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A Week Of Locality

Hey Friends!

I have seen a few roundups of recipes lately featuring this months local produce. I don’t know about you, but I love being able to take advantage of local and in season produce for a few reasons:

  1. I like to support the community farmers
  2. It tastes better. It honestly does.
  3. You lower your ecological footprint. My veggies don’t need to a plane to get to my plate. I’m perfectly content with someone picking it for me. I ain’t afraid of germs. ๐Ÿ˜‰
  4. We are drawn to things in season. Do you find that foods that happen to be in season look really appealing to you? There are some thoughts that we tend to crave things that are in season because they are what our bodies are intended to eat at that time + our body may recognize that they would have more nutrients still left in them as they are fresher (rather then being transported across the globe to reach you)

What are your thoughts?

Do you like eating local?

Do you like going to and/or attend your cities local markets?

As I mentioned, I have seen a ton of these recipe roundups (like this one for all my vegetarian readers out there) and so I decided I would jump on that bandwagon and do my own that showcased recipe inspiration for whatever dietary lifestyle you like to follow.

Before I get to those, what’s in season here in the Greater Toronto Area in May?

In SeasonPicMonkey CollageWow looks like Christmas. All dem reds and greens.

So yeah, slim pickings right now, but hey, Spring is slow to start so our produce is slow to really get crazy too.

Now onto the recipes. I hope you enjoy! ๐Ÿ™‚

Here’s to a week of dinner ideas.

Startin your week with something fresh and vegetarian. Meatless Mondays if you will.

Risotto tight- Blog 1338

Spring Risotto with Poached Egg. This recipe can be made vegan by removing the egg. If you don’t do dairy or just butter in general, use some coconut oil for sauteing the vegetables. Light but bursting with flavour, this risotto is glowing with spring colours.

Springy Features: Asparagus, herbs and greens.

After some vegetable lovin, them Paleo folks need a lil more meat on their Tuesday.

Vermont pork tenderloin with fiddleheads made by Chef Shawn Calley

Vermont Pork Tenderloin with Fiddleheads. These funky shaped lil fiddleheads are highlighted alongside some good ol’ meat for them carnivore folks.

*Remove beans from the recipe and swap butter for grassfed ghee or coconut oil to make paleo*

Springy Features: Fiddleheads. You can also add some greens and fresh herbs to the succotash as well.

Warming Wednesday up with something light and gluten Free.

Poached Cod in Spring Vegetable BrothPoached Cod In Spring Vegetable Broth. This would make a great light dinner or lunch that highlights the freshness of the vegetables in season.

Springy Features: Asparagus. You could easily throw in things like greens.

Think Red on your Thursday.

Roasted Beet Noodles with Pesto and Baby Kale

ย Roasted Beet Noodles with Pesto and Baby Kale. This would make a fun, colourful and light appetizer. Ever had bright red noodles before?

Springy Features: Beets, herbs and greens.

This one is a double feature. Didn’t think I would leave you with just a lil salad for your dinner would ya?

Screen shot 2015-05-07 at 9.46.12 PMSauteed Scallops with Peas and Rhubarb-Radish Relish. You all know my love for scallops so here is a fresh version of these gems of the sea that filled with many spring ingredients. Look at them colours!

Springy Features: Rhubarb, herbs, greens and radishes.

Fridays are for pizza no?

What about a low FODMAP pizza?

Spring Veggie Polenta Pizza. Pizza! If you are cautious as to which cheeses you use (use FODMAP approved or forgo the cheese and use nutritional yeast for a cheesy note) then this dish is totally gut friendly. Gluten free and can use a variety of local ingredients for your toppings.

Springy Features: Asparagus, optional herbs and greens.

Saturday Dinner with the Kiddos.

For all of the parents out there with picky eaters, this fun dish may help sneak some seasonal veggies into your lil ones.

Blueberry Beet Pancakes. Everyone loves a good “brinner” or breakfast for dinner and what kid would be able to say no to pancakes? Let alone pancakes that are fushia! So they are happy because they are eating pancakes (which they wouldn’t taste the beety flavour, they simply add a natural sweetness) but you are happy because they are getting full of antioxidants. All in a days work.

Springy Features: Beets. You could make a strawberry rhubarb compote for the top for a more seasonal topper. Simply bring chopped strawberries and rhubarb and a lil bit of water to a boil and let simmer until the fruit breaks down. Sweeten if you choose and if you like it a bit thicker, add a tsp or two of chia seeds as a natural jell-ification method.

Sunday Fundays.

I had to leave you with at least one dessert. Of course, it’s a healthy-ish dessert. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Ginger Oat Cookie & Strawberry Swirl Ice Cream Sammies | happy hearted kitchen

Ginger Oat Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches. It’s getting warmer here and there and how cute would these ice cream sammiches be as a way of cooling off? Simply swap the strawberry ice cream with this rhubarb one to get some seasonal produce into this gluten free treat.

Springy Features: Rhubarb and optional beet juice for colour.

Well there you have it friends. One full week of eating locally at dinner. Soon enough we will have much more to work with and that’s when seasonal cooking really gets to shine.

I hope you enjoyed this post and recipe round up. Thanks to all the great bloggers for their recipes.


Favourite seasonal produce item?

Do you like rhubarb?

Ever tried a fiddlehead?




What I Would Eat If I Was Low FODMAP

Hey friends!

So talking to Ellie over email after my last post, she had mentioned that she really enjoyed the What I Would Eat If posts when I highlighted a certain type of diet + gave you examples of what types of meals you could make with the included foods soooo I decided to bring those back. As I want to abide to the rules of Jen’s WIAW, I will keep these separate as of now.

This post will highlight a diet that most foodie blogs have touched on or experimented with themselves and that is the…

Low FODMAP diet.

Normally something that people turn to when they are having digestive issues (IBS related), this diet is one that avoids foods that include FODMAPs or fermentable oligo-di-mono-saccharides and polyols. Speaking very generally these are specific types of short chain carbohydrates that have been found to irritate the digestive track due to poor absorption in the small intestine which leads to your gut bacteria fermenting them instead. This then leads to unpleasant symptoms of bloating, gas, abdominal pain and constipation/diarrhea.

Before I move forward, lets break those carbohydrates down real quick.


These are your simple sugars that make up long chains of carbohydrates or saccharides molecules. They include glucose, galactose and fructose. In this diet, the one that is of concern is fructose (commonly understood as fruit sugar), especially when a food contains a higher ratio of fructose then glucose.


Chains of 2 monosaccharides. For example, milk sugar, or lactose, is made up of the monosaccharides galactose and glucose. Other common ones include maltose (malt sugar) and sucrose (table sugar). Lactose is the main culprit here.


