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3000 Calories and On a Cut…BF Eats Edition

My friends!

I have wanted to do this post for a while because I get a lot of questions about how my boyfriend is loosing weight and continuing to eat ice cream and copious bowls of cereal. I figured I would show you instead of explaining it, but lets get the simplest explanation out of the way first..


You will loose weight if you’re in a caloric deficit (unless there is some hormonal or physical barrier, which actually is in only like 2% or less of people..). WITH THAT SAID… we want you to perform at your best, feel energized and enjoy your diet so you can sustain it.

My philosophy as a coach is that I want people to never feel deprived, as that leads to unsustainable dieting and weight regain. I also want people to be healthy so a nice balance of mostly wholesome, nutritious foods with a treat of their liking that fits within their macro meals is what I tend to do. This allows them to stay on track while also giving their bodies the fuel it’s wanting and used to using.

I’m going to say this now…your body runs BEST on whole, unprocessed foods. It just does. You will be leaner, have greater energy and perform better on those than a pile of junk, so those IIFYM people eating donuts pre workout…yeah they may not gain weight because they have factored it in, but do you think that donut will give them the best training outcomes?

Probably not.

Also keep in mind that a treat to one person is not the same for another person. While some would want to work in seem ice cream (like my bf), others may really really love a sweet potato with peanut butter as a sweet treat. They both can work as long as your other nutrients are in check.

So thats the shortest I can explain that, so lets get into food now so you can see it come to life.

Breakfast. I was off yesterday so I got out the waffle iron and made him some protein waffles.


Not pictured was the 4 egg whites scrambled with roasted red peppers, spinach and some cheddar Allegro (lactose-free) cheese

These used Yummy Sports Nutella protein and I topped it with caramelized banana + almond butter + Walden Farms syrup (doesn’t upset his stomach so he likes to use it)

Waffles–> blend together 2 tbsp coconut flour + 1 tsp chia seeds + 1/2 scoop whey + 40g oats + 1 egg white + 30g unsweetened apple sauce + 1/4-1/3 cup unsweetened almond milk + 1 tsp baking powder

Meal 2: This one he eats around 10ish and happened to be his pre workout yesterday. As a PT manager he works a split shift so gets some flex time late morning to go and lift


This meal is super easy to meal prep and he loves it. This version is with sweet potatoes and extra lean ground beef. He’s also pretty happy with the portion size on that one. #AlwaysHungry #BiggerPortionsAreBetter

Meal 3 –> This was his post workout. He got a bit delayed getting to the gym so he was starving. He does take some pre workout and the stimulants calm his appetite a bit during his workout, but afterwards…look out.


I like to call this the volume ‘kitchen sink’ stirfry. He has about 48g of carbs per meal but for extra volume uses the cauliflower rice to make this meal massive. With the remaining carbs he likes some roasted potatoes in his stirfry and this week, instead of quinoa, he added left over chickpeas to fill in the rest of the carbs.

Immediately post workout he also has a protein shake. No you don’t need to have a protein shake immediately post workout if you’re going to eat, but mentally he feels better if he does, so protein protein protein..


We found this company at the Pro Show and they are super yummy and have no fillers or even gums! Happy tummy’s all around.

He has another protein shake in the later afternoon…because always hungry and his protein is really high. The higher protein is an experimental thing that my coach suggested so he’s trying it out. He likes it so far.

Before any high protein doesn’t hurt your kidneys if you’re a healthy individual. Studies have also shown that even a surplus in calories in protein doesn’t lead to the same degree of fat mass gain as fats/carbs. They have also shown that higher intakes in those who are in a deficit maintain greater lean muscle mass while loosing fat mass than those following traditional macronutrient ratios

Down the hatch goes protein shake numero two.


This is also very easy for him to just have while busy at work with clients or his staff. Great flavour on this one too and we got this for like 10 bucks because it was on blow out at GNC.

Dinner –> As I was off, I like to make him fun dinners and I happen to see a Poke kit at the grocery store so that was all I needed. Deconstructed sushi is great in his eyes and I got to make a pretty Poke bowl like all of the ones I see plastered on IG


Great success. He loved it and basically everything (minus the rice) is raw so it’s fast to make too. He’s a bit picky about how he eats his mango, so he picked that out to save for last but other than that, it was a thumbs up from him.

In the bowl –> tuna poke + sauce, serving of sushi rice, seaweed salad from Zehrs, avocado, zoodles, sesame oil, ginger, 1 tbsp soy sauce and some wasabi…plus mango that he picked out.

Bedtime Meal –> So this is where his treat comes in. His last meal is eaten with me in bed every night for us to unwind and watch a show together. We love our bed time snack routine and he takes it as his snack treat time.


Protein is a standard (which we both have a protein to start..they are not eaten together haha) and than the fats and carbs are typically where he has some fun. Last night he tried out the popcorn I got for him, which was a white cheddar jalapeño flavour. He liked it and it had a nice kick to it.

So that is a day in the life of my bf on a cut. I won’t do the specific macro breakdown for you because that is personal to him and will serve nothing to you BUT he is loosing weight steadily and eating 3000 calories at the moment.

Ladies and gents, you don’t need to starve to loose weight. If you treat your body correctly and keep your metabolism high + your psychological self in check, you will get where you need to go. Patience and consistency are key and enjoying your life.

I hope that has helped a bit and thank you to my love for letting me steal pictures of all of his food yesterday before he ate it…



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I Did A Thing…

My blogging game needs to get ahead of my other social media outlets, but hey gotta share with the blog peeps too!


Choppity chop.


…thats what I was saying to myself…You see I have always been told that I would look good pulling those side bangs back to the front and rocking the front fringe BUT when you have childhood memories of these bangs…


…you may be slightly afraid to actually do it yourself as an adult…

But you see, I have been starting at Miss Beautiful Courtney King’s hair for a little bit and than this picture was uploaded..


I loved her hair…like LOVED it. Miss Olympia can rock pretty much anything (I mean hello…GORGE!) but I needed a little push I guess because..


My bf told me that he thought I would really suite them and so off we went (in the middle of the ice storm mind you…) and off they came.


