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You Asked For It…

Happy Christmas Eve Friends! 

Today was a very very busy day so today’s Top 25 will be the one I said I wasn’t going to do as I thought it was too cliche. However, I was specifically requested for one so I guess I just think too much sometimes and assume you don’t want to hear more about just me. HA.

Anyways todays catchup.

I made a homemade bison meatball stew for my parents in the crockpot before I left for the gym this morning. OMG the gym was an absolute zoo. There is one place you don’t want to be when it’s not open on Christmas Day and it closes Christmas Eve at 4pm.

My parents loved the stew by the way. Checkpoint for me and making their hectic lives easier with a pre-made dinner. 😀

An obvious place numba 2 you don’t want to be on Christmas Eve is the grocery store. I managed to come out alive, but the car almost got a cart rammed into it. Oh how happy my Dad would have been. I had to park in Tim-Buck-Two but that didn’t stop 4 carts from magically surrounding my car. It’s called return your carts peoples. -_-

My Mom and I got our nails done:


Our traditional Christmas nails! So much sparkles I love it. She has the snowflakes because she has nails as hard as diamonds so she can grow hers out…Apparently the hard nail gene skipped me…

We baked the 30lb turkey, prepped the 2 hams, made the sausage stuffing that everyone raved over last year and wrapped all the remaining presents.

Phew. Donzzzooo. Tonights agenda includes watching Elf, so that will let us all unwind before the big day tomorrow.

What are your plans for Christmas Eve? Traditions?

Alrighty, so as I alluded to, the Top 25 today is all about moi and this will conclude this Top 25 Things series as I will have to say that after everyone leaves tomorrow I will probably be too drained to make a proper sentence let alone list 25 things.

Which I learned was surprisingly hard sometimes. 25 is actually a lot. HA

So without further ado..