Chain of saccharides or mono-saccharides (simple sugars) that are said to be hard to digest. The ones that are highlighted in this diet are fructans, which are chains of fructose, and galacto-olgiosaccharides, which are chains of galactose molecules, as both are poorly digested and absorbed in the small intestine.


These guys are famous sugar alcohols that are used so that foods can advertise “low carb” and “sugar free” on their foods as a major selling strategy. The reason for this is because these are not well broken down by the body, so they don’t end up contributing many calories due to only being partially absorbed. They are generally less sweet then something like real sugar and are often in combination with other sweeteners in foods. Some commonly seen ones include maltitol, xylitol, sorbitol, etc.

I will also mention that some of these are naturally found in some stone fruits such as peaches and plums and vegetables like cauliflower and mushrooms.

What is the diet?

As I already mentioned, this diet is often one that is commenced by individuals who are suffering from IBS or other related digestive issues (Crohns and other inflammatory bowel disorders, IBD)ย  as a method of alleviating some of their symptoms. It is very useful in pinpointing specific trigger foods that may cause individuals issues.

Generally when you first start, there is a huge list of off-limit foods and then slowly over the course of diet, you gradually start re-introducing foods into your diet to see how they make you feel. If they create symptoms, then you know that your body doesn’t digest them well and they may be something to consider removing from your diet all together.

Now, from the terminology I listed above, it may seem as though there aren’t that many foods that would be considered off limits or high FODMAPs. They are all carbohydrate based right? So yea, just another low carbohydrate diet, yada yada…

Think again.

This is not directed at loosing weight. This is also not meant to be a low carbohydrate diet. In fact, it states that if you remove something from your diet, you should find a nutritious alternative to avoid dietary losses.

Also, this is not a permanent diet. Of course, if you find that everything on this list upsets your stomach, well then maybe it is, but for most people, it will only cause the loss of a few foods if they wish to avoid their symptoms from returning.

So overall, this is meant to help you learn about what foods makes you feel your best.

So now that I have cleared that bit up, lets look at those high FODMAP foods that are to be strictly avoided vs. those friendly foods.

A more detailed list can be found here. This also lists the quantities of allowable foods if they have a limit.ย 


Yeah, the ‘to be avoided’ list seems a bit extensive BUT REMEMBER that this is not permanent (unless you have issues with them). You will slowly re-introduce them back into your diet to gradually to see how you respond to them.

So to conclude the informative portion of this post, lets make a summary.

  1. This is not a permanent diet for most. Instead, this is a way to pinpoint the triggers of your symptoms and simply remove those foods from your diet. This resource said it best -> the intent is to lower the FODMAP load at each meal to help manage symptoms.
  2. This works best if a food log is kept (to monitor what food are introduced + feelings after consuming them a few times) AND is under doctor supervision.
  3. This is not meant to be a means for weight loss. Ensure you are getting sufficient calories from those accepted foods.

For more information, check out these great sites!

Canadian Digestive Health Foundation

IBS Diets FODMAP Dieting Guide.

So now onto the goodies.

If you were to start this diet, what the heck would you eat?

Let me help ya out with some blog love eh?

Oh and I will attempt to show you more creative recipes rather then just keeping it simple because that’s more fun.

ย Breakfast

For the sake of keeping things different and original, I will loose my beloved oats even though they are allowed for low FODMAP. Instead, something I have seen that looks quite interesting is this..

plantain socca

This is a super simple recipe (only 3 ingredients!) by Purely Twins that is quick to make and can have humpteen different uses. You could use it as bread (maybe think of adding some savory herbs in blend…no garlic though as that’s something to avoid. :-() or you can make it like this..

Later on, topped with almond butter and chocolate chips preworkout.

Avocado Athlete

Which would be how my breakfast would be (replace the chocolate chips, you could use unsweetened carob if you wanted to, with nanner) because when it comes to breakfast, there always has to be a sweet or desserty like thing and there also must be a vessel for nut butter because breakfast without nut butter…

I have no words. It’s just not right.


Or you could do coconut butter + cacao nibs and a homemade chocolate sauce a la Powercakes if coconut is your thang.

Confession. I hate the taste of coconut. I tried to like it, I really did, but I cannot.

Other cool ideas to try:

Low FODMAP Banana Oatcakes

No Oat Oatmeal

Scrambled Egg Stuffed Baked Potatoes. Limit or omit cheese and leave onion out.


How about some pizza?

No wheat? No problem, thank the sweet tater.

And Sweet Chili Mango.

The sweet potato acts a the main constituent of the pizza ‘dough’ with amaranth and quinoa flours, psyllium husk and egg whites holding it together.

Sweet potato is a moderate FODMAP food so perhaps do half sweet potato and half squash.

Go crazy with the veggie and protein toppings but watch which cheese you choose and don’t over-do it. Goat and sheep cheeses and aged varieties in general are often safe in limited quantities as they have lower lactose. I still don’t advocate the use of ‘fake cheese’ like Daiya and other vegan cheeses because 1. they are filled with chemicals, fillers and weird binders that are bad for you and 2. those ingredients probably contribute to your symptoms.

Other Cool Ideas:

Sweet Potato Spring Rolls. I would add a protein to these like shrimp

Warm Salmon Salad with a Lemon, Ginger and Soy Sauce Dressing.

Ginger-Curry Chicken Lettuce Wraps. Omit the scallions (no onions sorry) and make your own ginger sauce, unless you can purchase one without anything you can’t eat.


This caught my eye

Warm Seared Scallops over Zucchini Noodles - Eat Spin Run Repeat

Warm Seared Scallops Over Zucchini Noodles. Eat, Spin, Run, Repeat

I mean it’s my loves…Scallops. I also really love the idea of zucchini noodles because they just seem fun and I’m all about a plate of veggies.

One problem for me though…

I need more carbohydrates. Enter again the sweet potato.

pho (6 of 6)

Mmmm Pho. This site also gave some interesting information regarding bone broth and gut health. If beef is too hard to digest, or if you are removing beef in the beginning to give your system a digestion break, use shrimp or another form of seafood as they are easier to digest. Also sad fact, you cannot have the mushrooms. Sigh.

Other Cool Ideas.

Stacked Polenta with Bolognese Sauce. It’s like lil mini lasagnas without the noodles and the cheese. Add some veggies to the layers and you can add a small amount of goat or sheep cheese, just ensure you are under the maximum quantities described in the charts.

Winter Vegetable Ragout. Omit garlic.

Fresh Summer Vegetable Cod Pockets. Follow her substitutions.


