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You Asked For It…

Happy Christmas Eve Friends! 

Today was a very very busy day so today’s Top 25 will be the one I said I wasn’t going to do as I thought it was too cliche. However, I was specifically requested for one so I guess I just think too much sometimes and assume you don’t want to hear more about just me. HA.

Anyways todays catchup.

I made a homemade bison meatball stew for my parents in the crockpot before I left for the gym this morning. OMG the gym was an absolute zoo. There is one place you don’t want to be when it’s not open on Christmas Day and it closes Christmas Eve at 4pm.

My parents loved the stew by the way. Checkpoint for me and making their hectic lives easier with a pre-made dinner. 😀

An obvious place numba 2 you don’t want to be on Christmas Eve is the grocery store. I managed to come out alive, but the car almost got a cart rammed into it. Oh how happy my Dad would have been. I had to park in Tim-Buck-Two but that didn’t stop 4 carts from magically surrounding my car. It’s called return your carts peoples. -_-

My Mom and I got our nails done:


Our traditional Christmas nails! So much sparkles I love it. She has the snowflakes because she has nails as hard as diamonds so she can grow hers out…Apparently the hard nail gene skipped me…

We baked the 30lb turkey, prepped the 2 hams, made the sausage stuffing that everyone raved over last year and wrapped all the remaining presents.

Phew. Donzzzooo. Tonights agenda includes watching Elf, so that will let us all unwind before the big day tomorrow.

What are your plans for Christmas Eve? Traditions?

Alrighty, so as I alluded to, the Top 25 today is all about moi and this will conclude this Top 25 Things series as I will have to say that after everyone leaves tomorrow I will probably be too drained to make a proper sentence let alone list 25 things.

Which I learned was surprisingly hard sometimes. 25 is actually a lot. HA

So without further ado..

Top 25 Facts About LilMissFitnessFreak

  1. I have a fairly noticeable freckle on the tip of my wee nosey-nose that everyone always comments on. I’m not one to be ashamed of my freckles. I happen to love them.
  2. Speaking of loving myself, one feature that I absolutely love about myself is my HUGE eyes. Some say they are doe eyes. Others say I have the eyes of a doll. I have even got that I look like an anime character because my eyes are so big yet all of my features on my face are so small. I love them though because 1. It makes me feel more feminine and sweet and 2. because people tell me that my eyes sparkle and bring me to life. So therefore, the bigger the better. Plus who can really get mad at those big brown eyes… 😉 59061411.jpg
  3. I have never ever broken a bone (knock on wood) but I have bruised my tailbone when I went skiing for the first time as a school trip. Don’t do it friends, its sucks to not be able to sit down.
  4. I was apparently the best and worst baby and child of the world. I was very calm as a baby and very mature, respectful and sweet as a child but where I got ‘annoying’ was the fact that I was a walking medical problem. To this day, we get asked if we realize how big my medical file is…
  5. I will never voluntarily go to a place that is cold and/or raining all the time. It’s depressing.
  6. Peanut butter is really the only thing I’m crazy in love with now that I was deprived of as a child. Of all my allergies that I developed OUT OF, it is the one that latched onto my tastebuds and will probably never let go.
  7. I have gotten food poisoning from sushi one too many times and now even the smell nori or sitting in a sushi restaurant makes me nausaus
  8. I wanted to be a Vet all of my life until those 40 hours of community service showed me that it really wasn’t something I could be capable of doing.veterinarian-job-description.jpg
  9. I’m really attracted to a v-taper on a guy. Nice broad shoulders and a wide back. On a slightly different note, I also have a soft spot for a guy wearing a white, fitted long sleeve v-neck shirt. I have no idea why, I just love it.
  10. I was a really good artist as a kid. However, I was a copier not a creator. I’m great at creating pieces when I have a reference but to come up with an original piece was something I could never do well.
  11. Beanie Babies were my jam as a kid. I had a cabinet full of over 300 of them. My OCD also totally kicked in with these as I could literally take out every single one of them to play with and put them all back in the exact same spot when I was done.
  12. My Mom said that I had a horseshoe shoved up my ass (She didn’t say it exactly that way…lol) as a kid because I always managed to avoid stepping on things I didn’t see. One night I came into my parents bathroom to pee (I don’t turn lights on) and my dog had been sick literally ALL OVER the floor. Somehow I managed to sleep walk my way to the toilet and not step on any of it.3fcf7e65ccb6faad33ff5af71c30d5084564b93ffcf9bc0080ee76ce85378983.jpg
  13. “What’s the first thing you’d do if you were the opposite sex for one day?” Is it weird to say that I would go lift just to see how much stronger a male is compared to a female?
  14. If you believe that you can die in your sleep, I had quite a close encounter when I dreamt that I jumped off a waterfall after being chased by a bear. The moment before I made kissy-face with the ground, my legs slammed so hard against my bed that I sat straight up, awake and in a panic. Them reflexes I tell you.
  15. To this day, doctors still question why I’m so small. With my parents being 5’10 and 5’4, I have the doctors puzzled at my tiny 5’0 self. My gesture doctor has repeated several times how small my bones are and asked me if I was a premie. For the record I was actually normal sized when I was born…
  16. Speaking of my birth, due to my Mom’s back issues, she wasn’t allowed to push during labour and with the help of a very aggressive (and an a**hole of a doctor with no social skills), I was yanked out and ended up with a football shaped head for a the first day or so of my life. Thanks Doc for almost crushing my skull.
  17. I rarely cry when I get hurt (even as a very young child) I more so cry when I get over stressed and finally crack.
  18. “What superpower would you have for one day?” I want to be able to heal others OR be able to teleport myself. My hyperactive self would be all over the place!
  19. I always liked to be different when it came to my favourite things. Favourite Disney Princess? Jasmine. Favourite Winnie the Pooh character? Kanga. I never really had the same favourite as the majority. 239623-winnie-the-pooh-winnie-the-pooh-wallpaper-3
  20. I don’t like roller coasters, they give me really bad vertigo, but I love waterparks!
  21.  I’m a total posture snob. I actually cringe when I see slouching.
  22. “If you knew you would die in one week, what would you do?” Go to California for a week and make sure I swam with the dolphins. I have wanted to do that all my life.
  23. If you were to ask me what a deal breaker would be for a potential love, I would say if they smoked. Sorry, I just can’t do it.
  24. Speaking of smoking, I have the sense of smell of a dog no joke. My sense of smell is so strong and as a result, so is my sense of taste (as they are connected). Nothing escapes my nose. I would make a good taste tester.
  25. I’m a lefty.

