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Cupid, Shoot Me Now…It’s Okay To Miss Love


My Friends!

Happy Valentines Day! Despite not thinking that days like this should be taken too seriously, I mean, if you’re in love you shouldn’t only celebrate it once a year, but I hope all the love birds out there make sure that they are spending some time with their other half today.


Speaking of lovey dovey and all the gushy things, I’m gunna open all up to you all today a lil bit. Real talk time. Promise a long post is not what I’m trying to do here HA.


It’s a beautiful thing. It’s feeling like you want to be with someone always. They are your happy place. You adore taking the time to do things for them and their touch is probably the best thing of life.

Being Single.

This is a great place to be too. You have the time to learn about yourself through doing all the things YOU WANT. No compromises. You do you and you grow because of it.

You don’t need to take these lovey holidays to dwell on the fact that you don’t have that special person in your life at the moment. It really saddens me to hear others are sad on this day or hate when this day comes around because really it’s just another day.


If you like chocolate, this day represents the national “it’s chocolate on sale’ day.

It gives you a reason to watch sappy Valentine’s day rom-coms in your PJ’s.

It’s a fun day to write cute Valentines for your friends.

You can be a lil kid again and make all your food heart shaped and in all shades of red and pink. 

See, so many fun themed things go on this day so what’s to hate on?


All this being said, it is okay to take the time to think about things and let those feelings really sink in and be processed. Recently, not just today, I have been really been thinking about how I feel about relationships.

I miss them.

I miss the snuggles. I miss taking care of someone. I miss feeling connected with someone on that other level. Texting, calling and just feeling close with someone.

I miss it all.

I started to feel frustrated with myself because I have been saying how happy I am with my current level of confidence and and yet here I am feeling slightly upset with being single for this long.

Then I stopped myself and thought about the fact that I’m not upset I’m single. I’m not feeling as if I cannot function without a righthand man in my life. I’m not actively searching out for a guy to jump into a relationship with.

I’m still confident being on my own, but I’m also okay with also saying that I miss being in a relationship.

It doesn’t make you needy to want to be in a relationship. It doesn’t mean you’re insecure. It means you are a human and you’re not afraid to be vulnerable, open and honest about your feelings.

So today I hope you all enjoy yourself whether you are with your lovebird or whether you are with your friends, your family, your dog, your TV, your blanket, WHATEVER. Most importantly, think about yourself and make sure you give yourself some love too.

Cook yourself something bomb.


For Breakfast–> Link



And Dinnah –> Link 

Buy yourself your favourite flower and put it somewhere you can look at it’s beauty every day.


Love Gerber Daisies! 

Go snuggle with your furball.


Call your best friend and tell them you leeeerrvve them this much…


Valentine’s Day is more then just for couples. It can also be about love in general. Love who you are wherever place in life you’re currently at.

Love you all! ❤

The Valentine’s Candies, love em’ or hate ’em? Cinnamon hearts are disgusting despite loving cinnamon. Not huge chocolate fan either so I would say leave ’em.



6 thoughts on “Cupid, Shoot Me Now…It’s Okay To Miss Love

  1. I like white chocolate, so I’m an anomaly, which is great this time of year because I get to have all the truffles in the variety pack that my friends don’t eat 🙂 I scored 4 white chocolate covered strawberries today at work because they were the rejections. I’m not for conversation hearts or cinnamon hearts, but I like the regular cherry flavored hearts. I actually like being single. I don’t really think I have space in my life for another person. That might be selfish, but I would rather be alone than give someone 50% of myself.
    Happy Valentine’s Day!

    • I really haven’t eaten white chocolate I would say. I couldn’t have chocolate as a kid so I really don’t have a taste for chocolate at all. Like I never think to myself I want some chocolate. Now that I can eat it, the only time you will see me eating something chocolate is if peanut butter is involved because they always make choco-pb never just pb alone -_-. Nope thats not selfish at all. What would be selfish is knowing that you need ‘you’ time and you go into a relationship promising to give yourself to them. I hope you had a lovely love day 🙂

  2. I am sad that I’m single. I’m glad you admitted it was okay. ALL day I thought “love yourself more” but I realized maybe I do, but it doesnt mean I don’t miss loving myself and someone else.

    • Like I said, it’s okay to feel as if you miss it. I think there is a difference between being sad vs. missing it. I feel you when you said you miss loving someone else as well as that what I feel as if I have been thinking about myself. Take the time to really try to see the good in taking time for you and only you. That other person will come around when you are loving yourself and when you’re not thinking about those around you or who is or isn’t in your life. ❤ happy love day

  3. Today, I purposely found this article to read. I needed the reminder that it’s okay to want a relationship and want love, even when it feels like we’re suppose to think we should be fully okay with being single, loving it etc.

    • Awww thank you so much. It made me smile. In happy that I could help in any way. It’s totally okay I feel as if you want someone even big it’s not you’re reality today. It will come I promise but for now it’s okay I feel what you do and not feel pressure from society on how you should feel. ☺️

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