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Doubt Stalls Progress

My friends, so I welcomed myself back yesterday, and now I’m bringing you my first lil video. Nothing informational or science based, just something I have been dealing with as of late and some tips that hopefully you can use and I can follow through with myself.

We all go through periods of self doubt. What is important is that we eventually see that there is not reason to doubt ourselves and simply move on.

Self doubt kills progress. It stalls you.

You need to let go of that doubt, realize what an amazing person you are and what skills you bring to the table and continue to moving along whatever path you are going.

I’m not going to be naive and say that this process is easy or instant, but it’s something we all have to do. Look inside yourself, realize what you bring to the table, how far you have come and be proud to share that with whoever or whatever is standing at the end of your pathway.

Always always always remember you are enough. More than enough! You are the best person you can be and have a lot of offer. Never let anything or anyone stop you from reaching your goals.

Self doubt is not fact, it’s a fictional story made up by you and allowed to live until you shut it down.

I hope you enjoy, and check back for more. If you have any topics you want me to chatter live about, let me know in the comments 🙂

What do you do when you are doubting yourself?


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I’ll Start On Monday…

My new diet starts on Monday

Starting Monday, I will live in the gym

My new body transformation will start on Monday

I will be a better me….

Starting on Monday.

start on monday

Happy September 1st friends. New month and this month in particular tends to be associated with the “after-summer fresh new goals” to reach before the new year.

We all see it….Similar to the New Year resolution season, with the return of school comes the new gym go-ers, the new dieters who want to loose all their summer weight plus more by Christmas, and people making plans/goals that surround making a fairly significant change in their life.

This is like a whole month of “I will start on Monday” and unfortunately this mentality often leads to starting changes as of September 1st and ending sometime between September 10th and October 1st. It’s a sad reality, and personally, a mentality that I often just cannot understand.

You see, I am fully supportive of goals. Goals that are something that lead to personal growth and bettering yourself. So yes, goals are great. What I don’t understand is why self-improvement has to be seen as a punishment or something to be delayed to a later date. In this case, after the weekend.

Why wait to better yourself?

I ask myself this question often when someone says that famous phrase to me…

should get my shit together

Here’s how I see it…

1. Your goal is unrealistic

2. Your goal is seen as a punishment

3. Its just not a priority enough

Either way, the chances of them lasting is slim to none. Take the gym as an example, we all dread the gym being packed, but always know that the stampede will clear in a few short weeks.

This is awful to admit because it’s great that people want to become more fit and I welcome those who want to improve upon their health and become stronger versions of themselves, but this is really just observation at it’s finest. 

So lets look at the first point. Your goal will NOT be reached if you are looking at something as an “all of nothing” type of deal. I will cut X from my diet forever. I will go to the gym 2 hours a day, EVERYDAY, I will live off of salad…etc, etc. These are NOT realistic or attainable for anyone nor should they be thought to be required for bettering your health. These overly loafty goals are often pushed to Monday because you are wanting to be ‘free’ before you feel that life is going to suck.


This is why they fail. All-or-nothing goals will never work. Take one thing and change that. Make this a lifestyle by making something manageable.

~I will start by going to the gym 3 times a week

~I will turn out the lights 30 minutes earlier 3 times a week

~I will pack up my own lunch rather then buying out for work/school

So what about #2?

Sometimes people go into making changes because they feel they have to. Got a bad doctors report? The prescription –> get yo ass to the gym and loose 20 pounds. Doctors orders. You may feel the need to do it, but that doesn’t mean you’re gunna like it.

My new life starts on Monday.

Or what about writing that paper you need to get done. You know that sitting down and writing rather then enjoying time with friends sucks, so, push it off until Monday. Not only are you loosing time and probably adding stress to your life (plus loosing sleep), you probably ended up using some of that time doing something mindless because you told yourself you were gunna start later.

Ever done that? You have the time to kill but have already accepted that later start date so you don’t use that spare time effectively?

Instead, do an hour here and there over that weekend in between socializing. That’s not that big of a commitment, you aren’t spending hours in a chair slaving typing away and come Monday, look you have half your paper at least drafted.

When you look at something as a punishment or something that is being forced on you, you won’t want to do it. Nonetheless, how is moving it to a later date making it anything less then what you currently perceive it as? Punishment derived goals also fail because you have set your mind up that you hate this thing and that it is required of you to do. There is no internal driving force for you to want to do it.

Time to change your mindset.