And that’s a wrap. I hope you found one of those things interesting. Want to know more?

Ask me below!


Answer a question or two to help me learn about you too!

Have an amazing Christmas Day tomorrow. Much love to you all and your loved ones. ❤




What [Rita] Ate Wednesday

Hey Friends!

Happy Humpday!


Besides the fact that it’s midweek and half-way to the weekend, what do you enjoy about Wednesdays?

For me, today I’m having a lil dinner shindig with my two housemates and our friend, Cass so that’s going to be a good time! I will be makin’ up a noodle-LESS zucchini lasagna after Emily requesting…

I want ricotta

Cheese and more cheese you will receive.

Throw in some veggies and some happy cow meat (ie. grass-fed beef) as Emily calls it and we have a pretty quick, healthy and fun meal to bring to the table.

Although, remember to take the time to appreciate where you are and what you have in your life as today is also..


Remembrance Day. Have them in your hearts today and everyday.

Anywho, what else does Wednesday mean in the blogworld? What I Ate Wednesday with all the foodies of the blogosphere of course!

Oh there Jen and thanks to Laura for hosting the partay this week.


I had a request to highlight the eats from a normal person person other then myself and if you ask, you shall receive my friends.

Today we are highlighting the Tuesday eats of someone who, like me, loves all things food but she has one very big, and amazing, leg up on me…

She never denies herself or her body anything. She never bats an eye to just eat.

She is a true representation of eating intuitively in my mind.

If she’s hungry she eats.

If she wants ice cream at 5pm on a weekday, she nabs a bowl of ice cream.

If she goes for a nap before dinner and sleeps all the way to 10pm, well then dinner is at 10:30pm

If she’s feeling snacky despite not really being hungry, she fulfills that craving.

No second thoughts if every meal of a given day is eaten out.

You see, in a way I admire her. Fear isn’t in her vocabulary. She cannot understand why I would hold back from eating something or why many foods give me severe anxiety because if she wants something, she allows herself to have it. No guilt. No shame. No compensation.

She lives as everyone should. Free.

So with that, I give you a day in the life of my housemate, Rita.


Tuesday started a bit on a rough note as I heard her rush around the kitchen after sleeping an hour past her alarm.

Bed: 1, Rita: 0

She nabbed her lunch (I have slowly gotten her into food prepping! Housemate win!) and the lil snack baggy I made her real quick before she woke. She also had her usual hot water with a gob spoonful of raw honey.

I have asked her before the significance of this honey water and I believe she told me that her Mom said that it was good for the body so that is why she does it. Plus she loves loves sugar…erg honey. 

Time of class….8:30am

Time left the house… 8:28am.

Bike those legs Rita!


Bam in class. She is in landscape architecture and man has she been busy with school stuff this year. I always feel bad for her on those weeks (which seem like it’s been the whole year) that this poor girl is in the studio ALL DAY.

In the thermos is her morning tea I believe…


Have a I mentioned that tea is what this house is known for? Rita has about 2 teas a day, I’m the same and Em, umm.. too many to count. This is why our house had no glasses for like the first 2 months because we be muggin.

Anyways, 9:50am arrived and so did the food.


Apparently our school provides McD lookin food. Seriously, does that not look like an egg McMuffin and hash brown?

I’m going to assume class continued to happen until she went to the school gym for some swimming at 11am. She has been slowly learning how to swim (self teaching) and has really been enjoying it.

As a matter of fact, it makes me smile so much when she comes home all smiles saying that she’s getting stronger. She was telling me how she used to bike to school on level 1 and now she’s doing level 4. Good job to my housie. 😀

After that, around 12:50pm, lunch happened.


Foodprep for the win! She had stir-fried some book choy (her favourite veggie) with some chili flakes and lots of garlic to have with some white jasmine rice, the dark meat from the whole chicken I nabbed and the two last pieces of buttercup squash I roasted up for her on the weekend.

