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All Hail The Skinny Teas…Fitness Friday 39

Do we all know by now that those people on IG who sell Skinny Teas are sell outs?

I really hope that most people don’t still believe that these teas actually cause real weight loss all on their own because..


..They don’t. #SorryNotSorry


Apparently everyone loves them. They are super easy to do and voila great results.

~Midsections were made smaller

~Pants sizes were shrunken

~Overall well being was greatly enhanced

~Weight loss goals were met

So what is it?

Basically, many of these teas (some may differ, but I went OG with the Skinny Mint) provide you with a tea or more to drink during the day at specific times. They are said to have these weight loss benefits and you will start to shed the weight and ultimately feel great.


For example, in this particular TeaTox starter kit (shown above) you get an AM tea that contains:

Green Tea

Nettle Leaves

Yerba Mate


Guarana Fruit

Apparently all of these together are supposed to give you a great boost in the morning.

Then there is a night time tea that contains:

Ginger Root

Lemon Grass


Hawthorn Berries

Orange Leaves

Senna Leaves

Licorice Root

Psyllium Husk

These are supposed to come together to have you feeling restored, less bloated and cleansed.

I will say that the ingredients themselves do have some research to back up their benefits that may include what was mentioned. I will list some below. Overall, these are great natural ingredients but their effects are way blown out of proportion if you ask me. See here for more information on the rest of ingredients.

Nettle Leaves –> Apparently some diuretic properties (mostly animals), antioxidant

Dandelion –> diuretic properties, potential laxative effects, limited research on it’s benefit as a bile stimulant (ie. liver tonic)

Hawthorn –> much of the research done supports benefits for heart disease. Other things include antioxidant properties, diuretic properties, anti-inflammatory.

Ginger–> some support for it as increasing gastric motility, having antioxidant properties and reduction of bloating

Licorice –> anti-inflammatory, protects the cells of the liver (in vivo/animal studies), adrenal support, antioxidant

Realistically, none of these ingredients on their own or used in combination have a strong scientific backing on inducing weight loss on their own. Seems like its a lot of peeing if you ask me…Perhaps if you drink these along with following a fitness and dietary lifestyle that is appropriate for weight loss than you would see those results. At that point though, did the tea really do anything for you?


Sure, if the above properties are actually valid, perhaps it gave you some natural forms of energy. Perhaps it helped keep things moving so that you felt ‘purified’ or perhaps it helped you feel less bloated due to the diuretic properties in some of the herbs BUT that doesn’t = real weight loss.

I’m emphasizing this because all of the celebrities and ads suggesting that this is some magic gem that will cause weight loss are really being misleading. Oh just drink the tea and you will be skinny they say..


There is no proof of this and even their products say this!

*This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Results may vary from person to person and are not guaranteed.

…Benefits of reading the fine print…

You know what they also say…

This tea should be consumed as part of a balanced diet. Seek professional advice before using if you are under medical supervision. Do not consume this tea if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. If symptoms such as nausea, vomiting or prolonged diarrhea occur desist use and consult your doctor.<- thanks senna leaf…

So, the hopes of many is that they can continue to eat whatever the hell they want and loose weight, but that simply isn’t the case and these products should not be marketed as weight loss tools. Really, even if any weight loss was seen, it would be so minimal or hard to pick out of other lifestyle efforts that they wouldn’t really be able to be acknowledged.

So do yourself a favour and simply watch Kylie Jenner love her some tea and waist trainers and save yourself the $40.

And I’m out.

Happy Friday Friends! 




Shroom Powder and Stash…Friday Finds

Hey Friends!

Happy Friday!

Any plans for your evening tonight?

141548It’s been a lil bit since I showed you some of my finds and favourites on a good ol’ Friday and since I have a few this week to share I thought I would quickly show them some love.

Cool Pinnin’

So pretty!! I love the print and that they did it in pink and silver. Plus, you can never go wrong with sparkles in my eyes. #SparkleQueen #NeverEnoughSparkles

No explanation required. It’s cookie dough people! And it’s a nut butter. I die. I just need my blender to be able to crush up those almonds…. Thanks Sarah!

