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Waisted. Fitness Friday 17

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Generally when a celebrity hops in to endorse something it means that the product needed help being sold because the people just weren’t buying it.

Smart people


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Unfortunately, the claims or miracle work that these products yell at you still manage to grab the attention of enough people to keep them in business some how. This product happens to be one of them.

Waist Trainers

Welcome back to another Fitness Friday friends! This post was inspired by a post that I saw on waist trainers and amongst the “those don’t work” and “those are a load of crap” comments, one stuck out to me…

So does that mean they don’t work…?

So I took it upon myself to rant talk about it.

Now this isn’t going to be some long, overly research-y post because it really doesn’t need it. We are rational people here and so throwing all of the obvious evidence on the table should be enough to convince you that these are useless and really just a WAIST of time, money and lack of normal breathing.

Not to mention, they may actually be dangerous!

First though, lets see what these things claim to do for your body

BENEFITS copy no watermark

Wow look at all those things a piece of fabric can do for you. Some have even said it can speed up your metabolism and reshape your rib cage to be smaller…


So lets put it very simply. If any of these things actually occur as a result of wearing this, it’s not because of the corset/trainer directly, with the only exception being maybe the back support (short term only!) because it’s doing what your core should be doing, i.e. keeping you upright and supporting the spine. Long term however, I throw that possibly out the window.

~Creates confidence–> because maybe if it’s worn under clothing it gives you that shape that you believe to be socially acceptable, i.e. the “perfect hourglass.”

~Motivation/Encourages Healthier Eating/etc–> Maybe, just maybe, it may start you on a different dietary or exercise path that may be beneficial in weight loss because you think that you could look like you do in the corset without it if you do BUT this is entirely superficial.

Post Birth Reshaping? Well sure it forces a certain shape, but that’s not really your shape per say.

Weight/Inches Loss. I would say that the only way this could do that is because it’s so tight that you actually eat less and loose weight as a result of less calories in. A tight pair of jeans does that to everyone right?

Increases Core Strength –> this one is laughable. How does something that requires no core activation (because it’s essentially sucking you in) strengthen your core? You need to actually work the muscles to build muscle and strength. If you wear this thing all the time you will more likely loose core strength because you will never feel the need to use those muscles. 

So overall, anything weight or body shaping related most definitely comes down to the fact that you feel as if you can’t breathe. As a result, who wants to eat even a decent amount of food when they already have no space to move?  This thing DOES NOT increase your metabolism to cause weight loss. This DOES NOT increase the strength of your abdominal muscles. Lastly, it creates this illusion of a silhouette that is actually not your body naturally and simply makes you feel as if you are fitting societies norms of what is attractive. Many studies have actually found that the opposite is true and when worn, these things often decrease ones self-esteem and body image (Link to Article).

For whatever the cost of these things are they are definitely not worth a penny because they truly do nothing for you. In fact, they may actually do harm if worn over a longer period of time.

Working out in them can lead to you passing out the less then normal breathing capacity (Source). 

As I mentioned before, the muscles in your core area can actually atrophy due to longer term use. (Source)

Major stomach and digestive issues. The organs and tissues here are soft and have really nothing to protect them against extreme pressure. If you compress them for a long period of time, things start to not work properly. Some things seen include constipation, hernias, decreased of bile secretion (helps you digest fats), etc (Source Source)  

So, I don’t know about you all, but I would really rather avoid all of these, especially if it’s due to something that really gives me no benefit at all and simply creates an illusion.

So I hope you enjoyed this weeks Fitness Friday topic and I will chatter more topics with you next week. Feel free as always to comment below with your thoughts. 🙂



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