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Lululemon Wish List


Hey Friends, happy Sunday! 

Sometimes I get asked what my style is (hahahaha what is style?!) or what things I would buy when I’m shopping and, well, since it’s post Christmas and all, I thought I would create a lil wish list to show you all the things that hopefully will be entering my closet ASAP!

Lululemon is my jam as you all know. All those hard earned (<-HA jokes cuz #StudentLife means #BrokeLife) monnies go towards all the Lulu and that is why shopping doesn’t really happen often as I must recover after a lil mini haul.

So what things have been calling for me? Let me show you all. 

Pray for me that at least some of these things are still in the store come Monday! 

I really want another Scuba Hoodie. As expensive as they are, they are warmest thing on the planet I swear.


I really love this colour too!

As much as I would love this top for my workouts…


Unfortunately for me, my gym is too cold for me to wear tanks right now. Muscles need to be kept warm when lifting so why keep the gym temperature at 67 degrees?!?

Anyways, I love things that tie at the hips because 1. they give some form of shape and 2. because adding volume to my ‘no hips’ is never a bad thing. When you have a more masculine or athletic frame, colour, patterns and bulk around the hips is actually your friend as it balances out your top half.

Warm and fuzzy socks that can warm my whole leg?


Sign me up. Apparently I’m liking all the purple stuff  this season, probably because it’s goes so nicely with grey which makes up the majority of my leggings.

I’m not into black much even for bottoms. I like it to be a lil bit less intense and cold. Grey just seems warmer and more approachable to me PLUS, once again, black makes things appears slimmer and on the bottom that is not what I want for my shape. 

I really want a pair of bright, neon crops..


I also love the majority of the wunderunder collection and so that would definitely be my go-to.

GLOVES. OMG I need gloves because my finger’s get so cold so fast here in the Great White North.


These are awesome because they are fitted which is good for me because no gloves ever fit me and I end up with floppy fingers that don’t let me hold onto anything. Another great thing is that they are ‘tech friendly‘ meaning that you can still text with the gloves on!

The last thing is something I fell in love with instantly but there is no possibility that I will actually get it because, well, I just got one and this one is waaaaaay expensive…

But it’s so perfect. It has a lil waist belt. It’s lulu so it will be so soft and comfy…

Tear. Why must you be 180 dollars? 😦

Anyways, those are the items that have caught my eye on the Lulu site and I’m determined to hunt some of them down at the Eaton Centre tomorrow. Wish me luck!

Lulu fans out there? What’s on your wishlist?



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