Something may suck but turn it around to something positive. Need to change your lifestyle due to health issues? Make it a challenge to yourself in some way or take it upon yourself to try something new that you may end up loving. Find a recipe that you love and make it more nutrient dense. Work your way up to doing some race or lifting a certain weight. Don’t focus on the required target as if it is something ‘forced on you’ because that will just breed negativity. Instead, tell yourself that this is for you and make it something you want to do for yourself.

The last one is one that really hits most people hard. A certain goal or challenge may be a great learning opportunity or something that would really benefit a person but they just don’t do it.

Why wouldn’t they want to do something that simply makes them a better version of themselves?

It’s not a priority. 

Yeah it may be great and all but it’s not important enough to them to make that change. That is a sad reality, but often times this is common and people miss out on a lot of great things and chances.


So, overall I think that goals are great. They are visions. They are about helping to make yourself the best you can be. They fuel you to push and challenge yourself BUT that is only if you do them and take them seriously.

Ask yourself why wait to do something you want. Why hesitate to make yourself better. Want to make a change? DO IT RIGHT NOW!

…Or you may just let the chance slide on away from you and miss out.

It’s simply your choice. 


Thanks to everyone over at Thinking Out Loud for listening and a big shout out to our lovely hostess Amanda.

Have you every wanted to do something but waited too long to do it?



Winding Down This Wednesday

Trigger Warning. For those who are currently struggling or are triggered by the discussion of exercise, psychological struggles, pictures, food, etc please refrain from reading this lil update. The goal here is to ensure everyone remains in a safe place mentally when on my blog!

My friends.

Do you know how much it has hurt me not to be able to chatter with you much this semester? I have my moments where I wonder if you are feeling let down or frustrated with me thinking that I just don’t enjoy or want to blog anymore but please believe me when I say that is far from the truth.

I miss you all and I miss sharing things with you! 

I have tried to push aside the guilt about not blogging and focus on the fact that I’m finishing up my semester hopefully on a high and that I am actively working to bring back up my health status…

My health. How is that progress now that I mention it?

I owe you an update.

I have been officially been working with my coach, Mike, since the beginning of January. I had brought it up before then but we didn’t really gett’er going for real until then. So I suppose I’m wrapping up my third month with him. So what has that brought?

Weight Gains?

Can’t say really because Mike doesn’t want me weighing myself. I will be honest and say that I was initially weighing myself because I felt as if I needed to know when the scale began to tip up. You heard about my lil meltdown I had previously when it did increase a bit and so I have been forbidden to get on it since. To be rational though, that number really truly DOESN’T matter. Your weight tells you nothing about what is going on with your body really. It doesn’t tell you whether you’ve gained fat, water, muscle and so forth. It doesn’t tell you if your organs are repairing themselves. Whether your hormones are regulating. NOTHING. So really, all it does it make you obsessed with a number for no apparent reason.

So with that in mind,  I do weekly progress pictures with Mike and he makes changes as we go…which is EVERY SINGLE WEEK.

Food Gains?


I’m not going to say what my specific current numbers are, but to give you kind of an idea…

I’m almost eating my weight in fat (number of grams to number of pounds).

I’m eating triple my weight in carbohydrates.

And around double my weight in protein.

And this is only the beginning. Pretty much without fail, with each passing week, I get another increase. The struggle is real, ya feel? Guys may not (4000+ cals would get their attention), but ladies, do you know how much food that is. Geesh

What I will say is that is just another piece of evidence to show you that you don’t need to be restricting to 1200 calories to maintain your weight or even loose weight! Yes, everybody’s body is different and they all metabolize and respond to nutrients differently but let me be an example to you. Eating high carbs doesn’t make you fat. Eating more then 1200 calories per day doesn’t make you fat.

I may be 5 feet tall but I train hard and so my metabolism is basically a beast…err efficient. I’m truly learning that I need a lot of food just to keep up with it, let alone, make it grow.

BUT! Even if you don’t train, you need to fuel your body sufficiently.

Strength Gains?

Oh yes my friends!

My pride and joy right now is my squat. Since reading week (mid February) my back squat has increased 25lbs! I’m now squatting more then 1.5 times my body weight which is so exciting as that was a lift that really took a hit when my body basically gave up on me (i.e. my strength took a nose dive) in the gym after the weight loss. I’m pushing so hard to reach that 135 ASAP!

