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WIAW…Playing Catch Up

Hey Friends!

First and foremost it’s my 40th post today! YAY Lil Miss Fitness Freak! With that said I wanted to ask a few questions regarding my blog:

  • How do you like my posts?
  • Too short…Too long? I tend to chat a lot…
  • Anything you would like to see from me?

And of course, thanks to all my followers for reading my posts. I don’t have a huge following over here but I love that I still get some comments and discussions started from you guys! Love the support. 😀

So onto the main event WHAT DID I EAT?!?! I know you’re dying to know. 😉 Due to missing WIAW last week I decided to just dump a whole bunch of noms on ya this week. Thanks to Jen and lil chickpea for hosting the part-ay!

Peas and Crayons

Don’t forget to check out all the other foodporn from my fellow foodies on Jen’s site!

Here are some of the things that I have been lovin for the past 2 weeks…and remembered to take snapsies of:

Proat Lovin

peanut butter jelly oatsPB&J proats

OMG these were absolutely fabulous! I was super surprised because normally I really miss my banana if I don’t put any in, but these were delicious. The peanut flour adds a nice subtle peanutty flavour while also giving me some extra carbs before my leg workout.

For the base (to refrigerate over night) I combined:

  • 1/3 cup + 1 tbsp oats
  • 2 tbsp peanut flour (replacing the whey)
  • 1 tsp chia seeds
  • 1/3 cup each unsweetened almond milk and water
  • cinnamon to taste

In the morning, add a lil bit more water, stir it up and nuke for 2-3 minutes. Stir in 2-3 egg whites (1/4-1/3 cup) and a lil bit more water until the eggs are dissolved. Nuke for another 2 minutes. While this is cooking, tear 1/4 of a peanut butter jelly Quest bar into bites and bake them for 3-4 minutes or until browned. Once the oatmeal is done, take out, add a lil bit more water and stir in 100g of melted strawberries (just diced strawberries nuked for 1:30-2 minutes until melty but still chunky), your baked Questbar bites, 1/4 peanut butter jelly Questbar (this one is raw and cut into bites) and 1/2 tsp of camu camu powder (optional superfood addition). Top with 1/2 tbsp of crunchy peanut butter and devour! So good 😀

IMG_1924Proats with peanut flour (rather than whey), banana, peanut butter, lucuma powder and 1/2 a peanut butter Questbar (half baked, half raw) for leg day last week.

IMG_1961Proats with strawberries, maca powder, 1/2 a strawberry cheesecake Questbar (again raw and baked bites) and peanut butter. Had lots of organic strawberries to use up!

IMG_1959Not as pretty but this is how I actually eat my proats (same bowl as the above picture). I stir it all up and bring lots of goodies to the centre to top with my peanut butter so that last bite is epic! Yes I eat around the edges of the bowl first….Im 22 years old I swear! 😀

IMG_1964Legday proats this morning with lots of banana (65g), lucuma powder, Cellucor cinnamon swirl whey (rather than my chocolate New Zealand whey), 1/2 a cinnamon bun Questbar (raw and baked as usual) and a 1/2 tbsp peanut butter. OMG first off, I had forgotten how much I liked the cinnamon questbar…those new flavours are so good that they take you away from having the older classics. So yummy! The addition of the Cellucor protein was super good too. I hadn’t mixed this particular brand of protein (despite their flavours being fab!) into my proats for a while because I remembered it clumping really badly. This time it didn’t clump at all and the cinnamon flavour was really good! NOMMY.

The Usual Suspects..but wait…

IMG_1942…they were literally on the go. Post-Post workout flexbowl of green veggies, purple sweet tater and turkey breast meat that was sauteed with onion, basil and ginger and thrown into a bowl before we got kicked out of our house for a showing.

Restday AM Snackie

IMG_19311 jumbo egg (hello healthy fats!), 3 egg whites, come cooked ground chicken breast meat, steamed brussels and asparagus all made into an omelet and topped with mustard and tabasco. Again limited spices as I was at home but made due with ginger, basil and chili flakes. What you don’t have omelets for snacks? You should…why? Check out that yolkporn:

IMG_1934Again, always make sure you have the bestest most nommy last bite. This one had the most yolk with a lil bit of all the stuffing ingredients.

Lovin me some fish and greens!