Baked Potato or, better yet, sweet potato anyone? This pin is more for inspiration as I do like stuffin things like squash and the man also loves a good stuffed tater. I’m thinking he would drool over that baked sweet tater stuffed with feta, olives, and sundried tomatoes.

Link Love

This may seem random, but I found a super informative guide to all there is sweet tater! Check out this wonderful write up from Bob over at Cannundrums.

Screen shot 2014-05-16 at 9.13.24 PMDo you know how many varieties of sweet potatoes (or yams as we North American’s falsely call them) there are? Purple ones, white ones, purple-skin, white fleshed ones. You see, there are more than just your old fashioned sweet and very orange looking sweet potato. There are even ones that change colour as they bake!

20140516-211822.jpg Would you believe that this sweet tater was white before I roasted it up? This lovely transforming gem was found at the new Asian market in Jackson Square (they also carry my beloved purple sweet taters too) and I quickly put it to use after grueling leg workout. The inside was faintly purple when I cut into it and once it was done roasting it took on that lovely intense purple hue you see in the picture. Oh, and yes that is nut butter you see slathered on there. Toffee flavoured Nuts n’More peanut butter to be exact.

Thursday Conquering: I had wanted to try nut butter on a sweet potato for a really long time but didn’t actually let myself because, in my mind, that was too indulgent and would go over my peanut butter “limit” for the day. Well, when I found these beautiful sweet potatoes I knew that I had to kill off that irrational fear and so, after my killer leg workout I dove right in and wow was it good. Wish I could have put more pb on that tater for more coverage, but that’s besides the point. I’m proud that I did it and it was a tasty success to repeat in the near future.

Conclusion. If you have never tried nut butter on a sweet potato (of any colour)…do it! Also, if you have not dipped those toes in the sea of non-orange sweet taters….Dive in peeps! The purple ones are amazing and very pretty to boot. 😀 I digress…

Favourite Finds

As If I don’t eat enough shrooms

portobello-dPranin Purefood Portabello D. I mentioned Pranin in my last post, but this is a new one I picked up after chattering with Sam and Shelly about the importance of vitamin D. Hey, it was on sale anyways and I got my store discount 😉

Anyways, it’s a whole food supplement (the most accessible form) of Vitamin D coming entirely from organically harvest portabello mushrooms. As a vitamin we sun deprived Canadian’s don’t often get enough of, especially after this winter, it is quite an important one to consider. Important for bone/teeth health as well as helping with the absorption of phosphorus and calcium, Vitamin D has been surfacing more and more into the literature for autoimmune disorders, MS, intestinal cancers, type 1 diabetes and many others. [source]. So, eat yo shrooms!

What I’m doing with it….Putting it in my morning proats. The fats should help with it’s absorption as it is a fat soluble vitamin, meaning it gets stored in your body’s fatty tissues. This step here (having it with fat) may not be necessary as I did see in a few sites that you don’t have to worry about interactions with vitamin D, but it doesn’t hurt in my mind to do it this way. It also means I don’t have to put it in my water…Mmmm mushroom flavoured water..

aaannnd for my nightly tea drinking

Stash Chocolate Orange Herbal Tea. I snatched this new flavour up this week and I have been enjoying it quite a bit for the past few nights. The aroma of the orange is quite strong for a tea (in a good way as I like the smell of oranges) and the flavour is strong enough that you get the bright citrus notes against the deeper cacao flavour. Good find!

These candles that I found at Carlton Cards

20140516-220208.jpgLangley Home Candles. These two scents (Vanilla Cinnamon Brulee and Birthday Cake) smell amazing. So good that I went back and bought another of the cinnamon ones for my Mom for Mother’s day! I hope she is enjoying burnin hers as much as I am mine. Kinda sad though as it’s only got a 1/3 left and it’s been about 2 weeks…Apparently I’m diggin my candles lately….as you see one of them is lit in the picture (burin as I write this post). A writer needs her ambiance amirite?

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Friday Fav-Finds Numero UNO

Hey Friends!

