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Carb Blocker Rantage…Fitness Friday 40

Let me just start with a video Layne Norton posted…

Screen Shot 2017-04-07 at 8.56.21 PM


First of all, LOL

Secondly, our topic at hand can be found at roughly 1:38.

So what are we talking about here?


Carb blockers.

People take them to basically “undo’ eating carbs…

Lets chat about why these are complete and utter BS!


We will lead our discussion with some points from Layne’s ranting.

If something is essentially blocked in your body, this means not digested and if you flushed it that would mean diarrhea…

When someone takes these, do you see them runny rapidly to the bathroom after their meal?


“Thank goodness because that would be uncomfortable and, quite frankly, embarrassing.”   -Layne

Why would you have diarrhea?

Diarrhea occurs when the body pulls water into the gut and that causes a ‘dumping’ or flushing of some of the intestinal contents as overly liquid stools. For example, if your body is trying to get rid of something it doesn’t want (perhaps a bacterial infection) or is trying to rebalance a major shift (you eat something with a really high osmolality), water will come in and that will evacuate it in a more quick manner.

And you run to the bathroom.

So no diarrhea is seen from popping these pills before you eat the entire bread basket, so what happens?

Well if those carbs are not digested in the intestines, they make their way UNdigested to the colon. Due to the colon not having enzymes to break down food, your bacteria goes to town on this undigested starch and ferments it. This produces a lot of byproducts (gases, acids) including short chain fatty acids, which can be used as a source of energy by the bacteria. Thing to note is that you essentially still took in all of the calories…

So, fact number one, carb blockers =/= calories being ejected out of the body.

“There can be a “virtual blocker” per say if you block one of the main carbohydrate enzymes..”

So if it doesn’t “flush it out,’ what other way could these things work? Inhibition of the carbohydrate enzymes!

Yes, if you loose/inhibit enzymes to digest starch, than yes some or maybe even quite a bit of it may go undigested. As he explained, you really cannot cause 100% enzyme inhibition…

Either way, you end up with the same undigested starch making it’s way to the fermentation factory that is your colon and get the exact same outcome as before..

Fermentation byproducts (SCFA) –> energy to large intestine –> you still take in the calories.

So again, not what you wanted.

He mentioned, which should be noted, is that this lack of digestion may in fact blunt some of the glucose response, which could be helpful for those with poor insulin control. But we are talking the normal population in this case. 

Everyone, once again, pills are not magic. They cannot make you flush away calories in the food you are eating. They cannot make them go away.

If we didn’t have such an extreme way of doing things (i.e. restrict all carbs then eat the whole kitchen worth of carbs) maybe we wouldn’t have even a thought to come up with some crap like this.

This all leads back to a common theme from me…

Restriction leads to nothing good

Pills lead to nothing good.

I’m talking weight loss pills here..


Avoid both (oh and Dr. Oz…) and perhaps you will be a lot happier and healthier.

So, although I could just end off with that and say you should trust the words of Dr. Norton (which you should really take him seriously, he knows what he’s talking about), here are some articles for your science-nerds to read up on if you want

Huntington and Shewmake (2010) No clear evidence of benefits AND OR safety hazards of many weight loss aids such as carb/nutrient blockers

Preuss (2007) this was a rat study but I used it to point out a something. So it showed that the carb blocker (CB) they used reduced the insulin response after carbohydrate intake BUT notice there was not weight change in the controls vs. the CB. The thing that Layne discussed is that although the response to the carb intake may be blunted, the absorbtion of the calories won’t really change and this can be seen with the lack of weight loss occurring in the rats.

Keep in mind, animals are not humans…

Other studies like this one suggest that once again, these carb enzyme blockers/inhibitors may act to slow the absorption down (i.e. blunt the glycemic response as stated already) like a fiber would naturally. Again, slowing down absorption DOES NOT MEAN LACK OF CALORIE ABSORPTION

So I will leave you with that.

Leave the carb blockers on the shelf.

Eat some fiber.


Fiber can help slow the digestion of carbohydrates leading to longer satiety and perhaps control feeding. 



No Gym & All The Carbz…

Yeah. I’m not impressed.

Photo on 2015-02-20 at 14.58Sorry for the icky picture…just keepin it real with you all.

I have mentioned before that there are few things that keep me from the gym. Unfortunately one of them hit me this morning out of the blue.


Getting myself all ready for legday Friday, making my post-workout zoats and eating my preworkout bowl of goodness, who knew that my breaky would make a re-appearance. Sigh.

