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My Friends, my friends we have moved into official Christmas month


Welcome to December

Current Confession:

I’m feeling very unprepared for my first exam next Monday at 8:30Am. I dunno, those online are killers and just so hard to motivate yourself to do them. Worse yet, its all the wonderful things needed to run a restaurant business….snoooooore. On the grind I swear, I just don’t feel good as of right now.

It is open book but I don’t know if I should feel relieved or not because she said “you will be pressed for time.” Oh the compensatory ‘make the exam hard’ mechanisms for open book. 

Current Book:

Do textbooks count? Tis the season…for exams that is.

Current Music:


Anything Timeflies. I dunno they have been rocking my workout playlist lately. Yes even the Beibs song ‘sorry’ has made it onto my playlist BUT in a Timeflies fashion.

Remix > original

I also just have a thing against the JB. Sorry to all the Beliebers I just don’t like him. His music can be hit or miss with me, but him, immature and annoying.

#SorryNotSorry I’m just being honest.

Current Guilty Pleasure:


A very expensive guilty pleasure. My Dad is now regretting the fact that I’m very observant in the grocery store and did their groceries a few weekends ago because this made it into my cart. I have had lobster about 5 times in the past 2 weeks for dinner….

I’m really not a spoiled brat I promise.

Current Entertainment:


Chicago Med! Now that Grey’s is gone for the season, which they totally didn’t announce I swear, this will fill my void. I went to watch Grey’s last week and it just didn’t show up…How rude.

But anyways, I missed the first episode but the past one was so good! I really like the entire Chicago trio, but I think this one is gunna be my favourite of the 3

Hand up for doctor dramas anyone?

Current Wish/Need:

That I can enjoy my LegDay Cheat Meal tonight with my friends and housemates. We are going to the Works Gourmet Burger and as much as I’m excited to finally try their elk burger, it’s a change from my usual thai and ice cream cheat and, well, change gives me anxiety. Especially when it revolves around food and, even more so, “scary, out to eat, dirty” foods. 

I haven’t had a burger since Chucks back in the hammer…err like 3 years ago. Talk about re-challenging that fear. 0_O

Current Food:

Did I mention Lobster?

It even makes it into my post workout meals.

Speaking of post workout meals, them rice cakes with protein icing and nanner are strangely satisfying despite me making a mess of myself in public.


Oh and in huge news…


Them beauties are back. Whole Foods had Stokes purple sweet taters and you better believed I spent a small fortune stocking up.

Current Drink:

Not much of a exciting drinker. I only really drive tea and water but I found a cool new tea


Yay for reducing inflammation.

One hopes…

Current Triumph:

My latest squat PR. My weights drastically came down after they just took a nose dive due to my lost weight. My body managed to maintain my weights despite the drop for a lil bit, then I plateaued and then well…..crashing airplane noises.

Do you know how frustrating that is?

It was actually depressing, but it was bound to happen eventually. There is only so long that a deprived body can keep up super heavy weights, especially those compounds.

Anywho, my last squatter day I managed 110 at the bar for 5 solid reps for my 2 last sets. Small win, but I was still proud. I have also focused on getting my form down better then I was before, so at least something positive came out of the whole situation

Food, please give me my strength back!

Current Bane of Existence:


The fact that I finally found this tea (I have searching for years! Ohh Canada…) but to then discover it’s not gluten free

Why do you hate me?

Current Blogger Crush:

Jacklyn from Jack’s Balancing Act and Deanna from Dietician Deanna. I love the positive and happy space that Jacklyn has created with her blog. I really look forward to her posts and they give me some great ideas, like the myth buster that I think I might jump on board with. You should start a link-up for that one girl! 😀

I also wait for posts from Deanna as well because I feel like in a way I can relate to her (as she’s a fitness lover and foodie) but she’s also a step ahead in learning about and accepting ‘bad’ foods as something she can treat herself with. I will hopefully get there but for now, she gives me the motivation to try harder. She trusts the process and it hasn’t failed her but instead made she gain so why can’t I fully let go and trust that my body will do the right thing too?

Current Indulgence:


So does this mean I’m beginning to become a shoe groupie?