IMG_1913Baked basil pesto haddock with chili flakes topped with 1/4 ounce light goat cheese (mmmmm), avocado (say what?! I know, its no longer revolting! Yay to more healthy fats) and three lil shrimpies served alongside a mountain of swiss chard sauteed with onion, garlic, mushrooms, curry powder, chili flakes and chili powder AND rosemary roasted kabocha. THIS WAS AMAZING! It may be simple but so so satisfying. This was my first time trying haddock and despite my concerns that it would be too much like halibut or cod (not really a huge fan of either), it was pretty tasty.

IMG_1963Dinner on repeat last night but I got me some more of my love…Steelhead trout. Super YUM! I was soo hangry by the time I got to eat this that I actually barely felt anything in my stomach after I finished… Biking in the city for the afternoon on top of traffic keeping you from dinner for too long results in a bottomless pit of a stomach apparently.

IMG_1925Legday ‘throw it all in a bowl and call it a meal’ dinner last Thursday. Normal swiss chard sautee (but with golden beets added), bulgar wheat, 1/2 can of tuna (sprinkled with chili and curry powders), cooked tandoori spiced ground chicken breast meat (hence the pinkish colour).

Well that’s all for the nom-sharing as I have a busy day ahead.  I hope to be able to squeeze in some baking time, specifically more Quest protein bread (easy peazy squeezy to make) and some more homemade Nuttzo with the crazy expensive organic nuts I bought yesterday after raiding the Whole Foods bulk bins in TO.  This version I hope will be even tastier than the last as I got pistachios and pecans this time on top of all the others. 😉

Do you enjoy simple meals or are you more keen to making lavish meals? My boyfriend would call most of my meals lavish as I take the time to cook them the way I like’em (some would say OCD, I like to say I make’em to enjoy them). As you can see, I love a simple meal of baked fish, roasted squash and greens with some good spices thrown into the mix. Not hard right?

Every made your own homemade nut butter? Can’t live without my homemade crunchy peanut butter. I let the nuts roast for longer so mine gets a richer taste. Yay for personalization 😀

Did you bake anything this week? The local fruits have been giving me the baking urge as of late. Figs and peaches have both been on my to-do list.

Happy Hump Day!




Easy Peasy Peanut Buttery Granola

IMG_1556Hey Friends,

So I told you I wanted to get a lil bit more active in posting recipes because I LOVE cooking and baking and this is a health and nutrition blog after all. So here comes another recipe, not really mine, but rather one that was modified from a recipe by Heather over at Heather’s Creative Concoctions. I have wanted to make homemade granola for a while now, despite not really ever eating it in my life, as I thought it would be cool as an oatmeal topper like I have seen in various instagram pics. So the other day I finally decided that I had a big bag of old fashioned rolled oats wasn’t going to use itself up so I was gunna to make some healthy granola that I could use to top my pre-legday (ie. bring me allll the carbs!) proatmeal.

Of course I am ME soo I had to make a granola that would fit MY macros. Therefore, unlike many granola’s you would find on the shelf at a grocery store, my homemade version would have to have:

  • NO added sugar (this also means honey, syrup and other sticky binders)
  • NO excessive use of fats and oils
  • NO crazy high amount of carbohydrates
  • SOME protein
  • A YUMMY taste

So that is a pretty long list especially for someone who has no experience making granola. Hmmm..

So I went out in search of inspiration…and how-to’s…for my perfect granola. After paroozing pinterest I began to get a lil frustrated as all of the ‘healthy’ recipes still had a fairly large use of honey or maple syrup to keep the oat clusters together. Please understand that I know these are natural sugars and I have nothing against those that use them. Personally, I choose not to use them because, just like regular table sugar, natural sugars spike your insulin levels all the same. To your body, sugar is sugar no matter where it comes from. So for me, extra unneeded sugar just doesn’t fit into my goals as of now. Plus, I really don’t need the excessive sweetness as I don’t have much of a sweet tooth (….other than ice cream..mmmmm…). Annnyways, I finally started to see some people using unsweetened apple sauce to bind and sweeten their granola and I thought the idea of using fruit purees was quite interesting. I was also reminded that peanut butter can really be incorporated into anything beautifully and decided that my granola HAD TO HAVE peanut butta somewhere in the mix.