Overall though, I’m much more energetic in the gym, my lifts have been feeling amazing and almost everything is just going up. I PR at least once a week in something and it’s just an amazing feeling.



Mental Gainz?

Lots! Yes, I have had my share of mini meltdowns throughout this process and things may have taken longer then they should have sometimes, but the point is that I not only have to fight the physical but I’m also fighting back the mental as well and that is tough.

I get frustrated with myself sometimes because I wish I could be like everyone else and be happy to be told to eat more food, but I have to take a step back though and realize what significant barriers I have broken down!

~It may have taken me 3 weeks longer then it was supposed to but I managed to add 4 tbsp of nut butter to my day ON TOP OF what I was already eating in my morning oats. This was huge because I had this ‘rule’ in my head that said I was only allowed to eat 1 serving a day MAX (2 tbsp).

~I still have my treat meals (almost still weekly) despite the increases. That was hard for me because I felt that I should stop eating ice cream every Friday due to my already eating more then normal.


Jays is back open for the season! Let the spoiling begin!! Homemade Reese’s Pieces Peanut Butter gelato (right) and my ultimate favourite, Salty Caramel (left). All their products are made in store. Drools….

~I realized I still get hungry despite eating more. That was another big thing for me. You see, for me, my struggles surround feelings of fullness. I don’t necessarily freak out over calories per say, but I freak out thinking I’m going to feel more full because when I’m more full my tummy will stick out and that’s when I have issues. When you start to feed your body properly after a time of restriction, your body starts to realize that it’s getting more and with that, it can then allow itself to use those additions and ASK for those additions through hunger or other signals. Often times you may think something is a lot but then the next day your stomach will start growling for that extra food because it wants it. It’s proof that your body is efficient. More food or just enough food means that your metabolism is able to be the most efficient and use those nutrients to the best it can, making you an optimal burning machine.

~I haven’t gotten fat. Despite a fairly big increase (in my opinion) to what I’m eating, I have not gotten fat. Instead I have gotten stronger and I have been getting comments that I look healthier (despite the fact that I still really haven’t gained that much). My coach tries to keep me on the straight and narrow about that whole situation but it’s hard for me not to be negative sometimes. That, my friends, is a work in progress.

Any Negatives?

Any change won’t come without it’s share of some not so nice things. For me, the biggest struggle, other then my mind (I’m looking at you ED!), has been my IBS kicking up a fuss with every damn increase pretty much. If any of you have irritable stomachs you know how moody you can get when your stomach decides to screw with you. It sucks, like hard. I’m learning the very weird limits my stomach has and I have had to adapt and try to work with it or else I will just spend all my days with excessive and painful gas, no hunger (because of said gas) and bloating. Sorry TMI but it just doesn’t make this process any easier physically or mentally.

I’m still pushing though and I have so much love and support plus an amazing coach who is backing me up and having patience with some of my irrational thoughts and whining. I will do this and I will come out on top.


So, I don’t know if you have been wondering what I look like at the moment as my selfie game has been weak for the past lil bit…

I was super hesitant to post this because I was afraid of what you might think. I was afraid that you would think I looked gross and too skinny. Well the fact is that I am too skinny but I’m moving in the right direction and I should be proud of the gains that I have made regardless of how small they may be. This is my starting point and I’m full speed ahead towards my goals.


The left was the first progress picture I sent to Mike. The right was two weeks ago. Again, the changes may be small and I’m still small but I’m making progress and he was super happy to tell me about it by putting this shot together for me to compare. 

If you have continued to stick by me during this dry period that is this semester, I appreciate it so much and I cannot say sorry enough for not bringing you the content you deserve. I hope that I can do better now that this crazy semester is coming to an end.

I love you all and lets hope my blog can be a bit more active once again because lets be real, my chattering and random thoughts just cannot be contained!



I Owe You An Update…

The title says it all. I had gone MIA on you all once again. Man this semester is really killing my bloggin game. Don’t they care that I have readers to amuse, huh?

Guess not.

My apologies but you know…#StudentLife.


So on this lovely Friday let me fill you in a lil bit.

1. Gainz

***Trigger Warning. I will be expressing thoughts that may make some feel uncomfortable. Please note that I am aware these are not healthy or rational thoughts but I’m just wanting to express to you how I felt at the time***

So yes, I have officially put on a pound or two with my coach. That may not seem like a lot based on how long I have been working away at it with him but you have to understand that when your metabolism is high and your workouts are tough, just getting the scale to tip over the edge is really really hard. You need a lot more food then you think just to make it budge.

