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Thinking Out Loud…Puttin Your Mind In The Gutter

Why hello there

Welcome to my Thursday rambles…oh this might be a good one as I sit in a sexuality lecture…You have been forewarned

Isn’t it crazy how something that is apparently awkward to talk about lights up a classroom? Every night class should throw a lil sex into their class and that will keep students awake


We are currently playing sex ed Big Brother style…

Can’t say I have ever watched the show, but this is entertaining. Someone just won a vibrating penis ring + a free talk on how to best use it.

Best prof ever?

Anywho, other than sex, what else has poppin into my mind lately

Do I need to make mention of our weather right now?

Prof comment: “If you walk around with that vagina exercise ball in all day you will be shooting footballs across the field with your lady parts in no time”

Do you ever notice how the importance of appearance for women seems to change over time? This is purely observation but here’s what I have noticed and thought about recently..random I know.

As a kid you don’t care

As a slightly older kid you think you care, but you really don’t. (ie. you bounce your lil piggy tails around or wear that flouncy skirt because it gets comments from others)

Around puberty and up until your 20’s (mostly) it’s EVERYTHING

In adulthood it doesn’t seem to be as big of deal. I would like to say that this is because we finally have an understanding that attraction comes from within and we are comfortable with ourselves enough that we don’t focus only on the external components.

and now this one slightly confuses me…the elderly woman

Ever notice that it’s the elderly women who will wander around butt naked in a change room, which makes you think they are completely comfortable with themselves and simply not care about what others think, yet they will flip out if a strand of their hair is out of place.

What is it about the hair that is so special when you’re older?

Prof Comment: the weight of the testicle is 1 ounce or a serving of almonds.

Movember isn’t showing it’s hairy face…

Am I complaining? NOPE

Can’t say zee mustache is my favourite look.

a lil bit of stubble on the other hand…


Speaking of smoldering looks…

My lil YouTube crush

Christan Guzman. Check him out here if you’re all into fitness, bodybuilding and nutrition…

or if you’re just into this..

Sorry Nikki, you don’t mind be staring looking right?

Superficial self coming out…

What appearance related factors attract you to another person?

Well I suppose you can kinda guess my “type” based on said ‘crush’ above but here are a few particulars

  • Eyes. I love eyes. Dark eyes get me always but so do highly contrasting eyes (hello Avery on Grey’s) like blue against dark skin.
  • Muscle. Sorry, I’m being honest here. A big muscular back and that overall upside down triangle form is always attractive in my mind
  • Darker skin. This is not a necessity or anything, but I tend to always be attracted to European or South American skin tones.

I won’t say abs because that would just be too easy to say

…they are nice though :-D

On the topic of abs

I caved and bought a waffle maker…

So this Sunday morning I’m hoping my 25 buck waffle maker makes me some decent ‘zoat’s waffles.

I blame instagram for making me desperate to loose my waffle virginity

Sex still on the brain apparently…

I’m hooking up with all of the other thinkers with Miss Spoons once again this week, so check everyone else there!


Ouch, just stood up and my legs feel like logs. Damn leg day. #CrippledForTheNext3Days



Thinking Out Loud Can Brighten Someones Day.

My lovelies I have missed you! Man does school and life making blogging tough to fit in. It seems like the only time I get to chatter with you is when I’m in my night class. Shhhhhhh don’t tell anyone that I’m blogging when I should be listening more attentively…but commonnnn it’s a first year health and wellness class.

I do want to thank you for your continued support and comments despite me being more absent over these past few months. I want you all to know that I still read all of your comments and try my best to get back to them. Much love!

I digress….

So some updates and blabs all up in here tonight, so I’m jumping into Thinking Out Loud with Miss Spoons and all the other thinkers


So last weekend was fun…

IMG_6687I’m no Halloween fanatic and as you can see I did not go crazy with my costume (oh hey last minute what can I wear to be let into this house partayyy ‘cat’), but I’m glad I went out for a bit with Emily, her boyfriend Chad, and their friend Cameron.