All of this then led me to Heather’s site where she posted a recipe for her peanut butter granola. This recipe combined the flavours of peanut butter with a banana for binding power and sweetness. OMG this was perfect as I’m sure you all know I LEEERRVVE all things banana and peanut butta. If you are interested, here is her original recipe:

Heather’s Super Crunchy Banana Peanut Butter Granola


2 cups rolled oats

1/4 peanut flour or PB2 prepared

1 banana

1/2 cup water

up to 1/4 cup sugar free maple syrup- depending on your taste

2 tsp cinnamon

*optional add ins, 1/4 cup raisins, 1/4 cup sunflower seeds, 1/4 cup dark chocolate chips


-Preheat oven to 350 degrees

– Blend everything but the oats.  Toss mixture and the oats.  Lay on baking sheet- don’t spread it thin leave it chunky for the super crunch factor.

-Bake 15-20 minutes till just starting to brown- make sure to turn it at least once.

Now despite her granola being fabulous all on its own, because I am who I am, I had to modify it to fit my own needs. So here was my version:

IMG_1549Peanut Butter and Banana Granola

Makes 16 servings (2 tbsp each)

2 cups rolled oats

2 tbsp Nuttzo (or other chunky nut butter)

1/4 peanut flour 

1/2 banana

1/2 cup water

2 tsp cinnamon

Combine the peanut flour, banana, water, and cinnamon in a blender and blend until smooth. Mix in the Nuttzo (or other nut butter) and then combine with the oats. Then simply follow the same directions as Heather’s version.

Nutritional Information (per serving or 2 tbsp)

58 calories, 8g carbs, 2g fat, 3g protein, 1g sugar and 2g sodium

I chose to make it suuuuper simple as I wanted to see how it would work out first before going crazy. I did however add in some Nuttzo as I thought it would bring some more nutty flavour and some chunks of nuts. Unfortunately I think I was a lil too stingy so the taste didn’t really show up the way I had envisioned. So feel free to add some more if you really want a strong nut flavour! Overall, I was quite pleased with the outcome! The peanut flour really did wonders for a ‘glue’ and a light flavouring of peanut. My boyfriend tried some and liked it despite him saying it wasn’t that sweet compared to normal granola. If you do want it sweeter I would suggest adding in some sweetener, either stevia based for sugar free (or sf maple syrup as Heather suggested if your stomach can handle the artificial sweeteners) or a form of natural sugar (liquid form). One thing I did notice was that some of my clusters were a lil softer but that was probably because I took it out a lil too early for fear that some of the isolated pieces would burn. Next time I will make sure I spread it out more evenly so I can get that beautiful super crunchy texture Heather was speaking of!

Also, as Heather mentioned, feel free to throw in some yummy add-ins:

  • Nuts of any kind (peanuts, cashews, etc)
  • Dried Fruits
  • Coconut
  • Flavour Extracts (maple would be fab!)
  • Cocoa nibs or regular ol’ chocolate chips
  • Other grains (could throw in quinoa, millet puffs, etc)

So here it is, my beautiful and healthy granola.

IMG_1562IMG_1558IMG_1559All up close and personal. 😉 Thank you Heather for the great recipe! I hope you all enjoy it






WIAW…It’s Ma Birfday

Hey Friends 😀

Guess what!?!? Today I turn 22 :-O OMG I feel sooooo….not different. LOL. Does everyone feel that way? I think after those milestone birthdays (16, 18, 21 for my USA friends) you just don’t really feel anything special with birthdays anymore. I mean, when you think about it, nothing really changes as you age another year after those right? Anyways, what I do know about birthdays is that they bring an excuse to have lotsa family and friend time PLUS nom on some goooood eat’ins. 😉

So my birthday is actually today (July 3rd), but due to the fact that it’s midweek, my family and I decided to have a nice lil celebration at home on Sunday (June 30) instead so that everyone could see the birfday girl.  So what did this girl do on her big day? Well, nothing too crazy, but quiet days are amazing and totally required when the rest of your life is always sooo busy! So here’s my WIAW and a recap of my birthday. Oh and don’t forget to check out all the other parter’s noms over at Miss Jen’s page Peas and Crayons

66fb0-wiawsensiblesnackingbuttonI started my day off as I normally would (birthday or not) with pre-workout proats and a nice 2 hour date with the gym. I just love lifting! 😀 For my breakies (and most of the rest of my meals that were to be eaten at home), I did a lil preppin before hand. I made sure to portion out my oats and chia seeds from Hamilton so that I could just dump them into a bowl rather than carting my chia seeds home with me too…I had enough food coming home with me to sink a small ship…Yeah, anyways, despite always bringing some things home, one thing I didn’t need to pack was quest bars. I have recently gotten my dad hooked on these babies so I had the pleasure of stealing one of his Cookie Dough Quest bars for the making of my absolute favourite proats concoction. Hehe, such a good daughter I am.