Sometimes better digestion comes with less frequent meals throughout the day, which is something I have found for myself, but some still need something in between so here are some options for ya!


Low-FODMAP Chocolate Swirl Banana Bread #FODMAP

Nanner Bread from FODMAP Fun

….and savory

lemony kale hummus

Lemony-Kale Hummus from Well Balanced.

Well there ya go guys. I hope that was an interesting read for you and can be helpful to anyone with problematic tummies like myself.

I will say that a few things I would have a really hard time giving up for that lil while would be:

  • Garlic and Onions. Flavour base for errryyythang
  • Avocado. Because..fatty goodness.
  • Mushrooms. Tears my heart.

What would you be most sad about removing from your diet temporarily?

Anyone follow the low FODMAP diet already? Tried it?

What’s another diet you are interested in hearing about?



Rest Days Are For The Strong. Thinking Out Loud


Hopefully I’m not that person for you…

Sorry I thought I would start off my Thursday ramblings with some randomness.

I figured it fit the theme.

Thanks to Miss Spoons for providing me with a space to say random sh** and make me believe it has a purpose.

Thinking-Out-LoudSo to avoid an overly rant-y post like last week, I will hold back on the ranting and go more for uber randomness.

Wow, I’m saying random a lot, whats another word for that…haphazard…unmethodical…undirected. Hmm, I may just stick with what I know, thanks anyways Mr thesaurus.

So, for the sake of keeping the ranting to a minimum, lets get the one rant-y topic off my chest first shall we?

Textbook suck no?

I think we can all agree that no one enjoys reading textbooks.

You know what I hate more then reading a textbook?

Having to cram read 5 freakin chapters this weekend because the bookstore decided to order 10 textbooks per shipment after they sold out the first time for a 1000+ person class.

So after the second shipment sold out within hours of it coming in, I’m left waiting until Friday afternoon for the next shipment…of 10 books…and hopefully I can actually get one or I’m screwed for the 2 quizzes and assignment due this Sunday night based on said chapters

Stress that is beyond my control


To start off my non-ranting rambles, here’s a video. Clicky clicky the picture for the linkup.


You know what I saw today?

A rottweiler therapy dog…

Please note that I have nothing against certain breeds of dogs, I believe that although some aggressive traits have been bred into certain breeds, the bringing out of the traits is highly dependent on the owner.

I don’t know about you, but I always assume cute and fuzzy when it comes to therapy dogs.

Although I have nothing against these dogs, I can’t say with 100% honesty that they don’t intimidate me. That must be some subconscious fear that has been built into my brain from society.

Have you ever noticed that no matter how cold it is outside, children don’t seem to care?

I actually put a lot of thought into that this week. Like, probably too much.

How do they do that?

Do they just not notice?

Do they not have a connection between cold and pain established well enough yet?

Do they have enough body fat that they really just don’t feel it

Or is maybe its that their ability to focus on play and cold is just too much for their brains to handle. Therefore, when they are playing, they can’t think about anything else.

What do you think?

Eggs are tasty.

Yes, I already knew this but I don’t have them enough to really appreciate dat der yolk.

IMG_7085I got this idea from fitkels on Instagram and it was truly a work of beauty

IMG_7092And, well, you can’t go wrong when your ‘zzzaa has lobster on it. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Yes that was a runny yolk fail on my part. It was supposed to be sauucccaaayy.

Class factoid that is slightly disturbing…

The success of our generation is highly dependent on the financial status of our parents.

Doesn’t seem like some crazy epiphany, but really think about it.

It’s true.

And quite sad.

With few exceptions, if you’re parents were unable to save for your post secondary education during your childhood and teen years, your chances of being independent and getting started in your career of choice slims down. If you managed to get yourself an undergrad using OSAP or by paying your way through (you’re amazing!), where do you go after your done your degree? What if you don’t get a job.?

Hello there parentals

is that not the creepiest picture you have ever seen?!?

We watched a video on boomerangs (what Americans call adult children living with their parents) and even if you got a degree, more and more people are living back at home because:

  • They couldn’t find a job
  • They needed more education
  • They couldn’t afford to move out

So education earned aside, unless you are debt free and find a job right off the bat that pays decently, the chances of you being independent are slim these days because life is just too expensive and the world expects too much education from us (more money).

Are you a boomerang?

I just almost cried in class

We watched a snippet of Up! and it was sooo sad. The poor old man.

I did not come to class to cry!

And what is with the title Up!?!?

They are false advertising dammit because they do not warn you that you will cry at the end. I don’t see that as bringing me up.


I’m wondering how many brownies are left…

IMG_7100Thanks Arman for the recipe. Emily really liked them. ๐Ÿ˜‰

…and by now, my other housemates have probably gotten into them too.

I was told I should take rest days more often.

Anywho, I’m out for the night. I hope I inspired some random thoughts in your minds.

Happy Thursday peeps



What [The FamJam] Ate Wednesday

Hey Friends!

So I totally flopped and forgot to show you the rest of my parents (and some of my) eats from the end of our Christmas holidays so what better place to give da noms then Jen’s wonderful linkup?

What I Ate Wednesday Button

Before I begin, I want to give so much love back to you guys for all of your wonderful comments and feedback on my video and question yesterday. I really hope to get something like that started within this year but I do want to say that I do know my limits. Some of you guys were concerned that my blog would take a hit but rest assured that I would not take more than I can handle and I would never stop blogging. So don’t you all worry. ๐Ÿ˜‰ One of the main reasons I was hesitant about the whole thing (aside from the lack of a RD status thing) was that I DID NOT want you to see me as “using” you guys for money or turning this blog into a marketing scam. NO. I hate blogs that do that and are constantly throwing products in your face because, well, what fun is that to read? No. Instead, this would be a completely separate thing (If I get it going) that would be for those who really want me to dive in and help them get some healthy habits into their lives plus provide them with answers (to the best of my abilities) to their specific questions when they need it. I would not stop blogging and I would not hold certain things aside for paying clientele only because, as I mentioned, this would be separated and it would be much more on a personalized level. So yeah, still trying to work it out if it’s possible but I will keep you updated. ๐Ÿ™‚

Now onto the fun stuff.

Due to it’s being a wee bit late, I’m not sure what days these are from but I hope you can forgive me for that.

IMG_7015One thing I always say is don’t be afraid to ask for what you want no matter how weird you think you’re being. My parents and I did shopping round deux at Yorkdale Mall on December 30th I believe and I got this beauty from a sandwich place. Yes. Does that look anything like a sammy? Nope. I got all hot and bothered by their lobster offering and that sparked me an idea and hey, if you never ask, you will never receive.

