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What Exams? Friday Favs


Happy Happy Friday Friends.

Well, Friday evening. I have been busy up until now doing something very important


No shame here, I had four hours of sleep last night due to my exam making 100% sure that I remembered it was the next morning -_-

Don’t you hate that?


Anyways, that is the first of my list of Friday Favs

1. IM DONE EXAMS! WEoooooooo.

Who’s there with me?

Oh and a happy, blissful 3 weeks off for me. Filled with family, shopping, friends, napping, Maggie,…

Oh and that lil thing called…

2. Christmas!


You have no idea how awesome it is to feel as if you can actually start to celebrate. Anyone else feel like they can’t be excited until they are officially done despite it now being like 5 days away…<- OMG thats crazy!

Things to do:

~Christmas nails with my Mom

~Baking with my Mom

~Watching the VS Fashion show with my Mom

~Main Tree with my Mom

~Rocking out only the best Christmas Album ever with My Destiny’s Child 8 Days of Christmas (which I’m actually currently singing along to as I write to you all). Love it.

Wow if we weren’t so close you would think my Mom would be sick of me within one day.

Also on the list, and actually is set in stone for tomorrow is another favourite…

3. Tradition.

Nana and Papa + Chelsea Christmas Date types of traditions

These are the things I love. The things I look forward to. Every year (without fail!) my parents go for their Christmas date and so ever since I can remember my Nana and Papa and I would also have our ‘date’ at Swiss Chalet.

Fancy place?


They have damn good chicken though! 

But I look forward to it every year and put it top on my priority list. It makes them happy. I makes me incredibly happy to have that tradition with them as we are so close and to see my Nana say  over and over again how much she loves our date makes me melt.

I think it’s such a big deal to see your grandparents as much as possible and that’s not just because they are getting older (85+) but also because family should be a priority and I’m truly blessed that I have the relationship with them that I do.

My Mom always tells me how the first time my parents left me alone was with them and as nervous they were (first time parents syndrome) to leave me, she will never forget the image of my Nana dancing with me in the living room window as they pulled away from our house.

Something I wish I could have witnessed. To be honest, it would probably make me cry. 

Screen Shot 2015-12-18 at 9.32.10 PM.png

This year, I’m treating them to some Baskins after too 😉

Ice cream gains all around!

4. Speaking of lovin..

I love my housemates.


Early Christmas pressies all around. For my tea addict self, Em got me this absolutely beautiful mug from Davids Tea. Notice how it matches my onesie I rocked out in a previous post. Apparently I’m a penguin lover 😀

Oh that lil box of golden goodness? Saffron my friends. Rita you outdid yourself. I have never had it before but have wanted to try it. I’m just too cheap to buy it for myself (it’s the most expensive herb in the world) and now I’m trying to figure out the perfect way to utilize this delicate beauty.

Any ideas that doesn’t include saffron rice?

I handpicked Em a box of truffles because Emily + chocolate = ❤ and for Rita and her honey, loving sweet tooth…


A random spotting at GoodnessMe! This is local wild honey that is flavoured with blueberries! It smelt amazing (yes we both smell things right off the bat HA!) and so I hope she loves it.

5. Feelin so Fresh and Clean

To give myself a lil self lovin (aside from the wonderful and much needed nap time..) I ‘treated’ myself to a haircut and my hair feels so much better now!

Stress ain’t a good look for anyone. Dat flat hair problem.

But it’s all good now…



I also say ‘treated’ because I didn’t pay for my hair cut per say..

6. Monnies back in my pocket

I used the 165 bucks (not all of it, some also went to quest bars 😉 I got back  from my textbooks for my hair.

So thats like it being free right? It’s like money I never had.

Logical Reasoning 101.


Ha more like this…


Money I never knew I had officially becomes money I never keep apparently..

Another Friday Favourite?

Relaxing evenings and an early bedtime because hey, I can!

So I bid you ado all. I hope your Friday was fantastic and that you’re enjoying some time off of the studying and can embrace all things Christmas.

Linking up with Heather so check out her favs as well over at Life In Leggings!

Christmas is about giving (monetary or non-monetary), but what is one thing you did for yourself this week?

What traditions do you live for?

Anyone else thing textbooks should be a rental fee (aka I get all the money back I paid for them) kinda thing. I mean for real who actually needs those things after you are done with the semester?



4 thoughts on “What Exams? Friday Favs

  1. Sounds like I’m gonna be busy. 😀

  2. I totally think textbooks should be borrowed and lent out. I rented mine my freshman year of college and paid A LOT less, but I still had to send them back. It did end up saving me money, but I hate paying for things like that. More motivation to actually read the text book ya know? During my last year of college a lot of my professors put readings online or I borrowed the book from the library. That was a money saver for sure!

    • Really they should just go to ebooks…but I guess someone has to pay for them haha. I suppose the whole paying makes us read them but still 200 bucks for one semester is a lil bit excessive. Oh well, such is life. I wish we had those same online resources here as you do! Thats awesome

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