Fun fact. Stir frying raw chili, whether fresh or dried, creates fumes that will leave you choking for the rest of the night. It’s delicious but you have been warned.

I had roasted up an entire buttercup squash for her and Em the other week because it was one that was too soft and sweet for me (ie. perfectly ripe and the way most people like them the best. I’m weird and love them dry to the bone so they get super crispy when roasted) and Rita absolutely loved it. So this week when an in-class course took over her weekend and made her miss our farmers market trip she asked me to make her another batch and she went through that in 3 meals. 😀

Snackage happened throughout the afternoon starting around 1:45pm apparently…


That lil baggy I mentioned earlier in the post. I grabbed some of her dried figs and a few handfuls of her deluxe nut medley (both organic from the market), some candied ginger cubes and pumpkin flax granola from Nature’s Path to make a lil homemade trail mix.


Looks like an arrowroot cookie. Could be a cracker…I dunno.

From 2:30 to 3:30 she went on a plant walk with her class. See those drops on her baggy? Yeah it was pouring all day. Guess the profs don’t care about that…


These happen a few times a week where they go to a part of the campus and collect leaf samples to ID later. She says they are fun because she is in love with plants and enjoys seeing new species. Guess she found the major for her!

Post-plant pickin lolly at 3:35.


As I write this it’s killing me that I don’t know what flavour it is. I’m nosey can’t you tell?

Oh update I nabbed her on her way out…Chocolate something she’s says and a mini one that you hand out to the kiddos at Halloween lol

Dinner happened around 5:30pm and she texted me being like

Chelsea I forgot to take a picture of my dinner!!

….but I took a picture of the menu..


She’s so cute.

She had that soup, which she said was really yummy (as the sign says!) and a Philly cheesesteak sammich.

Workin Workin Workin

She arrived home around 9ish I think to dig into her pint of Baskin Robbins Mango Tango ice cream at 9:47pm (hahah so specific)..


And some more of that pumpkin flax granola…at 9:55pm. <- She takes this tracking seriously. LOL


Then she crashed probably around 11:30pm. Another long day in the books for her.

So there was a look into the eats of my housemate. A girl who loves food and gives her body what it wants, when it wants it and just enjoys herself.

Something everyone should be able to do!

Oh and I wanted to show you how funny she is…

IMG_8258Yes she actually wrote everything down for me! She was totally excited to do this lil day in the life of eating post and took her job very seriously.

Thanks Rita!

Anyways, I’m looking forward to tonights lil dinner party we are having and hopefully I can make a zucchini lasagna that is not too watery this time. They tend to do that because of the high water content in zucchini so I have a few tricks I’m pulling out of the bag (roasting the zucchini + very thick sauce) for this attempt and hopefully my guests enjoy the end result

I will not be having it as 1. it contains cheese which I can’t eat and 2. my coach would hit me over the head because it doesn’t have carbs. But I have mentioned before that I love throwing dinner parties because it lets me be creative in the kitchen.

Happy Wednesday Friends, I’m off to train chest after eating my second pre-workout massive plate of food…


Favourite Ice Cream Flavour?

Do you like Trail Mix?



One Of My Favourite Things….Reader Question

My Friends

Laura asked me a lil while ago to do another post on my favourite activity and I was more then willing to write that on up for her and all you guys who may have questions about this topic as well.

So what are we talking about here?


I actually love to grocery shop. I get so many cool new ideas and inspiration just from wandering around. It’s very relaxing to me…

However, I may have an issue..


Enough said.

Anyways, so onto your question Laura.

What types of tips can you give to students for grocery shopping. What should I buy, etc? What about when I’m on a budget.

So the first thing I’m going to say is that you need to know what foods are right for you and your body and lifestyle. I will talk about what I like and what I feel makes for a healthy lifestyle, but that does not imply that I think my food choices are best. For example, I firmly believe in buying as much natural, whole and organic foods as I can afford because if your body is built off of what you give it, why not give it foods in their most natural and utilizable form?

Of course, not every student can afford or cares to buy grassfed, organic, etc things

And that’s okay.

I tend to avoid things in a box, but some people may love their cereals and such.

That’s okay too.

Take my words with a grain of salt and always, in the end, do what works for you.

Okay so here are my thoughts and tips based off my beliefs about wholesome eating and how to take those beliefs into your grocery store.

Before you go:

~Don’t be hungry. The saying is true, you will buy more things when you are not hungry or not satisfied then when you are content and therefore thinking with a more logical part of your body (ie. not you rumbling tummy). #HangryProblems


~Plan what you may want to have during the week. The extent of this ‘food prep’ list is up to you, but food prepping and having food on hand is such a great thing for busy students as it allows for easy access to fully cooked foods that are good for you, easy to produce quick, on the go meals with and helps to save money as well due to not having to buy out.

~Write yourself a list. Especially if a budget is important, write what you need and stick with it. Bonus points if you know what is on sale! If you cannot do this ahead of time, you can generally see the flyers when you walk in and adjust your purchases based on what is on sale that you like. Things like meats, dairy and fish are great to catch on sale as those are some of your more expensive items.


~Check what you already have. You don’t want to end up buying more then you need or more stuff that can then go bad on ya.

When you’re shoppin.