Top 25 Facts About LilMissFitnessFreak

  1. I have a fairly noticeable freckle on the tip of my wee nosey-nose that everyone always comments on. I’m not one to be ashamed of my freckles. I happen to love them.
  2. Speaking of loving myself, one feature that I absolutely love about myself is my HUGE eyes. Some say they are doe eyes. Others say I have the eyes of a doll. I have even got that I look like an anime character because my eyes are so big yet all of my features on my face are so small. I love them though because 1. It makes me feel more feminine and sweet and 2. because people tell me that my eyes sparkle and bring me to life. So therefore, the bigger the better. Plus who can really get mad at those big brown eyes… 😉 59061411.jpg
  3. I have never ever broken a bone (knock on wood) but I have bruised my tailbone when I went skiing for the first time as a school trip. Don’t do it friends, its sucks to not be able to sit down.
  4. I was apparently the best and worst baby and child of the world. I was very calm as a baby and very mature, respectful and sweet as a child but where I got ‘annoying’ was the fact that I was a walking medical problem. To this day, we get asked if we realize how big my medical file is…
  5. I will never voluntarily go to a place that is cold and/or raining all the time. It’s depressing.
  6. Peanut butter is really the only thing I’m crazy in love with now that I was deprived of as a child. Of all my allergies that I developed OUT OF, it is the one that latched onto my tastebuds and will probably never let go.
  7. I have gotten food poisoning from sushi one too many times and now even the smell nori or sitting in a sushi restaurant makes me nausaus
  8. I wanted to be a Vet all of my life until those 40 hours of community service showed me that it really wasn’t something I could be capable of doing.veterinarian-job-description.jpg
  9. I’m really attracted to a v-taper on a guy. Nice broad shoulders and a wide back. On a slightly different note, I also have a soft spot for a guy wearing a white, fitted long sleeve v-neck shirt. I have no idea why, I just love it.
  10. I was a really good artist as a kid. However, I was a copier not a creator. I’m great at creating pieces when I have a reference but to come up with an original piece was something I could never do well.
  11. Beanie Babies were my jam as a kid. I had a cabinet full of over 300 of them. My OCD also totally kicked in with these as I could literally take out every single one of them to play with and put them all back in the exact same spot when I was done.
  12. My Mom said that I had a horseshoe shoved up my ass (She didn’t say it exactly that way…lol) as a kid because I always managed to avoid stepping on things I didn’t see. One night I came into my parents bathroom to pee (I don’t turn lights on) and my dog had been sick literally ALL OVER the floor. Somehow I managed to sleep walk my way to the toilet and not step on any of it.3fcf7e65ccb6faad33ff5af71c30d5084564b93ffcf9bc0080ee76ce85378983.jpg
  13. “What’s the first thing you’d do if you were the opposite sex for one day?” Is it weird to say that I would go lift just to see how much stronger a male is compared to a female?
  14. If you believe that you can die in your sleep, I had quite a close encounter when I dreamt that I jumped off a waterfall after being chased by a bear. The moment before I made kissy-face with the ground, my legs slammed so hard against my bed that I sat straight up, awake and in a panic. Them reflexes I tell you.
  15. To this day, doctors still question why I’m so small. With my parents being 5’10 and 5’4, I have the doctors puzzled at my tiny 5’0 self. My gesture doctor has repeated several times how small my bones are and asked me if I was a premie. For the record I was actually normal sized when I was born…
  16. Speaking of my birth, due to my Mom’s back issues, she wasn’t allowed to push during labour and with the help of a very aggressive (and an a**hole of a doctor with no social skills), I was yanked out and ended up with a football shaped head for a the first day or so of my life. Thanks Doc for almost crushing my skull.
  17. I rarely cry when I get hurt (even as a very young child) I more so cry when I get over stressed and finally crack.
  18. “What superpower would you have for one day?” I want to be able to heal others OR be able to teleport myself. My hyperactive self would be all over the place!
  19. I always liked to be different when it came to my favourite things. Favourite Disney Princess? Jasmine. Favourite Winnie the Pooh character? Kanga. I never really had the same favourite as the majority. 239623-winnie-the-pooh-winnie-the-pooh-wallpaper-3
  20. I don’t like roller coasters, they give me really bad vertigo, but I love waterparks!
  21.  I’m a total posture snob. I actually cringe when I see slouching.
  22. “If you knew you would die in one week, what would you do?” Go to California for a week and make sure I swam with the dolphins. I have wanted to do that all my life.
  23. If you were to ask me what a deal breaker would be for a potential love, I would say if they smoked. Sorry, I just can’t do it.
  24. Speaking of smoking, I have the sense of smell of a dog no joke. My sense of smell is so strong and as a result, so is my sense of taste (as they are connected). Nothing escapes my nose. I would make a good taste tester.
  25. I’m a lefty.

And that’s a wrap. I hope you found one of those things interesting. Want to know more?

Ask me below!


Answer a question or two to help me learn about you too!

Have an amazing Christmas Day tomorrow. Much love to you all and your loved ones. ❤





Top 25 Baking Hacks.

Who ready for Christmas Eve tomorrow??

We are officially 2 days out. Are we all prepared? Or are you a last minute shopper?

With most of us students I can say that last minute shopping becomes the way of life unfortunately, but hey, you make it work.

Nothing too much to photograph and sum up today as the cookie pop’s I made today aren’t that exciting to look at. I got a cool star shaped cookie pop (cookies on a stick) pan for 5 bucks and wanted to make something cute for my cousins and so I used this recipe to make the base cookie. They are just plain chocolate though and although I’m running short on time, I’m thinking they will need to be iced.

But to give you a picture of something, I shall share the pretty salad I created for my Mom tonight as my Dad just lapped up the leftover chicken cacciatore I made in the crockpot yesterday.


I made some grilled honey bosc pears, threw it over a bed of salad with shrimpies, crab meat and dried cherries. She quite liked it. Note that I wanted to put goat cheese on it because a salad like this screams out for it, but my Mom protested.

So yes, mostly baking today, tomorrow will be quite an adventure so you will get an earful.

So today’s topic for Top 25…

Tis the season for baking so why not share some baking hacks with ya? I figure that maybe some people shy away from baking because they are afraid of the ‘scientific nature’ that baking is compared to the ‘throw in a pan’ approach to cooking.