I know bangs may not seem like a big thing for some but I literally feel like I re-did my whole hair look haha. I have to say that I’m still adjusting to them. I feel like my hair is crooked because I’m not used to having hair touch my left brow but I do like them. I also had this weird feeling that I would have to actually wear something on my face eye makeup wise so it would look better but I just don’t, so natural it is.


Oblicatory SC filter picture because I’m obsessed with filters…

So there you have it friends. The day Chelsea decided not to be a change phobe and make a slight change to her appearance. This is a win I swear ha!

I hope you are having a great day lovelies! 

Thought for the day..


Show yourself some love and speak easy and kind to your soul, your mind and your body always. Just like you would someone else, respect yourself and not be the abuser of your beautiful self. ❤


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Goals Are NOT Resolutions.

My Friends!

Happy New Year and I hope you had a great Christmas! My Christmas and New Years were all about family. My Mom’s birthday happens to land on New Years Eve, so most years I tend to stay home and celebrate with her and my Dad. Below are some snaps from the past week or so…

Top Left: Nana and Papa

Top Middle: The Fam shot for Xmas 2016

Top Right: The Cheese face with my new Pandora locket necklace. I had been eyeing this for a while but I’m too broke to even think about buying something like that…Thanks Mom and Dad. They even put the three charms in the locket too. A sparkly heart, LOVE and a double heart with a crown. All hearts, they know me too well. 

Bottom Left: Maggie in her Xmas collar with bells

Bottom Right: My very impressed parents that I made them take a picture right out of bed 😉

And if you’re wondering…


…yes I did sport my Bear Paws onesie (it has a butt flap and everything friends!) all day even with my extended family, who arrived later for the dinner part of the day.


Insert selfie because I’m actually kind of obsessed with this picture. #NoEgo I just think it’s a good shot. Nice lighting. Nice background and no cheese smile.


So yes, the week and a half at home was nice and relaxing. I handed in my first application last night (for the MAN program at UofGuelph) as I settled back into my house in Guelph with Rita, got to see all my famjam back at my gym this morning and trained Karl.

Twas a good day.

This week will be nice and slow for me as I still have a week off until I start back with classes. Rita started her internship today, so she will unfortunately only be here to sleep basically and Em is still in Montreal, so I will be keeping myself busy prepping Rita’s food (hehe I enjoy it mmmkay), catching up with some friends from school, doing some of my volunteer stuff (my first contribution was posted on Nicole’s Facebook page today! Check it out here. It’s an article on picking an appropriate protein powder), applications and just keeping my zen going.


So onto those goals…

I emphasized the fact that these are goals and not resolutions because I don’t really believe in resolutions.

Check out my FB post below for my thoughts on resolutions…


Basically I believe that if you have a GOAL you do it now. When you have resolution…well we all know how those go. I feel like resolutions are something we put off because:

1. We don’t really want to do it

2. It’s going to be a huge change

See the problem here? Either reason will most definitely 95% of the time lead to not keeping it.

As I see it, if something will benefit you in any way, you don’t need to put a start date on it that is sometime in the future.

Why wait to grow?

Why hold back on something that is positive?

It makes no sense to me.

A goal on the other hand is something I see slightly differently because it doesn’t have this ‘starting in the new year’ piece attached to it. I think we can all fall victim to the two issues above with goals too, but I think that goals are more often set with greater intent and thought and are simply things we are wishing to accomplish starting right than and there.

For example, I have a goal to grow my glutes in the new year. Now I should have said CONTINUE to grow my glutes because I didn’t just plan this for Jan 1. No, I had this goal a few months ago and just want to keep it going.

Before you say that is not a goal because it’s too general, I realize this and need to set more specific parameters, but at the time, I simply had it in my mind to really focus on two things:

  1. More glute accessory work rather than focusing solely on squats and lunges. These are great exercises BUT are great for the entire lower body rather than more glute focused. So instead, once I told myself that I was gunna take the time to focus on glutes, the next hamstring focused leg day, I added in barbell hip thrusts and started experimenting with sumo deadlifts. I also put a greater focus on kickbacks and getting more reps with those and learning the lovely (…awkward looking) cable pull through.

2. MORE CONTRACTION! An ugly butt in the gym, is a nicer butt outside the gym. Always remember this. Thanks Marie Wold for coining this saying. 

So yes, I failed to set a time limit or specific measurement for this goal… In my defence I don’t own a tape measure…I should get on that. But I wanted to make a change and so I did it THE NEXT DAY! Not on Monday. Not in the New Year.


That is a goal friends (well that an something using the SMART principles..)

So, what are some other goals for the new year? 

I haven’t really put much thought into it, because as I said, when I want to change something I just do it and that can happen at any time. I will say that I have a few things I want to accomplish this year though:

~Accept an offer for my post graduate studies. I haven’t determined whether I want the Masters/internship combined or the internship as of yet (provided I even get an offer…) because I keep flip flopping now. 

~A consistant goal is to hit a mid to high 80 GPA (also meaning Deans Honour Roll). This is realistic for me as I have attained that every year and is not stressing me like crazy to achieve while still having my life. School is not life friends. 

~Fitness..? I haven’t actually decided that yet aside from glute development. I hit my big goal of my 4×8 135b back squat right before Christmas as I intended and almost cried I was so happy. So I don’t know if I want to put in another squat goal or go for a different focus.

~Health..? Be patient with my body. I haven’t really thought about HOW I’m going to do this but I know it’s necessary. I need to heal and every day is not going to be flowers and daisies just because the parasites are gone. I have NO GUT BACTERIA and so my tummy needs to be babied for a bit. I also need to be nicer to myself and know that my body is in a transition phase. It just got attacked and it may not be as tight as I want it right now and I have to accept that point in my journey. Self love is an ongoing process and something everyone needs to focus on, but I do think I have come a long way and will continue to challenge my bad habits and poor self talk to be even more positive about myself. 

Well thats about all I have for the moment. Yes I want to continue my volunteering stuff, reaching for new opportunities that make me happy, be more social, relax more and obviously continue to work with and hopefully gain more clients, but those are always in my head and are not necessarily something I would formulate a goal from at the moment.