So what did I get?

I asked if I could “make a sandwich” but instead of having it on bread, I would have it on salad (which would be rung up as the side salad.) So for my “sammy” I got lobster x2 and grilled veggies x2 (guys, these portions were tiny!) all over their house mixed vegetable salad with balsamic vinaigrette on the side. Despite getting multiple offerings of both my toppings, the salad was a tad bit small for my liking, but the lobster made me quite happy.

Another night, my Mom and I made her maple stew together.

IMG_7031This one is made with potatoes, carrots, celery, mushrooms, can of crushed tomatoes, mushrooms, onion, 1/4 cup white wine, 1/4 cup pure maple syrup, 1/2 cup chicken stock and 1/4 cup of water. There was chicken in there too.ย  My Mom likes to cut up some chicken breast, toss it in a bag with a bit of flour, garlic powder, Italian seasoning and pepper and then brown it up in a pan before adding it to the stew. The whole thing cooks together in a dutch oven (or large oven safe dish) or crockpot until the potatoes and carrots are fork tender.

Now, there are some swaps you can do here as there are some ingredients that I would not personally want to eat due to my own preferences and dietary restrictions.

  • If you are like me and try to watch your sugar intake, you can reduce or nix the maple syrup and use maple extract. I don’t know how successful that would be, but you can try it out.
  • You can use sweet taters or squash for the potatoes if they aren’t your thing.
  • For the chicken, you can use oat flour or even coconut flour for a paleo or gluten free version. You can omit the floury coating all together but it helps the seasoning stick to the chicken and probably does add a lil bit to the thickness of the stew.
Mom's plate

Mom’s plate

They had their stew with some seedy bread and buttah.

#Saladbeasts also made an appearance again, and this time, my Mom was home to have one. She is picky about what she deems appropriate for a salad though cuz she all kinds of crazy.

IMG_7037The base salad my Mom put together and was just a bag of chopped romaine with radicchio pieces, some mixed dark greens, some kale (I threw that in their ;-)), and some chopped raw veggies (carrots, peppers, cucumber and celery).

For her salad, I added roasted asparagus and portabello mushrooms, some sundried tomatoes, pickles (because they are her fav) and sauteed shrimpies in Mrs. Dash herb and garlic seasoning.

My Dad is a lil bit more fun flexible.

IMG_7038Roasted asparagus, onions, portabello mushrooms and potatoes in garlic and rosemary, sundried tomatoes and some jarred roasted red peppers. He also got a serving of my homemade bison meatballs which were simply ground bison, finely diced onion, garlic, pepper, and a good shake of Worcestershire sauce baked at 375 for about 30 minutes, flipping over once.

Now that is a salad that makes me drool.

On my final night at home (Jan 3rd), I made a super simple recipe that came from Lee over at FitFoodieFinds. My parents loved it and my Mom asked me for the recipe so that she can make it again.

IMG_7040Sorry for the horrible lighting but I wanted to show you the dish before it was baked. Basically it’s a layered dish with uncooked quinoa on the bottom (which you pour stock over top), then a layer of chopped kale, then sundried tomatoes (+ mushrooms that I added because my parents love those shrooms), then a layer of cooked turkey sausage rounds and a sprinkling of part skim mozzarella cheese.

IMG_7041The cheese is optional and I forgot to add the red onion, but they really liked it nonetheless. Thanks Lee!

On my last morning, I made my Dad breakfast as I was home when woke up due to it being a restday from the gym. #SundayFunday.

IMG_7042Normally he has frozen bagged hashbrowns and eggs on the weekend so I essentially made him a whole food, updated version of that. Basically I quickly steamed a potato (microwave steamer pot) that I chunked up and tossed that into a pan with some coconut oil, onion, garlic, peppers, mushrooms and kale and sauteed that up until they all started to brown a bit. I then added some of our leftover sundried tomatoes, Mrs. Dash garlic and herb seasoning and pepper and gave that a good toss around and popped a lid on it. After a few minutes (the oil from the sundried tomatoes will brown those taters!), I cracked two eggs right on top, popped the lid on it again and waited for the eggs to be done.

They were supposed to be all runny and such but I left them go a tad bit long so they were more runny-hard, but my Dad was a happy camper.

Before we left with all my stuff, I enjoyed this lil numba..

IMG_7045Stuffed 5 egg (1 whole, 4 white) omelette with sauteed mushrooms, asparagus, zucchini and onions, alfalfa sprouts and kale. I seasoned it with Mrs Dash tomato basil (why don’t they have this one in Canada!? So good!), garlic powder, chili flakes and peppah. On the side was some garlicky green beans and a lil salad.

On our way back I had to snap a pic of the sleepy passenger. I’m glad that she always comes to take me back despite being sad that my time with her is over.

IMG_7049That face. I had to share, I’m sure you all don’t mind a non-food picture right? ๐Ÿ˜€

But just so I end on food, I give you my postworkout lunch today

IMG_7053I’m the master at making the most of 1/2 a cup of oats. Yes, that entire, almost overflowing soup bowl started as a 1/2 a cup of oats. I’m magic ๐Ÿ˜‰

Okay maybe some shredded zucchini and 2 whole egg whites helps with the plump-age, but I can say I’m just magical cuz I’m the writer here :-D. These zoats had 40 grams of nanner (because this was the first thing I ate after my workout…need those quick digesting carbies), pink salt, cinnamon, vitamin C powder (Pranin), english toffee extract (yummers Iย  have missed my extracts) and a chocolate peanut butter protein icing thanks to Diesel Perfect Whey.

I’m still trying to adjust to having some mid morning (mid morning to me) classes so because I had a 9:30 class, I had to go to the gym afterwards (because if I wanted to go before, I would have to be there by like 6 to get my whole workout in). As a result, my postworkout and lunch had to morph into one thing and, well, I wasn’t mad at the outcome.

Could anyone else eat oatmeal all day everyday and still love their life? I could.

Well that’s it folkaroonies and now you should go make yourself some oats. ๐Ÿ˜›

Happy Hump Day!

How do you spice up your oats? Plain oats make me sad, add some life in there!

How are you adjusting to being back at school or work? Did you have to shift anything around?



Cooking For Parents Round Up #2

Hey Friends!

I never managed to get this one up for Recipe Friday due to…ya know…Christmas-y things and all but here were last weeks meals. You will notice the change in ‘quality’ per say, or maybe thought or effort would be a better word for it, as we were busy and also out a lot more so you will see what my parents eat vs myself when we go out to malls and such.

Saturday December 20

My Dad requested a stirfry as we were out and about buying last minute things so a stirfry it was.

