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Smitten For Snickers

Happy Saturday my Friends!

Big shout out to you all for all of you love and support on my first post back to zee bloggy world. I’m really so happy that you guys still checked back to my lil place in the inter web ๐Ÿ˜€


Just a lil quickie before I run off to the gym and then the farmers market on this lovely…eerr kinda dark…morning.

So this happened last night as usual on Fridays…


Leg Day Cheat Meal Time with my parents! Started off at Tom Yom Thai and Vietnamese and despite the atmosphere being more fast-food like and less restaurantย like (my Mom said not so cozy), I really enjoyed my typical dish of ALL ZEE VEGGIES and SEAFOOD. Yum.

As for my normal Ice Cream Challenge, I was super stoked when I found out that Guelph sold Kawartha downtown at a Imported Candy shop call Sweets! Candy but was gravely disppointed when I got there and all they had was the bottom of the barrels left.


So we quickly made a change of plans to our always happening Baskin Robbins and I’m SO GLAD WE DID because this beauty then hit my face..


Yes my friends, I found it finally!

Made With Snickers.

Caramel Ice Cream + Snickers + Caramel Swirl

You better believe that I died a lil bit last night. That ice cream was super loaded with snickers and caramel flavour. The best of both worlds

Peanut butter and Caramel.


You’re telling me!

I loved it so much that my Dad even bought a pint of it to take home and stash in the freezer when they decide to send that one away again

RIP to my salted caramel..

Now I just have to get over my fear of eating ice cream at home….No I’m not kidding.

But anyways best flavour I have ever had as Baskins! On the top was a new top 5..Perils of Praline


Vanilla frozen yogurt packed with pralined pecans and chocolate cookie pieces, and a creamy caramel ribbon throughout

This one is real good too guys!

I was a lil bit concerned with the cookie pieces as I’m also gluten free…So lactose intolerance + glutenless + Chelsea eating dairy-vicious ice cream with gluten-ified cookie pieces = problems?

Not this morning apparently (knock on wood)

Thank you enzymes. ๐Ÿ˜€

Overall my sore and tired self (thanks leg day) was thoroughly stuffed but I’m still drooling over that ice cream. This week I had my parents there for support too which was nice as I had a rougher time last week without them. I still had my moments last night but I tried my best just to die of my foodgasm.

In other news..

This needs to be a thing


Did you know that naps are apparently good for you and everyone should take them daily?


I agree! And I mostly do hehe. If Thomas Edison did it…

Lastly before I run off…

This happened yesterday and although I was expecting it because apparently everyone in this world thinks it’s the greatest thing to man…


Pumpkin Pie Questbar…#WhiteGirlsScreamedWithJoy

I was disappointed it wasn’t caramel (#obsessed)

Well that will be one bar for the housemate and not me.

Hope you have a great Saturday Friends!

Anyone else out there not a pumpkin person?ย Love my kabocha (it’s a japanese pumpkin my loves and not a squash technically), but have never really been into pumpkin flavoured things. Don’t hate on me!

Top 5 Baskin Robbins (or ice cream in general) flavours? Made with Snickers, Salty Caramel, Creme Brรปlรฉe (got that baby once, damn seasonality flavours!), Reese’s, Perils of Praline



Suga’ Built Quads

Hey Friends!

So I’m just typing up this post waiting for my ‘Every Leg Day Friday Ice Cream’ cheat meal to crash my lil body into a suga coma. I had to travel alllll the way to Guelph to pick up my digestive enzymes (annoying lil things are disappearing from stores for some reason and so I have to drive 30 minutes to now pick them up now that I’m with my parents at home -_-) from GoodnessMe!.

It definitely wasn’t all bad though as I got to snag a date with a McMaster friend of mine who now lives in Guelph, Gabriella, and she indulged my typical Thai+ Baskin Robbins cheat meal with me.

