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Currently…Whoa It’s June!



Tons of photos courtesy of Rita and my trip to the Arboretum last Monday. So beautiful and warm. 

Happy Memorial Day to my American Friends! Hope you are soaking up some sun wherever you are of just catching up on some R&R!

This weekend was a pretty great one for me! To start, Emily surprised us and dropped back into the house a day early on Wednesday evening. Rita and I were so happy to see her and we got to spend a few hours during the day here and there as she went back and forth between us and her BF’s house. Oh the single lady status for Rita and I…le sigh

Saturday included some of this at the Kitty Cafe


8 weeks old…


….Balls of fluffy love. OMG. So sweet. I was kind of disappointed that we couldn’t hold them, but as you can see, they were pooped and I can see that them being tossed around to every child that came through would be too stressful. 

Back into the heat (ain’t complaining…), Rita decided to jump in the splash pad but the lil kids were too crazy and splashing everywhere that it lasted a whole 2 seconds…


Don’t take her outfit as a serious indicator of the weather. It was 32 before the humidex..

Then we almost died when a car ran over a bottle and it literally was so loud that it sounded like an explosion.

The whole park went silent following a huge gasp from the crowd. Thinking about it afterwards, its amazing to see the natural reactions of the human species. Instant panic means everyone freezes and all looks to the direction of the sound as they try to process the ‘threat.’ Now, if it actually was a threat it would have then turned into chaos with people running, screaming, trampling others and grabbing their kids but thankfully, it was only the smashing of a bottle.

Psychology in action. 

Finally, yesterday, Jimmy (friend from McMaster) drove down from TO to catch up and it had been so long since I had even seen him that it was nice to be able to see what his adulting (aka he has a legit job!) self has been up to.


So I haven’t done an update in a while and since we are here at the end of May (crazy to think that school ended a whole month ago!) I figured I would do one of the currently style posts that float around the bloggy land.

Current Confession:

I’m currently writing this rather then doing my work just because I have a cup of tea in front of me. Tea + blogging first, then work…makes no sense I know.

Current Book:

What’s a book?

For real, I’m bad and don’t really read. I read journals and such for my work and school and blogs for my entertainment. As for actual literature, I can’t sit still long enough to read a physical book.

Current Music:

Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 10.13.56 AM

Yup, still stuck on this song. It’s too good. I have also come to love this cover of Drakes One Dance. I do like the original version, but I really like this version. Check it!

Current Guilty Pleasure:

Does soaking up the sun count? For real, sun in large doses isn’t good but I’m sorry I have waited so long for this weather that I can’t help but literally try to bathe myself in it all day…


Current Entertainment:

OMG Mistresses is on tonight!

Current Wish/Need:

Tickets to the the GNC Toronto Pro SuperShow!! I just found out this week that it’s this Saturday!! I love going and hope I can round of some peeps and make the trek to TO to attend…. and kick some aaaaasssss at the plank off for Sick Kids hospital. Will I take it again this year? Hmmm…


I know a lot of the fitness YouTuber’s I watch are going to be wandering around and I’m hoping to make a spotting or two.

Current Food:

I have currently slid back into my obsession with pistachios. My oatsies are being garnished with all of the roasted green treasures.

Current Drink:

Nothing new here. I’m not much of a crazy drinker. I still have my normal afternoon Tim’s Peppermint Tea despite sweating my face off to drink it.


Current Triumph:

Being told I was exceptional by my supervisor.



This job I’m working now is just the best thing. I’m producing work that she says ‘goes beyond what she expected from a typical undergrad’ while still fully immersing myself in this summer as well. I get the privilege of doing my work whenever I want and it’s more then amazing.

I’m so happy that I can please her and excited to work towards our ultimate goal of the summer, which is publication of my systematic review. I would be a published author peeps!

Current Bane of Existence:

Needles. I had to get my blood drawn today…Coincidentally, so did Rita, so we braved it out together….and then we went to the mall.


Oh, and also, a certain person who will remain unnamed…

Just so you know, I’m a very very hard person to make upset. I don’t dislike people but when I say no, I mean no. End of story. Asking 4 thousand times and getting more and more inappropriate to the point of me feeling slightly icky is just pushing my button a lil bit too far.

Said person doesn’t read my blogs or interact with social media so I have no issue venting here.

Current Blogger Crush:

Dietician Deanna. I seriously love her. Her Instagram and her blog. She is just so real and open about everything.

Screen Shot 2016-05-30 at 10.08.45 AM

Current Indulgence:

Shopping. Guys, since I got my first paycheque I have been giving myself some loving in the materialistic way…


Current Blessing:


My friends. I’m really enjoying having the time to spend with my friends and explore new places this summer while not having to feel guilty that I’m not working. I have the best of both worlds this summer and I’m going to embrace it. I’m very thankful to have the opportunity that I do.

Current Outfit:

Anything summery! I have been whipping out all the things short, flowy and flirty because when summer weather comes, I actually may have a slightly better sense of dressing myself.

Current Excitement:

Did I mention the Pro SuperShow 😛

Current Link: 

It ain’t always all lulu’s and donuts….

Current Mood:

😀 ….and sore..cuz leg day.


Something you’re currently thankful for?
What’s your summer ‘uniform’?

4 thoughts on “Currently…Whoa It’s June!

  1. I’m so jealous of that kitty cafe!!! I love kittens. Must find one near me.

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