Current Blessing:

Still being able to squeeze in a 20 minute power nap before dinner…even if they are kinda weird. By weird I mean, I have weird thoughts…dreams?…during them so I really have no idea how much rest I’m getting. Stupid exams..

Current Outfit:



It’s starting and I don’t like it…

Current Excitement:

I know it’s a month away, but Christmas, or even better yet, just being off and done with exams.

What else I’m looking forward to….


The Victoria Secret fashion show. Weeooo.

Current Link:

Anyone else creep a restaurants menu hard before they go? I always know what I want BEFORE I make to the place.

As for burgers, what are your favourite OR required toppings?

For me, for a burger to be worth loosing my ice cream over (#FirstWorldProblems #FoodieProblems), they must first have exotic meats available. I ain’t going (and paying for…) for no cow burger. Check one for the Works and their elk patty (my favourite game meat as of currently).

The Goodies…

The only time I eat cheese…lots of goat cheese please (the best cheese, no?). #LactaidHarderThenMe!

Sundried tomatoes (no place ever has these so another point to the Works because they have them!)

Sauteed mushies and onion

Greens of some kind

Mustard. Plain, frenches mustard. None of that crazy crap. The classic please

Hot Sauce.

Basically what I would have on a pizza (sub basil or pesto for the greens + MEAT). HA! So it’s basically like a meatza because I don’t have a bun on my burger. Fork and knife style 😀

Current Mood:

Slightly stressed as my stomach and weird dream-state sleeping habits have been telling me….

Favourite food to eat out?

What is your current blessing?

Is it warm where you live? If so, can we trade…



Containing My Rambling…Ie. Fun Survey

My Friends,

I decided to let my rambles be controlled today by doing a fun lil survey I found when looking over the last Thinking Out Loud posts in Amanda’s linkup. Thanks to Miss Polkadot for the inspiration for this post.

Click on her name if you want to check out her answers! 


I’m happiest when…I’m relaxing with friends and family. Just enjoying their company and not having to worry about being studious or deadlines. Stress-free. A close second… zee gym times 😀

I’ve always wanted to…Go to California! Like for real guys, if only I had monnies I would be glowing in that California Sun


Calllliiifffoornniaaa Looooooovveee

My family and I are… Insanely close. I consider my parents to be two of my best friends. I truly appreciate the time we get to spend together and I get excited to go him to see them. They are my rocks and provide me with unconditional support and love. I never take for granted the relationship we have and I will cherish it and relish in it for the rest of my life. 

I was a terrible…at english. Does that sound weird? Yes, english was my toughest and most annoying subject in school and I had to work damn hard just to get my 80% in that class. I don’t suppose that’s why I found myself repin’ the sciences…

“You need to go deeper in your thoughts”

“Explain it more without adding fluff…”

“I dunno, I just didn’t think you took it as far as you could go..”

I still couldn’t tell you what any of those mean. Thanks for the lessons on essay writing teach! -_-

My first job was…like many other youngins, babysitting. I used to ‘sit for practically all the kids on our street and surprisingly when it was the lil boys thy actually listened to me despite pretty much being bigger then me.. One lil girl I used to watch I also did reading coaching with on separate nights and it was so exciting to see her grow and get better and better! 

I could probably eat ____ everyday. Must I choose? There a a few things in my life that I do in fact happily look forward to eating every damn day. Oatmeal for one, fish for two (yes I’m a weirdo that craves fish hard core if I don’t have it for one day) and probably peanut butter… Must be crunchy though! 


I was born on the same day as…Tom Cruise (oh geez the crazy scientologist…), Thomas Gibson (Criminal Minds), R.B. Bennett (11th Canadian Prime Minister)

My all-time favorite movie is… couldn’t tell ya. To be honest I’m not a movie freak. Confession: I’m the one who will fall asleep even in a movie theatre because watching a movie requires me to be still and sit down for more then 30 minutes…

I do a pretty mean… Gameface. I say this but I couldn’t really know this…Apparently when I’m in the zone, no one wants to break that concentration HA! I used to get told all the time that people at my gym would see me but never approach me because I had that face going. I don’t bite I promise 😉 

I’m still mad… That my amazing ice cream place in Milton has shut down for the season and I missed my opportunity to try their recess pieces gelato. Damn ED making me too afraid to indulge in both the skor and reese’s flavour at once the final time I was there…I will get over it…maybe..


