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Now We Wait…Thinking Out Loud




I’m done.


OMG party party!


Such a relief to be done with all of that and now it’s time to wait. At this point, I’m not very anxious about the answers yet because I’m too busy relishing in the fact that my brain has more empty space to use for something else now.

You would think I would be sleeping soundly now…

Sleep brain, sleep…

Don’t you hate when you are all prepped to go to bed early cuz you have an early wakeup and your brain is just like…


Hello 4 hours of sleep and a full day of classes + gym + night class. Le sigh

This is not helping with healing brain. Don’t you get that…

Maybe my insomnia is because ..

I have no idea where my life is going now…

Where will I be in 6 months?

What if I don’t get in…what am I going to do?

What if I get more than one of my top choices (ha thats positive thinking), what will I choose?

Gah so many questions and makes me feel like I’m in limbo.


I really don’t like not knowing things. I’m a type A personality and like to be in control 24/7 so having no idea where I’m even going to be living in the next few months drives me crazy.

I just signed off my house a week ago. Like guys, I’m practically homeless!


Anyways enough about life, what other things caught my attention recently

Wait for it, controversy ahead…

Saw this video this morning and thought it would be a good discussion piece. I’m not trying to push my views on anyone, but I thought this was a good side of the argument to share.

Case in point, cows milk is technically for baby cows. The hormones, the proteins, the nutrients, its for growing a cow…

…not a human.

So in the long term, does this have an effect on us? Who knows (the doctor seems to think so…), but when you think about it, it’s kinda weird. Also, technically, is there anything super important about milk other than calories perhaps? You may argue calcium BUT there’s controversy about that too soo… yeah.


Who’s bright idea was it to start drink from cow boobs anyways?

Glute gains…

Can I also say why computers and phones still don’t understand what a ‘glute’ is. It gets autocorrected to flute or apparently gluten..

I cannot wait to watch this video

I love Jeff Nippard’s informational videos and this one is on GLUTES! Perfect for pre-leg day tomorrow.

Speaking of my training …

Hopefully I will be kind to myself tomorrow as I anticipate I won’t hit my normal numbers due to still getting over this detox. Can’t say I haven’t gotten a bit frustrated over this week because I get more winded and am overall just more tired.

On top of the fact that I’m so bloated and gassy that I feel like a sausage…

..a few more days…a few more days..

I felt hunger for a moment today. Thats a start.

Try these muffins!

Almond flour is mad expensive but trust, everyone said these were the best muffins I ever brought into the gym and my housemates didn’t want me to take them from them..


Wish I could take credit for the recipe but, alas, I cannot. I did do one switch, which was to use half molasses (more gingerbread-y) and half honey.

But trust trust trust, my family at the gym is saying they will buy me almond flour just so I will bring these back to them. They are that good and completely flourless, only a few tbsp of natural sugars and good healthy fats.

Anyone else truly adore the smell of gingerbread?

Also, these cookies…

I did alter these slightly by de-veganizing it by using eggs, used 2 tbsp molasses for the maple syrup (didn’t have any) and only a few tbsp of coconut sugar..

Next recipe I want to try is these..


So easy. So little ingredients and how pretty are they!

…we shall see if mine look anything like that…

I been hearing so much good from this book…


I’m not a reader but I have such an urge to get my hands on this one.

I’m on such a motivational and inspirational kick right now and I think this book (even though its apparently poetry..) would be right up my alley.

And finally to finish off with this lil quotation..


Always be a light. That is all.

Thanks to Running with Spoons for the Thinking Out Loud Thursdays hook-up.




When Cartoons Become Dangerous…


Disclaimer: If you get offended by religious discussion and opinions that may not be the same as your please do not read, or at least do not get defensive over the opinions I choose to post on this topic. 

My friends I am angry.

I’m at a real loss for words (and that doesn’t happen too often!)

This video simply left me with my mouth open yet flooded my mind with way too many thoughts to try to get down on paper…err type out in a post…so I will try to keep them as organized and cohesive as possible.

I put a disclaimer at the top of this post because I’m about to share some not so nice things, at least, some may feel as if they are not so nice, but from my perspective, I believe that what I’m about to say regarding this video holds some truth and so I feel that I can openly share.

But first my lovelies, here’s the video that sparked it all and is becoming quite a conversation starter in the social media world.


Click HERE to watch

What are some of your initial thoughts after watching that?

So I want to keep this to a brief, less rant-ish like post to simply highlight a few of my main thoughts about his video.

1: Very smart use of cartoons on their part.

The use of the pixar-like characters, the cute voices and the colourful ‘fantasy’ land is quite the attention catcher for children so they definitely outdid themselves on that part. Quite the budget you got for this lil numba eh?

The way I see it is that they are simply trying to use the cute cartoons to brainwash the kids. Kids are very impressionable at a young age. If you give them a cartoon as a teacher and use their level of language, you can easily sway them to think from your perspective.

Get them early before they can learn what is actually true. 

Blunt and straight to the point… but it’s what I think.

2: Excuse me but your lack of education is showing…

They can change. Oh really now? Have you opened a book recently? Sorry, that is mean but I really have no regrets for saying that. Being gay is not a chosen thing. Its the same as saying you can decide to have brown eyes when you’re born. Read a book, educate yourself and stop living under a rock.

My main point here is that I often see religion as an excuse not to educate yourself. It is often used to explain behaviours that are inexcusable and just flat out wrong. 

3: Why is teaching children to hate on people allowed? 

“Think of it like an airplane….What happens if you try to bring things on that are not following the standards? You don’t get to go on the plane.”

So because you are not exactly like me, you can’t go to the fun places like me. If you too want to live that better life you need to leave that ‘different part of you behind.’

UGHGHGHG!! This irks me so bad

They are teaching children that there is something wrong with a person based on their sexual preferences. Referring to my last point, they are teaching them to hate on people for something they can’t change about themselves. Way to go.

This is starting to sound cult-like, no? Shutting out people who are unlike you in some way and saying that your way will lead to the happiest of lives…Hmmm good times

4: And on the cult note…

“If you want to be able to enjoy the fantasy life and be happy you have to follow his standards…”

Obey ‘him’ and you will be happy. Disobey him and you will be left behind. Similar to cults, they are using fear in order to make them follow some guide/book and believe in every lil thing that is discussed in said guide/book. But hey, this fear isn’t so bad right because it’s done in a nice and comforting way filled with smiling people, waterfalls and rainbows.

Don’t think, just follow and you will end up happy. Kapeesh?

ME_406_Cults.pngSo I’m going to stop here because I think I have spoken enough on this topic and think that I have kind of kept it together at this point.

So to conclude I will say that this video virtually left me both speechless and overwhelmed with thoughts and anger. How dare you spread lies and hate in the minds of children before they get the chance to fill their innocent, all-loving minds with truth. This video really makes me sick and people need to come together and stand up to the religious institutions that apparently leave us all shaking in our boots because everyone turns a blind eye to all of their wrongful acts.

What is done under the roof of a church is left under that roof no matter what it is and that is a scary thing to think about.

What are you thoughts?