Speaking of peeps, I wish I would have taken more pictures of everyone, but the event of the weekend was our visitors, Chad and Cameron who trekked their way alll the way from Montreal to spend the weekend with us all. Well mostly Emily, but I totally butt myself into their lil triangle because I’m too friendly :-P Shoutout to zee happy couple, Emily and Chad who celebrated their 3 year anniversary that weekend. I fourth wheeled on their celebration with a number of outings including…. IMG_6689Yup, Marble Slab happened again and it wasn’t peanut butter this time…

Let me pause for a moment while you pick yourselves off the floor…Whhhhat the peanut butter addict strayed from peanut butter?!?!

Mmmkay we good now?

I had peanut butter swirled in it. So there. HA! Still got my fix :-D

The previous time I had sampled the Apple N’Spice flavour and really liked it so I decided to go for it.

Does anyone else go into an ice cream place being 95% certain of what flavour they are going to get, but still act as if they don’t by getting 5 samples?

Get the full experience yo! ;-)

Speaking of ice cream, I hope my housemate Ainjel is all like…

She deserves that sammich after getting her first round of stitches in her life. She took that needle like a champ though.

Long story short…don’t ever lock your bathroom/shower room door because passing out while in the shower often leads to bad things

Luckily for her, no concussion, just a single stitch and a sore (and probably blackened tomorrow) cheek from being attacked by the shower wall.

Again, she’s a champ. Oh and her Mom didn’t strangle her through the phone when she called to inform her of said accident. #Winning

Have you ever been afraid to tell your parents you got hurt?

Now completely going in a new direction because clearly one of the strong points is not flow

I told someone at the gym today they inspired me..

Why is this a big deal?

Because I have thought this for some time and haven’t said anything because I didn’t feel like the opportunity presented itself.

The opportunity?

Why should I need an opportunity to say something nice to someone?

I feel like society these days makes us feel strange about complimenting others. It’s sad, but it’s the truth.

This women is strong, aesthetically beautiful and exudes confidence, so wouldn’t she be an inspiration?

Likewise, why shouldn’t she be told this?

I broke that hesitation today and told her what I should have said a month ago.

Kind of on a similar-ish topic

I have seen a lot of YouTube videos lately about genetics and why comparing yourself to someone else really is not going to gain you anything.

For some reason it is finally clicking in my mind that my body is my body. It has it’s own bone structure. It’s own muscle fiber patterns. It’s own image of what it’s supposed to look like.

It doesn’t care if I like that girls abs, or if I want those beautiful capped shoulders because in it’s perspective, if it ain’t there in the first place, you ain’t gunna get it no matter what you do.

Love yourself enough to not live through a constant cycle of defeat by wanting something you will never have.

So my class is almost over so lets finish’er off bullet style!

What got me thinking out loud in an angry fashion recently…

1. The fact that one of my assignments doesn’t have a mac version therefore forcing me to go onto campus to do it. Can I mention this is a computer and technology course…

2. Dropping my very expensive tub of BCAA’s and having it spill all over my counter at 7:30AM in the morning. Can I mention that the lid was screwed on?


Oh and lil tidbit, BCAA’s are awful to clean up. It basically makes a sludge on your counter the second it interacts with water and stains.

Things that have me happy thinking…

1. Having a heart to heart with Emily. Daaaaawww I love my housemates

2. Having Gen and Rachael coming down from Hamilton to join me at the farmers market on Saturday morning. Weeeoo trainer reunion!

Speaking of friendships

This popped into my mind this morning when I opened Facebook

How often does this happen to you?

Things that have me confused…

Why is my shoulder blade ticking? Like I’m talking it’s having a complete spaz attack and it needs to stop because it’s annoying. The earlier calf ticking I can understand because it was leg day today, but a back tick..

I need a nanner.

Sorry, it made me laugh

What are you Thinking Out Loud about right now?

Wow my prof just said fuck buddy.

Happy Thursday Friends



What’s Up My Beauties?

I have officially been disturbed. A stat that was mentioned by my prof in my night class the tonight really just got my panties in a twist. I even ranted about it on facebook

Screen shot 2014-10-23 at 8.52.48 PM

It just really stuck with me. I felt angry. Sad. Guilty. Confused. How could a few words stir up so many different emotions?

I was angry because we have all contributed to a society that makes everyone feel like they are unattractive or that they don’t measure up to what we all think is beautiful.