Fear no more, I’m giving you some foodie tips from the around the interweb that can help pump up your baking game. Sound good?

So I present to you my round-up of…

Top 25 Baking Hacks

  1. Damn egg shells breaking up all over the place. Easy fix? Wet your finger and place it near the shell piece. The shell will actually gravitate towards your finger. 
  2. Cookies drying out too quick? Store them with an apple wedge to retain moisture. They actually draw moisture from the apple and that leaves them softer longer.
  3. So you burnt your cookies and you don’t have time to make new ones…Simply grate off the bottoms and voila, good as new. Ww won’t tell.
  4. Want brownies now? Want them to a bit easier on the calorie count too? The answer? Brownie box mix + pumpkin puree. The pumpkin is the substitute for butter but gives you all that richness with added beta carotene and fiber!

  5. Measure your flour correct! This is biggest because when you stick your measuring cup into a bag of flour you will compress it in the cup and often end up with TOO MUCH flour. Instead, spoon it in to the measuring cup and level it off with a straight edge.
  6. Don’t have food colouring? Make an easy icing using jello packets. Nice favour boost too!
  7. Avocado makes a great butter substitute. Adds the creaminess and fat without adding an ‘off’ or ‘healthified’ taste that you might get from adding vegetable or fruit purees.
  8. Who needs stop buy a whole thing of buttermilk for 1/4 cup when you can just make your own? Use vinegar and regular milk to create the sour milk you so long for. Check out The Food Network for more details.
  9. For all the students out there, don’t have a rolling pin? Use a wine bottle. I’m sure you have one of those lying around… 😉
  10. Need whipped cream and don’t have a mixer? Use a mason jar. Geez those things are used for errrryyytthhing these days. See it heregiphy-3
  11. Need ripe bananas but all you have are the green ones? Put them in the oven at 300 degrees to ripen them faster.
  12. Baking soda expires? Yes it does and it then will not inflate your goodies. Check if it’s still good by putting it in hot water. If it bubbles you’re in the clear. No bubbles? Toss it.
  13. Keep you’re brown sugar from turning into a brick by putting a piece of bread, or better yet, a marshmallow in the bag.
  14. Like your cookies crispy? What about soft? Whatever cookie style tickles your tastebuds, check out this guide on how to get your perfecto cookie. Cookie-Testing02TEXT
  15. Need icing sugar? Simply whizz up some normal sugar until it reaches a powdery consistency.
  16. No sugar please, I’m sweet enough. You can sub a bit of vanilla extract for sugar in some recipes for natural sweetness. For 2 tbsp of sugar, use 1/2 tsp of vanilla.
  17. Are you a volume eater? For things like oatmeal, pancakes, etc, try adding grated zucchini or cauliflower for a tasteless way to literally give your favourites a boost. Who doesn’t love eating twice as much oatmeal who still getting a veggie and more fiber in for the day?
  18. Don’t feel like frosting your cupcakes? Stick a marshmallow in it…No literally…marshmallows-600x450.jpg
  19. Make your own sprinkles using this easy recipe that is just a few staple ingredients. Not only does that mean they are customizable but they don’t have weird chemicals in them. Yuck.
  20. Make cute cookie cups for your next dessert by just placing your cookie dough over the bottom part of a muffin tin.
  21. For all the vegan bakers, this is a classic that some may not know. You can sub either chia or flax and combined with water for an egg. For Chia seeds, it’s 1 tbsp to 1 cup of water (adjust as needed) and for flax, it’s 1 tbsp GROUND flax (or flax meal) to 3 tbsp warm water. Let these sit for a bit to thicken up and then use.
  22. Get some serious fat cakes (i.e. fluffy pancakes) by using club soda for some of the liquid component. Read more here.
  23. The Questbars strike again. Use these protein rich bars to make all kinds of crusts and holds rather then a traditional crust. Drool over these layered protein brownies where the cookie dough quest bar acts as the crust. Choc.-Chip-Cookie-Dough-Quest-Brownies-e1410963258336
  24. The mistake of using baking soda instead of baking powder is real friends so be careful. The trick basically is that baking soda requires an acid of some kind to work with while baking powder works as a solo artist. If you want to prevent undercooked yet looking overcooked products, check out this tell-tale.
  25. Baking is supposed to be fun. Use it as a time of experimentation and don’t let baking mishaps leave you never wanting to put on your apron ever again!