It looks very picturesque for some reason. Good lighting in Georgetown

It looks very picturesque for some reason. Good lighting in Georgetown

To make this bowl: The night before, combine just under a 1/2 cup of oats (1/3 cup +1tbsp…baby steps with this increase thing remember!), 1/3 scoop Swiss Chocolate New Zealand Whey, 1 tsp chia seeds, cinnamon, 1/3 cup of unsweetened almond milk and 1/3 cup of water. This is your base for this beautiful bowl of proats. In the morning, I add a tbsp or two of water, a thin slice or two of my nanner (can’t give up much more than that, I want as many chunks of banana as possible) then nuke for 2:30 minutes. Then 1/4 cup of egg whites gets thrown in and madly stirred. Nuke for another 45 seconds. Take out, stir in my 1/4 tsp Lucuma powder (this and Maca are new superfood additions to all my oatmeal bowls) and a wee bit more water. Top with 1/3 of a nanner (so a total of just under a half a banana) and 1/2 a cut up quest bar and nuke again for 30-40 seconds. Take out for the last time to smoosh it all up (chunky banana=love), distribute the cookie dough pieces and top with 2 tsp of my crunchy peanut butta. HEAVEN IN MY MOUTH!

After letting this sit for about 40ish minutes, I drove my lil tushie to the gym for my back workout. It’s always such a weird feeling to not ride my bike! In the midst of this, my lil protein muffin was scarfed down in the change room in addition to two of my horsepills BCAA’s (two are also taken pre-workout). Do you know how embarrassing it is to try to swallow pills in public when you suck at this action?

Recycled pictorial..

Recycled pictorial..

After driving myself back home, I chattered with my dad who had just woken up, paroozed around on fb and IG for a lil bit and then began to prep my lunch.  Yes, I’m always eating

Again with this beautiful lighting! Oh and nicer plates...

Again with this beautiful lighting! Oh and nicer plates…

Excuse my photographer fail with my thumb making an appearance. You have seen this before as it’s my typical…favourite… post-post workout meal. Baked basil pesto chicken breast with chili flakes served with roasted green veggies (this time brussels and asparagus) and Japanese purple sweet taters. Unfortunately for me, being at home means no rooster sauce (ie. Srirachi) and despite trying to add Tabasco on them taters, it just isn’t the same. Oh well, my body is better off without the sodium kick right? Psshhhh it will be back tomorrow. 😉

After lunch I decided to walk my way to Metro to pick up some groceries as I had yet to restock for the week and stores would be closed the next day for Canada Day. I was super surprised to find that they not only sold kabocha but also my purple sweet taters! I have never seen those in any other grocery store but Whole Foods. Exciting right? Probably not…Anyways, I also picked up some lovely white asparagus and rainbow carrots to enjoy out of a container at work throughout the week for dinna.

Around 3:30 was when my Grandparents starting arriving and also when this guy showed up to the partay

Dont we take beautiful selfies..

Dont we take beautiful selfies..

Our party consisted of my Nana and Papa, Grandma and Grandpa, my parents and Andre. Big party eh? It was all good though, we chattered, got all caught up, relaxed and then I got to open pressies. Did I totally forget to get pictures of those? Opps… Well, what I can say is that my parents are great at knowing what essential’s I am bound to be running out of so all of my gifts will be put to good use! One shout out present though was a new fresh pair of workout gloves that I sooo desperately needed as my Diva gloves are really lookin sad these days. Oh and  they are pink. Nuff said.

