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Things I Couldn’t Live Without If I Didn’t Have To.

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Happy Monday Friends!

Fresh day, Fresh new week, what are your plans for the week? Goals?

Before I get into the main post I want to speak briefly on the tragedies that have happened over the past few days in the States. My love goes out to all of those affected by these horrific acts, all of these individuals were lost much too soon and did not deserve the slaughter that was forced upon them. I’m lost as to what to say as these events did not need to happen. Innocent people never need to be taken from us in this manner. Acts of hatred should never occur. Our world can be a very ugly place and we are left with our mouths open and tears in our eyes because we just don’t understand the why.

Not to overshadow these lost lives at all, but it is during these times that we do need to be reminded that there is still love that shines with us too despite it seeming like the darkness is clouding everything.

Love means doing whats right. When two random strangers choose to band together and take action to stop a horrendous act rather then pretending it wasn’t their problem.

Carl-Fredrik and Peter were the two who intervened and ended up holding Brock down until the Police arrived on scene.

Love is coming together and helping to support each other during mourning.

Last night in Toronto, a candlelit vigil paid tribute to those lost and effected in the Orlando massacre.

These tragedies are real. They happen everywhere and we are often unaware of some of the worst of them, but all we need to know is that as a whole species, we need to come together, support each other and simply love. There is no up-side to hate. There is no benefits of violence. I hope one day we can learn this.


So I saw this post on Robyn’s site and I thought it was a super fun idea. Yes, obviously there are things were couldn’t live without, but if you could only pick 5 things that you use all the time that you feel as if would kill you a lil bit (not literally) to not to have in your life, what would they be?

Well here are mine:

1. Sunglasses

If ya’ll don’t already know, I go no where NO WHERE without my sunnies attached to my body somewhere.


Take a peek back at any picture of me outside, and what’s on my face? I literally cannot live without them and if for a second I can’t see them I have a small heart attack.

Therefore, I have no shame for the 4 pairs of not so cheap designer glasses because when they basically are part of your face, you go for quality.


2. Toaster Oven

Yes guys, I can’t live without an appliance but for real I use this thing for absolutely everything! Ain’t not point in turning on your oven for a solo dinner right? Roasting veggies, baking fish, making random baking experiments, you name it and I will bake it in the toaster oven. Bonus points, it cooks things faster because it’s smaller.

3. Sports Bra.

Not so exciting but ladies you know it. Many ladies like to go bra-less but I don’t actually like having zee girls just chilling unsupported under my daily my Pjs. I just bought 2 new beauties..


Picked me up this one and a pink one cuz girlie 😀

…And OMG now I now know why every fitness girl out there is preaching to the skies about this line! So comfy. So soft. Love.

Was annoyed though that Canada is super slow at everything and didn’t have the cool newer silver ones…Just saying.

4. My Mac

I’m sorry I tried to be original but no, just no. Would I die without it? Quite possibly. As a student not only is your laptop your life but it’s also my entertainment, news, weather teller, etc, etc.

Life would be quite sad without it.


….someone intervene if I ever go to this level…

5. Timmies.

Common guys, I’m predictable. Daily, yes daily teas are my vice. I don’t know what they do, but even buying the Tim’s peppermint tea and brewing it myself at home is just not the same. Must be in the cup.


My heart in a cup. 

Do you have that issue with anything? Damn they are smart. Hmmmm 1.70 bucks every day of the year…

Lets pretend thats not real.

So tell me, what is one thing you can’t live without?



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