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Top 25 Unknown Xmas Facts


3 Days, 3 Days! 

Catchup Time! Today was not so much about errands but I hit up the gym for legs then bought supplies for baking and proceeded to make these gems..


Gingerdoodle Cookies courtesy of Lauren over at Lauren’s Latest.

Super easy to make and they made the house smell amazing!

If you like the spiciness of a good gingerbread but like a soft pillowy cookie, this gingerbread-snickerdoodle hybrid is perfect for you!


Lil fact about me is that gingerbread happens to be one of my FAVOURITE Christmas related scents. 

Apparently everyone and their mother is making gingerbread this year as it took me two grocery stores to be able to find molasses. How can you be out of molasses?!?

I digress…

So as I’m running a bit short on time, here’s today’s Top 25 topic

25 Things You May Know About Christmas

  1. Did you know that the first fake Christmas tree was made out of dyed goose feathers? Those crazy Germans.


    Poor geese are running around naked for the sake of our need for a tree…

  2. Holiday Swap-a-Roo. Jingle Bells was actually written for Thanksgiving.
  3. Some Facebook stats for ya: Apparently although the 2 weeks before Christmas rank in as the two most popular times for breakups, The big day itself is actually the least. Hmmm what about proposals?
  4. The traditional three colors of Christmas are green, red, and gold. Green has long been a symbol of life and rebirth; red symbolizes the blood of Christ, and gold represents light as well as wealth and royalty
  5. Kiss Kiss…? Apparently mistletoe (Viscum album) actually means “little dung twig” because the plant grows and spreads through bird droppings.
  6. Santa’s making all the monnies. Forbes put together a list of the richest fictional characters and Jolly St. Nick topped it.
  7. We frequently abbreviate Christmas as X-mas because of ancient tradition. X is the Greek letter “chi” which is an abbreviation for the word “Christ” in Greek
  8. The classic turkey wasn’t always the star of the Christmas dinner. Before that it was a roasted swan and during the Medieval times, it was a boars head.
  9. The the burning 0f yule log that is supposed take place over the 12 Days of Christmas is supposed to bring fertility, health, luck and also wards off evil spirits.
  10. Speaking of evil spirits, many European countries believe that Santa’s elves are actually evolved spirits, both good an bad, that were active during the 12 Days of Christmas.
  11. The world’s largest Christmas stocking measured 106 feet and 9 inches (32.56 m) long and 49 feet and 1 inch (14.97 m) wide. It weighed as much as five reindeer and held almost 1,000 presents. It was made by the Children’s Society in London on December 14, 2007 20071108_stocking.jpg
  12. Santa wasn’t always so nice…Saint Nick used to be portrayed as a discipliner and represented punishment.
  13. But he was actually a good person…Santa was actually based off a real person (St. Nikolas of Myra) who was considered the worlds most popular non Biblical Saint.
  14. Boxing Day wasn’t actually about purchasing originally. It was the day named for the “boxing up” of the riches leftovers for the servants to take home.
  15. No trees for you! Christmas trees were actually banned from the White House as far back as 1901 for the sake of the environment and it’s advocate, President Teddy Rooseveltan.
  16. Apparently the environment still suffers though… Christmas purchases account for 1/6 of all retail sales in the U.S…
  17. The first Christmas tree decorations were actually apples.
  18. Spoiled much? If you add up the gifts in the 12 Days of Christmas, you get a grand total of 364 gifts.
  19. Christmas is one of many meanings and for this one, KFC take it right to the bank. Apparently in Japan it is acceptable to eat fried chicken and strawberry shortcake on Christmas. This is so big that KFC takes orders 2 months beforehand…
  20. For all my Canadian friends, Albertan’s spend the most on Christmas. Apparently a whopping 967 bucks per person on average. Oils sands got you loaded over there eh?
  21. Wanna feed a pile of zoo animals. Just donate your Christmas trees. Apparently many zoos accept them as food…elephant_tree.jpg
  22. The idea of a White Christmas can be attributed often to the fact that there was a mini ice age occurring during the years many Christmas songs were written.
  23. Santa ain’t as fast as you think. Apparently his trip would take 34 hours to make if you take into account the International Date Line and other scientific things.
  24. Candy Canes were actually white when they first came out and they served a purpose… To keep the kiddos occupied during mass.
  25. Christmas you scary! At least it is in Iceland where they have 13 Santa’s including one who kidnaps children. crop-the-icelandic-yule-lads.jpg

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What fact(s) really surprised to you? The kidnapping Santa and The Japanese KFC fetish got me. HA