Fast forward a day, because after that I spent the day either sleeping or making more puke puke..sorry TMI. I will say that today that I’m feeling a bit better. Weak, but better.

This is exactly how I feel this morning. Scrawny.

I basically slept all day yesterday with the exception of trying to eat a small bowl of plain banana oats…

IMG_7272That didn’t go over well.

Back to bed.

Woke up this morning and was actually hungry so white rice and plain chicken in a cup it was.

IMG_7273So far so good. One thing about being sick is that those those foods that I tend to avoid on a day to day basis have to be revisisted because those are the only things to eat at the moment.

  • Carbs all the time despite not going to the gym. This one is really hard for me. I tell you guys this all of the time, don’t be afraid to eat carbs, but there is still that small inkling of guilt in my own self when eating them and, well, sleeping all day. Truth is, when you’re vomiting, plain, quick carbs are the only thing you can hold down and for the purposes of my not having much weight to spare, I need to keep food down.
  • White rice. This was another thing that I had to get over. I don’t tend to eat it because it’s a quick, fiberless carbohydrate source (plus I like the taste of brown rice better if I have to eat rice) but once again, stomach flus don’t like fiber. This was proven to me after my second bowl of oatmeal was rejected.
  • Fruit. I normally have my fruit around my workouts when my body needs the sugar, so I actually get quite a guilty feeling if I have it otherwise. In this instance though, I have to tell myself that my body needs the electolytes at the moment and once again, I just need food to keep me from loosing weight too quickly.

Please do not take what I said here as me telling you these foods are bad. These are my own personal struggles.

So yeah, with me feeling better today, I’m hoping I can get back into zee gym on Monday (ie day 4 of being off, which is unheard of for me). I need a good solid day of getting some fuel back into this body before I head back in so hopefully Sunday will do that for me as today is only my first day of eating anything and keeping it down.

Hope the end of your reading week has been better than mine friends and excuse me while I have a microbiology midterm to now study for….FML


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Sweet Tater Protein Pancakes

Hey Friends,

It’s been quite a while since I have posted a recipe…sorry sorry sorry!…I have been super busy lately with work and attempting to have a social life. I even missed Fitness Friday! Blasphemy! :-O  I hope this recipe makes it up to you.

These babies were made for leg day last week (Thursday) as my pre-workout noms. Lotsa good carbs and protein to get me all fueled up for leg destruction! So without further ado, I give you the short life of my Sweet Potato Protein Pancakes

IMG_1425You’re lookin a wee bit naked there…Sadcakes

IMG_1429Much better! All dressed and ready to part-ay in my mouth. Even better…

IMG_1437YUMMO. Look at that fluffy-ness! That melty ooey-gooey banana and peanut butta just making that stack turn into a mudslide. Oh that beautiful mudslide. Heaven. 😀

IMG_1441…and that epic last bite! Saved tons of banana and peanut butter just so it would be the best bite evar. Twas amazeballz

And with that bite, a sadface appeared on Lil Miss Fitness Freak’s face as those lil cakes were no more and we were just starting to get to know each other. BUT in their short life, they proved to be super NOM-licious! Okay, so now that my lil story telling has also come to an end, do you want the recipe?

Comin at’cha

IMG_1442Sweet Potato Protein Pancakes

Serves 1

In a blender/food processor add and blend together:

1/3 cup of oats

1/4 cup of liquid egg whites

1/2 scoop of Vanilla Sunwarrior Protein Powder

1 tbsp plain greek yogurt

1/3 cup Unsweetened Almond Milk

1/4 cup Steamed and Mashed Sweet Potato

1 tsp Psyllium Husk (can omit, this just helps to fluff the pancakes up even more by thickening the batter)

1/2 tsp Baking Powder

Cinnamon to taste

1/4 tsp Coconut Oil (for frying)

Topping: 1/3 Banana, 1/2 tbsp Crunchy Natural Peanut Butter, 3 tbsp Plain 0% Greek Yogurt, 1/4 scoop of Chocolate Whey (I used New Zealand Probiotic Whey in Swiss Chocolate)

Once the batter is smooth, transfer to another bowl and add 2 tbsp oats. At this point, I had to add a few tbsp of water. You want the batter to be SUPER THICK so don’t add too much.

