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We Almost There Friends…Life Update

Life is busy busy busy my friends!

I’m two weeks away from being done my final placement for my degree (aside from starting with my future boss Andrea at Dietetic Directions) but there have been so many other things going on that I would love to update you on. Lets do that in pictures shall we because it means I can control my excessive talking.


1. First off, Happy Canada Day to all my Great White North friends! 

Penguins are my favvvv animal. What is yours?

Mukky and I went to the zoo yesterday…yes in the 40 degree heat wave…but it was amazing. He wanted to take me there as my birthday present and honestly it was the best thing. It was his first time and I just love going there!

We were exhausted by the time we left, that heat I love but man does it suck the life out of you (UV of 9 geesh!).

2. Speaking of Mukky..


We celebrated our 6 month this weekend too! I honestly don’t even know how I was so lucky to have had him drop into my life (thanks Tinder :-P). He has been my rock and we got really close very fast. I cannot be happier. I love him like no one else and honestly I could have never made it through this tough year, medically, without him.


He’s my world

3. We finally got to go canoeing…


It was another first for him and aside from being unable to steer properly…I should have been in the front for better weight distribution…it was a lot of fun!

4. I had my Dragons Den Presentation and presented my thesis

This was our last class day and a summary of our hard work on a year long project (business project). Also, for those who were done, a showcase of our thesis research.

Don’t we look all spiffy?

My thesis was with my partner, Abby, and we were working at seeing if a foods lab course would improve upon food safety and skills and, as a result, lower convenience food consumption in 2nd year undergraduates. Although our results were not significant (we had a few biases in our subject pool and one issue with our data collection method), Abby felt that from a subjective standpoint, students appeared to improve, so maybe if the survey was fixed it would be better?


I’m going to miss them. My class of 21 really became a family… #MANFam…. but I know that the friends I made here will last a long long time and they will all graduate to do amazing things!

Countdown to graduation is officially less than 2 months!

5. I had another job interview!

…..and I believe it went really well. It’s at a Chiro and Physio clinic and honestly it looks amazing so I’m crossing my fingers. It would nicely cap off as two part time positions and would be both seeing clients in the way I have dreamed.

6. I started an IGChannel.


Video #2

I figured that this would be a fun platform for sharing information that wouldn’t be as energetically and time consuming as Youtube as I come into starting my career.

7. I have taught 2 classes…

At Langs, I have done the Intro To Diabetes and also another diabetes education talk at another the Cambridge Cardiac Centre and both went very well. I really love being able to do these types of presentations to the public and hope to incorporate things like that into my future career endeavours.

8. Medical update…

I think my hunt is finally over…I hope and pray. I survived through my second attempt at my procedure, barely, but it did come out with some results. Right than and there my doctor told me I had a tape worm..well actually a few. That was slightly shocking (have no idea where I would have gotten those…) but it made sense for many of my symptoms and for my lack of weight gain. Funny enough, many people have joked about that in the past.

I was given a hard single dose drug and hoped that would fix my issues.

I then received a phone call late the next week and he informed me that after taking a look at the biopsies done, I had colitis. Lymphocytic colitis to be exact and while they don’t know what the cause is, they had a guess that it was medications that I had been prescribed a long time ago after my diagnosis with GERD.

That one I didn’t handle well and I felt like I had a dark cloud over me for a day or two. The possibly that I can get rid of this completely is higher if it is the medication, as now I’m being medicated….again….and off those meds so it can heal BUT if that isn’t the case, it may be chronic and just management-based.

I really don’t want to live my life like this anymore. I don’t want to be looked at as frail by other people (who say some pretty nasty things sometimes when they don’t understand my situation) and just want to NOT feel sick anymore, but I’m trying to stay optimistic that this is my answer and it will be taken care of. My family and friends are very supportive and there to put me back in my positive headspace if I’m feeling overwhelmed but we going to get past this fam 🙂


To end on a positive note…


…this lil one had her birthday yesterday, mine is tomorrow and next weekend, as part two of celebrations for my birthday and Mukky and my anniversary, we have a nice Niagara hotel and falls trip booked. I’m so excited!

I hope you all have had a great long weekend and for those to the south of me, happy July 4th! 



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You are now a Scientist…

Hey Friends!

Soooo guess who graduated??!? This girl! 😀 Got my pretty diploma on Thursday morning after I walked the stage, shook a few hands, walked back to my seat and proceeded to fall asleep almost fall asleep in my chair for the rest of the convocation ceremony…Not my fault. The entire thing was almost three hours long! Phew…

Did I just say that out loud? Okay, so I didn’t do a very good job at making you think I was proud of my diploma….but I am…I think. We will get to that, but first lets run through the morning with some picsies.

Because this is a food blog I figured I had to throw in at least one picture of food right? Tadaaaa my colourful oatmeal to fuel me for the long nap morning ahead:

IMG_1289I love the strawberries this time of year…Pauly D reference anyone? Anyways, the strawberries have been looking amazing lately so I picked myself up some of these organic babies to have on my restdays in my oatmeal creations. This one was my normal egg white proats (no banana) with an added tsp of chia seeds and maca powder for them superfood benefits. Of course my crunchy peanut butta was involved, can’t have breaky without it ;-), and 4 large and in charge strawberries (2 cooked in, 2 melted in the microwave and thrown on top). Delish!