So, I don’t want to say that having a goal starting in January is bad or totally doomed. If you have one, do you and make a plan to stick with it. Don’t think of it as something to dread and don’t try to aim too high or they will not stay. This is a change to your lifestyle that is good and something you should want to do, so make it positive and be confident in yourself when you are ready to go for it.

Speaking of positivity, lets end off with someone who always brings the happy…





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Doubt Stalls Progress

My friends, so I welcomed myself back yesterday, and now I’m bringing you my first lil video. Nothing informational or science based, just something I have been dealing with as of late and some tips that hopefully you can use and I can follow through with myself.

We all go through periods of self doubt. What is important is that we eventually see that there is not reason to doubt ourselves and simply move on.

Self doubt kills progress. It stalls you.

You need to let go of that doubt, realize what an amazing person you are and what skills you bring to the table and continue to moving along whatever path you are going.

I’m not going to be naive and say that this process is easy or instant, but it’s something we all have to do. Look inside yourself, realize what you bring to the table, how far you have come and be proud to share that with whoever or whatever is standing at the end of your pathway.

Always always always remember you are enough. More than enough! You are the best person you can be and have a lot of offer. Never let anything or anyone stop you from reaching your goals.

Self doubt is not fact, it’s a fictional story made up by you and allowed to live until you shut it down.

I hope you enjoy, and check back for more. If you have any topics you want me to chatter live about, let me know in the comments 🙂

What do you do when you are doubting yourself?


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From Confidence To Word Vomit..

Hey Friends!

Hope you had a great Saturday. Mine was jam packed but all fun times. As I mentioned yesterday, today was the GNC Pro SuperShow in Toronto so my lovely Dad came down to pick me up from Guelph and drop me off at the Convention Centre for me to run around my lil playground.

Now before you call me a spoiled brat, note that I was totally willing to Greyhound it down there but my Dad doesn’t like me taking the bus alone. Lolz, Daddy’s lil girl. I was so thankful for him doing this though and he just wandered into the Eaton Centre and did what he does best…Shopped. 

First though, of course, a lift had to happen so a sleepy me (haven’t been sleeping the best lately, heat? allergies? Dunno) headed to hit shoulders (my fav!) and then head off to the Expo.

I was seeing a bunch of my friends from back at McMaster so of course I had to bring a lil something something..


Flourless peanut butter banana muffins a la Averie Cooks with a few Chelsea tweaks. 

I was notorious for my baked goodies at the gym so obviously I had to show them that I still baked. Showing my love.

They loved them btw, great job Averie! 

So yeah, when you first walk in its all fake tanner, bikinis and buff guys wandering around and it’s so busy that it can get slightly overwhelming.

Us shorties are always in danger of being trampled. Legit. 

I managed to make my way through to find Andrew and he happened to be with someone I often saw shop at GoodnessMe! back in Hamilton. Small world eh? Anyways Pierre and Andrew have actually teamed up to create their own business which is totally cool.


They had been waiting like an hour in line to meet Sadik, or 2nd runner up Mr. Olympia, and my lil tushie then snuck right in with them to also have some small talk and take some snaps.

Timing on point.

Sadik is quite a real guy. So not what you expect from someone so huge in the bodybuilding world. Great guy and very inspirational.

After that, and after a few calls, bad directions and getting lost, I finally found Daniel, who was a fellow personal trainer at Mac.


And we proceeded to also get a lil snaphappy at the Photo Booth. Do you even flex?

Dan is such a sweetheart and so it was super nice to catch up and see what he was up to.


I then found myself wandering away and finding myself in line for Miss Buff Bunny..

I waited a whole 40ish minutes (and that was at the end of the day!) to finally arrive up to her and that’s where my confident self basically turned into a rambling fangirl….


So embarrassing.

You know how you don’t really think of something as a big deal and you know what you’re gunna say but then you open your mouth and…

word vomit


I wanted to tell her why she was an inspiration to me and now it’s all a blur of pointless **it in and amongst a few “you’re my inspiration” type stuff.

But hey, she thought I was cute and she said my quads were poppin so it could have been worse right…


Anyways, she inspires me in several ways and it would be nice if she could read this more scripted version instead of the garbles I said to her earlier.

~She’s tiny, like myself, but EATS! She eats to grow and she shows that she actually eats quite a bit. It’s none of this chicken and rice crap that I see so many female YouTubers sporting even when they aren’t on prep. This really helps me mentally because I have this weird irrational sense that I’m doing something wrong when I’m over here eating more then people larger then me. I have mentioned this before but this is why comparison is a total mind ef.

She’s five inches taller then me, lifts and eats 400 cals less then me. WTH?


I need to take this point to heart. Heidi even said this. Take it as a positive that you can eat so much. You body is telling you that you need it, not just to grow but even just to maintain. Fuel that rabbit metabolism girl!

~She lifts heavy. I have mentioned this before, but this is actually motivating always because there still aren’t that many girls, let alone, ones sitting nicely at 5 feet tall, that actually lift to grow. You know how proud I was when I hit that 135 back squat? Pumped!

Lastly, she’s real. She’s down to earth and actually the sweetest person ever. She was like:

Oh you’re such a cutie. I love how tiny you are.

Plus she dealt with my blabbering self with a smile.

Heidi, you are the real MVP!

So yeah, today was fun, but despite my lovely car nap, I’m drained so I will cut this off here so I can go stuff my face one last time for the day and hit the pillow.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend friends!



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It Can Bring You Up Or Tear You Down…

The mind.

The mind is quite powerful as I have mentioned before.

With that in mind (no pun intended), you should want to use it’s power for good right?

Sounds easy and logical but in these days where negativity is the norm and it seems like thinking positive just takes too much effort, its actually quite difficult.

My friends, I was told today that I was a pure inspiration this morning as I was beginning my gym sesh.

Where did that stem from?

Let me share part of the conversation I had with a lovely women I tend to start my mornings with as she comes in to train with Jack (her trainer at Goodlife).

Her: Hey how are you?

Me: I’m good thanks, you?

Her: Ugh, it’s Monday. I hate Mondays. Smiles.