Perils of Praline + Gold Medal Ribbon

Perils of Praline + Gold Medal Ribbon

This shop didn’t have Salted Caramel (sob) but they had a new to me flavour…

Perils of Praline (bottom).ย Vanilla Frozen Yogurt with Pralined Pecans, Chocolate Cookie Pieces, and Caramel Ribbon throughout.

It was super nomz (so much caramel!) BUT it melted so fast because it was frozen yogurt I guess and you know how I feel about soft serve. MUST BE FROZEN! But it had so much caramel in it. I got a lil bit nervous because it had cookie bits in it (gluten + dairy..?) hopefully I don’t regret that decision tomorrow morning but I’m trying to put that out of my mind.

On the top was..

Gold Medal Ribbon. Vanilla and Chocolate Ice Cream with a Caramel Ribbon

I have to say that this flavour is meh for me. It’s too chocolate-y for my liking (ie. plain). I get it more for the caramel and it never has enough. I also like my bits and bites of stuff in my ice cream, ya feelz?

I shoulda stuck with my plan to get added caramel sauce (did you know they have peanut butter and caramel sauces you can add to your ice cream?!?) but I chickened out to be honest.

Challenge failed.

Wait…Reframe. Will try again next week.

I always pray that a different Baskin Robbins will have the flavour I have been lusting for …

Made With Snickers. Why am I not eating it yet you ask?



Anyways, this post wasn’t supposed to be a review of ice cream, I came to actually share with you the Death By Legs legs workout that makes up the morning of my cheat day.

It is my quad focused leg day (my hams/glutes is Monday) and while both leg days really take it out of me due to the size of the muscle groups being worked, hello zombie all day + need a nap + cannot stop hanger, quad day seems to be worse.

So what better day for ice cream eh? Especially when ice cream is still such a guilt-triggered thing for me so I need a ‘reason’ to focus on at the moment still.

#StraightToTheQuads. #EatToGrow.

Anywho, brace yourselves but don’t be afraid. Take it at your own pace if you wanna try it out (which I would love to hear how you like it!) and don’t give up ๐Ÿ™‚

Have I mentioned I like volume and crawling out of the gym when I’m done?

Leg Day, July 31st.

Core Warm-up Superset (do back to back).

  1. Oblique Mountain Climbers with feet elevated and hands on Bosu Ball. Added 35lb plate on my back and would ‘climb’ for a minutes. 4 total sets + held plank for extra 30 seonds for the last set.
  2. Weighted (35lbs) Situps. I sit on the lat pull down machine for this one. You get a greater range of motion on the down. 3 total sets + double drop set (25lbs)(no weight) for last set.

This is the idea of the OBLIQUE Mountain Climber, mountain climbers with knees out to the side BUT I have the ball the other way around (round part on the ground for greater instability) and hold onto it with my hands. I have a plate on my back (35lbs) and my feet are elevated on a bench behind me rather then being on the floor. Go with with a level you’re ready for.

Working Super Set 1

  1. Squat Dropset. 5 working sets of 115lbs with an immediate drop to 105lbs.

I warmed up with the bar first, then did one set of 105lbs. I also finished with a final set of just 105lbs again. Total number of weighted sets = 7.

2. Dumbbell Stiff Leg Deadlifts. I used 30lb dumbbells and did 5 total sets. Go to failure and go as low as you can with proper form to feel the stretch in your hamstrings.

Check out the workout video and description on this one on Take care to keep the chest up, shoulders rolled back (don’t slouch them forward!) and reach reach down. Pull back up using the hamstrings and glutes. Lastly, don’t swing up and hyperextend your back backwards. You don’t need to have your back bending backwards to feel this exercise.

Core Super Set 2

  1. Leg Raises with 5lbs with drop set to Knee Ups with that 5lbs on the Captains Chair. 4 Total Sets
  2. TRX Oblique Tucks

Working Super Set 2

  1. Front Squats. 95lbs to failure. 5 Total Sets, final set was a drop set to 75lbs.
  2. Laying Hamstring Curl. 4 Total sets with final double drop set.