~Stick to whole foods first. That means you are shopping the exterior (with some exceptions). Meats, fish, dairy and alternatives and your produce are all around the aisles, while the convenience or processed foods tend to be centre stage. I know they seem to be easier then preppin from scratch, but those foods are filled with all kinds of nasties like preservatives, unnecessary sodium and sugars and just stuff your body doesn’t care to house.

~What’s local or in season? Produce bills expensive you say? Try to include things that are in season. If you can’t get to (or don’t enjoy attending) a farmers market, then buying local in the stores is your next best way to save money. More bonus points as you are being more environmentally friendly by purchasing foods that don’t have to travel far.

Selfish point: Buying local also generally means they have retained more of their nutrients as the time between pickin and sellin is less then if it had to be flown in. Nutrients for you, money for your community farmers. Win:win situation I think. 

~Think about non-meat alternatives. Again, if budget is your thang, these will be a life saver for you. As I have mentioned, I ain’t about that soy life so things like tofu, tempeh and the ‘fake meats’ are never going to make my list, but if you enjoy those, then by all means nab some and save some dollar dollars as they are cheaper then animal products. I will say that if you are choosing the soy route, this would be one of my staple organic choices as pretty much all soy is GMO otherwise. Even buying organic here is cheaper then meat generally. Also consider the plant based proteins such as beans, legumes and even some high protein grains and seeds such as quinoa, spelt, buckwheat (soba noodles anyone?), amaranth, etc.

~Bulk Life. Buying staple items such as rice, oats and pasta can save big bucks. Rice is another thing I would recommend buying organic and if you buy the bigger bags, they really aren’t that expensive plus they will last forever!


~Watch your condiments and sauces. These are notorious for hiding those nasty ingredients that we are told about in the news but may not really know we are ingesting them. How about a lil MSG with your thai food? Read those labels my friends. Personally, the only condiment I use is mustard, the others are whole foods like olive and coconut oil, vinegars and such that I can make my own dressings with. If you prefer pre-made, here are some tips:

Dressings: Watch for excessive amounts of sugar, especially in the ‘lower calorie’ versions, which I would not recommend buying anyways. If they cut fat, they have to add other things to make up for it. Those other things tend to be gums, thickeners, sodium and many forms of sugar

Sauces: Sodium is the killer here mostly and potentially some unwanted chemicals. Thai and other stirfry sauces are the worst for sodium so try to stick to lower sodium options, and natural if possible as they tend to not then add weird things to make up for sodium. Also take note of ones that are MSG free. Marketers will use the many different forms of the name MSG in order to try to sneak that ingredient by you so be cautious (check out this list). This guy is one of the big ones that should be banned but still finds its way into many condiments, especially Asian food ones. BBQ sauces tend to rack up in the sugar department so try to either make your own (there are so many easy recipes out there!) or go for natural and sugar free options

Toppers. The most natural you’re gunna get is mustard. Perhaps some hot sauces, salsas and guacs can be okay if they are minimally processed and have a short ingredient list. Things like Ketchup is tough because it has both sugar and high sodium, so if you like it, try making your own version (try this page for an easy and deeper flavoured homemade ketchup!) or just be mindful of how much you use.

~Don’t be afraid of the deep freeze. I actually just talked about this with my housemate a little while ago. Don’t think that frozen vegetables, fruits, fish and meats are lower quality. In fact, sometimes frozen is better for you! In the case of vegetables and fruit, these items loose their nutrients as they ripen and so if they are frozen right after picking, they retain their nutrient value for much longer!

Quick Tip: Look for flash or quick frozen as they tend to yield better products. Other ones may have been frozen at lower temperatures causing clumping and a weird thawed product. The faster and colder they are frozen, the better they will be when they thaw due to less internal damage during the freezing process. #FoodScience.

When you get home.

~Prep some things. Before you put it all away, take the opportunity to help yourself out a lil bit. Even if it’s a small task of washing and slicing some fruits and/or vegetables to have on hand for snacks, every lil bit helps and if you do it before you put it away, you are more likely to do it period. I would also recommend portioning out your meats. Take out some to cook and baggy up some to freeze for later in the week.

Okee well those are my tips for grocery shoppin. I have a few other comments about organic food in general so if you don’t care about organics, then parooze right past this part and I hope these lil tidbits could help you out!

Okay, so I mentioned that I tend to buy as much organics as possible (for my budget) because I want to get the best for my body. Of course, this is fully dependent on the whether organic standards are true to their word

Anyways here are my thoughts.

Fruits/Vegetables: I tend to buy local first (when at the farmers market) and then organic next. If it’s a ‘dirty dozen list’ I try at all costs to buy organic. For the most part, I tend to prefer organics for things I eat the skins of so my greens, squash, sweet taters, berries, etc. Things like banana’s, avocados, etc I don’t really have a prefrence. Yes, if organic practices are truly followed, it’s not just about me, but also about the environmental impact, but if I had to choose due to budgeting, I will go for organics for the things I will be eating in entirety. Also, if I had the option of free trade vs organic for things like bananas, I would choose free trade because #PowerToThePeople..

Dairy: I don’t buy dairy as I’m lactose intolerant, but I do recommend buying organic and humane. You avoid the growth hormones and grass-fed cattle always means happier cows and more nutrients for you.