Sad because I can’t bear the thought of a little girl, so precious and innocent, telling me point blank that she is not beautiful. What’s worse is that it made me wonder if they can even fully grasp what the word beautiful means. So really, before they can even fully understand the concept, society is pre-programming their definition with toxic lies. Beauty is skin deep. Beauty is thinness. Beauty is flawlessness. Perfection. If you don’t look like the cover models or celebrities, you are not beautiful. You will never measure up. That is what makes me sad. This is the definition every child will come to understand.


Have I contributed to any of this? Of course I have! I’m part of our society so I have also contributed to this toxic environment. Whether it is the last time I body shammed my body or said “I wish I could wear that, but it wouldn’t look good on my frame,” I have contributed to the spreading of this problem. The problem that beauty is skin deep.

Confused. What has led to this getting so bad? When did it start. Can we reverse it? Are we too late? Is it even possible to reverse?

This topic is really upsetting to me and I was reminded today that I too fall victim to it while also subconsciously contributing it. If I was asked if I believed I was beautiful, hesitation follows. It’s a sad realization when you can’t tell your own self that you believe you are beautiful because of all of the flaws that flood your mind when you are trying to decide on your answer.

Am I wrong?

Sadly, we are a society that not only spreads fake images of beauty (ie. cover models that are tweaked, blurred, molded, stretched, etc to make this picture perfect image that is no longer a real person) and are thus focused on appearance rather than inner qualities, but we are also one that is innately revolved around our flaws rather than our positives. So technically, the making of a negative self image is two fold.

So what can we do?


Well, it’s irrational to think that we can just avoid being influenced by the media and the words of others, as they are everywhere. Whether they are subconscious or conscious, they are everywhere and, really, unavoidable. It’s also unrealistic to promise that you will never say anything negative ever again. All you can do here is say you will work at it.

So instead, help yourself out and try really hard to work up some positives about yourself. These can help to buffer your esteem against the blows of the socitey, whether you think they are affecting you or not. These positives can really be anything, and yes, this does include those about appearance. Although the world doesn’t revolve around appearance, we can’t say that our image means nothing to us, so make sure to include those in your list of positives too.

Despite being in class and taking notes while also working on another assignment during said class…

I’m linking up with Amanda over at Spoons for Thinking Out Loud because I just had to get that off my chest.


Goodnight my lovelies. Do me a favour

Tell me three things you find beautiful about yourself.

While you’re at it…

Lets add in some healthy body love too…

Gimme 3 things you find beautiful about your body.

I will start.

I find my empathy beautiful. I love being able have the ability to really feel for something and the situation they are in.

My strength. Not only being physically strong, but the strength that has come from working through the barriers and challenges that life throws my way. I have survived and I’m stronger and more confident because of it.

My passion. When I love something, you can tell.

Alrighty body, you don’t hear enough love, so soak it up…

My smile. I have been told it lights up my whole face. A smile that shows joy is truly beautiful.

My nose. It’s little just like the rest of me and it has a cute lil freckle on it that’s big enough that everyone can see it.

My dimples. You lil holes on my face, you always show my happiness and happiness is a beautiful and contagious thing.

Your turn. Let me hear them.



Video: Macro Counting

Hey Friends!

It’s almost turkey day, who’s excited? What are you all doing?

I headed home today and will be heading to my Aunt’s house tomorrow for the dinnah with my parents, Maggie and my Nana and Papa all stowed in the car. Should be fun times. FamJam Partay Bus!

National Lampoons reference anyone?

Anywho, this short lil post will just introduce a video I posted up on my still naked YouTube channel. I have gotten quite a few questions regarding macros and macro counting and I really wanted to get a video out it up on the topic plus a lil blurb on IIFYM. Sorry it took me like a year to do so, but here she is.

Just clicky on the screencap for the linkup to my channel.

Screen shot 2014-10-11 at 9.55.27 PMI’m sorry if this video is a lil bit scattered. I’m really bad at staying on topic…as you probably are aware of with my 400000000+++ word posts…Like I mentioned in the video, if you have any further questions post them in the comments and I will get back to ya with video part 2. :-)

Here are a few links that might be handy to check out if you’re interested.

Layne Norton’s take on IIFYM

IIFYM Calculator and information regarding macros and counting

You guys are awesome.

One thing I’m thankful for every day is my support system in life, which includes all of you. Many thanks and much love. <3




Turkey Day Tips

Hey guys!

So I started writing this post Thursday night after my midterm (night class one) to wind down afterwards, but I obviously feel asleep before it was posted. Oooops. Anyways, I’m happy to report that I think I worried too much about it because it was preeeety easy peasy. I ain’t mad at that.

