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Gluten Free? Are You Sure….

Hey Friends!

So this is a post that I have wanted to do for a while after watching this video. Click on the picture for the link up to YouTube.

Yes, it’s kind of long but it was eye opening to say the least. It was interesting to me in many ways…

1. It advised me that I fell for conventional ‘wisdom’. #FutureNutritionStudentFail. I followed the public knowledge rather than doing my research when I decided to go ‘full’ gluten free. Well, now I can understand why some of those gluten free grains still gave me issues (here’s lookin at your quinoa!).

2. I was slapped in the face by how stupid I actually was now that it was simply explained. If gluten is the protein that is found in a given grain of wheat or barley, than wouldn’t it make perfect sense that oats would also have their own specific form of gluten? Same with quinoa. Ditto for buckwheat. Etc Etc.

3. There are apparently hundreds of different types of gluten and more yet to be found…geesh. Again, makes sense now that we are all aware of the fact that every grain has it’s own specific gluten protein.

4. You may only be sensitive to certain types of gluten and not others. Oats may be perfectly fine with your gut, but not wheat. Even corn may fall under your no-no list despite it not being listed under the standard list of grains to avoid. FYI many Celiacs have a huge problem with corn.

It also made me wonder who first put together this conventional list of gluten free do’s and dont’s? If said list is not completely accurate, why has it been allowed to be broadcasted to the public to the extent where it’s seen as common knowledge?

Gotta love the food industry. Also gotta love the fact that now we need to go back and tell people that what they have learned is not 100% true.

So what does that mean for all the Celiacs and gluten sensitive peeps?

Well, maybe nothing if you are feeling just fine and dandy on your current ‘gluten free diet’. Perhaps, like I mentioned earlier, you are okay with the specific types of gluten found in the approved grains and you can go on with your food as if you never read this post. On the other hand, if you are finding you are still having issues with digesting your food, you may need to consider trying to pinpoint the grains you are having issues with through keeping a food journal OR just cut out ALL GRAINS from your diet and say hey to the paleo life.

It’s really not that bad if you have to go the paleo route. I’m about 90% paleo and completely content. If I could go full paleo I probably would, with the exception that loosing my oats would make me sob uncontrollably for days. 😛 Unfortunately for me, my gut is at it’s wits end with my current veggie intake as it is and with my carbohydrate requirements I would be on the floor if I were to try and reach that intake with veggie starches alone. Bleh.

….but I love sweet taters and squash…

So whatcha think friends? Anyone surprised?

Post up your thoughts in the comments. I would love to hear your opinions and experiences!

Oh and to end on a comical note, click on the picture below.

Sorry, I just had to. It’s lol worthy 😀

FYI, if you’re claiming to be gluten free you may want to know what you are supposedly ‘allergic’ to. Just a thought…:-D

If you do want to learn more, here’s a video on the basics.

Have a great night friends!

Could you explain to someone what gluten is?

Any fellow gluten free readers? Do you still eat conventional gluten free grains?