Working Super Set 3

  1. Leg Press (feet together). 5 total sets with final drop set.
  2. Walking Dumbbell Lunges with a 35lb dumbbell on each shoulder

For the lunges I have been focusing on trying to not pause between lunges. Instead, just keep pushing up and walking constantly. It’s harder, but worth it.

Working Super Set 4

  1. Isolateral Quad Extension. 4 Total Sets with triple final drop set.
  2. Goblet Squats with a 55lb dumbbell and a drop set with a 25lbs plate with raise onto the toes. 3 total sets with a final drop set of 10 jumping or ‘pop’ squats. <- trust me just those 10 are hard after all of that.

For the goblet squats, I stand on the assisted pull up machine stand so that I can hold the dumbbell by my hips rather then up on my chest as my arms get too tired with the weight I want to use before my legs tire. Go all the way down ladies for that booty boost! Immediately after you do the goblet, grab you plate and do more squats until failure once again.

Final Burn Out Set

1 final set of dumbbell Stiff Leg Deadlifts ‘run the rack’ style. This means that you start with one weight and go to failure then pick up the next weight down and do the same. The idea is to go for the rest of the rack or just a massive drop set, but I managed 3 rounds.

35lbs -> 30lbs -> 25lbs

Done and I’m dead to the foam roller.

I hope you enjoy guys and post any questions you have!

Yes I know there is a lot of hamstring work here too for a quad focused day. I like supersets and I don’t want to kill my main (or first lift) by supersetting with a second quad exercise so I try to keep the 1st exercise to more quad focus and heavier while the second is the quad+ham or ham/glute exercise for in between.



Birthday Love With Caramel On Top

Hey Friends!

For all the love I got on Facebook, via texts and in person I got today..

For real, you make this day so special!

Other than a nice dinner and dessert (scroll for sugar-laden #BootyGainz) and a quick visit from my Nana and Papa, my day was pretty much a typical Friday. Not complaining at all though! It was nice and I’m not a crazy birthday planning type anywho.

So my morning started off with a lovely death by #LegDay workout (cuz ice cream later.. ;-)) and my normal grocery run for my parents and, well me of course.

Did I mention I actually like grocery shopping?

I totally love it. Plus I get treats (ie new fish or seafood) for my self as interest hehe…

I bring my postworkout lunch with me to the gym so that I can eat it in the grocery store (they have a microwave for the public to use) before doing my shopping. During my noms I got the pleasure of hearing a lovely and chuckle-worthy message from Em, my housie. She knows how to make me smile

I miss this girl…


LOL Em, your bow headband looks like devil horns XD


So after rushin back home, I was greeted by my Nana and Papa with a nice card and dollar dollars for me. Although it was brief, its always nice that they NEVER FAIL to have a birthday pass without driving all the way over to see me in person.

After that, Maggie wanted snuggs, so snuggs she got…

IMG_7874Always up for puppy lovin!

Did you know that this lil girl just turned 2 on Canada Day!

She’s the cutest as when you pick her up she almost immediately puts her head on your shoulder.

After some snuggs from the lil sucky girl, I had some time before our dinner reservation and some half dead nanners on the counter so…

IMG_7881That happened.

More protein bundt flower thingy’s to send off to the gym tomorrow morning.

Here they are naked…

IMG_7888…but they got filled this time with a pineapple chia ‘jam.’ Hopefully the trainers at Goodlife like the tropical and sunny twist on this version.

Oh btw, the reason they look green is because I used a sampler of the Vega Vanilla Chia protein blend for the protein powder and it has greens in it.

Shortly after, my Dad arrived home from work to jump in the shower and then head on out with my Mom and I for none other then Thai foodz…

IMG_7890Mmmm seafood and veggie gainz right der..

IMG_7891I honestly love Thai PLUS it does the trick of not filling my stomach up too much (as long as I remove some of that broccoli…sadface) so that I had room for my “cake”…


IMG_7893Yeah. Big girl cup ๐Ÿ˜€

Who wants cake when there’s ice cream?

i just don’t get some peoples logic. ๐Ÿ˜›

Two glorious scoops. The top one peeking over there is creme brulee and the bottom one…

IMG_7894Droollll. Look at that caramel! It was Salty Caramel Truffle (Caramel ice cream + chocolate covered caramel truffles + caramel ripple). No words just mmmmmmmsss.

