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Mishmash Thursdays…Thinking Out Loud


Friends, Friends, Friends!

It’s been over a week I know I know, but remember I mentioned that the restaurant course was taking over my life…yeah. Meant I had no life.

For one, I wanted to chuck my phone out the window. No joke.

Yeah… don’t think it’s possible for any teen or early adult to hate their phone with a passion? Think again.


How would you feel if your messenger was legit buzzing 4 times before you could even answer the first message….

Cue in my restaurant course’s first assignment and my life basically all last week until we finally handed that fat stack of papers this Tuesday in lab

I now have a slight twitch going on whenever I hear my phone vibrate. A week of 24 hour buzzing really messes with you mind.

2. Tummy Troubles. 

On top of that stress, I also had a major shift in my meal plan, which subconsciously always leads to a lot of anxiety for me. This has left my stomach less then happy. I will say it’s getting a bit better now that I’m going through the days but to be honest I feel like **it right now. The days leading up to the start date alway freak me out and that starts the tummy, while actually starting to do it, I have to physically adjust and right now food is not that appealing. I know things are bad when my beloved oatmeal is not making me sing.

Plus tummy stress, which leads to digestive issues is not a good thing for when you’re needing to eat more…

Good thing for me, I think my stress levels are coming down so hopefully over the next few days it will be back to normal…until the next change. -_-

3. Withdrawals

Speaking of my meal plan change, my favourite snack was removed (midnight snack of questbar and pudding was switched for whole foods). I’m only a few days in and I’m already going through withdrawals. Thankfully my rest day was not touched by my coach so I get it once a week, but for real peeps, I didn’t realize just how much I loved that snack. My nightly night cap come back to me!

Do you know how hard it is to see my various boxes of Questies and cannot eat them?! Dyyyyyiiinng.

4. Amazing shows.

I dunno what you all watch, but a few of my shows have been legit amazing as this week.

Code Black had an epic ending, Chicago fire my Mom told me was amazing so I watched that yesterday night and yes I have to agree. Masterchef Junior was the finale this week (I totally called it!)

Also a new #GuiltyPleasure added to my list of Slice shows (i.e. things like the housewives and such that are stupid yet entertaining) is the Newlyweds: The First Year. Will they make it or break it?

5. Speaking of shows…

The end of My Diet is Better Then Yours was last week as well and once again I totally called it. The Superfoods diet took the cake and I can’t say I was surprised. Of any diet (not that you should be on a diet!) was much more realistic in the long run.

Main Idea: taking your everyday foods and simply swapping ingredients out for more nutrient dense foods. For example, adding some vegetables (hiding them) in a sauce. Swapping whole grain for white. Stuff like that.

Shockers with the end of this show was that some of the behind the scene issues reared their ugly head

  • The fact that Kurt was taking in like 1000 calories on the Wild Diet. They talked about how they would slowly introduce more carbohydrates in addition to the fact that foods he ate just really filled him up so he didn’t need as much food. Ummm I’m sorry a 5o something year old man who isomer 6 feet tall should not be taking in that lil number of calories. How sustainable is that despite him saying he has never felt better….
  • Personal issues erupted with one of the ladies and led to her leaving the show. If weight loss is your goal, other major obstacles (in her case separation from her wife and lack of support during this transition) can lead to your goals being left unmet. If you’re vulnerable you need support and this perfectly highlighted just how important that is.
  • One positive was the fact that factors other then food and exercise were highlighted on the “No Diet” as sleep and stress were tackled and showed positive benefits on his weight loss journey.

6. Speaking of dieting…

Interesting study done at my previous university, McMaster, on the age old question…

Can you loose weight and gain muscle at the same time?