I met my best friend… My first best friend? Daycare I think…? Corey was his name and apparently (I was young so I don’t really remember) we were the cutest lil two-some. These days I tend to have a few very close friends including my housies generally and a few school peeps. They keep me happy. I’m a social person I swear, but never feel the need to have humpteen million friends. I have my circle who I can trust and confide in and I’m always open to chattering with anyone who comes my way. 🙂 

I always knew I wanted… to always have a dog in my life. I have had one my whole life, from birth up until I left for University and was forced to part ways with Lacey, and now, Maggie due to not living at home with my parents. I find myself yearning for the fluffy companionship out of the blue. I can truly say that if I had the money to care for a dog I would have my own. They give me such comfort. 

My future furbaby just you wait.

My future furbaby just you wait.

I’m not afraid tobe honest and open about myself. My confidence has never been as high as it is now. I was a really insecure and shy kid and teen. Up until first year university I lacked any confidence what so ever and it’s crazy how much a lil bit of independence and your more adult experiences (ie. my relationship) can really catapult you into understanding who you really are and being okay with YOU. People ask me how I can write about my life on a blog to people I don’t even know, but truly, I’m not afraid to show myself to others. Why should I be? This is my life and I’m proud of where I have come from and where I am going. What should I afraid of there?

I make the best…


Oatmeal concoctions for others (and myself obviously, but I’m a pb-banana girl forever!). The above one was salted caramel apple zoats for Em and she loved them. I tend to make food for people… a lot. If you live with me you are given food like 24-7 because I just like cooking and baking. When I’m bored, stressed or just want my hands to busy, I grab a bowl and a spoon and get going. 

I have almost no… sense of direction. What is north?

I always cry when I don’t tend to cry often but when I do it’s because I’m stressed out.

I’m now …a Nutrition and Dietetics Student at Guelph University. I’m also a gym fanatic with a great family and close circle of friends. I’m a 24 year old female who is just looking to embrace herself and find and live out her passions one day at a time.

I wish my folkscould truly know how much I love them for what they have done for me. They have dealt with a lot with me. My health has never been great and my ED really put them through a storm like no other. I will never forgive myself for what I put them through but I hope they can always know that I have never taken that love and unconditional support for granted. I never will. They deserve the best and nothing less.


I believe if everyone … didn’t have to think about money, the world would be a better place. All of our problems in the world generally have a money component. People turn nasty because they are scared about their livelihood. Countries go to war because they want something…generally resources to make more money.

On a similar note, if we didn’t fear so much, our world would be a much safer and more accepting place. We fear everything and everyone these days and that also drives the awful violence that we see (and don’t see…) every day. 


I can’t standimmaturity. Maybe it’s because I have always been a bit more mature for my age, but I really cannot handle the lack of care, common-sense or respect for others that I think an adult should have. Being a student I’m surrounded by a amalgamation of people who are learning to come into adulthood but I’m also graced with those who care only for themselves and don’t feel the need to be a proper citizen and/or adult.



Click on the picture for the commercial on YouTube

is on I’ll start smiling and singing. That commercial gets me every time.

Happiness-inducing today: My GoodnessMe! Saturday morning routine with my housies (Unfortunately missin Em, as she’s in Toronto) .

And that’s a wrap!

Hope you enjoyed my contained rambles and you had a great Saturday.

Whatcha doing for Sunday Sunday tomorrow?

Anyone doing Cyber Monday shopping?

Post your answer to one of the questions above in the comments if ya feel like sharing. I always love learning about my readers. 


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A Lil Fun Times Survey

Hey Friends!

I recently came across this survey on Natalie’s blog (liftsleepeat) and I thought it sounded like a super fun thing to fill out PLUS it means I get to share even more about Lil Miss Fitness Freak. So what did I do? I stole it. 😉 Thanks Natalie for giving me something to do in my spare time!