I have made it past a number of fears.


~Eating rice cakes before bed.

~Eating more peanut butter then I ever imagined. I love peanut butter but I always had this rule that I was only allowed 2 tbsp a day (ie. a serving on the label). Still working with that fear….my last addition via my coach was “Let’s just add 3-4 tbsp of nut butter this week. You love the stuff right?” Uggghhh I love it but that much scares the crap out of me.

I’m still dealing with challenges associated with the weekly increases that has has me doing.

~Having my weekly ‘cheatmeal’ errrr.. treat meal despite always being bumped calories. My head tells me to feel bad for having my ice cream for example because I’m already in a surplus so you don’t need it. Bad Chelsea.

I still have issues with not feeling in control.

And yes, I did in fact have a pretty nasty melt down when I saw that scale shift.

Rationally I know that is the plan. Rationally I know I need it and I DO WANT IT. I really do want to look healthier! I want to fill out my lil fitness freak booty. I want my cheeks to fill out more. I want to look like I lift and gain back the strength I lost for gawds sake, which you cannot do when you are too lean. But the increase in the number shook me and sent my mind into a state of mixed thoughts along with some tears and unfortunate body checking and poking…

Where is it??? Look that part’s softer…Is that a lump?! OMG I’m gunna get fat!

I have always told you that I don’t like the scale and it’s useless. Truth is…that still stands true. The scale means nothing. It is not a measure of anything really because you can gain weight but looker leaner (hello muscle mass!) and then it just messes with your mind.

That in mind, I felt as if I needed to check once and a while to ensure I wasn’t loosing any more weight and also to know when I started to gain so I could say I was going up. It didn’t really phase me. Yes, the number I saw was much too low and I knew it, but I was not mentally prepared for how I would feel if it actually moved up.

That day came and I broke. I cried. I failed didn’t hit my increase that week because I automatically assumed that because I gained I was just going to stock pile fat on myself because apparently thats what happens when I’m talking about my own body.


I still struggle with thinking that somehow my body is different then others. Others will be fine, but I will become hideous or something. I dunno. Again, irrational. I need to take my own advice and know that I’m getting healthy because I’m NOT healthy right now.

Instead I need to focus on the positives. I’m getting stronger again in the gym and I’m loving it.

I PR’ed today finally hitting my 1.5 times my body weight back squat again. I lit up like a firecracker. 

That week was rough but I have accepted it and my dietician spoke to me about the body dysmorphia aspect. Not that I should be trying to rationalize the gain in any way but it will probably be a long time before weight will begin to really show on me because my low body fat percentage means that my organs and vital tissues need a lil bit of assistance first before some of those superficial things.

…When you get an error message stepping on a bioimpediance scale (measures your body fat %) you know that you’re too low…

I know that scale is not the most accurate but still…an error message!?! and that was three meals in…

Anyways, onto bigger and better things and on to more muscle! I’m gaining my friends and that just means I’m getting healthier and working towards my fitness goals.

2. I got a job!

A research job…that isn’t volunteering…in my field!! I found that at my school they offer URA research projects for students in various departments over the summer months. They pay just like any full time job, actually more in my case because rather then minimum wage I’m getting $11.50/hour, and you are doing research for a prof or Ph.D student on campus. How much of an awesome opportunity it that!

Anyways, although that means that I will have to stay in Guelph and not live at home all through the summer, I am excited that I get this chance to do some research as it will help me work towards my career goals.

3. Hell week is upon us…

Yes, my restaurant (the one I keep complaining about) is this Tuesday. Its starts at the crack of dawn (7:45am) Monday morning on campus with receiving our ingredients (and hopefully not being yelled at all morning…that has happened to multiple groups) and continues all day with prepping the food for the actual service Tuesday morning/afternoon. Tuesday we are back in at the crack of dawn for set up, more prep and getting our **it together before service begins at 11:30am. After 2:30 when class is done, we get our review and grade then while many would crack a bottle of wine, I’m going to hit the gym and then go home and do absolutely nothing for the rest of the night because I will deserve it after little to no sleep and yelling for 48 hours.

Crossing our fingers it goes well.

Anyways my lovely friends, I’m sorry again that I really have been absent this semester.

It’s not you its me.

I hope to chatter with you more and bring back more information posts as things die down a bit.

I’m off to take my ice cream filled belly to beddies

Nite Nite all!