Me: Aww, Monday is a fresh start. Don’t think of it as negative…

Her: See this is why you are so inspirational. Geesh, I always say to myself if she can be here then SO CAN I!

I was super flattered by her comment, after all, I love spreading any form of motivation for people to better their health and themselves, but I was also moved by how such a lil statement (stay positive) could make such an impact.

It really made me stop and think whether I take my own advice. I don’t think anyone could say they are 100% peaches and rainbows every day of their life, but maybe if we worked at being just a lil bit more positive on a more daily basis, our moods might be better for it!

After I heard The Online Coach say this…

“Guys, no matter what you know you have to do in a day, start your day saying that today is going to be a good day.”


I have been actively trying to do this more often.

If I wake up and I’m tired, I’m going to avoid saying the typical

Uggghhh I’m so tired, this day is going to suck

And replace that with something like…

I can’t wait to train.

OR just simply, as The Online Coach said exactly…

Today is going to be a good day.

As I said, use your powerful mind to your benefit, not to your days demise.

This picture is actually my display picture on my phone. A constant reminder to be happy and positive even if you feel the rest of the world is miserable.

Try it out and watch your mood shift. Set the mood for your day as a positive one. 🙂

Here are some examples of ways you can turn things around if life throws you a curve ball that gives you the urge to be negative.

Work stressing you out…..Obviously I’m good at what I do because people feel they can depend on me. Take things one at a time and I will get them done.

You’re stuck in traffic….The sunrise is beautiful. The day is bright and therefore so will mine.

You failed a test….Okay so I didn’t do as well as I wanted, but now I can take this and figure out the pieces I didn’t understand as well as I thought I did and move forward stronger.

You’re workout sucked…I’m not a machine, I can’t be wonder women every day. So maybe my strength is not there today, but I can work on my endurance and take this opportunity to increase my repetitions to challenge myself in a new way.

You fell off your diet…By me feeling as if I need to eat those ‘restricted’ foods, it means this way of eating is not right for me. I need to educate myself on something that is enjoyable for me and fits my life.

Wow less then 1000 words, now that’s something.

Be you’re own motivation.

In fact motivating and inspiring yourself on this Monday (and every day!) is quite Marvelous.

Thanks to Katie for inspiring me to put a lil bit extra Marvelous in this Monday.

What negative thoughts make an appearance often for you? What would you say instead to put a positive spin on them?

What is one phrase you hear others say that really just irks you?



Surprise!…I’m Thinking Out Loud.

Hey Friends!

So I have quite a bit of things to tell ya + of course where would you be without a side of my randomness to go along with that?

Yeah, you love me and my rambles right?

So without further ado

Thinking-Out-LoudThanks to Amanda for hosting! XO

1. Big News!

Did ya see my new lil page off to the side of my blog heading? That Work With Me! tab is now up and running and is a link to my page describing the next installment of this blog which is my meal and fitness plans that are now available. I want to reiterate that these will not take away from the blog at all, they are simply a way for me to work closer with those of you wonderful people who want some guidance.

If any of you are interested further, just email lil ol’ me at

Please note that I have heard some of your concerns and dig yet more digging on what is around pricing wise and have adjusted my pricing. I hope I didn’t scare ya’ll off but I did some research before hand and with further researching have come to the conclusion that those brackets were too high. My apologies!

2. Colonoscopy

So I like to be real with you guys on this blog, but if this is TMI for ya, skip on down to numero three-ooo. So yeah, had that done yesterday. Felt like death.

One could dream…

So my Dad had a slight panic attack on Tuesday morning when he realized that my procedure was actually on Wednesday (yesterday) rather then today and so he came and ripped me out of the gym so that I could start the prep (which you have to start 1 day in advance) only a bit late.

Close call.

Without going into the nitty gritty details, basically you are unable to eat for 24 hours while simultaneously taking prescription “clear every possible morsel from your body” meds. Not fun.

Oh did I mention that you have to drink fluids like you’re trying to drown yourself?

So that left me quite nauseous and dizzy to say the least, as you are loosing electrolytes like no tomorrow, not to mention I was beyond exhausted from just not being able to eat.

That problem when you are dying to take a nap but can’t because that would mean you can’t drink more water…#TheStruggleWasReal folks.

Wednesday morning started off okay, but the nerves and “I’m so hungry I’m gunna puke” feelings started to kick in as I made my way to Guelph General for my noon, yes NOON appointment. Of course, we had to be there at 10am because sitting around waiting while experiencing those aforementioned feelings just adds to the excitement.

Afterwards was super fun too. They actually had to keep me longer then usual because I was too “out of it” to discharge. My body just really doesn’t do well with anesthetics so they ended up throwing me back in the bed with wet clothes all over me before wheeling me out about 20 minutes later to the car to slide me in. I was pretty off all day but the light headedness stopped by the evening once I had a bit of food in me despite it making my tummy gurgle.

Thankfully, other then a lil bit of a hyper sensitive tummy, I’m doing better this morning. Pumped to get back in the gym come tomorrow!

3. Dad Bod.

Where did this even come from?

When did the Dad Bod suddenly become the body that women drool over?

Screen shot 2015-05-14 at 11.48.02 AMI honestly don’t know when this became a thing but I think it’s stupid.

When I sa that, I’m not saying that everyone should strive to have the bodybuilder physique because, one, that is not attainable for all bodies and two, many people have no interest in tailoring their life around their physique. What I am saying is stupid is the fact that apparently women PREFER this ‘Dad Bod’ over a more muscular one.

Muscle is gross and makes me feel inadequate. I like a bit of chub…

I like the teddy bear look better…

These are the statements that have been made recently in articles and generalized to all women and I have to say that for myself, this is not the case. No, I’m not a shallow person, I just have my own taste if I was to be asked what what I’m attracted to, it’s muscle. I like the fit look because that’s what I strive for myself.

The other argument floating around relates back to that first statement. The idea that some women feel that a more muscular man is just too hard to attain and may outshine them, so instead, they ‘downgrade’ to a more soft look. These are the words of those articles not mine, but the bigger picture here is that this is coming from a place of low self confidence rather then pure preference.

Screen shot 2015-05-14 at 12.00.00 PMWhat do you think about this Dad Bod?

