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Sending Out Rays Of Happiness


Guys, I’m beaming today and I just had to share.

Happiness is contagious right? I hope so because then I can pass some of this here joy onto you all!

So legit, after this mornings exam I walked out feeling just totally exhausted (two 8:30 exams in a row will do that to you…)

Oh and I totally aced that thing…yeah those feelz

Then walked home, rocked an hour nap and literally BOOM. I woke up and I had a goofy, massive smile plastered on my face for the rest of the day and one that just kept getting bigger and bigger as the day trekked along.


My happiness resulted in a bunch of baking…

Chocolate Covered Katie’s Gingerbread Banana Bread for all to snack upon..


The seafood fried rice I made for Rita and her friend when she came over for dinner.


The crockpot chicken and potatoes I had going for Emily, who is locked in her room with 4 take home exams and 2 exams this week…


The pistachio crusted Moroccan seasoned halibut I made for myself for dinner…


My goofy happiness increases with seeing my Dad for the afternoon


And stuffing all the goodies he brought with him (including yet another can of lobster meat) into my freezer with glee.

Bless his heart. #ImSpoiled


It also increased while simply walking through the mall and getting rained on with Christmas EVERYWHERE.


Did I mention I love Christmas?

But you know what put the gooofiest of goofy smiles on my face this evening…



The fact that after years of looking, I found the perfect, fluffiest onesie.

As I said in my Facebook post:

Being an adult is overrated.

I’m gunna this penguin suite like its my job.

Happy Wednesday Friends, I hope you have a lil pep in your step because it’s a fun mood to be in.

If you need a lil help, click on the picture and laugh along with the cute lil orangutang to get’cha started.

Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 10.03.01 PM



2 thoughts on “Sending Out Rays Of Happiness

  1. Hi Chelsea, this is a bit personal but I thought you could help…because well…you’re the strongest person I “know”. I’ve suffered from depression…and it’s a bit like your ED in the sense that you have to fight triggering thoughts daily for the rest of your life. For the most part, I’ve never ever ever been happier. I have some good friends in my life for the first time EVER but thats because I’m letting people in. I’m also happier with myself (or so I tell myself). The issue is I live in a bad living space I can’t get out of (my landlord wont let me break my lease, depsite my pleads and I cannot afford to pay 2 rents). My housemates are brutal. I try to avoid home but even if I leave at 8am and dont get home until 11pm, I have to see them (this is what I do). They talk behind my back, which I can deal with…but they question me daily and pick on me. I feel stupid saying this at 23 years old. I’m in a competitive pathology program,…and everyday I get told from them why I’m not in it- and thats what gets me because so much of my identity is in my academics (wrong, I know).Take today- I woke up, wrote in my gratitute journal, stayed in the library, counted my blessings on my way home- I felt good. then I was earing dinner and the worst of the girls c comes in and was like “Your name isn’t on the website, I googled it, you can’t be in pahtology grad school” & I was like “yeah well…”. This happens 5-7 times a week…but sometimes they stop for a few days.
    For some reason thats the ONE thing that gets me every damn time because its every time I’m home and today she was lie “you can’t be because you clean floors at a retirement home”…. ……I don’t but even if I did it isn’t your business. I fought so hard to come here. I grew up in another country, I worked my butt off to get here, I work 2 part time jobs to afford the fees
    I just get so worked up and defensive because its all I have and I get no validation from anyone ike my parents don’t get it, my grandfather doesn’t (but I mean he’s 94…), my uncles tell me to drop out and work…

    • First off, thank you for your kind words. Strength comes from hard times and although I have had my fair share, they teach you a lot about your own abilities. Keeping on that topic, you have gone through a lot yourself and should consider yourself a very strong person for all that you have done and unfortunately, all that you have endured (which you don’t deserve). Putting that right out there, screw them. Seriously. Weak people are those who put others down. How much time do these people have one their hands to constantly be fact checking you like that. I’m so sorry you are stuck in such a negative environment but as long as you cannot afford to leave there (which your landlord not letting you out I don’t think is allowed so I would research a bit on that one or talk to someone on how you can get yourself into a better spot), just keep doing what you are doing in terms of being out of that house as much as often. Their words are hurtful but try to think of it as jealousy because that is what is it. They have not other reason to say what they do other then because they feel bad about themselves and you are doing well for yourself. And you are doing well for yourself believe that to be true. You are working hard to keep yourself in school. What do they have to show? Apparently nothing as they are trying to bring you down instead. If they were doing something useful, they wouldn’t have the time, energy or thought to do that. Sorry rant over on them, I just hate bullying, it really sickens me. Strong people build others up, not tear them down.

      As for your uncle, he may just come from a generation where making instant money is the only way he knows. The idea that you have to spend to make a better life for yourself isn’t familiar with him. BE patient with him and just let him say his piece. Unfortunately these days, without school (and paying money first) you cannot get anywhere, so good for you for making that possible for yourself. Again, I’m sorry you have to endure such a negative space and I can only hope that you have the chance to leave that sooner then later. I want you to always look at yourself and be proud though. Say it now, “I’m proud of myself and I’m making my life the best it can be.” and actually believe it because that is exactly what you are doing. Other peoples words will become less apparent and simply make you laugh soon enough.

      I hope any of that was helpful, I wish I could do more for you. Much love and good luck! Keep doing you, because you’re doing a damn good job all on your own.

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