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To Count Or Not To Count…

My friends, Happy Thanksgiving week to my American readers, I hope you are going to be enjoying family time this week and some good nomz!


I wanted to chatter a bit about a topic I have been sitting on for a while…


Yes dem Macros.

Tricky topic, well I believe it is, and you will see that in the video as I discuss both sides and try to come to a conclusion.

Take a listen and let me know your thoughts.


Link HERE. I’m sorry I just checked it and for some reason the whole video is not in sync. Take a listen and ignore the fact that it doesn’t match up to my actions. Sorry, damn iMovie.

Happy Humpday friends! 

Do you track?

Do you think people should track?


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“Basic Bi***” Oatmeal



So I finally got around to doing a tutorial on how to make my oats. I have been asked a lot throughout the past decade (wow that feels weird saying that) how I make my oats because, I’m an oatmeal pro and I ain’t afraid to say it.

It’s not hard you just have to put a lil creativity and patience into it. Trust me, it’s well worth it.

Anyways, I decided this morning was going to be the time to do it so I hope you enjoy it. Please excuse my poor video quality. I know I say this all the time, but for real friends, it’s the best I can do currently. I hope the content is enjoyable enough to make up for the crap-tastic video aesthetics.

Click the link below the video picture to take you into the tutorial to make oatmeal from every white girl’s dreams….




A Welcome Back To Myself

Hey friends, so long time no vlog?

Yeah, I took a bit of a hiatus from the vlog world and I apologize for that. I will talk a bit about why in the video below, but I have been itching to chatter at you guys face to face for a lil bit and I hope that you will enjoy the content I hope to bring.

Please ignore the fact that I do not have fancy cameras, nor do I have experience with video making, so I hope the content and my words are good enough to keep you intrigued. Who knows, maybe I will snag my housemates camera and test that out to see, but for now, it’s just me a my macbook coming atcha.

Also, I’m sorry if this first introduction was a lil bit scattered. I just wanted to get my thoughts out and of course I just jump into these things spontaneously so hopefully it’s not too disjointed.


As always, thanks so much for coming to my page and watching and supporting my journey. I always hope to give you a lil bit of knowledge with everything I post, so heres to more of that.

I hope you enjoy. XO


YouTube Trends & Thinking Out Loud 5/12

Hey Friends!

I decided to jump into the Thursday funfest, Thinking Out Loud, at Amanda’s blog this week because I had an interesting topic to comment on.

Well, not really a topic but just some things I notice when watching my favourite fitness YouTuber’s. If you’re a fellow fan of the fitness world on YouTube I want to hear what you think! Do you notice these things too?

Let’s start thinkin out loud shall we?

Face Framing

Super Random…Do you ever notice how many female YouTuber’s do the whole “straight hand under the chin like a frame” thing when they are talking straight to camera?

I’m not mocking anyone, it’s just funny. It’s like “I’m being awkward but I kinda cute at the same time.”

But for real though, what do you do with your other hand when you have that camera pointed at you?

Donut Care, I’m Obsessed

What is with the fitness industry and donuts? Doughnuts…Canadian eh?


Yeah. I’m not really sure where this came from but people have gone from being obsessed with Poptarts to now donuts.


Like, people actually macro hoard for these things…

There’s are companies thriving off this addiction:

Doughnuts and Deadlifts.

The Dough Bar donuts

To each their own, but now I feel old school with my ice cream obsession. Donuts just aint for me in that way.

Humpday is erryday

The butt pose is actually a thing now.

There are videos explaining how to ‘buttpose’ I’m not joking.

I look at it as funny (most times, if it’s consistent then I just think it’s sad) but if you’re feeling particularly feminist, it can be slightly insulting in the sense that the largest accounts are those that have constant booty shots.

Ladies, you are better then your booties.

Physique updates are one thing…if you’re feeling glute gains then say it! Embrace the gains and your hard work.

…but then there is this..


Clearly NOT a physique update..

I’m sorry but posts like this have no use. There really is nothing you can say relative to fitness or health or anything…

All this says is:


Gymsesh or Photoshoot?

This is not something I have an issue with, but just something I have noticed more and more as of late.

Fashion has become a huge part of the YouTube fitness scene.

Lulu’s errrryywhere! <– not that I’m mad about that

In almost every video, the vlogger makes mention of what they are currently wearing because humpteen thousand viewers will ask what pants are those, what brand is that, etc, etc.