Both my parents got the later flavour too with an extra scoop of PLAIN chocolate for my Dad <- yeah he’s boring ๐Ÿ˜›

Normally for ice cream we head to Baskin Robbins (remember I’m having this weekly as a “challenge the fear food” thing) but I have wanted to try our local Kawartha ice cream for a long time due to it having one called Moose Tracks (vanilla ice cream + peanut butter cups + Moose Track Fudge ripple). It was the peanut butter cups that peeked my interest but as you can see, it was not all it was cracked up to be as it did not make it past a sample spoon. I found there to be no peanut butter flavour at all and just tasted chocolate which I’m not a huge choco-fan.

No bueno.

When you say something has peanut butter, it damn well taste like peanut butter because that’s just rude! ๐Ÿ˜›

So creme brulee it was (which was really good! Very similar to the Baskin Robbins version they had featured about a month or two back) as I already knew that caramel one was going to be my bottom flava flav (ie the best one ๐Ÿ˜‰

Anyone else save the best for last?

Overall, the Kawartha was really good! I found it was creamier then Baskin Robbins and next week I may have to sway the parentals to go back there again! Score one for local and hand crafted ice cream. Please bring back chocolate peanut butter for comparison.

YES I said I don’t like chocolate, but it is the only vessel for my peanut butter…to ice cream scoop shops, MAKE A PEANUT BUTTER ICE CREAM geesh.

Well after rolling my ice cream baby self out of Roxy’s Coffee and heading home, my parents surprised me with some presents I was not supposed to get.

Some money was gained along with…

IMG_7899Best parents ever..oh and Magg’s. Thanks for fueling my addiction! ๐Ÿ˜‰

And a very bright and pretty new comforter for my house in Guelph that makes me look like an ant when I hold it up…

IMG_7900They know I love all the bright colours!

Maggie wanted more lovin too…

IMG_7897Daddy’s lil girl.

Now as I finish up this post, I’m sipping on my tea and probably going to crash within the next hour. Hello #SugarComa

On to the farmers market tomorrow morning after my lift sesh and a start to a beautiful weekend!

Screen shot 2015-07-03 at 10.06.50 PMThose temps and that sun! Weooo!!

IMG_7887Love me some sunshine. ๐Ÿ™‚

IMG_7885Thanks again for all the love and I hope you all have a great weekend and July 4th long weekend to all my US of A readers!

Do you like it when your ice cream melts or do you wish it could stay solid forever? Solid all the way! I never hold my cup because I wish it wouldn’t melt. This is why soft serve doesn’t appeal to me ever. DQ? NOPE.

Did you get to watch any fireworks this week? I wish! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


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The Nattier The Better…Thinking Out Loud

My Friends

I was blown away from all of your amazing comments on my post on BED. So many of you shared your stores with me and I read every single comment and just wanted to give a big thank you for feeling comfortable enough with me and this space to share those hard memories. I can only hope that my post could benefit you in any way at all. I appreciate you all so much and it hurts me to know that so many of you have been going through hard times with food. I send you so much love and strength to continue to fight if you are still in that dark place and I’m so happy for everyone that has been able to overcome those challenges because it’s not easy.

You are worth the fight. You deserve to be happy and free.

So onto this post, I have…as usual…random thoughts to share with you all but I have a goal of keeping this post short as I’m trying to get my tushie into bed in the next hour. So here we go





Thanks to Amanda for the lovely sounding board every week!

1. Lies.

I was told that this would get easier the more I do it…

Salted Caramel + Pralines and Creme (ie. more caramel)

Salted Caramel + Pralines and Creme (ie. more caramel)

Don’t get me wrong it’s not that I don’t love it. Do you see that caramel (shout out to my Baskin Robbins scooper, you done good kid)?!? But the intense feelings of guilt afterwards + the very uncomfortable feeling of being overly full + the unnecessary anxiety and trying to talk myself out of it 4 days in advance is just too much and, well…


Le sigh. I hope it gets better but this doing it every weekend is starting to get to me.