..Hope not…

Overall it’s been a busy week over here school wise. Midterm season has begun and although I only had one this week, I had a bunch of other assignments to fill my void

Oh hey food microbiology pathogen growth assignment due Sunday night…Oh and thanks Courselink for failing me and not letting me submit it. After a minor freak out, call to the help desk and email with said assignment attached, to my prof. Things were zen once again.

Although you lost half your hair on Sunday night, that doesn’t mean you get a break

Monday Keyword assignment due for my first year course.

Lab to prepare my writeup and study for the lab quiz for on Tuesday.

Study for midterm.

Work away at a random online discussion assignment (yeah, there is such a thing as submitting a paper in an online group. Awkward.) that’s due Friday

Study for midterm

Write midterm.

Chatter and rant away to you guys…

You guys are the best listeners. :-D

So the point of this post

Gobble Gobble Day

ie. National ‘stuff yo face, unzip ya pants and fall asleep on the couch in a turkey coma’ day.


I have to say that I can’t understand this logic. Oh it’s Thanksgiving so I’m going to eat so much that I feel like sh**. As far as I’m concerned, there shouldn’t be a special occasion for binge eating.

Please do not read too much into that statement. I am not talking about those individuals who struggle with binge eating behaviours. No. I’m talking about the general public.

I look at it this way. Yes, there are treats and things that are specially prepared for holidays like this, so enjoy a piece of pumpkin pie of that’s yo thang. Have some gravy for taste testing purposes (ha jokes). Enjoy your Mom’s special homemade stuffing.

I have no issue with taking the day to enjoy what you love because maybe this day is the only day you will get your favourite pie.

Instead, what I do have an issue with is going into dinner knowing and accepting the fact that you are going to eat 1-2 extra plates of food, pushing yourself way past the point of uncomfortable.

Is that really necessary to enjoy the holiday?


So my next question is why does one feel the need to do this?

  • Are you not eating enough food daily?
  • Are you dieting?
  • Are you depriving yourself of something you have wanted for a while
  • Did you fast (ie not eat) all day in preparation for this dinner?

All of these are the complete wrong way to go about a special event that surrounds food. Why? They will all probably lead to a binge.

A very common thing is to eat very little during the day before the big dinner to ‘save your calories.’ This is a very poor outlook because you will be so hungry by the time dinner comes that you will eat everything in sight. The same thing goes for deprivation. If you have been craving something for weeks and finally have a taste of it you are more likely to go overboard on it.

So rather than having a piece for satisfaction, you end up eating half the pie, then perhaps going back for more later…

Eye’s bigger than your mouth lil guy?

Instead, don’t change your normal eating leading up to dinner. Eat to fuel your body as normal then once dinner comes around, have the things you want in moderation. That way, because you won’t be starving, you will be less likely over-stuff yourself or clear the dessert table because your body isn’t raging for food.

Make sense?

So that’s tip numero uno. Here are a few more tips on how to keep your pants on this Thanksgiving.

1.Take it easy on the drinks.

I have said this before, alcohol is just empty calories, In addition, due to it being toxic, your body has to deal with the alcohol first before food which can lead to weight gain. Obviously one night of one too many drinks is not going to cause you gain weight, but hey, where do you want your calories to come from this holiday season, yummy food that comes around once a year or a drink you can have any time?

Health tip: Enjoy your favourite pumpkin spiced drink


Choose drink or dessert. Not both.


There’s always pumpkin spiced tea.

2. Pick your indulgences.

If you’re all about YOLO’in then skip on ahead, but I think it’s a good idea to pick one or two things you will indulge in and save the rest of your plate for healthier and more nutritious options. Example, you love Grandma’s apple pie. Then go ahead, have your pie, and in exchange, go easy on the richer options for dinner.

If you really love a big ol’ spoonful of gravy then perhaps go easy on the dark meat or remove some of the skin to lighten the load a bit.

3. Where dem veggies at?

Fill a good half of your plate with non-starchy vegetables. Whether that be the steamed or boiled variety or a nice salad, this will ensure you get some micro nutrients in your meal and allow some wiggle room for other indulgences to share the other half of the plate. The fiber and water content also helps to signal satiety in your belly, so they will help to control how much you eat.