It’s an interesting new side to the fitness Youtube world and it’s funny how it makes you want to go out and buy all the new fun gym clothes too.

My wallet is not impressed, but hey, don’t you workout better when you’re lookin on point?

My overall thoughts. I like this new side.

Speaking of looks…

Leg warmers in the gym.

Another trend is the leg warmer thing.

All year round.

Don’t you ladies get hot?

Another side note…


Heidi Somers (Buff Bunny)


Brittany Lesser


Robin Gallant

Notice anything similar?

Current gym fashion movement if you haven’t heard is high waisted leggings and a crop top.

What do you think of this look? Girls? Guys?

Personally, I’m okay with it to some degree. I think that it doesn’t work for all body types but for us shorties, the whole cropped look can really help extend our lil legs and thus work well for our proportions.

Plus, I will say that crop tops make you feel all kinds of cool and free IMO.

Overall, in terms of style there are a few bloggers who have caught my eye for their taste.

Emily has it going on. Her style is casual yet sexy-chic with a touch of sporty. I’m in love!

PicMonkey Collage.jpg

Link for her Instagram.

Side note…hair envy much?

 I also love Mizz Nikki B’s style…

Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 4.52.40 PM.png

..both in and out of the gym.

And finally, Robin has a cute trendy thing going on as well…Lulu-Style. I want all of her clothes!

Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 4.59.19 PM.png

Lulu-chic 😀

Side note…#BootyEnvy. She built up that booty with her infamous lower body days. Check out her channel for her workouts. 


The first time I heard someone say hi to their YouTube fam using the title ‘Kitten Kats’ it was Em Dunc’s channel. Ever since, I have heard quite the number of other YouTuber’s using the same catch-phrase when addressing their viewers.

My thoughts: I always think that the second and third person to say the same thing sounds almost forced. I’m not yelling:

“You a copy cat!”

..but it always catches me as second-hand ya know?

Well I suppose that is enough YouTube speak for the night. Sorry for this being super random, but I really love watching my fav ‘tubers and they give me inspiration so I wanted to share that a lil bit with you PLUS I wanted to see what you thought of some of the common occurrences/trends

So to finish off, I will give you my current top 3 guy and girl channels. I like a lot more (especially female channels) but as soon as these guys put up a new video, I always jump on it.

Not in a particular order

Girl Tuber’s

1. Emily Duncan–> Such a positive channel. Whether she’s in prep or not, she is very down to earth and positive. I really enjoy her videos and her take on even the tough situations plus she kicks ass in the gym and it shows.

2. Kara Corey –> I loved her prep series (not that I didn’t love her videos before) and all the info and tips she was giving.

3. Amanda Bucci –> Just started her prep and she’s doing it powerlifting and IIFYM style which is very interesting.

Okay okay… I can’t limit to 3 for female channels. 4. Is Miss Nikki B and 5. and Heidi Somers. 

Guy Tuber’s.

I have recently watched less male channels, I don’t know why they just aren’t on my top radar right now but there are still a few that catch my attention and always watch quickly.

1. Rob Lipsett–> The new kid on the block. He’s from Dublin and he’s really rising on the ‘Tube lately. Love that he’s real and hasn’t let his appearance and quick success swell up his head. Great tips and just entertaining to me to watch.

2. Nick Bare –> Always, I mean ALWAYS informative. I get the same sense of education from his channel as I do with Jeff Nippard (who does amazing “Round Table” discussions with experts that I never pass up)

3. Travis S. –> Forever entertaining and always outrageous with his food porn.

For a final runner up for the guys, Chris Jones is always funny to watch and I have actually gained so many gym tips and exercises from him.

Oh and never miss a Powered By Ice Cream review. Blunt and to the point no matter how offensive. Hilarious to watch and makes me jealous that we don’t get half those amazing flavours/companies here.

Alrighty, donzo I promise.

So what did you all think? Thoughts on any of the trends I talked about?



Is Addiction Inevitable?

My friends,

I saw a video posted on my Facebook feed the other day that really resonated with me and it was perfect timing as today marks the last day of Mental Health Awareness Week.

When you think of addiction, what do you think?

Probably the first thoughts to come to mind are not so nice …


Unable to have self control




No will power


What about what starts these addictions?



Being stupid

Having a crappy life….

What continues them?

Obviously your brain becomes addicted to them and so you need them to function. Right?Without them you go through these dangerous physical withdrawal symptoms. Due to the latter, obviously its a physical process, no?

You’re addicted to the drug.