Do it for the leggies Chelsea, they need to grow.

I digress…

2. Speaking Of Caramel…

IMG_7787The obsession is real. I have no idea why I’m all about zee caramel lately but it’s all the rage in my head…

As we speak I have my Sensie (flameless candle) burning…

IMG_7831…you guessed it. Caramel cookie.

Quest, would you come out with salted caramel already in bar form…

Did you know they came out with salted caramel protein??? Too bad I can’t eat it. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

3. One final note about Caramel…

Why have I never seen this flavour of ice cream??

Wait for it…

Salted toffee ice cream with caramel cups and a salted caramel ripple…

Bestill my aching heart.

Ah see, there’s Jekyll and Hyde for ya. You love ice cream, but you hate it all at the same time. My brain is forever a maze of confuzzlement.

4. Do you find natty peanut butter just not natty enough?

IMG_7829I do. So I just roast up my own peanuts and stir those into a fresh jar. Dat crunch. Sorry if you like smooth, we can’t be friends…okay maybe we can be friends, but we cannot discuss peanut butter because you’re doing it wrong.


Confession. I may or may not have roasted like an entire bag of cashews so that I could have crunchy cashew buttah….Why don’t they make a crunchy version of that deliciousness?

4. I did some baking..

IMG_7821My friend got me the cutest bundt pan out of the blue and it was christened by me making blueberry-banana protein bundt flower cake thingys with a homemade bloob jelly.

…The random one off to the side was a tester for my Dad…

Who were they for you ask?

Funny story.

The manager at my gym randomly came up to me asking if I had forgotten about them. In other words, why have delicious healthy baked goodies not shown up on the desk this week.

I guess you know you’re doing okay when you have people asking for more of your all natural and sugar free protein treats.

I win.

Plus, how cute are they??

IMG_78185. I also got my hair did this week and I’m feeling all kinds of sassy

Anyone get their bangs cut shorter and all the sudden feel full of sass?

6. More lies…

Did anyone else hear that Masterchef (ie the best cooking show like ever) was premiering this week?

Well I was super excited to watch the first episode with my oats this morning only to find out they are 6 episodes in already?!?!

Excuse you’re french Ramsay…

But for real though! I suppose I shouldn’t complain because now I can just chain watch them all…

7. And on the topic of TV…

Mistresses premieres tonight!

OMG OMG I’m so excited I could just…

Fall asleep?

For real guys I have to wait to watch it tomorrow because my sugar coma self wouldn’t be able to make it through the 2 hour episode…

The. Struggle. Is. Real.

Anywho, that’s my cue to wrap it up.

Have a great Friday Eve friends and a Happy Fathers Day to the Daddio’s.


What’s your latest obsession?

Natty or smooth? I promise we will still be friends if you say the later… ๐Ÿ˜‰



Spill It, Sundays #8

Hey Friends!

For those of you who care…. ๐Ÿ˜›

I’m sorry I have been a bit silent on the blog front this week. There has been a lot of things going on. I worked a close then open shift Wed-Thursday at GoodnessMe! and than I had a nice dinner with a friend of mine, Chaunda

20140622-200032-72032774.jpgPesto tossed zoodles with veggies, shrimpies and a poached egg on top. Yeah…a poached egg. Oh you fancy huh?

Holler at fitting her bikini prep macros in style once again this week! ๐Ÿ˜€ Also can I get some props for making not one BUT TWO runny poached eggs. Sayyy what? Things are getting real. I’m liking this weekly girls night we got going on. It allows for my creativity to come out.

On the creativity topic…I’m in love with my spiralizer. Once out of the box….it’s never going back!

And then I went home for the weekend.

20140622-200717-72437174.jpgSorry I’m Not Sorry…you will always get pictures of Maggie Mae cuz she’s my fav.