Meats: Red meat is always grass-fed for me, and in fact, I rarely eat beef, but instead go for my exotic meats from a local bulk freezer place (MacMillans) and those are always pasture raised due to the types of animals we are dealing with (can’t stuff an elk into a closed off pen like a cow..). As for chicken and turkey, I cannot afford those to be grass-fed but most of the time I’m lazy and just by roasted chicken (1/2 the time it’s from GoodnessMe! which is grass-fed, antibiotic free) and take off all the skin.

Fish: I would say about 1/2 of my fish is humane and wild caught, 1/4 is local (from MacMillans again) and 1/4 is just wild. I avoid farmed due to the heavy chemical load, dye usage and the fact that I don’t really like the practice so I don’t like to support it. There are some species of fish that I love but refuse to buy simply because of the fishing practices like tilapia and most arctic char. Lastly, I also try my best not to go nuts on the big fish despite me loving a lot of them (swordfish, tuna, etc) as they take a while to replenish their numbers.

Eggs: 95% of the time I buy grass-fed, no growth hormone eggs. I want ‘happy chickens’ people and you can actually tell the difference. Most people will shrug this off until they see the difference in yolk colour. That pale yellow conventional egg yolk ain’t got nothing on my golden to almost orange coloured free range egg. The farmers market makes these extremely cheap to buy to so it’s a win win once again.

So that is officially it my friends. Laura (and everyone else!) I hope this suffices but if you have any further questions, throw them in the comments and I will happily answer. 🙂

What are your thoughts on organics?

Do you like game meat?



When You’re A Human Flame Starter…GERD

My friends!

How are you all on this fine day?

I have had a request for a post on my experience with GERD and how I manage it day to day from the lovely Kristine (Thanks lady! :-)) and I’m happy to share that with ya and hopefully anyone else dealing with any form of acid reflux can gain something from this post as well.

I also was asked by a reader or two whether I was taking questions now that I started that “Work With Me” section and the answer is a big fat YES! Please remember that that section is not going to take away from my blog whatsoever. You guys inspire my posts so never be thinking that I will ignore questions now that I started that. Think of that section as something separate from my bloggy and ask and comment away. I want to make sure my posts are still relevant to you all so I love when you all ask questions and make requests.

So now onto something a lil fire-yyy.

Dat GERD or Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease.

Because I want to share my own experiences and ways I deal with it, I won’t get into the nitty gritty details of what it is, but go to this site for a better understanding if you would like.

To be brief though, GERD or acid reflux is where the liquids from your gastrointestinal tract (which contain digestive enzymes and acid among other things) comes back up into the esophagus and often causes a burning feeling due to it literally inflaming and damaging the esophageal lining. That heartburn sensation is the most common complaint associated with GERD but there are a host of other possible symptoms depending on your specific body and case.

Not a nice feeling when your throat and chest feel like they are on fire…

Click on this picture for another individuals story with GERD.

So what do you do about it?

Unfortunately there isn’t much you can do to get rid of it as it’s not curable. Sometimes it can show up temporarily, such as in some pregnancies or can be caused by medications, but in most cases where GERD is diagnosed in an individual, they are stuck with it for life. There are prescription medications and even surgeries that can help sometimes, but it is often a turn to your diet and lifestyle that will better allow you to manage your symptoms on a daily basis. You just need to learn your triggers and then try your best to avoid them.

Oh and don’t load up on antacids. Too much is not good for you. Read the bottle, it says so.

Yes I know…another trial and error process. Oh body, why must you be so complicated?

So what’s my story?

I will be brief (pinky promise!) and then share what has seemed to work for me.

my storySo that’s my shhhhpeal and what I have gone through personally. Now to help you out based on what has helped me.

There are lots of things out there that you are told to avoid in order to manage your symptoms, but always remember that everybody is different and some things may be okay for some and not for others. Here are some of the things I have experienced.

Don’t eat spicy foods. Have you seen my food? I rebel against this rule and haven’t noticed that spicy food ever leads to more acid reflux symptoms.

Eat smaller meals. This one was tricky. Yes being overly full can lead to more reflux, but for me specifically, eating too often led to my digestion getting thrown off. So I traded off and do 4 meals a day.

Eat slowly. This stops you from overeating, which leads to greater acid production and greater regurgitation of that acid due to stomach distension.

Take a walk after your meal. This can help ease the digestion process and get things moving and empty the stomach quicker. This does help. However, don’t get all crazy and go for a run because that causes the opposite as your stomach as not emptied enough yet and if you don’t end up puking, you will definitely get heartburn at least.

Don’t eat too much sugar, processed food, etc. I can’t say much for this because I don’t eat those on the regular, but I always vouch for limiting those in your diet (moderation not rejection!) anyhow because they don’t provide much nutritional benefits.

Don’t lie down when you are having heartburn. This is very true. When you lie down, it better allows the acid to creep up as gravity helps to pull it down. If you’re going to sit down or if it’s when you’re going to bed, make sure your head is elevated to try to alleviate it a bit.

Lose weight. This may be the case for some as obesity tends to be associated with acid reflux symptoms. Apparently when you are overweight, the sphincter gets lazy or more relaxed. For myself, this is not the case, so once again, take at look at your own situation. If you are overweight, it can help to loose weight.

Other foods that are suggested to be avoided..