Mom's Dish

Mom’s Dish

ย I cheated and bought a store bought teriyaki sauce because we were rushed. Personally, I don’t use store bought sauces because even the low sodium is still loaded with the stuff PLUS they also have a list of 1000 ingredients, where many are sugars and weird chemicals. That being said, I’m not trying to kill my parents by using it.ย  They would have done the exact same thing as they ain’t about making their own stirfry sauce.

IMG_6923I got my Mom some shrimp as she loves the lil guys and it’s another thing she rarely has at home, while my Dad had some leftover chicken. The whole veggie-licious saute was thrown on top of Uncle Ben’s 20 minute rice and topped with sprouts for the presentation…not that it was anything professional there. ๐Ÿ˜›

My Mom is kinda weird (well my Dad and I think so) and has a deconstructed stirfry. She likes to keep her rice separate so she can add more sodium soy sauce on it. To each her own I suppose. She is also pickier about here veggies which is why hers looks a wee bit sparse there. She doesn’t do broccoli (upsets her tummy like me), onions or peppers. Soo I gave her more carrots and snow peas PLUS I added some cauliflower to hers to compensate.

Benefits of stirfries:

  • Healthy. Depending on your sauce I suppose (try this one for a homemade, whole food teriyaki sauce). Otherwise, most stirfries are full of vegetables, colours and leaner proteins. Add some nuts (cashews and peanuts are the best!) for some healthy fats and crunch if you’re feelin fancy.
  • Customizable. Once again, you can throw in your favourites and make a meal that you know you will enjoy.
  • Fast.
  • Handy for clearing out produce and left over proteins.

Sunday December 21

This was the day we went to my Grandparents house for brunch, which was a tad bit late at roughly 2:30pm that afternoon. Although I didn’t snap pictures of my parents plates…my family might have mocked me and, to be completely honest, I was ready to eat my arm at that point so I was just interested in inhaling my own food….I did take a quicksie of my own lunch.


4 egg white omelette stuffed with leftover baked rainbow trout and sauteed mushrooms, asparagus, kale, onions and garlic. Seasoned with more garlic powder, Mrs. Dash tomato basil, pepper and chili flakes.

Yes, I brought my food to my grandparents house. Yes my family is used to this. For me, I don’t know what they are serving and I’m always doubtful that I will be able to find enough to eat due to my allergies so it’s best to be safe then not eat. This omelette was enjoyed with some steamed peas and a salad with balsamic vinegar that my Auntie Candy brought.

That night for dinner, my parents felt that it was too late to really cook anything so they stopped into Subway for their dinner. My Mom always gets a wrap with honey mustard, chicken breast, bacon and lettuce. Yes, so doesn’t go crazy with toppings (did I mention she’s weird in comparison to me? ๐Ÿ˜› Love you Mom). My Dad got a foot long of something that I don’t remember. Chicken of some kind I believe.

Monday December 22

This was my date night with my Nana and Papa at Swiss Chalet, so my parents had to fend for themselves this night. This date is a yearly tradition and I look forward to it every year because it’s our special night.

Tuesday December 23

IMG_6954You can’t win them all. See, I don’t control everything my parents eat. This night I was told that Dad was taking care of dinner and this is what he showed up with. Guess someone had a craving.

“I love your homemade pizza bun, but sometimes I really want a dirty pizza…”

In other news, my ostrich steak was awesome.

IMG_6956My Dad liked it, but my Mom was a lil less impressed. She’s more sensitive to gaminess…whatever that means.

Wednesday December 24

I wanted to make them something special for Christmas Eve and, surprisingly, despite it being all top quality a la Keg …Ha I can tell myself that…it didn’t take that long to prepare at all. This is a prime example of letting real, amazing ingredients speak for themselves.

IMG_6961My Dad had a filet mignon with sauteed mushrooms, roasted peppers and onions and an foil wrapped, oven roasted potato (it was massive! If I had my way it would have been smaller) stuffed with onions. For the steak, I seasoned both sides with pepper and garlic powder and gave it a nice sear on both sides in some coconut oil before baking it at 350 to finish it off to the medium doneness that my Dad likes. He left the table feeling quite content.

My Mom got her own prize of something I had promised her sometime over the break.

IMG_6965Lobster. Drool. I topped my swordfish with a piece or two so I got a lil taste. ;-). She also had a potato (which she only could eat half) but no onions for her, just butter…and more butter post picture…and those sauteed mushrooms. She also got roasted asparagus.

I was happy I could give them something fancier for the holiday evening and they quite enjoyed it.

Thursday December 25

Christmas day! You will have to wait until WIAW for this one. ๐Ÿ˜€

Friday December 26

Leftovers. Doesn’t everyone do that on Boxing Day? I has myself something different (fish of course) as I cannot do turkey multiple days in a row or it upsets my tummy, but my parents had Christmas dinner take 2

Saturday December 27

ย Shoppin time! We headed to the Eaton Centre to get our shop on that day and so dinner was in the food court. One thing I love about that mall is always getting my massive gourmet #SaladBeast at Fast and Fresh.


Customized salad. House blend, roasted portabello mushrooms, sundried tomatoes, beets, celery, peppers, grilled chicken breast, cucumber and 1/2 a scoop of their house made balsamic vinaigrette.dressing.

I’m pretty sure there was an entire massive portabello cap in my one salad. They were so big that I had to stop and pull some of them apart to eat them. So good and so worth the 13 dollars…although my Dad may not think so. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Sunday December 28

Sorry no picture, but more leftovers concoction style. The recipe is basically the same as the one I linked except my parents use regular soy sauce (as opposed to the soy free, coconut seasoning I use), no sprouts and no spinach.

Well that was our week. Although there weren’t as many recipes as the last one, I wanted to show you how my parents and I ate when things get a lil busier or we are out. I hope it still is useful for ya!

What do you eat when you are in a mall?

What was the last thing you craved?

ย -Chelsea


The Meat Freak Talks Vegan Say What?!

Hey friends!

I had a request to talk give out some vegan recipes and I finally decided to tackle that one for ya! Oh hey Melissa, this ones for you. ๐Ÿ™‚ Now, as you all probably know, I’m a complete carnivore (no offense to all the vegans and vegetarians out there) and due tot that, I don’t really have any full meals that are vegan to share with you. I was going to do one meatless Monday this vacation with a soup, but I didn’t think that was very creative so I thought it would be better to just do some bloglovin and share some amazing recipes from the blog-o-sphere. I will however give some tips and factoids about the nutritional requirements I think are important as you have to be much more mindful that you are giving you body what it needs for any diet that requires restriction.

