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Lululemon Wish List

Hey Friends, happy Sunday! 

Sometimes I get asked what my style is (hahahaha what is style?!) or what things I would buy when I’m shopping and, well, since it’s post Christmas and all, I thought I would create a lil wish list to show you all the things that hopefully will be entering my closet ASAP!

Lululemon is my jam as you all know. All those hard earned (<-HA jokes cuz #StudentLife means #BrokeLife) monnies go towards all the Lulu and that is why shopping doesn’t really happen often as I must recover after a lil mini haul.

So what things have been calling for me? Let me show you all. 

Pray for me that at least some of these things are still in the store come Monday! 

I really want another Scuba Hoodie. As expensive as they are, they are warmest thing on the planet I swear.


I really love this colour too!

As much as I would love this top for my workouts…


Unfortunately for me, my gym is too cold for me to wear tanks right now. Muscles need to be kept warm when lifting so why keep the gym temperature at 67 degrees?!?

Anyways, I love things that tie at the hips because 1. they give some form of shape and 2. because adding volume to my ‘no hips’ is never a bad thing. When you have a more masculine or athletic frame, colour, patterns and bulk around the hips is actually your friend as it balances out your top half.

Warm and fuzzy socks that can warm my whole leg?


Sign me up. Apparently I’m liking all the purple stuff  this season, probably because it’s goes so nicely with grey which makes up the majority of my leggings.

I’m not into black much even for bottoms. I like it to be a lil bit less intense and cold. Grey just seems warmer and more approachable to me PLUS, once again, black makes things appears slimmer and on the bottom that is not what I want for my shape. 

I really want a pair of bright, neon crops..


I also love the majority of the wunderunder collection and so that would definitely be my go-to.

GLOVES. OMG I need gloves because my finger’s get so cold so fast here in the Great White North.


These are awesome because they are fitted which is good for me because no gloves ever fit me and I end up with floppy fingers that don’t let me hold onto anything. Another great thing is that they are ‘tech friendly‘ meaning that you can still text with the gloves on!

The last thing is something I fell in love with instantly but there is no possibility that I will actually get it because, well, I just got one and this one is waaaaaay expensive…

But it’s so perfect. It has a lil waist belt. It’s lulu so it will be so soft and comfy…

Tear. Why must you be 180 dollars? 😦

Anyways, those are the items that have caught my eye on the Lulu site and I’m determined to hunt some of them down at the Eaton Centre tomorrow. Wish me luck!

Lulu fans out there? What’s on your wishlist?


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Workless Holidays Are Marvellous

My Friends!

To all the Canadians who read up on lil space, Happy Thanksgiving weekend! I hope your belly’s are filled with all kinds of turkey, pie and goodies.


Okay maybe Halloween comes first…but fyi in my world Christmas >>>>> Halloween. Just saying.

I’m linking up with Healthy Diva Life with to share my Marvellous Weekend (hello five days!) with you all. Thanks for the party Katie!


1. Getting to actually enjoy the holiday and the famjam is so Marvelous

It is rare that I get a Thanksgiving weekend that isn’t right in the middle of midterms so I totally took advantage of the fact that this year my two first midterms were right before the long weekend by doing what any tired student would do



The best.

So yes, I actually got to spend time with my family when they came up for dinner on Sunday for Thanksgiving and didn’t have to have my mind elsewhere or have to run away to study. Also, I got to do what I love doing which is cooking a big part of the dinner!

2. Remembering that gelato is amazing too is quite Marvelous.

Due to being home I knew my Friday Ice Cream Challenge Day would take place at my favourite ice cream shop. Unfortunately for me, my favourites (salted caramel and caribous caboose) are apparently seasonal and got the boot September first. After crying on the inside a lil bit I decided to wander over to their homemade gelatos to find Snickers gelato..


Yes Snickers gelato! It had so many mixin’s too which is why I was not going for my beloved gelato because I really have come to love those mixin’s and gelato is generally smooth.

On the top was pralines and creme which is really good (caramel and more caramel) but I’m kinda kickin myself for not getting the Reeses (peanut butter gelato with Reeses and peanut butter…I know I would smack me too) gelato along with my other candy inspired flavour (which was amazing btw!).