4. Eat slowly.

Enjoy the social company. This way, you will give your body enough time to signal to your brain that you are satisfied. If you’re beginning to feel full, you will probably skip that next feedbag (as my Uncle Gary says) as you gotta have room for dessert right?

5. Bring a healthy side dish.

If there is the option of bringing something to help the host out, bring a side dish that is nourishing, filled with vegetables and tasty. Not only will you gain points for helping out, but you will definitely have a healthy option to add to your plate at dinner. Need some ideas? Check out some of these guys…

Apple Harvest Salad

Apple Harvest Salad ~ Life Made Simple

Taking full advantage of the harvest vegetables.

Kale, Butternut Squash and Dried Cranberry Quinoa ~ Repurposed Life

garlic mashed potatoes with Greek yogurt

Mashed potatoes that are still creamy without all of the butter. Bonus: Added protein from the yogurt!

Roasted Garlic Greek Yogurt Smashed Potatoes ~Running To The Kitchen

use 4 v2

Everyone loves a good dip. Make yours nutritious and festive!

Rosemary Pumpkin Hummus ~ Running To The Kitchen

I would have thrown some good ol’ greens to highlight the many dark leafy lovelies that are in season, but those don’t transport or reheat well….

Okee guys the final, and most important, tip is…

6. Enjoy yourself!

It’s a holiday. You’re surrounded by family and/or friends. Don’t worry about the dinner and instead relax, socialize and have an amazing time. I didn’t post an extremely long list of restrictive tips because I really do believe you need to embrace what holidays are about and that is being stress free and having a good time with some good food and peeps (and/or pups ;-)).

For the day after….

If you did unintentionally go overboard and are feeling a lil bit heavier than normal, don’t go rushing to the gym to run on the treadmill for 3 hours. Instead, fit some exercise into you day, get lots of water into your system and enjoy a good bunch of veggie filled meals throughout the day to have something that is lighter on the system while delivering a nutritious punch. Perhaps make your first meal a nice green smoothie as something that will cleanse the system and get a big dose of green into your body first thing.

  • Fat and protein should not be optional in my opinion. Just having a fruit and veggie shake will spike your blood sugar and leave you feeling unsatisfied. Add a tbsp of nut butter or coconut oil for some healthy fats or some chia seeds for a thicker and omega 3 boosting shake. For protein, explore other options other than just protein powder like peanut flour if you can get your hands on some.
  • Watch those natural sugars. Have a fruit in there? Then there is no need for dates or honey or any other liquid sweetener in my opinion. If your palate just cannot take that, try liquid Stevia until you can eventually get away from any at all. Another option is to avoid the more bitter greens, like kale or beet greens, at first and go for more neutral ones. IE Spinach, chard and zucchini. I don’t recommend romaine lettuce or celery alone because they really don’t have many nutrients other than water in them.
  • Some optional boosters I would recommend would be chia seeds, wheatgrass (try only a lil bit at first as it’s STRONG) for some energy, apple cider vinegar for cleansing or cinnamon because it boosts your metabolism and it’s just plain awesome.

If I drank smoothies (I don’t because my stomach can’t handle too much liquid at once…makes me sick) I would totally rock something with peanut butter in it. Maybe add some peanut flour for my protein, mix of zucchini and chard for my greens, chia for some fiber, peanut butter for some fats, lucuma powder (superfood sweetener), cinnamon, some frozen berries to make it sweeter and like a PB and J, unsweetened almond milk for my base and tons of ice to make it thick like a milkshake or slurry.

Knowing me, I would probably eat it with a spoon and top it with baked Questbar bites. Cuz I’m cool like that.

I have no idea how that would taste. It could be a disaster BUT if anyone tries it out, let me know. :-D

Happy Friday and have an amazing Thanksgiving friends.

Stay tuned for the next post on some healthy ‘leftovers’ recipes!

What tip would you give for a healthier Thanksgiving?

What’s your favourite Thanksgiving dish, sweet or savory?



Feed Me Mamma, Feed Me! What I’m Thinking Out Loud

Hey Friends

I’m stoppin in again to chat with my favourite Spoon and all the over thinker’s for Thinking Out Loud because I’m feeling random and I’m feelin chatty.What else is new eh?