So how ’bout some lil pointers first eh?

The first thing that comes to mind is protein. It’s the question that makes all vegans (and vegetarians) go crazy because it really isn’t that hard to get all of your protein from non-animal sources, it just takes a lil bit more thought.

I will go off the deep end here and say that if you’re a hard core bodybuilder you may need some protein powder of some kind to meet your needs if your diet is also carb restricted. I firmly believe that high protein is needed to build a decent amount of muscle, many will argue against this notion, but this is what I believe.

There are many sources of protein in nature other than in animal products. Yes, vegetarians will have it easier as they can include dairy, fish and eggs, if they chose, and that should mean they have no problem reaching their requirements for protein BUT vegans, it can be trickier.

With plant based proteins, they are incomplete (with a small handful of exceptions which most people don’t eat, like some forms of algae/kelp I believe), meaning they don’t have all of your amino acids. Due to this, it is crucial that you eat a variety of different foods to ensure you are getting all of your amino acids (ie building blocks of any new tissue, muscle, etc in the body), especially those essential ones that the body cannot make on it’s own. Now, I have now come to believe that you don’t need to do complementary pairing at every meal, but instead, having a day full of variety is enough to get what you need.

Here are some examples of foods for your essential ones. Make sure to include these in your diet daily as you cannot make these lil guys.

  • Histidine: Rye, bananas, green vegetables, rice
  • Isoleucin: Soy protein, seaweed
  • Leucin: Beans, lentils, nuts, rice, oats
  • Lysine: Beans, nuts, seeds, some grains
  • Methionine: Beans, nuts, seeds, grains,
  • Phenylalanine: Soy products, nuts and seeds
  • Threonine: Lentils, black beans and sesame seeds
  • Tryptophan: Spirulina, unsweetened chocolate, seeds, some grains (like quinoa), and dates
  • Valine: Beans and legumes

The only other issue of getting enough protein with this lifestyle is whether or not your body responds well to the protein sources you have left. Personally, not only would I never be able to give up meat without feeling like I’m giving up the best foods (again, sorry to those who are not meat eaters, I’m just being honest), but my body just wouldn’t work eating vegetarian proteins. I can only eat beans and lentils once in a blue moon because they upset my stomach (way to gassy), I refuse to eat soy and well….there’s nothing really substantial left. Check out the video (click on the image) I posted below for my take on this issue.

So now that we got the big one out of the way, some other vitamins and minerals of concern, especially with vegans include:

B12: This guy is very hard to find naturally in non-animal products so you’re kinda stuck going with supplements or fortified foods. One natural source I do know of is nutritional yeast (which more use a cheesy tasting substitute). Guys, you need this one for sure as it can wreck havoc on your system from damaging your nerves, causing anemia or leading to heart problems. Take this one seriously or you will find yourself in a convulsive fit.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids: Without fish, this one can be tough because plant based sources are tricky to use by the body. For example, while flax is a source of omega fatty acids, specifically ALA, the body has to convert that ALA to EPA and DHA and it’s not very efficient at this process. As a result, you are kind of stuck getting a small fraction of what you see on the nutrition label. Best to find a supplement offering a high amount of DHA and EPA. The source is often algae.

Calcium: Although in smaller amounts, this one can be found in a number of plant based foods. Some of those include, dark leafy greens, beans, legumes, nuts, and many green vegetables. The issue once again comes down to the ability to absorb the calcium as there is a pesky thing called oxalate that is found in quite high amounts in those foods and that blocks absorption. Often, supplements are still required to get enough after accounting for lack of absorption.

Vitamin D: Once again, supplementation or fortified foods are your friends here as Vitamin D is a toughie in non-animal foods. Mushrooms are one of the only natural sources I can find.

Iron: Similar issue in a way to calcium. Iron comes in two forms, heme and non heme. Heme, which is in animal products, is much more bioavailable to our body’s to use, while plant based non-heme iron is harder for the body to use and thus you end up with much less in the end. Plant based foods such as grains, beans and lentils are great sources of iron BUT ensure to eat them with vitamin C to help with absorption.

Here is a great website to check out for more info! Click here.

Okay, wow this is getting long and we haven’t even gotten to the recipes yet. Okay, one final comment before I get to the food.

One major trend I see all too often with vegans and vegetarians is the fact that they eat way too many carbohydrates (as they may turn to fast or processed foods) because they don’t eat enough protein and therefore just don’t know what to eat. In the end, because carbohydrates really don’t satisfy you when consumed solo, you find yourself constantly hungry and munching and that can lead to weight gain. Just because meat is taken out of the equation (which is often the center focus of our meals these days) doesn’t mean that all you have left are carbohydrate heavy dishes.

On the other hand, I also see many very undernourished vegans because they are eating too many low calorie plant based foods and not enough fats and proteins. Although you may be getting lots and lots of vitamins and minerals from those veggies, your body needs fats and protein to sustain you, and, without them, it will start to break down quickly.

So, the key is balance. Be mindful that you get enough protein at every meal and don’t go overboard with excessive amounts of carbohydrates (as many protein sources are also quite high in carbohydrates), take supplements as needed and listen to your body. If you’re constantly getting sick, feeling tired or just not right, either you are missing something vital in your diet or it’s time to take a hard look at whether this lifestyle and determine if it’s something your body can handle.

Alrighty, now onto the fun stuff!

Zee foods.

I have hunted down a good number of recipes that I hope you enjoy. I tried to include a variety of styles, types of meals, ease of cooking and tastes for you all.

Screen shot 2014-12-22 at 9.37.40 PMOh She Glows. Protein, check. Healthy carbphydrate sources, check. Greens…I would add some kale perhaps or another dark leafy green. Also, the fat free dressing is not something I’m a fan off. Add some fat with olive oil or add avocado to your salad so it sticks around a lil bit longer.

Black Bean & Brown Rice Burritos

The Everyday Veggie. High protein but a lil on the carby side for my liking as it’s rice inside a tortilla. I would wrap it all up in a collard green wrap.

Chatelaine. I love the fact that they didn’t put it on a bun! They used portabello mushrooms as their buns which are natural sources of both protein and vitamin D.

fall pumpkin buckwheat breakfast bowl-1-3

Eating Bird Food. You didn’t think you would get away without getting something that looks like oatmeal did you? I would however add some more protein to this dish by either adding some protein powder (vegan of course, peanut flour would be ideal) or hemp seeds.

My New Roots. For the request for a vegan cheesecake, here is a beauty! Do not be afraid of the fats in this one as they are coming from healthy sources including nuts and coconut oil PLUS this is a treat. It’s much better to be eating those fats then the hydrogenated ones found in a commercial cheesecake no?