You have always heard, and I have preached, that you cannot do the both at the same time but this study done at McMaster says the opposite. They felt that you could loose weight while sustaining your muscle mass or even increasing it at the same time provided you had both a high protein intake and intense physical activity

A group of males followed a restricted calorie diet + intense physical activity for a total of 4 weeks and here were the results:

~Weight loss of 11-12 pounds on average

~Muscle gain of 2-3lbs, which they interpreted as yes they gained muscle but then the majority of weight loss was then fat

~They concluded that protein is then key during weight loss to sustain muscle BUT so is exercise as even those in the lower protein diet group showed very lil muscle loss

So how would you take that? Can you then gain muscle and loose fat at the same time? They showed evidence of this, but I’m still skeptical as this study only had young male subjects and so we can’t really generalize anything at this point.

ALSO keep in mind this line

Of course, by the end of the month, none of the men wished to continue. This type of extreme calorie cutting combined with intense exercise “is not a sustainable program in the long term,” Dr. Phillips said. “It’s more a kind of boot camp,” he said, manageable in the short term by people who are very committed and generally very healthy.

It mentioned that all they could think about was food. High intensity exercise + restricted diets is a recipe for disaster. It is not long term at all.

So I’m still sticking to the notion that you cannot do both. Muscle needs food to grow which means a calorie surplus, not a deficit which is needed for weight loss. Eat to grow ain’t a huge hashtag for nothin.

7. Roll Up the Rim is Back at Timmies


Failed thus far, but lets see if that daily tea brings me some winnings 😉

DAMMIT that just reminded me that I threw my cup out today without rollin it up….fail. 

8. This list of quotations.

Click here.

This page is actually the deepest life quotations I have read…

13.  Do not carry broken people who are not in the process of rebuilding themselves.

That one really hit me for some reason. And I just had to share this one:

19.  You are inherently valuable.  You have worth.  Ask no one for permission.

9. We are going out for burgers tomorrow…

As much as those things (the Works elk burger) were delicious I have been actively trying to find an excuse to get out of it if I’m being completely honest with you all. Every time I eat I just remember how full I was after that burger and due to fullness and constant heartburn I’m feeling over the past 2 days due to my meal plan boost, I’m just feeling not so excited despite remembering how yummy it was. Legit I feel like every night is going to suck. No Questbars. No Pudding. Heartburn. Fish. Ugh.

I hope that changes, fast! I don’t want to hate food.

In light of that…

10. It’s Eating Disorder Awareness Week Feb 1-7th!

Check out this video that debunks a lot of the myths and lies surrounding eating disorders as many are still ignorant to what really surrounds this horrible disease. 

Eating disorders are NOT CHOICE

It’s harder then just eating more food.

Anorexia is one of the top killers due to mental illness.

Check out the National Eating Disorder Information Centre (or NEDIC) for more resources and information

And that’s me just Thinking Out Loud with the best of them over on Amanda’s page.


Join the thinkers and check out what they are sayin

As part of ED awareness week, lets spread the self love. State 3 things you love about your body. I love my tiny nose, my big brown eyes and I truly have learned to love being petite as it makes me feel more feminine like a doll.



2 thoughts on “Mishmash Thursdays…Thinking Out Loud

  1. Hey girl! I totally get the “ping” annoyance of a phone! Some group text messages that keep going and going and going make me want to SCREAM!
    Even though it may suck, real food is probably better than Quest bars. Although I am now intrigued about them if they are that addicting! I’ve never had one (maybe a good thing not to get addicted to them?) I wonder why your coach told you to change?
    3 things I love about my body: My big feet so clearance shoes in my size never run out ;-), my wide mouth and tongue make impressions and noises easy to mimic, my knees that bounced back after a nasty fall a couple weeks ago 🙂
    Have a great weekend!

    • haha I think my loathing for my phone has recovered but it will be back with vengeance when my restaurant week comes up haha. OMG you are missing out lady! Quest bars are the best. It’s actually going to give me a reason to look forward to my rest days because it’s the only day of the week now that I don’t have a defined meal plan so I can have my old snack! My coach has a plan for me and unfortunately it just didn’t fit 😦
      I love you list! Great job and keep loving yourself 🙂

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