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Cooking For Parents Round Up #2

Hey Friends!

I never managed to get this one up for Recipe Friday due to…ya know…Christmas-y things and all but here were last weeks meals. You will notice the change in ‘quality’ per say, or maybe thought or effort would be a better word for it, as we were busy and also out a lot more so you will see what my parents eat vs myself when we go out to malls and such.

Saturday December 20

My Dad requested a stirfry as we were out and about buying last minute things so a stirfry it was.

Mom's Dish

Mom’s Dish

 I cheated and bought a store bought teriyaki sauce because we were rushed. Personally, I don’t use store bought sauces because even the low sodium is still loaded with the stuff PLUS they also have a list of 1000 ingredients, where many are sugars and weird chemicals. That being said, I’m not trying to kill my parents by using it.  They would have done the exact same thing as they ain’t about making their own stirfry sauce.

IMG_6923I got my Mom some shrimp as she loves the lil guys and it’s another thing she rarely has at home, while my Dad had some leftover chicken. The whole veggie-licious saute was thrown on top of Uncle Ben’s 20 minute rice and topped with sprouts for the presentation…not that it was anything professional there. 😛

My Mom is kinda weird (well my Dad and I think so) and has a deconstructed stirfry. She likes to keep her rice separate so she can add more sodium soy sauce on it. To each her own I suppose. She is also pickier about here veggies which is why hers looks a wee bit sparse there. She doesn’t do broccoli (upsets her tummy like me), onions or peppers. Soo I gave her more carrots and snow peas PLUS I added some cauliflower to hers to compensate.

Benefits of stirfries:

  • Healthy. Depending on your sauce I suppose (try this one for a homemade, whole food teriyaki sauce). Otherwise, most stirfries are full of vegetables, colours and leaner proteins. Add some nuts (cashews and peanuts are the best!) for some healthy fats and crunch if you’re feelin fancy.
  • Customizable. Once again, you can throw in your favourites and make a meal that you know you will enjoy.
  • Fast.
  • Handy for clearing out produce and left over proteins.

Sunday December 21

This was the day we went to my Grandparents house for brunch, which was a tad bit late at roughly 2:30pm that afternoon. Although I didn’t snap pictures of my parents plates…my family might have mocked me and, to be completely honest, I was ready to eat my arm at that point so I was just interested in inhaling my own food….I did take a quicksie of my own lunch.


4 egg white omelette stuffed with leftover baked rainbow trout and sauteed mushrooms, asparagus, kale, onions and garlic. Seasoned with more garlic powder, Mrs. Dash tomato basil, pepper and chili flakes.

Yes, I brought my food to my grandparents house. Yes my family is used to this. For me, I don’t know what they are serving and I’m always doubtful that I will be able to find enough to eat due to my allergies so it’s best to be safe then not eat. This omelette was enjoyed with some steamed peas and a salad with balsamic vinegar that my Auntie Candy brought.

That night for dinner, my parents felt that it was too late to really cook anything so they stopped into Subway for their dinner. My Mom always gets a wrap with honey mustard, chicken breast, bacon and lettuce. Yes, so doesn’t go crazy with toppings (did I mention she’s weird in comparison to me? 😛 Love you Mom). My Dad got a foot long of something that I don’t remember. Chicken of some kind I believe.

Monday December 22

This was my date night with my Nana and Papa at Swiss Chalet, so my parents had to fend for themselves this night. This date is a yearly tradition and I look forward to it every year because it’s our special night.

Tuesday December 23

IMG_6954You can’t win them all. See, I don’t control everything my parents eat. This night I was told that Dad was taking care of dinner and this is what he showed up with. Guess someone had a craving.

“I love your homemade pizza bun, but sometimes I really want a dirty pizza…”

In other news, my ostrich steak was awesome.

IMG_6956My Dad liked it, but my Mom was a lil less impressed. She’s more sensitive to gaminess…whatever that means.

Wednesday December 24

I wanted to make them something special for Christmas Eve and, surprisingly, despite it being all top quality a la Keg …Ha I can tell myself that…it didn’t take that long to prepare at all. This is a prime example of letting real, amazing ingredients speak for themselves.

IMG_6961My Dad had a filet mignon with sauteed mushrooms, roasted peppers and onions and an foil wrapped, oven roasted potato (it was massive! If I had my way it would have been smaller) stuffed with onions. For the steak, I seasoned both sides with pepper and garlic powder and gave it a nice sear on both sides in some coconut oil before baking it at 350 to finish it off to the medium doneness that my Dad likes. He left the table feeling quite content.

My Mom got her own prize of something I had promised her sometime over the break.

IMG_6965Lobster. Drool. I topped my swordfish with a piece or two so I got a lil taste. ;-). She also had a potato (which she only could eat half) but no onions for her, just butter…and more butter post picture…and those sauteed mushrooms. She also got roasted asparagus.

I was happy I could give them something fancier for the holiday evening and they quite enjoyed it.

Thursday December 25

Christmas day! You will have to wait until WIAW for this one. 😀

Friday December 26

Leftovers. Doesn’t everyone do that on Boxing Day? I has myself something different (fish of course) as I cannot do turkey multiple days in a row or it upsets my tummy, but my parents had Christmas dinner take 2

Saturday December 27

 Shoppin time! We headed to the Eaton Centre to get our shop on that day and so dinner was in the food court. One thing I love about that mall is always getting my massive gourmet #SaladBeast at Fast and Fresh.


Customized salad. House blend, roasted portabello mushrooms, sundried tomatoes, beets, celery, peppers, grilled chicken breast, cucumber and 1/2 a scoop of their house made balsamic vinaigrette.dressing.

I’m pretty sure there was an entire massive portabello cap in my one salad. They were so big that I had to stop and pull some of them apart to eat them. So good and so worth the 13 dollars…although my Dad may not think so. 😉

Sunday December 28

Sorry no picture, but more leftovers concoction style. The recipe is basically the same as the one I linked except my parents use regular soy sauce (as opposed to the soy free, coconut seasoning I use), no sprouts and no spinach.

Well that was our week. Although there weren’t as many recipes as the last one, I wanted to show you how my parents and I ate when things get a lil busier or we are out. I hope it still is useful for ya!

What do you eat when you are in a mall?

What was the last thing you craved?