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With The New Year Comes…


New Year Resolutions.

In other words, these are the things that I don’t like about myself and look to change in the new year.


My Friends, we have all done it.

We have come to this time of the year and looked to see what things we could do in the year to come to better our lives.

I need to loose weight

I need to buy a gym membership

I need to be more organized.

I need to get better grades

I want a raise.

When did the new year symbolize a time of changing ourselves or thinking about the things we don’t like about ourself?

When did December become the month of self-self-critisicm? And January the month to correct those problems? 

That shouldn’t be the case. Look at other celebrations such as the Chinese New Year. Their celebration is all about clearing room for good fortune, luck and health. It is not about thinking about their flaws, but instead looking to allow for more good to come into their lives.

Why should it be any different here?

I’m coming at you with this short post to make you stop and think about why you are making resolutions. Really think about what these resolutions represent.

Are you starting with thoughts such as:

I want to change…

I don’t like this…

This needs to go…

I wish I could do better at…

If you are then STOP!


Depressing much?

Stop and fight against the need to pull out all of your so-called flaws. Those things you see are defined as the things that make you a human being and those are the things that you will actively work at always.

With some exceptions such as something that negatively affects your health, such as smoking, or someone else. Those need to be changed in my opinion as the are damaging in some way. 

Instead, I challenge you to come up with resolutions that represent things that will simply ADD to your happiness and well being.

Instead of resolutions, make promises to yourself.

I promise to sign up for that art class I have told myself I don’t have time for because it will make me happy…

I promise to arrange a date with my significant other (in or out) every week because we enjoy it…

I promise to call my best friend once a week because catching up, laughing and just talking makes every lil stress in my life disappear…

The new year is not about change really, it’s about always growing and being the best and happiest you that you can be.


So why start the year off on a fault? Instead, start the year off with things to look forward to because they will only benefit you and make you a happier person.

Happier people are more productive people

Happier people are healthier people

Happier people are, well, happier and really, at the end of the day, don’t we deserve that?

So tell me, what promise can you make to yourself in the new year?

And thats a round of Tuesday Rambling for you in a record breaking 10 minute post. Apparently this was just something I needed to get out.



2 thoughts on “With The New Year Comes…

  1. I promise to be kind to others, take time to relax just for the heck of it and live in gratitude 🙂 However, I don’t wait for NYE to make resolutions. I find that I change things when I think of them throughout the year. I hate waiting hahaha

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