What if I told you that perhaps there is something else that may contribute to all of these components of addiction. What if I told you that without seeing this lil loop hole we are essentially fuelling the rise of addictive behaviour?

Would you believe me?


I was told once in one of my classes that if a baby is born and is never touched it will die. Further education has taught me the importance of social connection in every life. It is a basic necessity and without it, you can see different manifestations.

The trauma of an abusive connection can lead to a state of detachment or internal conflict between enmeshment and pushing away. 

A lack of a connection early in life can lead to full social withdrawals and often psychosis.

If we loose connection with our social self later in life we may look for something else to grab onto for that false sense of love and affection that we would otherwise get from a fellow human.

Think about it, if our social need is that strong, so fundamental to our being, wouldn’t it make sense that we would do anything to get it to relieve the pain of being without it?

Some people use food.

Some people smoke, drink or gamble.

Some people use drugs

See a pattern here?

These are all classified as addictions.


Put in other words, maybe we should see addiction as simply a connection. Taken further, maybe this connection is often over exaggerated and extreme because you have already hit a point of desperation and this is you grasping for something so hard that you become obsessive with it. To continue with this idea, those withdrawal symptoms may then be simply the physical manifestations of the only connection you feel you have being ripped from you and that leaves you panicked as that lack of social stability feeling creeps in once again.

Remember how strong the mind is. It can make physical things happen all on it’s own without physical cause. 


Now, I am in no way saying that the things I am saying here are true or scientifically backed up. I’m sure (pretty much know) there are strong neurochemical and physical processes involved as well, but I’m seriously considering this to be both a major trigger and something that allows for the problem to continue.

So humour me for a second and assume that what I’m proposing is correct. Then, think about this and think about how our world is changing. The video points this out nicely…

We are creating more physical space between people because we like our homes to be bigger and bigger.

We are creating emotional space between people more due to technology and our recent obsession with texting and social media as opposed to face-to-face connections.

So with that in mind, can there be any doubt in the fact that we are creating more opportunities for addiction?

We have all the things in the world at our fingertips and with that social void getting bigger, we just have more things to grab at for comfort.


As a further problem…

How do we ‘treat’ these addictions?


Rehab is separating people from their support systems (if they have any) and placing them in a new space with people forcing things on them. In most cases, there is no emotional connections formed in these places. The staff are simply there to enforce the rules, ensure you don’t hurt yourself or others and to medically manage the withdrawal symptoms.

Similarly, jail is isolation as well. You are in a cell. Even when the inmates are together in groups, I think it’s fair to propose that gangs are formed more so out of fear then actual connection. Fear that if they are not a part of one, they will not be safe from being a target of one.

Lastly, mental institutions are the king of isolation. Taken away from society because they are ‘not fit to be integrated yet’ and set aside to wallow away in their own troubled thoughts. Yes, many mental illnesses may have physical or chemical causes, but isolation doesn’t make it better. Furthermore, pumping them full of psychotics simply bandaids the problem (or in many cases makes them worse because what do these meds actually do?)

So here’s where we have a problem.

If lack of social connection both causes this problem and continues this problem, then why are we trying to fix the issue with more isolation?

Insanity at it’s finest my friends.

Take a deeper look into that Vietnam study mentioned in the video and consider that maybe a true preventative measure and “healer” per say is simply companionship.


We need to step away from our ‘space creaters’ and instead move closer physically to others. Don’t shut the world out or you are just hurting yourself.

 I will leave you with a final thing to think about.

If our body is said to be a highly redundant system, meaning that there are various things that do the same thing, consider the fact that the feelings and modulators related to sex and addiction are within the same neurochemical pathways.

Perhaps because of its importance to life, there is a ‘backup system’ per say to fill the lack of social bond (sex) if required.

And this back-up you ask? Addiction.




Mom’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day my friends


If you’re a Mom, I hope you enjoy this beautiful Saturday. I hope you get the lovely sun we are going to experience today here in CANADDDAAA.

My Mom is someone special. No, more then just special. There is no real word that I can use to explain her to a tee. She is so many things to me.

Beautiful (both inside and out)




Loving (This is an understatement)

Compassionate (she loves all)

Always Smiling (even with her constant migraines, chronic back pain and fibromyalgia)

Positive (counteracts my and my Dad’s negative sides)

Wise (got that from her Daddy)

Empathetic (you can’t slide anything past her)


Incredibly Strong

Speaking of strong…

This video is very well done in my opinion. It made me smile and I love the quotation at the end. I sent that to my Mom the moment I saw it because it speaks the truth and made me think of her.