With Healing Comes Accepting Stepping Back.

My Friends, I feel as if the title of this post is misleading, like I’m getting into something really personal and deep. Truth is this post is about something I talked about quite some time ago and I just happened to find a good video from a lovely Dietician I have mentioned on the bloggy before, Robin.

I remember when I first brought up the idea of a sick metabolism due to over-cardio’in and too few calories. I then went on the explain how your body adapts to that state and if you’re goal is loose weight, it won’t happen.

REAL TALK: You don’t need to starve to be at your body’s happy weight. In fact, we need more calories then we might know.

I also remember saying that you want to try to eat as much as possible without putting on weight (provided you are at a healthy weight).

After all of these points, I received many concerned comments saying…

I cannot eat that much or I gain weight.

When I drop the cardio and/or eat more, I gain weight. 

So obviously 1200 calories are where you need to be to have the ‘body you want’ then right?


Instead, you’ll end up frustrated that your body won’t move despite feeling worn down and just plain hangry.

I tried to explain at the time that due to metabolic adaptation to the lower calories and excessive cardio, your body will not let you loose any more weight and even possibly gain weight due to stress. I’m not sure how well received this was at the time because many people are stuck thinking that what they see in the short term is just how it’s doing to be. I can’t say much about this because I fall into that as well.

When I eat more, I have gained weight in the past. I didn’t like it. I have only ever been thin when I’m doing it this way (ie. lots of cardio, low carb, low cals in general). So in order to be happy with my body, I have to do this forever…

It’s hard to try to push past what you have experienced in the past I know, but you have to trust that in the longer run, your body will fall into a happy place, you just have to get over that hump first.

The Nasty Truth.

What hump you ask?

When your body is placed into this state of adaptation, you have to accept the fact that to bring yourself out of it, to get your body back into an efficient, calorie burning machine that works with you rather then against you, you will most likely put on some initial weight. This will occur even if the gradual increase in calories and the gradual reduction in cardio is done almost 100% perfectly (which is so hard to do!).

Although you won’t like it, once again, you need to accept that.

Unfortunately you lost weight the wrong way. You body is slightly scarred at the moment so you have to let it heal in the way it knows how. You now must be patient.

Not to sound like a broken record but this is something that just must be heard (and understood)! You cannot push any further towards your goals if you don’t bring yourself up to a happy calorie intake.

My friends, 1200 is starving according to your body (and quite frankly your mind too!). Remember that. You need hundreds more just to function without any form of basic exercise.

So, with that in mind, does it make sense that your body will happily loose more weight when it already thinks you’re in a famine?


It’s going to do all it possibly can to store as much as possible (because who knows how long this famine will last) and not loose anything else (which is does by messin’ with your hormones + slowing your metabolism to a screeching halt).

This is why many people say that despite feeling as if they are eating so lil that they still can’t loose weight. It’s because your body thinks it needs to be in survival mode.

Please note that this idea of eating lil + no weight loss is a different situation from chronic restriction via eating disorders. That is a different scenario. In that case, bodily wasting happens due to being extremely under your calorie maintenance (like less then 1000cals) for months and your body starts to literally eat itself and waste away. Most of the calorie restriction cases I’m referring to are when individuals have plateaued in their weight loss journey while taking in low calories and doing a lot of basic cardio such as chronic running.

So, long story short, you need to bring up those calories slowly to eat a normal amount for your body so that it will trust you again. This is trial and error. Unfortunately we can not tell you a precise number that your body needs. In this ‘re-feed’ time (oh and it will take time, not 1 weeks time, much more), your metabolism and hormones can be re-set in a sense and finally after giving it a good chunk of time, you will be able to work towards your goals once again.

This time though, it will not be crash dieting or slashing your calories super low again because you have been there and done that. Instead you can do a few things:

Take a step out of your comfort zone and step a toe into the weight section. Building lean muscle ==> higher metabolism ==> higher calorie expenditure just doing nothing at all. You have to lift heavy though. Push your body past being comfortable. You have to be uncomfortable to allow for change.

Take a look at your current diet. Are there lil things you can change? Perhaps you have a wee bit too much sugar due to your twice a day coffees and perhaps that candy jar at work. Maybe you end up buying your food at work every day. One lil change can make quite a difference and doesn’t leave you feeling like you have to cut 400 calories.