Peanut butter and caramel = love in my eyes.

Next time it’s going down!

3. Dem shoes are Marvelous 


Got my shoes ladies and gents! Aren’t they purdy. Yes, I’m that girl who wants the loudest colours possible! Went with the Nike Frees and they are super comfy so I’m happy. The flynet 5.0’s were great but unfortunately the smallest size they manufacture was still too big for my child-size feet.

Sometimes being #DollSized is not cute.

Speaking of shopping…

4. Binge-Buying Lululemon after a craving is also Marvelous

Three items…


Wunder Under Crop Hi-Rise

332 bucks..


Swiftly Tech 1/2 Zip

Oppps. But hey, I’m content.

2013 1125 Lululemon Wunder Under Pant Herringbone

Wunder Under Pant iii In the herringbone

Plus my Dad bought me a cute lil hat from Honey, a cute lil boutique that makes me wish I knew about this place when prom hit…


Looks like this but its a rose colour all around…and not a baby hat 😉 

5. Food is Marvelous

Turkey on the grill via Dad..


Sides by my Mama and I…

Mom’s new addition was her craving for a sweet mashed potato. It was simply mashed sweet taters with booth, brown sugar, cinnamon and a hint of nutmeg.

Plain mashed potatoes with buttah and milk for the gravy dumpers..and my Dad.

Roasted root vegetables by moi….purple sweet taters (thank you Whole Foods for bringing back my favs!), regular sweet pots, brussels and green beans with rosemary, olive oil and thyme

Roasted Asparagus

My Mom’s infamous roasted mustard glazed ham with roasted pineapple. Always a crowd pleaser.

Maple roasted carrots that I made for my Mama

Stuffing..not homemade, we will tackle that one at Christmas

My Dinnah plate..


Hit the spot.

Oh and the unpictured peach pie and MY ICE CREAM (the Kawartha Salted Caramel Truffle my Dad bought for me a while ago)…which I haven’t touched yet…Fear Food:1, Chelsea:0, was the dessert for the fam. Yes, peach is not very Thanksgiving like but when it’s made with the last of the in season peaches from the farmers market, you bring that **it out in all it’s glory. The fam really enjoyed it. We did good Mom!

6. Finally making what you meant to make eons ago is Marvelous

Remembering that I had some beautiful ground lean elk in the freezer that I wanted to make up using the grill ended off becoming a foil pan full of freezer ready sliders (X2 servings), meatballs (X1 serving) and burger patties (X2 servings).


Sorry for the horrible pictorial…it was getting dark by the time I snappsied the goods.

I really love the flavour of elk. It’s my new favourite game meat.

For these I simply seasoned with Worcestershire sauce, diced onion, garlic powder, chill flakes, fennel seed, and lots of cracked black pepper and then formed them up and tossed them on the grill.

Easy Peasy and now I got #RedMeatGains for days that I can just pull out of the freezer as I please.

7. Stocking up on your ‘at home goodies’ is always Marvelous

Those things that you can only really get when at home.


So you make sure to get allllll them goods. For me, it’s taking a trip to my Freezer Place (a hidden gem here in Acton with all bulk frozen stuff but that includes organics, my game meats and lotsa local fish for great prices). So I hustled my lil tussle over to there and picked up a few hundred things essentials

~1 Arctic Char Fillet

~2 4ounce Venison Medallion Steaks

~2 4 Ounce Elk Medallion Steaks

~1 Package of Jumbo Sea Scallops

Thanks Mom and Dad 😉

8. Seeing my new Coach who will lead me to better health the way I want it to be done.

I expressing great gratitude to a family friend, Michael Grayer, for taking my challenging self on as I have finally accepted that I need help in this weight restoration process. The difference between him and a dietician…


Bodybuilder, Torque Barbell Club Owner and very successful Prep Coach.

He will push me to gain weight I need to in the way that is more focused around my goals. Weight that is not just weight but that is strength and beauty. #MoeMusclesPlease

Yes we are working towards the same picture, but I know this process will still be tough. I need to give my control to him and know that he will not steer me wrong and that will be very hard for me. He will bring my physique to new heights which will not only make changes aesthetically, but it will bring me back up to an acceptable health status as well.