1. What did you eat for breakfast?

This morning was a training morning. Woo for my Back workout! 😀 So it was proats time. This one was my normal egg white proats with the added chia seeds and lucuma powder and topped with almost 1/2 of a nanner, 1/2 a PB&J Questbar and 1/2tbsp of my homemade crunchy peanut butta. Yum.

PB and J chunks, banana and a lil ol'blob of my crunchy PB. Peanut Butta-licious!

PB and J chunks, banana and a lil ol’blob of my crunchy PB. Peanut Butta-licious!

2. How much water do you drink a day? 
Not enough I’m afraid. 😦 I have tried really hard to drink more but its tough. I have been more thirsty recently though. Perhaps one of my new supplements is causing that. Anyways, I always bring my water bottle to work and I’m trying to drink one of those bottles. Sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn’t, but hey, I’m trying. My stomach is very sensitive to water and liquids in general so I can never drink too much in one go without getting bloated, slooshy and nauseated almost instantly. Sigh. I don’t know how some people drink those 2 gallons a day. I wish.

3. What is your current favorite workout?
Overall I work with weights and weights only. Strength baby! As for a particular workout….Hmmmm that’s a toughie. I have always loved working out my back butttt chest is starting to catch up as my top muscle group to train. This is probably because I have seen some major gains in strength for my main lifts during these sessions. Chesticles anyone?

4. How many calories do you eat a day?
This I will not post simply because I’m working at a slow increase at the moment so it will be constantly changing. I have been continuously leaning out more and more and thus need to take action now to ensure that my muscle mass stays put…better yet, grows more! So I’m hoping the extra calories will help my body do what it needs to do to fill out those muscles so I’m not lookin so flat.

5. What are your favorite healthy snacks?

My snacks are always the same lol. They fit into my macros well and give me the protein boost I need every few hours. My favourite one would obviusly have to be my casein puddin, which I have every single night without fail (except on cheat nights)

1/4 of a Quest bar comes in only if my carbs were short that day...generally rest days

1/4 of a Quest bar comes in only if my carbs were short that day…generally rest days

I also do really like my afternoon snack. My lil VERY FUDGEY protein mugcake made with my Barlean’s fish oils. This one is 3/4 of a scoop Swiss Chocolate New Zealand Probiotic Whey, 1 tbsp oats, 1 tbsp of coconut flour (sometimes left out, again if more carbs/fat needed), 2 tsp Barlean’s Omega Swirl oil, 2 tbsp liqiud egg white, 2 tbsp of unsweetened almond milk and about 2-3 tbsp of water + cinnamon to taste. Mix everything in a mug and microwave for about 1:30mins or until it’s dry enough to plop out of your mug.


IMG_1471 I love my protein powder find. See how fudgey it is and this one didin’t even have any oil!

…..mmmm Fudgey 😀

6. What do you usually eat for lunch? 
Depends on the day, whether it’s a training day or an off/rest day. On my training days, my lunch is my post-post workout meal and tends to look like this

IMG_1130Baked chicken breast with roasted green veggies and Japanese sweet potatoes. On rest days I tend to make something that is easy to hide in an apron and eat inconspicuously as I’m generally at work. Recently I have been making wraps or quesadillas with Ezekiel wraps.

7. What is your favorite body part to strength train?
See question 3. Love’em pullups 😀

8. What is your least favorite body part to strength train?

9. What are your “bad” food cravings? 
Cold treats for sure! I save these for my cheat days once a week. I have never really been a dessert or ‘junk food’ person so I will easily pass up cake, cookies, chips, etc but ice cream has become a favourite of mine.

Pretty sure I mmmm'ed and ahhhh'ed all the way through this...peanut butter dreamin'

Peanut Butter Chocolate Swirl Coconut Dream ice cream with various peanut buttas and a Quest Craving cup

Pistachio gelato always steals my heart

Pistachio gelato always steals my heart

10. Do you take vitamins or supplements?
Yuppers! I work at a supplement store soooo ya know that was gunna be my answer. My daily stack, if you wanna call it that would be 2 calcium tablets (one following breakfast, one following dinner or PM snack if I’m working), 2 tsp of fish oils in my PM snack, 1 probiotic capsule with breakfast and spirulina throughout the day. The spirulina is for helping to alkalize my body after my high protein consumption. Oh such a carnivore I am. On training days I also supplement with BCAAs (2 horsepills before training and two with my post-workout muffin). Whey and casein protein are also used every single day, so if you call those supplements, add those to my book too. 😉

I have been told that my calcium should be taken with magnesium so that I’m balancing out contraction vs. relaxation of the muscles so I’m thinking about swapping my calcium out for a CalMeg soon. The dose of magnesium is also supposed to help you sleep like a baby so that’s an extra perk!

