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Change Doesn’t Have A Set Date


Hey Friends!

Happy New Year!

How was your New Years Eve? Do anything fun?

Chatter at me. 😀

As I mentioned, It was my Mom’s birthday, so we spent a nice evening at The Keg for dinner…

IMG_7016Nomz. I got to try their baked sea bass! So good, although I wish I got more. #SadFace.

…and then we came back and watched a movie (The Inside Man, good movie!) and then did our usual watching of the ball drop and calling my Nana and Papa at midnight.

I also happened to prep a lil something interesting for my parent’s January 1st breakfast.

IMG_7027Mini cinnamon rolls using that same bread (Cinnabon bread) I made the french toast out of previously. Not the healthiest choice but seriously how cool is it that they turned out lookin like a cute lil roll when it was a slice of bread?

Yes. I can be proud of my most simplest, random ideas. If you want some all I did was soak the bread slices in that same french toast ‘batter’ I mentioned in that previous post, roll them up and stuff them into sprayed muffin tins. Oh and top them with a lil bit of melted coconut oil to get those tops crispy and sprinkle with some more cinnamon if you would like.

IMG_7017Bake at 350 for about 20 minutes or until they have reached the golden-ness and crispy-ness you like. They may look a lil deformed and small  pre-baked, but once they came out, the edges were golden and crisp and they had puffed up a bit and filled out into a nice cinnabon shape.

IMG_7022And voila! Sorry for the gross dark pictures. I made these last night at 9:30pm because I would be at the gym when my parents needed foodz.

For the ‘icing,’ I just used some of my vanilla New Zealand whey and some water. Casein would be best as it’s thicker, or go all out and use a cream cheese frosting for a more authentic feel. Also, these would be great with nuts, like walnuts or pecans, stuffed inside!

They made my parents happy and so they made me happy.

Top Chef over here ya know. 😉

Did anyone else kick off their New Year with a workout?

I decided to go all crazy and begin my year with a grueling leg workout because, well, it was leg day anyways and the gym was all like…

The perks of not getting hamm’ed on New Years Eve. Gimme all the squat racks. 😀

Oh and I took them, held onto them and squatted my lil tushie off doing a total of 4 variations of squats throughout my workout.

1 5×5 of back squats

1 4×6-7 of front squats

1 4x failure of pistol squats (this was my secondary exercise to leg press)

3x failure of heavy goblet squats.

Yup, my legs were like cedar blocks crawling walking out of there this morning.

Now onto the real reason for this post…

It’s that time of year again…

The time where people feel the need to make goals for changing themselves or modifying things in their lifestyles that they felt were lacking in the previous year.

Top New Years Resolutions you will hear people discussing…

  1. Eat healthier
  2. Go to the gym
  3. Loose weight
  4. Work less
  5. Spend less

Why is it that when you list them all out that they seem so grueling?

It also makes them seem like punishment, no? Or like this is something you have to force upon yourself to create misery.

The sad reality is that most of these will not be met and will be given up before the month of February. Perhaps that is because of what I just mentioned.

I have a lil bit of an issue with setting New Years Resolutions in general and so I wanted to discuss that in a video that is posted below (click the picture for the link as usual). I also mentioned some tips on how to stick to your goals if you want to make them rather than just giving ideas on what one could consider resolving in their life. It kind of bugs me when someone makes suggestions on what others should be working in their lives because, well, it’s none of the other person’s business really and how would they know what that person really truly needs?

I have to stop and then ask myself if that makes me a hypocrite for saying that because I offer suggestions to you guys all the time. Please note that I’m never trying to push idea on you, these are just things I share with you all to shed light onto things you may not have known previously.

Anywho, check out the video if ya want and let me know what you think.

VLOG thumbnail Jan 1 2015Although I believe in making goals anytime of the week or year, not necessarily just on New Years (or September), I will give some of my things that I want to work on or continue to work towards throughout this year. They are the basic idea, so nothing too specific or defined, but they are relevant to my own goals and, provided I am able to make progress towards them, the changes they will bring will benefit my life.