She is and always will be more then just my Mom. She is my best friend. My number one cheerleader. The person I go to with anything.

She’s my rock.

I cannot even fathom my life without her and without our close friendship.

With that, I say thank you. Thank you Mom for being you. For showing me what a strong women is like and what it means to love and be loved unconditionally.

You have given me life both physically and spiritually and ….selfishly, I’m going to keep you as close to me as possible for the rest of our years.

I hope you understand. 🙂

You don’t have to wait until a specific day to tell your Mom what she means to you but today, remember all of the smiles and times you have spent together and then take those thoughts and roll with them. Call her. Tell her.

Remember that saying “I love you” can never be over used and loose it’s meaning.

Tell me one beautiful moment you have had with your Mom if you wish. I would love to hear them. 







When Cartoons Become Dangerous…


Disclaimer: If you get offended by religious discussion and opinions that may not be the same as your please do not read, or at least do not get defensive over the opinions I choose to post on this topic. 

My friends I am angry.

I’m at a real loss for words (and that doesn’t happen too often!)

This video simply left me with my mouth open yet flooded my mind with way too many thoughts to try to get down on paper…err type out in a post…so I will try to keep them as organized and cohesive as possible.

I put a disclaimer at the top of this post because I’m about to share some not so nice things, at least, some may feel as if they are not so nice, but from my perspective, I believe that what I’m about to say regarding this video holds some truth and so I feel that I can openly share.

But first my lovelies, here’s the video that sparked it all and is becoming quite a conversation starter in the social media world.


Click HERE to watch

What are some of your initial thoughts after watching that?

So I want to keep this to a brief, less rant-ish like post to simply highlight a few of my main thoughts about his video.

1: Very smart use of cartoons on their part.

The use of the pixar-like characters, the cute voices and the colourful ‘fantasy’ land is quite the attention catcher for children so they definitely outdid themselves on that part. Quite the budget you got for this lil numba eh?

The way I see it is that they are simply trying to use the cute cartoons to brainwash the kids. Kids are very impressionable at a young age. If you give them a cartoon as a teacher and use their level of language, you can easily sway them to think from your perspective.

Get them early before they can learn what is actually true. 

Blunt and straight to the point… but it’s what I think.

2: Excuse me but your lack of education is showing…

They can change. Oh really now? Have you opened a book recently? Sorry, that is mean but I really have no regrets for saying that. Being gay is not a chosen thing. Its the same as saying you can decide to have brown eyes when you’re born. Read a book, educate yourself and stop living under a rock.

My main point here is that I often see religion as an excuse not to educate yourself. It is often used to explain behaviours that are inexcusable and just flat out wrong. 

3: Why is teaching children to hate on people allowed? 

“Think of it like an airplane….What happens if you try to bring things on that are not following the standards? You don’t get to go on the plane.”

So because you are not exactly like me, you can’t go to the fun places like me. If you too want to live that better life you need to leave that ‘different part of you behind.’

UGHGHGHG!! This irks me so bad

They are teaching children that there is something wrong with a person based on their sexual preferences. Referring to my last point, they are teaching them to hate on people for something they can’t change about themselves. Way to go.

This is starting to sound cult-like, no? Shutting out people who are unlike you in some way and saying that your way will lead to the happiest of lives…Hmmm good times

4: And on the cult note…

“If you want to be able to enjoy the fantasy life and be happy you have to follow his standards…”

Obey ‘him’ and you will be happy. Disobey him and you will be left behind. Similar to cults, they are using fear in order to make them follow some guide/book and believe in every lil thing that is discussed in said guide/book. But hey, this fear isn’t so bad right because it’s done in a nice and comforting way filled with smiling people, waterfalls and rainbows.

Don’t think, just follow and you will end up happy. Kapeesh?

ME_406_Cults.pngSo I’m going to stop here because I think I have spoken enough on this topic and think that I have kind of kept it together at this point.

So to conclude I will say that this video virtually left me both speechless and overwhelmed with thoughts and anger. How dare you spread lies and hate in the minds of children before they get the chance to fill their innocent, all-loving minds with truth. This video really makes me sick and people need to come together and stand up to the religious institutions that apparently leave us all shaking in our boots because everyone turns a blind eye to all of their wrongful acts.

What is done under the roof of a church is left under that roof no matter what it is and that is a scary thing to think about.

What are you thoughts?