I didn’t have time to join the WIAW partay this week but it’s prolly for the best as I didn’t really have anything too exciting to share. Thanks digestive problems for still keeping me stuck to my safe foods. ANNNNYYWHOOO, I have seen a couple other bloggers do these types of posts (Friday Faves a la Sweat The Sweet Life with Lauren, Friday Finds with Crystal over at Spoonful Of Fit) and I thought that since I missed out on one foodie share, I will just fill that void in your lives with another one 😀 You missed me right?

So, I’m going to be super cool and combine the two post ideas, starting with

My top fav food of this week was this..

MaraNatha roasted almond butter. Now I know that this may be nothing new or exciting for anyone else but I’m a lil behind on the almond butta train ookkkaay. I didn’t even think I really liked almond butter. I mean my peanut butter is amazeballz and the new cashew butter that has infiltrated my heart is liquid gold. What’s special about almonds? Well, apparently my body suffered a small loss when my eyes were forced to watch my boyfriend polish off that rather large jar of my homemade Nuttzo as I started to randomly crave almond butter. Weird? For me, yes. Anyways, wouldn’t you know that during this rando craving state, it was almond butta that was the ‘to be put on sale’ winner at Fortinos this week. So I took that as my sign and snatched one up. I must say, it tasted preeeety tasty in my banana-berry-tastic zoats!

Favourite Meal of this week…


A beast of a salad at the best salad place I have been to yet, Fast and Fresh. It is located in the Urban Eatery at the Eaton Centre and is always my treat when I go downtown. Salad base of kale (yes kale, cool they offer this now eh?) and mixed greens, which I told them to take it easy on as this girl is alllll about her toppings! Who’s with me on that one? Roasted turkey breast chunks, celery, cuc, broccoli florets, carrot shreds and the best toppings….sundried tomatoes and sauteed portabello mushrooms. YUMMO. Lightly dressed in their house made balsamic regretting. Don’t be fooled by this picture, this salad is about the size of my head and I can never finish the whole bowl but I definitely don’t leave any gourmet toppings that’s for sure!

Favourite Pin

Ice Cream for Andre-> Healthy Bananas Foster Caramel Ice Cream

ICE CREAM!! Healthy, dairy free, gluten-free ice-cream to be exact. That makes for a very happy girl!. 😀 <- yup, just like that

This is a delicious and more nutritious version of Bananas Foster Caramel ice cream a la Desserts With Benefits. Jessica is a genius when it comes to making some of the greatest sweets healthy and guilt free. She has sooo many more ice-cream varieities on her blog along with other cakes, cookies, sweets and much more. Check her out here.

Four O’Clock Teas. I got a sample of the Truffle Mint flavour from work and WOW this tea is tasty!  I really liked that it was an herbal tea because of the natural medicinal properties of herbal blends in addition to the fact that as I tend to drink my teas at night and prefer ones with less or no caffeine. All of their their amazing flavours are organic and comprised of wholesome and natural spices, herbs, roots, extracts, pure cacao and much more so you can feel good about sippin them all up. Aside from the herbal varieties, they also carry loose leaf teas, rooibos tea (If you haven’t heard of the amazing benefits of this tea, go here), green, black and white teas, energy teas and assorted boxes that allow you to sample a variety. Definitely a brand to check out if you are tea lover. Here’s looking at you Miss Molly! Top 5 flavours I want to try now that I have found this tea….

1. Banana Cinnamon Spice (black tea)

2. Gingerbread (herbal)

3. Chocolate Spice (herbal)

4. Apple Caramel Spice Black Tea

5. Almond Biscotti (white Tea)

If you want to see more check them out here!

Got Camel? Okay that was cruel, I don’t like to think about where my meats come from but I got super excited to go to the St. Lawrence Market in Toronto this week to pick up a new variety of exotic meat. This time it was ground camel AND ground venison

So if you have any cool recipes to share or ideas on how to use these guys, let me know. I feel like venison will be easier to find something (other than burgers) to base a recipe off of but camel…hmmm I will have to think on that one!

Well that’s it for me today. Time for snackie and Entourage with Andre 😀 ❤

Any Friday Faves?

Did you find anything cool this week?

TGIF, Happy Friday evening all