Life Hacks


Happy baking my Friends!

Do you have a trick I didn’t list above?




Top 25’s For 5

My Friends My Friends!

Its officially the top 5 day countdown until Christmas and I wanted to commit myself to doing something fun for zee blog so I thought maybe it would be cool and interesting to do a list of ’25 things’ for each of the five days leading up to and including Christmas.

What do you think?

I’m running a bit short on interesting topics to choose from though, I mean 25 is a lot but I wanna give it a good shot. Soooo help me out my friends!

I also don’t want it to be topics that you have seen many times before…

ie. top 25 things about me

top 25 Christmas Songs



I want them to be interesting and USEFUL to you. So I’m doing the topic below today and perhaps one on healthy Christmas appetizers or finger foods that a student can throw together. I thought that one would be interesting because those finger foods are almost always fried and well, not the best. So if I can round up a good number of healthy and EASY ones, maybe you might have some room for the dinner after the munchies. 😉

How does that sound?

Either way, let me know what you think and give me some ideas that you would like to see.

So the topic for today..

25 Stocking Stuffers For The Fitness Buff.

  1. Questbars. Duh. Are you really a fitness buff if you didn’t think of Quest? 😛
  2. Protein Powder Samples. All guys know you need to hit that 30 minutes window….#BroScience
  3. Resistance Bands. Great for helping with exercises (think assisted pull-ups), rehabbing, stretching and so forth. 61Z1+fEHtUL._SL1100_.jpg
  4. Cool iPod skins. This is a website that you can purchase cases and skins that are either pre-made or you can design your own. Sweet sweats for real


5. Collapsable Water Bottles. Light and easy to throw into you bag and fill when you are ready for them. 816bU00njjL._SL1500_.jpg

6. Cute Training Gloves. They don’t have to break the bank to be a good pair either. Check these out.

7. Reflective Peel and Sticks. For all the runners out there who want to be seen, these cheap stickies can turn you from invisible to a glow stick.

8. FitDeck. For those new to the gym, these fun cards have all sorts of exercises listed on them with form tips. 81dmr2iKIML._SL1500_

9. Straps. For the guys out there (not always but most often. Ladies go for them straps on those heavy deads and rows too if you wanna rock them!), check out these.

10. Chalk. For your crossfit or powerlifting friend.

11. Pretty Headbands. Whether they are earmuff style or just the thin keep-yo-hair-back types, you can find many different styles that are cheap and practical.

12. GoStakStarter. For the snacker in us all. How cool is that?!


13. Chapstick. Crusty lips? Not cute. Opt for an all natural one because who wants chemical lips?

14. Foot Gloss Apparently it prevents blisters…Hmmm interesting. Check it out. 

15. Half Toe Socks. These would be great for Yoga or Barre or even things like dance classes for those who want to work barefoot but really don’t want to commit to the whole BARE foot thing with those nasty-ass floors.


16. Natural Peanut Butter Stirrer. OMG this is hilarious. Oily mess no more or just a funny stuffer for your peanut butter addict friend.

17. Shark Tea Infuser. How fun is this tea infuser!


18. Hair Ties. Us ladies ALWAYS need more of these. I swear my backpack eats them.

19. Spiral Slicer. Zoodles for all and for under 20 bucks!


20. Foot Rubz. Tired feetsies need a lil massage? Try these lil guys out.

21. Wordlock. Never remember numbers? How about words.


22. Grid Mini. Want a foam roller that is not as tall as you are? These mini’s are perfect for carting around.

23. Facial Cleansers. I actually love this brand and have used it in the past. Very fresh and I love that they don’t have those nasties in it and its a more natural product.


24. Pocket Bands. Perfect for those who don’t want to carry their keys. Wear them!

25. Run Like A Girl Running Necklace. Super Cute. Wish there was a Lift Like a Girl One


Did I miss any important ones on your wish list?

Comment at me 😀