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Fitness Friday 5…The Thigh Gap


Hey Friends!

Happy Friday once again. I’m excited for this weekend because I’m going to get all up and crazy with some kitty’s in a place called the Kitty Cafe with Rita tomorrow!

Can you tell I’m kind of excited?

I haven’t been to it yet, but it’s the first cafe in Guelph to do the whole “Kitty” theme where literally there are cats just chillin everywhere in the cafe. The point is to have as many of the cats and kittens adopted and this particular location has had over 45 cats adopted since it opened about a year ago!

Tomorrow though is a special occasion where kittens are coming in the boatloads in the hopes that as many as possible get adopted. Although the point is adoption, you can go and simply visit the kitties so Rita and I are just going to play with them.


Anywho, enough of me showing my crazy animal loving side, the topic for this Friday’s Fitness was inspired by a recent video by Buff Bunny or Heidi Somers on Youtube.

It’s something interesting to address because the other area that girls tend to say they ‘want to loose’ is their thighs.

Oh the envied

Thigh Gap. 

Ladies I can make this short and sweet and say that this is not something you can make happen per say. When I say that I mean that it’s not something you can work away at and all the sudden there is a gap you are happy with.

Screen Shot 2016-05-27 at 9.46.13 PM

You see, your body has a plan and if that plan includes wider set hips, well there you have a  thigh gap. If your body decides that it’s going to rock the narrow hips, well then you may never be able to have a space between your thighs unless you literally shave away all of your skin, muscle and tissues and leave just the bones…

Eww icky mental picture.

Anyways that is the simple explanation. Most of us don’t have the skeletal structure to have a thigh gap, at least not in a remotely healthy way.

I found an article (not a scientific journal, but I didn’t think that was really necessary for this topic) that gives a very generalized explanation by Jen Sinkler. Definitely give that a read but to briefly summarize…

~There are different pelvic angles and shapes that can create more or less of a gap between the thighs. Even if you are 10% body fat as a female (which is unhealthy btw), if you’re pelvis is narrow set, you probably won’t have a gap between your thighs.

~Body composition also pertains here too. If you are prone to putting on muscle or have a greater tendency to store fat in your lower trunk then you are unlikely to ever naturally obtain a gap.

~Something I didn’t realize is tendon length apparently also makes a difference. If the thickest part of the muscle on the inner thigh (adductors) is higher set, then you are also more unlikely to have a gap.

So you see my friends, there aren’t that many people who can naturally and healthfully have a gap between their thighs.


I’m not really sure where this whole ‘thigh gap is attractive’ thing came from….

thigh gap

Can I just say how weird this picture is. What’s with the cookie?

…but I will admit that I also fell for it.

Damn you social media.

I always hated my thighs because I felt that they were to big because they rubbed together. I thought that things like riding the bike and such would make them smaller so I could have the same gap between my thighs that my best friend at the time had. Well you see, she’s a tall and thin female while I am a shorter person with an athletic frame (aka dem quads and no hips).

Well, in the end we see where that took me (that and my ab-session) so that was pointless. Sure I may have gotten my thighs to not touch, but I kinda almost died, so I wouldn’t say that was beneficial to put it lightly.

Now, although I still have issues with my ab-session, I have come to know that my legs are quite strong. Those athletic legs can break down doors and squat great numbers. Those legs look better shaped and muscular than when they were boney and thin.

I have accepted that my body can’t have a healthy, strong looking ‘thigh gap’ and that is okay. Muscle over bones any day. 

So yeah, there’s really nothing more I can say here. You cannot fight your bone structure. If your legs touch it’s because that is the way your body intended and if you were to try to fight that, you are simply going to end up malnourished and unhappy ….and perhaps still not with a gap.

So it’s about time that we stop thinking that this attribute, if you want to even all it that as that almost signifies that it’s a good or better thing, is more attractive and something to work for because 1. Every body type is attractive and 2. It’s not really something you can work towards so it would start an endless cycle of effort with no ‘reward.

Instead, use those strong, muscular legs to your advantage and rock them in your shortest short-shorts (please not the ass showing ones…just sayin) because healthy bodies are the most attractive and happy bodies.

Hope that was informative and you have a great weekend friends!



2 thoughts on “Fitness Friday 5…The Thigh Gap

  1. Chelsea,

    Since your most recent relapse into anorexia, why have you not stopped exercising in order to regain lost weight? Are you not concerned that looking unhealthy and being underweight will compromise your attempts to become a RD in the future? Does the fact that your so concerned about your appearance and body composition not fuel your ED? As someone who advocates against Eating disorders I think that you do not practice what you preach and should seriously consider more intensive recovery OR just stop posting about how your succeeding against your eating disorder, as any mental health professional in the field of EDs would see your posts as still disordered and it gives those who are actually trying to recover fully mixed messages about what being fully recovered looks like.

    • I appreciate the concern Mooog. I will say that your approach to asking me these things was not the most professional way, but I will address your questions. As much as I will agree that my weight slipped much to much, I don’t like to consider my case a full relapse as I wa never actually intentionally lowering my calories. It actuality, my hunger cues did not normalize and so when my training started to become more intense, I never increased my eating because I didn’t feel hungrier. I know now that obviously I cannot trust my body to tell me what it needs and yes that was a mistake on my part that I now need to fix. Bodybuilding is a huge part of my life and always will be, not for the aesthetics as much as it’s for seeing myself grow and get as strong as I can. My body gave me another chance to live and I want it to be powerful this time and never see that weak side ever again.
      Am I concerned about it with my future in the dietetics world, yes I very much am which is one major reason why I sought out professional help, and yes, my coach is professional health because he is doing it for my health first and foremost and her completely understands my situation.

      The thoughts about my body are getting better, they are far from what they should be, but the bodybuilding is not worsening them, its actually helping them as I grow stronger.

      I have never actually preached how one should recover. Everyone is different and to be honest, the mainstream ‘recovery’ process or intensive recovery as you mentioned rarely ever works. I’m doing it the best way that I can to live my life, be happy, reach my goals and regain my full health back.

      I am currently seeing a psychiatrist for some of my ED related behaviours and thoughts and I’m gaining weight slowly. My stats as far as vitals are actually perfectly normal, no deficiencies and my bones are actually within the average despite being under during my initial treatment.

      I give you all this as a way to show you that you don’t see what I’m actually doing in the background for my own health. I hope you can take this into consideration and not judge me further. I have never told other or written posts about what people should do, I give my opinions. Right now, I have chosen to focus more of my posts on scientific research topics because of my current health situation. Just because I don’t post too many updates or go extremely detailed into my own personal attempts to overcome some of my issues (which I do talk about in some posts a bit to show what it’s like) it doesn’t mean I’m not putting in the work. I’m on the up so please don’t try to make me feel as if you’re trying to knock me down.

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