  • Separate some ‘me time’ to blog when I head back into the second semester. I have gotten past the transitional 1st semester, so I’m really hoping to not see another lag in my posts this semester.
  • Continue to build my YouTube channel and making vlogs for this blog
  • SLEEP. This one I have been trying to work at but am still failing at so its back to the drawing board for this one.
  • Continue to balance school with social things and down time so that I don’t end up becoming a hermit. In other words, realize that it’s okay to have some down time to enjoy with friends and not feel bad for not studying 24/7. I did much better with that this year, so I’m happy to continue making progress at it.
  • Deal with online classes better. I have determined that I need to set a ‘class time’ to do my readings for online because I really have a hard time motivating myself to read a textbook from the computer.

 Well that’s all for tonight guys, but to end off I thought I would share something that is well suited for this post.

Happy New Year Funny Graphics 2015

Hope you have had a great start to your 2015 year!

Do you believe in New Years Resolutions? If so, what are some of your goals?

What is the number one reason you think goals are not met or given up on?

What is something you want to do more for yourself that is not related to weight or food?



116 thoughts on “Change Doesn’t Have A Set Date

  1. I completely agree with you. People often stick to the cliches when it comes to New Year’s resolutions, because it prevents them from having to deal with what really holds them back.

    • Interesting way of looking at it! I think many just don’t want to spend the time to really look deep inside or they are scared of how much work would be involved in changing or modifying something that will truly make a beneficial difference in their life. Thanks for your comment!

  2. HAPpyyyy New Year!!! I know it was technically yesterday, but well… I was slightly in a post-champagne coma 😉

  3. Is get a boyfriend a specific resolution ? 😉

    • hahahaha enjoy your single lady-hood. Love yourself and never look. That’s what I go by. When you are just loving your life and doing your thang, you will attract the best person for you. I will send some love to ya for now to make up for it 😀

  4. Thanks for always coming with us with the most amazing posts and videos, Chelsea!

  5. I am glad I wasn’t the only 20-something not crazy on NYE. I’m not much of one to enjoy the whole bar/crazy busy downtown scene for New Years. It’s just too chaotic, too expensive, and frankly, too late for this old gal. Instead, we enjoyed a very last-minute, quiet, and crazy fun evening with friends, babies, a delicious dinner, and some champagne.

    • Yeah I have done the bar/club thing (even though I don’t drink) and its fun until a point then I just want to go home. To be honest, I enjoy home better. Gather some friends, a good movie, snacks and a blacket and I’m a happy camper.

  6. I just want to work on living/knowing that Healthy living is not all or nothing.

  7. I’ve taken all the pressure off this year by not setting any resolutions, I always fail miserably and it puts a damper on the New Year. I totally agree with the all or nothing, I used to think like that. Now I just take it day by day, exercise when it feels right and eat what sounds good and right for my body! Happy New Year to you & your family, I hope it’s filled with happiness!!

    • That sounds like a solid plan. Sometimes setting goals can really put people on a bad path. Having lil, more attainable goals every day is a much more beneficial and confidence enhancing process for sure! Do what works best for you and love doing it. Thank you so much for your support and all the best to you ❤

  8. Happy New Year and thanks for spreading the balanced lifestyle mentality! 🙂

  9. This is such a great post! I couldn’t agree more. I know I’m definitely guilty (and proud) of my little non-all-or-nothing habits like dessert and rest days 😉 Happy New Year!

  10. I love this and couldn’t agree more! These past few weeks while I wasn’t eating the best I was still getting a good workout in everyday. You can’t just change in one day!

  11. Thanks for this Chelsea!

  12. I reached one of my NYE 2014 resolutions because of you- I took a chance and went to grad school 🙂

  13. Love those little muffin cinnamon french toast “rolls.” I bet my kids would LOVE those!! 2014 was all about recovery for me, my 4th baby, 4th c-section happened in April and it was about November before I felt even remotely ready to exercise or take care of myself again. I’m ready for a fabulous 2015!

    • Oh wow, I hope recovery is going more smoothly now! Good luck in 2015 to start feeling better! Yeah those rolls were super simple and made completely out of bread! Very easy peasy to put together for the kiddos. If you want them healthier, just use a sprouted grain bread or bread of your choice and add things like cinnamon, different extracts to the batter and other add ins like nuts, seeds, etc for some crunch.

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