Quite the whirlwind of the latter part of my week but a good one for sure.

So with that all being said, lets cap off the weekend with our normal Sunday linkup party courtesy of Arman over at The Big Mans World.

The Big Man's World

Thanks again for hosting AND doing the questions this week. I will say that I’m going to miss this lil party while it goes on a break for a wee bit but I’m excited to see what new endeavors you speak of! Perhaps as an ode to you, I will see if I can get back on my recipe game by setting a goal to post a new recipe each Sunday in place of this usual shindig.

How does that sound?

ย Onward we go with The Lasts

The lastโ€ฆ.person you spoke to?

My Dad as he drove me back to Hamilton after being home for the weekend.

20140622-200031-72031174.jpg She goes where eva he goes. It’s cute. #PreciousCargo

The lastโ€ฆsweet food you ate?

My cheat meal last night.

20140622-200031-72031981.jpgMighta over done’er a wee bit. Geeze tummy stretch once and a while would ya?

Various flavas of coconut ice cream with extra peanut butter (crunchy and toffee) and white chocolate raspberry Questbar puffs. It was good but my stomach was hating me this morning…ugh

Sorry Dean, it messed me up this time. No ice cream for a wee bit now. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

The lastโ€ฆsavoury food you ate?

My dinner BUT I didn’t snap that so I will say my breakfast…eerr brunch…11:30am? this morning. I had been craving this salad allll day yesterday and all morning and although it probably didn’t help my tummy, it was good. I even tried putting a lil bit of apple in it because it was something I saw on IG and wanted to try it out.

20140622-200031-72031632.jpgWorth the veggie-bloat food baby? Yup.

Normally I wouldn’t do fruit in salads because I tend to only have fruit at breakfast or around workouts BUT it was my first meal of the day so I figured it would be okay. Yes, yell at the sugar phobe about how fruit is natural and I shouldn’t be afraid to eat it BUT I like to have my sugars when my body needs them. What I will say is that I shouldn’t feel bad about 2 ounces of apple…

Workin on that.

The lastโ€ฆblog you visited?

The awesome host of this link up party, Mr. Arman, to check out the questions posted for today’s post

The lastโ€ฆblog you commented on?

Technically my own as I answered some reader questions ๐Ÿ™‚

The lastโ€ฆrecipe you tried out?

My skillet cookies…which I actually have yet to post. Ooopps, will get on that. People have been asking.

20140622-200033-72033425.jpgI had them one morning last week (Thursday before my 8:30am open) in a zoaty fashion. They are quite good so I will definitely have to post that up for you guys! Easy peasy cookies, made in 10 minutes. What could be better?

The lastโ€ฆitem you pinned on Pinterest?

This Low Carb Flax Pizza Crust from Nutty About Health

Paleo Flax Crust Pizza Recipe VIA Nutty About Health

I liked it because I have been searching for a paleo crust that actually looks as if you can pick it up for a while now and this one looks fab! Will needs to add some Lil Miss Fitness Freak flare to this one and try it out!

The lastโ€ฆTV show you watched?

You Gotta Eat Here! on the food network as they were featuring one of my favourite spots on Locke…


Chucks Burger Bar. Check out this link for the video and see what I always drool over.

The lastโ€ฆtrip you took?

What counts as a ‘trip’?

Perhaps the trip my Dad and I took to Whole Foods on the way back to Hamilton?

…Or perhaps the trip to Guelph University yesterday to see the campus to help in where I want to go for school (yes I got accepted there too!) would be more acceptable as an answer for my last ‘trip.’

I will say it’s a very pretty campus. Very green.

The lastโ€ฆtime you spent money and on what?

About 2 hours ago on a lovely piece of steelhead trout at Fortinos for that dinna I didn’t take a picture of… ๐Ÿ˜€

Lies. It probably wasn’t a happy trout when I ated it…

I’m sure you will survive though as you have seen umpteen fish pictures in my posts.

