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Early Birthday Celebrations


Hey my Blog family!

Happy Sunday to all. Many apologies to those who read the Fitness Friday posts as I did not manage to gett’er done this week to post on time. I tried, I really did but I went home to visit the family this weekend and with the travels on Friday and chilling with my parents, the time got away from me. Stay tuned for this weeks topic to be posted next Friday on the wonderful Canada Day!

So, how was you weekend?

Mine has been quite nice. As I mentioned, I went home to celebrate my birthday (1 week in advance) with my family as my actual birthday (July 3) will be celebrated with my housemates. Lets share my day in pictures shall we?

Yesterday involved a lot of …



Sorry if you hate feet..

Post gym Pedi’s with my Mama…


And I even got my hair blown out just cuz I felt like an extra dose of pampering. And I really didn’t want to put forth an hour of my life on that day to wash my hair…

At 4pm, the grandparents began to arrive…


Grandma and Grandpa enjoyed playing with the monster who went between jumping to get everyones attention to squirrel and chipmunk stalking.

I didn’t know until yesterday that chipmunks screamed…

We have to always keep an eye on our furry monster as she likes to try to attack anything that moves…and apparently there is a raccoon that has taken a liking to our backyard lately so that warrants a lil bit more eyes on da pooch.


One of the best pictures I have with my Nana and Papa recently I think. That lighting with the beautiful weather just made for the best paparazzi moments.

FYI, my Nana and Papa have been married for more then 55 years and I still managed to catch them in a moment of just staring each other in the eyes with a look of lust. OMG I melted.


I also was super active on zee snapchat (lilmisscross91) and managed to capture a cute moment between them two. 😉 Yeah I’m a creeper now…


As you can see, selfie game was on point. I’m starting to not be as camera shy anymore. TBH I was afraid of the camera for a bit because I was self conscious of people seeing me so thin, but you know what, I’m working at it, them dimples are starting to remerge and take over my face again and I don’t care what others think anymore.

I’m gunna be snap happy if I wanna.

And it’s my birthday, so I do what I want 😉

I’m not a brat I promise….just a revelation moment.

Lots of Puppy Lovin…


Maggie was pooped after all of her running around in the 30 degree heat but that didn’t stop me from kidnapping her for more pictures. Look at the face, can you blame me?

Today also included a lot of BBQ foods….


We had quite the meat spread going (burgers, dogs, and sausage) and a potluck of sorts for the side dishes. We did a simple bowtie pasta salad, Grandma and Grandpa brought a garden salad and Nana and Papa brought their famous potato salad that makes my Dad all kinds of happy. Mama cooks things best and if he had to eat that for the rest of his life, he would never complain.

IMG_9148I made two awesome skewers of shrimp and veggies covered in basil to throw onto that garden salad with some extra prepped sweet tater chunks. Went down easy and reminded me how good simply grilled shrimp is.

Happy Birthday To Me…


For candle blowing out purposes, my parents snagged a DQ ice cream cake for the fam to enjoy. They quite liked it. That thing would kill me so I opted out and just enjoyed the company and the rest of the evening with them.

It was a day full of love and relaxation and a lil bit of beauty-ing and I ain’t mad about that!

Hope you have a great rest of your weekend my friends!



4 thoughts on “Early Birthday Celebrations

  1. Happy Early Birthday! I love your dimples (And that they are re-emerging). I don’t know what it is, but you look so happy in these photos that your smile has me smiling – A good type of contagious I suppose 🙂

    You deserve to feel confident in your skin and I AM SO HAPPY to hear that you are continuing to push yourself and hold yourself accountable to recovery. You have such a bright future ahead and you’ll make an incredible RD one day. Happy almost 25th Chels. Can’t believe we’ve known eachother for what, 8? 9? years now! Loving the dress.

    • Aww thanks so much Molly that means a lot to hear. I love passing on smiles and I am happy I truly am. The more and more I push forward, the more I learn about myself and what I deserve to do for myself. It’s funny how when you grow up and stop caring so much about what others think, you start to care more for yourself and in turn, become a much happier person. I really appreciate you saying that I will be a good RD one day! I really hope so that is the dream, I just want to help others. I guess that comes with the territory, I’m sure you have similar wants as well. And yes it has been so long! I miss our conversations as we go through busy points in our school and such so it’s always really nice to hear from you! I hope you are getting lots of opportunities to enjoy your summer, and as I see on fb I think you are really doing quite a lot. I’m so happy to see you enjoying yourself 🙂 ❤ much love

  2. YOU LOOK AMAZING!!! I was in awe looking at these, and then when I read your comments about being hesitant to post them, I was shocked- You look healthy!!!!! And happy!!!!!!!!! Let this please fuel your recovery process. Thank you for sharing.

    • Omg thank you so much you have no idea how happy that makes me to hear that! I feel better and although I’m still pushing forward I’m seeing results. Thank you for the support and love 💛

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