See, being vegetarian or vegan is not hard, it just takes a lil bit of base knowledge about your bodily needs, some more thought perhaps in the beginning and dropping the stigma that you will be eating leaves for the rest of your life.

Experiment and have some fun!

I hope this post helped some of you out.

It’s officially Christmas Eve tomorrow and I can’t wait!

All the best,



Food Challenge Friday

Hey all!

So I had told you all that my challenge to myself this Christmas was to make something different for my parents every single night and you guys had some great suggestions that I hope to fulfill. There was a common interest in a healthier Mac N’Cheese BUT I think I will leave that one for my housemate Emily as she has rocked the KD life a few times and it would be fun to test some healthier alternatives on her delicate tastebuds ๐Ÿ˜‰

Keep in mind that these are not all my own creations. I have been gaining inspiration from some other bloggers but I always make sure to give them the credit they deserve! #BlogLove. Also, these are not super fancy smancy as they are just things that my parents wouldn’t make for themselves due to working and such. So take these are ideas for new meals that are generally easy to whip together, healthy and still tasty.


So what did I cook up this week?

Sunday Dinner

On Sunday evening, which was the first dinner at home, I got inspired by this dish by Paleo Leap as I had in my mind that I wanted to do something like a chicken cacciatore dish.


Dad’s plate plus he had an unpictured side salad.

I almost stuck to the recipe exactly because the method of cooking it all in one pan on the stove sounded appealing and easy to do while my Mom and I were putting up the tree. The only change that I made was the “tuscan” aspect as I went more with a basil and garlic approach, rather than an oregano one. I served it with roasted multicoloured baby potatoes and vegetables that were simply seasoned with garlic powder, dried rosemary and olive oil.

My Dad absolutely loved the potatoes and even said they would make an awesome #SaladBeast addition. Thata boy Dad ๐Ÿ˜€

IMG_6864They really enjoyed the sauce, so hats off to Paleo Leap for that. Of course, you can never have too many sundried tomatoes in my mind. ๐Ÿ˜‰

It was all topped off with a lil bit of fine herb goat cheese (the best type of cheese!) and it was done like dinnah.

Benefits of this dish:

  • Easy. One pan, few ingredients and some common spices that you have on hand will do the trick.
  • Fast! Once you have browned the chicken, all you have to do is saute the mushrooms, onions and sundried tomatoes for a few minutes, add your tomatoes and seasonings, plop the chicken in there and add the lid and it’s done in like 15 minutes.
  • Goat cheese adds a lot of creaminess and flavour for not a lot of fat. Plus, it’s generally tolerated well by those who are dairy and lactose sensitive like my Mom and I.

Monday Dinner

I was super excited to make swordfish for my Mom because she had never had it before and I leeeerrrrve it.

IMG_6891 Unfortunately my Dad has a wee bit of a fish phobia (although he did try a taste!)…he’s missing out on life I swear…so I made him something different which I will get to in a second. I simply baked the swordfish at 350 for about 15 minutes with a lil bit of lemon juice and peppah so that she could really experience the fish. Plus, I generally ain’t about toppings on my fish because I actually crave the taste of the fish and don’t want that flavour to be hidden by a topper. Anyone else feel the same way?

My Dad’s protein was a stuffed turkey scallopini…well two actually because if I had given him one, we would have been looking around for something else to eat.

IMG_6888These were really easy and cooked super fast because scallopini’s are really thin pieces. So, I sauteed some mushrooms, garlic, onion and roasted red pepper until the onions were caramelized. I removed it from the heat and stirred in some greens and cracked black pepper and then let it sit to cool a lil bit. Each package of the turkey came with 4 slices, so I just placed the mixture along the entire length of 2 pieces, plopped some chunks of the fine herb goat cheese in random places and placed another turkey scallopini on top. Then all you do is roll them up and place them seam down in a baking dish (with a lid) that has a lil bit of water or stock in the bottom. I topped them with a lil bit of my freshly made pesto (from Monday) and a squirt of lemon juice. Finally, I placed them in the oven at 350 with the lid on until they turkey was cooked, probably about 30 minutes or so.

IMG_6893He really enjoyed them. What he didn’t enjoy was me not allowing him to eat until I took not one, but five two takes of his plate.

The sides were sauteed kale and swiss chard and a simple rice dish. The swiss chard was sauteed with some garlic and onions, then topped off with a splash of balsamic vinegar before taking it off the heat. The rice was just a long grain brown rice that I cooked up with mushrooms, garlic and green onion. For rice dishes I like to use the method of sauteing the add-in’s first, then adding the rice and liquid and letting it all cook together as it really gives the rice much more flavour.

Benefits of this dish:

  • Easy. Everything is very simple to put together and it can all be coordinated quite well to be done all at the same time. Do your rice and let that cook while making your protein. Finally while those are finishing up, do you greens and then serve.
  • Greens! And they were enjoyed! ๐Ÿ˜€ Success in my book.
  • Cheap. These are all kitchen staples aside from the goat cheese and roasted red peppers. Turkey is cheaper than chicken, and scallopini cuts are cheaper then tenderloins or breasts. The rice can be made with really anything you have on hand and a whole bag of greens, or a bunch if you don’t care about chopping them all up, costs no more than 2 bucks. If you’re interested, here is the greens mix I used.

Such an awesome blend and super convenient. I also appreciate the fact that they have big chunks of the stems left in there too as I really like the crunch they add to my cooked greens. I also love the chopped kale one.

Tuesday Dinner

Parents request because my Mom would be home late was…


So homemade pizza…well we used a store bought whole wheat dough cuz I’m a cheater…it was. IMG_6903The dough really puffed up which never happened before when I make this in the past, so this was super dough apparently. Oh well, my parents enjoyed the fluff factor of the crust.

Anyways, the picture above is after the first bake. What I do is take the dough and stretch it out in the pizzas and then let it rest before pre-cooking it (at 400-425 degrees until it’s your preferred doneness. You could probably go crunchier but when I saw the bubbles that were my pizzas in the oven, I kinda freaked and took them out…then stabbed them with a toothpick to deflate them to the shape you see) before adding the toppings. The pre-cook gives it a bit of a crunch so that the sauce doesn’t make it soggy.

Then it’s time to add your sauce. For me, and now my parents, pesto >>>>> tomato or pizza sauce. I’m super sad that I have forgotten where I found this recipe from but this is the most amazing pizza pesto sauce ever and you really must try it. It would also make for a great sauce for chicken or a pasta dish!