What do you prefer?

4. SkinnyTea Detox.

These things drive me nuts.

They are all over Facebook so even if I’m only jumpin online for a second, I see one of their ads.

They really are annoying.


Because they are totally ridiculous and I feel as if some people may still fall for their ads.

These will not make you look like the models that they present. Don’t fall for it. Not that you should be wanting to look like another person anyways. Detox teas (detoxes in general actually) are most often about starvation so the only detox your doing to your body is flushing it of all your electrolytes and fuel.

5. This YouTube channel.

I have been finding lots of fun new exercises to try out all thanks to the Online Coach.

The one guy who wouldn’t mind his name being in pink. Check out his channel here. He not only uploads a new video every day that includes workout footage, life and his flexible dieting lifestyle, but he offers a lot of surprise appearances and tons of tips too. Fun videos!

Specifically here are two things that I have found to test out and spice up some of my routines.

The first is for your lats (upper back)…

Straight-Arm Pulldown

Take your traditional straight-arm pull down with the cable and straight bar

Straight-Arm Pulldown

And add a twist to work the lats in a slightly different way while also hitting your serratus anterior (those beautiful cuts along the upper ribs) from the rotation.

Haven’t done that one yet as my back workout got interrupted by the aforementioned colonoscopy preppage…

One that I have tried though is simply doing pullups and chins using different cable attachments.

Try the rope

Or maybe even the triangle

Now if only I could do those clappin pull ups he was doing in his last video…

Speaking of cool exercises…

6. Booty-work Inspiration.

Screen shot 2015-05-14 at 9.45.36 PMI have tried this out, with my heel planted on the rounded part of a bosu ball because I have short-fart legs, and it’s a great thing to superset a larger exercise with to burn out those glutes and hams. Thanks to Lacey and her instagram page for constant workout inspiration.

Anywho guys, it’s a wee bit late and my rambles have come to an end. I hope you enjoyed and lets all say wassssup to Friday and the beginning of the May-24 weekend.

Doing anything special?


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WIAW Picmonkey Style

Hey friends,

So I’m super busy over here BUUUUT I didn’t want to miss out on the WIAW partay once again this week so I have prepared a sum up of my nomz over the past few weeks (as I was away for two weeks…sadface) using the cool online photo collage maker, PicMonkey. Hope you enjoy!

Don’t forget to check out the rest of the partay-goers over at Miss Jen’s blog, Peas and Crayons and OMG send some love to the new chickpea cutie. Super huge congrats Jen on the arrival of the lil one! Future foodie in the making 😉

Peas and Crayons

Okay here we go!

Bowls of stuff PicMonkey CollageSome love for my BowlOfStuff! Shoutout to Leah Peters for inspiring this hash tag on Instagram

  1. Bulgar wheat, swiss chard sautee (curry, onion, garlic, chili powder) with cremini mushrooms, grilled marlin-veggie kabob (so good!) dressed in my basil pesto and avocado
  2. Post workout bowl of stuff. Sautee of tilapia, shrimp, brussels, broccoli, mushrooms, onion, garlic, chili powder, curry powder (yes I’m obsessed) and japanese purple sweet taters all drizzled with sriracha
  3. Baked chipotle (Ms. Dash) tilapia, shrimp, bulgar, zucchini-broccoli sautee (with same curry/chili/onion/garlic blend) and avocado somewhere in there
  4. On repeat but with tuna instead of tilapia

Breakfasts-PicMonkey CollagePROATS!

  1. Restday cinnamon swirl (a la Cellucor) eggy-chia proats with banana, carob chips and peanut butta (of course!)
  2. Peanut butter on Peanut butter! Pre-workout proats with pb marshmellow cellucor whey, 1/2 a peanut butter supreme Quest bar (baked and raw), banana and peanut butta
  3. My favourite preworkout proats! Banana, peanut butta and a cookie dough quest bar
  4. Blueberries this time for pre-workout! Also never tried the berry Quest bar and it was pretty good! Peanut butta added obviously

Lets pause for a moment to give some further love to my new find…ok so this is nothing new for everyone else BUT it’s my first time trying it because I could never find one with sugar in the ingredients list.

IMG_2197OMG Kombucha! Instant love despite many people saying this flavour was too greeny. I bleed greens peoples so I lerved it 😀 Filled with amazing things for your body including cholerella, spirullina, blue-green algae and of course kombucha cultures, this living, probiotic goodness is a must try!

Okay back to normal programming

More Proats! Are you sick of them yet? 😉

Breakfast 2PicMonkey Collage

  1. Last spoonful is always the bestest! It gets allll the goodness.
  2. PB&J pre-workout proats. 1/2 a peanut butter jelly Questbar, peanut butta, blueberries and peanut butter marshmellow Cellucor whey in the base. Yum.
  3. Apple Pie Proats! 1/2 apple pie Questie, cinnamon swirl Cellucor whey in the base, apple bites sauteed in 1/2 tsp coconut oil and cinnamon and apple sauce.
  4. Restday proats of strawberries, blueberries, raw cacao nibs and peanut butta.

DinnerlunchPicMonkey Collage

  1. Typical post-post workout lunch of roasted brussels, chicken breast (with Ms Dash seasoning and chili flakes) and a new find…purple sweet taters! Yum! They were roasted and dipped in sriracha of course
  2. Baked haddock with basil pesto, chili flakes and goat cheese with typical chard sautee, avocado and roasted kabocha
  3. AMAZING salad! normal roasted veggie salad with spinach, mixed greens, avocado and one grilled marlin and veggie kabob. Topped with my homemade dressing. Delish!

