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A Welcome Back To Myself


Hey friends, so long time no vlog?

Yeah, I took a bit of a hiatus from the vlog world and I apologize for that. I will talk a bit about why in the video below, but I have been itching to chatter at you guys face to face for a lil bit and I hope that you will enjoy the content I hope to bring.

Please ignore the fact that I do not have fancy cameras, nor do I have experience with video making, so I hope the content and my words are good enough to keep you intrigued. Who knows, maybe I will snag my housemates camera and test that out to see, but for now, it’s just me a my macbook coming atcha.

Also, I’m sorry if this first introduction was a lil bit scattered. I just wanted to get my thoughts out and of course I just jump into these things spontaneously so hopefully it’s not too disjointed.


As always, thanks so much for coming to my page and watching and supporting my journey. I always hope to give you a lil bit of knowledge with everything I post, so heres to more of that.

I hope you enjoy. XO


6 thoughts on “A Welcome Back To Myself

  1. Told you not to worry that people got bored while you were busy. Friends will always be back to hear what you have to say. I didn’t find it too ramble. You were just chatting per normal. I think that’s just a girl thing to jump from subject to subject. We have too many things going through our heads at the same time.
    Time to get baking! Your laptop does a fine job. Will it hold or pause so you could show folks how to make stuff?
    Loved it in any case.

    • I know I know it’s just hard because I loved hearing people in the comments but I don’t get any anymore :-(. Glad it wasn’t rambly haha. I want to do baking videos but they would be way to long I think because no you can’t pause in iMovie I would have to be filmed via camera

  2. Hi Chelsea, I used to comment a lot & stopped . I just wanted to comment so you know your posts and blogs and everything isn’t in vain. We’re here ❤ And cheering you on.

  3. Hi, Welcome Back ❤

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