If anyone finds the original author of this recipe or one very similar please let me know as I’m not looking to be stealin or anything. I give credit where it’s due and this sauce is amazing with a capital A!

IMG_6902Roasted Red Pepper Pesto

In a blender combine:

  • 1 jar (500ml) of roasted red peppers in water + the garlic that is in it. If there is not garlic, add a clover or two to your blender. Try to drain as much of the liquid as possible so that the sauce isn’t super runny.
  • ~1 tbsp of balsamic vinegar
  • ~1 tbsp of olive oil (optional)
  • few tbsps of goat or feta cheese
  • Cracked black pepper
  • Chili flakes for an optional kick.

Blend all of that up for your sauce. You should have enough to cover an entire standard sized ball of dough (unless you like drowned pizza) and maybe a bit extra.

IMG_6901So spread that on your pizza, then add a bit of your cheese of choice (I used Blue Menu part-skim mozzarella), then the toppings, then the final round of cheese. For the toppings, my Mom got her favourites of mushrooms, sundried tomatoes, chicken, olives and pineapple. My Dad got all the same things as my Mom (sans pineapple and only a few olives) plus sweet bell pepper and onion.

IMG_6905Throw the pizzas back in the oven and let the cheese melt and brown up to your liking then dig in.

IMG_6906Now, I realize this is a carb heavy (and potentially fat heavy) dish I know but there are some benefits to making your own pizza:

  • You tailor your toppings
  • You tailor the amount and type of cheese used
  • It’s totally fun and would make a great way to have an interactive dinner party with a few friends

If you have allergies like me, here are some suggestions:

For gluten free you can do a pizza bake in a spaghetti squash OR use portabello caps as your ‘bread’

For dairy allergies you can try goat cheese if you can tolerate it OR just have it without the cheese. There are dairy free cheeses out there like Daiya, but I don’t recommend those simply because….well, read the ingredients label and come back to me.

If you’re just watching your carb-or-ators:

  • You can use the gluten free options
  • You can use a low carb tortilla (but I think though would be no fun as there’s thin crust and then there’s no-crust if you get what I’m saying. A pita would be better in this case)
  • You can make a cauliflower dough (I have even seen spaghetti squash ones). The issue here is for those with milk allergies as I have found that many of the ones that appear to hold together require a heavy hand of cheese.
  • You can try a meatza. The meatza is something I have wanted to try actually but haven’t yet. It’s basically using ground meat with a binding agents (I would probably use some egg whites with my gluten free oats OR coconut flour and flax meal) as your base then you load your toppings on top.

No matter how you make your own pizza, they are going to be super fun and interactive to do. PLUS it will obviously be something you love because you are adding all of your favourite things.

ONE TIDBIT! Use parchment paper and some flour of some kind or they will stick and you will be sad.

Wednesday Dinner

This one is a no-show because I met up with my friend Shady that day, so my parents told me they would just make their meat tourtiere instead.

My Mom did get to try a piece of my Chilean sea bass that I picked up at Whole Foods while I was there. She didn’t like the texture. I know who is she?!? That buttery, melt in your mouth texture…I digress.

Total debt of the day was about 100 bucks, not too bad considering I haven’t been to a Whole Foods in like 1/2 a year. You see, it’s like food, if you restrict then you are likely to binge. Keep me from Whole Foods for longer than a few weeks, and my debit card will be on firrrraaahh.


Thursday Dinner

This one was also easy peasy for me as my parents have their certain tradition nights. I did however save them from buying their usual breaded chicken strips


My Mom likes her yum yum pickles just a lil bit…

Thursday night apparently is a salad with chicken strips + Family Feud night, so I couldn’t mess around with that. Instead, I made them a nice big salad with a baked turkey breast that was seasoned with Mrs Dash and this lemon garlic dressing stuff that my Mom threw on top.

Tip for making super juicy chicken or turkey breasts in the oven: place in a foil pouch with a lil bit of a liquid and your seasoning of choice. Seal up the foil tightly and the steam keeps the meat from getting dry while baking in the oven.

IMG_6912So I made it a bit healthier by depriving them of their fried chicken ๐Ÿ˜€ I win.

Oh and I also snuck kale into the mix hehehe. Although, my Dad pointed out that he quite liked the green grassy stuff. Point two for Chessie!

Friday Dinner

My Mom went out for some tapas and drinks with some friends (oh we fancy huh?) so my Dad got his first official #SaladBeast!

Of course, my Dad got his own set of toppings as some of my favs are things he turns his nose up at. He’s a squash hater...but he’s never really tried it. Again, where did I come from?

The base salad is a baby lettuce blend + a Mediterranean blend along with raw peppers, cucumber and sprouts. As for the roasted toppings, we both got roasted portabello mushrooms, onions and asparagus (only some for my Dad)

Selected toppings included:

Dad: Raw carrots, roasted potatoes (seasoned with garlic, rosemary, pepper and olive oil), sundried tomatoes, some roasted asparagus and I snuck in some avocado without telling him. ๐Ÿ˜‰ He also got a spinach and feta turkey sausage that I picked him up special from whole foods.


Pre-dressing and cheddar cheese that my Dad added in.

Me: 1 random fruit (will get to in a second), roasted squash (obviously), and avocado. As for my protein, I used my leftover baked chicken breast seasoned with Mrs Dash tomato and basil salt free seasoning. OMG guys this one is so so good!

Now that fruit I mentioned….

IMG_6917This is the most fragrant pear I have ever had. It’s actually called a fragrant pear no joke. All the grocery store tag gave me was that it was from China, so I had to look it up because I was curious.

I didn’t find much, but basically these pears are grown in a certain small area in China along Silk Road and boost a sweet, honey-like fragrance. They are considered to be some of the finest pears in the country and although they have been cultivated for 13000 years, they have only left the country and shown up in America as of a few years ago. You can read more about them here if you’re interested.

You will have to wait to figure out if the pear is any good because I moved my saladbeast to Sunday night cuz my tummy was feeling some kinda way due to…well ladies will understand, so I didn’t feel like a salad baby bloat tonight.

Well guys, that was the first full week of my parents eats. I hope they gave you some ideas.

Onto the next week and foresee lobster in my Mom and My future because I saw some on sale this week. Thanks Mom and Dad. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Happy Friday. Less than a week until Christmas, so be happy ๐Ÿ˜€

Favourite thing to make with chicken?

Must have pizza toppings?

Do you like fruit in salads? I have only recently got over my fear of fruit elsewhere in my day other than around workout time and I have to say that I really do enjoy it when I have my saladbeasts BUT it cannot be a mushy fruit so no berries and such for me.