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Friday Fitness Questions #3


Hey Friends!

Okay so this week I wanted to share a lil fun thing with you all and not have it be so long and research-y if that is okay. Give your minds a bit of a break. I will give you a bit of information but I will keep it short because, instead, the main focus will be these guys…

So what are these cute, seedy teddy’s you ask?

These are Strawberry-Orange glutamine infused gummy bears. This particular recipe was from the North Coast Natural’s website, which produces fermented L-Glutamine powder, and I was quite excited to find it as this idea of turning my glutamine powder into gummies has been something I have wanted to do for a quite some time now.

So a bit on L-Glutamine

L-Glutamine is an amino acid (the most naturally abundant actually) that helps in the body’s ability to repair tissues. If you have heard of it, you have probably associated it’s usage with bodybuilders and athletes to help reduce muscle soreness but it’s benefits have been found to go beyond that. Check out the facts page on the North Coast Natural’s website (link) for all of it’s benefits, but to mention a few:

~It has been found to help heal the gut. For anyone with IBS or other inflammatory bowel diseases, glutamine can be used as an aid to help rebuild some of those damaged tissues and alleviate some symptoms of those gut disorders. Many studies (such as this one) have also shown that it maintains the integrity of the gut lining in post-operative patients, which may prove beneficial in their recovery process.

~Because glutamine is also a major fuel source for the cells of your immune system (lymphocytes, neutraphils, macrophages, etc), it has been shown to be beneficial for illness prevention. This may be especially helpful in athletes where the incidence of illness may increase due to greater stress on the body. (Link Link2).

~There is mixed evidence on whether soreness post-workout is alleviated in all athletes, but many articles support its usage in sparing protein for the rebuilding of tissues and possibly increasing lean muscle mass (see link).

So there’s just a few of the other great benefits of glutamine, but if you want to learn more just check out the first link I posted!

So do you need to supplement with it to gain it’s benefits?

Generally no. Perhaps supplementation would be required in those needing/wanting higher doses (post-illness/intense training for repair and/or gut problems) but for a general dose there are other natural forms of this amino acid.

Like Gelatine!

Vegans may be cringing right now, so if you are vegan you will have to find another source. Apparently red cabbage is the highest of the veggies, with fermentation helping to increase bioavailability. Overall, like all things it seems though, your best sources are animal based (link).

I digress…

So going way back to the gummies….

If you’re not using a supplement form of glutamine, like in the first recipe, then you can still make the gummies! Never fear! Try out this easy recipe for blueberry gummies.

As stated in the recipe, you can take out the maple syrup for a sugar-free version, as I’m sure the frozen fruit you add will be sweet enough and provide a good flavour.

I hope you found this post interesting and let me know if any of you have tried making something like this or working with gelatine.

So tell me…

Have you ever tried helping your gut with Glutamine?

All my athletes out there, do you find it helps with muscle soreness?



11 thoughts on “Friday Fitness Questions #3

  1. Thank you SO much for posting this!!! I had no idea that glutamine is good IBS. I take it for recovery after lifting, but Vegas has terrible IBS… she’s got some gummies coming her way!

  2. No Problem! I hope Vegas sees some benefits of its usage. Let me know how they go if you make them as I still haven’t made them yet sadly! I’m just lazy and throw it into my bottle with my BCAAS lol.

  3. There are a lot of foods that help heal the gut! It’s so fantastic to be able to heal with real foods. Many fermented foods like sauerkraut, pickles, kimchi, keifer and kombucha all do the same thing.
    The gummies are super cute though! The only way my sister eats a multi is if it’s gummy 🙂

    • haha many people are in the same boat. Pill swallowing abilities have gone down the toilet haha. For sure, those are great choices but most of those are probiotics and believe it or not, there is a limit on the amount of those you can handle. For me, I actually go the opposite way (IBS gets worse) if I have those as I already take a probiotic in the morning. 😦 So sad because kombucha is my love!

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  5. Hey Chelsea, would some kind of glutamine supplement be beneficial for an iliotibial band injury? It’s something I injured almost a year ago that caused me to have to seriously cut my running milage – much to my dismay. It is generally better now but as I up my milage I’m finding it twinges now and again even with hip strengthening exercises prescribed by a sports therapist. I’m not sure if this will work because it’s not tissue damage but the band catching at the knee mid stride causing it to rub against the bone. Any advice would be much appreciated as you certainly always seem to know your stuff!

    • As far as I’m aware (I would need to do more research though as I haven’t looked much into ACL injuries–> not a kin major haha) but glutamine helps with building new tissues and repair so if the issue is that the ACL injury is due to rubbing and thus inflammation, I don’t think that this would help, I believe that would be more of a physical issue that would been to be fixed. I’m sorry Im not much of a help on this one (I appreciate the compliment though!) but it sounds more like a physio related issue and not one that would be helped by supplementation from what I can see.

  6. Glutamine, huh? How interesting. I’ll have to try it! Gelatin’s not something I eat a lot of, but I am definitely a fan of gummy bears. : ) IBS is kind of the bane of my existence.

    • Let me know if you try it out! Yeah I can’t say that I have eaten gelatine before but it is supposed to be really healing for the gut. IBS is actually one of the most annoying things, it’s like you live your life trying to keep it happy so that you can be happy too.

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