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Staying Alive On National Shoppin Day

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Survival Tip # 1. Don’t go shopping on Boxing Day

The sales will continue on. Don’t you fret.

I kinda went against my rule here because my Dad and I ventured to Whole Foods today…saving my Lululemon raid at the Eaton Centre for Monday.

I thought that maybe that would be a super stupid idea, as I might actually be more at risk at #WholePaycheck then the mall, but I survived and, better yet, it actually wasn’t busy o_O

Guess everyone was either eating leftovers or shopping. Oh well more for me.

They had my purple sweet taters! 10 bucks later on just sweet potatoes is not a problem right?


So happy Boxing Day my friends! I hope your Christmas was amazing yesterday and that you celebrated with your loved ones and enjoyed a lot of good food and laughter.

We hosted the largest family get together we have had in like a decade at our house yesterday. Despite it being a lot of work (the cleaning never ends I swear!) I love big gatherings because my family is so small and I enjoyed every minute of it.


Christmas Day started off as it always does. I get up, eat breakfast, do some last minute stuff (do my Dad or Mom’s stocking, wrap my own present to my parents, etc), go back for a nap because it’s too early to get the parents and poochie up and then wake them up.


Stockings first. Then presents. Maggie was quite a challenge to get a picture of as she was all over the place, wanting to have her ball tossed while simultaneously getting over excited about paper shredding and bow tossing.

My parents then sat down to their favourite once a year breakfast, which was made ON THE GRILL because it was warm out and not snowing. Not complaining! Basically a grand slam for my Dad and a bacon sammich dipped in endless ketchup for my Mom.

The grill makes for the crispiest bacon. #LifeHack

I had my lunch with them and then we were off to the races to get everything set up and prepped before family began to knock at the door at 4-4:30.

I ended up making appetizers that weren’t really necessary as, well, it was 4:30 and dinner was at 6. Oh well, I had fun making them. Pinterest, you always give me fun lil ideas.


Caprese stuffed mushrooms..

…and a random version of bruschetta flat bread.


Shortly after some appie’s and drinks, dinner was served and we all ate like a big family picnic as my parents brought in benches so that we could all sit at the same table.


On the dinner menu included quite the assortment:

~Turkey of course

~The sausage stuffing everyone loved last year

~Garlic mashed potatoes

~My Grandma brought a cheese potato casserole dish


~My Nana’s turnip and carrot mash

~My Mom’s roasted pineapple ham with a mustard glaze


And I was in charge of all vegetable dishes:

~Bacon sautéed brussel sprouts

~Honey roasted carrots

~Roasted asparagus, green beans, zucchini and mushrooms

~Roasted multi-coloured mini potatoes and butternut squash

So yes, lots of food.


My plate.

Then the dessert table came out..


This included our baking and then also included a panettone cake brought by my cousins fiancé Cassandra, ice cream, a Yule Log, aaannnd a fruit cake

Phew. Yeah, can you picture our clean up now?

As much fun as it always is to have large gatherings, the clean-up is always what exhausts you. Can someone come clean up after our parties? That would be nice.

But it was a lot of fun. I’m so glad I got to see everyone and spend the time with them all. I haven’t seen my cousin Cassie in forever so that was super nice.


Me and Daddy

Did you all have a fun and family filled Christmas?

Do you host or choose to let someone else take on that duty?



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