So I’m currently multitasking in my night class…Chattin with you guys…write notes…chat…notes. I’m a pro. Don’t worry Mom and Dad, we are talking about why alcohol and drugs are bad for you….

Oh hey first year required course. #BirdCourse.

Maybe I shouldn’t say that…I might have just jinxed myself for the midterm next week.

I take that back…Super hard. Super hard course.

Speaking of courses, I learned something interesting in my nutrition course on Monday…

Refer to the title of this post.

Did this sound too harsh to be funny?

That ol’ saying that babies are parasites is actually not true. Quite the contrarrryyy actually. They are last on the list of things to keep functioning.

Mom >>Placenta>>Baby

So yeah, that precious gift you are growing inside you is really just begging on a constant basis to be fed. Well, if you’re not taking care of yourself I suppose. The placenta…the placenta gets nourishment before you. Pft. So even when you’re growing a new being inside you, it’s still really all about you.

Another thing, did you know that pregnant women are fat burning machines?

After the first few weeks (1-20), the mother goes from “store all the fat’ to ‘no carbs fo you” status. You see, after that initial development of the fetus, its now for that lil guy to grow, grow, grow and so the mother experiences insulin resistance similar to that of a diabetic. Put simply, this disables her to use consumed dietary carbohydrates in a normal fashion (ie. bringing them into the cells and out of the blood) and instead, all of it gets shipped off to zee baby. So basically ALL dem carbs you eat essentially go right from your mouth to the baby and you are stuck workin off dem fats you stored up in the first 20 weeks.

Interesting no?

Last thing about classes...

For my Canadian readers out there..Did you know that Nova Scotia has the highest number of bars per capita?

So why are you all wasting your money going to booze it up in Cuba over spring break? It’s not like you will remember anything anyways…stay local..Eh.

Bottoms up?

We won’t mention Cuba though…. Oh that warmth. I’m still in denial that it’s that time

Tis the season of orange.

Glad I look good in orange. :-D

Pumpkin is everywhere…it’s haunting me.

Don’t get me wrong, kabocha (Japanese pumpkin) is my jam…no make that my life, but pumpkin flavoured things…

Icky. Just icky.

Will you all hate me if I said that pumpkin pie completely turns me off. I mean look at it. Have you actually really looked at it? It looks gross. Am I crazy?

I’m the scrooge of Fall apparently.

So while you’re all trippin over yourselves trying to get your hands on the latest pumpkin flavoured thing (umm pumpkin spiced condoms Laura??), I’m just continuing to get my orange glow over here daily squash binges.

There ain’t no season for squash. #AllTheSquashAllTheTime

Speaking of food obsessions, there have been a few things I have been obsessed with randomly…

Omeletes and peanut flour.

20141002-204838-74918561.jpgAre you shocked? Some of my mornings have consisted of an appetizer overstuffed veggie omelet (nommin on that yolk yummm) followed up by a nice ol’ bowl of peanut flour zoats.

Oh yeah, toss zoats into that obsession category too. Every morning.

Mess of a bowl but still gotta have my Questie bites and nut buttah in there too. Obv...

Mess of a bowl but still gotta have my Questie bites and nut buttah in there too. Obv…

I don’t know what happened to me, but hey, who can say no to a multi-course breakfast?

Campus was kinda weird today.

There were animals everywhere…

By animals, I mean people in random panda and tiger costumes randomly airhumping dancing on the sides of the walkways….

Did I miss something?

Also, can I just rant on about how it’s not cool to walk past a guy with a fistful of balls. Sorry was that vulgar? Guys we realize you have a penis. We learned that in grade school.We also learned that they don’t disappear, so I think you can stop public…all the time.

Maybe us girls should go around double fisting our boobs. It’s all the same right?

Related? No so much but it made me laugh.

Not that food has anything to do with what I just said, but I’m super excited for Saturday and it’s not just because of the farmers market...

Yes. I’m finally doing it. I’m finally going to crush this craving I have been denying all summer.

Prepare to die.

But really though, I’m hoping I don’t. #LactoseIntolerantProblems.

I deprived myself of this treat all summer because 1. too much guilt associated with such a ‘dirty cheat’ and two. because I was scared of the physical consequences that could follow. But you know what, summer is kinda over and I’m kind of mad at myself that I have let my mind talk me out of something I enjoy all summer. It caused me to miss out on the ice cream flavour I really wanted back in Hamilton (locally made, peanut butter fudge OR moose tracks on Locke Street), so Marble Slab will have to do (Molly, this one is for you!).