Wow, for a short-ish post I actually gave you a pretty good recap of my entire weekend.

Who woulda thunk it?Short can tell a lot. ๐Ÿ˜€

Happy Sunday evening friends!

Ever had Zoodles?

What’s your favourite kind of cookie? Although I can’t say I really eat cookies, if I did…two words. Peanut. Butter. Anything with peanut butter.

Last sweet food you ate?


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I Hate To Be That Person But…

Hey Friends!
Although it’s a day late, happy Valentines Day!

What did you get up to yesterday?
Despite not really believing in Love Day, as you should show and give love EVERYDAY, it’s was really nice to go out for a nice dinner with Andre as we never have matching schedules to be able to accomplish date nights because of work conflicts.

We hit up Chucks Burger Bar (my favourite cheat place as of late) because my man knows that….

Who needs chocolate when you can have bison?

20140215-074154.jpgMmmmm goat cheesey goodness…

Sadly though, Chucks was VERY disappointing last night. I’m sad to say that I was left with quite the burnin aftertaste (literally) following our meal. I will say that I have worked in a kitchen and so I don’t like to complain because it’s a tough world in there…


…messing up 3-4 things on my order (one of those mess up’s kinda ruining the burger bliss for me) + 1 thing on Andre’s order + our food took 40 minutes is just not cool.

When I go I order the same thing every time as it literally leaves me drooling long after I have demolished it ever so slowly. ๐Ÿ˜‰

My go to is a bunless bison burger with:

  • Goat Cheese
  • Sauteed Mushrooms and Onions
  • Shredded Lettuce
  • Hot Sauce
  • Regular Mustard

Plus a side house salad that comes with beets (mmmm) and a balsamic vinaigrette on the side.

Not too complicated I think…Apparently last night I was wrong.

Getting slightly hangry by the time our meal came, I was delivered my burger with:

  • Raw onions…sorry I just can’t do those. Sauteed I love. Raw, ick.
  • A salad lacking the best part…the beets.

Although I hate to be that person, I just couldn’t have my burger with those raw onions. It would totally kill it for me. And…I kinda love beets, so I had to ensure I got those too. Soooo I was that person and they, apologetically, took it back.

It than was quickly returned to me…sans beets. Sigh. And it’s gone again.

Third time’s the charm? I thought so…

I happily began to dig into my salad. Good so far. Then I began to tackle that, now, heavily lookin burger to find that it tasted a bit off…

Strike three. Rather than the lovely tangy frenches mustard being slathered on, I had a heap of brown spicy mustard (possibly the mustard my boyfriend was lacking with his order) and let me tell you, that flavour is not mild. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
The disappointment started to sink in as I began to feel that this burger was just not going to be the cheat I had been salivating over all day BUT I thought the mustard wouldn’t completely do it in for me until

I got the piece with the biggest squirt of it apparently and my nose felt like it was set on fire. Bliss dead.

As I sat there half crying (those vapors burn I tell you!) and waving my nose like a crazy person, I start to wonder whether I will actually be able to eat this thing despite being only a few bites in. I decided that after my nose cooled down..literally…I would try another bite as maybe that mustard was just simply blobbed in one spot.

It was for the most part so I finished it but the hint of that flavour throughout the whole thing was kinda a turn off for me.


Now I don’t want to come down on Chucks too much as I have never had a problem there before and their burgers are to die for…when done right. It was suuuper busy that night (with takeout orders) for the kitchen and they took off the salad from our bill as a sort of compensation for my meal being less than perfect. I will go there again, obviously, but I just had to rant about them ruining my burger-porn bring it up.

The rest of our evening was super chill as we headed back home to stay in and relax the for the night. So, although my food was less than stellar, my date night as a whole with my boyfriend was good times! ๐Ÿ˜€

That’s all that matters in the end.

What do you do when your orders get messed up?

Would you have eaten the burger or gotten a new one made?

Favourite burger toppings? The only thing missing from the toppins I mentioned would be sundried tomatoes. Mmmm. I would put those on errreeyythang if I could.