Oppppsidaisies…completely forgot one collage! So this one will be a day late but it’s here now 😀

RandomPicMonkey Collage

  1. Random Casein Mugcake after coming home late. No time for pudding so I turned it into my first attempt at using casein in a mugcake. Turned out pretty well actually. Unfortunately I was in a bit of a rush so I kinda didn’t write the recipe down…I will attempt again so that I can get the measurements right but for the most part it incorporated most of my normal pudding ingredients just heated up (1 scoop ON chocolate casein, 1/4 cup unsweetened almond milk, cinnamon, 1 tbsp +1 tsp natural chunky peanut butter…and maybe an egg white and extra water for this creation.
  2. My new lovely snack all thanks to Kierston at Candyfit. Check out the recipe here
  3. Restday midmorning snacky: One serving of my Candyfit protein muffins with some chopped apple slices and cinnamon swirl ‘icing’ (2/3 scoop of cinnamon swirl Cellucor whey + unsweetened almond milk) for apple dunking and spreading on my pipin hot muffin. Mmmmm! That whey makes the most AMAZING tasting icing/dip no lies.
  4. Random pancakes I threw together for my boyfriend one morning. I decided to attempt the 2 egg + 1 banana pancakes and well they were too watery…so I threw in some coconut flour (1 tbsp I think), flax meal (again 1T I think), half a scoop of cinnamon swirl whey by Cellucor, cinnamon and a pinch of baking powder and then cooked them up in some coconut oil. I topped them with sauteed apple pieces, a few spoonfuls of plain greek yogurt, my homemade Nuttzo and pure maple syrup. They were very much enjoyed.

Thats all folks, hope you had a good hump day!



What I [Baked] Wednesday

Hey Friends,

So I’m going to throw a lil switch up at you and instead of just showing some of my eats (I have to include some though…you need your weekly dose of proat-porn right? ;-)) and show you the outcome of my crazed baking spree that I went on over the week, into the weekend and…well..okay fine still going strong this week. I had mentioned in this post that I was feeling super baking deprived during my study times before my PT exam and, well, we all know what happens when one deprives themselves of something they enjoy….

They go on a mad baking BINGE!

Ok so maybe ‘binge‘ is a weird term to use but the point is that I went a lil crazy and literally baked EVERYTHING (…and MORE!) that was in my lil noggin. Oat’s were a’flyin, banana’s were a’mashin, sinks were a’fillin and guess what? It was marvelous…[insert mischievous face here]. So what was included in my list of goodies? Let’s see shall we…

Peas and Crayons

Don’t forget to send some food blogger love over to our wonderful hostesses, Jen and lil Chickpea, over at Peas and Crayons. and drool over all the other food bloggers weekly noms.

Sooo it all began with my need desire to make more homemade Nuttzo as my boyfriend decided that the previous jar of nutty goodness was a free-for-all snack. Aka, the jar DID NOT last that long at all. BUT of course being me I had to make this version BETTER than the last batch by adding even more nuts to the mix. This led to waaayyy too much money being blown on organic nuts in the Whole Foods bulk bin. We won’t revisit that incident as I’m trying to forget that ever happened…oopps. 😀

Crunchy...just the way I like it!

Crunchy…just the way I like it!

So the first recipe is for my ‘new and improved’ version of Nuttzo. AKA I added pistachios and hazelnuts this time too. Despite taking the time to measure it all out to calculate the nutritional stats for you guys, those will prolly mean nothing to you as the whole point of making this mixed nut butta is to throw in all your favourite nut varieties. So, the measurements in this write-up were based on my butta, but adjust to suit your own tastebuds. Oh and excuse the random measurements…it just happened to be the amount of each that I bought.

It made tons!

It made tons!

Homemade Nuttzo

82 servings (1 serving= 1 tbsp or approximately 15g)

1/4 cup organic flax seeds

200g + 58g raw organic almonds

200g + 80g raw organic peanuts

120g + 54g raw organic cashews

110g + 32g raw organic walnuts

100g + 29g raw organic hazelnuts

112g + 29g raw organic brazil nuts

65g + 23g raw organic pistachios (shelled)


  1. In the oven (or toaster oven) roast all of your nuts (leave out the flax seed). Time depends on which oven you are using but set the oven at 350 and watch them carefully so that you don’t burn them. Roast for anywhere from 10 minutes upward depending on how toasty you like them to be.
  2. In a blender or food processor, blend the flax seeds and the larger amount (the first number in grams) of each nut variety until smooth. This may take a few minutes depending on the power of your machine. Scrape down the sides as needed to help get it moving.
  3. Chop the remainder of the nuts and add that to your smooth butter to make a chunky nut butter (* you can omit this step and just blend the entire batch of nuts if you prefer a smooth butter consistency)
  4. Jar it, refrigerate it and enjoy!

Calories: 89 cal Fat: 8g Protein: 8g Carbohydrates: 3g Fiber: 1g

The great thing about this butter is the crunch of all the different nuts and the omega 3 fatty acids that the flax seeds bring into the mix! Healthy fats anyone? Also something to note is that mine tastes more along the almond butter side but, as I mentioned, adjust the nut proportions to suite your preferences. Want a sweeter butter? Add more cashews. Allergic to nuts? Use seeds like sunflower, pumpkin and chia for your personalized nut-free butta. The options are endless.

Next on my list to do was my own peanut butta…Man oh man after this day I was so tired of making nut butter. It’s not that they are hard to make, but because I insist that they must be chunky, the chopping of the nuts to stir in can get annoying and tiresome.

IMG_1695For my peanut butter I just follow the same procedure as outlined for the Nuttzo except I’m only using organic raw peanuts.

After a day of making nut butter I was sooo ready to move onto some real baking so this beauty was then created.

IMG_2011The recipe for my Vanilla Fig Upside-Down cake was already posted and you can check it out here. My boyfriend really enjoyed this cake. You know what he also enjoyed? Being my ‘holding the plate’ model. 😉 Oh how I love that he puts up with my crazy antics.

He also enjoyed another lil treat. This one was suuuper simple and quick to make.

IMG_1985These cookies were not my recipe, in fact the came from a recipe that my boyfriend happened to post on my Facebook wall. Was that a hint? 😛

Perez Hilton apparently shared this recipe and despite the short ingredient list, my boyfriend said they were probably the best [healthy] cookies he has had! The only thing I changed was that I also added some unsweetened carob chips because I was runnin really low on raisins and my boyfriend just loves those lil chips. 😀 He gobbled down the whole batch (I managed about 9 large cookies), minus 3 that he gave to his friend that stopped by, in one night. Satisfied customer I would say. 😉

The last thing I had in my head was another loaf of my version of the Quest Protein Bread. The original version I made can be found here. Since then I have made some additional changes because apparently I just like forever tweaking things….

