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Fitness Friday 5

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Ever feel like you’re reaching… Reaching for something that maybe isn’t real or something achievable? 

I’m sure this makes no sense because, well it doesn’t make much sense in my head right now either. I’m in this weird state where I feeling like I’m trying to latch onto something that I don’t even know if I really want.

Maybe just to have it. 

Like I said, I dunno. 

Random brain spill…

Happy Friday Friends! 

Guess what’s tomorrow?

The Pro SuperShow! Weoooo!

So excited. So much so that I got SnapChat just so I can hunt down my fav fitness YouTubers…

….and now I feel technologically overwhelmed ha!


Anyways today is Friday and so…

Fitness Friday! 

Another short topic for today because I was too busy baking for all my Hamilton gym friends that I will see at the expo tomorrow!

So I’m sure you have all heard about the benefits of Omega fatty acids. Perhaps you have also heard about the problems that can occur if the two most talked about ones, Omega-3 and Omega-6 are out of balance…


~Promote chronic disease

~Associated with cancer promotion

~Cardiovascular disease

~Overall increase in mortality

…etc, etc…

You see, in optimal ranges, which is a lower ratio of Omega 6 to Omega 3, these fats promote overall health and is something that the body is used to from way back to our Palaeolithic ancestors. Unfortunately, our diets have taken a turn for the worst and that ratio has blown way out of balance. In fact, estimates range anywhere between 15:1 to almost 17:1 in the typical American diet! Thats quite the jump from our ancestors much more balanced ratio of maybe 4:1 or less.

So what happened?

Technology. That’s what happened.

Cereal grains are one of the largest issues. They are much higher in Omega-6 fatty acids and, well, Americans like their grains that’s for sure. Another issue? Our practices when it comes to our meats and fish. Naturally raised, these guys are great and in balance. BUT now-a-days, conventional grain-fed, stressed out animal sources are what are most available and all of those factors lead to a shift in the Omega ratios

Next time you see that organic GRAIN FED chicken breast, think of it as any type of conventional chicken. If you want the good stuff, pasture raised ya’ll

Other things have also led to this problem, but take a peeky at this paper for more. It’s interesting stuff, but I just wanted to give a brief background before introducing my actual topic for the day.

So you say that we should watch our Omega-6’s….

There may actually be an exception…

I came across this post (here) written by Sarah Outlaw on 10 ways to fight inflammation. You may or may not know that I’m alllllll about trying to decrease that as there are so many harmful long-term affects of inflammation so whatever I can do, I try to do.

My pans, my fingertips, my toothbrush…all stained with turmeric… 

So yeah, one of the items on her list was GLA, or gamma linoleic acid. I had actually never even heard of this one but basically it’s a special type of Omega-6 fatty acid that is made as an intermediate from linoleic acid (LA, an essential omega-6 FA) in the body.

So why do we care?

Contrary to the effects of having too much Omega-6 FA’s, this one in particular is found to have a number of benefits! The two that have really been talked about are the:

~Anti-Inflammatory –> found in some studies to supplement prescriptions in decreasing inflammation in chronic diseases, reduce joint tenderness and stiffness and may even reduce the need for additional non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), which then may lead to gastric upset.

~Anti-Cancer –> Found to have apoptosis properties on cancer cells and may even prevent metastasis!

So yeah, these fats are quite interesting and something new and exciting to research!

Don’t we make it?

Interestingly enough, while the body can make it from LA, this process is slowed and some of the enzymes that make this possible are negatively affected by some of the things that it’s supposed to help. Chronic diseases including obesity, high blood pressure, arthritis and others get in the way of the enzyme conversion and some mineral deficiencies (zinc for example) can make this reaction occur much less frequently. As a result, there are some thoughts that supplementation can be beneficial (please note that these are still being researched)

So where do we get it?

It’s found sparingly in foods that we may eat (Leafy green and nuts), but is found in large amounts in breast milk (not that you would drink that…just thought I would mention it..) and oils including borage, evening primrose and black current.

What the heck do we do with or get those oils?

Most of them come in capsule forms or pure oils that you can rub directly on the skin. Some lotions even have them as a main ingredient and are often called upon to treat skin rashes, acne and other skin conditions.

So yeah, I thought this would be something interesting to post about because I didn’t know about it and I thought I would share!

And…of course…

The less inflammation you have, the happier your body will be. So why the heck not.

For the information for the GLA in this post, please check out this paper



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