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What’s the One…


Happy Saturday My Friends!

What are you all up to today?

I’m hitting the gym bright and early so that Rita and I can catch the 12:30 bus downtown TO to the Eaton Centre for some summa shoppin. This girl right here is in serious need for sandals!

Make that pedi too…

So I found this post on Wholesome Paradise and thought it was a fun lil survey to do. She stated that she found it here, but I have linked Stephanie’s post (click on the picture) so that you can check out here answers and her fun blog spot. 🙂

Thanks Stephanie for the blog-spiration.

What’s the One…


Healthy food you never want to run out of?

Freshly ground, crunchy peanut buttah. Yeah I’m spoiled and get the BESTEST tasting peanut butter of my life at a lil local health food store (back near my parents house) that grounds their own stuff almost daily. Believe me when I say that fresh ground makes all the difference as anyone who I have graciously given a taste has wanted their own tub…

My housemates beg me to pick them up a tub every time I go home so yeah I’m the freak who walks out of the store carrying 4-5 tubs of peanut butter..

“Non” healthy food you never want to run out of?

Ice Cream. I have recently pulled back on this as I’m really struggling with the post-lactose consumption icks, but I will still never give up housemade gelato/ice cream Cough…Jay’s good stuff. 

Kitchen appliance you would hate to lose?

My toaster oven as I bake absolutely everything in there every day so that I don’t need to use the huge oven for my food (plus it’s faster!) OR the microwave because I need my food boiling hot or I won’t enjoy it the same way.

yes yes microwave haters, I’m gunna die from microwave radiation…

Self-care item you stock at all times?

Following Stephanie’s lead here with supplements. I feel like a drug addict half the time with how many I take right now. But hey, they aren’t actually medications so I can’t be mad and they are ensuring that all my t’s are crossed and i’s are dotted.

Sorry I just felt like throwing that random saying in there for no apparent reason..

Self-care service you never miss?

The gym. Obviously.

Piece of equipment at the gym you would miss?

Squat rack. All your main lifts are done in that thing plus you can do some hanging core work on it. It’s a necessity!

Fitness class you hope never goes out of style?

Hot yoga. I haven’t done it in a while, and I miss it. Hopefully I can fit in a class or two soon. After bikram though, I just have a hard time pushing myself to go to just a regular ol’ hot yoga class. It’s just not challenging enough and doesn’t give me that same sense of release.

Piece of workout clothing you must have?

My Lulu ‘what the sport’ shorts. They are the only bottoms I wear. They are perfect length (not booty-showing shorts when you bend over) and they have pockets on the hips which not only looks better for those lacking in that area but they are the perfect spot for your i-pod when you do lots of core work and then find those front pockets inconvenient.

Fitness gadget you cannot live without?

My iPhone and/or i-pod. We are a celly-phone world after all (but I’m not addicted and I can leave it and be okay lol) and yes, I could just use my phone for my music in the gym BUT 1. I don’t want it to get sweaty and/or broken and 2. I hate when people bring their phones into the gym. Disconnect for an hour of your life peeps. Other parts of life can wait while you do your thang.

Plus you hog the benches/machines when you’re sitting there texting -_-

Fitness or health app you would hate to see go away?

MyFitnessPal. I don’t tell others to track because you shouldn’t have to. For me, a person in recovery, I under eat if I don’t track. I need it set in stone to ensure I get enough calories and follow my meal plan accordingly while having variety. Do I want to use it forever? No. Right now though, it’s required for my health as I know myself too well.

Thing or item you must do/have to go to sleep?

Night snack + Brush my teeth.

Body part you love the most?

My eyes. They are big, dark and honest. I have always been told that they show my inner sparkle.

Personality trait you love most about yourself?

My empathy. It can be a pitfall sometimes as you sometimes feel too much and stress yourself out, but I love that I can relate to many people because I can feel for them and what their situation is.

Now pick one thing (or more if you’re feeling crazy!) and post your answer in the comments below.

Have a great Saturday friends!



2 thoughts on “What’s the One…

  1. One appliance I cannot live without is my blender/food processor. Microwave is a close second though. One food I could not live without is bananas (peanut butter is a close second as well).
    One thing I have to do before I go to sleep is blow my nose.
    One fitness gadget I cannot live without is my iPod. I have an old school one (not on my phone) and it has my podcasts (I don’t listen to music) and I love them!
    Great survey!

    • Thanks and thanks to Stephanie for inspiring this post! OMG bananas yes I would be super sad. I need to get more into that podcast game, I love listening to them when I’m cooking but always forget and just youtubin haha

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