IMG_2059The changes I have made include….

  • I use 2.7% (random % much?) plain GOAT yogurt in the place of the greek….this makes it so that I don’t have to pop a lactaid to have some
  • 3 tbsp liquid egg whites in place of the whole egg… balance out the fat from the yogurt (keeps the stats the same)
  • 1tbsp unsweetened carob + 1 tbsp cacao powder in place of the 2 tbsp carob….cacao has more benefits/nutrients
  • I used a peanut butter chocolate Questbar in place of the brownie…I was running low on the brownie ones
  • I actually baked it at the right temperature…aka 325 NOT 350…makes it softer/more moist.

Yes I have a problem…I just can’t let a recipe be the way it is. MUST CHANGE SOMETHING! Sigh..

One last thing that came out of left field ended up being created was inspired by all the sweet tater porn on Instagram. My boyfriend had been in Toronto doing his acting thing for 2 days so I decided to make him his own sweet tater creation when he came home yesterday night.

Oozzzing sweet tater

Oozzzing sweet tater

BAM! That is a thing of beauty aint’ it? I have seen soooo many sweet/dessert-like takes on a sweet potato and although I have a soft spot for savory (roasted with rosemary) sweet taters, I thought it would be super fun to create something sweet. So this lil baby is simply a foil baked sweet potato (stab the tater with a fork, wrap in foil and roast in the oven at 375-400 until soft) with the following toppings.

  • Cinnamon Swirl yogurt (aka about 1/4-1/3 cup plain greek yogurt with 1/2 scoop Cellucor Cinnamon Swirl whey)
  • 1 tbsp YouFreshNaturals Vanilla Maple Coconut Almond Butter (sooo good!), melted slightly
  • raw cacao nibs
  • Unsweetened carob chips (they are hiding under the yogurt…I pushed them into the sides of the tater to melt a lil bit)
  • Cinnamon
  • Pure maple syrup (you can use sugar free if you would like but my boyfriend LOVES the real stuff)

Once your tater is cool enough to handle, cut it down the centre and stuff your carob chips into the sides of the potato so the steam can melt them a lil bit. At this point (once the chips have melted a lil bit) put the entire thing in the fridge to chill. When you are ready to serve it up, mix the yogurt together with the protein powder (or you can just add lots of cinnamon and maybe some stevia) and throw that inside the tater. Then, take your almond butter and soften it up in the microwave and throw that on top too. Sprinkle with your cacao nibs, cinnamon and drizzle with maple syrup. Cue faceplant!

Andre LOVED it and said it would be an amazing idea for a dessert!

And that my friends ends my baking spree. Phew…lots of good stuff that is waiting to be eaten up! 😀 Before I leave you all I wanted to quickly share some recent noms that I snapped shots of.

IMG_2064Rest Day Proats. Base: Oats, Cellucor Cinnamon Swirl Whey, 1/2 tsp coconut oil, tsp chia seeds, cinnamon, 1/3 cup each water and unsweetened almond milk. Morning add-ins: 2.5 egg whites, fresh organic blueberries (half nuked til liquidy and 1/2 warmed) and 2 tsp YouFreshNaturals Vanilla Maple Coconut Almond Butter.

That YouFreshNaturals stuff is awesome btw! Check out their two flavours!

IMG_1980Yes, that’s cookie dough! 😀 It was insta-love! They make their nut butters using only natural ingredients with no added sugars! What is super cool about their butters is that they make them using coconut butter so you get your healthy dose of medium chain fatty acids in your nut butter! The Cookie Dough one has real vanilla powder, pure maple, nutmeg, coconut flour, and dairy/salt/gluten free chocolate chunks inside it. Super yum eh? The Vanilla Maple contains real vanilla powder, pure maple and dates to give it a nice vanilla-maple essence. You should really check them out! Heres their webpage if you want to order any of their products.

IMG_2066Random restday snack: 1 scrambled egg+2 egg whites, grilled chipotle spiced (ms. Dash) chicken breast, onion, garlic, chili flakes, curry powder, swiss chard and brussel sprouts

IMG_1988Another restday proats bowl. Same basic ingredients as the first but used topped with strawberries (nuked), raw cacao nibs, goji berries and YouFreshNaturals Cookie Dough Coconut Almond Butter

IMG_1968Preworkout proats: Base: 1/3 scoop Cellucor Peanut Butter Marshmellow whey, 1/3 cup+ 1tbsp oats, 1/3 cup each unsweetened almond milk and water, 1/2 tsp coconut oil, 1 tsp chia seeds, cinnamon. Morning add-ons: 1/2 peanut butter supreme Questbar (have baked, half raw), banana, 1/2 tbsp crunchy pb. Peanut butter on peanut butter!

IMG_1993AMAZING date night dinner with Andre. On my plate, grilled bison tenderloin (thanks dad ;-)) with sauteed mushrooms and onions and a 1/4 ounce light goat cheese, swiss chard saute with beetroot, onions, garlic, and chili flakes and roasted rosemary kabocha. Soo Soo Soo Soo good. Bison = LOVE I tell you!

IMG_2069Restday lunch. 2 Ezekiel corn tortillas with avocado (lovin that green stuff lately..shocked yes!), wilted spinach, grilled chipotle chicken and mustard. side of roasted brussels and the extra chicken. Chipotle and avocado go perfectly together! No wonder Mexican food always combines these flavours….

IMG_2082Dinner with work at West Town on Locke Street in Hamilton. Kept it clean! Warm salad of mixed greens, raw veggies, warmed mushrooms and onions, grilled chicken breast and my homemade dressing (1 tbsp apple cider vinegar, 1/2 tsp olive oil, 1/2 tbsp balsamic vinegar, 1-2 tbsp water, 2 tsp Frenches, mustard, dried rosemary and chili flakes) and avocado brought from home. Gotta meet those macros…

IMG_2085My favourite salad as of late: tons of spinach, romaine salad mix, lil bit of orange pepper, cucumber, roasted veggies (kabocha, broccoli and brussels), avocado, baked spicy tilapia (extra spicy ms Dash seasoning), chipotle grilled chicken breast, 4 shrimpies, and my go-to dressing. Super Yum! I love the variety in this salad.