After all our shmoozin it was time for noms! Woo. Since it’s supposed to be summer, my parents set up a nice big feast of BBQ’ed goodness for us all to dig into in addition to some dishes made by my grandparents. Here’s what showed up on the dinna table:

IMG_1476What was left of the BBQ meats after the stampede….Hot Sicilian sausage, hotdogs, The Keg prime rib beef burgers and a piece of chicken (with my basil pesto of course) for this lil one.

IMG_1475All the fixins for the burgers and dogs plus a lil corn on the cob.

IMG_1477My mom‘s fresh and chilled bowtie pasta salad. This one is super easy to make! Just mix cooked whole wheat bowtie pasta and some chopped veggies of your choice (we threw in grape tomatoes and tri-colour peppers) with Italian Dressing and a lil hot sauce. You can also garnish with some grated Parmesan cheese like we did to make it look pretty.

IMG_1478Annnd finally my Nana’s infamous potato salad in the front and my Grandma’s garden salad in the back. I really liked the addition of the broccoli florets and bean sprouts to her salad. Gave it a nice crunch!

So what did I load my plate up with….

IMG_1479LOL! Yes, despite there being a lot of food there I had my eye on something else for dessert so I was saving for that. This was still super fresh and tasty though! Big ol’salad topped with chili flakes, balsamic and ACV with that BBQ chicken breast. Super yum and left me with lotsa room for my ‘cake.’ Hey it’s my cheat day birthday, I can eat how I wanna! 😉

After dins, it was time for some sing-song …

Wishin on a candle..or two

Wishin on a candle..or two

Check out this beautiful cake that my parents bought me for the sole purpose of me being able to blow out the candles

IMG_1481So pretty! My mom based everything from my presents to the table decor on this cake. Daisies everywhere! I loved it. So summery and pink. 😀 The cake itself was strawberry shortcake and everyone thought it was delish. Yes, you read that right, I did not eat my own cake…but wait for it, my ‘cake’ is coming up soon. Although, to prevent the lip my mom would give me if I didn’t even try it I had a lil taste. Don’t judge me, I’m just not a cake person. It never strikes me as drool worthy or cheat worthy for that matter. On the other hand, what did make me swoon was ‘my cake’

IMG_1488Yes my parents love me and know what makes this lil girl a happy camper! That there my friends is some pretty authentic pistachio gelato and I enjoyed every last bite of that lil cup. Seriously though, that small cup may have been too small for my liking…portion control Chelsea, portion control! 😉 Anyways some serious mmmmms and aahhhs were heard all the way through that foodgasm.

After a lil bit more time with the famjam, it was time for my Grandparents to make their way back home and time for this birthday girl…well almost birthday girl at that point…to get her snooze on! A couple of days of 6 hours of sleep will do that to you. I had an amazing birthday overall. Nice and relaxing with some good noms, an amazing dessert and some good ol’family bonding time.

Oh and looky here! One of my many orders decided to come in and surprise me for my birthday morning:

NuttzoI have been seeing Nuttzo everywhere and really wanting to give it a try. I know I’m straying away from my crunchy peanut butta. :-O Shocking! But this stuff has all good stats so it’s worthy of snagging a a spot on my oatmeal. Nuttzo is a blend of several different nuts including peanuts, cashews, almonds, hazelnuts, brazil nuts, sunflower seeds and flax seeds. This not only makes quite a blend of flavours (which I hope is super yummy!) it also makes this particular butter a great source of ALA Omega 3 fatty acids! Remember my brief post on Omegas? We tend to be off balance when it comes to Omega-6 vs. Omega-3. So this butter is great as it offers you the Omega-3 EFA which most people are lacking. Awesome-sauce. Not to mention, it’s all organic to boot. I also tend to buy an extract in all my Netrition orders, so this time it was butterscotch. Despite it being all sealed off, I could smell it from inside the box even before unwrapping it ha!

So that was my lil recap of my pre-birthday celebration and noms. As for my actual birthday (today), I’m not 100% sure whats going on although Andre is home (YES!) to spend some quality time with me, so that makes me a happy girl.

Have a great hump day and a Happy 4th of July to all my American friends tomorrow!

Favourite part about birthdays? I would say its the family time as I don’t get to see my family as much as I would like

Ever tried Nuttzo? What did you think?

Are you a cake person? No, I like my cold desserts much better. I have never tried ice-cream cake though …maybe that would be better…?


Peas and Crayons