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You Are You, You Are Not A Label.


My friends,

This will be short. It will be something to think about and I would love for you to share your thoughts. I was thinking about something the other day and I wanted to bring it up in this space.

I was almost afraid to say it out loud because I felt like I would get some hate, but hear me out…

It’s only my opinion and I’m in no way bashing, I’m simply stating my thoughts about one component of the movement.

Now that I have completely led you on to think that this is going to be about some huge controversial topic, I bring you…



A beautiful company. A beautiful cause. Hopefully it is something that will bring big change to the face of mental illness awareness in the sense that more people will understand and accept that mental illness is not a person, but rather, a challenge.

So why am I bringing this up other then to guide you to their site to check it out?

I have one issue with their message.

Their catch phrase…

Wear your label.

Once again, I know this is not supposed to be a negative thing at all and the whole idea of this cause is to spread awareness and knowledge of mental illness and move towards greater overall acceptance but I really don’t like this saying.


We are supposed to be pushing away from thinking of a person as their mental illness. I’m not an anorexic. Instead, I’m someone who suffered WITH anorexia. My experience with an eating disorder does not define me, so why would I label myself as such?

I don’t want people to see me as a walking eating disorder.

Disclaimer! Please note that I’m not trying to say that they wanted that to be their message at all. In fact, I know they are spreading the opposite on how we should be attached to a label, but their choice of slogan unfortunately appears misleading. 

It’s not that I’m embarrassed and don’t want people to know. Thats far from it. Instead, I just don’t want to be defined by it. It was and still is a challenge I face every day.

I am a better and stronger person because of it but that is because I worked against it for myself. I am who I am today because of how I responded to the illness.

So instead of labelling myself as an ‘anorexic’, lets instead label myself as something empowering….

I am strong.

I am driven.

I am confident.

Those are things I wouldn’t mind labelling myself as if I had to have a label.

Otherwise, you are just you. There is no label that is needed for people to see you for you.

As for this cause, I support it 100% because too many people still don’t understand mental illness and then instead of sympathizing or offering support, they judge or display fear. This needs to be changed and with increased knowledge and some patience, it can (and has been!) change for the better.

I’m not sure at the moment what I could suggest as another marketing technique that is catchy, but maybe you guys would have some thoughts. As I mentioned, I also know they don’t want it to come off as you’re wearing your label of a mental illness because they clearly state that they don’t want those affected to feel defined by their illness. It’s just the physical sentence that comes off that way.

What do you all think? Am I completely wrong in saying what I did?

If you had to ‘label’ yourself with one word, what would it be?



Nothing connects us quite like shared experience, which is why creating conversations to inform, educate, and unite individuals is a main goal at Wear Your Label. Ending the stigma is our motivation; fashion is just a means of execution.

-Wear Your Label



6 thoughts on “You Are You, You Are Not A Label.

  1. Love you Chels, but I’d have to disagree on this one. I struggled with the name’s concept as well at first, but was reassured by their FAQs table (check it out:

    Technically, isn’t saying that you don’t want to be a label (aka Anorexic) the same thing as saying this company is wrong because of their brand name? I mean, aren’t you judging them by a label too, and disregarding the fact that you like the movement/ message behind it all? And then at the same time you’re asking us to be “one word”. I don’t even think “Molly” could be a good enough label for me. IDK, for some reason this post just didn’t sit well with me and seemed to send mixed messages to me – but that’s my opinion and I respect yours also (the brand isn’t for everyone but I will say one thing – the clothing is sooo comfy).

    • Ahh you got to it first before I could text ya. I didn’t want to upset you in any way because I was not looking to be negative about the brand and I know you support them and trust me when I say I do support them. I love the idea of spreading awareness I do, but I really dislike when someone is called their mental illness (i.e. she’s bulimic, that depressed person, etc) because its like that is who they are which it isn’t. Its something they struggle with and thats it. I guess the point I was trying to make is that it shouldn’t be your label, simply it should be they are challenged with such and such illness.

      I mentioned that I didn’t think they were trying to push people being labelled as they do say that on their site, so I was saying that in a way their slogan is misleading and maybe just a change of words would have been better, although the phrase is catchy. Also I didn’t mention you had to be just one word, but instead you would think of words of empowerment if you had to be ‘labelled’ per say, like you are strong, gifted and extremely giving. 🙂

      I hope I didn’t offend you that was so not my intention, it was just a thought I was thinking lately.

      • You didn’t offend me at all! Yes I am a community champion because YES I believe in the company’s positive message, but that doesn’t mean you have to to! I’m sure we’d disagree on a lot 😛

        I actually rarely read blogs anymore (no time) – so I feel badly commenting negatively (sorry_ – but obviously this title intrigued me and made me put down my studies for a second and I can’t help but say my opinion.

        I just think you might be missing the main idea of the company. In no way do I think they are telling you to call yourself “bulimic” or “anorexic”. And I don’t think Kyle or Kayley would say that’s their goal either. They are simply saying that these words are descriptors. And like it or not, they are kind of a part of us. I mean you have no problem saying you’re strong – so why is weak associated with a negative connotation? You know? I wear their shirt that says “wear you strength/struggle” because it should be okay to wear BOTH – not saying I AM BOTH – just, we should be able to wear any label without it letting it define us. You know?

      • Understood. We shouldn’t be afraid to connect with and share any part of us so I see what you are saying. Also, don’t worry at all, your comment is not negative at all, it’s simply a difference in opinion. Never be afraid to speak your mind and feel as if you need to censor your thoughts. I sure didn’t when I wrote the post right? 🙂

  2. Hmm, I don’t think the company wants us to pick one thing and make that “everything”. I think they might just want our label to be us. Like my label would be Ellie and I should wear that. The brand seems to want people to be ok with ALL of who they are, mental illness included.

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