So, to support my lil scared self I have my arsenal of a bottle of lactaids, digestive enzymes and a time booked at zee creamery with all my amazing housemates. When you are scared to do something, make it a social thing so it takes away some of your over analysis of the situation so might actually have the ability to enjoy your treat.

So bring on a Lil Miss Fitness Freak peanut butter and cookie dough creation! If all else fails, my Sunday date will be with my bed and the toilet. Ugh. TMI.

aaannnd my computer is going to die soooo loggin off.

Final words…

20141002-204839-74919066.jpgOh legday. You got me all sorts of bottomless pit-ness.

Nice chattering with ya!

Thanks Amanda for the linkup!



The Grain Lovers Diet….WIAW

Hey Friends!


Oh how I have missed you so.

Transitioning back into school life and managing to keep everything I’m used to together has been a bit tougher than I thought and time doesn’t seem to be on my blogging self’s side lately. More on that later, but I’m glad to be chattering with you today in my spare time…cough..which I should technically be using to work on my assignments that are due this week but meh they will will get done. Zee blogging itch must be scratched!

Fall into Good Habits: WIAWSo I’m jumping back into Jen’s What I Ate Wednesday this week to give you another installment of “What I Would Eat If I Was….” and this one is a new one, even for me, so lets jump right in shall we?

Grains have been on the chopping block a lot lately and I can’t say that I’m ignoring all of the research that is surrounding these pesky lil carbs but hey, as a food blogger and a future RD in the making, I have to keep my mind open to hear about different dietary philosophies. Plus, I find it fun to poke around and learn more about those random lil dietary lifestyles you don’t hear too much about.

So whats a dietary lifestyle that focuses on grains you ask?

What diet was thought to be beneficial to cancer patients?

What diet doesn’t support the consumption of animal products but is less strict in that regard (most of the time) than a vegetarian?

Gwyneth Paltrow sported this lifestyle for years and the entertainment world has buzzed the idea that this diet is a diet that legit works!

But before I get into all that, what is it you ask?

Basically this diet is kinda like vegetarianism in the sense that you don’t eat animal products (including things like eggs and dairy, which are recommended to avoid unless absolutely required during the transition period), but the main focus here is on eating a diet that is full of whole grains, particularly those that are well chewed like brown rice and cereal grains (buckwheat, millet, etc) and supplementing your lifestyle with raw and cooked vegetables, fermented soybean foods, soups, seaweed and other sea veggies and the occasional (a few times a week) addition of nuts and seeds, fish (in less rigid lifestyles), sweeteners and fruit.

Another big focus in this lifestyle is avoidance of processed foods. Similar to some of the other approaches I have mentioned in previous posts, one is supposed to be eating those things that are as minimally processed as possible. It also looks at really taking a deep look into how food makes you feel. This stems from the original Japanese philosophies that a diet such as this has healing properties and that because you are avoiding loading your body with toxins that promote inflammation through the ingestion of commercial products.

One individual in general who really began this movement (if you want to call it that) was George Ohsawa who presented the backbone of this lifestyle through his universal principles. Check out those principles here [link].

Yes, this is not just a diet but an entire lifestyle approach. Of course, for WIAW purposes, I’m just focusing in on the diet.

His philosophy goes into a lot of details so I will lead you to his foundation’s main site so you can learn more about his beliefs and how that began to build this dietary lifestyle and why every component is important.

One thing I did find interesting and wanted to share was the yin and yang portion that is mentioned quite a bit in his theories…macrobiotic-principles-2013As you can see, balance is the key. Being too extreme on either side wouldn’t be optimal, but having both maintains healthy life. As an example related to food, meals should have a balance of some yin and some yang and I will show you all that in just a sec with the day of eats portion.

The last thing that I wanted to mention about this diet is that it was thought or advertised at one point, that it was the ‘cure and an/or prevent cancer diet.’ Newer research however doesn’t necessarily show this [check out this article]. There really hasn’t been evidence to support the idea that this diet has specific advantages in patients post cancer treatment or those with a poorer prognosis. Instead, this dietary lifestyle is more of a general, ‘you should eat more like this’ type of diet due to some of it’s components. This is not to say that everyone needs to be a vegetarian to be healthy, but instead, just like many others, the focus is to eat less processed and mo thangs green.

