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How Erotic…Fitness Friday 15

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Yes fitness can be quite erotic….Well most people think so.

Anyone else see the hashtag #TryAgainChad? So not only did Mr. Potential Bachelor show just how much of a douchebag he was by letting this lil tweet slip, he also started a tweet storm of females posting pictures of their best flexin.

Show off your fine, confident and strong selves ladies!

Now, to be clear, I am no feminist and I’m not going to call him out for being sexist or anything like that, but this is just plain rude and offensive. To both sexes! How highly you must think of yourself to make such a call. Of course, he does proclaim himself to be an asshole so this was probably just some stint to see what reaction he could get as he didn’t seem to respond back to all the follow-up posts, or the fact that this backlash actually caught the attention of buzzfeed and got it’s own article.

I am of the opinion that no matter how much of an asshole you are trying to be (because apparently that is desirable…?), there should be some limits. In a world where Bachelor/Bachelorette is overly hyped by all the young girls and where body image is a problem, why exactly would you post something that attacks females trying to become stronger and more independent versions of themselves?

Let alone to say that someone shouldn’t do some activity that makes them feel better about themselves because they are not portraying your ‘ideal’ body frame…whatever the hell that is.

Since when is strong unattractive?


Anywho, he’s a douche. We have made that conclusion. What I really want to speak on was the response to his tweet and a growing problem that I see in the fitness industry. You see, although I praise all of the female empowerment going on about how being strong is beautiful, I didn’t appreciate the fact that my twitter feed was filled with half naked girls showing off their booty gains.

Was that really necessary ladies? Did that prove the point that strength is sexy?

I didn’t think so.


This is strong and beautiful to me, but who am I to say what is attractive…

So that brings me into my rant…

Overly Sexualized Women = Fitness

Again, I’m not a feminist fighting against the objectification of women, but I actually get annoyed that the most highly known females in the fitness industry tend to be those who maybe show a lil bit more sex then fitness and strength.

The fitness scene for women is now all about having abs while also having huge (99% of the time fake) boobs, their ass in the camera and some sexual pout on their face.

So this is what you are apparently going to become when you start to lift?

Like legit there are full on raunchy pictures out there on some of the huge fitness IG and FB accounts that would make many older generations do this..


Their poor fathers…If only they knew.

Do we really need to see a female squatting in a thong and bra to show that squats are great lower body builders? Or how about the female curling the 2.5lb weight and saying how strong is the new sexy eh?

I’m not trying to make a judgement here on the weight! I’m just trying to make a point that often these ladies are showing far less weight then they can actually do just to have something ‘fitness-y’ in the picture.

Many guys may come at me saying I’m just being ‘a girl about it’ and “it is what it is, get over it”, but I really find it sad. Being fit is sexy in itself. Seeing a female squat more then her bodyweight shows how strength is beautiful. An olympic lifting female shows how amazing the athletic body is and how it moves.

Not to mention that the things many of these top fitness females are flaunting to the camera are often fake.. So explain to me how is that is something that can be earned through years of dedication and work on their bodies in the gym?

So I guess what I’m getting at here is that showing off your gains doesn’t mean showing off your assets. Ladies, showing the boys how it’s done and lifting like a boss is sexy enough. You don’t need to strip down to nothing, sit on the edge of the counter and snap a picture of yourself to prove anything. When it comes down to it, those photos have nothing to do with fitness or being strong.

On the contrary, those are really showing your weaker and insecure side if we are being honest here. The needy desire for attention…

You are better then that and have enough self respect to show off your real gains and if that has to be on social media, well then keep it to the achievements because that is what is truly showing beautiful and strong.

I’m sorry I had to interrupt a more education-based post for this rant, but I just felt with the recent uproar that I wanted to address it. Come back next week for something else erotic, but of a more natural variety. And keep yo minds out of the gutter friends, we are talking supplements here 😉

Have a great weekend friends and go lift something heavy!



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