IMG_1419The batter is very thick and takes a bit to fall off the spoon. This thickness is what contributes to the fluffiness of the pancakes

After you have the batter to your liking, heat a bit of your oil in a pan on medium-low. When warmed, throw about a 1/3 of your batter in your pan and shape into a pancake. Cook LOW and SLOW (a few minutes per side) or you will burn the outside and not cook the inside. After a few minutes, you can flip and let the other side cook. Be gentle flipping these babies as they are fragile. Continue with the rest of your batter until you have 3 nice sized cakes.

While your cakes are cooking, mix your greek yogurt with your chocolate protein powder and add water if needed to get the consistency you desire. When your pancakes are finished cooking, layer them with the yogurt ‘icing’ and then top with the banana (melt in the microwave and smoosh) and peanut butta. Then dive in and swoon.


Calories: 477, Carbs: 60g, Protein: 35g, Fat: 10g, Sugar: 8g, Sodium: 385g (<-darn baking powder!)

I hope you enjoy these as much as I did. Good, healthy carbohydrates, lotsa protein and a lil fat to fuel my muscles for the workout to come.



The WIAW of a Carb Monsta

Hey Friends,

For this weeks WIAW I decided to show you a day in the life of Lil Miss Fitness Freak on her high carb day. I promise to do a post on my eating plan soon, but for the purposes of this post I will give a brief intro to the madness that is my diet. Okay, it’s not too crazy and I actually enjoy eating this way unlike a lot of other carb cyclers appear to. So, as I alluded to, I carb-cycle. This means that I have less carbohydrates on some days, while having more on others. In particular, I tend to decrease my carbs on my rest days (and increasing my fats), while increasing them on my training days. On my leg day, which is the most draining workout of the week, my carbs go even higher to feed me as much energy as possible so that I don’t end up like a zombie post-workout. Been there, done that. I know all of those keto-believers out there will tell me that carbs are not necessary for keeping my brain and body energized, but I have found that having the more carbs on this day keeps me from wanting to sleep all day long. To each’s their own.

Despite this working better for my body, I don’t particularly like high carb day, with the exception of one meal (can you guess what that is?? 😉 ) because I find carbs to be very heavy. To deal with this, my meals are kept as simple as possible so that I can get what I need and avoid the “carb bloat” that I dislike. One thing that also goes along with high carb day is a reduction in fats. Now, FOR THE RECORD this does not mean no fats! NO! This just means that in order to keep my calories for the day the same, I have to decrease another macronutrient. Protein reduction is a big no-no, so that leaves me with fats. This also makes sense because fats, like carbs, are used as an energy source for the body. They keep ya going for the long term. So because you have two sources of energy here, it’s generally one or the other that will be high. I do still have plenty of fats on that day not to worry! Sadly though, my peanut butta is lower than my liking that day….

Anyways, now that you have the gist of what I meant by high carb day, lets get started shall we. Thanks again to Miss Jen over at Peas and Crayons for hosting our weekly nom part-ay!

Peas and Crayons


This is my favourite as you probably already know and it’s almost ALWAYS some version of my proats. Before I kill my legs I carb it up by adding a wee bit more carbs to my oatmeal, while decreasing the fat a lil bit. Sadface, that means only 1/2 a tbsp of peanut butta. 😦 So how do I carb it up even more? Well I could add more forms of natural quick sugars like raisins, which was what I doing for my sugar loading experiment that I mentioned in my recent Fitness Friday post. These past two weeks though, I went back to doing my normal sugar levels and just adding a lil bit more banana and a quest bar to get those carbs in.

I still get a lil peanut other love

I still get a lil peanut butta…my other love

So I made my normal egg white proats with a lil less than 1/2 a banana (tiny piece cooked in, with the rest slice and then broken into ooey-gooey chunks..mmmm), 1/2 a banana nut Quest bar (my favsies other than the cookie dough), 1/2 tsp of lucuma powder (superfood) and my 1/2 tbsp of crunchy peanut butter. You like my carbs? 😉

I then proceeded to head to the gym and demolish my legs despite being rather exhausted that fine morning. Before my last set I scarfed down my lil protein muffin because I can’t seem to make it through a workout these days without eating before I’m done.

AM Snack/Postworkout

IMG_1239After my lil snack, I powered through the last exercise combo that I needed to do then went to stretch and play on the foam roller. Leg days are always super long because not only does the workout itself take longer, but I know that I have to stretch everything all out after legs or I will really be sorry the next day. Of course, that doesn’t mean DOMS doesn’t exist in my life…3 days later, my legs feel normal again.

