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Daddy’s Lil Girl


My Friends,

This post is a direct shoutout to the most important man in my life.

My Daddy.


I haven’t really spoken much about my Dad in this space and due to today being his birthday, I thought I would take the opportunity to introduce him to you all, survey style.

A cute memory of my Dad.

My Mom always used to tell me that my Dad was so afraid to hold me when I was first born because he loved me so much and was afraid that his big hands would break me.

A funny memory of my Dad.

My Dad would not agree with me that this is a funny memory (traumatized for life), but when I look back I can laugh. When I needed stitches after running into the back of his car on the way to dance (don’t ask, long story–> basically got the fender basically like 2 cm from my eye), the nurse gave him the other half of my popsicle for just not passing out through all my screaming.

Things my Dad does for me.

Too many to count. He’s really a selfless man when it comes to me (and my Mom). You have to be careful what you say around him or he might just go out and get/do it.

One of my favourite little things he does is that he comes down to my school on a day off to have lunch with me just because. The perks of being 30 minutes away I suppose.

Over the Christmas break when I was back at home and going to Goodlife gym he drove all the way from home just to put a snow brush in my car while I was in the gym because it was snowing outside and he was worried I would be without when I was done.

He is a very caring and thoughtful person and will most often put us before himself and go out of his way if he thinks that something will make us happy. It’s even more likely if he thinks there is a safety issue.

I wish my Dad would know…

How much I appreciate him. I think you can gain a general sense but can you really ever show just how much you care for those people you love? He has been through a lot with me and has done so much. I could never express how much I love him for that.

I also wish my Dad would know that he did a good job. I wish he could worry less about me because he has taught me the things that will keep me safe. I’m still learning and with that he will loose more of his hair, but he should feel confident in the teachings he has instilled in me.

One personality feature of my Dad that I have:

Although my Mom shares this quality as well, my Dad is someone who will always try to make the important people in his life happy. Even if it requires him to go way out of his way, he will do it if it means it would put a smile on my or my Mom’s face. I feel as if I also have a need to do things for others and seeing that smile is my reward and driving force. For myself though I often feel that maybe I might do too many things sometimes where the receiver may be wondering why I’m trying to run their life HA.

One not so positive one that my Dad and I share is that we are worriers. He worries overtly, while I tend to keep those inside and then eventually just explode cry when it builds too much.

What do I love the most about my Dad

His love. No one can ever really describe the love a father has for his daughter. He would do anything for me without question. Does he get frustrated with me? Of course. That’s part of growing up and becoming my own person. Nevertheless, he lets me make my own mistakes to learn from them and will always support me no matter what.

Do I look Like my Dad?


There is always the debate as to who I look more like, my Mom or my Dad. Many say my Dad because of the dark hair and eyes. Although those are only two things, my overall appearance is very defined by those two features.

Although not from him directly, I have a lot of my Nana (his mother) in me. I have her tiny nose and small stature in addition to some lovely golden streaks in my hair from her fiery red locks.

What has my Dad taught me:

So many things:

He showed me unconditional love and so it’s something that I simply believe every child should have.

He has been a strong male figure in my life and has presented to me what I should expect in a future partner.

He taught me the basics in the gym that allowed for me to spread my wings and thrive.

He taught me how to set all the alarms in the house HAHA

He consistently reminds me of being ‘street smart.’ He is overprotective and me being a tiny female, he always stresses looking out for myself when I’m alone.

My Dad drives me crazy when…

He over worries. HA. He is a total worry wart and although it’s a sign of love and it’s totally cute, it can lead to an argument once and a while because he’s over protective and may not like me doing something that I feel is just fine. As an example, driving in the snow, busing alone to Toronto, etc.

I turn to my Dad when…

I need help with basic life things like house stuff, bills and such because I’m a total newb when it comes to those things.

I’m walking home at night. I almost always call my Dad just to chat with him as I’m walking. He prefers it that way anyways because he likes to know that I’m in my house with the doors locked.

My Dad Turns to me when…

He wants to get new music HA! I convert and download music for him and in general, anything technology related he tends to come to me (sometimes my Mom, but I’m faster ;-))

If he hears things about nutrition at work from colleagues that he’s interested in knowing more about.


My Dad is someone who loves hard, wears his heart on his sleeve and gives a lot. He may look a bit intimidating (big shoulders yo!) and get frustrated from time to time (patience of 0) but he is really just a big teddy bear.

So there he is. The main man in my life who sets the standards for the next man who takes that spot.

Happy Birthday Dad, I wish I could be there with you today and at least give you a bit hug on your special day.

Love you

From Bun.


Who do you look more like?

Characteristics that you share with your Dad?



2 thoughts on “Daddy’s Lil Girl

  1. My dad and I both like to believe in big things. He grew his farm from the ground up with no college education. I made my way on my own financially and educationally. We both enjoy reading and talk to each other about the things we are into. I am told I look like my mom, but that’s probably just because we have the same build and I’m a female =P
    Happy Birthday to your dad!

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