I can’t thank him enough. See more about him here.

Well thats it my friends! I have one more day off tomorrow (that is our winter ‘reading break’…one day HA! but hey I will take it) and that is when I trek over to the Barbell Club to chit chat with Michael and plan out how things are gunna be from now on. I’m nervous for the change but more excited then anything to see what he can bring for me.

Have a great week!

Favourite Thanksgiving side dish? I make a mean savoury and spice sweet tater mash that I really enjoy, but roasted veggies are always good.



Eat A Rainbow & WIAW

Hey Friends!

Do you eat a rainbow everyday?

I personally love Jen’s theme this month for What I Ate Wednesday.

Peas and Crayons

I would obviously be all for this theme as I’m a veggie-aholic. Sometimes to my own demise…Why you hatin on my veggie lovin tummy?

That being said, I feel like I would be just showing you what I normally eat as my plate is always at least 1/2 filled with vegetables. SO what is a food blogger to do when they want to jump back into this shindig?…


Challenge time!

I decided to challenge myself this WIAW by ensuring that I ate at least one thing from each of the colours of the rainbow + a black, brown and white food too. I didn’t have to put much thought into some colours, as I knew those were easy to get BUT some I did have to think about. There ain’t many foods that are purple lets be real here…Let’s see how I did shall we..

Don’t forget to check out Miss Jen’s page for her veggie-filled day and to see how vegetables infiltrated all the other foodie’s Wednesday as well. Check that all out here.

Oh, I also want to make a guess as to which colour I think won in the ‘Most Eaten‘ category.

My guess…

If you’re a follower of mine, what colour do you think will win?


It’s my rest day today (no gym) so it’s Zoats for breaky.

Normally I only have berries on my rest days but today I wondered where yellow was gunna fit in and decided what the heck, banana’s diving into my oats this morning too.

IMG_4153Colour Count: Oats: White. Chia Seeds: Black. Zucchini: Green. Banana: Yellow. Thawed strawberries: Red. Lucuma Powder: Yellow. Coconut oil: White. Raw cacao nibs: Brown. Nuts N’more Chocolate Peanut Butter: More brown

Colour Winner: Brown and Yellow and White

Rest days also call for naps. 😀 Yay 1.5 hour nappies before my interview at the gym (for summer part time position) at 10:30 this mornin. After my nap, I took my fish oils and ate the last lil bits of my flaxy baked chicken fingers (unpictured) and ran out the door.

Score 2 for Green and Brown

Although it was my day off today, I picked up an hour shift for 12:15 at the gym for one of the trainers as she was sick. So, after my interview I rushed home to nom away at my colourfully prepped lunch and grab my stuff for later errands before runnin out the door yet again to go back to the gym and work.

Did I mention my lunch was a colourful one? #DoYouEvenSalad?

Before it was dressed

Before it was dressed

All mixed up

All mixed up

Colour Count: Spinach: Green. Asian Slaw Mix: Green (cabbage, cucumber, snap peas, bok choy), Purple (raddiccio), Orange (carrots). Roasted mushies: Brown. Roasted onion: White. Roasted Squash (butternut and acorn). Orange. Avocado: Green. Flaxy Baked Chicken Fingers: Brown.

Colour Winner: Green.

Man was that a good salad! Topped with my usual homemade dressing (1/2 tsp olive oil, 1 tbsp lemon juice, 2 tbsp water, 2 tsp mustard, chili flakes, rosemary and garlic powder to taste).

After my one hour shift, I needed to hike it up to Limeridge Mall (which is quite the trek as I have to take a bus…turns an hour trip into a 4ish hour whirlwind) to check for a new steamer, stock up on some more Questbars (Despite just receiving my new Cookies and Cream box, my other flavours were gettin too low for my liking. Anyone else get antsy when they have only one bar of a given flavour left?) and hopefully get my new iphone all fixed up.

After all of that running around in the mall, this is what I ended up with..


Love the fact that Popeyes allows you to make your own mixed box!

+ some groceries.