Lunch comes pretty quick after that workout and guess what I got my regular bright orange sweet taters this week because I didn’t sugar load! 😀


Green and Orange love

Green and Orange love

First course (yes I eat in pieces often because I like my food hot hot hot!) baked basil pesto chicken with chili flakes along side roasted brussels and broccoli. Second course was a mix of regular and japanese sweet taters all roasted up and served with some sriracha. Spicy lovin.

After that deliciousness I rode my sore lil bottom to work for 1pm. It’s a short ride (maybe 10-15 minutes tops) but riding a bike after leg day is seriously a crime. At work my lil fish oil protein mugcake goes in the apron to eat at my 3:30 PM snack time inconspicuously…

PM Snack

IMG_1128Always does the trick 😉 After my snacky, the work day goes pretty quick as I start to get ready to close up shop. Our lil store closes at 7PM and I was closing that day which meant that I get to do all of the chores in a timely manner so that we can all leave ASAP after the doors lock at 7. Despite the early close time, having dinner at this time is a wee bit on the later side for this lil one and after running about doing the closing tasks, I’m starving! I like to heat up my dinner and finish up the rest of the tasks as soon as those doors lock!


IMG_1295More carbs! Although, it was a better combo than I expected it to be. In my bowl was brown jasmine rice, roasted brussels and broccoli, sauteed swiss chard leaves and stems with beets (no oil used), about 4 large shrimpies, 1/2 a can of tuna packed in water and a range of spices. I think I threw curry powder, ginger and chili flakes in there. Noms

After than I rode my bike back home and chilled for the rest of the night. Unfortunately Andre was in Toronto for the evening (my movie star) so my chillaxin time included the publishing of my Fitness Friday entry, paroozing facebook and killing time reading bloggies. It also included the usual suspect:

Repeated pictorial

Repeated pictorial

Gotta ensure I get my protein in for sleepy times for those legs to heal up and not be completely useless tomorrow. And yes, I do ensure I save some of my daily fats just for this meal. I need my 1 tbsp of peanut butta here, no excuses! 😉

That’s it for this week and because I totally fail at eating cool-eo snacks I will leave you with my weekly cheat meal…OMG it was a good one!

But first the good girl in me…

Andre and I decided to have a date night on Sunday night after I was done work at 4. For dinner I made us some yummy salads with some special toppings

PicMonkey Collage DinnerIn the bowl was a mix of various lettuces, spinach, corn, sundried tomatoes, roasted carrots, brussels and beets, red pepper, raw carrots and a sprinkle of light goat cheese. On top I decided to celebrate my first big paycheck from worky and splurge on some on sale scallops and lobster meat! Mmm I love seafood! Andre said it was nom worthy, so much that he even said he would model our creations. 😀

aaannd now the picture you wanna see. The naughty part of our date night, well mine, because Andre didn’t have any! He said he was too full from dinner and pre-dinner snackage. Psshh amateur 😛 Love you babe!

PicMonkey Collage CheatI had the hugest craving for cookie dough anything. I blame those quest bars for starting this monster 😛 And you know what I wanted some real ice cream! Very strange for me eh? 😉 Despite my love for the cold types of treats, I have actually never had real ice-cream before! Yes, gelato has gone down before (my vice) but never anything like this. This was a special life moment I tell you. I did go for the cookie dough but of course peanut butta can’t be left alone so when I saw the chocolate peanut butter swirl I had to have some of that too…Problem was look at the size of that thing (first picture)! Yes it’s my cheat meal, but seriously, my tummy just ain’t big enough for two Baskin Robin scoops apparently. So sadly I scooped some out into another cup that taunted me so that I wouldn’t overdo it. Prolly still had too much, but this was my treat and it was absolutely amazeballs!

Andre decided that this momentous occasion had to be photographed AND tweeted.

baskin robinsThat’s a whole lotta ice cream for a lil girl, but it was delicious and will happen again! Maybe next time though I will ask if I can have 1/2 a scoop each so I don’t waste any goodness. Yeah, I’m the best type of customer 😉

Is there anything you have never eaten that is a common love? Ice-cream can now be crossed off my list!

Favourite flavour of ice-cream? I swear this cookie dough is being a problem…peanut butta will always have a place in my heart though

What do you have for date nights?

Enjoy your hump day


One day I will regain the ability to just enjoy something because I like it. Guilt will be forever gone. The ignorance, per say, that is common of a child will return….I hope  –Lil ol’ me