Make sure you get your sleep. You know what else causes your body to hold onto excess weight? Cortisol, or your body’s stress hormone. When you are sleep deprived, this hormone increases and can lead to plateaus in weight loss or even weight gain. Many studies have shown that chronic release of this hormone leads to fat gain, especially in the abdominal area. Anywhere from 6-8 hours I would say is needed based on the person.

Finally, don’t tell yourself you can’t have this or cannot have that. Restriction is a recipe for binging and if you find yourself consistently craving processed, sugary, salty, etc types of foods, your dietary lifestyle is, well, not a lifestyle because you are feeling deprived of something. Nobody’s diet is perfect and it doesn’t have to be. Allowing moderation into your life will ensure you can satisfy your body, work towards your goals and not eat an entire box of some craving because you feel as if you will never see it again.

In the video below (click the picture), Robin explains things well and hopefully it helps you all to better understand everything I was chattering about.

Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 8.19.29 AM

Treat your body right. Sometimes if you hit a snag, you have to take a step back before getting to where you need to be.

This is a pill I have to swallow as well as I continue on my journey with my coach. I need to trust the process. I made a mistake and now I need to face the initial challenge to get into a better place. Both mind and body.

I hope this post wasn’t too repetitive. You know me and my rambles..

Have a great Saturday my friends and for those living here in Canada, stay warm on the coldest day we have had thus far I believe

Hello -23 -_-




My Friends, my friends we have moved into official Christmas month


Welcome to December

Current Confession:

I’m feeling very unprepared for my first exam next Monday at 8:30Am. I dunno, those online are killers and just so hard to motivate yourself to do them. Worse yet, its all the wonderful things needed to run a restaurant business….snoooooore. On the grind I swear, I just don’t feel good as of right now.

It is open book but I don’t know if I should feel relieved or not because she said “you will be pressed for time.” Oh the compensatory ‘make the exam hard’ mechanisms for open book. 

Current Book:

Do textbooks count? Tis the season…for exams that is.

Current Music:


Anything Timeflies. I dunno they have been rocking my workout playlist lately. Yes even the Beibs song ‘sorry’ has made it onto my playlist BUT in a Timeflies fashion.

Remix > original

I also just have a thing against the JB. Sorry to all the Beliebers I just don’t like him. His music can be hit or miss with me, but him, immature and annoying.

#SorryNotSorry I’m just being honest.

Current Guilty Pleasure:


A very expensive guilty pleasure. My Dad is now regretting the fact that I’m very observant in the grocery store and did their groceries a few weekends ago because this made it into my cart. I have had lobster about 5 times in the past 2 weeks for dinner….

I’m really not a spoiled brat I promise.

Current Entertainment:


Chicago Med! Now that Grey’s is gone for the season, which they totally didn’t announce I swear, this will fill my void. I went to watch Grey’s last week and it just didn’t show up…How rude.

But anyways, I missed the first episode but the past one was so good! I really like the entire Chicago trio, but I think this one is gunna be my favourite of the 3

Hand up for doctor dramas anyone?

Current Wish/Need:

That I can enjoy my LegDay Cheat Meal tonight with my friends and housemates. We are going to the Works Gourmet Burger and as much as I’m excited to finally try their elk burger, it’s a change from my usual thai and ice cream cheat and, well, change gives me anxiety. Especially when it revolves around food and, even more so, “scary, out to eat, dirty” foods. 

I haven’t had a burger since Chucks back in the hammer…err like 3 years ago. Talk about re-challenging that fear. 0_O

Current Food:

Did I mention Lobster?

It even makes it into my post workout meals.

Speaking of post workout meals, them rice cakes with protein icing and nanner are strangely satisfying despite me making a mess of myself in public.


Oh and in huge news…


Them beauties are back. Whole Foods had Stokes purple sweet taters and you better believed I spent a small fortune stocking up.

Current Drink:

Not much of a exciting drinker. I only really drive tea and water but I found a cool new tea


Yay for reducing inflammation.

One hopes…

Current Triumph:

My latest squat PR. My weights drastically came down after they just took a nose dive due to my lost weight. My body managed to maintain my weights despite the drop for a lil bit, then I plateaued and then well…..crashing airplane noises.

Do you know how frustrating that is?

It was actually depressing, but it was bound to happen eventually. There is only so long that a deprived body can keep up super heavy weights, especially those compounds.

Anywho, my last squatter day I managed 110 at the bar for 5 solid reps for my 2 last sets. Small win, but I was still proud. I have also focused on getting my form down better then I was before, so at least something positive came out of the whole situation

Food, please give me my strength back!