Onions and Garlic. Ooooh my favourites. I love raw onion in a salad but I do find I have issues if I over do it. These two are also high FODMAP and thus may also cause digestive issues as well.

Peppermint. I drink peppermint a ton and love it but I do find that I can get heartburn from it occasionally. It’s not that bad so I drink it anyways EXCEPT if the acid is already there or I’m feeling very distended from my last meal.

Alcohol and Smoking. Both are relaxants and thus can relax that sphincter which you don’t want.

Caffeine. I learned this after realizing my daily afternoon green tea was causing me to get heartburn EVERY DAY. It was a hard thing to give up let me tell you. I can’t imagine how coffee would make someone feel…

Bubbly or carbonated drinks. YES YES and YES. Not only do they cause me to bloat like crazy, but they also give me heartburn. Avoid.

Fatty Foods. Apparently these relax the sphincter and increase acid that comes back up. Additionally, fat is a slower digesting macronutrient and thus delays stomach emptying. Personally, I haven’t found that eating fattier foods, like high fat fish, etc to cause that, but perhaps there is a connection between the type of fat in these high fat foods? Maybe things like high trans fats and possible some saturated may cause more reflux over those healthier ones like mono and poly-unsaturated varieties.

I hope that helps you Kristine and anyone else who has to deal with these symptoms. If you have any other questions, throw them in the comment box below. 🙂

Let us all be fire free…Or maybe not because then maybe one of these guys will come put it out…

Anyone watch this show?

Sorry for my few male readers out there, my girls needed their dose of guy-candy. It’s been a while.



Update + Cardio Cycle Brooke Question

HIYA Friends!

Who’s done exams?

If you’re not, I hope you’re finished soon so you can join me in this vacay bliss.

Plans for the summer?

For me, I’m hoping to nab a job first off. #NeedMoney

I applied for a volunteer position in the clinic on my campus for being a dietetic shadow volunteer. Unfortunately the nutrition spots were all filled for the summer (crossing my fingers for the fall) but they offered a physio shadow position so I might be able to take that one! It may not be nutrition but it is still something that offers me clinical experience and it is technically related to exercise so it should be interesting.

I’m also hoping to get my application into Homewood in Guelph which is a health care clinic that specializes in mental health and addition. In fact, it has the largest eating disorder program in Canada and the most recognized addictions program as well.  I knew someone who volunteered in the eating disorder unit and helped out during meal times and I think that would be an amazing opportunity for me if I had the chance to do it.

Bulking. Yup. Bulking. This is for real this time though because my parents have put me on lockdown and have set up some dates where if I don’t start to increase my weight by July there will be some changes that will happen that will definitely conflict with my goals. I was just starting to see some gains and then I got that bout of food poisoning and it literally just dug my grave for me. So now I need to crack down on that voice and my fears and just get it done no matter what. This is my life and I want to be in control. I can do this.

Is it frustrating that one single sickness incident has spiraled into my parents being scared and now forcing pressure for weight gain…?

Absolutely yes. I’m angry with my body that it looses so quickly. More so though, I’m angry that my mind has let it get to the point where I really have no buffering weight for if I get sick. I need to fix that and it starts now. Just trying to stick to the positive thoughts…

Extra food will get me out of my plateau at the gym.

Extra food will mean I’m less tired and less cold.

Extra food will give me a glow.

Extra food will make me healthier.

Positivity will get me through this rough time. Be ready to see this journey unfold.

So enough about me, now onto you. In particular, onto you Brooke. You asked me this question quite a while back and I told you to hold tight because I wanted to do a video on it and here it finally is. I hope it answered what you needed and helps out anyone else as well.

As usual, click the thumbnail and that will take you to my vlog where I answer her question.

How do you get out of the cardio cycle?

Photo on 2015-04-19 at 14.18Please leave your thoughts, responses and feedback below in zee comments as usual as I love hearing from you guys. 🙂

Also, before I leave you all, I found a video about a week ago that really summed up my opinion on Juice Cleanses. I have mentioned her on the blog before, but Robyn really is just a great person and I like to bring her on here once and a while as she can be a great resource for anyone here looking for nutrition advice from a Real Life RD.

One day I hope to be where you are, well were as you switched gears to nursing, but her knowledge and experience is really beneficial!

Enjoy! Again, click on her blog image for the video link up. Sorry Robyn, I snagged your info picture for the thumbnail…I hope you don’t mind.

I hope you guys had a great weekend and I will chatter with you all soon!



The Meat Freak Talks Vegan Say What?!

Hey friends!

I had a request to talk give out some vegan recipes and I finally decided to tackle that one for ya! Oh hey Melissa, this ones for you. 🙂 Now, as you all probably know, I’m a complete carnivore (no offense to all the vegans and vegetarians out there) and due tot that, I don’t really have any full meals that are vegan to share with you. I was going to do one meatless Monday this vacation with a soup, but I didn’t think that was very creative so I thought it would be better to just do some bloglovin and share some amazing recipes from the blog-o-sphere. I will however give some tips and factoids about the nutritional requirements I think are important as you have to be much more mindful that you are giving you body what it needs for any diet that requires restriction.

So how ’bout some lil pointers first eh?