IMG_2033Restday nightly snackie: 1/2 a baked cookie dough Quest (1/2 on my restdays to help bring up my carbs) and my casein pudding (1 scoop chocolate Optimum Nutrition casein, 4 tbsp unsweetened almond milk, cinnamon and 1/2tbsp + 1 tsp my crunchy peanut butter mixed in and 1/2 tbsp of that peanut butter for the top). Love my fats at night!

Alright I am finally dunzo for the night. Hope you had a good humpday!



What I Wanna Try Wednesday…WIAW

Peas and CrayonsHey Friends

So I thought for this week I would do a lil something different as my noms can get kinda repetitive, especially now that I’m working at increasing my calories. So what am I going to share this week? Well I decided that since I love to show some love to my fellow food bloggers, I’m going to fill this WIAW post with some foods that I have been dying to try but have been too lazy to failed to make as of yet. So without further ado, are we ready to see some foodporn? A big thanks to Jen (and mini pea) over at Peas and Crayons for always being the bestest hostesses 😉

So as you probably already know, breakfast is pretty much always my favourite meal of the day so it was tough to limit my choices of recipes for this category. It also doesn’t help that a lot of Instagram accounts that I follow also tend to leeerve breaky and go all out to make some delicious and healthy noms. How am I possible supposed to choose?!?! Foodie problems fo realz. 😀 So I hummed and hahhed and finally chose a few of my top picks to share with ya.

1. This first one was an easy choice and also a recipe that blew up all over IG within a few days of Miss Kim over at The Coconut Diaries posting her first version. I have really wanted to try it out but I always get cold feet when attempting to pry myself away from my beloved proats….This is totally my loss though because take a look at this baby:

PROTEIN POPTART using quest bars <3

Two words: Cookie and Dough. That is all. Not really…I mean how can you go wrong with stuffing a healthified poptart with a Cookie Dough Quest Bar? You cannot…you simply cannot. This idea was genius and super simple too! Take a low carb wrap, stuff it with whatever your heart desires (Kim offers quite the variety of fillings on her site and IG account for your experimenting pleasure), fold’er up, press (or cook on a pan) and top with protein ‘icing‘. YUMMERS!

My Version: I think WHEN I try this mine will definitely include the use of the cookie dough Questbar, banana and peanut butta…cuz really, did you expect anything else from me? 😉

2. As a second craving, I would loooove to try a pancake recipe from one of my two fellow instagrammers. They are quite the pancake connoisseurs. First up is Miss Meg from Megameows on Instagram. Check out this stack!

This is just ONE of her many recipes for pancakes amongst other delicious noms (hello nightly profroyo!). You should definitely check out her page.

For my second pancake master, I welcome TheFitBaldMan from Instagram as well. WOWZA does he make droolworthy pancake stacks, I mean he totally checked off all my favs with this beauty:

fitman cakes:-O Seriously….drool. Thanks Tony for sharing your pancake stacks from heaven with me on the daily.

What about savory you say? Well I got a couple things that have sparked my interest….

1. One thing I haven’t tried yet but I see all the time is sweet potato topped with nut butta…normally either almond butter (meh not my fav..) or peanut flour sauce. I would probably go for the latter for my testing purposes, but it seems interesting to me.

Kyla's sweet taterThis picture in particular is from Kyla over at TheLeanQueen on Instagram. BTW you should totally check this girl out, ripped out of this world I tell you and trying to put on mass like me…except she’s doing a better job…lol (grrrr that food volume problem I got goin on!). Anyways, hers is a sweet take on the nut butter tater, but I think I would skip out on the cinnamon and go for a more savory direction. Or maybe I would go crazy and try sweet, but for some reason that just doesn’t appeal to me as I always see sweet taters in their roasted form.

Leah’s (from SpicyySweet) hodgepodge has been gettin me as well. I used to love making ‘throw everything in a pan’ stirfry things (is it a stirfry…?) but I rarely make them anymore for reasons I don’t know. I love them because I go spice crazy and those ALWAYS taste good.

leah's hodgepodgeSo here’s to bringing them back to life. 😀 Thanks Leah.

Lastly what about them snack noms? Well first and foremost we have this beauty from Leah over at LeahPetersFitness on Instagram.

Leah peters snack bowlYou may remember Leah from my post on my fitsporation a lil while ago. I mentioned in my post that she has some great lil recipes on her account and that includes this guy here! This was a snack of hers that has quite a few layers of different yummy flavours and has been something I have really wanted to try. After, it has a Questbar in it! 😉 I would have to modify it slightly as I cannot have the cottage cheese that she added…hmmm I will have to ponder on what would make a good substitute. Thoughts? Overall, this symbolizes creativity in the kitchen beautifully. You have macros to hit and nutrients to fill but you also have a belly that wants something yummy and BAM there you go! Deliciousness in a bowl.

As a last snackage foodporn pic, I give you…

casein treatJessie’s (over at jcannon1 on Instagram) nightly casein pudding. OMG DROOOOOLLLL. I thought mine was good! But for realz though, we use the exact same stuff but hers looks 10x more foodporn-worthy than mine. I definitely am going to try actually putting my questbar IN my pudding one of these days for something new. Creature of habit problems.

Oh and for one more shot of droolworthy-ness I refer back to Meg at MegaMeows and give you something I wish I could eat

profroyoLOOK AT IT! LOOK NOW…stupid lactose intolerance…I drool over her nightly profroyo bowls every day and wish that my tummy would tolerate dairy better. What I can take from this are her toppings. She tends to add Questbar pieces (done and done :-D) and her homemade protein brownies, which I have also been meaning to check out. Oh the possibilities.

Anyways, that is all for Lil Miss Fitness Freak today. I hope your hump day was made better by all the blog-lovin foodporn I just shared with ya and that you are nommin on something delicious!


Is there a recipe you have been wanting to try out?

Are you a creature of habit? Sometimes afraid to change up what you know and like?

Ever made Profroyo?