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A Letter To My Dad


My Dad

My Daddy…

You may not have carried me like Mom did.

You didn’t get to feel me grow.

You didn’t get to have that physical cord that connected me to you.

But I’m sure one of the things you first noticed was those big doll eyes staring back at you were much like yours.


“When kiddo comes to sleep by me, that’s how it looks and feels like.”

When I was born, Mom got to me first while you stood there in awe.

When you finally got your turn, you didn’t know how to hold me because you thought you would break my tiny body

It’s okay though Dad, I wasn’t scared.

I’m sure I could sense your worry.

I’m sure I could feel your fears.

But much more, I know that I could feel the love that was radiating off of you as you looked at me.


I put you through a lot growing up.

I had to get stitches and you tried your hardest to be strong for me but that popsicle the nurse gave you was much needed at the end of my screaming.

I passed out in front of your eyes leaving you with nightmares for months to follow.

You watched me waste away feeling unable to save me like I know you wish you could.

You had to be strong for me when I was weak and angry.

That was hard.


“Sleep, my little one. I am here.” Dada will take care of the monsters.

But you also helped me to reach my goals.

You taught me to ride a bike and to skate despite wanting to wrap me in bubble wrap when I wanted to be set free.

You let me learn some hard lessons no matter how hard it was for you to let me do it myself.

I saw your pride when I graduated and with every Dean’s Honour List certificate I brought home despite us loosing space on our wall.

You gave me something to look forward to when I hit rock bottom.

And then when I conquered that battle, you kept your promise and taught me the basics of something that changed my life.

You helped shape me into the person I am today.

For that I can never say thank you enough, but I can try my hardest to be the best daughter that I can be and hopefully blossom into someone you can be proud of.


“Walking high above the world.”

So on this day Dad and every day, I always want you to know how loved you truly are. How much I appreciate everything that you do.

You may not have had the option to be physically connected to me like Mom was, but I never saw you any differently.

I will always look up to you. Always.

Never forget that you will always have a Daddy’s Lil girl.

Your Bun loves you more then you could ever know.

…and to all the boys…

They have a tough teddy bear to stand next to before they can grab my heart.

Happy Father’s Day Dad. 



I have to give credit to the site that displayed the beautiful pictures in this post done by Snezhana Soosh. They depict the father-daughter relationship in such a beautiful and touching way. I legit was getting teary eyes browsing through them and reading your captions. 


4 thoughts on “A Letter To My Dad

  1. I. Think you covered all of the emotions with this post.xoxo

  2. Thank u bun that was very nice I’m always so proud of you love you xoxo

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