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All You Need Is A Body


Hey Friends!

Thanks so much for all of your awesome comments on my post yesterday! Just give me a lil bit to be able to respond to all 51 of them.

No, can never have too much, but like I said, it’s just going to take me a day or two to get back to you all as I like to make sure I respond to comments individually if possible.

As it’s Friday, which is fitness day in the blogosphere (with the Lean Green Bean) and I had a few comments related to fitness, I just wanted to share something I saw on Facebook the other day that I think is actually really useful for those looking for body weight exercises that you can do anywhere. Even better is that you can create your own circuit using a bunch of these and do that a few times for a good lil sweat sesh.

Screen shot 2015-01-02 at 9.12.49 PMI hope you can all find this useful. Be mindful though that because he is doing them quickly that his form shows some breakdown in some of the exercises, so be aware of your own form when or if you attempt them. Form before time peeps.

One example is the first exercise, which I love doing by the way. He was doing mountain climbers and had quite a large amount of rounding in his back. This can cause you to shift forward and place a lot of pressure on your shoulders, not to mention the ol’ turtle shell is not the best position for your back to be in and can lead to tightness at the very least. Take care in keeping your butt down, but also trying to maintain a straight line between your shoulders and your hips rather than having a round there. Obviously it will not be perfect because you are moving and bringing the knees into the chest, but don’t let it be excessive.

Enjoy your night friends!



6 thoughts on “All You Need Is A Body

  1. It amazes me how much you care about your readers and actually read every comment. It makes reading your blog and commenting so worthwhile.

    • I really strive to be personable on this blog. I really love hearing from you and it bugs me when I get so busy that I have to choose between answering your comments (which I read them all always!) and writing a new post. There needs to be more time in a day. But I want to make this a safe place that you feel you can be comfortable and happy to join the convos going.

  2. Thank you for this. I’ve been looking to save some $ & workout at home!

  3. Hi Chelsea 🙂

    For the New Year, my goal is to eat more home-cooked meals to save some money (plus control for calories). Since I am a student like you, I am out of the house on campus a lot. I’m looking for some meals that can stand to be out for up to 12 hours on the days I’m on campus ALL day.
    I have purchased an isolated lunch box and ice packs.

    Thank you!

    • hmm 12 hours is a tricky one for meals as you proteins dont tend to like being out that long. I would avoid fish unless it’s canned and un opened until you eat your food. Bowls of stuff as I call them may be your best friend! Prep some of your favourite vegetables and carb sources (like roasted squash or sweet potato, quinoa, rice, whatever) and some proteins that do a lil bit better without refrigeration like turkey and chicken breast and then you can just throw them into your lunch box and go. Pinterest has some fabulous ideas for salad in a jar ideas where you can just layer all of the ingredients you prepped earlier and take that. PLUS you can always switch them up as the days go so you don’t get bored. If you have prepped grains like rice or quinoa plus a protein on hand like chicken, you can bring fresh lettuce leaves, a portion of rice and chicken, avocado, a dressing so your choice and a few other veggies and make lettuce burritos that would stay fresh and not wilt or get mushy like a sandwich would. Oats in a jar are perfect for breakfast on the go ideas.

      for a veggie option, bean salads stay fairly good, like a chickpea salad with lots of fresh vegetables and a vinaigrette of your choice. In fact, the longer it sits in the marinade, the better those taste.

      For snacks, things like homemade muffins ( I have tons of recipes for those, plus pinterest), breakfast cookies can be a great on the go snack that is balanced and not processed. Raw veggies and hummus work well.

      I hope some of those ideas help!

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