 As a final note (I swear last thing!), there are a few things to watch out for if adopting such a lifestyle.

  • Make sure you are eating enough calories. Similar to vegans, very strict macrobiotic diets can be void in healthy fats and calories in general which can lead to a whole host of food related deficiencies, low energy levels and poor general health.
  • Once again, be on top of your vitamin game as removing foods from the diet can lead to vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Vitamin B12 may be the only one you really need to supplement if you’re on top of your diet (if you choose not to eat fish. If you do, you are getting a natural source there). Other potential issues if you’re not careful could be Vitamin D, iron, zinc, omega fatty acids and all of your essential amino acids.
  • Along similar lines to the first point, this diet has been attacked for issues related to malnutrition. Specifically it has been argued that due to such a heavy emphasis on rice, a person could end up become malnourished due to lack of variety. This has been observed in some very strict (no animal products at all) macrobiotic diets and was once big incentive for doctors to advise cancer patients to NOT use this as a aid or type of treatment for their illness.
  • Children and pregnant women should also be very cautious on a diet such as this to ensure they are getting everything they need for their growth and changing bodies.

So what do you think?

Are you a brown rice-a-tarian?

Still not sure how a day in the life would look like, here let me show ya! Time for the foodzzzz

So I had mentioned that I was new to this dietary lifestyle too, so this is what I put together based on what I learned.


Creamy Pumpkin Buckwheat Groats via Sweet Tooth, Sweet Life.

Because it’s fall ya know, had to throw in something festive and although I’m not a huge pumpkin flavour person, fruits are placed on the ‘eat occasionally’ list SO veggies it is. But hey, most people love punkin amirite?

Now, I broke the rule a wee bit as there is banana (sweetness and a creamier texture) in there BUT you could remove it if you’re feeling real strict. Adding more pumpkin puree may make up for some of the creaminess, but not really the same sweetness factor.

Yin Factors: Rich in potassium, Less dry, Sweet, Vegetables, Fruit

Yang Factors: Whole grains, Longer cooking time, Orange colour, Below ground growth, Heavy in Carbohydrates

So in and amongst your yin’in and yang’in, your tummy grumbles

Time for..


Since you didn’t have brown rice for breakfast, you naughty lil person you, I order you to have it for lunch. Here ya go..

Just kidding. I assume the diet’s not that bad. They do really emphasize brown rice so I figured I would put it somewhere BUT lets make it more fun shall we?

Sushi Rice Salad via Triumph Wellness (her inspiration came from this recipe).

Most people lerve sushi amirite? Well here ya go, sushi without the rolling. Sushi you can still eat with chopsticks. Sushi that, with a few tweaks, is totally macrobiotic diet friendly!

The tweaks are things that are on the occasional list once again, so you aren’t going completely off the rails if you leave them in.

  • Corn
  • Natural sweetener (for the sauce)
  • Cucumber (replace with zucchini)

Yin Factors: Less dry, Sweet, Vegetables, Sea Vegetables

Yang Factors: Whole grains, Longer cooking time, Lighter Colours, Heavy in Complex Carbohydrates, Salty

Finally you have ended your meditation practice and righting down you top ten list of things you’re grateful for in life. You can now sit down to a nice and light….


Squash and Arame Soup via The Macrobiotic Association of Great Britain

Soothing, nourishing and warm, this miso based soup is super simple to make and full of ‘good for you’ whole ingredients. I would add some protein to this if it was me. Also, because it’s me, that protein would be seafood. Man, I’m just livin wild on the ‘occasionally only’ list ain’t I?

Yin Factors: Less dry, Rich in Potassium, Vegetables, Sea Vegetables, Softer

Yang Factors: Grown More in the Winter, Miso, Heavy in Complex Carbohydrates, Salty

Okay Okay I confess, I shnacked. I shnacked hard on a few of these babies


5 Minute + 5 Ingredient No Bake Almond Butter Chews via Oh She Glows

Brown rice strikes again! In ball form. In puffed form. Bam.

Yin Factors: Higher in Fat, Sweet, Sweeteners

Yang Factors: Whole Food, More Dry, Smaller, Darker Colours, Whole Grains.

So what do you think?

Are you a grain lover?

What’s you’re favourite brown rice dish?

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