get me every time.

3)When I say burpees, you say…


4) What is the first website you check in the day?

A show of some kind while nommin on breaky because food always comes first 😀

Amirite or amirite-rrr?

5) Tell me about one act of kindness you have done recently?

It had been a while since raisins and oatmeal had married and produced one of in my personal spotters favourite goodies so on Saturday I brought the Deanster in some homemade skillet cookies in his favourite flavour

Oatmeal Raisin.

20140525-204428.jpgThese cookies are not winning any prizes in the appearance department that’s for sure BUT they are quite good and very easy to make. Want a soft and warm cookie with a slightly crispy outside in five minutes? Try out skillet cookies! I got this idea years ago from the genius herself, Dana over at the Minimalist Baker. After seeing her recipe, I created my own version to use as a pre-workout snack that I could cart around with me in class before heading to the gym. Her oatmeal cookie pancakes took on the form of my “skillet cookies” as I made my batter quite a bit thicker, thus creating a much chewier and ‘oatier’ product than your average pancake. Much more like a cookie I would say. Her recipe is here, and I should really get around to posting my own version as they are really good actually eatin either as a stack of ‘cakes or cookies.

Please note that I’m still thinking I found an actual ‘skillet cookie’ recipe but I’m failing at remembering the amazing blog that posted them despite literally seeing the blog page in my mind.

Continuing on my baking spree of kindness, this blueberry paleo loaf made it into the hands of my Dad for snackage over the week at work…

20140525-204421.jpgAs I had never worked with JUST almond flour before, I wanted to use a recipe as guidance for my first attempt to wrap my mind around the tricks. Thanks to Kristen at Live Simply for this amazing recipe. I made a few tweaks as I always do (subbed 1 tbsp of pure maple syrup and a few Stevia packets for all of the honey, used apple sauce and bloobs rather than banana and used 2 eggs+1 flax egg) and my Dad very much enjoyed it!

6) You have a carton of eggs, what would you make with them?

Hmmm…toughie as I don’t really cook with eggs too much. This is totally sad because I really do enjoy them! So let me find a tasty recipe to use’em all up.

Oh Oh I got a good one!

I would have a burger party and everyone could rock perfectly poached eggs on their [bunless bison] burgers.

I have always wanted to try that!

Oh wait!

Actually I have a better idea! Since we are on the topic of acts of kindness

If it was around Easter, I would bring those eggs over to the McMaster Children’s Hospital (where I used to volunteer in the ER) and we could paint some easter eggs. That would be so much fun and hopefully bring some happiness to those kids waiting for hours in the ER.

7) Tell me about a sight you have seen that took your breath away.

Coming home yesterday evening from the Eaton Centre on the bus, we drove past Cootes Paradise as we came around the bend to the highway exit and it was just that perfect time of dusk where the clouds were that lovely shade of pinky-orange and cast a stunning glow over the water. It’s the simple things that are the most beautiful I think.

What I saw was not as breathtaking as this image, but you get the idea.

8) Your an elephant, what would you never forget?

Those who were sincerely kind to me.

I believe that you should always always always remember and cherish those people who stumble into your life and want only good things for you. Showing empathy, love, kindness and respect is not always a given these days and shouldn’t be taken lightly.

9) Reveal to me a ‘slang’ word or term that you use where you are from, and what it means!

Smorgasbord. Not really a a native slang term but rather a term that my Mom passed to me…and the only slang term I can think of at the moment. It basically means a combination of things. We often use it to describe food when there is a whole bunch of goodies combined into one great thing

My proatmeal for example 😉

…. Or for a more universal example…

…your average Christmas or Thanksgiving feasting plate.

10) Tell me a corny joke!

I saw this yesterday morning on Facebook and it made me smile and laugh despite it’s corny nature…

Thanks again to Jen and Arman for the hook up this week!

Last act of kindness you did for someone?

What’s your favourite way to use eggies?

Would you try out that circus school with me?