Current Bane of Existence:


The fact that I finally found this tea (I have searching for years! Ohh Canada…) but to then discover it’s not gluten free

Why do you hate me?

Current Blogger Crush:

Jacklyn from Jack’s Balancing Act and Deanna from Dietician Deanna. I love the positive and happy space that Jacklyn has created with her blog. I really look forward to her posts and they give me some great ideas, like the myth buster that I think I might jump on board with. You should start a link-up for that one girl! 😀

I also wait for posts from Deanna as well because I feel like in a way I can relate to her (as she’s a fitness lover and foodie) but she’s also a step ahead in learning about and accepting ‘bad’ foods as something she can treat herself with. I will hopefully get there but for now, she gives me the motivation to try harder. She trusts the process and it hasn’t failed her but instead made she gain so why can’t I fully let go and trust that my body will do the right thing too?

Current Indulgence:


So does this mean I’m beginning to become a shoe groupie?

Current Blessing:

Still being able to squeeze in a 20 minute power nap before dinner…even if they are kinda weird. By weird I mean, I have weird thoughts…dreams?…during them so I really have no idea how much rest I’m getting. Stupid exams..

Current Outfit:



It’s starting and I don’t like it…

Current Excitement:

I know it’s a month away, but Christmas, or even better yet, just being off and done with exams.

What else I’m looking forward to….


The Victoria Secret fashion show. Weeooo.

Current Link:

Anyone else creep a restaurants menu hard before they go? I always know what I want BEFORE I make to the place.

As for burgers, what are your favourite OR required toppings?

For me, for a burger to be worth loosing my ice cream over (#FirstWorldProblems #FoodieProblems), they must first have exotic meats available. I ain’t going (and paying for…) for no cow burger. Check one for the Works and their elk patty (my favourite game meat as of currently).

The Goodies…

The only time I eat cheese…lots of goat cheese please (the best cheese, no?). #LactaidHarderThenMe!

Sundried tomatoes (no place ever has these so another point to the Works because they have them!)

Sauteed mushies and onion

Greens of some kind

Mustard. Plain, frenches mustard. None of that crazy crap. The classic please

Hot Sauce.

Basically what I would have on a pizza (sub basil or pesto for the greens + MEAT). HA! So it’s basically like a meatza because I don’t have a bun on my burger. Fork and knife style 😀

Current Mood:

Slightly stressed as my stomach and weird dream-state sleeping habits have been telling me….

Favourite food to eat out?

What is your current blessing?

Is it warm where you live? If so, can we trade…



Suga’ Built Quads

Hey Friends!

So I’m just typing up this post waiting for my ‘Every Leg Day Friday Ice Cream’ cheat meal to crash my lil body into a suga coma. I had to travel alllll the way to Guelph to pick up my digestive enzymes (annoying lil things are disappearing from stores for some reason and so I have to drive 30 minutes to now pick them up now that I’m with my parents at home -_-) from GoodnessMe!.

It definitely wasn’t all bad though as I got to snag a date with a McMaster friend of mine who now lives in Guelph, Gabriella, and she indulged my typical Thai+ Baskin Robbins cheat meal with me.

Perils of Praline + Gold Medal Ribbon

Perils of Praline + Gold Medal Ribbon

This shop didn’t have Salted Caramel (sob) but they had a new to me flavour…

Perils of Praline (bottom). Vanilla Frozen Yogurt with Pralined Pecans, Chocolate Cookie Pieces, and Caramel Ribbon throughout.

It was super nomz (so much caramel!) BUT it melted so fast because it was frozen yogurt I guess and you know how I feel about soft serve. MUST BE FROZEN! But it had so much caramel in it. I got a lil bit nervous because it had cookie bits in it (gluten + dairy..?) hopefully I don’t regret that decision tomorrow morning but I’m trying to put that out of my mind.

On the top was..

Gold Medal Ribbon. Vanilla and Chocolate Ice Cream with a Caramel Ribbon

I have to say that this flavour is meh for me. It’s too chocolate-y for my liking (ie. plain). I get it more for the caramel and it never has enough. I also like my bits and bites of stuff in my ice cream, ya feelz?

I shoulda stuck with my plan to get added caramel sauce (did you know they have peanut butter and caramel sauces you can add to your ice cream?!?) but I chickened out to be honest.

Challenge failed.

Wait…Reframe. Will try again next week.