After breakfast I ran around my apartment like a crazy person trying to get ready. The ceremony was at Hamilton Place, which is downtown Hamilton and therefore not too far from my apartment, at 9:30AM. My parents and I were to arrive at the hall before 8:45AM which meant that we would be leaving my place before 8:30. Not a lot of time for preppin. So between my breakfast and then I had about an hour to…

  • Make AM snack…mini egg quiche thingy using left over chicken, broccoli and swordfish
  • Make lunch ….thank gawd we had turkey burgers already to go in the fridge. Score one for meal prep!
  • Decide what to wear…too dressy, too casual??
  • Throw on said outfit….sequins galore!
  • Make-up…not to much ever goes on this face so that was easy
  • Fix hair…not too bad as I got my hair cut and blown out the day before

Wow! Somehow I managed to get that all done before my parents arrived and we were on our way…in the pouring rain. Sigh…

This was the first snap at the hall. I found my friend Morgan as I walked in and than Gabby and naturally we had to take a pic of us three 😀 Psych girls reunited…well 3 of us at least. Sadface. I guess because of space issues, me and my core psych girls all got split into different ceremonies. Morgan, Gabby and I were that morning with the Faculty of Sciences, while Lora was the day before (Psych and Linguistics major), Sophia was the ceremony following us (with the Faculty of Arts and Science) and Laura (my first year roomie!) was unfortunately unable to attend as she is having her own adventures in Disney training to be a flight attendant for Air Canada. So proud of her! 🙂

After some chit chattering it was time to be rounded up for the ceremony to begin

We all shnazzy in our blue and gold robes

Look at us all shnazzy in our blue and gold robes

We were placed in alphabetical order (#100 over here!) and then given some instructions that no one could really hear that well….We then moved in our lines through the halls and to the big hall where we found our seats and sat down. As I walked in I could see my parents waving at me from the balcony. At that moment I felt a lil bit proud because I know that this was a big moment for them and I was so happy they could be there to support me!

Unfortunately, I couldn’t snap any pictures during the ceremony but let me tell you, it was looooong! We went through the Ph.D students first (only about 8-10) then the Master’s graduates followed. One interesting thing I noticed was that the Chancellor and the President stood up to shake the hands of the Ph.D grads, but then sat down for the Master and Undergrad students….Hmmm favouritism I see? Anyways, Faculty of Science (at least 300 people) honour degrees, my faculty, was up next, followed by Honours Kinesiology (maybe 80 tops), Bachelor of Science, no honours (30 maybe) and Bachelor of Kinesiology, no honours (less than 10). After all of that, we listened to the Valedictorian for my faculty who happened to be someone I had a few classes with. Smart cookie that Paige is. 🙂 followed by a few other speakers. Last but certainly not least was the President’s closing speech. I kid you not this thing was an eternity 10 minutes long. That is 9 minutes too long in my books 😛

After all of that, the ceremony was concluded and we all marched out of the hall line by line to a very large room filled with grads and vendor booths selling flowers and teddy bears. I decided to head right to the room where we ‘traded’ our robes for our diploma’s because I was getting slightly claustrophobic  being squished between everyone else. This whole trading thing really didn’t sit well with me because I didn’t get to take pictures with the whole sha-bang (robe + degree). Not to mention that the 40 dollar deposit I gave to be lent a robe for the event did not include a hat! Seriously?!? NO HAT! So basically it cost me forty bucks to get my hands on the degree which cost tens of thousands of dollars already…..hmmft.

Wow I rant a lot…

After I nabbed my papppaaa (ie. my diploma) I set out to quickly snap some pictures as my Mom had to get back home to worky after the ceremony.

PicMonkey Collage GRADLookin a lil green there? 😉 The fountain was pretty but not so good for taking pictures unless I wanted to sport the alien look. Oh and btw, my biceps are lookin good these days if I do say so myself. :-D. Top right is me with my lovely and proud parents. Bottom left is with two friends of mine from Psych. Speaking of that picture….

lets get a close up shall we (please excuse the blur)

IMG_1298_2Can we just highlight the fact that this diploma+its frame was like 3/4 the size of my entire body?!? How sad is that lol. Lil’est graduate 😀

After a few snaps, my parents and I left to grab some lunch (mine was all packed in the car…sneaky sneaky ;-)) before they left for home and I headed off to work for 3:30. Overall, despite the ceremony being a bit of a bore I am proud of my achievements. Although the amount of time, effort and stress I went through during these past four years cannot be seen with this piece of paper, I myself can be happy that I made it through! I also believe that this paper doesn’t really say much about me. Can I start the job I want? No. This paper is instead just a checkpoint in the journey towards….a RD…I think haha.

Other things that McMaster gave me the opportunity to experience:

  • Meeting my best friend and loving boyfriend, Andre
  • Making friendships that will last long after this graduation. Love my girls
  • Experiencing what it takes to research and write up scientific papers
  • Meeting some great researchers and clinicians in the field of clinical psychology.

….and lastly….

Gave me a glimpse into what it is like to be a scientist through the completion of my senior year thesis practical research courses! With this came the realization that I don’t think clinical psychology is the right field for me. I never got bit by the research bug and doing research for the next 6+ years really just makes me shiver a bit (Masters+Ph.D). I am truly considering going the route of Registered Dietician instead because…well…what can I say, I love health and wellness. Oh and food 😉

McMaster University will always have a place in my heart and lucky for me, I get to enjoy it for at least one more year as I am coming back in the fall to work at the Pulse (the gym) as a Personal Trainer 😀

Hope your day is fabulous!