The first thing that comes to mind is protein. It’s the question that makes all vegans (and vegetarians) go crazy because it really isn’t that hard to get all of your protein from non-animal sources, it just takes a lil bit more thought.

I will go off the deep end here and say that if you’re a hard core bodybuilder you may need some protein powder of some kind to meet your needs if your diet is also carb restricted. I firmly believe that high protein is needed to build a decent amount of muscle, many will argue against this notion, but this is what I believe.

There are many sources of protein in nature other than in animal products. Yes, vegetarians will have it easier as they can include dairy, fish and eggs, if they chose, and that should mean they have no problem reaching their requirements for protein BUT vegans, it can be trickier.

With plant based proteins, they are incomplete (with a small handful of exceptions which most people don’t eat, like some forms of algae/kelp I believe), meaning they don’t have all of your amino acids. Due to this, it is crucial that you eat a variety of different foods to ensure you are getting all of your amino acids (ie building blocks of any new tissue, muscle, etc in the body), especially those essential ones that the body cannot make on it’s own. Now, I have now come to believe that you don’t need to do complementary pairing at every meal, but instead, having a day full of variety is enough to get what you need.

Here are some examples of foods for your essential ones. Make sure to include these in your diet daily as you cannot make these lil guys.

  • Histidine: Rye, bananas, green vegetables, rice
  • Isoleucin: Soy protein, seaweed
  • Leucin: Beans, lentils, nuts, rice, oats
  • Lysine: Beans, nuts, seeds, some grains
  • Methionine: Beans, nuts, seeds, grains,
  • Phenylalanine: Soy products, nuts and seeds
  • Threonine: Lentils, black beans and sesame seeds
  • Tryptophan: Spirulina, unsweetened chocolate, seeds, some grains (like quinoa), and dates
  • Valine: Beans and legumes

The only other issue of getting enough protein with this lifestyle is whether or not your body responds well to the protein sources you have left. Personally, not only would I never be able to give up meat without feeling like I’m giving up the best foods (again, sorry to those who are not meat eaters, I’m just being honest), but my body just wouldn’t work eating vegetarian proteins. I can only eat beans and lentils once in a blue moon because they upset my stomach (way to gassy), I refuse to eat soy and well….there’s nothing really substantial left. Check out the video (click on the image) I posted below for my take on this issue.

So now that we got the big one out of the way, some other vitamins and minerals of concern, especially with vegans include:

B12: This guy is very hard to find naturally in non-animal products so you’re kinda stuck going with supplements or fortified foods. One natural source I do know of is nutritional yeast (which more use a cheesy tasting substitute). Guys, you need this one for sure as it can wreck havoc on your system from damaging your nerves, causing anemia or leading to heart problems. Take this one seriously or you will find yourself in a convulsive fit.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids: Without fish, this one can be tough because plant based sources are tricky to use by the body. For example, while flax is a source of omega fatty acids, specifically ALA, the body has to convert that ALA to EPA and DHA and it’s not very efficient at this process. As a result, you are kind of stuck getting a small fraction of what you see on the nutrition label. Best to find a supplement offering a high amount of DHA and EPA. The source is often algae.

Calcium: Although in smaller amounts, this one can be found in a number of plant based foods. Some of those include, dark leafy greens, beans, legumes, nuts, and many green vegetables. The issue once again comes down to the ability to absorb the calcium as there is a pesky thing called oxalate that is found in quite high amounts in those foods and that blocks absorption. Often, supplements are still required to get enough after accounting for lack of absorption.

Vitamin D: Once again, supplementation or fortified foods are your friends here as Vitamin D is a toughie in non-animal foods. Mushrooms are one of the only natural sources I can find.

Iron: Similar issue in a way to calcium. Iron comes in two forms, heme and non heme. Heme, which is in animal products, is much more bioavailable to our body’s to use, while plant based non-heme iron is harder for the body to use and thus you end up with much less in the end. Plant based foods such as grains, beans and lentils are great sources of iron BUT ensure to eat them with vitamin C to help with absorption.

Here is a great website to check out for more info! Click here.

Okay, wow this is getting long and we haven’t even gotten to the recipes yet. Okay, one final comment before I get to the food.

One major trend I see all too often with vegans and vegetarians is the fact that they eat way too many carbohydrates (as they may turn to fast or processed foods) because they don’t eat enough protein and therefore just don’t know what to eat. In the end, because carbohydrates really don’t satisfy you when consumed solo, you find yourself constantly hungry and munching and that can lead to weight gain. Just because meat is taken out of the equation (which is often the center focus of our meals these days) doesn’t mean that all you have left are carbohydrate heavy dishes.

On the other hand, I also see many very undernourished vegans because they are eating too many low calorie plant based foods and not enough fats and proteins. Although you may be getting lots and lots of vitamins and minerals from those veggies, your body needs fats and protein to sustain you, and, without them, it will start to break down quickly.

So, the key is balance. Be mindful that you get enough protein at every meal and don’t go overboard with excessive amounts of carbohydrates (as many protein sources are also quite high in carbohydrates), take supplements as needed and listen to your body. If you’re constantly getting sick, feeling tired or just not right, either you are missing something vital in your diet or it’s time to take a hard look at whether this lifestyle and determine if it’s something your body can handle.

Alrighty, now onto the fun stuff!

Zee foods.