I always pray that a different Baskin Robbins will have the flavour I have been lusting for …

Made With Snickers. Why am I not eating it yet you ask?



Anyways, this post wasn’t supposed to be a review of ice cream, I came to actually share with you the Death By Legs legs workout that makes up the morning of my cheat day.

It is my quad focused leg day (my hams/glutes is Monday) and while both leg days really take it out of me due to the size of the muscle groups being worked, hello zombie all day + need a nap + cannot stop hanger, quad day seems to be worse.

So what better day for ice cream eh? Especially when ice cream is still such a guilt-triggered thing for me so I need a ‘reason’ to focus on at the moment still.

#StraightToTheQuads. #EatToGrow.

Anywho, brace yourselves but don’t be afraid. Take it at your own pace if you wanna try it out (which I would love to hear how you like it!) and don’t give up 🙂

Have I mentioned I like volume and crawling out of the gym when I’m done?

Leg Day, July 31st.

Core Warm-up Superset (do back to back).

  1. Oblique Mountain Climbers with feet elevated and hands on Bosu Ball. Added 35lb plate on my back and would ‘climb’ for a minutes. 4 total sets + held plank for extra 30 seonds for the last set.
  2. Weighted (35lbs) Situps. I sit on the lat pull down machine for this one. You get a greater range of motion on the down. 3 total sets + double drop set (25lbs)(no weight) for last set.

This is the idea of the OBLIQUE Mountain Climber, mountain climbers with knees out to the side BUT I have the ball the other way around (round part on the ground for greater instability) and hold onto it with my hands. I have a plate on my back (35lbs) and my feet are elevated on a bench behind me rather then being on the floor. Go with with a level you’re ready for.

Working Super Set 1

  1. Squat Dropset. 5 working sets of 115lbs with an immediate drop to 105lbs.

I warmed up with the bar first, then did one set of 105lbs. I also finished with a final set of just 105lbs again. Total number of weighted sets = 7.

2. Dumbbell Stiff Leg Deadlifts. I used 30lb dumbbells and did 5 total sets. Go to failure and go as low as you can with proper form to feel the stretch in your hamstrings.

Check out the workout video and description on this one on Take care to keep the chest up, shoulders rolled back (don’t slouch them forward!) and reach reach down. Pull back up using the hamstrings and glutes. Lastly, don’t swing up and hyperextend your back backwards. You don’t need to have your back bending backwards to feel this exercise.

Core Super Set 2

  1. Leg Raises with 5lbs with drop set to Knee Ups with that 5lbs on the Captains Chair. 4 Total Sets
  2. TRX Oblique Tucks

Working Super Set 2

  1. Front Squats. 95lbs to failure. 5 Total Sets, final set was a drop set to 75lbs.
  2. Laying Hamstring Curl. 4 Total sets with final double drop set.

Working Super Set 3

  1. Leg Press (feet together). 5 total sets with final drop set.
  2. Walking Dumbbell Lunges with a 35lb dumbbell on each shoulder

For the lunges I have been focusing on trying to not pause between lunges. Instead, just keep pushing up and walking constantly. It’s harder, but worth it.

Working Super Set 4

  1. Isolateral Quad Extension. 4 Total Sets with triple final drop set.
  2. Goblet Squats with a 55lb dumbbell and a drop set with a 25lbs plate with raise onto the toes. 3 total sets with a final drop set of 10 jumping or ‘pop’ squats. <- trust me just those 10 are hard after all of that.

For the goblet squats, I stand on the assisted pull up machine stand so that I can hold the dumbbell by my hips rather then up on my chest as my arms get too tired with the weight I want to use before my legs tire. Go all the way down ladies for that booty boost! Immediately after you do the goblet, grab you plate and do more squats until failure once again.

Final Burn Out Set

1 final set of dumbbell Stiff Leg Deadlifts ‘run the rack’ style. This means that you start with one weight and go to failure then pick up the next weight down and do the same. The idea is to go for the rest of the rack or just a massive drop set, but I managed 3 rounds.

35lbs -> 30lbs -> 25lbs

Done and I’m dead to the foam roller.

I hope you enjoy guys and post any questions you have!

Yes I know there is a lot of hamstring work here too for a quad focused day. I like supersets and I don’t want to kill my main (or first lift) by supersetting with a second quad exercise so I try to keep the 1st exercise to more quad focus and heavier while the second is the quad+ham or ham/glute exercise for in between.