11. How often do you eat out?
Generally one a week for my cheat meal. For food, my favourite is Thai and for my normal cheats you will find my lil self face planting into something cold and delicious at an ice cream shop

Gelato is just a beautiful site

13. Who is your biggest supporter? 
Supporter for what exactly? I would say my boyfriend supports me in a number of ways and so do my parents. Yes I’m 22 years old and I still have a solid relationship with my mom and dad. Some may say that is weird, others, including myself, would say that’s lucky.

14. Do you have a gym membership? 
“Yup, couldn’t live without it, major gym addict.” This I left from Natalie’s version as I would say the exact same thing. Gym rat over here 😀

16. Do you have a “cheat” day?
Yes I do. I truly love my food but I’m also human and get cravings for some not so healthy (read: processed and sugar-laden) treats. Therefore I have one day a week where I get a meal of whatever I want, which is generally something cold like this beauty I had last night:


First time at Coldstone Creamery but definitely won’t be my last!

This was peanut butter ice-cream combined with cookie dough bits and reese’s peanut butter cups. OMG heavenly. Foodgasm. Mouthgasm. Ok I will stop now. Of course this came first to to not only get my greens in, but also to buffer my body a lil bit from the sugar hit I was about to experience.


Salad at home filled with raw and roasted veggies, greens and Steelhead trout.

Of course due to not eating much sugar (even from natural sources) on the daily, about an hour after that ice cream beauty I was falling asleep on the couch. Hello sugar crash. Oh well I loved the ice cream and will have it again for sure.

One reason I believe in cheat meals is because I have a ‘fear’ of a lot of foods and experience an abnormal amount of anxiety following them. Take last night for example I had the anxiety breathing issues going on afterwards despite enjoying every last bite of that treat. This is something I need to fight against and thus I will continue to have my cheat meals. Also, I don’t like the IIFYM approach simply because normally these types of foods don’t agree with me. For example, I’m lactose intolerant, so to have my treat I have to pop multiple lactaids and digestive enzymes to help me out a lil bit. I am still a lil bloated the next day, but after that, it’s out of my system. If I tried to incorporate these things into my diet more I would always be feeling heavy, bloated and just like I’m not working towards my goals as those foods I enjoy for my cheats really won’t help me build muscle.

17. Do you drink alcohol? 
Not really. I can’t remember the last time I had alcohol to be honest. Alcohol is just an antagonist for so many health and fitness related things that I just avoid it. It’s okay though because I don’t really enjoy it or crave it anyways. Feeling slow and fumbly the day after? Ain’t nobody got time for that!

18. Do you have a workout buddy?
No I’m a lone wolf-ess in the gym and I like it that way….except when I need a spotter. This has been much more of a problem recently as I need a lot of spots during my workouts now that I’m lifting super heavy. Although there are trainers around most of the time, the other times I’m thankful that my ‘mornin crew‘ can help a lil one out.

19. What is the best thing that has changed about your life since committing to a healthy lifestyle?
Wow such a loaded question. So many good things! As for the best thing, hmmmmm. Maybe I could say that since I started lifting my confidence has sky rocketed not just from an aesthetic point of view but in regards to feeling like I have the ability to accomplish what I set out to do. Training really helps you both physically and mentally.

20. What was the last healthy thing you did?

Ate a dinner full of omega fatty acids and greens. 😀 Something similar to this picture except the trout had no walnuts. I just love fish and now that my calories are increasing, so are my fats which means that I can sneak in my trout on a training day. Score!

IMG_1351Your turn….

Do you like working with a training partner? Alone?

Best thing that has changed in your life after beginning your healthy lifestyle journey?

Favourite body part to train? OR favourite workout?