I have hunted down a good number of recipes that I hope you enjoy. I tried to include a variety of styles, types of meals, ease of cooking and tastes for you all.

Screen shot 2014-12-22 at 9.37.40 PMOh She Glows. Protein, check. Healthy carbphydrate sources, check. Greens…I would add some kale perhaps or another dark leafy green. Also, the fat free dressing is not something I’m a fan off. Add some fat with olive oil or add avocado to your salad so it sticks around a lil bit longer.

Black Bean & Brown Rice Burritos

The Everyday Veggie. High protein but a lil on the carby side for my liking as it’s rice inside a tortilla. I would wrap it all up in a collard green wrap.

Chatelaine. I love the fact that they didn’t put it on a bun! They used portabello mushrooms as their buns which are natural sources of both protein and vitamin D.

fall pumpkin buckwheat breakfast bowl-1-3

Eating Bird Food. You didn’t think you would get away without getting something that looks like oatmeal did you? I would however add some more protein to this dish by either adding some protein powder (vegan of course, peanut flour would be ideal) or hemp seeds.

My New Roots. For the request for a vegan cheesecake, here is a beauty! Do not be afraid of the fats in this one as they are coming from healthy sources including nuts and coconut oil PLUS this is a treat. It’s much better to be eating those fats then the hydrogenated ones found in a commercial cheesecake no?

See, being vegetarian or vegan is not hard, it just takes a lil bit of base knowledge about your bodily needs, some more thought perhaps in the beginning and dropping the stigma that you will be eating leaves for the rest of your life.

Experiment and have some fun!

I hope this post helped some of you out.

It’s officially Christmas Eve tomorrow and I can’t wait!

All the best,



WIAW Quick FoodPic Dump

Hey Friends!

I’m sorry I have been so offline as of late, I just moved to my new city to start school tomorrow at the University of Guelph in the their Bachelor of Applied Sciences Nutrition program and I’m kinda excited. I’m also really busy which is why Lil Miss Fitness Freak hasn’t been speakin much to you all. I promise I will get back to the bloggie soon.

Back to school I go!

Speaking of speakin, I posted a new vlog giving a quick update and answering a reader’s question about balance during school if you wanna check it out. I would also love your opinions on the question I asked you guys at the end!

Here’s the link-up ->

Onto the noms. This is just a mish-mash of things I have been eating lately, whether at home (Acton with my parents) or back in Hammertown. Enjoy!

Fall into Good Habits: WIAWI don’t like that Fall is officially be said to be ‘here’. We never really had our summa…sadface!

20140903-095155-35515551.jpgA typical dinna on this girls plate. Baked marlin steak with pesto and avocado, roasted squash (that kabocha I have been using up from my store has been absolute crunchy perfection!) and greens.

20140903-095154-35514877.jpgThis was amazing! Post workout lunch using up freezer stuff before the move and lookie lookie who had massive scallops just chillin in the freezer? Woe is me, have to use them up right? 😉 I made my concoction (sans chicken) and topped it off with those beautiful scallops seared perfectly in a Lil Miss Fitness Freak fashion.

20140903-095157-35517089.jpgPost Leg Day bliss on a plate. Used up that final elk steak to give me some good ol’ iron and creatine. Stirfried asparagus, shitake mushrooms and onions accompanies and a sweet spud.

20140903-095154-35514560.jpgMy “Cheat” of the week was my favourite Thai take-out on the way to Acton after a long and exhausting day of packing and unpacking and moving. I got a medium spicy basil stirfy, hold the rice and add moooooore veggies. I kinda wish I had gotten the cashew version because 1. Cashew’s are delish and 2. this held me over for a whole hour…

20140903-095153-35513897.jpgMakin my own stirfry at home with the parentals. Brown long grain rice was ‘fried’ into bok choy, eggplant, onion, asparagus, water chestnuts and mushrooms along with copious amounts of garlic, ginger and chili flakes. Simple and tasty. 20140903-100102-36062916.jpgMore stirfryin‘. Seeing a trend here? Shrimpies!! 😀

20140903-095155-35515983.jpgSee another trend? Shrimpies! Messy but always good saladbeast in a mixin bowl.

20140903-100103-36063857.jpgSpeaking of saladbeasts, my parents and I visited the Eaton Centre for some shoppin so of course I had to get my insanely expensive customized salad at Fast And Fresh.

20140903-100102-36062605.jpgFueling up for LegDay with ma voluminous proats.

20140903-100138-36098313.jpgAmazing grilled dinnah with my parents and Nana and Papa. I had a grilled mahi mahi kebab, grilled portabello mushroom cap and a big plate of salad.

20140903-100105-36065458.jpgEat all things grilled! Leftover grilled veggie kebab with some prepped grilled pesto turkey and brown long grain rice.

20140903-100138-36098982.jpgPost workout lunch of baked chipotle seasoned basa (Mrs. Dash salt free seasoning blends), roasted Japanese purple sweet tater sprinkled with rosemary and a mini salad.

That’s it peeps. Talk at you soon! Don’t forget to pay a nice lil visit to Jen over at Peas and Crayons for more #FoodPorn.

Good luck to everyone who is starting school this week. 🙂

Aaaannd to end off with a lil something something nice…

20140903-100929-36569566.jpgShoutout to Instagram.