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Top 25’s For 5


My Friends My Friends!

Its officially the top 5 day countdown until Christmas and I wanted to commit myself to doing something fun for zee blog so I thought maybe it would be cool and interesting to do a list of ’25 things’ for each of the five days leading up to and including Christmas.

What do you think?

I’m running a bit short on interesting topics to choose from though, I mean 25 is a lot but I wanna give it a good shot. Soooo help me out my friends!

I also don’t want it to be topics that you have seen many times before…

ie. top 25 things about me

top 25 Christmas Songs



I want them to be interesting and USEFUL to you. So I’m doing the topic below today and perhaps one on healthy Christmas appetizers or finger foods that a student can throw together. I thought that one would be interesting because those finger foods are almost always fried and well, not the best. So if I can round up a good number of healthy and EASY ones, maybe you might have some room for the dinner after the munchies. 😉

How does that sound?

Either way, let me know what you think and give me some ideas that you would like to see.

So the topic for today..

25 Stocking Stuffers For The Fitness Buff.

  1. Questbars. Duh. Are you really a fitness buff if you didn’t think of Quest? 😛
  2. Protein Powder Samples. All guys know you need to hit that 30 minutes window….#BroScience
  3. Resistance Bands. Great for helping with exercises (think assisted pull-ups), rehabbing, stretching and so forth. 61Z1+fEHtUL._SL1100_.jpg
  4. Cool iPod skins. This is a website that you can purchase cases and skins that are either pre-made or you can design your own. Sweet sweats for real


5. Collapsable Water Bottles. Light and easy to throw into you bag and fill when you are ready for them. 816bU00njjL._SL1500_.jpg

6. Cute Training Gloves. They don’t have to break the bank to be a good pair either. Check these out.

7. Reflective Peel and Sticks. For all the runners out there who want to be seen, these cheap stickies can turn you from invisible to a glow stick.

8. FitDeck. For those new to the gym, these fun cards have all sorts of exercises listed on them with form tips. 81dmr2iKIML._SL1500_

9. Straps. For the guys out there (not always but most often. Ladies go for them straps on those heavy deads and rows too if you wanna rock them!), check out these.

10. Chalk. For your crossfit or powerlifting friend.

11. Pretty Headbands. Whether they are earmuff style or just the thin keep-yo-hair-back types, you can find many different styles that are cheap and practical.

12. GoStakStarter. For the snacker in us all. How cool is that?!


13. Chapstick. Crusty lips? Not cute. Opt for an all natural one because who wants chemical lips?

14. Foot Gloss Apparently it prevents blisters…Hmmm interesting. Check it out. 

15. Half Toe Socks. These would be great for Yoga or Barre or even things like dance classes for those who want to work barefoot but really don’t want to commit to the whole BARE foot thing with those nasty-ass floors.


16. Natural Peanut Butter Stirrer. OMG this is hilarious. Oily mess no more or just a funny stuffer for your peanut butter addict friend.

17. Shark Tea Infuser. How fun is this tea infuser!


18. Hair Ties. Us ladies ALWAYS need more of these. I swear my backpack eats them.

19. Spiral Slicer. Zoodles for all and for under 20 bucks!


20. Foot Rubz. Tired feetsies need a lil massage? Try these lil guys out.

21. Wordlock. Never remember numbers? How about words.


22. Grid Mini. Want a foam roller that is not as tall as you are? These mini’s are perfect for carting around.

23. Facial Cleansers. I actually love this brand and have used it in the past. Very fresh and I love that they don’t have those nasties in it and its a more natural product.


24. Pocket Bands. Perfect for those who don’t want to carry their keys. Wear them!

25. Run Like A Girl Running Necklace. Super Cute. Wish there was a Lift Like a Girl One


Did I miss any important ones on your wish list?

Comment at me 😀



2 thoughts on “Top 25’s For 5

  1. At the running store where I work we sell after workout wipes. They are perfect for people who had a longer workout and are rushing to the next thing. They keep it clean down there if you know what I mean. No person who sweats would say no to this 🙂

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