Ugh. Oh and…umm yes that is another box of Cookies and Cream in addition to my personalized mixed box. I’m already a 1/3-1/2 the way through my new box I received just last Friday cuz it’s been #EatAllTheC&CQuestBars lately for my nightly snack. They are addicting and may just be my new favourite flavour. Oh, and Dad, if you are reading this…

Just because I got another box doesn’t mean you can ask again for 6-7 of them. I’m a horrible daughter I know but 6 or 7! That’s just crazy talk. 😛

Rant Moment. I have literally been calling and calling trying to get my new iphone fixed. The brand spankin new iphone 5s that I so graciously received at Christmas from my parents will not turn imessage on thus not allowing me to get any messages from people who have an iphone. Basically that means I receive texts from no one (including my boss) as it’s an iphone world out there these days. Lil bit unsettling if you ask me and beyond frustrating. Apparently they have come to the conclusion that it must be a hardware issue and I have to go to the nearest apple to either get it fixed or get a new one. Tell this to the person who doesn’t have a car and the nearest one is Mapleview Mall that borders Burlington. Daaaaaaaadddd help me! Hopefully I can work something out with my parents this weekend as I can’t deal with this ‘no messaging’ thing for much longer.

Phew. Sorry I just needed to let some of that out.

Anyways, back to the food.

During my running around in the mall, searching high and low for a microwave steamer pot (failed to find one), I nommed on this weeks pronut flavour. Peanut butter and plantain.

IMG_4150Colour Count. Plantain: Yellow. Oats: White

Not my favourite of the flavours to date, but still good. All I did was take my PB&J pronut and sub 50g of plantain (steamed) for the raspberries and the apple sauce and upp’ed the liquid a tad.

Dinner was fab except for the fact that I was suuuuuupppper bummed to discover that the acorn squash I bought at the grocery store today was actually supposed to be a kabocha….

Confession: I think I cried a lil bit when I opened the fridge and found no kabocha as I was craving it allllll day.

NO KABOCHA! My world just ended.

#ConfessonsOfASquashAddict….Or rather #ConfessonsOfAKabochaAddict

I had to make due with the other squashes that were in my fridge to go along with my beautiful piece of steelhead trout. That trout may have helped ease my pain a lil bit…

Colour Count: Rainbow Swiss Chard: Green (mostly). Mushrooms: Brown. Roasted Acorn and Butternut Squash. Orange. Steelhead Trout: Pink. Homemade Basil Pesto: Green.

I won’t count my spices, which were curry, turmeric and chili powders and chili flakes, BUT I will give a lil tidbit about turmeric.

Turmeric has been researched a lot lately for its anti-inflammatory properties (amongst other potential benefits) thanks to the main component in turmeric, curcumin. This active ingredient, which is also the main pigment in turmeric making it yellow, has begun to be bottled for selling purposes to those looking for a natural remedy for inflammation. ONE NEAT FACT! Absorption of curcumin is best when paired with fats due to being fat soluble. Therefore if you want the most benefits from the use of turmeric in your foods ensure you dissolve it in a fat of some kind (cooking oil) or use it on a fattier protein (like trout or salmon).  Learn more here.

Colour Winner: Green.

For the rest of my night I intend to just relax, hopefully get another recipe up on this here bloggy and snack a lil later on my puddin (Unpictured…you’ve all seen that frozen mess before..) and another one of these guys

So so so so good. #QuestObsessed.

Can I count that as blue? 😛

IMG_4165Colour Count: ON Chocolate Peanut Butter Casein: Brown. Crunchy Peanut Butter. Brown. 1/2 C&C Questbar: Black and White

Colour Winner: Brown. Wow I still eat way too much brown

So there you have it friends. My rainbow day. Now, I didn’t hit all of the colours…I missed blue, but as you can see, eating a rainbow is not hard when you are veggie lover like I am and nom away on whole foods.

So what colour won?

Green: 7

Brown: 8

Gah. I’m officially boring. I was almost right. Need to drop that brown down somehow. Why must my yummy nut butters and mushrooms be brown I ask?!?

What colour do you eat the most of?

Favourite food from each of the rainbow colours? Toughie, but here goes…

Red/Pink: Trout

Orange: Squash (easy!)

Yellow: Banana

Green: Swiss chard

Blue: Bloobs I guess as I can’t think of another blue food atm…

Purple: Beets