Hope your Valentines Day was a good one!



MIMM: A new furbaby

Hey Friends!

Short and sweet post but I has to share the absolutely marvelous times I shared with a special new lil one in my life…

IMG_2274 Meet Maggie! Look at that face….

IMG_2266And again….

IMG_2286Okay one more….


In her sling in my mom’s arms

SOOOO CUTE! I really didn’t want to give her back to my parents as I wanted her to stay with me forever. Unfortunately because I no longer live at home I will have to accept the fact that my visits will be shorter than I would like. But really though, can any visit with that cutie be long enough?

Marvelous is instant love!

Maggie is a toy poodle (same breed as Lacey) who will only get up to about 6-8 pounds or so. Yup, she’s a lil one just like me! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Look how small she was in my boyfriends arms…


I don’t know why he looks so shy here…totally outgoing guy I swear! Maybe it was the tiny lil bit of love in his arms turning him into a mushball. HA!

Ahhh so much I could say about how much I loved this puppy the second I saw her. I had just gotten off work to meet my parents (how nicely came all the way from Georgetown with Maggie to have dinner with me and do the official meet and greet) at a nearby restaurant and almost instantly my backpack dropped, a huge smile appeared on my face and all I said was GIMME GIMME GIMME! ๐Ÿ˜€ It was a good and truly marvelous night!

Although nothing could beat Maggie in terms of marvelousness I just had to share the dinner than my parents and I enjoyed.

Marvelous is getting to finally enjoy something you have been craving for like…ummm.FOREVER!

There is a place on Locke street, a few doors down from my work on the opposite side of the street, called Naroma’s Pizza that I have been dying to revisit ever since my boyfriend and I tried it for the first time quite some time ago. They make the best pizza I have tasted (which I have to admit is not that much, but still amazing I tell you!) as it is baked to order in an authentic stone oven and served nicely on the slab thingies like the ones they use to make the pizza.

Their single servings are HUGE!

Their single servings are HUGE!

This is the coppia, which is the single serving lol. Yeah, they like their pizza’s large and in charge! What is great though is that you can split the pizza into two types so my mom and I split this one but got to personalize our own side. My side is the one on the left and it was just as amazing as I remembered it being! Basil pesto on the bottom with roasted red peppers, sun-dried tomatoes (no pizza should ever be without those!), mushrooms, roasted chicken and mozzarella cheese). Mmmmmmm so good! I also love how they are in squares and that I can use a fork and knife

Anyone else enjoy pizza more with utensils?

My parents and I also shared this lovely Mediterranean salad:

Mixed greens, artichokes, onion, roasted red peppers, black olives (yuck) and a lovely balsamic vinaigrette)

Mixed greens, artichokes, onion, roasted red peppers, black olives (yuck) and a lovely balsamic vinaigrette)

annnnd I saved some room for a tastin of their dessert pizza (split in half with my Dad). Yeah it was my cheat night so I went to town!


Nutella and ricotta cheese sprinkled with a lil icing sugar

As it is normally served cold, we got it warmed as Lil Miss Fitness Freak doesn’t do cold for practically ANYTHING…desserts (like pie, etc) included! ๐Ÿ˜€ It was pretty good despite the dismal reviews from my fellow coworkers. Of course I haven’t eaten too many desserts in my life time so maybe this was just good because I nothing to compare it to…BUT it was tasty. I really liked the chocolate hazelnuttiness of the ‘sauce’ and although I was a lil scared of how the cheese would taste it was a nice slightly sweet addition. My dad gave it a thumbs up too, but like everyone else, said that it wasn’t anything mind blowing. Nothing beats good ol’ ice cream I suppose ๐Ÿ˜‰

So there you have it, my marvelous night of good food, good company and an amazing meeting with the new puppy. What’s better than that? Especially when you just worked like 24 hours over the past three dayz…

Thanks Katie for setting up this shinding and make sure to check our her blog for her (and everyone elses!) Marvelous affairs ๐Ÿ˜€

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Happy Monday!